Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 505

This time, no matter how noisy Yan Rou was, Mr. Yan didn’t care about her.
The other elders of the Yan family also expressed a kind of helplessness and sorrow…
They can also be regarded as watching Yan Rou grow up, and they didn’t realize that she was so vicious that she would give medicine to her elders’ tea! She dared not drink it enough to prove all the problems.
Yan Xi stood there and watched Yan Rou fall into the abyss step by step. There was no pity in her eyes for a long time.
“From the moment you bought the doctor in the hospital and asked me to perform the operation, you should have expected today!”
Yan Rou’s eyes widened a little, and she looked at Yan Xi in shock, “How could you…”
“How would I know?” Yan Xi curled her lips, “because I’m really pregnant.”
Yan Xi is pregnant!
Yan Rou’s heart gripped tightly, and she stared at Yan Xi in shock, “Impossible!”
“You don’t want me to be pregnant with a child and affect your plan to swallow the Yan family’s property, but… even God won’t help you. I will submit this evidence to the police as soon as possible. Then, go and explain to them. ”
Yan Xi waited so long, but when she really saw Yan Rou’s emotional breakdown in front of her, she became more calm.
She doesn’t need Yan Rou’s apologies and tears, but just to prove one thing, she can protect herself and the child in her belly.
Yan Xi no longer paid attention to Yan Rou, but said to the elders of the Yan family with Jiang Mochen, “In this situation, I really don’t fit to continue to serve as Yan’s acting president. After this period of work in the company, I A list of senior executives who can temporarily manage the company has been drawn up, and grandpa and the directors will make a decision after reviewing it.”
Old man Yan looked at Yan Xi, opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.
He wanted to apologize to Yan Xi on behalf of all the Yan family members!
She suffered too much grievance and pressure because of family and company affairs.
“Xiao Xi, the person Grandpa believes most is you! No matter when you are willing, the Yan family will always have your place.” Old man Yan’s eyes were full of tears.
“I understand, Grandpa, I just want to give birth to the child safely and securely.”
Seeing Yan Xi so happy, so happy…
Yan Rou’s expression changed from anger to crazy, and finally she kept laughing, “You have become the wife of the Jiang family, and you have the care and trust of your grandfather, but your mother is dead! You will never come back to you. NS!”
“Yan Xi, you still lost to me!”
Yan Xi raised her eyes and looked at her mercilessly, “My mother has nothing to do.”
After speaking, Yan Xi nodded to the bodyguards behind him. Zeng Eryu was protected by the bodyguards and walked in.
“It’s not in the news…” The elders of the Yan family also didn’t expect it.
Elder Yan turned his head and glanced at Yan Rou, “You do not repent, or even committed the crime of kidnapping. It is impossible for our Yan family to keep you!”
“No! Impossible!” Yan Rou stepped back, shaking her head constantly, pointing at Zeng Eryu, “You are dead, you can’t be alive!”
Zeng Eryu sneered and said, “The kidnappers you bought are too weak.”
“You united to lie to me! From the very beginning, Grandpa was persuaded by you! You are all liars!”
Yan Rou screamed in her room like crazy, and finally fainted with exhaustion.
There was a person from the Yan family who came to help her.
She just lay on the cold ground and lost everything…
When he left the InterContinental Hotel, Mr. Yan only regained a bit of sanity.
“Er Yu, the company will rely on you in the future.”
When Mr. Yan said this, he got into the car without looking back. This time, he didn’t want to clean up the mess for that ignorant and vicious granddaughter.
Jiang Mochen helped Yan Xi get into the car, Zeng Eryu shook his daughter’s hand with emotion, “Okay, it’s over, don’t worry about Yan Rou’s affairs anymore, I believe your grandfather will not care about her anymore.”
“Then she…”
“The old man asked Assistant Han to find a house in the suburbs. Regardless of whether Yan Rou would like to live in the past, the Yan family and her have been cut off.”
Yan Xi looked at Zeng Eryu and nodded, “Mom, are you still willing to go back to Yan’s house?”
Zeng Eryu smiled slightly, “After so many things, Mom has no special responsibility and nostalgia for that family. When Yan Cheng comes back from studying abroad, or your grandfather finds a more suitable heir, Mom will plan to travel around and see the scenery. …By the way, help you take care of the children.”
The mother and daughter are cuddling each other…
Jiang Mochen heard Qin Yu report Feng Hengyuan’s whereabouts tonight through a Bluetooth headset, frowning slightly, “Follow him and call the police before he leaves the country.”
“Mo Chen, what’s the matter?” Yan Xi thought his face was very ugly.
“Feng Hengyuan misappropriated Yan’s public funds, and poached some high-end customers, preparing to escape the country.” Jiang Mochen told the matter, but he didn’t want Yan Xi to worry anymore, “I have already asked Qin Yu to call the police and will The evidence recently found is handed over to the police.”
“I think Yan Rou must have had an unspeakable deal with this Feng Hengyuan, Mo Chen, don’t let him run away.”
Jiang Mochen sent Yan Xi’s mother and daughter home first, and then immediately contacted several highly respected directors in Yan’s name in Yan Xi’s name, and held a video conference overnight.
Jiang Mochen didn’t show up, but just spoke out the matter in the voice.
“Feng Hengyuan and Yan Rou colluded with each other to plot the assets of the Yan family. During Zeng Zeng’s business trip, she was unable to return to the country.”
“After that, they stole the VIP customer list and leaked it to the media, and expanded the influence of the situation again and again, which damaged Yan’s reputation.”
“Yesterday, Feng Hengyuan, as the company’s executive and director, embezzled the company’s project funds and poached several long-term customers, preparing to flee abroad.”
The directors were all shocked and immediately sent the secretary to investigate.
Indeed, many clues were found, and they immediately called the police in the name of the Yan Group and called a team of lawyers overnight.
On the other side, Feng Hengyuan was also stopped at the airport.
“You let me go, you have no right to stop me from going abroad!”
“Mr. Feng Hengyuan, we suspect that you and the Yan Group have embezzled funds. Please cooperate with the investigation.”
Early the next morning, the news of Feng Hengyuan’s detention by the police came to light.
At the same time, some paparazzi reporters jumped out and said anonymously that Feng Hengyuan once gave them a lot of money and asked them to write articles slandering Yan Xi and the Yan Group.
At this time, another person in the know jumped out and claimed that Feng Hengyuan had bribed government officials in the name of the director of the Yan Group…
All things put together, Feng Hengyuan’s life has come to an end.
And the collusion between him and Yan Rou was also spread in the Yan clan.
Yan Rou’s office was evacuated by the investigating team. She was standing outside the Yan Group in a coat, and all the employees looked at her in disgust.

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