Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 506

“Why does she still have the face to come back?”
“The scumbag Feng Hengyuan was arrested? Why didn’t the police arrest her?”
Yan Rou was very annoyed by those gazes, “What do you look at! I am still the eldest lady of the Yan family!”
But the more she said that, the more the employees felt that she was pathetic.
Obviously, the Yan family has already been swept out…
After yesterday’s family banquet, Yan Rou had completely collapsed. She was on the verge of going crazy. She learned about Feng Hengyuan’s detention by the police earlier this morning. She knew that all of this was done by Yan Xi!
Assistant Han learned that Yan Rou was in the company and stopped her in the lobby.
“Please leave.”
“Why are you stopping me? You are just a dog of my grandfather! I am his granddaughter, no matter what I do, he won’t really be angry with me! You people… don’t spray me! Drive me!”
During the push, Yan Rou was locked out of the gate of the Yan Group. Assistant Han turned to express his opinion to all the Yan’s employees, “Chairman Yan has issued the latest order. Yan Rou has no relationship with the Yan family anymore. She reappears in the office area of ​​the Yan Group. You can immediately contact the Security Department to expel her.”
After speaking, Assistant Han left with the security guards.
Yan Rou was like a sad joke and was discarded outside the Yan group.
She clenched her fist in anger, all this was caused by Yan Xi!
The thought that Yan Xi already had a child in her stomach, she couldn’t swallow that breath, she must ruin Yan Xi!
Yes, she is going to find Feng Hengyuan and let him put everything on Yan Xi’s head, so that she has a chance!
As everyone knows, her every move has long been under Jiang Mochen’s surveillance.

Regardless of whether Feng Hengyuan is convicted or not, he is no longer eligible to stay on the Yan’s board of directors.
Dealing with his position was also the first thing Zeng Eryu did after returning to the company.
While Yan Xi was acting president, she arranged for her to be a new secretary, whose surname was Liu.
“Mr. Zeng, this is the details of the company’s affairs in the near future. In addition, Mr. Yan once told me to remind you to rest on time and not to overwork.” Secretary Liu said with a smile, she admired Yan Xi’s management style and met Zeng Eryu. After that, she realized more personally that a large part of Yan Xi’s excellence was because of her excellent genes from Zeng Eryu.
“Okay, I get it.” Zeng Eryu put down the pen, “These things will not be finished for a while, let’s go to lunch.”
As he was talking, Mr. Yan’s phone came in.
After Zeng Eryu picked it up, he couldn’t complete his words when he heard that Old Man Yan was so angry, “Dad, please speak slowly, don’t worry.”
“Yan Rou actually threatened me! Go to the court to sue Yan’s family! She also said that if I didn’t agree to split her family, I would commit suicide at the place I arranged for her!” Old man Yan said as he beat his chest.
Yan Jie looked at him by the side, and took the phone, “A… Mom, can you move back home? Grandpa’s body really can’t stand this kind of tossing. I only come back from the company occasionally. Grandpa is alone. If you are at home, you may be harassed by that woman.”
Zeng Eryu was so moved that he couldn’t speak.
After a long time, Zeng Eryu agreed.
“I’m going back tonight, the Yan family won’t leave that kind of person anymore.”
In the afternoon, Zeng Eryu went back to Lanting Villa and told Yan Xi and his wife about going back to Yan’s house.
“What’s wrong with mom going back? It’s just worrying about you and the baby.” Zeng Eryu believed that Jiang Mochen would take care of Yan Xi very well, but after all, the child’s month was getting older, and she was always worried.
Yan Xi smiled and said, “I think Grandpa needs you more now. If I miss you, I will come to see you.”
After so many years, those knots that cannot be solved should also be solved.
Hearing her daughter say this, Zeng Eryu hugged her and said, “Mom is waiting for you.”
After sending Zeng Eryu away, Yan Xi considered it for a long time, but decided that Yan Rou could not be allowed to go on like this.
“As long as she doesn’t give up, it will still be detrimental to Yan, Mo Chen, I want to go to the company again. After the police investigates, I will understand the company’s situation better than my mother.”
“If you want to go, go.” Jiang Mochen gently pulled her into his arms and held her tenderly, “but you must promise me not to make yourself too tired, otherwise I will really come to Yan Shi at any time Take you away.”
“Okay, I promise you.”
Yan Xi felt extremely at ease. In this world, only Jiang Mochen’s embrace allowed her to rely on her steadily.
After the couple had dinner, they leaned on the sofa and read a book together.
Jiang Mochen took out an invitation letter from the Golden Phoenix Award Organizing Committee, “Both “Reminiscence Fragments” and “Rye Field” have been nominated. I am going to use your role in “Rye Field” to compete for the best actress award. .”
Jiang Mochen rarely saw her so excited and nodded and said, “Tomorrow is the premiere of “Rye Field”, I am looking forward to it.”
“I am looking forward too……”
Jiang Mochen’s eyes were shining like stars. He had promised long ago that he would give Yan Xi a dazzling position, and now he has finally done it.
“It’s just that, if you are going to attend the awards ceremony, you may not be able to hide the fact that you are pregnant.” Jiang Mochen looked at her and said, “Would you like…”
“Well! Now that Yan Rou’s affairs have been understood, I also want to share this joy with all those who bless us.” Yan Xi lowered her head and gently stroked her bulging abdomen with her hand. “I believe that this child will come. Will make us happier.”
Jiang Mochen nodded, holding her tighter.
Regardless of the result, as long as their husband and wife are side by side, nothing can hinder their happiness.

Jiang Mochen has been helping Yan Xi prepare the costumes for the Golden Phoenix Award. He has chosen one after another. He always feels unsatisfied. The President’s Office of Dahua Group is about to become a designer’s special office.
“Change to the next batch.”
As soon as Jiang Mochen raised his hand, three more designers left the office.
Qin Yu and Rick smiled at each other, their president chose an event gown, catching up with others in choosing a wedding dress.
But this awards ceremony is really important to Yan Xi.
At this time, Yan Xi had already walked into the Yan Group building as the acting president of the Yan Group to assist the police in the investigation.
“President Yan is back?”
“Well, I just saw her downstairs, it’s so beautiful…”
Yan’s employees are very happy because of Yan Xi’s return to the company, and they have forgotten Yan Rou long ago.
“Ms. Yan Xi, thank you for your support. If there are other questions, we will contact you again.” After the police finished the transcript, they shook hands with Yan Xi and left the Yan Group.
Secretary Liu smiled and reported to Yan Xi, “Mr. Yan, President Yan and Mr. Zeng are waiting for you in the restaurant.”

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