Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 507

“Okay, I’ll go over immediately.”
Yan Xi put on a dark blue windbreaker jacket and looked at her manners in the full-length mirror. She didn’t deliberately cover her abdomen, because she would share this good news with everyone soon.
Yan Xi never overprotected herself in the company. Instead, she ate in the staff restaurant like other employees. Now Zeng Laiyu also returns to the company to deal with daily affairs. Elder Yan also came here to have lunch with them.
“Xiao Xi, here…” Zeng Liyu beckoned to his daughter, and their seats were near the window of the restaurant.
“Cooperating with the police investigation, it is very hard, right? Sit down quickly and drink some water.” When the old man saw Yan Xi, the boring things in his heart would be cleared a lot.
“Fortunately, Grandpa.” Yan Xi smiled back and took the meal with Zeng Laiyu, and the family ate happily.
The Yan’s staff next to him saw such a beautiful scene and couldn’t help sighing.
“President Yan is so beautiful, I am more beautiful than on the big screen! I heard that today is the premiere of “Rye Field”, and the tickets were sold out as soon as the pre-sales started!”
“Yeah, I wanted to go see it with my friends, but I couldn’t get a ticket at all!”
“I remember that when Yan Rou was in the company, she always stood up. He never ate in the staff restaurant, and said it was dirty… As a result, Mr. Yan, Mr. Zeng and even Chairman Yan are all dining here!”
“Don’t mention that woman. If it weren’t for her, the company wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble a while ago. Mr. Yan, who hurts, now has to assist the police in the investigation. With that Feng Hengyuan…”
After the meal, they left the company together.
“Xiao Xi, go back to Yan’s house and have a look. Call Mo Chen to come over for a meal in the evening.” Old man Yan invited him sincerely.
Yan Xi looked at Zeng Laiyu, nodded in agreement, “Let me ask Mo Chen if he has time at night.”
Old man Yan was most worried about being unable to obtain the forgiveness of Yan Xi’s mother and daughter in the end. Now that he heard Yan Xi agree to go back to Yan’s house for dinner, the rock hanging in his heart also fell to the ground.
After receiving Yan Xi’s call, Jiang Mochen checked the time, “When there is a short meeting to be held, it should be over before 7 o’clock. Apologize for me to grandpa and mom. I will be there later.”
“Okay, you’re busy first, I’ll wait for you.” Yan Xi agreed gently.
After hanging up the phone, she looked at the Yanjia Garden in front of her, and there were many scenes of living here in her mind. Perhaps it was not long enough to leave. She still remembers the laughter and laughter surrounding the garden at that time.
If Yan Rou hadn’t done so many things, their family might not have coaxed to this point…
“Your grandpa didn’t answer Yan Rou’s phone anymore, and all her things were thrown out of Yan’s house.” Zeng Laiyu poured two cups of coffee, “I will redecorate the house after a while, so that her traces will disappear completely. .”
Yan Xi said, not much to say.
The mother and daughter looked at the scenery in the garden together, Zeng Laiyu took out a delicate bracelet from the bag, “Here is it for you.”
“This is… this season’s new product, leave blank!” Yan Xi was very impressed with this bracelet, especially this slightly literary name left blank, which may not be suitable for jewelry, but it just happens to leave a very deep impression on people. impression.
“I think it must be very suitable for your temperament, so I left this one. Your new movie is about to be released. Mom wants to give this bracelet as a gift to you.” Zeng Laiyu gently raised Yan Xi’s wrist. Put it on for her, “It looks good, and it suits you well.”
“Thank you mom, I like it very much.”

After dealing with the company’s affairs, Jiang Mochen rushed to Yan’s house in the fastest possible time. He also specially prepared a movie ticket for a theater, and invited the whole family to watch Yan Xi’s new movie “Rye Field”.
“Really?” Yan Jie was so excited when he heard that, “I wanted to buy a ticket a long time ago, but I can’t buy it at all! Then…Brother-in-law, can I take another person?”
Jiang Mochen looked at Yan Xi, then answered calmly, “Of course.”
“Wow! Thank you brother-in-law!” Yan Jie was so excited that he took out his mobile phone and asked Yingmo.
Old man Yan was scarcely heard of laughter at home, his eyes blushed with emotion.
Zeng Eryu also lowered his head and wiped the corners of his eyes lightly. Only those who have experienced it understand how rare this ordinary happiness is.
The Yan family and his party went to the theater arranged by Jiang Mochen to watch Yan Xi’s new movie. Yan Xi leaned on Jiang Mochen’s shoulder and looked at herself on the screen. He couldn’t help but think of many things that happened during the filming.
Her hand was held tightly by Jiang Mochen.
The two looked at each other and smiled, with happy smiles at the corners of their eyes.
Yan Jie was waiting for Yingmo at the entrance of the movie theater. He saw her getting off a car and driving a young man, and they seemed to have a close relationship. Yan Jie fell into entanglement and silence.
“Why are you waiting for me here? I came from home and there was a traffic jam.” Yingmo smiled apologetically, “Why don’t you speak?”
“Nothing…” Yan Jie lowered his head, thinking that Ying Mo once said that she said at the press conference that she liked herself, but it was just a public relations method, and the loss in her heart deepened.
On the way to the cinema, his mind was full of pictures of getting along with Yingmo.
He didn’t want to end so unclearly…
“Yingmo.” Yan Jie suddenly walked two steps quickly, blocking her way, looked at her eyes, took a deep breath and asked, “Do you have a boy…boyfriend?”
All his thoughts were written on his face, and Yingmo’s cheeks were slightly red in the dark corridor of the auditorium.
“That…then I…” Yan Jie was at a loss for a moment, and he was so excited that he didn’t know how to say it.
Ying Mo blinked and looked at him calmly, “Your singing career has just returned to normal. If you expose lace news about your relationship with your assistant, you may really be abandoned by the company, even if Mr. Jiang is a relative of you. , It’s impossible to help you under pressure again and again.”
“So, do you want to continue talking?”
Ying Mo’s words were very direct and frank.
Yan Jie clenched his fist and fell silent.
Yingmo looked at his loss at this time, and the flame of anticipation in her heart gradually extinguished. She knew how much Yan Jie liked singing, but she didn’t know how much he liked herself.
“You should pursue your dreams. Maybe you are just a habit to me. If you feel uncomfortable to continue to get along with me, I can apply to other positions with the company.”
Yingmo looked down at her well-dressed clothes, “I’ll leave now.”
One step, two steps…
“I choose you.” Yan Jie suddenly rushed over to hold her, “I don’t want to miss you. Although I like singing very much, my heart tells me that if I lose the opportunity to be with you, I will make more records. I won’t be happy either.”

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