Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 509

She refused to live in the suburban house arranged by Mr. Yan, but she was angry for a while. Now that Feng Hengyuan is under investigation, the police will find her soon.
For the child in the belly, she must bet again.
Half an hour later, she stood outside the gate of Yan’s house, messed up her hair, made a look of aggrieved and lost soul, and rang the doorbell of the gate of Yan’s house.
She is confident to persuade Mr. Yan to accept her again!
She can bear this breath and settle accounts with Yan Xi’s mother and daughter later!
Only this time, things were not as simple as she had imagined. After seeing her, there was only a trace of coldness and disgust in Old Man Yan’s eyes, “You have thrown away all your things, what are you doing back for?”
“Grandpa, I…”
“Don’t call me grandpa, I only have a granddaughter, Yan Xi!” Grandpa Yan’s voice was extremely cold. He didn’t drive Yan Rou out, already very kind.
At this time, Zeng Eryu also listened to the servant’s message that Yan Rou was back, and stood on the second floor waiting, wanting to see the attitude of Old Man Yan.
If Elder Yan had forgive her, then the Yan family would be completely over.
“Grandpa, I was wrong. I really didn’t expect things to be like this. Please look at my parents’ faces and forgive me this time! I…I’m still pregnant, grandpa! How can I live alone? How about to such a desolate place?”
“No? What can’t you do! When you do those bad things, you should think that there will be today!” Old man Yan was coughing and coughing because of her anger, “You get out of me, I don’t want to see you again!”
“Then what about the child in my stomach? You don’t even want your great-grandson? Do you only recognize the child born to Yan Xi?”
Yan Rou’s words completely chilled Elder Yan.
“If I didn’t pity the child in your stomach too much, I wouldn’t let you be so rampant! Almost killed Er Yu and Yan Xi lost his child! Stop talking, I don’t want to see you again in my life!”
“Come on, kick her out!”
“Never let her enter the door of Yan’s house again!”
Elder Yan shouted decisively, he has been wrong many times and will not be wrong again.
The rain outside was getting heavier, and Yan Rou was dragged out by the Yan family’s servants, until she disappeared outside the Yan family’s gate, Old Yan sighed heavily.
“Dad, or send someone to send her there, right?” Zeng Eryu was also a mother. Seeing Yan Rou being kicked out while pregnant, he was a little bit concerned.
“This is her life and that of the child. I was too persistent in the past. She should be responsible for the path she chose.”
Zeng Eryu watched the vicissitudes of Old Man Yan, bowed back to the room, and looked at the pouring rain outside the window.
Yan Rou walked in the rain alone, chuckles from time to time.
Passers-by were holding umbrellas, only a group of wild dogs roaring not far behind her were watching her…
“I’m the eldest lady of the Yan family!”
“Why am I being kicked out of the house?”
On the billboard hanging on the street is a picture of Yan Xi. Yan Rou just looked at her, tears falling, “I hate you, I can’t compare to you in this life!”
“Why! We are both the daughters of the Yan family, but they only see you! I am inferior to you in nothing…”
She was thinking idiotically, and fell to the side of the road, gradually bleeding under the skirt…
Twenty minutes later, Yan Rou was sent to the hospital by a well-wisher, but she had a miscarriage. After she learned the news, she cried heartbreakingly in the ward.
The people in the hospital contacted Yan’s family, but Mr. Yan was silent, but Zeng Eryu was in charge and asked Assistant Han to go to the hospital to arrange for Yan Rou to be hospitalized. After that, he was sent to a house in the suburbs to live alone.
When Assistant Han went, Yan Rou was already crazy.
She was completely crazy, running barefoot in the corridor of the hospital, shouting in her mouth that she wants to be a big star!
In order to protect Yan and Yan’s reputation, the Yan family chose to send her to a Lili mental hospital.
After Yan Xi heard about this, she just gave a faint hum. For some people, madness is far more terrifying than death. Perhaps in the dead of night, Yan Rou will occasionally become sober and see what is in front of her. The situation, once again frightened crazy.
This may be more painful to her than killing her directly.

A week later, there was only one day left before the Golden Phoenix Award ceremony.
Rick and Qin Yu carefully watched the shortlisted films, and after an objective analysis, they felt that Yan Xi was very likely to win the prize.
Jiang Mochen listened to the theoretical analysis of the two of them and calmly raised his head, “Of course my wife will win the prize.”
Rick coughed and Qin Yu also scratched his head. Their president really loved his wife all the time.
“By the way, President, I will take time off in the afternoon to accompany my wife to the maternity checkup.” Qin Yu suddenly raised his head and said.
Jiang Mochen answered without looking up, “Go.”
“President, I have to ask for leave too.” Rick said next to him.
“Shangguan Li is also pregnant?” Jiang Mochen asked, turning his head.
“That’s not… She has always wanted to see Yan Xi’s new movie, and she hasn’t been going.” Rick brazenly used this reason as a shield.
“Okay…” Jiang Mochen put down his pen and tapped on the table, “Don’t forget the invitations for the weekend.”
Qin Yu and Rick kept nodding their heads.
“Aren’t you going to tell Yan Xi now?”
“Vice President Rick, is it a surprise if the president said it?” Qin Yu patted Rick on the shoulder meaningfully.
After they left, Jiang Mochen drove to a wedding customization center alone.
“Mr. Jiang, the wedding dress you selected has been delivered.” The clerk said enthusiastically, “It will be delivered to the wedding ceremony early on the weekend, and all the staff present have signed a confidentiality agreement and will never disclose it to the media. The wind.”
Jiang Mochen curled his lips.
He said that he would make Yan Xi the most dazzling woman in the world.

“Dear viewers, the most anticipated Golden Phoenix Film Festival this year is about to open soon!”
“Now the other end of the red carpet is walking towards us is the popular actress of Dahua, Shangguanli!”
Shangguanli dressed in a purple evening gown and got out of the car with Rick. As soon as they appeared, the reporters kept taking pictures. Rick kept supporting Shangguanli, “It’s cold outside, let’s go first.”
Shangguanli is always so small and friendly by his side.
Seeing them there, a reporter could not help but whispered to the people around him, “I heard that Yan Xi will also be here tonight!”
“Yes, she has a work nominated tonight, I don’t know Mr. Jiang…”
The voice was still silent, and an extended white car stopped at the end of the red carpet.
“It’s Yan Xi and Jiang Mochen here!”
“Yan Xi!”
Every time their husband and wife appear, they will cause a sensation in the audience!

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