Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 510 (END)

Jiang Mochen was wearing a crimson dress and helped Yan Xi get out of the car.
Yan Xi accidentally wore a large long cloak tonight, which was wrapped tightly from top to bottom, and she wore a tassel silver evening gown. She was pregnant for more than five months, no matter how much she covered, It can’t stop the fact that I’m pregnant.
Jiang Mochen took care of her carefully, holding her in his arms.
“It’s so cold outside, everyone has worked hard.” Yan Xi said with a slight smile.
“Yan Xi, are you planning to stop filming indefinitely? The market response of “Rye Field” is so good this time, do you have any plans to return to the film world?”
“At present, the Yan clan has successfully weathered the crisis, will you continue to serve as the president of the Yan clan group?”
Because the reporters were so enthusiastic, Yan Xi and Jiang Mochen were directly blocked on the red carpet. Since there is no actress who is so popular, the security and bodyguards can’t stop them.
Jiang Mochen’s hand has been holding Yan Xi tightly, protecting her.
“Thank you for your concern.”
“There will be a surprise for everyone tonight, please look forward to it.” Jiang Mochen said this, and walked into the hall of the venue directly protecting Yan Xi.
He didn’t want Yan Xi to be interviewed in such a cold situation.
After the couple took their seats, Yan Xi looked at him with a smile, “It’s just a few questions, nothing wrong.”
Yan Xi sat in her seat, and Jiang Mochen naturally sat beside her.
“Sister Xia used to accompany me to attend this kind of awards ceremony, she was always busy and dizzy. Now she is preparing for pregnancy at home, she must really want to come out hot.”
“You also know how much she values ​​this baby…” Yan Xi now remembered when Sister Xia said she was pregnant, and cried with excitement all afternoon.
Jiang Mochen shook her hand, “When Sister Xia returns to work, you can continue to let her be your assistant.”
“Really?” Yan Xi asked excitedly, “thank you husband.”
Soon, the award ceremony officially began.
The first few awards were all newcomer awards. Yan Xi could not help but think of herself once watching the newcomer actors who came to the stage to give speeches about the award.
She came to the stage to receive the award for the first time…
At the awards ceremony for the first time after her comeback, she was in the same frame as Jiang Mochen…
So much of the past is vividly visible, and now she and this man are holding hands, all the way to this day, only they themselves know the touch and tears.
“Next, please invite Zhang Han, an evergreen tree in the film industry, to present the best actress award to everyone!” The host excitedly introduced.
Zhang Han is a well-known old artist in the film industry. Yan Xi likes her plays very much. He also listened to her class at the Drama Academy. When she heard that she was giving awards, Yan Xi’s hands tensely clenched into fists.
Jiang Mochen covered her hand with his palm, “Don’t be nervous.”
But that being said, the tension in his heart is no less than Yan Xi.
“Today, I am very excited to be able to present awards here. The shortlisted films are all very, very good!” Zhang Han looked at the audience with a smile, “In fact, what we want to be in the actor industry is the recognition of the audience.”
“So, the best actress at the 32nd Golden Phoenix Film Festival, the winner is…”
Zhang Han opened the card in his hand and after reading the name on it, he smiled and said to the audience, “She used to be a student I met at the Drama School. As far as I know, she has experienced She has overcome the ups and downs in her life, but she has never given up.”
“I am proud to have an actress like her in the showbiz!”
“Congratulations, Yan Xi!”
Teacher Zhang Han finally said a few words with great weight, and the audience thundered in applause!
Yan Xi was both excited and nervous, and tears filled his eyes. Jiang Mochen held her hand vigorously and said softly beside her, “Go accept the award, this is your moment.”
Belongs to her?
Yan Xi stood up, but did not step onto the stage for the first time, but hugged the man next to her tightly.
The camera and lights were aimed at both of them at the same time.
After Yan Xi hugged Jiang Mochen, he was moved and said to him, “The person I want to thank most is you.”
Jiang Mochen’s affection was deep, and he took Yan Xi’s hand and walked towards the direction of the stage, and then stayed on the steps, letting Yan Xi walk on the stage alone.
“If there must be someone in this world to accompany you through the darkness, I am willing to be that person.”
After stepping onto the stage, Yan Xi shook hands and hugged Teacher Zhang Han, and then took the trophy from her. In the process, she kept wearing that cloak.
There was applause from the audience again.
Yan Xi stood still in front of the microphone, smiled softly, and said four words in the most sincere voice, “Thank you everyone.”
After that, her tears slid down her cheeks.
“I am really touched, thanks to the fans who have always supported me, and thanks to all the audience who recognized my acting skills. I will continue to walk more firmly in the future…”
“My husband, Mr. Jiang Mochen, because of you, I am where I am today. I love you.”
Under the witness of countless lights, Yan Xi confessed to Jiang Mochen, one of them was in the auditorium and the other was in the center of the stage.
She finally became the high-profile queen of the audience!
And he is her only lover.
“Some time ago, I announced the revocation of shadows. Actually, there is a very happy reason.” Yan Xi put the trophy on the ground, then took off the cloak, revealing the silver evening dress inside, “I’m pregnant, here, I want to share this good news with everyone!”
Everyone was still excited for Yan Xi’s best actress award last second, but the next second they ate a handful of sweets!
“What kind of fairy reversal is this! So happy!”
“Oh my God, it’s a winner in life!”
Netizens on the Internet watched the live broadcast simultaneously, and they were all excited when they saw Yan Xi taking off his cloak.
The atmosphere at the scene was also unprecedentedly high.
“My current plan is to welcome the most important identity in my life, mother.”
“If I have a suitable script in the future, I will play it as much as possible, thank you everyone!”
Yan Xi bowed slightly to everyone, then stepped off the stage with his cloak and trophy.
The applause from the audience lasted for a long time…
This night was an extremely happy one for her. The picture of her holding hands with Jiang Mochen also appeared on the covers of many entertainment magazines!

“Are you ready over there?” Sister Xia checked again and again at the wedding scene.
Qin Yu had to come over and remind her, “You are also pregnant now! Pay attention to your body.”
“Okay, hey, you guys, put the balloons and flowers to look nice!”
Qin Yu had no choice but to guard her back and forth, fearing that she would fall.
Shangguanli was wearing a formal dress and looked around at the scene, “Rick, look, is that the hot air balloon they will ride in a while? It’s so romantic, why didn’t I have it when I got married!”
Rick coughed awkwardly, “You want to sit, wait for them to finish, I will sit with you!”
In the dressing room, Yan Xi didn’t know it was her wedding for a while! I thought it was just an advertisement for a wedding dress. When Bai Xiaoxiao and Yingmo brought the dress, she was shocked.
“What brand of wedding dress is this! So grand?”
Bai Xiaoxiao smiled, without answer, Ying Mo pretended to be calm, “Hurry up and put it on, it’s too late.”
After half an hour.
Yan Xi put on makeup and walked out of the dressing room, but she felt that something was wrong with her thoughts.
As soon as he looked up, he happened to see Jiang Mochen walking out of another dressing room wearing a black formal suit.
In the huge hall, the two of them stood face to face.
At that moment, Yan Xi suddenly understood.
Jiang Mochen smiled at the corner of his mouth and stepped to her, “I still can’t hide from you, Mrs. Jiang.”
Yan Xi was shocked…
Their good friends all ran in, the wind outside blew her veil, and the wedding march also rang.
Yan Xi looked at Jiang Mochen moved, “How can you tell me…” The corners of her eyes were dyed with crystal clear tears.
Jiang Mochen looked at her, solemnly knelt on one knee in front of her.
“Although we are married, I still want to ask you to marry me.”
“Yan Xi, I love you, marry me.”
His appearance is affectionate and elegant.
“I do.”

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Though the quality of this story is not high and lack of mastery was felt in creating the plots, I finished the novel within short time.

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