I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 121-130

Chapter: 121
Huang Yaosheng looked at Jiang Hao from a long distance and couldn’t help frowning.
Because he didn’t expect that he offered a price of 3 million, and he didn’t even hesitate to buy a guitar. He turned out to be a child who didn’t even grow his mouth.
At this moment, he looked at Jiang Hao and couldn’t help being a little surprised. He even hesitated to think about whether this person has the strength to buy his own guitar.
Obviously, from the perspective of Huang Yaosheng who has been in the society for many years. In all likelihood, Jiang Hao has no such financial resources.
Three million, this is not a small amount. Unless Jiang Hao is a rich second-generation, he cannot afford to pay so much money.
However, Huang Yaosheng looked from left to right and looked at Jiang Hao. He also felt that this man did not look like a rich second-generation, and he didn’t even have the temperament of an upstart.
“Hey!” Huang Yaosheng shouted at Jiang Hao suddenly, and then said, “She is right, you’d better stay away from the piano, the piano is antique, if it really breaks, I’m afraid you…”
Huang Yaosheng The words are not finished yet. He saw Jiang Hao fiercely raising his hand, clenching his fist, and slamming it on the piano keys. Suddenly, the piano made a low hiss.
“Don’t worry, if it breaks, I will compensate you!” Jiang Hao said coldly.
He naturally could see that Huang Yaosheng was full of arrogance in his eyes. So the moment he just made it was purely intentional, and it was shown to Huang Yaosheng.
You look down on me? Oh, you are not worthy!
After Jiang Hao’s punch, Huang Yaosheng’s distressed face twitched. You know, the piano she bought from a collector in the south is an old object that is more than a hundred years old. It is very expensive, Jiang Hao. All of a sudden, his heart jumped out.
Jiang Hao is not a connoisseur, so naturally he doesn’t understand what these expensive old instruments mean to people like Huang Yaosheng.
Huang Yaosheng was very angry, and his dissatisfaction with Jiang Hao could not help adding a lot.
It’s just that Jiang Hao didn’t care. He just planned to buy the piano and leave by himself. What kind of attitude you have towards me is your business.
Huang Yaosheng stared at Jiang Hao with dissatisfaction, sighed and shook his head repeatedly, and asked loudly, “Is that you want to buy a piano?”
Jiang Hao nodded and walked over from the piano: “Yes, three million, right?”
Huang Yaosheng He smiled and said, “Why, do you still want to bargain? That piano is at that price, there is no room for bargaining! Do you like to buy it or not!” After seeing Jiang Hao, Huang Yaosheng had thought about it before, and he had to treat Jiang Hao well. The idea of ​​clicking was dispelled.
Because he found it not worth it, this guy is a liar at all and can afford a fart guitar!
Jiang Hao smiled: “You think too much, I just want to ask you. Do you want to swipe your card or cash!”
Jiang Hao’s words made Huang Yaosheng gritted his teeth, and then sneered: “Oh, it seems you are pretty good. You have money, credit card or cash, it’s up to you, but…”
Huang Yaosheng’s face suddenly turned cold, and said solemnly: “But I can tell you clearly in advance. I don’t have credit here, and I won’t pay in installments. It’s a good time to pay the money in full, and we will save trouble on both sides. Otherwise, I advise you to leave immediately, otherwise… ”
There is a dog-seeing master, Jiang Hao is too lazy to poke him. “I want to pay by instalments? Which eye tells you that I want to pay? Since I said I want to buy a piano, I will buy it in full. I will tell you at last Once I say, your attitude from your boss to the waiter is very bad, which makes me very upset, so if you like to sell or not, I will go to other places to buy, and you should not take yourself too seriously. Up!”
Jiang Hao sneered, turned around, and walked into the hall of the piano store. Ignore Huang Yaosheng at all.
In Chujiang for so many years, few people have dared to speak to Huang Yaosheng like this. Jiang Hao is not the first one, but one of the few!
This really made Huang Yaosheng a little unhappy. He said that you are something, dare to speak to me like this!
To tell the truth, in Chujiang, those young princes and daughters, Huang Yaosheng knew a lot, but he was a little stranger to Jiang Hao, and he was even sure that this person was definitely not in the upper circle of Chu Jiang.
Then this person dares to be so arrogant, either he is pretending to be coercive, or he is a big foreign account.
But no matter what the possibility, Huang Yaosheng dared to provoke him so much, he was on the verge of death.
In the face of this provocation, Huang Yaosheng will never let it go.
He curled his lips, raised his hand to let Zhuang Qian come over, and asked: “Do you know this person? Do you know the origin?”
Zhuang Qian nodded quickly when he heard the words: “I know Mr. Huang, this guy belongs to my cousin. Classmate!”
“Oh?” Huang Yaosheng couldn’t help being more curious. “What is his origin, do you know? Is the family rich?”
Zhuang Qian heard this and couldn’t help laughing: “Come on, Mr. Huang. Tell the truth Have you said it, I heard that he is a poor dick, and he is usually laughed at by my cousin in the class. Today I don’t know which cone he drew. He came here to pretend to be forced!”
“That means he can’t afford it?” Huang Yaosheng asked, frowning.
Zhuang Qian nodded: “What can you afford? Haha. Let me tell you that. His family is poor like that. He is just three thousand five thousand and five low-profile guitars outside of us. Don’t talk about the piano you made!” Zhuang Qian thought to herself. Having said so, it is estimated that Huang Yaosheng will not go to deal with Jiang Hao anymore, and may just kick him out with two feet.
However, after Zhuang Qian finished speaking, she found that Huang Yaosheng was staring at herself with a sullen expression. The other party’s expression shocked her.
Huang Yaosheng snorted coldly: “Hmph, you know he is such a dick, why would you call me? Are you sick?”
Huang Yaosheng scolded Zhuang Qian angrily. He simply felt that Zhuang Qian was either stupid or deliberately playing with herself.
This silly woman!
“Hmph, wait, I’ll find you to settle this account when I have time!” Huang Yaosheng snorted coldly, stared at Zhuang Qian, turned to follow Jiang Hao, looked at Jiang Hao, and muttered to himself “Hehe, a poor dick, you are here to provoke me, right? Hehe. Okay, let’s walk and see, I will see if you can afford it, if you can’t afford it, then you have it today Things can be done!”
Jiang Hao waited in the hall for a while before Huang Yaosheng walked over.
“Can you swipe your card?” Huang Yaosheng asked Jiang Hao jokingly.
Jiang Hao nodded, took out a bank card from his arms and handed it to the other party.
Huang Yaosheng looked at Jiang Hao’s card and couldn’t help but smile.
He thought that Jiang Hao would take out which bank’s gold card or even a black card, so he took out such a card. This card is basically the most common savings card. Normal college students use this card. And the most important thing is the transaction of this card, but there is a limit, which is like those gold cards and black cards, just swipe and spend!
In fact, this card used to be an ordinary bank card, but since Jiang Hao made a big mistake because of the bank card’s transfer limit last time, Jiang Hao secretly told Ye Yunjie about it.
Ye Yunjie also said at the time that he planned to exchange Jiang Hao for a bank card. After all, his identity is not ordinary, so naturally he must have a bank card that matches his identity.
It’s just that Jiang Hao has used this card for many years. He already had some feelings, and many of his things were actually bound to this card, so after changing the card, many things would be very inconvenient for him, so he rejected the suggestion to change the card.
However, Ye Yunjie still asked someone to change the interest of this card. Some other functions have been added.
In other words, although this card looks like an ordinary savings card, its functions are almost the same as those of black cards.
“Heh, can you swipe three million with this card?” Huang Yaosheng smiled suddenly and asked. “As far as I know, the daily transaction limit of this card is only one hundred thousand, right?”
Jiang Hao smiled disapprovingly: “If you try it, you will know why there is so much nonsense!”
Huang Yaosheng snorted.
Angrily, he inserted the bank card into the POS machine, then entered the amount, and finally handed it to Jiang Hao: “Here. Enter the password!” Huang Yaosheng sneered, thinking he wanted to see it, Jiang Hao Will he enter the password honestly, and he wants to see if he enters the password after a while, if the money in the bank card is not enough to pay, what will Jiang Hao do!
But it doesn’t matter what Jiang Hao does, because Huang Yaosheng is ready to clean up Jiang Hao!
Dare to pretend to be coercive in his own store, and dare to speak to himself like that, Jiang Hao has already offended Huang Yaosheng.
Huang Yaosheng at this time was just waiting, waiting for Jiang Hao to come to stage for a while, and see how he would fix him!
When the time comes, he will be waiting to meet his blast of anger…
At this moment, Zhuang Qian also walked over from behind, looking at this side with expectation!
Although she already knew that Huang Yaosheng would inevitably give herself some hardship when the time came, but Jiang Hao was to blame for all this. Without him, she would not be like this.
So at this time, Zhuang Qian is just waiting to see how Huang Yaosheng would repair Jiang Hao!
Also waiting, the POS machine issued a notification tone of payment failure!
Jiang Hao seemed very calm, simply input the password, and then waited calmly!
There was a slight delay in the POS machine. Huang Yaosheng thought it was Jiang Hao’s payment failure and was about to break out, but suddenly saw the POS machine display a string of text, indicating that the payment was successful.
“This…” Huang Yaosheng was dumbfounded, staring at the text on the POS machine with a dazed expression on his face, he couldn’t believe it.
On the side, Zhuang Qian frowned at the sight of Huang Yaosheng’s expression, and hurriedly walked over to watch.
But when she saw the text on the POS machine, she was stunned for an instant.

Chapter: 122
Zhuang Qian was stunned. Looking at the numbers on the POS machine, she didn’t respond for a long time.
She felt like she was dreaming at this moment!
Besides, I originally wanted to see him joke, but now it seems that I am the joke.
I originally thought that Jiang Hao was a poor dick, but he was really capable of hitting himself in the face.
Could it be that this guy is a rich second-generation? Always pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger? Zhuang Qian thought to herself.
Anyway, Zhuang Qian was a little dumbfounded, and she was shocked by Jiang Hao.
On the other side, Huang Yaosheng was not much better than Zhuang Qian at this time.
He was already prepared to clean up Jiang Hao, and waited for Jiang Hao to fail to pay for a while. He did it directly.
But now he is a little at a loss, what should I do?
“Why, is there a problem?” Jiang Hao asked suddenly.
“Ah…Ah?” Huang Yaosheng was stunned. After he recovered, his expression towards Jiang Hao changed drastically, and he smiled and said, “No, it’s okay.”
Jiang Hao saw the contrast between his attitude before and after him, simply Feeling funny, pointing to that guitar. Said: “Can I take it away now?”
Huang Yaosheng hurriedly laughed, respectfully adding: “Of course, of course, I will let people pack it, and in addition. In view of the huge amount of your consumption, so I think, give it away How about your gold card from our shop?”
Jiang Hao nodded: “That’s your business. Just remember to invoice me. Also, I hope this guitar is licensed, so I won’t find it Fake, everyone’s faces won’t look too good.”
Upon hearing this, Huang Yaosheng immediately said: “Of course it is true. I bought this guitar from the auction house. The various certificates of firmness are very complete, and you don’t know it. I bought this guitar before. At that time, I was still in the limelight in Chujiang. After all, it is a valuable instrument. I guess you will know this guitar when you ask friends around you!” Huang Yaosheng said to Jiang Hao The title has become you unnaturally. Obviously, in his opinion, Jiang Hao must be no ordinary person.
And this kind of person, how can I neglect, let alone more, this kind of person as long as he visits his own store several times a year, then he makes a lot of money.
But Huang Yaosheng said so much. Jiang Hao didn’t seem to be thinking about it, but just poking there, looking at Zhuang Qian, who was packing her guitar.
When packing, Zhuang Qian also appeared cautious, for fear of bumping into the guitar.
After all, this is something worth three million. If you really break a hole, it is estimated that you can not afford it even if you accompany yourself.
However, thinking of this, Zhuang Qian smiled secretly.
She really didn’t expect that Jiang Hao was the kind of figure who could draw out millions in one breath, and didn’t even blink his eyes.
If you could really “compensate” yourself to such a person, wouldn’t you have enough food and clothing for the rest of your life?
That’s a good thing, and even though Jiang Hao looks a little dirty, as long as he dresses up, he is a little handsome.
What’s more, she was only in her early twenties, several years younger than herself… She kept lusting in her heart, and the smile on Zhuang Qian’s face became more and more obvious, and finally she stopped her hands in a trance. .
“Hey, trouble you to hurry up!”
Suddenly, Jiang Hao yelled at Zhuang Qian, his tone somewhat impatient.
And this shout completely shattered Zhuang Qian’s dream. She glanced at Jiang Hao, her face flushed. Hastened to get bored again.
After a while, she carefully handed the carefully packaged guitar to Jiang Hao.
“Hey, all right.” Huang Yaosheng hurriedly smiled and said, “Are you satisfied? There are a few of the best strings in it, and this guitar case is made of pure crocodile leather, which is also half antique. , The unit price of this box alone is tens of thousands…”
Huang Yaosheng said a lot, but still did not arouse Jiang Hao’s interest. He took the thing and turned around to leave.
To be honest, Jiang Hao wouldn’t be too lazy to say anything to these two if he hadn’t fancyed this guitar.
Now that I am rich, I think of it to please myself, what did I just think about?
Just as Jiang Hao was about to step out of the piano store, Huang Yaosheng suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly ran all the way from inside to catch him.
“This gentleman, please wait a moment!” Huang Yaosheng smiled. Reached out and handed a white business card to Jiang Hao respectfully, “This is my business card, and my name is Huang Yaosheng. If you have any further needs about musical instruments, just call me directly. I will do my best to do it for you.”
Jiang Hao glanced at his business card, then turned around and left without hanging the boss Huang.
This really made Huang Yaosheng a little embarrassed, and he felt like a hot face was put on his cold ass.
But it doesn’t matter. Huang Yaosheng is already very happy at this time. After all, he spent more than one million before and after taking the guitar. Today he bought three million, inside and out. He made more than one million yuan, which is comparable to his net income for a few months!
Especially recently, the business of the piano store was not very good, and Huang Yaosheng still needs a lot of funds in some places. Today, Jiang Hao can be regarded as solving his urgent needs.
After leaving the piano shop, Jiang Hao directly took a taxi back to the school. There was no class in the afternoon, so he stayed in the dormitory all afternoon.
There was always no one in the bedroom, Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming waited until late to come back, and it seemed. Both of them seem to be in a low mood, obviously on their minds.
And after the two came back, they fell directly into the bed without saying anything, and went to sleep.
Jiang Hao frowned and didn’t ask much. Soon, he was also sleepy and fell asleep in a daze.
Until the next day, Jiang Hao had a class in the morning. After Jiang Hao finished the class, he hurriedly wanted to run to the dormitory. He was still thinking about giving the guitar to Xue Yuning.
It’s just that Jiang Hao ran too anxiously. As soon as he ran out of the classroom, he bumped into someone head on.
“Wow…” The stack of books in the man’s arms fell to the ground.
“I’m sorry…” Jiang Hao hurriedly apologized to the other party, but when he looked up, he was shocked to find that it was Liu Siya who had hit him!
I was hit by someone. Liu Siya was dissatisfied with the boss in his heart, and when he saw that this person was Jiang Hao, Liu Siya was about to explode.
“You are so blind!” Liu Siya pointed at Jiang Hao’s nose and cursed, “Are you anxious to go to the funeral for your mother?”
Liu Siya’s words were really ugly. Jiang Hao originally thought that he accidentally hit someone. I wanted to apologize to her, but when I heard Liu Siya’s words, my face suddenly became gloomy.
“Excuse me, please be careful when you speak, I didn’t mean to hit you, I have already apologized to you. Can you not speak so badly?” Jiang Hao looked coldly at Liu Siya.
His mother is simply Jiang Hao’s negative scale. If anyone dares to insult his mother, Jiang Hao can’t wait to fight him!
Liu Siya unexpectedly took her mother with her life and death, and Jiang Hao suddenly became angry.
“What’s wrong with me? What can you do to me?” Liu Siya sneered with disapproval. He said with contempt, “Damn, it’s like being blind all day, you don’t have eyes to walk? Huh, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, you’re obviously poor, so poor and happy all day, I don’t know. What do you people think!”
Suddenly, Liu Siya suddenly remembered, didn’t her cousin tell herself yesterday, didn’t Jiang Hao go to her piano shop to buy a piano?
Originally, Liu Siya was still waiting for her cousin to send herself follow-up news about this incident, but yesterday, there was no news. Later, Liu Siya almost forgot about it.
But Liu Siya didn’t need to think about it to know that Jiang Hao was definitely kicked out in the end.
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Oh, yes, yesterday I heard that you went to buy a piano?”
Jiang Hao was taken aback when she heard the words, and asked how she knew. It took him a long time to remember Liu Siya and Zhuang Qianzhi Zhuang Qian must have told it about the relationship between them.
But that being the case, Jiang Hao thought, maybe Zhuangqian should have told Liu Siya about spending three million to buy a piano.
“Why, do you want to see that guitar?” Jiang Hao also sneered.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s expression, Liu Siya felt a little disgusting, and felt that Jiang Hao was a bit shameless.
You really went to buy a piano, and you said that you want to buy the most expensive piano. In the end, it must have been repaired. Now you are still here to pretend to be forced?
“Are you really sick?” Liu Siya frowned and sarcastically said, “I look at your guitar? Haha, it’s really interesting. Do you think you are a precious thing? I don’t bother to look at it because it hurts. You can buy it. What good stuff? I wouldn’t want that kind of garbage, but you still want to show it off? Are you ashamed?”
In Liu Siya’s view, it is estimated that Jiang Hao was pretending to be too big yesterday. I didn’t buy it at the piano shop, and then I bought a bargain on the side of the road. Now I want to show myself off. How ridiculous?

Chapter: 123
Jiang Hao was a little surprised when he heard Liu Siya’s words.
“Trash stuff?” Jiang Hao frowned and said, “Didn’t your cousin tell you? Haha, I bought the most expensive guitar in their store!”
Jiang Hao didn’t want to show off, he just wanted to refute Let’s talk about Liu Siya’s so-called trash.
It’s just that Jiang Hao’s words are almost unreliable in Liu Siya.
As soon as he said this, Liu Siya covered her mouth and laughed, pointing at Jiang Hao, while exchanging eyes with the girls beside her, she sarcastically said: “Haha. You see, this kind of person is really interesting. At this time, don’t forget to pretend to be forced? My cousin’s piano shop is the most expensive guitar? Why don’t you say that this is the most expensive guitar in the world?”
After speaking, Liu Siya laughed out loud. From ear to ear, it was like hearing the best joke in the world.
And while she laughed, she explained to the girls beside her.
“Haha, don’t you guys know? Yesterday, just this stupid, I went to my cousin’s piano shop to buy a piano. The place where my sister works is Yuedu piano shop, which can be said to be one of the most expensive piano shops in Chujiang. He Go there to buy a piano, do you think it’s funny?”
Liu Siya glanced at Jiang Hao, then sarcastically said: “Of course this is not the most important thing. You know, when he went, my cousin sent me a WeChat , saying it went to the Cock wire, but to get there, said to be the best of the piano, is ridiculous, and you know his strength, go to that place loaded to force, do not look at their own weight. ”
” What happened later What?” a girl quickly asked with a smile.
Liu Siya said: “Hehe, what else? Of course, it was typed out by the boss. You don’t know. When he was typed out yesterday, my cousin sent me a video, but I didn’t save it. The one being repaired is called a miserable person. Look at him, he is still acting as force here!
Yesterday Zhuang Qian never contacted Liu Siya at all, let alone sent a video to witness Jiang Hao’s beating.
Liu Siya just wanted to make Jiang Hao more embarrassed, so that’s why she said so much!
And what she said did indeed work.
As soon as she said this, the girls next to her immediately showed mocking expressions. Although they didn’t say anything directly, the expressions of gloating or sarcasm made people feel uncomfortable. !
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth, pointed at Liu Siya and retorted: “Hey, don’t you think this is interesting? Haha. I was beaten out? Can you tell the lie more satisfactorily?”
Liu Siya ignored Jiang Hao at all, anyway. After speaking, she feels good, that’s enough, she doesn’t bother to care about Jiang Hao.
What’s more, the effect she wanted has been achieved, and now Jiang Hao has really become the object of ridicule.
“Haha, it’s this point, what else do you want to quibble about? If you are beaten, you will be beaten. Who made you pretend to be forced!” Liu Siya said contentedly, “If I were you, I would learn a little bit later. Let’s just pretend to be forced, lest one day be beaten to death!”
Liu Siya finished speaking, smiling and leaving.
But Jiang Hao seemed a little unwilling, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, with a solemn expression : “Give me a minute!” Liu Siya was slightly unhappy: “Fool, what do you want to do!”
Jiang Hao snorted: “No Why, I just want you to make it clear. I will tell you again today. I did buy a piano yesterday, and the one I bought was the most expensive piano in Yuedu Music Store. I spent three million. If you don’t believe me, I always have a bill, so please pay attention when you speak. As for what you said, I was typed out, which is even more nonsense. What is going on, I think your cousin hasn’t told you yet. Come on? Haha. Could you please go and ask…”
Jiang Hao is actually not like entangled with Liu Siya too much, but he is really a little angry, but others are so sarcasm to himself. Then, who will he become in the eyes of his classmates in the future?
Although Jiang Hao didn’t make extravagant expectations, all his classmates would be grateful to him and even admire him, but at the very least, others can’t just say that this person knows how to brag.
But obviously Liu Siya didn’t want to entangle Jiang Hao with these things at all. Looking at Jiang Hao with a serious face, he couldn’t help but snickered with several girls around him.
“Hahaha… how ridiculous you guys are, three million? He really dares to say anything big!” Liu Siya said contemptuously, “Don’t say three million, I think it’s three thousand yuan, you dick I can’t get it out, but don’t brag with me here. Haha, if this matter is true, my old lady will kowtow to you to admit your mistakes. There is a kind of proof that you can show? Haha, who can’t brag , If you can really prove what you said, my old lady is at your mercy!” Liu Siya did not believe in the possibility of this incident, but felt that Jiang Hao was bragging.
Jiang Hao heard this. Nodded slightly: “Okay, do you want evidence? Then I’ll get it for you, I’ll show you the guitar, and the ticket. If you still don’t believe it, you can ask. Your cousin. No one knows this more clearly than her!”
Liu Siya pouted her lips disapprovingly. Seeing that Jiang Hao was a bit more serious, she couldn’t help feeling that this person was really funny.
But she didn’t take it seriously at all, she just said casually: “Okay, then you can get me the evidence, go quickly, I’ll wait!”
Jiang Hao thought Liu Siya was also serious , Smiled slightly: “Okay, then wait, what you just said, you will remember the last moment. Don’t forget!” After
Jiang Hao finished speaking, he hurriedly left and went straight to his bedroom.
In Jiang Hao’s view, I really need to be more truthful about this matter today, otherwise, because of Liu Siya’s words, I will continue to be misunderstood.
But as soon as Jiang Hao left, Liu Siya looked at his background and laughed presumptuously: “Hahahaha…Look, this idiot is really interesting, and he took what I said just now, naive or not? Haha. Also take evidence, I think he took a fart, hum, the old lady just doesn’t want to care about you, otherwise I won’t let you run away!” In fact, in Liu Siya’s view, Jiang Hao is not going to go to the piano and bills. Prove this to yourself.
Rather, Jiang Hao simply found a suitable reason for himself and took the opportunity to run away.
But just run away, Liu Siya originally didn’t want to see Jiang Hao wandering around by her side.
So as soon as he saw Jiang Hao leaving, Liu Siya hurriedly followed a few of her friends and said: “Okay, don’t bother about that idiot. Today Gao Jun said that he wants to invite me to dinner, I don’t want to waste time with the idiot, you just have to play. , I’m leaving now!” When Gao Jun is mentioned, Liu Siya will inevitably remember the things Jiang Hao did when he was preparing the banquet.
Thinking of those, she couldn’t help showing a sneer at the corner of her mouth again, and murmured: “Hehe, idiot, I was shooting at that time. She also said that she knew Meng Jiuye and was repaired. After that time, she didn’t even have a long memory. , I dare to come over to coax my mother, I believe you a ghost!” After the muttering, Liu Siya quickly turned and left, and her companions. After whispering for a while, they left.
Only Jiang Hao hurriedly ran back to the bedroom, picked up the guitar, and the various notes that Huang Yaosheng had issued to him yesterday, and ran out hurriedly.
Jiang Hao ran fast. He was even a little out of breath, but when he rushed to the place where Liu Siya was just now, he suddenly realized that Liu Siya was gone.
Jiang Hao looked around, but still didn’t see a person, and couldn’t help gritting his teeth. This is already obvious, and I have been tricked again!
Jiang Hao groaned for a moment, couldn’t help sighing, and then gave a wry smile, thinking that he was indeed a little naive when he crunched. Should he care about things like Liu Siya?
Obviously not worth it!
She loves to believe it or not, and she doesn’t expect people like her to live, as long as those who care about themselves and also care about themselves, it is good to know that this matter is true.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao looked at the sky-high-priced guitar and couldn’t help showing a slight smile.
In fact, Jiang Hao planned to send the guitar to Xue Yuning yesterday, but it was too late and he was a bit lazy and gave up the idea.
Jiang Hao checked the time. It was just in the morning, so he would simply go to the rehearsal hall to see if Xue Yuning was there. If he was, he would just give her the guitar.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao simply ignored the unhappiness he had had with Liu Siya before and walked directly to the rehearsal hall.
In the rehearsal hall, there were about ten girls, divided into two waves.
On one side was Xue Yuning herself, sitting on the side, looking very lonely.
On the other side, Wang Jiani and the group formed a group, whispering something quietly, pointing at Xue Yuning from time to time, or smirking.
“Sister Jiani, if you think about it, kick her out of our club. I think she feels disgusting. She is the same as Te Mo two hundred and five a day. She can’t even buy a guitar. How can this be rehearsal? It’s purely chaos following!” A girl murmured Xue Yuning, staring fiercely.
And another girl, you can also quickly echoed: “Yes ah yes ah Jiani sister, I think she felt tired, you said a bad mood, we also have to rehearse how good you’d better do something about it?.”
Some Girls, every word you say to me, it seems that you have much opinion on Xue Yuning.
And Xue Yuning was sitting not far away, it was definitely not that those voices could not be heard.
But she can do nothing but endure silently. She really likes music and longs to be a singer one day.
At present, only in this music club can she have more opportunities to appear on stage and accumulate experience.

Chapter: 124
So no matter what, Xue Yuning will not leave the music club. This is something she secretly decided a long time ago.
She knew that she was born humble, and in her heart, because her father abandoned herself and her mother, there was always a knot in her heart.
Therefore, Xue Yuning had long been determined that he must get ahead, get rid of his current identity and status, and become the focus of attention. In the future, he must surpass his incompetent father.
In this way, he will make his original decision. And regret.
So for that dream, what I have experienced and endured now is nothing. As long as I can bear it, one day I will get closer and closer to my dream.
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning’s eyes gradually moistened, but she quickly wiped away the tears, raised her head stubbornly, and looked into the distance…
But at this moment, Xue Yuning suddenly felt that there was someone standing beside her.
She turned her head and looked around and saw Wang Jiani staring at herself with a bitter expression on her face.
“Crying and crying. I know crying all day long. Your mother is dead, so you cry all the time!” Wang Jiani opened her mouth and cursed, poking Xue Yuning’s forehead with her finger, and yelled, “You Is it possible to lose every day like this? It makes us so lucky. It’s all consumed by your frustration!”
” Yes , are you sick? You know crying all day! It’s really annoying. ”
“Hurry up and get her out. I’m so annoyed. I don’t bring the piano every day to rehearse. It’s purely to make trouble. It doesn’t count this time. I cry all day long. Who is bullying you?”
A few girls surrounded Xue Yuning at this time, and their sharp words were a verbal abuse and insult to Xue Yuning.
And Wang Jiani viciously used her nail-made fingers and poked Xue Yuning’s face fiercely, leaving red marks on her face.
Xue Yuning was in pain for a while, and quickly covered his face, the tears in his eyes rushed out again.
They have something on their minds and haven’t offended these people. Why should they treat themselves like this? Xue Yuning couldn’t figure it out, and even more felt that she was wronged.
“Why are you crying? Who is doing you? Why are you crying? Hold it back!” Wang Jiani pulled away Xue Yuning’s face covering her hand, slapped her hand violently, and slapped it.
Suddenly, a red slap print appeared on Xue Yuning’s white face.
Xue Yuning couldn’t help it anymore, sobbing directly, looking at Wang Jiani with resentment, and questioning: “Why are you hitting me? What’s wrong with me? I feel uncomfortable. Is it possible that a few tears are also preventing you?
Has it happened?” Xue Yuning wanted to hear Wang Jiani’s answer to herself. She just wanted to know how she provoke these people so that they treated herself like this.
But Wang Jiani was a little angry after hearing what Xue Yuning said. She replied: “Yeah, have you become more patient ? Have you learned how to talk back? It’s okay, Xue Yuning, can I give you a face?” Wang Jiani said with a cold face, pointing at the tip of Xue Yuning’s nose, and said viciously: “Why, you are offended I am, what can you do? I just don’t want to see you crying in mourning. What can you do? I beat you so much, what can you do? Ah? “The more you talk about it, the more excited Wang Jiani’s voice is, almost It’s all roaring out.
In fact, in the past, people like them often took Xue Yuning off, even deliberately making things difficult for her.
In their eyes, this is part of their joy of life.
Especially Wang Jiani, after learning that Jiang Hao actually had another relationship with Xue Yuning, she exploited and bullied Xue Yuning even more severely.
In her opinion, she originally hated Xue Yuning, and now she added a Jiang Hao. She didn’t find someone to clean them up, so she was already saving face. What happened to bullying and bullying you!
Wang Jiani pouted her lips and continued arrogantly: ” Xue Yuning, let me ask you, do you still want to stay in the club? ”
Upon hearing this, Xue Yuning hesitated for a moment and nodded slightly.
Wang Jiani couldn’t help but smiled: “Hehe, is it? Then why didn’t I see it? Do you want to be in the club? When you come to rehearse every day, what is the special way? Where is your piano? Is everyone’s drink? What I said, you have to buy drinks for everyone every week. Have you forgotten about it? Ah!”
Wang Jiani grabbed Xue Yuning’s hair and asked sternly.
Xue Yuning screamed in pain, and quickly said: “I… my piano is broken, as you all know.”
“What about the drink?” Wang Jiani continued arrogantly, “Did you forget that I was when I was? How do you say it? I said that you have a bad foundation, and you usually need everyone to help you, and you don’t need to be grateful to you, just ask everyone to drink once or twice a week! But you say you can do it How many times have it been?” After
Wang Jiani finished speaking, she exerted a slight force on her hand, and Xue Yuning grinned in pain.
In fact, if Wang Jiani didn’t mention this matter, Xue Yuning would not feel too aggrieved.
But now when Wang Jiani mentioned it, Xue Yuning felt uncomfortable when she thought of it.
What is your own weak foundation?
Naturally, Xue Yuning knows that, not to mention that at the beginning, even now, none of these people in the entire music community has a higher level of music than himself.
And Xue Yuning knew that some of his opportunities were hard to come by, so he cherished it and worked harder. So almost most of the awards and honors received in the club are largely due to her.
Instead, these people. One by one, relying on the wealth of the family, he was not attentive at rehearsal at all, and even often delayed.
Say they help themselves? This is simply a joke.
Often bully yourself, this is the truth!
And let yourself be someone who buys drinks for people who often bully themselves? Xue Yuning is not stupid. How would you do it!
In fact, for the first time or two, when these people hadn’t changed so much to bully herself, Xue Yuning had bought them twice. After all, she was a classmate, and she didn’t want to make the relationship too rigid.
But it was only those two times that allowed Xue Yuning to recognize these people more clearly.
Originally there were a dozen people, Xue Yuning saved his lunch money for several meals, pooled dozens of yuan, and bought some bottled cold drinks for these people.
But the final result? She was actually laughed at.
These people didn’t even bother with the Cola Sprite Iced Black Tea, and even poured it out in front of Xue Yuning. Wang Jiani even scolded her, saying that she was insulting everyone. Since I bought it, why not buy freshly squeezed juice!
Xue Yuning still remembers how uncomfortable she felt when Wang Jiani said these things to herself!
Perhaps ordinary people do not understand these.
But the conditions of Xue Yuning’s family are here. Buying a dozen cans of Coke is already the money she spent frugally and digging out between her teeth. That’s it, she also spent dozens of yuan.
And if, according to Wang Jiani’s words, buying freshly squeezed fruit juice for so many people, it would cost a few hundred yuan. What a joke, where did she get so much money!
Besides, even if I have so much money, I will not waste it here! My mother is still in hospital, and there are many places where I need money.
Xue Yuning was not convinced, and stared at Wang Jiani fiercely!
This also made Wang Jiani more angry, and her strength in her hands became stronger.
“Damn, dare to stare at me?”
” Yes, I really don’t know what is good or bad. Sister Jiani said so well, you dare to stare at others?”
“And, to be honest, we don’t lack you. Drinking a glass of juice or two, just want to try your character. Now look at it, your character is really not very good. It’s wasted that we usually take care of you!”
Wang Jiani was fierce at Xue Yuning, and several people around were helping her.
Suddenly, Wang Jiani smiled and said to Xue Yuning: “Xue Yuning, otherwise, you should leave our music club and leave by yourself. It would be better if we expelled you to save it, right?”
Hear Xue Yuning couldn’t help being stunned by these words, now she finally knew the purpose of these people.
In fact, having said so much and making things difficult for themselves, don’t these people just want to drive themselves away?
Xue Yuning sneered in his heart. Stubbornly shook her head: “I won’t leave!”
Again, if Xue Yuning chose to leave now, then she would have given up a lot of opportunities.
After all, the music club of Chujiang University often participates in some important events held in the city. In the past, Xue Yuning relied on these events and accumulated a lot of experience.
If she let go now. It’s almost equivalent to giving away those opportunities.
Xue Yuning would not agree, and his attitude was extremely firm.
This angered Wang Jiani but she, who heard this, direct thundered: “?! What are you especially not to face shameless ah toast Monastic, yes, it is your own self-inflicted” finished speaking . Wang Jiani immediately let go of Xue Yuning’s hair, and a sinister smile gradually appeared on her face.
“Let you go by yourself, don’t you? Haha!” Wang Jiani sneered and said, “Well, Xue Yuning, I will inform you that you are now confirmed to be expelled from our club!”
Xue Yuning shook his head after hearing the words: “No Why can’t you do this?”
Wang Jiani smiled: “Hehe, what else do I do? Look at yourself, come to the club rehearsal, and don’t even bring a piano, you say I should be expelled You?”
Wang Jiani put on an awe-inspiring appearance, and said with a smile: “Why not? I’ll give you a chance. If you can take out a guitar to participate in the rehearsal now, I will take back what I just said and will not fire you. How is it?”
Xue Yuning was immediately confused when he heard the words, so suddenly, where would he go to find a piano? Besides, if I rashly borrowed from others, I guess there is not enough time!
Wang Jiani is clearly trying to fix herself!
But at this moment, Xue Yuning suddenly heard that a footstep came in from outside the rehearsal hall.

Chapter: 125
“I…Where shall I get the guitar.” Xue Yuning frowned, looking embarrassed, and said.
What Wang Jiani was waiting for was Xue Yuning’s words. Wang Jiani naturally knew that Xue Yuning’s social circle was not big, and he had a guitar in his hand and could lend to Xue Yuning, that is, these people in the club.
But now these people are all on their side, as long as they give an order, who would dare to lend Xue Yuning a guitar?
Wang Jiani sneered, with a gloating expression, and said: “Oh. There is no way. It seems that you can only leave the club. Who will let you not get the guitar!”
After speaking, Wang Jiani made a request. The gesture directly wanted Xue Yuning to get out.
And several other girls even took the opportunity to laugh and sarcastically said: “Haha
, I’m finally fucking, it’s great …” “Hurry up, stay here, I’m too dirty!”
“Haha, who let you not have it? Qin, who is to blame…”
A group of girls pointed at Xue Yuning, but they were about to push her away. this moment. Xue Yuning really felt a trace of despair. There is also a lack of human affection.
These people in front of them thought that they hadn’t helped them in the first place. Every time they used them, they pitifully came over and begged for themselves and asked them to follow along.
But now that they kill the donkey, they are even more hateful than anyone else.
Xue Yuning sighed heavily. She got up from the ground with a frustrated face and was about to leave, but she suddenly found that her wrist was gently held.
The intensity was neither light nor heavy, and the warmth of the palms made Xue Yuning feel a bit of relaxation and soothing.
It suddenly turned its head and looked over, and Mu Ran saw Jiang Hao looking at him affectionately. There should even be a slight smile in his eyes.
“You…what are you…” Xue Yuning was a little surprised, and the excitement in her heart suddenly flooded and raged. She looked at Jiang Hao at this moment, almost holding back tears, and stubbornly when she spoke.
Jiang Hao smiled at her slightly, and said faintly: “Yuning, you don’t have to go, you want a guitar, I brought it for you!”
Xue Yuning was startled when he heard Jiang Hao’s words, and then he saw Jiang. Behind Hao, he really carried a guitar case on his back.
At this moment, Xue Yuning was so touched that he still felt unwilling to let go of Jiang Hao’s guilt, which broke out almost instantly, and tears could not be restrained.
She was really moved, because at this moment, Jiang Hao suddenly appeared, and almost like a charcoal in the snow, brought herself a guitar.
You know, if there is no guitar, she can only leave the club dingy. but now. With the guitar, Wang Jiani obviously has no excuses to drive herself away.
Jiang Hao’s sudden appearance was obviously out of Wang Jiani’s expectations, and what made her even more hateful was that Jiang Hao even brought a guitar here!
Originally, Wang Jiani felt that her plan was going to succeed, but now that Jiang Hao is so messed up, all her plans are really messed up!
At this time, in Wang Jiani’s heart, Jiang Hao had already been scolded 10,000 times and killed a hundred times, but she still felt puzzled!
“Who let you in!” Wang Jiani was a little angry, and shouted at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but smiled: “Myself, the door is open, so I came in, what? Is there a problem?”
Wang Jiani angrily said, “Of course there is a problem, but here is the rehearsal hall of our club. Staff, get out immediately!”
This is to drive Jiang Hao out!
In fact, just before Jiang Hao entered the door, he had already heard how these people treated Xue Yuning!
At this time Wang Jiani wanted to drive herself out, Jiang Hao naturally understood his intentions.
So Jiang Hao seemed disapproving, and argued: “Oh? Really? As far as I know, this is not only the rehearsal hall of your music club, but also the activity room of other clubs? Why, I am here on behalf of other clubs. You can control it. Are you there? Besides, there seems to be no explicit stipulation about who is allowed or not allowed to enter, right?”
Jiang Hao is really telling the truth. In addition to the rehearsal hall of the music club, there are several clubs here. I often use it too.
After all, there is so much space available in Chujiang University, so many clubs almost all share the same venue, but they usually negotiate with each other about their use.
And even if your club is using the venue, and people from other clubs come over, you have no right to interfere with them, let alone drive them out unreasonably.
Therefore, Jiang Hao’s words were taken advantage of, but in fact, they also happened to kill Wang Jiani.
Wang Jiani’s face flushed with anger, but she couldn’t say a word, her expression was a little funny.
“You…” Wang Jiani gritted her teeth angrily, but was helpless.
But Jiang Hao was not satisfied. He continued to smile and said, “Of course, the main purpose of my coming today is to send guitars! I was outside just now, as if I heard you say, if there is no guitar, then I have to save the rain. Ning out of the club? Haha, I’m sorry, you might be miscalculating!”
Jiang Hao smiled and took off the piano case. He took out the guitar inside and handed it to Xue Yuning’s hand with excitement.
“Yuning, do you like it? I bought it for you!” Jiang Hao turned his head, looked at Wang Jiani jokingly, and said, “From now on. You will use this guitar. I want to see, who would say You don’t have a guitar anymore, who would dare to drive you away for this reason?”
In the second half of Jiang Hao’s words, he deliberately raised his tone, and deliberately told Wang Jiani to listen.
But when Wang Jiani heard this, her nose was almost crooked, but she had nothing to say.
Xue Yu stared at that simple and aristocratic guitar, and he liked it very much.
Even though Xue Yuning was not born in a wealthy family, she knew it when she saw the guitar. This guitar must not be an ordinary object.
And Xue Yuning also knew that with Jiang Hao’s financial resources and style of work, the gifts he gave to himself would definitely not be ordinary goods. This guitar might be more expensive.
For a moment, Xue Yuning couldn’t help but hesitate a little. Since she had already made up her mind to stay away from Jiang Hao, it was impossible to get this guitar anyway.
But if not, wouldn’t I give Wang Jiani another reason to expel myself?
Seeing Xue Yuning hesitated, Jiang Hao couldn’t help frowning. Then he grabbed Xue Yuning’s hand with both hands and forced the guitar into her hand.
“Oh, take it!” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
Xue Yuning’s heart was noisy, and some did not know what to do.
But at this moment, she heard Jiang Hao turn around and said to Wang Jiani: “Excuse me, Xue Yuning now has a guitar? So can she stay? Just now, you said, as long as she has a guitar, she can stay. Come down!” When asked by Jiang Hao, Wang Jiani was troubled and unwilling, but she did just say those things. It is impossible to cheat.
She gave a cold snort, gave Xue Yuning a fierce look, and said, “Hmph, the surname is Xue, you are lucky today, and you better be careful in the future!”
Wang Jiani almost acquiesced in failure, blushing like that, if If possible, she almost wanted to kill Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning now, just to relieve her anger!
Xue Yuning finally let out a long sigh of relief when he heard the words.
I was finally safe for the time being, but she wouldn’t want anything the guitar said.
Xue Yuning thought for a while, since the crisis has passed temporarily anyway, it’s better to return the guitar to Jiang Hao after a while.
While thinking. Xue Yuning looked at the guitar, and she really liked it.
When Xue Yuning was in high school, she had read many books on musical instruments, so she was even unprofessional with musical instruments. But compared to people like Wang Jiani, they don’t know where their attainments are.
So she naturally understood what level of good this guitar is.
But when Xue Yuning’s eyes were on the guitar and he was reluctant to move away for a long time, Wang Jiani on the side cast a contemptuous look.
She sneered and said: “Hehe, look at what she hasn’t seen before. A guitar that has been about to lose its paint for a long time is treated as a good thing. It looks really disgusting, I’m afraid this Haven’t you seen any good things in your life?”
Wang Jiani didn’t know the height of the sky or Xue Yuning laughed, and then laughed together with her little sisters. Continuing to say without embarrassment: “I guess, this may be something that was picked up from which trash can. This kind of thing, even if I can get it back in my hand, is disgusting to me, and it is just people like them. Baby, hehe, so talented!”
After speaking, Wang Jiani hurriedly took out her own guitar from the side. A brand-new yellow guitar looked a bit dazzling and dazzling. And it also echoes Wang Jiayi’s character.
Wang Jiayi couldn’t help but proudly said: “Hey, poor ghost, did you see it? This is my guitar. Take a look. This guitar is worth more than 30,000. Hehe, you are embarrassed to take out that kind of thing and throw it away. Isn’t it embarrassing? Ha ha, which trash bin did you pick it up?
Please throw it away, it’s disgusting…” Wang Jiani finished speaking and smiled arrogantly, as if showing off. A little girl said: “You don’t know yet, I don’t need this guitar!” The girls were slightly surprised when they heard this. After all, there are tens of thousands of guitars, how can you stop using it?
“Why? Isn’t this guitar very good?”
Several people were very curious and busy with Wang Jiani.
Wang Jiani was even more proud. She curled her lips and amplified her voice and said: “I have enough of this broken guitar. I am going to get rid of it. My dad has bought me a Yamaha guitar. It is estimated that it will be here in two days! ”

Chapter: 126
“Huh? Buying a new guitar, don’t you want it?” A girl exclaimed.
Wang Jiani nodded triumphantly: “Of course, this broken guitar is only a lot. My father bought me a new one, but it is hundreds of thousands. Compared with that, this guitar is just rubbish!”
Wang Jiani said. His gaze fell on the guitar Jiang Hao gave to Xue Yuning again: “But I see, the rubbish I am going to throw away is a hundred times stronger than the one over there. Haha, you can see it. This is the gap, yes. You have all heard of this term, it is called
Yunnizhidi !” After Wang Jiani finished speaking, she suddenly covered her mouth and laughed.
She was deliberately derogating Jiang Hao, and now that the derogation succeeded, she feels natural beauty in her heart.
And the several girls next to her, after hearing Wang Jiani’s words, all smiled from ear to ear, and looked at Jiang Hao gleefully.
But Jiang Hao didn’t seem to think so. Looking at Wang Jiani with a bright smile, he just smiled slightly: “Hehe, it seems that you think your guitar is very expensive?”
“Of course. You can give me more than 100,000 guitars? Find one to try?” Wang Jiani said disdainfully, “Hehe, what, you wouldn’t say that your guitar was also bought? Tsk tusk. It is estimated that even if it is bought, it will cost dozens of dollars at best?”
When Jiang Hao heard Wang Jiani’s words, she was amused by her ignorance.
Dozens of dollars?
Indeed, in front of the guitar she gave to Xue Yuning, Wang Jiani’s guitar looked like a bargain for dozens of dollars!
Jiang Hao was too lazy to explain something to such a person, turned his head and whispered something to Xue Yuning, and the two were about to leave.
To be honest, Jiang Hao didn’t even want to humiliate people like Wang Jiani.
However, Jiang Hao’s actions really angered Wang Jiani. She rushed to Jiang Hao’s front and stopped him and Xue Yuning.
“Wait a minute, want to run?” Wang Jiani said contemptuously, “Is it because I said you were not convinced? Why did I just ask you, how much is your broken guitar? You haven’t answered me yet.”
Wang Jiani Laughing presumptuously, he continued: “Is it cheap, I’m ashamed to say the price?” As soon as Wang Jiani said this, she immediately caused a roar of laughter, and her female companions also laughed. , While smiling, was still pointing at Jiang Hao, pointing and talking about something.
Jiang Hao was really unwilling to talk to these clowns.
But now they take the initiative to provoke themselves, they really don’t know how high they are!
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Jiani calmly, and said coldly: “You are curious about the price of my guitar? Want to hear me finish the price, so you can mock me? Haha, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I let you down!”
Jiang Hao raised his head and said loudly: “Because I spent three million on this violin!”
“Hehe, didn’t you just show off how awesome your violin is? Do you think you are in this violin? In front of you, do you have anything to show off?” Jiang Hao finally said.
But Jiang Hao’s words. It really made Wang Jiani stunned for a while! three million? Just a guitar? This is too exaggerated, right?
When Jiang Hao said that the guitar was worth three million, Xue Yuning was also stunned, staring at Jiang Hao blankly, and then reacting for a while.
Of course she didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s words, on the contrary, she firmly believed that Jiang Hao’s words must be true, because Jiang Hao had that strength and determination.
However, it was precisely because of this that Xue Yuning felt even more uncomfortable in his heart!
Jiang Hao actually paid so much for herself, she really couldn’t bear it, and even more about leaving Jiang Hao, her heart was slightly shaken.
She didn’t fancy the three million price, but in her heart, she had another feeling for Jiang Hao, which deeply touched Xue Yuning’s heart.
“Why are you doing this!” Xue Yuning muttered as she looked at Jiang Hao with a complicated expression.
But Jiang Hao just smiled and said lightly: “It doesn’t matter, compared to you, these things are nothing at all!” When
Jiang Hao said this, Xue Yuning seemed to be hit by something in his heart. Somewhat at a loss, looking at Jiang Hao, his eyes were slightly moist again.
It’s just that the two of them are like this, but they make Wang Jiani burst into laughter.
“Hahaha…I really laughed at me, hehe, IQ is a good thing, but it’s not something everyone has!” Wang Jiani sneered at Xue Yuning, “You are really ridiculous. What are you talking about? I actually came to believe it. Isn’t it naive? Three million? Buy a guitar? I beg you to think about it when you lie?”
“Haha! A bunch of two hundred and five, one is really dare to lie , the other is also true I can’t believe it! I’ve grown up so much, and I haven’t seen such a 250-year-old person!” Wang Jiani smiled presumptuously, and didn’t put Jiang Hao’s words in his eyes at all, but just regarded it as an extremely funny joke!
In her opinion, people like Jiang Hao can’t even afford more expensive luxury products. They are people who are destined to spend three million to buy a guitar. They have no credibility at all.
However, Wang Jiani’s performance was actually expected by Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao wasn’t angry either. Instead, he looked at Wang Jiani indifferently, jokingly said: “Hehe, believe it or not, but there is something I want to tell you, maybe you think how noble and rich you are, but If you are in front of me, it’s not a shit, you like to laugh at me? Then you can laugh at it. Do you think I will treat you as a thing?”
Jiang Hao was naturally speaking from his heart. At this time, in his eyes, Wang Jiani was nothing.
Jiang Hao grabbed Xue Yuning’s shoulders, turned around and left!
But what Jiang Hao didn’t expect was his two simple sentences. Wang Jiani was almost mad at her!
She glared at Jiang Hao in disgust, as if she had suffered some humiliation, her face was full of anger.
Of course she was a little hard to accept. In the past and even now, Jiang Hao was a person who was ridiculed at will by himself.
But at this moment, he was actually ridiculed by Jiang Hao, this feeling made Wang Jiani angrily mad.
Especially seeing that after Jiang Hao said these words, she wanted to run away after sarcasm and derogation, and her anger deepened!
“Damn. You deserve to laugh at me too!” Wang Jiani was secretly cruel, and said in her heart, “Hehe, isn’t that a three million guitar? Okay, I will give you this broken guitar today!”
Wang Jiani Looking around, he grabbed an iron pipe bracket and rushed directly to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao heard someone behind him, and when he turned his head fiercely, he saw Wang Jiani rushing over, and with a fierce wave of the bracket in her hand, he heard a soft “bang”, Jiang Hao’s guitar. Suddenly, a big hole was broken, and the iron pipe went straight through.
Jiang Hao was stunned, because it was too sudden, he didn’t react for a while.
Xue Yuning, who was beside Jiang Hao, was also dumbfounded. He watched the guitar worth three million and was pierced through a fist-sized hole. Xue Yuning couldn’t believe it.
“Hehe, isn’t your broken thing three million? I will smash it today to see if it is worth three million!” Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao and said arrogantly.
She dropped the bracket casually, raised her head, and looked at Jiang Hao proudly.
Jiang Hao’s expression changed in an instant.
He didn’t want to care about this kind of people anymore, but Wang Jiani might be too deceiving!
It’s fine if you question the authenticity of this guitar, but you have directly pierced a big hole, which is purely provoking yourself!
” Do you know what you did? “Jiang Hao asked Wang Jiani coldly.
Wang Jiani curled her lips in disdain, and she said with some pride: “You know, didn’t you just stab your broken guitar? Haha, what? I really think your broken stuff is worth three million? That’s funny! ”
While talking, Wang Jiani took out two hundred-yuan bills from her arms and threw them on Jiang Hao’s face, proudly said: “Hey. Here you are. I think your broken guitar is worth dozens. You don’t need to find me for more than a hundred of them, just treat it as helping you all the hardship! Don’t thank me!”
After speaking, Wang Jiani was a little satisfied and glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously. Turn around and leave!
“You stop for me!” Jiang Hao scolded, pointing to the hole in the guitar, and asked Wang Jiani, “You want to go now? Don’t you think it’s too simple?”
Wang Jiani couldn’t help but sneered. He said without paying attention: “What, what are you thinking about? Do you want to hit me? Ha ha. You can touch me and try, it’s really interesting…”
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and gave up the idea of doing it. This kind of action is simply an insult to himself, Jiang Hao is not willing to do that!
He took a deep breath. Said to Wang Jiani: “I won’t beat you, but I will inform you very seriously that if you break my things, you must compensate and apologize to me, otherwise…”
Jiang Hao hasn’t finished speaking, just She was interrupted by the excited Wang Jiani. The latter’s tone was very anxious, and she said directly: “Oh, can you still threaten me? Hehe, you don’t look at your own virtues, and you deserve to tell me this too.
Such words?” Wang Jiani smiled disdainfully, and continued: “Let me pay you? How do you want to pay? Don’t be shameless, otherwise I won’t give you the two hundred dollars. Just you, want me to apologize to you? What do you think? Didn’t you wake up?”
Wang Jiani finished speaking, sneered, and left without looking back.
“she was……”
Jiang Hao looked at her back, smiled, and muttered: “Okay, if that’s the case, let’s just wait and see.”

Chapter: 127
Jiang Hao looked at the back of Wang Jiani and those people, only a sneer.
If they just provoke themselves, Jiang Hao might not mind too much!
But they insulted Xue Yuning, and they broke the gift they gave Xue Yuning, which is unforgivable.
In short, Jiang Hao wouldn’t let this matter pass so easily!
But even though Jiang Hao thought so, Wang Jiani didn’t take it to heart at all.
She walked out of the rehearsal hall, looked back contemptuously, and saw Jiang Hao not catching up, she couldn’t help but sneered.
“Haha, stupid. It’s really interesting. He also said that his broken stuff was three million. Why didn’t he say that his thing was made of diamonds? How weird the poor?” Wang Jiani said.
Several other girls also laughed and agreed: “Haha, Jiani, you don’t need to be familiar with this kind of person. You see that person’s virtues, you can see it as a turtle, if you have a common knowledge with him, the price will drop!”
” Yes, the soil turtle is paired with Xue Yuning, a female soil turtle , haha. It’s a perfect match…” Listening to her sisters saying this, Wang Jiani felt much more comfortable.
She smiled again and said, “Hehe, I take them to heart? Are they worthy? A pair of rubbish, didn’t they just call it very fierce? Hehe, look now I’m leaving. He even has a fart Don’t dare to let it go!”
After saying this, Wang Jiani felt happier, feeling that Jiang Hao was really afraid of herself.
At this moment, a girl suddenly yelled, “Okay, okay, don’t mention those two hundred and five hundred and five. Is everything okay with everyone this afternoon? If it’s okay, go and see the piano with me!”
This girl said As soon as it came out, several girls hurriedly said: “Okay, okay, I have no class!
” I don’t have any classes, so where to go, Dandan! ”
“Haha, Jani bought Yamaha guitars, or you should buy one too!” a girl suggested.
The girl heard this, quickly shook his head up and smile: “! Come on, I do not Jiani be so well-off, but my dad is not used to me ah, I like to buy a pondering of the forty or fifty thousand” in this At that time, Wang Jiani smiled suddenly: “Hey, then I know where I am going. Have you all heard of Yuedu piano shop? They are very good, let’s go there!”
Everyone nodded in agreement and bought the piano. The girl frowned and said, “That’s good, but the price of musical instruments is generally a bit more expensive than outside. I just don’t know…”
The girl who bought the piano was beaten by Wang Jiani before she finished speaking. broken.
Wang Jiani patted her chest and said with a triumphant expression: “Hey, Dandan, what are you afraid of? Let me tell you the truth. My friend and the owner of Yuedu Music Store are friends. If you go, the price will definitely be much higher. , But if I go, I will definitely give you a discount!”
The girl was very excited when she heard this, and surprised: “Really, Jiani? If there is a big discount, I I invite you to dinner!”
Wang Jiani smiled and said, “Don’t worry, as long as I go, their boss will come to greet me personally!”
In fact, the friend Wang Jiani was talking about was Qin Yun.
Qin Yun’s family and Huang Yaosheng, the owner of Yuedu Musical Instrument Company, do have a good relationship, and Qin Yun has also taken Wang Jiani to Yuedu Musical Instrument Company several times in the past, and he is very familiar with his owner Huang Yaosheng.
In Wang Jiani’s view, relying on such a level, the other party will give herself a bit of face, right?
As long as the discount is available, Wang Jiani feels that her status in the minds of these students will definitely rise a big step. When this matter is passed on, her prestige in this small circle will naturally increase.
For girls, vanity is naturally strong, but Wang Jiani is stronger!
After a few people had finished speaking, they left the school gate and drove directly to the Yuedu Music Store.
On the other side, in the rehearsal hall, Xue Yu stared at the broken guitar in a daze.
“This…what’s going on?” Xue Yuning went crazy when he thought that this was a guitar worth three million.
Jiang Hao also sighed. He originally wanted to give Xue Yuning as a surprise. The result is now a surprise hole.
Jiang Hao scratched his head and murmured: “It’s okay, I…I will deal with it!”
In fact, Jiang Hao didn’t know what to do. After thinking about it, he suddenly remembered that when he left Yuedu Music Store. , Didn’t Huang Yaosheng stuff himself a business card?
The piano was bought from him, and since it was broken, I simply asked him what to do.
Jiang Hao then found the card, followed the phone number on it, and hurriedly called.
“Hello, who is it?” As soon as the call was connected, Huang Yaosheng’s voice came from the other side, which seemed a little cold.
After all, this is an unfamiliar number, and Jiang Hao’s number doesn’t look like a valuable number.
“It’s me, which three million guitar! Remember me?” Jiang Hao replied lightly.
As soon as Jiang Hao said this, he could clearly feel Huang Yaosheng on the other end of the phone stunned, and then his attitude immediately turned into a 180-degree turn.
“Oh, young man, hello, hello, I didn’t expect that the phone called just after you left here, why. Is there any problem?” Huang Yaosheng is a shrewd person and understands naturally. Jiang Hao couldn’t be okay to call to tease and cough with himself, something must have happened.
Jiang Hao said, “That… the guitar is broken. I want to ask you, is there any remedy?”
When Jiang Hao said this, he also felt a little embarrassed, so he took the guitar from there. Up to now, it is estimated that it hasn’t been three hours, and now it is said to be broken, what will people think of themselves?
It is true that when Jiang Hao spoke, Huang Yaosheng was stunned: “Wh…what? It’s broken?”
Huang Yaosheng obviously didn’t react. This was unexpected, but he quickly scratched his head and asked. “Excuse me, is the paint rubbed off? In this case, we can touch up the paint for you, and you can rest assured that it will definitely be…” Huang Yaosheng didn’t finish. He was interrupted by Jiang Hao: “No, the guitar was pierced through a big hole…”
Huang Yaosheng: “…”
Huang Yaosheng couldn’t believe all this. You must know that this guitar has been in his store for so long. Not a small piece of patent leather fell off, why was Jiang Hao stabbed a big hole as soon as he took it away? This…what is this special? Is this an object worth three million?
Even if you are one less generous, you won’t be so messy, right?
Huang Yaosheng has always liked and cherished musical instruments very much, so when he heard this bad news, his heart was turned over, very uncomfortable!
“Where are you now?” Huang Yaosheng asked, “This problem is probably a bit tricky. I have to look at the situation first, and then decide how to fix it.”
Jiang Hao said, and told Huang Yaosheng his address.
Yuedu Music Store.
Huang Yaosheng hung up the phone and felt a little bad.
He sighed heavily, and murmured inside: “I really convinced these people. If it weren’t for giving so much money and such good things, I wouldn’t sell them to you. I don’t know how to cherish good things. Damn…”
“Mr. Huang, what’s the matter?” Zhuang Qian saw Huang Yaosheng seem to be worried, so she stepped forward and asked what was wrong.
Huang Yao screamed angrily and gave her a blank look: “It doesn’t matter to you, just leave me alone. I haven’t settled with you for today’s account. You’d better not provoke me!”
After speaking, Huang Yaosheng lit a cigarette, then got up to leave.
The boss usually doesn’t smoke, let alone in the store.
As soon as she saw Huang Yaosheng’s action, Zhuang Qian keenly sensed that something seemed to have happened and made her boss angry!
Naturally, she didn’t dare to ask any more, and hurriedly walked aside, wiping things up pretendingly.
But at this moment. The door of the piano shop was suddenly opened, and a few brightly dressed girls walked in.
This is Wang Jiani’s group!
A group of people, Wang Jiani took the lead, and as soon as they entered the door, they shouted loudly: “Haha, you are welcome. Take a look and tell me which one you have fancy, I will let the boss give you a discount!” Wang Jiani Zhuang Qian couldn’t help being stunned when she entered the door so loudly.
She was familiar with Wang Jiani, after all, she had been here several times in the past, but that was only the case. The impression on Zhuang Qian is not so deep.
However, from the look that Wang Jiani showed when she entered the door, her impression in Zhuang Qian’s heart was completely bad.
Seeing Zhuang Qian, Wang Jiani waved her hand hurriedly, with a high voice. Said: “Well, waiter, come here, where are you Mr. Huang?”
Zhuang Qian didn’t catch a cold when she saw the other party’s arrogant look. She rolled her eyes slightly and pointed to Huang Yaosheng who was smoking on the sofa.
When Wang Jiani heard the words, she hurried up and said, ”
Hello, Mr. Huang!” Huang Yaosheng frowned, looked up at Wang Jiani, hesitated for a moment before remembering that Qin Yun had led her several times in the past.
If it is normal, Huang Yaosheng will probably entertain Wang Jiani warmly.
But today he absolutely doesn’t have that thought. All he is thinking about now is the guitar.
Although the guitar has been sold now and it is already a lesson for others, Huang Yaosheng is still excited when he thinks that such a good antique object has been so destroyed.
He even moved a little bit of his mind to return the money to Jiang Hao and redeem Qin back.
For the collection of musical instruments, Huang Yaosheng is almost obsessed with it. If he didn’t really like the guitar, he would not have spent a lot of money in the first place, and he returned from Europe for a long time.
So the guitar is broken. For him, there is a kind of newly married woman who feels like a broken leg.
Huang Yaosheng looked at Wang Jiani, then lowered his head, packed his belongings, and prepared to leave the store and go to Chujiang University to find Jiang Hao.

Chapter: 128
Wang Jiani felt a little embarrassed when she saw that she was coldly treated.
She endured, she forced a smile, and continued: “How’s your business going on, Mr. Huang?” Huang Yaosheng looked at Wang Jiani, but still didn’t say a word, with a dead fish face, and seemed a little impatient to deal with each other.
He felt that Wang Jiani didn’t feel too hard to squeeze her fart. It felt very unnatural and made Huang Yaosheng, who was already very uncomfortable, even more impatient.
Huang Yaosheng didn’t say a word. Picked up the coat and the car key on the coffee table.
When she saw Huang Yaosheng leaving, Wang Jiani couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.
She knew very well that Huang Yaosheng would definitely not be able to leave. If he left, who would he go to get a discount?
She hurriedly smiled, trying to find a topic and drag her time.
“Oh, by the way, I remember the first part of Mr. Huang, didn’t you take a guitar from Europe? Where is it? Can you please show me your face? Let me have a long experience!”
Which pot is not open ? When Wang Jiani talked about the guitar, Huang Yaosheng almost exploded!
But he still held back a bit, but coldly replied: “Sold! Don’t mention it.”
When she heard that it was sold, Wang Jiani was naturally curious. After all, she heard that it was something that was bought by one hundred and several hundred thousand. How did she sell it after changing hands?
And she didn’t seem to realize that at the end of Huang Yaosheng’s sentence, don’t mention it. What the words mean, hurriedly asked with a smile: “How much did you sell? Haha, Mr. Huang, you must have made a lot of money.” Money?” As soon as I heard Wang Jiani’s words. Huang Yaosheng gritted his teeth and continued to suppress his inner impulse, and said: “Three million!”
When she heard the number of three million, Wang Jiani couldn’t help but startled, as if she had thought of something!
Because she remembered clearly, Jiang Hao also said that her guitar was bought for 3 million, could it be…
“Puff ha ha…” Wang Jiani smiled suddenly and said to herself, “Ha ha, pretty good. Interesting, does this guy know that Mr. Huang’s guitar has sold for more than three million? The price is the same!”
But Wang Jiani knows very well that Jiang Hao’s guitar is definitely not sold by Huang Yaosheng That one.
Which top collector did Huang Yaosheng sell his guitar to? Jiang Hao is a shit? He just worked hard for a lifetime, and it is estimated that he could not make three million!
Seeing Wang Jiani even laughed, Huang Yaosheng, who was about to explode, became even more angry.
“What are you laughing at? Are you laughing at me? What do you mean?” Huang Yaosheng demanded step by step.
Wang Jiani was questioned for a moment. She didn’t know why she greeted Huang Yaosheng with a smile every time she came to Huang Yaosheng, but she was so cold today.
Wang Jiani was about to say something, but suddenly she heard a voice behind her.
“Jani, I’ve chosen it, you can take a look, how about this guitar?”
It was the girl who was going to buy a guitar before. At this moment, she was smiling and threw a guitar in her hand for Wang Jiani to see. .
Wang Jiani smiled and nodded: “Very good, how much is it?”
” Five thousand two!” The girl smiled and asked in a low voice. “Jani, can you ask the boss, how much discount can you get on this guitar?”
Wang Jiani scratched her head when she heard the words, gave a wry smile, a trace of reluctance on her face.
She knows very well that Huang Yaosheng seems to be in a bad mood now. If she asks this rashly at this time, she has no idea what will happen.
“What’s wrong, Jane?” The girl hurriedly asked too.
At this time, Wang Jiani was almost put on the fire and roasted. On the one hand, she blew it off, saying that as long as she came, the other party would give a discount.
On the other side was Huang Yaosheng, who had a wrong face. When he talked to him, he didn’t deal with him angrily. If he made any unreasonable demands, he might not know what would happen!
“Jani? What do you want to say? You said before, can you give me a discount? Hey, it’s up to you!” The girl smiled and said.
Wang Jiani looked a little ugly when she heard this, but she was helpless.
I just said a lot of big things, now it seems that I have to ask questions even if I just bite the bullet.
What’s more, in her opinion, she is also a friend of Qin Yun anyhow, even if she doesn’t give her face, it is because of Qin Yun’s face, this Huang Yaosheng should give herself a discount, right? Can’t you let yourself off stage?
Thinking of this, Wang Jiani took a deep breath and walked in front of Huang Yaosheng with a flattering smile. Said: “Hello, Mr. Huang, I am Wang Jiani, Qin Yun’s friend, you must still know me?”
Now, Wang Jiani had to move out of Qin Yun.
She immediately said: “Haha, look, I brought my friend to Mr. Huang to join you in. This guitar costs 51 thousand. Can you give me a discount?” Wang Jiani seemed afraid that Huang Yaosheng would refuse. himself, again rushed down to only sound can hear Huangyao Sheng, said: “! how much for a discount, and I can not …… this is that you should never give me some face ah”
Wang Jiani carry herself in front of Huang Yaosheng, with a Talking in a coquettish tone.
However, her actions did not impress Huang Yaosheng, and the latter’s expression became even more ugly.
“I discount? Why? Hehe, who are you? How old are you?” Huang Yaosheng replied coldly, and immediately stunned everyone on the spot.
Of course Huang Yaosheng knows what Wang Jiani means, and even more clearly, Wang Jiani must be bragging to others, so she asked herself and wanted her to help!
Hehe, who are you? You brag, why let me discount and lose money to help you fulfil this lie?
If it was normal, Huang Yaosheng might really care about Qin Yun’s face. Help this Wang Jiani.
But today, don’t even think about it. Originally, Lao Tzu’s heart is like that at this time. You are here to provoke Lao Tzu. If you haven’t driven you out, you have already given you face!
“I…I’m Qin Yun’s friend? The President Huang we met. You…” Wang Jiani looked embarrassed and tried to explain something.
But Huang Yaosheng didn’t even want to listen to her at all, so he interrupted her and said, “You are Qin Yun’s friend. What does it have to do with me? If you ask me to give you a discount, I will give you a discount? What are you? ”
Huang Yaosheng’s words completely beat Wang Jiani back to her original form. She really didn’t expect Huang Yaosheng to say such things.
At first, she thought that even if Huang Yaosheng didn’t give face anymore, she would find some excuses at best, so she could barely give herself a step down!
But now it’s all right, the other party not only doesn’t let himself down. Instead, it seemed that the ladder he had brought was also overthrown by Huang Yaosheng!
The girls who came with Wang Jiani looked at Wang Jiani at each other, frowning, gathered together, and started talking in a low voice.
“This…what’s going on? Didn’t Jiani say that she knew this boss? How could this be?”
“Haha, haven’t you heard it yet? I guess Wang Jiani was bragging just now. She might have been with others. After a fate, she took the chicken feathers as an arrow, ha ha, it’s embarrassing now!”
“Oh, tsk tsk tsk… Listening to what others said, she really didn’t save any face for Jani. The words are too cruel !” These people are right beside him, so Wang Jiani can naturally hear their comments.
It’s just that the more she listened to these words, the more uncomfortable she felt in her heart.
I thought she was already uncomfortable when she was grilled just now, but she clearly felt that she was blown up by the frying pan!
If this incident spreads out today, will you still see people?
Wang Jiani’s face flushed, and she was a little at a loss.
Huang Yaosheng glanced at her coldly and turned his head to leave, but he seemed to have thought of something, and stopped to say to Zhuang Qian: “No one is coming today, and there is no discount! Did you hear it?”
Zhuang Qian nodded hurriedly. , Watched his boss leave.
“Sister Jiani, this… didn’t you mean that you can get a discount?” the girl who was about to buy the piano asked with a frustrated expression.
Wang Jiani’s face turned redder when she heard the words, she hurriedly smiled awkwardly: “Um…Dandan, today…it seems like there is no discount today, or else you will buy it another day? Don’t worry, I will let my friend another day
Coming with me will definitely give you a discount…” Now that things have happened, in order to save her face, Wang Jiani can only hope that one day, she will bring Qin Yun over. So that Huang Yaosheng got a discount.
He doesn’t give up face, I guess Qin Yun’s face, Huang Yaosheng will not give up!
After speaking, Wang Jiani quickly smiled at the person who wanted to buy a piano.
But the girl also smiled at her, but the laughter was full of sneer.
“Haha. I’ll let it go!” The girl sneered. “Sister Jiani, we don’t have diamonds, so don’t buy porcelain. Do you think this is very interesting, right? Hehe, it’s ridiculous. Next time you come by yourself, I But I can’t afford to lose this person!”
The girl’s attitude towards Wang Jiani turned sharply. She gave Wang Jiani a stern look, and said to her partner: “Okay, I think everyone should go. Poke here, this It’s embarrassing!”
After speaking, the girls who came with Wang Jiani all left behind!
Wang Jiani gritted her teeth fiercely, her heart full of reconciliation!
She even hated the girl a little bit, she just used herself to take a mouthful of sister Jiani, who called her a kiss.
I don’t need it now, and I abandon myself after changing hands!
It’s ridiculous!
Wang Jiani stomped her feet angrily and turned her head to leave the piano store.
But when she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something and turned her head towards Zhuang Qian.
“Is there anything?” Zhuang Qian put down the phone, looked at Zhuang Qian casually, and asked.
Wang Jiani was also a little angry with Zhuang Qian, after all, this was an ordinary piano store attendant. Even dare to have such an attitude toward yourself?
But she thought about it, after all, she still had something to ask her, and finally let it go.
Wang Jiani smiled and asked, “Well, I want to ask, your boss said, who bought the three million guitars?”

Chapter: 129
Zhuang Qian frowned: “Why do you ask! You didn’t buy it, I guess you can’t afford it!”
“How…how do you talk?” Wang Jiani roared furiously There was a sound, but Zhuang Qian only smiled faintly.
“Why, is there a problem with what I said?” Zhuang Qian mocked, “Yes, it seems that you are also a student? Then tell you, the person who bought the piano is also a student. That’s Chujiang University! “When
I heard Zhuang Qian’s words, Wang Jiani was taken aback, and then her face changed suddenly: “What…what did you say? Chujiang University?”
Zhuang Qian nodded, “Why, can it be that you know?”
Wang Jiani’s face was uncertain , Seemed to hesitate for a long time, then raised her head and asked: “So…what does that person look like? Male female?”
Zhuang Qian was a little impatient when asked, and simply said directly: “It seems to have nothing to do with you, right? Do you really want to buy a piano? If you don’t buy it, don’t delay my business. Asking this and that, it’s annoying!”
Zhuang Qian snorted, and then went to work on her own!
Although Wang Jiani was a little angry, her thoughts were not here at all.
She was very confused at this time. He kept muttering: “Chujiang University…three million? No way…no, no, how could it?”
After all, all of this is too coincidental. The coincidence is like the violin bought by Jiang Hao, the violin sold by Yuedu Music Store!
But how could Jiang Hao have the money to buy such an expensive guitar? He clinked poorly, obviously unlikely.
But what about these coincidences?
Wang Jiani was in a state of confusion, and even faintly worried.
That is, if the piano that Jiang Hao gave to Xue Yuning was really the one sold by Yuedu Music Store, then he would really have stabbed a big basket.
Three million pianos, you can do the damage yourself. It is estimated that the maintenance cost will cost hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands!
So much money, she can’t afford to pay…
Wang Jiani’s heart really has no foundation , so she hurried up and said to Zhuang Qian smilingly: “Haha, beauty, I’m really sorry, I may not have a good attitude just now… …Well, that I actually want to ask, whether the person who bought the piano is a man or a woman, I am also from Chujiang University. What if I know that person?”
Zhuang Qian stopped working, obviously no longer I was impatient, and said casually: “You guy, didn’t you see someone working? It’s really annoying, girl, is it a female head office? She is in her twenties, she is very beautiful and very temperamental! This time Are you satisfied? Haha!”
Zhuang Qian is completely casual, because she is really fed up with Wang Jiani’s interrogation!
Who bought it? People don’t blink their eyes for three million flowers. You buy a piano for 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and you also ask grandpa to tell your grandma for a discount. Can you recognize this kind of person?
Zhuang Qian felt that Wang Jiani was a little funny!
What Zhuang Qian didn’t know was that Wang Jiani was truly relieved when she said these words.
She even had a smile on her face, and she muttered to herself: “Girl, haha…I know, how could it be that stupid !” Wang Jiani seemed a little satisfied, and then she walked out of the piano shop and said to herself. It still seemed to be hysteria, muttering to himself.
Wang Jiani at this time. Although I have already believed that Jiang Hao is not the one who bought the piano, he is still wondering who the woman who bought the piano is!
After all, Chujiang University is so big. Although there are thousands of students, there are still not many people who can be regarded as the rich second generation with good family conditions, and can produce millions of people in one breath.
If it is a boy, there are many more people to choose from, but if a girl dares to spend money like this, Wang Jiani can think of it with her fingers.
After all, her family background is also pretty good, and she is also very close to the girls in the school with good family backgrounds!
But after thinking about it, Wang Jiani finally turned her attention to a person!
“Is it her?” Wang Jiani stopped, a look of surprise appeared on her face, “No. If it were her, she would definitely inform me of such a big thing?”
Actually, the only person Wang Jiani could think of , Is Qin Yun!
Because according to what Zhuang Qian said. It seems that in the entire Chujiang University, only Qin Yun has the highest agreement.
The first is that her family is rich and beautiful, and her temperament is even worse.
The most important thing is that Qin Yun loves the piano like her life. Her family also treasures many valuable musical instruments, and Qin Yun’s family, especially her father. In fact, she is very supportive of this behavior.
So taking all these factors into consideration, Wang Jiani almost concluded that Qin Yun was the one who bought the guitar.
What’s more, Qin Yun’s father has a close relationship with Huang Yaosheng, the owner of Yuedu Music Store. It is estimated to be 3 million to the outside world. Maybe the price is far less than that!
Wang Jiani couldn’t help feeling a little excited when she thought that her good sister had bought such a valuable thing.
She hurriedly took out her mobile phone. Dialed Qin Yun’s number.
Qin Yun answered the phone and seemed surprised. After all, she had some misunderstandings with Wang Jiani before. She originally thought Wang Jiani was going to apologize to herself!
But I didn’t want to. As soon as the phone was connected, Wang Jiani said angrily: “Ha ha, okay Qin Yun, I started with such an expensive baby, and didn’t even notify me? Why, I’m afraid I will watch it? Qin Yun was taken aback when he heard the words, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about?” “Haha, are you still pretending?” Wang Jiani smiled.” I know, that guitar was bought by you. It’s okay, it’s a big deal. What, when will I take it out, let me see it too! ”
“What guitar?” Qin Yun was taken aback again, a little confused. But when she was about to ask Wang Jiani what she meant, it suddenly occurred to her that her father went on a business trip to Japan last week and seemed to bring herself a guitar.
It is said to be from a Japanese piano master. It cost more than 100,000.
Could it be that Wang Jiani was talking about which guitar? However, Qin Yun was a little surprised that he had never told anyone about this matter himself?
Qin Yun couldn’t help but sighed and smiled: “So you know it, hey, it’s actually not very good. If you want to see it, you might as well come to my house someday!”
Qin Yun seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly said:” Oh, by the way, next Wednesday, will you be free? If you have time, come to my house for dinner. My dad will entertain a VIP, and that person is also an expert in musical instruments. I just want to ask him to help me see the collections in the past. A musical instrument!”
On such occasions, Wang Jiani naturally wanted to get up, and hurriedly said: “Okay, OK, then you call me next Wednesday and I’ll go.”
Qin Yun responded and then hung up. Phone.
On the other hand, Wang Jiani was not happy in her heart. You know, she likes to join in this kind of fun.
And most importantly, she was very curious about what the piano Qin Yun bought was like.
At this moment, Wang Jiani’s cell phone rang suddenly.
She answered the phone, it turned out to be the courier company.
“Is it Ms. Wang Jiani? Your consignment of valuables will arrive this afternoon. I will inform you in advance. Please be sure to check it when the time comes!” When
Wang Jiani heard this, she knew that her father must have bought it for herself The Yamaha guitar is here.
She almost jumped with excitement!
This is what she dreamed of, and finally arrived. For this guitar, she begged her dad for more than half a year before it was successful.
You know, the price of this guitar is more than one hundred thousand yuan. Even though the conditions in his family are good, it can’t compare with Qin Yun’s family background, and his father is not so open-minded.
So such a piano is extremely precious to myself.
Wang Jiani was excited from the heart, and then hurried to take a taxi to go back to school, waiting for the arrival of the guitar with all her heart!
On the other side, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning sat in front of the school for a while, and saw a BMW car slowly approaching.
The car slowly stopped by the roadside, and Huang Yaosheng ran down in a hurry.
“This…what’s wrong with this piano?” Huang Yaosheng asked excitedly.

Chapter: 130
Jiang Hao showed the guitar to Huang Yaosheng to see, and the moment he saw the guitar, Huang Yaosheng’s face changed instantly.
Although the guitar had been sold by himself, it was already something Jiang Hao in name, but seeing such a big hole on the guitar, Huang Yaosheng still felt distressed.
“This… how can this be done? It’s a violent condemnation!” Huang Yaosheng said bitterly.
Jiang Hao frowned, gave a brief explanation, and finally said, “Now look, what should be done?”
Huang Yaosheng frowned, and after a moment of indulgence, he slowly said: “I will take the guitar home first. ,
Send it to Haidu first. If not, I can only send it to Europe!” Jiang Hao nodded, Huang Yaosheng took the guitar, and was about to go, suddenly stopped and asked: “Then…Should I give it to you? Issue a damage appraisal? Such an expensive thing, and it is intentionally broken, why can’t it be so easy?”
Jiang Hao thought for a while, didn’t say a word, just nodded silently.
But after a while, Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning, and suddenly started again: “Oh, yes. If it is convenient for you, I think someone should send a guitar first. I remember you don’t have a Yamaha guitar in the store. Is it?”
“You mean LL18?” Huang Yaosheng asked.
Jiang Hao thought for a while. He didn’t remember the specific model for a long time. He just said: “It’s the one with more than 100,000 yuan. You sent it first, and you can deal with it first. If you look back, whether this guitar can be repaired, you can give me a copy. Xiner.”
Hearing this, Huang Yaosheng nodded hurriedly. He couldn’t help being slightly surprised. He said that this rich man is a cow, and he casually asked for a musical instrument worth more than 100,000 without blinking his eyes.
The most important thing is that people call it so beautifully, this is how to deal with it!
When he wants to make money, Huang Yaosheng finally showed a touch of relief. He nodded slightly, got into the car, and then said: “I’ll be delivered soon! Oh, yes!”
Huang Yaosheng seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly said: “Next Wednesday, I have a friend. There is a family gathering at home. They are all Chujiang local music circle friends. They are all famous people. I don’t know if you are interested. Huh?”
In Huang Yaosheng’s opinion, since Jiang Hao can spend millions to buy guitars for the girls around him, obviously the relationship between the two is unusual.
And when Huang Yaosheng saw Xue Yuning, he felt that this girl had a natural musical talent.
And if I can bring Xue Yuning into the circle of Chujiang music, this is a good thing for Jiang Hao or Xue Yuning.
The other party is bound to thank him, and if he can approach Jiang Hao, such a rich man, he won’t have to worry about running out of business in the future.
When Jiang Hao heard Huang Yaosheng’s words, he did not directly express his position, but directly looked at Xue Yuning. It seems to be seeking her opinion.
Xue Yuning thoughtfully, obviously she was a little tempted for this kind of occasion, because this kind of party was actually what she had dreamed of in the past.
It’s just that, at this point, she finally broke up with Jiang Hao, she still wanted to stay away from Jiang Hao, so if she went to participate in this kind of occasion, she would definitely go with Jiang Hao. In that case, wouldn’t she have always been with me? Thoughts are going in the opposite direction?
Xue Yuning hesitated again and again, but never gave an answer.
Seeing her look sad, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but shook his head, patted her head, and said, “Okay, then you can call me directly!” When
Huang Yaosheng heard Jiang Hao’s consent, he felt happy. , Nodded again and again: “Okay, OK, don’t worry, I will definitely let my friend welcome you with the courtesy of VIPs at that time!”
VIPs are not VIPs, Jiang Hao doesn’t care, he mainly thinks, as long as Xue Yuning feels like this, That’s enough!
Huang Yaosheng got in the car and left, Jiang Hao turned his head to look at Xue Yuning.
Xue Yuning looked a little shy, and even felt embarrassed to face Jiang Hao, and turned his face slightly to the side.
“You…you and the person that day, were you really fake?” Jiang Hao asked vaguely.
In fact, he has been entangled with this matter in his heart.
Although he and Xue Yuning didn’t get along for a long time, Jiang Hao felt. I know Xue Yuning.
Just after breaking up with herself, she turned her head to hug other boys? Xue Yuning definitely couldn’t do such a thing.
In fact, apart from Jiang Hao’s impulsiveness and anger when he first saw the scene that day, that night, Jiang Hao settled down and thought about it, and felt that something was wrong.
Moreover, Jiang Hao had long wanted to question Xue Yuning, what was going on in this matter, but there was no suitable opportunity.
But this opportunity was almost the same, and Jiang Hao naturally couldn’t let it go easily.
He has always had an obsession: What happened to Xue Yuning? What has gone through that made her change so much?
Facing Jiang Hao’s direct questioning, Xue Yuning’s gaze was dodging, and he did not dare to look directly into Jiang Hao’s eyes.
“I…I really already have a boyfriend, he…”
“Hehe, he is just a friend of yours!” Jiang Hao suddenly smiled and interrupted Xue Yuning directly.
Jiang Hao put his hands on Xue Yuning’s shoulders and looked at her affectionately. At that moment, Jiang Hao felt that this was the most beautiful picture in the world, and he was even slightly sluggish.
“No…it’s not…” Xue Yuning quickly wanted to argue. She knew very well that if she had admitted that night and it was just a play, then the whole incident of her leaving Jiang Hao would also cause Jiang Hao to question. .
It’s really time. I really couldn’t argue with any explanation, let alone want to let Jiang Hao leave him.
“Don’t lie to me!” Jiang Hao sneered, still with an affectionate look, and said, “I know you, and you know me. All this is fake, you just want me to leave you That’s it. But you should know that it is impossible!”
Jiang Hao finished speaking, and continued: “Yuning, I know, you chose to say those things to me before and chose to leave me. There must be a reason. Yes, but I want to tell you today, no matter what the reason is, I will not choose to abandon you! Don’t worry, no matter what the difficulties are. I will choose to spend it with you!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao held Xue Yuning’s hands on the shoulders, and even subconsciously increased his strength a bit.
And at this time, in Xue Yuning’s hungry heart, because of Jiang Hao’s words, there had been layers of ripples, and even in the end, there were faint signs of stormy waves.
Xue Yuning remained silent, gritted his teeth, his heart was simply complicated.
She really didn’t know what to say, she wanted to listen to Jiang Hao’s words, the two were together again, but as long as she had such thoughts, the words Ye Yunjie told her would be heard from time to time!
There was a long silence. Xue Yuning finally spoke, but his voice was a bit hesitant.
“Jiang Hao…Yes…I’m sorry, I, we are really over, today I really thank you for giving me such an expensive gift, I am very grateful to you, and very sorry, because of me, it broke…but I I still have to tell you that we are really over and I already have a new boyfriend, so…Please don’t look for me again!”
After speaking, Xue Yuning turned around and left.
But almost the instant she turned around, she was caught by a hand!
She was stunned and found that it was Jiang Hao. When she looked at Jiang Hao, she saw an extremely firm face.
Even though she had just said those words, Xue Yuning discovered that Jiang Hao still had a smile on his face at this time.
“Haha, I’ve said it all, I wouldn’t believe what you said!” Jiang Hao smiled suddenly and took Xue Yuning into his arms. “Okay, the past is over, let’s start again!” At that moment, Xue Yuning was simply stunned.
But after a while, she felt two lines of tears running down her cheeks. It rushed out violently.
Xue Yuning wanted to struggle at first, but Jiang Hao held her tightly.
After several struggles, Xue Yuning, who could no longer break free, suddenly gave up the struggle and buried his head directly on Jiang Hao’s chest, tears could no longer stop surging.
She really couldn’t stretch it anymore. At the moment when she chose to give up struggling, what she felt was relieved. It was the exhaustion caused by inner struggling when she wanted to stay away from Jiang Hao during this period of time!
But at this moment. She was really relieved!
It turns out that what a clever method he seems to be, in Jiang Hao’s eyes, so naive!
Xue Yuning smiled bitterly in his heart, cried and cried, unexpectedly a sweet arc appeared in the corner of his mouth.
“Okay, it’s all over!” Jiang Hao hurriedly reassured him, and said, “We will start again in the future!”
Jiang Hao knew that Xue Yuning had accepted himself again, and he was very excited at this moment, even thinking about it. From now on, I and Xue Yuning will be so happy.
By the way, didn’t Ye Yunjie let herself go to see the house before? When that happens, I will go with Xue Yuning to look forward to it. When the time comes, the two people will build a world that belongs to the two of them…
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao is a little crazy!
But at this moment, his phone rang suddenly, and Jiang Hao looked a little disappointed, and it turned out to be Huang Yaosheng.
As soon as I connected the phone, I realized that Huang Yaosheng wanted to inform himself that the newly bought guitar was already on the way and would be delivered to the school gate in a while. I would like to ask Jiang Hao to pay attention to it in advance.
Jiang Hao responded, and after hanging up, he rented Xue Yuning to wait at the school gate for a while.
After a short while, a van stopped at the gate of the school, with the advertisement and logo of Yuedu Music Company printed on the body, so Jiang Hao could see the car at a glance.
Jiang Hao hurriedly greeted him, then took the guitar, and hurried to Xue Yuning.
Jiang Hao happily handed the guitar to Xue Yuning to see: “How do you like it?”
Almost at the same time, a taxi slowly stopped at the entrance of Chujiang University…

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The writer is the biggest and have the shitest mind i think i mean after getting rich no one can be humiliated this many times u r a Complete idiot

Irritation overload.
This novel is driving me mad.. The more I read the more I get irritated. Atleast it would have been better if some glorious moment added in between, but it’s getting to the nerve how the protagonist is so incompetent, always and always and always and always ridiculed under the hands of stupid ladies.

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