I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 13

Jiang Hao turned his head and glanced, and saw that there were two more people beside Qin Yun.
The two young men were all dressed in tidal fashion, and the heads of them were one meter eight meters tall. At this time, they were holding a wine glass in one hand, staring at Qin Yun with squint.
And Qin Yun didn’t seem to have the thought of just joking, her face was slightly gloomy, and she turned her face to one side, not willing to pay attention to the young man at all.
“We don’t know you, please leave!” Wang Jiani suddenly got up, staring at his young man with disgust, and said, “If you dare to harass my friend, be careful I call the police!”
The young man smiled disdainfully. She smiled, and deliberately put her face almost on Wang Jiani’s face, provocatively said: “Did I talk to you? This is a public place. I am willing to stand here. If you like to report to the police, please report? Haha, I will let her accompany me. What’s the matter with a glass of wine?”
“Hehe, is it because I didn’t tease your brother, and I am a little unbalanced?” The young man grinned and said with a lewd smile, “How about I go open a room? It’s something? Don’t worry, my brother promises to satisfy you.”
After speaking, the young man and his companion behind him suddenly laughed together, and his eyes kept moving on Qin Yun and Wang Jiani.
“You…” Wang Jiani has a violent personality. Hearing such nasty words from the other party, her anger suddenly rose. She raised her hand and slapped the young man, “You are presumptuous, dare you dare to say it again!” The young man was beaten. For a moment, his face flushed, and he pointed at Wang Jiani and yelled, “Damn, damn bitch, do you fucking dare to beat me? Believe it or not I fucking kill you?”
There was a quarrel over there, and many customers around saw it. They all hid to the side, and Jiang Hao didn’t want to eat anymore, got up and looked over there.
“Fuck, forget that Wang Jiani is so spicy?” Ji Xueming said with a curled lips, “I don’t think that person is a good person, are they both going to suffer?”
As soon as Ji Xueming finished speaking, he heard a sneer from his side. It was an onlooker. He approached Ji Xueming and whispered: “That guy is a famous rogue nearby. Everyone sees him on the street. You have to walk around, the little girl dared to do something to him? I guess it’s terrible.”
Hearing this, Ji Xueming looked at Jiang Hao and Zhang Jie, and the three looked at each other.
“Lao Jiang, what should I do?” Zhang Jie frowned, “It’s all in the same school, can’t you be saved?”
Jiang Hao looked at the two boys, then looked at himself Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming, some Worried: “Do you think… we can do it?”
“Smelly bitch, shamelessly!” The three of them were talking, and suddenly there was another young man’s curse.
Jiang Hao hurriedly turned his head and looked at him. He couldn’t help being surprised, because the young man was holding Wang Jiani’s neck tightly with one hand at this time. While cursing, he forcibly poured the wine in his hand into Wang Jiani’s mouth: “I His mother told her to drink you, then you drink, give me a drink…”
Qin Yun on the side saw her good friend being bullied, and Huarong was so frightened that she quickly went to tear the young man, but where is she the opponent’s opponent, People just pushed Qin Yun to the sofa.
“Hehe, toast and not eat fine wine, now give you a chance, how about I let her go after drinking this glass of wine?” the youth said with a wretched look.
Qin Yun was a little tangled, and was about to speak, Wang Jiani grabbed a water glass on the table and smashed it on the young man’s head.
The water glass exploded, and the young man’s head was suddenly bloody.
“Drafting!” The young man yelled, raising his hand and slapped Wang Jiani severely.
“Stop!” At this moment, a voice came, and the young man’s hand suddenly hung in the air, turning his head to look at Jiang Hao with a furious expression.
The young man snorted when he saw the three of Jiang Hao, “Is something? No matter what’s going on with you, just let him go away. Be careful that I even clean up with you!”
Of course the young man could tell that Jiang Hao and the three were here, but when he saw the other three’s students dressed up, he didn’t care at all.
“They are my classmates, please let them go.” Jiang Hao said in a solemn voice, “After all, they are two girls. If you have anything to do, come to us.” After
Jiang Hao finished speaking, Qin Yun hurriedly took a look. Jiang Hao, she just felt that this person was familiar, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out where she had met.
This is also normal. In Chujiang University, Qin Yun is a figure at the level of a goddess, and Jiang Hao is an unknown poor dick. It would be weird if she knew her.
“Haha, the hero saves the United States?” The young man looked at Jiang Hao playfully, his eyes became contemptuous, “You can save it, but don’t look at your own virtues. Do you think you deserve it? I finally Tell you again, get out of here!” The young man felt that after he had said this, Jiang Hao and the three of them should leave, as long as they are not stupid, but the three of them still poked there as if they hadn’t heard.
Jiang Hao even more said: “You can let us go, if you let them go now, we will leave right away.” The young man was completely irritated, and Wang Jiani shrugged away, staring at Jiang Hao with anger, and asked; What the hell are you talking about? Threatening me? Talk to me about terms? What the hell are you, are you looking for death?” The young man said, walking toward Jiang Hao aggressively.
Jiang Hao was sweating in his palms. He had never seen this kind of battle at all, and he didn’t really want this kind of person. Just thinking, it would be nice to be able to drive this person away.
But apparently he had a bad game. Not only did this person not leave, but instead pointed the finger at him.
Jiang Hao of course clear that he would if the rogue provoke this is what the outcome, the next thought panic, quickly said:. “Why do not you put them, I give you money, your price would you”
Yuehua Jian, Jiang Hao has already taken out his bank card. He had broken his mobile phone, and now he died giving money to the other party, and he could only swipe his card.
Jiang Hao’s actions made the young man smile again. He walked up to Jiang Hao, raised his hand suddenly, and directly took away Jiang Hao’s bank card, and smiled triumphantly: “Haha, okay, you give me five One hundred thousand, I let them go, how about it?” The bank card was taken away, and Jiang Hao was shocked. This is the bank card with two billion in deposit.
But the young man took a look, and he slid it directly into his pocket. He smiled and said: “Damn, I guess you don’t have one. Look at your tattered body. Why, do you like these little ladies? Taking photos of yourself in urine, just like you, thinking that you saved others, they will be able to look at you? Hehe, it’s damn funny…”
Jiang Hao didn’t even listen to what the other party said. That bank card, hurriedly said: “Give me the card and return it to me quickly…”
Jiang Hao was going to grab it, but the young man slapped Jiang Hao suddenly and staggered Jiang Hao. There was a buzz in my head.
“Why are you hitting someone?” Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming stopped doing it as soon as they saw the other party doing it. They rushed up immediately.
But their skills were obviously far worse than others, and as soon as they greeted them, they were knocked to the ground by the young man.
The young man yelled at trash, and then punched Jiang Hao on the ground.
“How much is the password?” The young man was tired, drew out his bank card, slapped Jiang Hao’s face twice, and questioned, “How much money is in this card? I’m so tired from beating you, do you have to pay me A little labor fee?”
Jiang Hao was beaten all over his body, raised his head and glared at the other person, and said: “You’d better return the card to me, don’t you want money? I just transfer it to you as much as you want, but You must return the card to me.”
Jiang Hao naturally knew that no matter how much money he gave to this young man, it won’t be long before this guy will send it back to him obediently, and now the main thing is to send him away first.
The young young man smiled contemptuously, and said, “Yo, you’re so fucking capable of acting? What’s wrong with this card? What’s the difference? Haha, since it’s so important to you, then it seems I still It has to be. Say, how many kisses are there and how many passwords are there?”
This guy really did not repent, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but sigh.
“Okay, are you sure you don’t plan to return it to me, are you?” Jiang Hao sneered, “Then let me tell you, there are 2 billion in this card, and the password is 172033. Now I give it to you, but the most Okay, don’t regret having it!”

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