I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 151-160

Chapter: 151
Seeing the incoming person, Wang Jiani instantly felt as if she had been wronged. She threw herself directly into the opponent’s arms, tears streaming down even more.
Wang Jiani cried and said: “Dad, this cock is bullying me…”
Wang Jiani actually bite back. Jiang Hao was really caught off guard, and was even more disgusted with Wang Jiani. She hurriedly said, “Can you please tell me the truth? I’m bullying you? You’ve been scolding me, guess right?”
Jiang Hao naturally wants to make it clear about this matter. He doesn’t want to end up with a reputation for bullying. It would be even worse if he is misunderstood by more people when he looks back.
Moreover, Jiang Hao was the one who was wronged just now. It is impossible for him to be wronged so much and be scolded by Wang Jiani so many sentences. When I look back, I will be said to be bullying.
Jiang Hao didn’t want to recite this black pot.
But Jiang Hao’s words don’t seem to be of much use, after all, they are father and daughter.
Although Wang Jiani is headstrong, she is the daughter of others after all.
What’s more, Wang Donglin was used to growing up with his baby girl since he was a child. He suddenly saw his baby girl crying and saying to himself that if someone bullied her, he would naturally not care what Jiang Hao said.
Wang Donglin glared at Jiang Hao with a sullen expression on his face, and asked with a serious look: “Who the hell are you? The public, you bullied a girl, what do you think? I want you to apologize to my daughter immediately!”
What Wang Donglin said made Jiang Hao a little speechless.
What kind of father is this? What his daughter had just done, he couldn’t ask a little bit, he only listened to words. Don’t ask what the matter is. Just let yourself apologize to Wang Jiani?
There is no such thing in the world!
Jiang Hao was a little angry, but he could see that the other party seemed to be rich, but even if you were rich, it didn’t mean you were superior to others, right?
Jiang Hao sighed. Since the other party is so indiscriminate, there is no need to give him a good face and a good attitude.
Jiang Hao directly replied: “Apologize? Haha. Do you think it’s possible? Do you know what happened just now? Have you asked us what the problem is and what has your daughter done? As soon as you show up, Let me apologize to her? Don’t you think this is the logic of robbers?”
Jiang Hao asked like a series of machine guns, making Wang Donglin a little embarrassed.
In fact, as soon as he walked into the hotel, he saw his precious daughter crying, and his head became hot, so he said those things to Jiang Hao without asking what happened.
Now that Jiang Hao has just asked so many questions, he has calmed down a bit, and he can’t help but show a bit of embarrassment on his face.
He originally came to the hotel with Wang Jiani, but he first let Wang Jianni down, and then went to the car by himself. He didn’t even know what happened to Wang Jiani and Jiang Hao.
Wang Donglin scratched his head, quickly looked at his precious daughter, and asked in a low voice: “Um…Nini, what’s the matter? Don’t cry, first make things clear, don’t worry, if you are really wronged, Dad will give you justice!”
Wang Donglin straightened his tie and looked at Jiang Hao with a solemn expression, as if he was so bright and righteous.
Wang Jiani looked up at her father, then squinted at Jiang Hao, pointed at Jiang Hao suddenly, and said: “What else can he do? He bullied me, Dad, let me tell you, this person I’m from a school, because she had a bad idea about Qin Yun, but in the end I saw through the conspiracy, so I always held a grudge against me. He just saw me alone. He felt that the opportunity had come and he verbally insulted me. You still have to beat me. You are here before you start… ”
Sure enough, it’s a liar, not flushing, not even ashamed at all.
Jiang Hao didn’t laugh when he heard Wang Jiani’s words.
Forget about this person’s insidiousness.
However, upon hearing what Wang Jiani said, Wang Donglin didn’t even doubt his daughter at all, and communicated that he believed it was true. He really thought that Jiang Hao was viciously retaliating after being demolished by his daughter for plotting against Qin Yun.
He turned to look at Jiang Hao, his expression on his face was full of disgust, and his attitude was cold and said: “Huh, what else do you have to say now? I tell you, although Nini is sometimes a little headstrong, her character is definitely good, and so is I never lie!”
Wang Donglin was too confident about his daughter. His words made Jiang Hao speechless.
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head, and continued to retort: ​​”Mr. Wang, right? Ha ha, have you seen the things your daughter just said with your own eyes? What’s the matter with you?”
Jiang Hao With a bitter smile, he continued: “Well, in that case, let me say okay. Indeed, your daughter and I are classmates at the same school, but the reason we met is because we were in a hot pot restaurant once before. When you met your precious daughter and Qin Yun being harassed by the gangsters, my friend and I came forward to help and got injured, so we met each other.”
“But do you know how your daughter treats me and my friends? Saved her. She turned upside down and scolded us for disgusting, slandering is a trap we did in partnership, may I ask, if it were you, how would you think about this?”
Jiang Hao continued: “Of course, this matter has just begun. First of all, let me clarify that I didn’t want to get close to your baby girl. To be honest, I don’t even bother to take care of people like her. But your daughter is still reluctant to me. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Chujiang University’s music Let’s inquire about how your precious daughter bullied my girlfriend by virtue of her status as the deputy head of the group. She also smashed the guitar I gave to my girlfriend. The most ridiculous thing is that he actually gave me the wrong My girlfriend’s other guitar was said to belong to her.”
“Of course, things were solved later. She picked up the wrong guitar, but in the end she became angry and smashed my guitar again!”
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Donglin asked with a smile:” Excuse me, this is what you call the baby girl who can’t lie at all? ”
After listening to Jiang Hao’s words, Wang Donglin couldn’t help but was taken aback, and immediately looked down at Wang Jiani.
Of course he remembers that he went to Japan to hire a well-known home improvement designer. By the way, I bought a Yamaha guitar for my daughter in Japan.
“This…is this true?” Wang Donglin looked down at his precious daughter and asked.
Wang Jiani’s face blushed when her father saw it, because what Jiang Hao said was completely true.
Coupled with Wang Donglin’s look of taking away the scrutiny, he looked at her a little panic directly.
In front of her father, Wang Jiani always played a good girl, but in fact, the friends around Wang Jiani knew that everything was pretended by her. The purpose is nothing more than to get her father to give her more pocket money.
Of course, Wang Jiani understands that if her father knew about her outside affairs, and the person she had in his father’s impression collapsed, then she would be finished.
Originally, Wang Donglin was a “strict father”. Although he was spoiled since childhood, he was still very strict if he made mistakes.
In this way, Wang Jiani also developed a double “mask” in front of her father and a set outside.
Wang Jiani couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, and she even thought that if everything was known to her father, then what she would face would be anger like overwhelming anger.
No, this matter cannot be known by my father anyway. Must return all to Jiang Hao, anyway, I hate him to death.
Wang Jiani is also considered anxious, she quickly pointed to Jiang Hao and said, “Dad, how can you believe what he said? Do you know how disgusting this person is? He is in our school, but he is famous…”
Wang Jiani said immediately. “You know, I did have a conflict with him before, but that was because he and his girlfriend were too aggressive, hitting me with a guitar, so his guitar broke, and you know what, he actually Tell me, his guitar is worth more than three million yuan, you say…you say…oooooo…”
Wang Jiani said more and more outrageous. Before she finished speaking, she cried again, and she cried as if she was wronged.
At first, when Wang Donglin heard Jiang Hao say so many things, as if he had a nose and eyes, he was indeed a little confused, and felt that there really seemed to be a problem in this matter.
But when Wang Jiani asked Jiang Hao to pay three million yuan for her guitar, Wang Donglin didn’t believe Jiang Hao at all.
He was slightly surprised and said, “What did you say? A guitar costs three million? What kind of guitar is he? Is it made of diamonds? Ridiculous. Excuse me, is what my daughter said true?”
Wang Donglin suddenly told Jiang Hao His attitude became frivolous, looking at Jiang Hao with a little sarcasm, wanting him to give himself an answer.
He certainly doesn’t believe in any guitar, which can be worth three million.
You know, he opened such a decoration company, the annual turnover is tens of millions, and the net profit is four to five million.
And Wang Donglin looked at Jiang Hao’s appearance and felt that the other party was just an ordinary person. If he said that his precious daughter had broken the guitar, it was worth several thousand yuan, even if it was tens of thousands, he would reluctantly believe it.
But if someone like Jiang Hao could own a guitar worth three million, he wouldn’t believe it if he killed him, because it was a complete lie.
It’s nonsense.
Originally, Wang Donglin didn’t have much dislike for Jiang Hao, but now that this incident came out, he really disliked Jiang Hao.
He felt that this young man was too ostentatious and full of scheming. Jiang Hao’s heart is basically the same as Jiang Hao’s simple appearance. Formed a strong contrast.
From this moment on, he didn’t wait to see Jiang Hao completely.
Wang Donglin sneered, looked at Jiang Hao, and asked, “Hehe, three million guitars, did you say this?”
Jiang Hao is neither humble nor overbearing, because this is a fact. Wang Jiani smashed her three million guitar.
Jiang Hao nodded: “Yes, when I bought the guitar, I did spend three million…” As soon as Jiang Hao said this, Wang Donglin suddenly burst out with a sneer: “Snooze…hehe, it’s ridiculous. Three million? Can you talk a little bit more? You have three million? And you have three million, and you don’t even solve your own life problems. Going to buy a guitar?”
Wang Donglin made it clear that he didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s nonsense , Continued: “Young man, you really disappointed me. When I saw your appearance, the children from the countryside would be very simple, so even if you bullied my daughter. I didn’t think of chasing you too much. Yes, but you are good, you are simply shameless, you dare to say anything big, honestly, you not only make me feel, but also make me feel sick! Hmph, I also want to know if you are next Didn’t come from the countryside? You are a child in the city, and the family is very rich. You are a rich second-generation? Ha ha, otherwise, how can you justify the lie that you spent three million on a guitar?”
“Ignorance, Funny!” Wang Donglin pointed at Jiang Hao, shook his head with a wry smile, and said with emotion.
Wang Donglin’s words really made Jiang Hao feel very uncomfortable, because if you don’t believe me, it’s fine. If you talk like this, it’s simply hurting people in abusive language.
It seems that Wang Donglin, and his precious daughter Wang Jiani, are essentially the same.
Jiang Hao snorted and said categorically: “Since I say so, then I can only tell you, you are right!”

Chapter: 152
“It seems that I did not misunderstand you, you are really such a person.” Wang Donglin said, “Okay, let’s talk, I want to see today, are you? Can you still tell the big sky?”
Wang Donglin is completely against Jiang Hao.
On the one hand, he simply looks down on Jiang Hao, and wants to suppress Jiang Hao’s arrogant arrogance.
After all, before, Wang Jiani said how wronged she was. Seeing her one and only baby girl was bullied like this. Naturally, Wang Donglin would not give up.
He just wanted to see, what kind of ugly man Jiang Hao could tell today.
Isn’t it just blowing? Hehe, I just want to see how you can blow.
“You’re right, my family is indeed in the countryside!” Jiang Hao said, “But who told the village to come out, I must be a poor man? Do you just look down on people like this?”
Jiang Hao cleared his throat and continued. “Yes, that guitar is indeed worth three million, and there is one more thing. I’m afraid you don’t know it.”
Jiang Hao smiled mysteriously, but Wang Donglin was a little disgusted with Jiang Hao’s smile and scolded him. Said: “Hmph, what are you laughing at, say ah. What is it that I don’t know? I want to see if you can tell the truth today.”
Jiang Hao didn’t have a chance, Wang Donglin, and continued to say for himself : “If I guessed correctly, President Wang came here today to discuss a business, right? Haisheng Yipin’s 70 million villa, presumably Wang’s decoration company, also participated in the bidding?”
When Jiang Hao said this, Wang Donglin was a little surprised.
Because of the fact that Wang Donglin participated in the bidding, Wang Donglin had only told a handful of people around him that even for the people in his company, it was classified as confidential. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Hao was How did you know.
He looked at Jiang Hao, frowned, and said in surprise: “You…how do you know?”
Jiang Hao smiled: “How do I know? I’m afraid Mr. Wang still doesn’t know who bought that villa?”
Jiang Hao’s words immediately made Wang Donglin look astonished, because he could hear it. Jiang Hao’s voiceover is that he bought this villa!
“You can’t say…” Wang Donglin frowned and said, “You wouldn’t say that you bought it?”
Indeed, Jiang Hao’s next sentence quickly confirmed his guess.
“Yes. You are right. That is indeed the property I bought.” Jiang Hao smiled, and asked, “How is it? Surprise or surprise?”
Jiang Hao’s words really made Wang Donglin His jaw was almost stunned.
“How… how is it possible?” Wang Donglin asked in surprise.
Obviously, even if Wang Donglin was killed, he would not believe that what Jiang Hao said was true.
Seventy million, to be honest, even if you bankrupt your family, you don’t have that much money.
But Jiang Hao looks only twenty years old, how could he have so much money?
So Wang Donglin insisted that this incident must be fake.
But he still has some doubts. Since what Jiang Hao said is false, how did he know that he came here today to participate in bidding negotiations?
“Hmph, you young man, you are too bullshit, you think you just talk about it and I will believe it? Do you really think of me as a three-year-old baby?” Wang Donglin said to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao also smiled, showing that you believe it or not.
But Wang Donglin was actually a little drumming in his heart at this time.
Although he didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s nonsense, he was not afraid of ten thousand things just in case.
In case what Jiang Hao said just now is true, then his big project. Didn’t it just fly away?
At this time, Wang Donglin couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.
But at this moment, Wang Jiani seemed to see the embarrassment of her father, and suddenly thought of something, she hurriedly said: “Dad, don’t listen to his nonsense. This kind of person will not be able to buy the villa in the next life, you Just listen to him, tell you the truth, this person is usually the kind of person who doesn’t look for marginal words and talks at school. ”
After listening to Wang Jiani’s words, Wang Donglin seemed to be relieved, but still Lowering her head, she whispered in Wang Jiani’s ear: “But my daughter, if what he said is false, how can he explain it? He knows about his father’s bidding for the villa project? You know, my father is just like a few. I personally said. ”
It turned out that my father was worrying about this issue, and Wang Jiani smiled immediately after listening. He hurriedly said: “Oh, that’s the case, dad, don’t worry, let me tell you the truth. The fact that our company undertook the villa bidding was actually just what I accidentally said. He probably heard it. Once this happened, I will remember, and I will come back to bluff you.”
As soon as Wang Jiayi said this, Wang Donglin suddenly realized that, in this way, his doubts can be completely solved.
It turned out that this was the case, and he was almost deceived by Jiang Hao.
But now that the truth became clear, then he wouldn’t continue to be used to Jiang Hao. The attitude towards Jiang Hao is even closer to the freezing point.
Wang Donglin glanced at Jiang Hao disdainfully, and said in a somewhat mocking tone: “Hehe, that’s it, you must have heard what Nini said just now, right? I am the real discovery now. You are really a person. It’s ridiculous, you dare to panic, why don’t you say that the whole Chujiang belongs to your family? Humph, it’s not ashamed, it’s sad! It’s ridiculous! Shameful!”
Wang Donglin criticized Jiang Hao. It can be regarded as releasing the anger that was depressed just now.
But in Jiang Hao’s eyes, Wang Donglin was the most ridiculous one.
Jiang Hao also wanted to open it at this time, so let him say what the other party would like to say.
Anyway, as long as you go upstairs for a while, everything will come to light. When that happens, Jiang Hao wants to see what he will say to his father and daughter.
What’s more, Jiang Hao had already made a vague decision at this time. He didn’t plan to continue discussing decoration issues with Wang Donglin’s company.
The other party has such an attitude towards himself, if he continues to talk about cooperation with their family, it would be too shameful.
What’s more, for the decoration of his own villa, he was not only looking for Wang Donglin, but Jiang Hao had to look for a few more companies, repeatedly verifying, and seeing which company produced the plan that satisfied him the most.
However, Jiang Hao did not directly reject Wang Donglin at the gate of this hotel. This was too weak and would not make the other party feel the huge gap.
Jiang Hao smiled, thinking that if this is the case, let Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani go directly. Let them talk about it for a while, and let them talk about their plans. When they all think that they will never leave, they will show up again, and they will directly deny and reject them. This will surprise them and make them regret it.
Jiang Hao thought about the look of Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani’s father and daughter when they were begging for their own expressions, and they all felt funny.
Jiang Hao put away his thoughts, looked up at Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani’s father and daughter, and couldn’t help but smile. Said: “Believe it or not with you, but I want to tell you is that this project, your company is certainly not receive, do not believe we’ll see.”
Finished speaking. Jiang Hao turned to walk towards the elevator. He turned his head and said the last words to Wang Donglin: “Let’s see you later!”
But Jiang Hao’s words became a complete joke in Wang Donglin’s ears.
He looked at Jiang Hao’s back, his eyes full of disdain and mockery.
“Oh, are you still blowing it up to this day? It’s ridiculous, what does this kind of person think?” Wang Donglin pouted his lips and said, “It’s unreasonable!”
Wang Donglin simply ignored Jiang Hao, patted Wang Jiani on the shoulder, and said: “Nini, let’s go, don’t care about this kind of person in the future. Today, Dad will take you to meet the world!” While talking, the father and daughter are also Walked to the elevator on the other side.
The elevator on Wang Donglin’s side was obviously faster than the elevator on Jiang Hao’s side. As soon as the elevator came, the father and daughter got on the elevator quickly.
Soon, Jiang Hao’s elevator came, but when Jiang Hao was about to get on the elevator, his mobile phone rang suddenly, Jiang Hao looked at the number, and it turned out that Xue Yuning was calling!

Chapter: 153
Jiang Hao hurriedly answered the phone: “Hey Yu Ning, what’s the matter?”
Jiang Hao didn’t answer Xue Yuning’s call, and he seemed very happy.
However, Xue Yuning on the other end of the phone seemed a bit hesitant to speak.
“Jiang…Jiang Hao, where are you?” Xue Yuning asked hesitantly.
Jiang Hao smiled and said: “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. I came to talk to the decoration company today about the decoration of the villa. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t tell you. What are you doing? Give you the address, and you can come, anyway…”
Jiang Hao scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly, and said embarrassingly: “Anyway, the villa will not be used by us in the future. What style of decoration, you The hostess, of course, must also make some comments.”
Jiang Hao said this from the heart, and he knew that in his heart he still blamed himself for forgetting Xue Yuning.
After all, the villa was bought by Xue Yuning himself. As for the style of the decoration, Xue Yuning’s opinion must be sought.
If the decoration is decided by himself in the end, what if Xue Yuning doesn’t like the final decoration style?
Jiang Hao sighed, and hurriedly said with a smile: “Well, Yu Ning, wait for me, I’ll take a taxi to pick you up…”
Jiang Hao finished. You have to hang up and go out of the hotel.
However, he just took a step forward and heard Xue Yuning on the other end of the phone say: “No…no Jiang Hao, I called you, but there is something I want to trouble you…”
Xue Yuning has something else?
Jiang Hao was taken aback for a moment, then smiled. To Xue Yuning said:” Hi, what are you talking about, Yu Ning, what is the matter between the two of us, what are you saying that is troublesome and not troublesome, you can tell me directly, I will definitely do my best to help you, what is the matter? , You speak quickly. ”
With Jiang Hao’s words, Xue Yuning seemed to feel a little bit in his heart, and then said: “That’s right, in the past few days, some of my distant relatives are coming to Chujiang, but you know, my mother is now in the hospital, at home. My house was also sold before, and I…”
Xue Yuning hesitated, and finally said: “I want you to help me arrange it, because I really don’t have the ability.”
It turned out that it was a relative at home, and Jiang Hao nodded. , Smiled: “I thought it was a big deal, Yu Ning, don’t worry, this matter is covered by me, I will take care of it for you.”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s affirmative words, Xue Yuning felt in his heart. I’m so touched.
In fact, she couldn’t help it. Now she really has no conditions to receive guests. Now she and her mother are almost gone, and even the stable main group is almost gone, and she is financially stretched, let alone entertaining guests.
But they said to come over. Xue Yuning was not easy to refuse.
And Xue Yuning knew one thing more clearly, that is, these so-called relatives who came to visit did not come to visit his mother at all. To put it bluntly, they came to ask for debt.
Xue Yuning’s mother had been ill for so many years. In addition to selling all the things that could be sold in his own home, Xue Yuning also borrowed a lot of money from relatives and friends outside.
It’s just that Xue Yuning never mentioned these things to Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning knows Jiang Hao’s character very well. If this matter is known to him, Jiang Hao will definitely rush to help her debt.
Although Xue Yuning knew that Jiang Hao was rich, the money was his after all, not to mention anyone whose money came from the wind.
Xue Yuning wanted to take care of the debt repayment, instead of telling Jiang Hao.
Perhaps in Xue Yuning’s opinion, this is her last face.
She didn’t want others to think that she was a brazen person who relied on Jiang Hao for everything.
But Xue Yuning is really powerless to entertain relatives right now.
She can only turn to Jiang Hao for help, although because of this, she is also very entangled and disturbed.
But it was indeed as Jiang Hao said, Xue Yuning still regarded herself as an outsider.
Because in Jiang Hao’s view, what Xue Yuning said was simply the most trivial matter.
Isn’t it just hosting a few relatives? Xue Yuning’s relatives are not his own relatives?
Jiang Hao smiled and agreed, and said: “Okay, I will arrange this in a while, Yu Ning and rest assured.”
Jiang Hao then said: “Okay, leave this to me. Just say That’s right. Now you’re waiting for me at the school gate, I’ll take a taxi back to pick you up, and we’ll see the decoration company later.”
Xue Yuning originally wanted to refuse, but before she could say anything, Jiang Hao was already there. Hung up the phone.
She sighed helplessly, but changed her clothes obediently.
In fact, Xue Yuning was also very helpless. Although she liked Jiang Hao very much, she wanted to treat Jiang Hao as her own.
But she didn’t know why, she always had a feeling that there seemed to be a gap between herself and Jiang Hao. She always wanted to get close to Jiang Hao, but she couldn’t let go.
In fact, when he first came into contact with Jiang Hao, before he knew that Jiang Hao was a rich second-generation identity, Xue Yuning’s sense of isolation was not so strong.
But after Jiang Hao’s showdown, she seemed to have this feeling of alienation suddenly in her heart. She herself could clearly feel that she sometimes consciously or unconsciously began to reject Jiang Hao.
She didn’t want Jiang Hao to do too much for herself, didn’t want to owe Jiang Hao too much, didn’t want Jiang Hao’s contribution…
In short, she didn’t want others to feel that she was following her because of Jiang Hao’s money. .
This kind of public opinion pressure. Xue Yuning, who was already introverted, couldn’t bear it.
She sometimes knew that doing this by herself seemed a bit unfair to Jiang Hao.
But she can’t help it, maybe this is her character.
Xue Yuning sighed for a long time. After changing her clothes, she walked out of the bedroom…on the other side. Jiang Hao walked out of Haoyue Hotel and stopped a taxi at the same time. After giving the address, he hurriedly called Qiao San again.
Qiao San suddenly received a call from Jiang Hao and was flattered.
“Young Master Jiang, are you here? Wait a minute, I will go down and pick you up personally…”
Qiao San’s attitude is very respectful. Since Jiang Hao was almost beaten by his son last time, he started doing things. Become more cautious, for fear of trouble.
So yesterday Jiang Hao called him and said he would use his hotel. After coming to receive a few people from the decoration company, Qiao San didn’t say a word, and directly let people vacate one of the best private rooms in Haoyue Hotel.
And in his heart, he is also ready to serve Jiang Hao at any time.
But Jiang Hao hurriedly said: “No, no, no, you don’t need to pick me up. I’ll call you just to tell you that I have something to do. Let’s go first. There will be two people from the decoration company going up. Let them talk about it and let them save the decoration plan.”
“Are you not coming?” Qiao San was surprised by my company. Because he not only reserved the best private room for the two, but even prepared the lunch banquet.
In Qiao San’s opinion, this is a rare opportunity for him and Jiang Hao to get closer to each other. Naturally, he can’t let it go.
But at this time, he felt a little bit as if he had a hot face on his cool butt, which was awkward.
It seems that everything that I have carefully prepared is in vain.
Qiao San couldn’t help sighing in his heart.
But Jiang Hao hurriedly continued: “No, no, I can’t say no, I have something wrong, after leaving temporarily, you like this, look at their design plan, and keep it, and then wait for me to go back. ”
In fact, Jiang Hao meant to let Qiao San entangle with these two people for a while, after all, he was going back to pick up the person, and he would come back when he turned his head.
Jiang Hao was still thinking about going to face Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani, the arrogant father and daughter.
But this is what Qiao San understood as: let them put down the design plan and they can leave.
Moreover, in fact, Qiao San had his own plans for Jiang Hao’s renovation of the house.
He has several friends who work as decoration companies, so after hearing that Jiang Hao bought a 70 million villa, Qiao San didn’t tell Jiang Hao, but secretly talked to some of his friends. Let them also come up with the final plan as soon as possible.
This is nothing more than to please Jiang Hao.
“Okay, don’t worry, I understand, then I will pick you up personally in a while?” Qiao San said cautiously.
Jiang Hao said, “No, I’ll go up by myself in a while.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao hung up the phone.
And the other end of the phone. Qiao San was excited again.
At this moment, Qiao San’s office door was knocked.
Outside the door was the secretary’s voice: “Mr. Qiao, the guest you booked for the private room has already arrived.”
Qiao San responded, saying that I know, and hurriedly got up and went.
When he got up, Qiao San seemed to have thought of something suddenly. He said to the secretary again: “Oh, right, you go call Qiao Dong.” The secretary responded and hurried to recruit.
Qiao San asked the secretary to call Qiao Dong, so naturally he had his own considerations.
The last time Qiao Dong offended Jiang Hao for being too arrogant. Although Jiang Hao said that he would not be held accountable afterwards, the matter was still like a mountain. Pressed in Qiao San’s heart.
Of course he knows that his own ability cannot afford to blame Jiang Hao, the son of Shen Haoting.
So he always wanted to find a suitable opportunity to explain this matter clearly.
And recently, because of the last time and his own restraint and discipline, Qiao Dong has already changed his mind. Knowing how big a mistake he made before, he even said to himself that he should take the initiative to apologize to two more. , Take the initiative to admit their mistakes.
Everything is ready, only one chance is missing, very good, now the chance is here.
A few minutes later, the private room door.
Without waiting for Qiao Dong, Qiao San pushed the door directly in.
In the private room at this time, Wang Donglin seemed a little excited, because he was very curious about who it was that he invested 70 million in one breath to buy such a luxurious villa.
And the most important thing is that he really wants to win this project.
You know, the economic strength of more than 70 million villas and those who can afford it is certainly not simple.
And according to normal people’s thinking, since they have bought such an expensive villa, the decoration will already be more social.
The author, the boss of a decoration company, Wang Donglin knows this very well.
He has handled countless projects of this kind in the past, and he is even more clear that this time, it is estimated that the project flow alone will be more than ten million.
And if you successfully operate this project, it is estimated that you will be able to get millions of net profits in the end.
The decoration company that Wang Donglin runs is not small, but after all, the industry ceiling is not too high, so it seems that his company’s annual turnover is tens of millions, but in fact, the average profit he obtains is only three to four hundred per year. About ten thousand.
And if this project can be successfully won on its own, it is almost equivalent to doubling its income this year.
Driven by such big interests, how could Wang Donglin remain unmoved?
At this time, Wang Jiani, who was sitting beside Wang Donglin, seemed even more excited.
Because at this moment, she was still dreaming about something in her heart.
She heard that this time the purchase of the villa area was a young rich man. She also heard that the other party was very handsome… handsome and so rich…
Wang Jiani couldn’t help but her heart beat faster when she thought of this, and she subconsciously Pushed his shoulder strap to the sides…

Chapter: 154
As soon as the private room door was pushed open, Wang Donglin took the lead and got up excitedly, looking at the door with excitement and enthusiasm.
And seeing her father get up, Wang Jiani also hurriedly stood up, her heartbeat became more channeled.
It’s just that when the people outside walked in, the expressions on the faces of Wang Donglin and his daughter suddenly changed.
Wang Donglin was taken aback for a moment, but Wang Jiani’s expression became even more exaggerated, and immediately seemed extremely lost.
Wang Donglin was stunned. It’s entirely because he didn’t expect that it was Qiao San who walked in.
Who is Qiao San, Wang Donglin naturally knows that this person is very famous throughout Chujiang.
But Wang Donglin never expected that Qiao San was the one who bought the Seven Thousand Mansion Mansion.
But soon he was relieved, and even felt that his expression was a bit rude, so he quickly showed a humble smile on his face.
After all, Qiao San is also a well-known rich man in Chujiang, and he runs several hotels under his name.
This Haoyue Hotel is the bulk of the assets under their names.
And Wang Donglin also heard. In Yunwu Mountain in the east area of ​​Chujiang River, Qiao San spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build an eco-hotel beyond the specifications. The specifications were designed in accordance with the design of foreign seven-star hotels, which is luxurious. Even in the province, they are all on top.
Besides, since they are operating hotels, new hotels will inevitably have to design and decorate business in the future. These are all potential customers of their own future.
Wang Donglin thought to himself that even if the deal cannot be negotiated this time, there will definitely be opportunities for cooperation in the future.
If this is the case, then my attitude towards others is very important.
Wang Donglin didn’t think too much, and hurriedly greeted him, stretched out his hand, and said enthusiastically: “Oh, I didn’t think that the villa was originally under the name of Mr. Qiao’s income. It’s a fortunate meeting. Hello, I’m Wang Donglin. Mr. Joe, I really feel so honored…”
Wang Donglin finished speaking, looked at his daughter, and hurriedly said: “Nini, come and meet Mr. Qiao.”
At this time, Wang Jiani said on her face. Disappointment in capitals.
Originally, she thought that she would be a young and handsome rich second-generation man who opened the door, but turned out to be a bad old man. This kind of psychological gap made Wang Jiani’s torment hard enough.
At this moment, she had no intention of shaking hands with each other. I can’t wait to run away.
It’s just that she also knows that she can’t refute her father’s face on such occasions, otherwise the consequences will be serious.
So even though she was reluctant, Wang Jiani leaned over, squeezed an awkward smile, and said hello to Qiao San.
Qiao San didn’t care much, because he didn’t pay attention to the father and daughter at all.
He came here because Jiang Hao told himself, so he came to take a formality.
As for the other party’s misunderstanding whether he bought the villa by himself, he didn’t feel pressured at all, and he didn’t have the thought of explaining at all.
In Qiao San’s heart, what I was thinking about now was to quickly dismiss these two people, and then waited for Jiang Hao intently.
Qiao Sanfang sat on the sofa without looking at Wang Donglin, and said, “Did you bring the design plan?”
Wang Donglin smiled flatteringly, and quickly took out a brochure from his briefcase. , Respectfully handed it to Qiao San’s hand.
“Mr. Qiao, this is it.” Wang Donglin smiled. “You can take a look at our design plan. It’s a coincidence. Not long ago I went to Japan to visit a design master, who happened to have made a new design. A set of conceptual design plan. I bought it directly at a high price. It’s hard to imagine. I just started this design plan and received your tender here. “While speaking, Wang Donglin spread the booklet directly on Qiao In front of San, he began to explain in detail: “Our design style is mainly to highlight the relationship with nature, and the main focus is the beauty of harmony, so our entire design style is closer to nature, in the exterior of the entire villa. In the courtyard design, we borrowed the design style of the oriental garden, and…”
Wang Donglin said a lot, and many of them were professional terms.
Originally, Qiao San was not interested in taking care of them. As a result, it was even more unwelcome, and even a little disgusted.
So when Wang Donglin was halfway through the content, Qiao San hurriedly waved his hand and motioned him to stop talking.
“Okay, okay, I know. Let me put things here, you can go first.” Qiao San said.
Suddenly, Wang Donglin was caught off guard when he heard Qiao’s three-time eviction order, but he was helpless. Although he looked embarrassed, he still squeezed out a smile and said, “Uh…haha, is it too boring for me to say it? So let me just say it briefly and make sure you listened… ”
How could Wang Donglin easily lose such a good opportunity?
He was about to continue speaking, but was interrupted by Qiao San. This time, Qiao San was obviously more serious.
“Okay. I said, put things here. I didn’t buy the house. What’s the point of telling me this?” Qiao San said impatiently.
Didn’t Joe San buy it?
The moment he heard this, Wang Donglin was completely blinded.
He didn’t buy it. Who bought it? And why does Qiao San still appear here?
Wang Donglin was at a loss for a while. He looked at his precious daughter and found that Wang Jiani was also confused.
“This…you can really make a joke…” Wang Donglin smiled in self-relief, “This Chu Jiang. Apart from you, President Qiao, who else can buy a house with the kind of madness that swallows mountains and rivers in one breath? It must be you…”
Qiao San really didn’t want to talk nonsense with Wang Donglin anymore, lit a cigarette, and continued: “Two, please.”
People have already determined to drive him away, Wang Donglin is extremely embarrassed. But with a smile on his face, he carefully put the decoration plan on the side table.
“Then…then let’s go first, Mr. Joe, you…bye, please take a look at the plan!” Wang Donglin finally exhorted.
Then he and Wang Jiani walked out of the private room in grief.
When he walked out of the private room, Wang Donglin breathed a long sigh of relief, his face was also very ugly, and he had rarely been treated so rudely.
But although he was a little unhappy, he was helpless, who made himself so much different from Joe San.
“Besides, what are you going to do, don’t you have two bad money? Who doesn’t have it?” Wang Jiani looked back at the door of the private room rather unconvinced, also very unhappy.
But at this time Wang Donglin. Obviously, he hadn’t taken this matter to heart, and what he was really curious about at this moment was the words Qiao San said just now.
Didn’t he buy the house? Who bought it? Why are you in the cloud when you talk about this business today?
Wang Donglin scratched his head, still feeling unclear.
“Dad. What shall we do?” Wang Jiani turned her head to look at the direction of the private room again, and said in a low tone, “How do I feel, today’s business is going to be pornographic?”
Wang Donglin heard. He also shook his head: “Hey, well, let’s talk about it later.”
Wang Jiani glanced, and immediately became excited.
“This…Dad. Isn’t this Dong Shao? Qiao Dong!” Wang Jiani said excitedly.
If Qiao San came from, Wang Jiani might not be too clear. After all, there is a huge difference between the two people.
But for Qiao Dong, Wang Jiani knew too well.
This young man was in the rich second-generation circle of Chujiang in the past, but he was a well-known lord, rich in family, and tall and handsome. In the circle of Wang Jiani’s sisters, many people treated Joe Dong Qing has been in love for a long time.
Moreover, in the past, Wang Jiani also followed friends and participated in gatherings of young and old Qiao Dong, so the two of them still had a relationship.
But even so, Wang Donglin was still a little surprised when he saw his daughter’s expression of joy, saying that he couldn’t negotiate a deal. Why are you still happy here?
As if seeing her father’s doubts, Wang Jiani hurriedly smiled and said to Wang Donglin: “Dad, don’t you figure it out yet? Oh, why are you so stupid? Didn’t that Qiao just say that he didn’t buy the villa? Is it? Then why is he still here? I think the reason is very simple, because he did not buy the villa, but his son bought it!”

Chapter: 155
Upon hearing Wang Jiani’s words, Wang Donglin was still in the mist, obviously not understanding what she meant.
“Girl, what… what do you mean by this? What is it that Joe bought it, but his son bought it? His son…”
Wang Donglin raised his head and followed his precious daughter’s sight to look away. When I went, I saw the tall and handsome boy, leaning on the crutches in his forehand, walking away from him step by step.
Wang Donglin didn’t know Qiao Dong, but when he saw the person in front of him, he thought of what Wang Jiani had just said again, and seemed to understand her meaning.
But it is probably because my father does not understand, and Wang Jiani also knows that my father does not know who Qiao Dong is. So explained.
“Hey, have you seen that one? He is the son of President Qiao, the youngest Qiao Dong of the dignified Haoyue Hotel. You may not know him, but among the second generation ancestors of Chujiang, his name is very loud. It’s so good.”
Wang Jiani went on to explain: “Let me tell you this. Didn’t the Qiao always tell you just now? He didn’t buy the villa, but since the other party said let us come to Haoyue Hotel to meet, and at the beginning The one we received by President Qiao must have something to do with the Qiao family. It is not President Qiao, it must be Master Qiaodong.”
“The most important thing is this Haoyue Hotel, and even Chujiang. It is estimated that only the Qiao family can have that kind of detached economic strength, and the big shots. And we have not heard before that the owner who bought the villa is young and handsome, only in his early twenties. Man?”
Everything is here, it seems that all the conditions are matched.
And after listening to the baby girl’s explanation and inference. Wang Donglin also changed from semblance to non-understanding, and he suddenly realized.
Wang Jiani’s explanation seemed entirely reasonable, and it seemed that only this kind of explanation could explain what happened today.
Soon, Wang Donglin himself had already convinced himself with this reason in his heart.
Originally, Qiao San’s attitude toward him just now, Wang Donglin was already about to give up on this business.
But now, he seemed to rekindle his enthusiasm, and walked towards Qiao Dong with excitement.
“Dong Shao, hello, this is Wang Donglin.” Wang Donglin walked to Qiao Dong’s and reached out his hand to say hello erotically.
Indeed, the interruption of his leg last time completely made Qiao Dong, who was too arrogant and domineering, become obedient and humble.
Otherwise, if I put it back, I was walking here, and suddenly someone came up to say hello to him, Qiao Dong probably would have already drew it.
Who the hell are you, dare to stop Lao Tzu from going.
Qiao Dong was stunned, looked up and down Wang Donglin, cautiously said: “You… hello, may I ask which… who are you?”
Wang Donglin smiled awkwardly, and hurriedly introduced himself: “Hey, look. I took the liberty of seeing you, Dong Shao, and I forgot to introduce myself. Hello Dong Shao, my name is Wang Donglin, the chairman of Chujiang Donglin Decoration Company. This is my business card, I think now You should remember who I am?”
Wang Donglin handed out his business card at the right time and looked at Qiao Dong with a bright smile.
However, at this time Qiao Dong still didn’t seem to remember who the person in front of him was, and even showed a look of doubt.
Decoration company? When did you deal with a decoration company?
Qiao Dong was about to ask a question, but was interrupted by Wang Donglin again, and Wang Donglin smiled. Alleviate the embarrassment, but I still feel a little speechless. After all, tens of millions of villas have to spend millions to renovate. Why have you forgotten this?
Wang Donglin continued: “You forgot, your house, but we are going to decorate you…” As soon as Wang Donglin said this, Qiao Dong was taken aback for a while, as if after thinking about it, he immediately laughed out of it.
“Oh yes yes yes, it is you.”
Qiao Dong suddenly remembered that he had indeed dealt with a decoration company recently, but he was not personally responsible for this matter.
The reason is that Qiao Dong recently bought a store to open a hot pot restaurant.
However, Qiao Dong usually acts in the style of a young master. He is only responsible for paying the money and selecting the location. As for the decoration, and even the management, he is thrown to his own good buddy, that is, the house. The manager of the hot pot restaurant.
After Wang Donglin said this, Qiao Dong immediately felt that this Wang Donglin must be the decoration company that his buddy found.
Thinking of it, Qiao Dong couldn’t help but smile, reaching out and holding Wang Donglin’s right hand that had been hanging in the air for a while.
“Ah… It turned out to be Mr. Wang, hello, hello, I’m really sorry, I’ve been so busy recently that I almost forgot to decorate…” Qiao Dong said with a smile.
When I heard that Qiao Dong actually agreed, Wang Donglin, who was still suspicious, was completely relieved at this moment.
The smile on his face couldn’t help becoming brighter, and he subconsciously increased his strength while holding Qiao Dong’s hand.
Wang Donglin also took advantage of this opportunity to praise Qiao Dong fiercely.
In order to pull in the relationship, it is easier to handle things by closing the relationship. This is Wang Donglin, who is astute in the market. Obviously it is clear.
Soon, under his praise, Qiao Dong became airy, and even had a better impression of Wang Donglin.
Seeing that his strategy was going to succeed, Wang Donglin quickly took out a design plan from his handbag and handed it over to Qiao Dong respectfully.
“Dong Shao, this is the design plan our company gave you. Why don’t you take the time to look at it? If possible, then we will take some time to finalize the contract? It is true that our design plan is from Japan. The hand of the design master, absolute pinnacle work, I believe that as long as you choose our design plan, it will definitely be better if you look back…”
Wang Donglin murmured a lot. At this time, Qiao Dong, who was still immersed in the fluttering feeling that had just been touted, had no intention of looking at any design plan, because it was not his job at all.
However, Qiao Dong felt that after so long, his friend hadn’t even finalized the design plan. It was really careless.
But for this kind of thing, just turn around and say a few words to him.
The atmosphere is so good now, I don’t want to ruin it.
Qiao Dong smiled and dealt with it again and again, put away the design plan that Wang Donglin handed over, smiled and said: “Well, I know Mr. Wang, you can rest assured. I will look back at the design plan carefully, don’t you worry… …”
Hearing Qiao Dong’s affirmation, Wang Donglin was so happy in his heart that he hurriedly pulled his daughter over and said: “Nini, why don’t you come over and thank you Dongshao? Look at her young age. If you don’t have a successful career, you are still so reasonable, thank you quickly!”
Wang Jiani was immediately pushed to Qiao Dong’s eyes by Wang Donglin.
At first sight of Wang Jiani, Qiao Dong felt a little familiar.
However, in the past, he was a tall Dong Shao, and Wang Jiani could only be regarded as an unknown little girl who was crowded in a corner, so although Qiao Dong was familiar with Wang Jiani, he still couldn’t remember it.
When Wang Jiani faced Qiao Dong, she seemed a little more restrained, her face flushed and a little shy.
Wang Jiani’s appearance was not bad, but after rendering such a shy expression, she became more and more gentle and pleasant.
So after seeing Wang Jiani and feeling familiar, Qiao Dong looked at Wang Jiani again. There is even a little heartbeat.
“Dong Shao, hello…” Wang Jiani pretended to be a little innocent.
To be honest, Wang Jiani does have a certain level of sultry.
With just one sentence, she seemed to have completely defeated Qiao Dong’s line of defense, making Qiao Dong stunned for a while.
“Ah…ah hello, so are you, ha ha…” Qiao Dong looked down at Wang Jiani carefully, frowned, and asked, “Have we… met somewhere?”
Wang Jiani naturally saw it. Qiao Dong seemed to be a little bit interested, but this was something she had been thinking about in the past.
So at this time, she absolutely couldn’t admit that they had known each other in the past.
What kind of stuff Qiao Dong came into contact with in the past. Who are they? Their circle, to put it bluntly, is very messy.
If you admit that the pure image that you have just worked so hard to establish in Shandong’s eyes, wouldn’t it collapse instantly?
Wang Jiani eyeball rolled, suddenly thought of something, quickly bowed his head, mouth a sip, smiled and said: “?! How can ah, I do not know how do you think your small East I look familiar, perhaps this is the fate it” really What a talking!
Qiao Dong had to sigh from the bottom of his heart that this Wang Jiani was so good at talking, and this sentence really did speak to his heart.
Qiaodong laughed a few times, then lowered his head and looked at Wang Jiani carefully again: “Beauty, how about we leave a contact information? I think we can have a good conversation, and we can talk later. Let’s talk, how about being a friend?”
Qiao Dong opened his mouth and asked for contact information? Wang Jiani was unexpectedly not good, but she was even more excited in her heart.
She nodded defiantly, took out her mobile phone, deliberately pretending to be shy, only clicked on the address book and gave Qiao Dong her number.
Qiao Dong was satisfied, nodded, and patted Wang Donglin on the shoulder again, and said happily: “After you go, Mr. Wang, you can rest assured. I am sure to rest assured of your decoration plan, and even You don’t need to look at it. I’ll give you a guarantee, and I will use your decoration plan!”
Hearing this, Wang Donglin, who was in his forties, almost jumped up excitedly.
Because he was so excited. Some may be happy.
He knew that he hadn’t expected that he had worked so hard just now, but others have been perfunctory.
After looking back, when my daughter went out, it worked in an instant and took down the business.
At this moment, Wang Donglin was very impressed with his precious daughter.
And he could also see that this Qiao Dong seemed to have some meaning to his daughter. This couldn’t help but make Wang Donglin start to think about it.
If this Qiao Dong can really blossom and bear fruit in the future with his own daughter, wouldn’t his future be soaring?
You know, the property under Qiao’s name is several billion, and he seems to have only one son, Qiaodong, and Qiaosan will be gone in the future. Are these all Qiao Dong’s?
At that time, wouldn’t he be the father-in-law of the Haoyue Hotel…
Wang Donglin still thought it was quite cool to think of something unrealistic.
“Okay, the two of you are busy first. I’ll go in first. My dad is looking for me and there are things to talk about, so I won’t send them off.”
Qiao Dong suddenly interrupted Wang Donglin’s thoughts, and he nodded quickly , Said: “That’s that, Dong Shao, you are busy first, we can go down by ourselves.”
After speaking, he took his daughter downstairs.
At this moment, Qiao Dong didn’t forget to make a call to clean up, and smiled at Wang Jiani: “Don’t forget, call.”
Wang Jiani nodded and was pulled by her father to the elevator, and said excitedly “Nini, you did a great job to Dad today…”
On the other hand, Jiang Hao’s car had already reached the gate of Chujiang University.
At this moment Xue Yuning was already standing there and waiting. Jiang Hao saw her and quickly put down the car window and waved his hand: “Yuning here.”

Chapter: 156
Xue Yuning saw Jiang Hao wave his hand, ran over and got into the car.
“Let’s go, master.” Jiang Hao patted the front seat of the taxi, smiling while looking at Xue Yuning, and said, “What’s the matter, something is on your mind? You look a little unhappy.”
Xue Yuning tried to squeeze a little bit. Smile. Reached out and grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand, and shook his head: “No…nothing, I’m fine.”
Of course Xue Yuning would not explain all the truth to Jiang Hao.
My relatives are here to collect debts, and these two relatives owe more than one hundred thousand yuan, which is naturally a fraction of the money for Jiang Hao. Not worth mentioning.
But in Xue Yuning’s view, this is undoubtedly a huge sum of money.
In the past, Xue Yuning sold singing on the road on his own, earning tens of dollars a day at best, such a sum of money. I have to sing for ten years to pay off.
What Xue Yuning was thinking at this time was nothing more than this problem.
But even if he couldn’t afford it, Xue Yuning still didn’t plan to tell Jiang Hao about this.
In Xue Yuning’s view, this is his own business and there is no need to involve Jiang Hao.
It was the same reason. After all, she felt that there seemed to be a gap between herself and Jiang Hao. Although she and Jiang Hao were holding hands and relying on Jiang Hao’s arms, they were still separated by a layer.
Jiang Hao could of course see that Xue Yuning was a little unhappy, and her expression was not good at disguising. There was almost something that Jiang Hao could tell at a glance.
But Xue Yuning didn’t like to say, Jiang Hao no longer wanted to ask questions.
After all, he was going to leave Xue Yuning some personal space after all.
And if something really happened to her, she would definitely rush towards it as soon as possible.
Of course Xue Yuning knew the Yuehao Hotel, which was a five-star hotel, very luxurious, and it cost several thousand yuan to live there. Xue Yuning didn’t want to make Jiang Haota too expensive. Secondly, thinking of the various ways my aunt and cousin treated my family in the past, I was reluctant to treat these two families too well. Although my family owes money to these two families, it seems like how righteous the two families are. But only Xue Yuning knew how the two families had targeted themselves and their mother. And they lent money to themselves, not because of kindness. It’s because they have coveted a property in Xue Yuning’s mother’s home for a long time. It was left by Grandpa Xue Yuning to his mother. Although the house was not big, it was also relatively dilapidated. The value of the house is not very high. But even so, when Xue Yuning’s mother was about to be dying ill, she never thought that she would sell the house. That was what Grandpa Xue Yuning left her to think about… But now it is, the house of aunt and cousin are attracted to this house. Xue Yuning knew very well that if the two families came this time, if he could not smoothly repay the debt, the house would probably not be kept. And because of the house in the past, these two families have always targeted themselves and their mother. Xue Yuning remembered all these things, one after another.
Xue Yuning just took a sigh of relief in his heart.
She thought to herself that she must have something to do in the future, and she must make a lot of money, after so many years. The debts owed because of his mother’s serious illness have been paid off.
She wanted to see if at that time, there would still be people despising herself, and if there would still be people humiliating herself like they did when they were young.
Thinking of the past. Xue Yuning’s eyes were slightly wet involuntarily.
She really felt that it was too difficult for her and her mother to live for so many years.
But it seems to be all right now, because of Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning looked at Jiang Hao affectionately, with indescribable gratitude in his eyes.
Jiang Hao quickly noticed Xue Yuning’s tearful eyes, and couldn’t help becoming nervous.
“Yuning, what’s the matter with you? Tell me, did someone bully you again?” Jiang Hao asked seriously.
Xue Yuning saw this. I quickly wiped away my tears, tried my best to squeeze out a tear, shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Fool, there is you, how can anyone dare to bully me, it’s okay, I just remembered some things in the past, some small Feeling alone.”
Jiang Hao frowned. Obviously, he did not believe what Xue Yuning said.
“Are you serious? Or are you hiding something from me?” Jiang Hao said.
Xue Yuning smiled: “Oh, it’s not there, it’s really not, I assure you, I didn’t hide anything from you.”
Hearing Xue Yuning’s words so conclusively, Jiang Hao’s anxiety seemed to calm down a bit. .
Immediately afterwards, Xue Yuning hugged Jiang Hao with both hands, nestled in Jiang Hao’s arms, and said with a happy face: “It’s nice to have you…”
Xue Yuning’s words melted Jiang Hao in an instant. He looked at the little girl in his arms stupidly, almost happily.
At this moment, Jiang Hao felt that he was extremely happy…
Soon, the taxi returned to the gate of Haoyue Hotel, and Jiang Hao paid to get off as usual.
Then he happily took Xue Yuning’s jade hand and rushed straight to Haoyue Hotel.
Jiang Hao desperately wanted to show Xue Yuning a look at the villa decoration plans.
This time. Jiang Hao had already decided in his heart that everything he had to listen to Xue Yuning, as long as it was the decoration plan she chose, she would agree to it anyway.
The two trot all the way. I just ran to the elevator door, and the door of an elevator just opened.
It’s just that Jiang Hao was about to get on the elevator, but he was stunned when he passed the elevator and got off people.
Because what he saw was not someone else. It is Wang Jiani and Wang Donglin’s father and daughter.
Jiang Hao was stunned. He thought to himself, didn’t he let Qiao San delay them? Go and pick Xue Yuning by yourself first, and then turn around. Go up and humiliate the father and daughter.
But at this moment, Jiang Hao seemed to find that his abacus seemed to have failed.
“You…” Jiang Hao originally wanted to say something, but before he could say it, Wang Jiani choked back at the first sentence.
“Heh, I really didn’t expect it, I met you again, the less I really don’t want to see anything, the more it will be on you!”
Wang Jiani then glanced behind Jiang Hao, and was stunned again. , And then acted a little surprised, because she saw Xue Yuning.
Wang Jiani and Xue Yuning are simply cats and mice, they are a pair of natural enemies.
Wang Jiani didn’t know why, but when she saw Xue Yuning, she “bite it” desperately.
“Hehe, I think I didn’t bring the almanac when I went out today, isn’t it that the world is so small? How come all kinds of garbage can be met?”
Wang Jiani’s words directly caused Xue Yuning to lower her head.
Although she hated Wang Jiani, Xue Yuning still behaved weakly when facing each other.
Only Jiang Hao would not endure Xue Yuning being so insulted by others in front of him.
He stood up directly, stared at Wang Jiani, and said with his fingers: “Please pay attention to what you say. If you don’t look for death, you won’t die!”
Jiang Hao immediately said: “Wang Jiani, I would advise you to say something. It’s not that you don’t report it.
Before the time has come, do you really think that you are inherently more noble than others? Haha, it’s ridiculous. ” Wang Jiani naturally did not show any weakness, because she felt that she is now a match for Qiao Dong. If you have a relationship, why have to fear the threat of a small Jianghao.
“Hehe, you are right, I have to admit that I am a little more noble than others, what do you want? Rubbish, I don’t bother to pay attention to you, but I put together to install garlic, what are you? To be honest, in me In my eyes, you are worse than a dog!”

Chapter: 157
Wang Jiani was originally full of disgust for Jiang Hao, and now she adds another Jiang Hao, she simply hates it.
Maybe Wang Jiani herself didn’t understand why the two people she hated the most would come together.
Wang Jiani suddenly thought of something funny, she grinned, and said in a boastful tone: “Oh, yes, I remember, he just said something about the 70 million villa that he bought? It’s ridiculous, I just want to know, now you still want to continue to download ?” Wang Jiani’s words also instantly reminded Wang Donglin of Jiang Hao’s “big talk”, and he suddenly showed a somewhat funny expression away. . It seemed to be holding back a smile, looking at Jiang Hao.
“It’s ridiculous. The big talk just now is still so big that he doesn’t even blush at all. This kind of person is really ridiculous…” Wang Donglin’s voice is not loud, but it happens to be just right, like a mosquito. The sound came into Jiang Hao’s ears.
The sound was itchy and disgusting.
Jiang Hao heard what these two people said, but he didn’t take it seriously, because in his opinion. It is estimated that Qiao San didn’t explain the truth to these two people, and then blasted them down.
It may be that the father and daughter are in a bad mood, so when they see themselves, they will be offended.
However, Jiang Hao smiled and said, “Hehe, I just said, did I say something big? We’ll know when we go up, I guess you were also kicked off, right? How, yes Not interested, come up with me again? I will let you know who is the ridiculous one!”
Upon hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Wang Donglin and Wang Wang Jiani looked at each other, there was a moment of daze, then the father and daughter A mocking smile appeared on his face at the same time, and then he grinned.
“Haha, ridiculous, really ridiculous.” Wang Donglin shook his head and said, “When is it, some people are still pretending here!”
Wang Jiani even more unscrupulously mocked: “It’s disgusting, you still pretend? What kind of costume do you pretend? We don’t want to expose you, do you really think it is your acting skills?”
Seeing the father and daughter In this way, Jiang Hao was a little confused.
He frowned slightly, and did not understand what the other party meant.
But soon, Wang Jiani gave him the answer.
Wang Jiani said: “Stop acting, it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll ask you, why didn’t you dare to go up just now, or it’s because of being dismantled? Dong Shao pretended to be forced, and people can break your thigh!”
“I just ran out of oil, it was because I was going to pick up the rain.” Jiang Hao said calmly, “And you guys think too much, ha ha, Qiao Dong dare Move me? You guys are really telling jokes yourself.”
Jiang Hao didn’t say it. At the beginning Qiao Dong aimed at himself, but he was interrupted by his own old man. He dare to touch himself?
But Jiang Hao’s explanation, Wang Jiani was not interested in listening at all.
She smiled. Continue to say: “Come on, this stupid woman is here, you have such a reason, do you think we are all stupid?”
Wang Jiani looked at Xue Yuning contemptuously, and said: “Tell you the truth, we were there just now. Upstairs, I have already met Qiao Dongqiao, and they have already admitted that the villa was bought by others, and the owner himself has admitted. You are so poor, what are you still putting on here? Naive? Childish?”
Wang Donglin on the side also hurriedly interrupted at this moment: ” Yes , you don’t open your eyes and take a good look. As for the current Chu Jiang, besides Qiao, who else can take out seven in one breath? Ten million, are you? Haha, you are just a joke, a complete joke, and I am afraid that people will not laugh at you, and you have to make everyone laugh at you!”
After speaking, Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani laughed.
The words of Wang Donglin and his daughter completely made Jiang Hao a little confused.
Qiao Dong admitted that he bought the villa? What does it mean? What is Qiao Dong doing?
Moreover, Jiang Hao seemed to be sure too. Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani were so arrogant and determined that they were lying because Qiao Dong admitted that he bought the villa.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little upset. Although he didn’t know what this Qiao Dong meant, it was obvious that this guy was either intentionally or unintentionally dismantling his platform.
Jiang Hao’s face was ugly, he was obviously the house he bought, but now he still has a misunderstanding. And being laughed at by the person he hated the most, Jiang Hao really couldn’t swallow it.
“Huh, I don’t believe it!” Jiang Hao said in a conclusive question, “I don’t believe Qiao Dong dare to say such things, unless he doesn’t want to live anymore!”
Jiang Hao said this, Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani , Suddenly broke out a burst of uncontrollable sneer.
“Said that they don’t want to live anymore? I don’t want to live anymore, is it you?” Wang Donglin despised, “Boy, please look up and see where this is, Haoyue Hotel, this is the site of Qiao’s family, you I dare to say that, believe it or not, if I yell, the security guard can come and beat you up! ”
Of course Jiang Hao doesn’t believe in this kind of ghost, even if it is Qiao San, he must be respectful to himself. A few small security guards, unless they live enough.
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Donglin in disbelief and said, “Okay, you call it, let me see if they dare to do anything to me.”
Jiang Hao snorted coldly and continued: “I don’t believe that. Qiao Dong said, just don’t believe it. Do you dare to go upstairs and ask me? Don’t you believe that I bought the villa? Huh, go up and ask, naturally the truth will come to light.”
Jiang Hao was obviously stunned, and a little lost his sobriety.
This kind of thing. Wang Donglin has already determined that Qiao Dong bought the villa, and he can go up again because of a quarrel with you.
This kind of thing took the initiative to ask Qiao Dong to find out, isn’t it purely looking for curse?
Wang Donglin smiled and said, “Do you think you are like this, interesting? It’s already the truth, you are still desperately trying to round up your lie. Isn’t it naive?”
Wang Donglin couldn’t help but shook his head with a wry smile. Turn around and leave.
But at this moment, Xue Yuning, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke.
“Jiang Hao didn’t lie, everything he said is true!” Xue Yuning said loudly, “The 70 million villa was really bought by Jiang Hao!”
Xue Yuning didn’t think too much, she just saw this. The father and daughter Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani were so aggressive towards Jiang Hao, they really couldn’t stand it.
What Jiang Hao said is true, why do you still question him? Even if it’s a question, it’s okay. You still want to speak maliciously to hurt others. This is simply too much.
Although Xue Yuning’s personality is a little weak, she almost endured it when others bullied herself.
But she couldn’t stand how others treated Jiang Hao.
It’s just that Xue Yuning’s voice just now was a bit loud. The lobby on the first floor of the hotel, which was originally noisy, fell silent in an instant.
Then dozens of pairs of eyes cast all over here, many people don’t know what happened here.
But Xue Yuning’s sentence just now, “The 70 million villa was really bought by Jiang Hao” , But let all the people present heard it really.
The real estate of Haisheng Yipin has attracted much attention from the beginning of its construction in Chujiang, and this 70 million central villa has attracted many people’s attention.
And just after the villa was sold, the entire streets and alleys of Chujiang were basically talking about the purchase of the villa at a huge expense. Where is it sacred?
Many people think that this must be the handwriting of a certain Chu Jiang wealthy man.
There are also speculations that the local rich in Chujiang are a bit worse for those who can buy this villa. It is estimated that only the richest overseas Chinese, Shen Haoting, can have such courage and financial resources.
But no matter what kind of speculation, these people would certainly not have thought that the one who bought the villa would be a student who had not graduated from university.
So when Xue Yuning said these words, the lobby of the entire hotel fell into a moment of dead silence, and then, after everyone could see clearly who was speaking, and who she was talking about, almost everyone uttered in unison. laughter.
The laughter is not a roar of laughter, but it definitely makes people extremely uncomfortable.
Hearing the laughter of the crowd, Xue Yuning immediately realized something, and his face flushed.
Because she knew that not only did she fail to explain Jiang Hao clearly, but now Jiang Hao has become the laughing stock of more people.
Xue Yuning was a little excited, looking at the crowd who kept throwing ridicule, and wanted to walk over to explain something, but Jiang Hao held him back.
“Forget it, it’s okay.” Jiang Hao smiled at Xue Yuning and said.
These people laugh at themselves, and Jiang Hao will of course feel upset.
But at this moment, he already wanted to open up, those people didn’t know themselves, didn’t understand themselves. Just let them laugh as you want.
Jiang Hao didn’t bother to talk to them himself.
“Yes… I’m sorry…” Xue Yuning lowered his head, his face was ugly, and he seemed to blame himself for his reckless behavior.
“Hahaha…really a pig teammate!” At this moment, Wang Jiani on the side made a heartfelt ridicule at the right time.
At this time, she looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning here, smiling very brightly.
“Haha, it’s so stupid!” Wang Jiani continued. “Now it seems that you two are really good matches. One poor dick knows how to brag, and the other is a poor dick. It’s fine if you can’t help. Instead, you have an assist, haha. You people, really. I’m going to laugh at me, you are together, it’s a natural fit…”
Wang Jiani’s words are obviously ironic. Now she has the confidence to continue to mock Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning because of these two people. Today is a loss of adults.
Wang Jiani said that she can, but she must not insult Xue Yuning. This is Jiang Hao’s bottom line.
Jiang Hao pointed at Wang Jiani angrily, and yelled: “What did you say? Dare you dare to say it again!”
Wang Jiani smiled smugly, and turned to follow Wang Donglin to leave: “Hmph, if you don’t say good things twice, I will just To be honest, you rubbish, I have never looked at you directly. You people, who have lived a lifetime, are probably still a joke in the end!”
Jiang Hao was so angry that he turned around and rushed up: “You stop me. , Who are you scolding? Don’t you believe it? Okay, dare you wait, I’ll call and ask Qiao San to come down, I’ll let you hear him personally, is it true? ”
Seeing the two menacingly, Xue Yuning was afraid of Jiang Hao’s excitement and started with each other, so he hugged Jiang Hao quickly.
“Okay, don’t get excited…” Xue Yuning comforted, “It’s all my fault , let’s not have another chance for them…” Wang Jiani did not stop, she just looked back at Jiang Hao, showing a twist His smile finally raised a middle finger towards Jiang Hao.
“Hehe, it’s funny to see you being able to do it. Who do you think you are? He also called Qiao San down. I advise you to speak louder, otherwise the security at the door can’t hear them. If you can’t hear this, how can you kill you?”
“Fool!” Wang Jiani finally cursed Jiang Hao with her lips.
Jiang Hao was completely irritated this time. He gritted his teeth, took out his mobile phone, found Qiao San’s number, and dialed directly…

Chapter: 158
Jiang Hao’s phone call was just broadcast, but he saw that Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani were already far away, and the father and daughter quickly got in the car and left.
At this moment, Jiang Hao’s cell phone was also connected.
“Jiang Shao, hello.” Qiao San on the other end of the phone was cautious.
Jiang Hao, who was originally angry, was really unwilling to watch Wang Donglin and his daughter leave at this time, but in the end he sighed.
“Are you in the hotel?” Jiang Hao asked.
“Yes, I am. Are you here, Shao Jiang? I will pick you up now…” Qiao San respectfully said.
Jiang Hao watched Wang Donglin’s car had gone far, and said, “Forget it, it’s okay, I’ll go up by myself.” After speaking, Jiang Hao hung up the phone and took Xue Yuning to the elevator.
The elevator reached the 20th floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, Jiang Hao saw Qiao San and Qiao Dong father and son, standing at the elevator door, seeing himself. Both father and son bowed slightly.
“Shao Jiang, you are welcome…” Qiao San was about to be polite, but Jiang Hao choked back.
“The person I just talked about has come up?” Jiang Hao showed the boss’s unhappiness and said, “Mr. Joe, you received a good reception.”
Hearing this tone. Qiao San knew there was a problem, but he didn’t know whether he neglected the two people or what was wrong, so he was so scared that he dared not talk nonsense.
“Shao Jiang, what’s the matter…what’s the matter?” Qiao San asked nervously.
Jiang Hao glanced at Qiao Dong, who was standing aside, and sneered: “This should be asked about the noble son Qiao. Just now I ran into those two people downstairs, but they told me, Joe Young Master said, the villa was bought by Young Master Qiao?”
Jiang Hao’s words already showed eighty-point displeasure.
Qiao San is an old fox. Hearing these words, he knew that Jiang Hao must be upset.
I know he did, raising his hand and shoved against Joe East is a slap in the face, thundered: “?! Beast thing, you fucking utter what you rush to the river less an apology, or else I break your other leg” at this time The most daunting one is definitely Qiao Dong.
He was taken aback when he heard Jiang Hao’s words, and then he was even more dazed by the slap of his own Laozi.
Qiao Dong looked at Jiang Hao with an innocent look, and said nervously: “Jiang…Jiang, I didn’t say that. I haven’t said that. This…I think there must be a misunderstanding. ”
In fact, Qiao Dong said there was a misunderstanding. But when Jiang Hao uttered that sentence, the first thing he thought of in his mind was: Is this Jiang Hao still worried about what happened last time, this time he wants to deliberately fix himself?
“Didn’t say?” Jiang Hao sneered. To tell the truth, he doesn’t believe what someone like Qiao Dong said. You haven’t said such a thing, so how can someone say it?
Originally, Jiang Hao didn’t have a good impression of Qiao Dong. In addition to the aggrieved feeling he had just received downstairs, he was almost ready to cast all his anger on Qiao Dong.
Who made you fool around with Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani? You asked for all this.
“I really didn’t say that…” Qiao Dong was almost frightened. He thought about it for a few times, and then suddenly remembered, “Oh, yes, yes, I think Get up, I guess it must be a misunderstanding!”
Qiao Dong recalled his conversation with Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani, and he woke up like a dream.
In fact, Qiao Dong knew about Jiang Hao’s purchase of the villa, but he just didn’t think about it. What kind of decoration plan Wang Donglin said to himself was the villa decoration plan!
It seems that I made a mistake. Wang Donglin and Wang Jiani made a mistake just now.
Qiao Dong hurriedly explained: “Shao Jiang, listen to my explanation. This must be a misunderstanding. It is like this. I invested in a hot pot restaurant before, and it is also being renovated recently. Just now, Wang Donglin said to me, what decoration plan to look at. , I thought he was talking about the decoration plan of my hot pot restaurant, so I just dealt with it casually. I think, Wang Donglin must have made a mistake, and I have also misunderstood. This incident is simply a misunderstanding… …”
Qiao Dongsheng was afraid that Jiang Hao would not believe it, and explained the matter in detail. Then he said: “Look at this matter, it’s all a misunderstanding. I don’t know what happened. I really don’t blame me. Ah Jiang Shao…”
Qiao Dong was afraid that Jiang Hao would be angry about this, because he had already been broken in a leg last time, and now if he provokes Jiang Hao again. It is estimated that it will not end well.
After listening to Qiao Dong’s explanation, Jiang Hao understood that all this was really a misunderstanding.
Why is it such a coincidence? Jiang Hao sighed heavily, and now he felt more aggrieved.
Because if this matter is someone else’s sake. At any rate, there is still a place to lose his anger, and now I can only eat coptis as a dumb, and I have to swallow it myself.
His son finally explained the matter clearly, and Qiao San was really relieved.
Although he gave Qiao Dong a slap just now, he was nothing more than trying to keep him. Qiao San thought that his unworthy son had really done something unreasonable.
After the matter was explained, Qiao San was really happy.
But he was even more curious about why Jiang Hao was so annoyed by what happened. How did those two people treat him just now?
Qiao San thought for a while, and asked cautiously: “Young Master Jiang, what’s the matter with you? Did the two people just offend you? Don’t worry, I will send someone to clean them up…”
After speaking, Joe San quickly waved his hand and called a man to his side, ready to order things.
But before he could speak, he was stopped by Jiang Hao.
“Forget it.” Jiang Hao sighed, he naturally knew the so-called clean up in people like Qiao San. What does it mean.
But even though Jiang Hao was very angry, he didn’t want to put people to death. After all, Jiang Hao still had kindness in his heart.
“How can it work!” Qiao San said, as if a little angry, “For those who don’t know the heights of the world, they should be paid, otherwise they will never know that in this world, some people cannot You’re offended! What the hell is going on, just say it.”
Jiang Hao waved his hand after hearing this, and said: “Forget it, I don’t want to mention them anymore, let’s go, I heard that you didn’t help me but also found several The decoration company, can you help design the plan? Go and see. ”
Qiao San is very good at life, and Jiang Hao said that he won’t be held accountable, so he naturally stopped mentioning this matter. He hurriedly stretched out his hand and said, “Okay, please, Jiang Shao, please.” While speaking, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning were led into the private room.
Qiao San asked someone to bring a whole stack of folders and put them in front of Jiang Hao: “They are all here, Jiang Shao, please take a look.”
Jiang Hao nodded. Signaling Xue Yuning: “Let’s take a look, whichever you like, let’s decide which one to use.”
If Jiang Hao hadn’t said this, Qiao San hadn’t paid much attention to Xue Yuning at all.
For tens of millions of villas, the decoration opinions are listened to. Jiang Hao’s words made Qiao San see the way. Obviously this Jiang Shao attaches great importance to the girl in front of him.
He hurriedly patted the horse to accompany with a smile and said, “Ah yes yes yes, let Madam Young take a look. That’s less than ah, hurry up, let someone serve some fruit, the best. Besides, what do you like to eat, Madam Young? This is for my staff to do it. The chefs of our Haoyue Hotel are all hired by me from other places at a high price. You are satisfied with the craftsmanship…”
There are more than ten design plans here, but Xue Yuning glanced at the first few books and skipped it. Obviously, he felt too clichéd.
Jiang Hao naturally took a look. To be honest, he also felt that the design style was a bit old-fashioned, and it always made him feel like a nouveau riche, with no taste and little connotation.
Soon, more than a dozen design plans were almost finished, and Xue Yuning was a little frustrated because he still didn’t see a plan that would make him like it.
But when she picked up the last one, Xue Yuning just opened the pamphlet, and her eyes brightened.
“Jiang Hao, look at this, it’s so beautiful, I like this!” Xue Yuning said excitedly.

Chapter: 159
Hearing Xue Yuning’s words, Jiang Hao hurriedly leaned over to take a look.
To be honest, Jiang Hao belongs to the layman in the layman, and can be called a fighter among them.
Basically, even a baiting, shit doesn’t understand.
But even so, when he saw the decoration design plan in Xue Yuning’s hands, he was bright.
Because this style is so unique, it’s completely different from the previous designs.
The ten-odd design schemes before, the main highlight is basically the same theme, that is, luxury and style.
But this style. Jiang Hao didn’t like it at all.
Although he is also considered a nouveau riche, after all, he used to jingle poorly, but in his opinion, the old-fashioned style of either magnificent or luxurious mahogany is too low and has no taste.
If you use this kind of decoration in your villa, you are simply violating the house and spoiling things.
The last thing that comes out is either nondescript or will be laughed at.
There is no own style at all, no unique artistic conception at all.
Moreover, this style is too common, and Jiang Hao doesn’t like to do everything the same as others.
He prefers to be independent.
However, at this time, Xue Yuning had the design plan in his hands. But it satisfies the feeling that Jiang Hao wants.
That is a design scheme that highlights the relationship between environment and people. The main body of the design is pure white. The design will also make some subtle changes to the appearance of the villa to make it more in line with the overall style.
By then, the entire villa area will be built into a quiet and relaxing environment.
The exterior of the white theme, plus some details of antiquity treatment. Coupled with the perfect combination of the entire building exterior, a layer of bamboo forest and greenery, the entire villa seems to be hidden in nature, completely separated from the outside noise.
The woods with fragrance of birds and flowers, the quiet creek winding past the villa, a small bridge and a small pavilion, complement each other, just like a dream.
Although the atmosphere of the villa is generally in harmony with nature, the overall structure of the villa highlights the sense of technology.
According to the design plan, the interior structure of the villa almost all uses the current cutting-edge technology to make life more convenient and comfortable.
With picturesque scenery and technological experience, people living in this comfortable environment feel like a fairy.
“Yeah, this design plan is great, let alone you, I am also moved.” Jiang Hao smiled and said to Xue Yuning, “How about we order this?”
Xue Yuning heard Jiang Hao’s words. Hesitated, pointing to the other design schemes aside, and said: “Why don’t we take a look at others, in case there is something you like better.”
Jiang Hao nodded Xue Yuning’s forehead with his finger, hehe laughed I laughed: “Silly girl, what you like is my favorite. What’s more, I also watched them just now. It’s so much different from this. If you don’t read it, this is the design plan. Don’t say it. I really like this design scheme.”
Qiao San on the side saw Jiang Hao praise the design scheme so generously. He immediately smiled and leaned forward and said: “Jiang Shao, you and Madam Shao have a really good vision. To be honest, I read this design plan and think it’s great.”
Qiao San hurriedly continued: “Don’t think I’m flattering you, I’m not, I’m not telling you, I’ve been in the hotel industry for so many years, and I have been dealing with decoration for decades. What design scheme is good? Okay, I can see it at a glance, but to be honest, this plan really makes me feel amazing. It’s really great. The one I invested several hundred million in Chujiang East to build in accordance with the seven-star standard. the eco-hotel, in fact, I wanted to fight you to this style, but I find that a Singapore designer, but I feel ah, your design compared to this, or a lot worse …… ” in fact, Qiao San said that he was not flattering, but in fact there was a little bit.
But he didn’t lie. He has been in a hotel for so many years, and he can tell at a glance what is good or bad for things like decoration.
However, the design scheme that Xue Yuning fancyed, he really thought it was great.
However, Qiao San frowned slightly when he looked at the booklet, because he seemed to realize that he did not remember who gave him this design plan.
Almost all of the design schemes here are made by Qiao San’s friends or the decoration design company he often cooperates with. Therefore, he basically knows which company designed these designs.
But the pamphlet in Xue Yuning’s hands really made him somewhat puzzled.
But seeing Jiang Hao in the mood at this time, Qiao San didn’t say much, for fear that Jiang Hao’s great interest would be swept away in a while.
And after hearing that Qiao San was so sure of this design plan, Jiang Hao obviously recognized and affirmed this design plan in his heart.
Jiang Hao glanced at Qiao San and said, “Mr. Qiao, let’s make a decision. Let’s use this design plan. Now you can help me see which design company this is the plan, and just finalize it.”
Jiang Hao scratched his head and said with a smile: “But…I don’t have experience in decorating this kind of thing, so I hope Mr. Qiao you can help me out…”
Qiao San heard the words and hurriedly nodded: “Okay, no problem, don’t worry, Shao Jiang, the decoration of your villa is covered by me. I will do my best. Then, please give the design plan in your hand. I took a look, I took a look at which company it was, and when I turned back, I contacted that company directly.”
Jiang Hao nodded without thinking, and directly passed the design to Qiao San.
Qiao San directly looked at the title page at the back of the design plan, but when he saw the decoration company indicated at the back. The whole person couldn’t help being taken aback.
“Dad, what’s the matter?” Qiao Dong on the side seemed to notice something wrong, rushed over, and asked in a low voice, “Is there any problem?”
Qiao Dong followed his father’s gaze and looked at the title page. Company name.
Just looking at it, Qiao Dong couldn’t help but his face suddenly changed. He didn’t even speak for a long time.
Jiang Hao also saw that there was a problem with the father and son. He frowned and asked, “What’s wrong with Mr. Qiao?”
Qiao San was called to his senses by Jiang Hao. His face was a little ugly, and he pointed his finger at the title page. Said: “Jiang Shao…you, look at it for yourself…”
Jiang Hao frowned further, quickly took a look at the title page, and his eyes instantly fell on the name of the company.
“Chujiang Donglin Decoration Design Company…” Jiang Hao read the name silently, and then he was taken aback.
“This……” Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning, but stopped talking.
This is a coincidence, right?
I saw so many design schemes, but in the end I didn’t catch my eye, but I finally got one that I liked very much. In the end, it was such a coincidence. Was it made by Wang Jiani’s father’s company?
Jiang Hao didn’t know what to say. Because he remembered that just now, he also said that no matter what kind of design scheme Wang Donglin’s company makes, he would not want it. Isn’t this too fast?
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but hesitate for a while, and finally set his eyes on Xue Yuning.
At this time Xue Yuning also understood what was going on, and felt that it was a bit difficult to handle.
As a result, she really likes this design scheme.
In every girl’s mind, she will have an idea about her future home. Although everyone’s fantasy is not the same, she still thinks about approaching in the most ideal direction in her mind.
Obviously, the design plan made by Wang Donglin Company. It hit the softest place in Xue Yuning’s heart with extremely precision.
Almost every landscape and building in this design is the most beautiful one in Xue Yuning’s mind.
She sincerely likes and loves this design scheme.
But now the problem is coming. Such a perfect design came from Wang Jiani’s father’s company…
To be honest, Xue Yuning, in his heart, also rejects Wang Jiani and Wang Jiani’s father’s design company very much.
She did not even expect that Wang Jiani’s father’s design company would design such a perfect plan.
But Jiang Hao has already stated very clearly before. In any case, even if Wang Donglin’s design company designs Tiangong, he will not want it.
Xue Yuning didn’t want to go against Jiang Hao’s wishes, let alone embarrass Jiang Hao.
But she really liked this design plan…
For Xue Yuning, this was a dilemma.
So after Jiang Hao asked himself, Xue Yuning fell into a long contemplation.
She thought about it for a long time…
“Yuning?” Jiang Hao whispered to Xue Yuning, which brought Xue Yuning’s thoughts back from a distance.
“Ah? Oh…” Xue Yuning smiled awkwardly and looked at Jiang Hao. At this moment, she already had the answer in her heart.
Xue Yuning smiled at Jiang Hao, ripped off the design plan in Jiang Hao’s hand, and then threw it aside.
Xue Yuning smiled and said: “I don’t like this plan anymore, let’s look at other things.”
Xue Yuning’s attitude seemed very determined, but Jiang Hao naturally could see that Xue Yuning said this deliberately, deliberately so speechless.
She did it for her own face, Jiang Hao also knew. How much Xue Yuning likes this design scheme.
Xue Yuning’s actions made Jiang Hao feel grateful, but he felt a little uncomfortable.
But at this time, Xue Yuning seemed to have decided. He didn’t even look at the lost design plan. Instead, he directly picked up the design plan that was just passed by himself and looked at it from the beginning.
Xue Yuning watched. He also smiled and said: “Look, I guess I didn’t look carefully just now. I think this design style is also pretty good. This golden background wall design, and the marble fence outside, especially the crystal in the middle. Chandelier… ”
Jiang Hao can naturally see that Xue Yuning pretended to show all this for herself, she was just for the sake of not embarrassing herself.
Xue Yuning was still watching. I looked very carefully…
Jiang Hao hesitated looking at the design plan that Xue Yuning had thrown away. He was stunned and hesitated for a long time…
Finally, Jiang Hao made a move. He walked over and picked it up. This booklet Xue Yuning lost. The moment he picked up the thing, Jiang Hao had already made up his mind, his heart no longer tangled, and a calm smile appeared on his face.
“Mr. Qiao.” Jiang Hao walked to Qiao San and Xue Yuning, smiled at Qiao Sandao, “You go to contact Wang Donglin, their company’s design plan has been adopted.”
As soon as Jiang Hao said this, it was like a shock. Not only was Qiao Sanleng on the spot, even Xue Yuning raised his head in astonishment and looked at Jiang Hao with a look of disbelief.
“Shao Jiang, don’t forget it, don’t worry, I have friends in Japan, Europe and even the Americas. I will ask them to find some top international home improvement design companies. This design is ten times better. There is no need for you to bow your head to a few ants because of a design plan? ”
Obviously, Qiao San is a bit angry for Jiang Hao.
But Jiang Hao smiled. He looked at Xue Yuning and said, “No, this is good. As long as Yu Ning likes it, I can do anything.”

Chapter: 160
Xue Yuning was moved to cry when he heard Jiang Hao’s words.
Xue Yuning certainly understood how much Jiang Hao would sacrifice for himself this time.
He is a character who even lowers his eyebrows and is pleasing to the ears of a great Chujiang owl like Qiao San. Now for a design plan, he has to bow his head to Wang Jiani and Wang Donglin who are not influential at all.
For Jiang Hao, this not only lost face, but even lost his dignity.
Although Xue Yuning didn’t know if Jiang Hao also had his own kind of wealthy second-generation, second-generation ancestor circle. if so. It is estimated that because of this incident, Jiang Hao couldn’t even lift his head in front of his colleagues afterwards, and he might be laughed at for a long time.
This matter is not a simple design plan at all, but a matter of dignity.
“No, Jiang Hao, I said, I don’t like that design plan anymore, let’s not let it go!” Xue Yuning seemed very determined, and immediately stepped forward to grab the brochure in Jiang Hao’s hand.
But Jiang Hao avoided. He smiled and shook his head at Xue Yuning slightly: “Nonsense, don’t think I can’t see it. You like this design too much. I think if you miss this design, you might not like it anymore. , So I don’t want you to miss it, Yu Ning!”
Jiang Hao’s attitude also appeared very determined at this time, and since he has already decided something, he will definitely not change it.
He has made up his mind to make this design plan.
Seeing that the two of them couldn’t help but quarrel, the Qiao family father and son on the side also seemed very embarrassed.
Qiao Dong couldn’t help but glanced at his father secretly, apparently asking what to do.
But what you say now is probably not too good.
If he supported Xue Yuning, Jiang Hao would be very upset.
But if he supported Jiang Hao, Xue Yuning was happy and unhappy. Another said, in case Jiang Hao is really because of this thing in the future, others will know the laughingstock. Then Jiang Hao will remember it again in the future, that he did it by himself. With this decision, can’t you push all the responsibilities on yourself in the future?
Of course, Qiao San doesn’t know Jiang Hao’s personality so well, but he knows this kind of second generation ancestor very well. Such people have always been uncertain.
Qiao Sanyi also felt some embarrassment at the time.
But at this moment, his mind suddenly moved, and a wonderful attention came in an instant.
Qiao San quickly interrupted Jiang Hao, and said with a smile: “Jiang Shao, in fact, I think. There is another way to prevent you from being laughed at in the future, and you can get this design plan!”
Jiang Hao heard Qiao San Then he immediately became interested, and quickly said: “Oh? Really? Then you can tell, what on earth to do.”
Qiao San laughed, and then said: “That’s it, since Miss Yu Ning is really like this program, I think as I find a friend, or someone else in the name of the company, bought the design scheme, deceitful anyway Wang Donglin can not believe this is we do? ”
” review this design The right to use is in our hands. We can use this design scheme without worrying about being laughed at. Isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?” After
Qiao San said these words, he couldn’t help being a little smug, because he felt that this The method is simply too good to be better.
“Yes, this method is good!” Qiao Dong on the side heard Qiao San’s method and couldn’t help but praised him, “This method is really good, so that Wang Donglin must have nothing to say, and we can still Continue to use this design plan. It will kill two birds with one stone, and no one will have any opinions. Moreover, Jiang Shao, my dad and I can handle this matter for you. You don’t need to show up at all…”
This is indeed a good way, at least Can keep Jiang Hao’s face.
Otherwise, if Wang Donglin and his daughter were to know that Jiang Hao would continue to use their design plan, it is estimated that they will float to the sky by then, maybe they will say something.
At first hearing this method, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little moved. After all, who doesn’t care about his reputation?
But soon, Jiang Hao showed a slightly excited face, and calmed down again.
He looked at Qiao San, shook his head, and said, “Forget it, I appreciate your kindness, but I just like to seek truth from facts and don’t like to do crooked things. You should do it.”
When Jiang Hao said this, he couldn’t help but laughed at himself, and continued: “Wang Jiani and his dad don’t believe that I bought the villa anyway. Can I be guilty of talking to them so much? Mr. Qiao, just do it. No matter what goes wrong in this matter, it has nothing to do with you. I will take all the responsibilities by myself.”
“This…” Qiao San heard the words, his face was a little ugly, but Now that Jiang Hao has said this, he doesn’t say much anymore.
“Jiang Hao, I really don’t want that design plan…” Xue Yuning’s face turned red and looked at Jiang Hao, “You should understand what kind of person Grandma Wang Jiani is. If she knew about this, she would definitely I’m a joke of you, I guess you will be spreading this thing around then. Then you…”
Jiang Hao smiled, raised his hand to signal Xue Yuning not to say anything, and said, “Don’t worry, I know it in my heart.”
Seeing Jiang Hao had decided, and Xue Yuning didn’t seem to insist anymore, because she knew very well that she couldn’t hold back Jiang Hao at all, and in the end she could only nod silently, which was regarded as acquiescence.
When Qiao San on the side saw this, I couldn’t talk much. He sighed heavily, and said, “Hey, then Jiang Shao, then I will deal with it…”
After speaking, Qiao San was about to turn his head and leave.
But before he left, he was stopped by Jiang Hao again.
“President Qiao, please wait a moment.” Jiang Hao suddenly thought of what Xue Yuning had told herself before that her relatives were coming to Chujiang. “I have something to do, and I want to ask Mr. Qiao.”
Qiao San grinned. He laughed: “Hey, Jiang Shao, just tell me if you have anything to do, what are you being polite to me? It’s not called helping you, but I can share the burden for you. That is my honour to Qiao San, you say yes…”
This Joe San really can talk, which makes Jiang Hao a little embarrassed to speak.
“That… it’s like this. In two days, some of Yu Ning’s relatives may come to Chujiang to play, so I hope Mr. Qiao you can see if you can stay in Haoyue Hotel. Reserve a few rooms for you. Huh?”
Hearing Xue Yuning’s relatives, Qiao San immediately nodded in response: “No problem, this is a big deal, Jiang Shao, don’t worry, I will deal with it smoothly for you. I will let you go back. Someone will arrange it in advance.”
After speaking, Qiao San will continue walking, but he just took two steps before he stopped again, and he looked at Jiang Hao with a smile on his face. Continue to speak: “Jiang Shao, I think maybe six cars will be served at the Haoyue Hotel!”
Qiao San’s words made Jiang Hao startled for a moment, and said embarrassingly: “Why, Mr. Qiao, you…repent?”
Qiao San hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands. Said: “No, no, no, how can this be, it is like this, didn’t I just tell you, I built a new original ecological hotel in Yunwu Mountain, Chujiang, named Yunwu Manor. It is built according to the standard of a seven-star hotel, which is much stronger than this Haoyue Hotel, so I think, or let Miss Yu Ning’s relatives live directly in the Yunwu Manor, and the traffic there is more convenient. It’s particularly convenient to go to the city or tourist attractions…” After hearing what Qiao San said, Jiang Hao immediately decided: “Well, I’ll go to Yunwu Manor, then I will trouble Mr. Qiao to arrange it. ”
Qiao San hey smiled:” Look at what you said, what’s the trouble, you don’t look at what our house does, don’t worry, from tomorrow on, I’ll tell you to go down and leave some of the best guest rooms, and then you will take someone there. When you check in, just say my name. ”
Jiang Hao nodded when he heard this, but when everything seemed to have been decided, Xue Yuning on the side suddenly spoke.
“Farewell Jiang Hao, just arrange it casually. What are you doing in such a good place?”
Of course, Xue Yuning is a little angry, but for those who have bullied herself and her mother, it is impossible not only not to hate them, but also to be passionate. Entertain them?
Haoyue Hotel seems to be luxurious enough, should it be better?

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