I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 161-170

Chapter: 161
“Forget it Jiang Hao.” Xue Yuning took Jiang Hao’s arm and pleaded, “They…you just arrange it in an ordinary hotel, there is no need to spend too much money. ”
Xue Yuning was naturally not afraid of spending money, but felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.
However, Jiang Hao thought that Xue Yuning was only afraid of spending money, and was thinking of herself.
“It’s okay.” Jiang Hao smiled, “Don’t worry, I still have the money for a few days in the hotel.”
In Jiang Hao’s view, since he is Xue Yuning’s relative, of course he should take it seriously.
For one thing, this can reflect the importance he attaches to Xue Yuning, and it is also what he wants to pay for Xue Yuning from the heart.
Secondly. It can also show Xue Yuning’s relatives that he is sincere to Xue Yuning, and it also proves that Xue Yuning has found a good boyfriend.
But Xue Yuning felt uncomfortable in her heart. To be honest, she really wanted to tell Jiang Hao everything, and tell Jiang Hao how those relatives targeted herself and her mother.
What’s more, if there weren’t really such big grievances, how could Xue Yuning, such a kind-hearted person, hold such grudges?
But she couldn’t tell Jiang Hao. Xue Yuning knew very well that if he had told Jiang Hao about the past things, Jiang Hao would definitely be angry, and he might do something irrational.
And there was one thing she believed in. That is, after Jiang Hao learned that he and his mother owed so much money to these people, he would take the initiative to help him pay off the debt.
This was something Xue Yuning didn’t want or wanted anyway.
Still the same sentence, she really didn’t want to owe Jiang Hao too much, otherwise she was afraid that she would not be able to pay it back in her lifetime.
And Xue Yuning had another consideration, and that was his relatives who saw the money open. If you see that Jiang Hao is so rich, would you think about Jiang Hao?
Xue Yuning knows his relatives very well. To put it bluntly, they are all masters who cannibalize people without spitting out bones. These people only have money in their eyes. There is no family friendship.
If these people really find that Jiang Hao is rich, and turn their heads back on the two of them, that would be the most terrifying thing. It is not clear what these people will do in the end.
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning couldn’t help but feel a little worried. She was really afraid that this time it would have any bad influence on Jiang Hao.
If something like that really happened, he would only owe Jiang Hao more, something Xue Yuning didn’t want anyway.
So in any case, Xue Yuning had to prevent Jiang Hao from booking hotels for these people. In that way, wouldn’t they know Jiang Hao’s identity as soon as they met?
Xue Yuning looked at Jiang Hao and shook his head repeatedly: “Jiang Hao, do you listen to me? If you don’t listen to me, I will be angry!”
Xue Yuning really couldn’t find a good way to stop Jiang Hao. , So I had to move out of this rhetoric.
Seeing Xue Yuning’s resolute attitude, Jiang Hao couldn’t help being stunned. He curled his lips and asked curiously: “Yuning, what’s the matter with you? I…I’ll book some good accommodation hotels for your relatives. Isn’t it right? Why are you angry about this?”
Xue Yuning was afraid that Jiang Hao would ask that because she didn’t know how to answer Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning hesitated for a long time before pretending to be a tough tone: “Oh, what’s the matter with you, I said I wouldn’t let you make a reservation, and you will be obedient. If you are like this, I will leave…”
After speaking, Xue Yuning pretended to be very angry, ready to leave?
But Xue Yuning’s move. It really made Jiang Hao stunned.
He didn’t understand why Xue Yuning was suddenly angry, didn’t he provoke her?
Besides, I prepared the best hotel, not because those people were relatives of her Xue Yuning?
Didn’t I book the best hotels for these people to make Xue Yuning look so long in front of his relatives?
Jiang Hao sighed, he really couldn’t understand Xue Yuning more and more.
Is it true that you are afraid of spending money?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but smile.
Because this is really a joke, let alone more, how much is the best suite in Haoyue Hotel for a night?
Nine thousand eight!
Jiang Hao didn’t believe it, it’s hard for Xue Yuning’s family to come over to hundreds of relatives and friends, and he has to contract this Haoyue Hotel to be able to entertain him.
But even so, if he rented a hotel, it would cost more than one million a night. With Jiang Hao’s own financial resources, even if he provided these people to live here for a year, there would be no big problem.
Jiang Hao smiled, and quickly went up to comfort Xue Yuning, and said: “Yuning, don’t worry, I can’t spend much, I know, you must be afraid that I will spend too much, but it is not all your family members. Well, I don’t care for you.”
Jiang Hao’s words really moved Xue Yuning, especially the last sentence.
But she really wanted to tell Jiang Hao that he was wrong, and she was really not worried about this.
Therefore, Xue Yuning did not reply Jiang Hao’s words at all.
However, Qiao San, who had been watching his words for a long time at this time, suddenly stood up after Jiang Hao’s words and said with a smile: “Jiang Shao, where are you talking? Check in my Qiao San hotel, I How dare you to collect your money? Don’t worry, no matter how many family members Ms. Yu Ning will come to, I will accept all of them, and arrange the best suites and treat them with the best treatment. As for the expenses, you say you pay, this Isn’t it humiliating me Qiao San? Oh, tell you, all the expenses of Miss Yu Ning’s family are covered by Qiao San…” I have to say, Qiao San’s words are really beautiful. The end also made Jiang Hao feel very comfortable. Although he was not short of the money, Qiao San undoubtedly gave him a lot of face. This is more comfortable than how much money.
And Jiang Hao also believed that if Xue Yuning had listened to Qiao San’s words, he would have dispelled his worries.
Jiang Hao smiled and looked at Xue Yuning, and hurriedly said: “Hey, Yu Ning, don’t you worry now, Qiao always said that…” It’s just that Jiang Hao hasn’t finished speaking, but Xue Yuning frowned. He directly pushed away Jiang Hao’s hands: “Oh no, Jiang Hao, just say that you promised not to promise me today. If you don’t agree, I won’t need you to help entertain me. Thank you for your kindness, I understand. ”
After speaking, Xue Yuning looked at Jiang Hao seriously. Waiting for Jiang Hao’s answer.
It’s just completely stunned.
What’s happening here? What does she mean?
“Yuning, you…what do you mean, tell me, you…I…” Jiang Hao really didn’t understand what Xue Yuning was going to do.
But as soon as he said this, Xue Yuning’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he was about to leave the private room when he changed his body.
Jiang Hao was anxious at this moment. He hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull Jiang Hao: “Yuning Yuning, don’t leave, don’t leave …” “If you don’t agree, I can only leave.” Xue Yuning broke free of Jiang Hao’s hands without looking back, and said.
This time Jiang Hao really lost his temper. He hurried to catch up and stopped Xue Yuning’s path. He looked at Qiao San with a tangled expression on his face: “Oh… okay, okay, I promised you, I will listen to you. Okay?”
Jiang Hao really didn’t understand Xue Yuning, shook his head helplessly, and could only use this trick for the time being.
This time Xue Yuning seemed to be satisfied. The expression on her face stretched a lot, and she said softly to Jiang Hao: “I’m sorry Jiang Hao, I really didn’t mean to lose my temper with you. Actually…hey, there are some things that I don’t want to follow. You say, but please listen to me, thank you.”
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s back and felt helpless. He smiled awkwardly at Qiao San, apparently there was nothing he could do.
“Then…Jiang Shao, what should we do?” Qiao San asked tentatively.
Jiang Hao also scratched his head, obviously he didn’t know what to do.
After pondering for a moment, Jiang Hao said: “Let’s do it, Mr. Qiao. You should keep the suite in Yunwu Manor. Let me see the situation later.”
Qiao San quickly nodded: “Okay, I understand Shao Jiang, it’s you. Not to mention, I will definitely stay for you. Don’t worry, I will do these things properly for you. You can go after Miss Yu Ning.”
Qiao San showed an old face. , Said with a smile: “Hey, young little girls have a small temper, don’t mind, go and have a look, and say a few good things, and she will not be angry.”
Jiang Hao smiled at Qiao San after hearing this. Laughing, shook his head helplessly: “Haha, as expected, Jiang is still old and spicy, well, I’ll leave first, so I’ll trouble Mr. Joe.” Qiao nodded threefold, watching Jiang Hao leave.
Jiang Hao left the private room and hurried downstairs to chase Xue Yuning, but Xue Yuning did not go far at this time, but squatted lonely on the marble steps outside the hotel.
“Yuning, you are fine.” Jiang Hao walked over and looked at Xue Yuning who was holding his shoulders. That scene made him feel a little distressed about her.
Xue Yuning sobbed, and quickly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, stood up, but turned her back to Jiang Hao, and said repeatedly: “I’m fine, it’s fine.”
“How could it be fine. Are you crying?” Jiang Hao hurriedly When I walked to the opposite side of Xue Yuning, I saw that Xue Yuning’s beautiful eyes were red at this time, and there were tear marks on the corners of his eyes.
“What’s wrong with Yu Ning?”
“It’s okay.” Xue Yuning sorted out her expression, and worked hard to make a smiling face at Jiang Hao, and said, “It’s really okay, what am I doing lie to you!”
Of course Jiang Hao knew that Xue Yuning was perfunctory, but he It is also very clear to Xue Yuning’s character. It is estimated that no matter how she asks, it will only be in vain in the end. She will not tell herself what happened.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help sighing, looked at Xue Yuning, and said affectionately: “Yuning, if you are upset or encounter any difficulties, I hope you must tell me.”
Jiang Hao wiped Xue Yuning’s eyes with his hand . Tears, continue to say: “You must know that no matter when we two, we must support each other. No matter what happens to you, don’t be afraid, because behind you, there is another me, no matter what Things, when and where, I will be your support.”
Jiang Hao finished this sentence and directly hugged Xue Yuning in his arms.
And nestled in Jiang Hao’s arms, Xue Yuning also really felt warm and secure.
In the past, when she lived with her mother, Xue Yuning felt more anxiety and fear.
The mother and daughter are helpless, and sometimes even eating becomes a problem.
During that period of time, Xue Yuning really felt that the whole world was full of malice towards herself, and even made her extremely resistant to everything around her.
At that time, Xue Yuning would not believe that one day he would meet a shoulder worth relying on.
But today, she really found it.
Xue Yuning raised her head and looked at Jiang Hao affectionately. It was almost the first time that she felt that the gap between herself and Jiang Hao was melting a little bit.
Xue Yuning couldn’t help biting her lip gently, praying in her heart that she could go on with Jiang Hao…

Chapter: 162
The two left the Haoyue Hotel and did not rush back to school.
Jiang Hao took Xue Yuning to have a hot pot meal, and then went shopping for a while.
On this day, both Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning felt extremely fulfilled.
When returning to school at night, Jiang Hao’s cell phone rang suddenly, and he glanced at the number, it was Ye Yunjie.
Jiang Hao quickly connected: “Hey, sister Ye, what’s the matter?”
Jiang Hao went straight to the subject and asked the other party what’s the matter.
Jiang Hao knew that Ye Yunjie was a bit busy lately, and Jiang Hao had also heard Ye Yunjie talk about it. First, in his own name, his father was preparing to make some investment in Chujiang, and Ye Yunjie was busy with these things.
For this, Jiang Hao admires and appreciates Ye Yunjie from the heart.
Because my father originally came to Chujiang to invest in, in fact, it was to accumulate some wealth for himself, so these things should be done by himself and done by himself.
But now, Ye Yunjie is basically taking care of these things, and she is already busy taking care of all of the Shen family’s industries in Chujiang.
Moreover, Jiang Hao had heard Ye Yunjie said before that it seems that the overseas Shen family will come to Chujiang for inspection in the near future. Ye Yunjie was naturally doing the reception.
That is to say, Ye Yunjie is now alone carrying the work of several people.
Jiang Hao really wanted to help share some things, but after thinking about it carefully, Jiang Hao gave up.
Not because he was too lazy to intervene. Want to be a real hand-off shopkeeper, but Jiang Hao really doesn’t know how to operate, let alone how to operate, he is simply a layman for many things.
In this way, if he wants to intervene in something, it will inevitably lead to a situation in which the layman leads the insider. At that time, not only can he not help Ye Yunjie deal with the matter, it is estimated that he will cause more troubles.
In this way, it is simply not worth the loss. Instead of doing this, I should not do it and leave it to Ye Yunjie with confidence.
While Ye Yunjie is sitting, she is appropriately involved in the decision-making and operation of some projects and has some experience.
Jiang Hao also believes that it won’t be long before this happens, and he will soon be able to be alone.
“Oh yes, it’s like this, Young Master Jiang. I called you to discuss something with you.” Ye Yunjie asked, “Are you…convenient? If it’s not convenient, I’ll talk about it later.
” Convenient and convenient.” Jiang Hao smiled and asked, “Sister Ye, what’s the matter, just tell me.”
Ye Yunjie said, “Well, it’s like this. Before, Mr. Shen didn’t allocate a sum of money from a private fund. It is for you to start a business, and now the money is in place, so according to Mr. Shen’s meaning, I want you to register a company first, and then decide the use of the funds. ”
Jiang Hao remembered that Ye Yunjie said to herself before . After spending this amount of money, and Ye Yunjie said last time, this amount of money may be as many as billions.
Jiang Hao suddenly became interested and quickly asked: “Sister Ye, then…how much did my dad give me this time?”
To be honest, Jiang Hao was extremely curious about the amount of money in his heart.
After all, this money is regarded as venture capital, and the amount of capital is almost equivalent to how much his father values ​​himself.
Jiang Hao cares about the money, and of course he wants to see how much his father values ​​himself.
However, Jiang Hao had guessed in his heart. Jiang Hao felt that the money was estimated to be two to three billion yuan.
After all, this amount of money is already a lot. Many people estimate that even if they start a business for a lifetime, they may not have so much wealth, and they are just a venture capital, so much.
Ye Yunjie on the other end of the phone seemed very calm. There was no stormy sea in her tone, but she said calmly:” Eight billion. ”
“Eight…” Jiang Hao was a little confused when he heard the number. “More…how much? Eighty billion?”
Jiang Hao was really dumbfounded when he heard the number.
With so much money, I also started a business, many people do business for a lifetime, and the net worth in their hands is not necessarily 8 billion, okay?
What’s more, my dad gave me 2 billion back before. This time I add the 8 billion to 10 billion.
Ten billion. Many people can’t make so much money in their entire lives. They just recognize a dad…
“Really? Sister Ye!” Jiang Hao couldn’t believe it and wanted to see if Ye Yunjie was holding herself. For fun, deliberately talking nonsense.
Although Jiang Hao also felt that Ye Yunjie wouldn’t lie about this kind of thing, and in terms of Ye Yunjie’s personality, she wouldn’t be making such a joke with herself at all.
“Of course it’s true!” Ye Yunjie said in a very sure tone, “And… let me tell you the truth, I think Mr. Shen meant to let you cultivate deeply in this place of Chujiang, so this eight billion, maybe It’s just a preliminary fund.”
Ye Yunjie paused, seeming to hesitate, whether to say something.
After a long time, she continued to speak: “Jiang Shao, there are some things that I did not get Mr. Shen’s permission. It is difficult to say, but I want to tell you one thing, that is, Chu Jiang is definitely not as ordinary as it seems. , It’s just a small third-tier city, Chujiang, this place, one day, you will be amazed. Otherwise, Mr. Shen would never want to invest in this place so emphatically. Well, I’ll just say so much, some You don’t know the matter, and I can’t tell you it. Let’s take the time to discuss it. I’ll go back and register the company first. Then I’ve selected all the procedures and company address, and I’ll let you know.”
Jiang Hao nodded when he heard the words, “Well, thank Sister Ye, you have worked hard.”
Ye Yunjie smiled rarely: ” It’s okay. These are all things I should do. They are all things that Mr. Shen told me. Of course, I have to do it wholeheartedly. Then you are busy, I will hang up! ”
Ye Yunjie hung up the phone, but Jiang Hao’s heart was a little uneasy at this time.
For one thing, it was his father who gave himself so much money this time, which really surprised Jiang Hao.
Secondly. Ye Yunjie just stopped talking, as if she and her father had many things to hide from herself.
What are they hiding from themselves? Why is Chu Jiang not like it looks like on the surface?
To be honest, what Ye Yunjie said just now really aroused Jiang Hao’s infinite curiosity.
Seeing Jiang Hao sinking into thought, Xue Yuning couldn’t help frowning slightly, and asked curiously: “Jiang Hao, what’s the matter with you? Who made the call just now.”
Jiang Hao recovered and smiled: “It’s Ye Sister.”
“It’s so late, is she okay?”
Jiang Hao nodded: “She said that my dad gave me a sum of money to support my business.”
Xue Yuning smiled happily after hearing this, “That’s a good thing.” Ah, why do you seem to be upset? By the way. How much start-up capital did your father give you?”
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning, his face turned red, and said: “Eight…”
“Eight hundred thousand?” Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao’s expression remained the same, and then her expression was a little surprised. She picked up the mineral water in her hand and wanted to take a sip of shock. “Eight million? So many?”
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly and shook her head: “No, eight billion. ! ”
” Poof …… ”
Xue rain condensate a direct saliva spray out, his face looked extremely complex Jiang Hao, some simply stunned, stammered and said:”?? how much eighty eight …… …… one hundred million. ”
This time it was Xue Yuning’s turn to be shocked. She looked at Jiang Hao and did not recover for a long time, as if her soul was out of her body.
This scared Jiang Hao so much. He quickly patted Xue Yuning on the back and asked nervously, “What’s wrong with you, Yuning? Is it okay?”
After being photographed by Jiang Hao, Xue Yuning finally came back to his senses, and asked in disbelief, “Jiang Hao, are you making fun of me? Eight billion? What are you kidding? If there is so much money. , What kind of sub-business are you still creating? I guess you can’t spend a lifetime…”
Xue Yuning really wanted to hear Jiang Hao say that he was just lying to himself.
But no, Jiang Hao seemed serious. More serious.
“What I said is true.” Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning and said, “Yuning, my dad really gave me eight billion.”
Xue Yuning’s heart was surging with stormy waves at this time, she couldn’t believe it, Jiang Hao’s father The money given to him is in 100 million units.
This is too exaggerated, right?
Xue Yuning at this time. Can’t help but become curious about Jiang Hao’s identity.
To be honest, she only knew that Jiang Hao was a rich second-generation, but she didn’t know how rich his family was and how it came from.
Xue Yuning even felt that Jiang Hao’s father. It is estimated that just a big boss, even if he is very rich, has a net worth of several hundred million, at most several hundred million.
But Xue Yuning didn’t expect that he seemed to be very wrong, otherwise. Could it be that Jiang Hao’s father gave all his assets to this son to start a business?
At this time, Xue Yuning became extremely curious about Jiang Hao’s life experience. She looked at Jiang Hao carefully like never before. After hesitating for a long time, she asked, “Jiang Hao, who is your father?”
Jiang Haowen Yan, first fell into silence for a while.
Because he promised his father that he would not tell others about his life experience.
But Jiang Hao turned around and thought for a while, Xue Yuning is not an outsider, she is her most beloved person, maybe, tell her the secret of her life experience, there should be no problem, right?
At this time, the two of them were sitting in the school stadium.
At this time, there was a huge billboard beside the street.
Jiang Hao looked at the portrait of his father on the billboard and said seriously to Xue Yuning, “Yuning, who do you guess my dad is?”
Xue Yuning frowned. At this time, what appeared in her mind was almost the most in the country. The top few rich people.
But seeing Jiang Hao’s face, Xue Yuning denied them one by one in her heart. She shook her head and became extremely curious again: “I don’t know, Jiang Hao, who is your father?”
Jiang Hao smiled. , Pointing to the huge billboard, said seriously: “My dad is Shen Haoting.”

Chapter: 163
Xue Yuning looked in the direction of Jiang Hao’s fingers and saw Shen Haoting on the huge billboard not far away.
She was startled for a moment, and then showed a surprised expression again.
“Jiang…Jiang Hao is really fake? Your dad…your dad is Shen Haoting?” Xue Yuning stammered.
Jiang Hao nodded silently before he said: “Yes, my dad is Shen Haoting. That overseas Chinese richest man.”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s affirmative answer, Xue Yuning suddenly became calm.
She didn’t expect that Jiang Hao’s father turned out to be this big brother.
Who is Shen Haoting? In the Chujiang area, it is estimated that no one knows that no one knows, almost as old as the elderly. The children who have just started kindergarten all know who this person is.
But most people also know that Shen Haoting is a top successful businessman who walked out of Chujiang. But I don’t know what Shen Haoting did in Chujiang in the past.
There are rumors that the Shen family of Shen Haoting, who was the descendant of Shen Wansan, the richest man in the Ming Dynasty, later moved overseas to escape the disaster of extermination.
As for the Shen Haoting branch, the Shen family was actually left behind in the Huaxia branch, and it was still a line of clan family, that is to say, they belonged to the core layer of the Shen family in blood.
Later, it may be that the overseas Shen family was not prosperous. Although the family had a big family, the heir became a problem.
Only then did I think that there is still such a clan in the mainland, found Shen Haoting, and went overseas to inherit the huge Shen family business.
Of course, this is only anecdotal rumors. Except for the core layer of the Shen family, no one probably knows what is going on.
Moreover, there are actually many different opinions about Shen Haoting’s life experience, some of which are bizarre, and some are simply nonsense, rumors that bloggers eyeballs.
For example, some people say that Shen Haoting is actually born with some supernatural powers, so he was invited to leave by his overseas colleagues as the head of the family.
This is obviously too low credibility, so more often, it’s just as a big guy after dinner.
But even so, but obviously, the whole Chujiang. The enthusiasm for Shen Haoting has always been very high, especially after hearing that Shen Haoting will soon lead the overseas Shen family and make a huge investment in Chu River. Shen Haoting’s enthusiasm in the entire Chu River has reached its peak.
So since then, almost all the billboards on the streets and alleys of Chujiang City have been posted with advertisements or slogans about Shen Haoting.
And the local chambers of commerce companies in Chujiang are all suffocating, waiting for the arrival of this big man.
Everyone knows. The overseas Shen family is rich and powerful, and if anyone can catch up with this line, then he won’t be able to say Jackie Chan becomes a phoenix afterwards. Feihuang Tengda is for sure.
Moreover, the Shen family handles almost all major projects. If anyone can get a share of these major projects, they will probably be able to eat and drink.
Therefore, as far as Chu Jiang is concerned, the name Shen Haoting. It seems to have become synonymous with God of Wealth.
Many people are counting on it, relying on Shen Haoting to reach the sky by themselves.
And Xue Yuning didn’t expect that this person who seemed to be only in the legend would turn out to be Jiang Hao’s father. It might not be too sensational, right?
“Really, Jiang Hao!” Xue Yuning asked in surprise. “You… why didn’t you tell me before? Also, why did I rarely hear you talk about your father?”
Obviously, it was a bit difficult for Xue Yuning to accept this matter immediately.
She even had some doubts and was even more curious about Jiang Hao’s life experience.
Jiang Hao could see Xue Yuning’s curiosity. After thinking about it, he felt that Xue Yuning was not an outsider, and his life experience told her that it was too fine.
Jiang Hao then said: “I didn’t tell you before because my father said that I didn’t let me tell anyone about my life experience.”
Jiang Hao held Xue Yuning’s hand. Continued: “Actually, I just learned about my life experience not long ago. I didn’t even know that Shen Haoting was my father in the past. I didn’t even know that my father was still alive.”
“Huh?” Xue Yuning cried out in surprise. “How is it possible? You… didn’t you know your life experience in the past? And what do you mean he didn’t know he was still alive? Did you always think he was dead?”
Jiang Hao nodded. He began to talk to Xue Yuning about his life experience.
Jiang Hao has always depended on his mother since he can remember. At that time, the two of them were in their hometown in the country, and their lives were very poor. It’s not easy.
And since childhood, his mother told Jiang Hao that his father had died before he was born, and his mother seemed to hate his father so much that every time he said that his father died, his mother’s eyes were full. It is hatred.
From that time on, in Jiang Hao’s consciousness, Liu had already determined that his father had died and that he had followed his mother’s surname since childhood, and had been Jiang.
Jiang Hao simply said this, sighed, and continued: “Until that day, my dad called me!”

Chapter: 164
Then Jiang Hao talked about how he was humiliated by Fang Xiao before, and how his father found himself. And gave himself two billion.
“Huh? Your father just gave you a phone call, and he transferred two billion directly to you?” Xue Yuning was shocked. It was obvious that the behavior of the rich caught her by surprise.
Jiang Hao also smiled. Explain quickly: “Maybe my dad had already made a clear investigation of my life experience before then. And my dad seems to know that my mother still hates him, so I must keep this secret and not let my mother I know.”
“Then does your mother know that your father is Shen Haoting, the richest man in overseas Chinese?” Xue Yuning asked curiously.
Jiang Hao scratched his head. In fact, he didn’t know it, but Jiang Hao speculated that the entire Chujiang City is now preaching his father’s name. Although his mother lives in the small town of his hometown all the year round, he might have learned some information.
But Jiang Hao didn’t know exactly what his mother thought.
And when it comes to mother. Jiang Hao also suddenly thought, how would he explain this to his mother in the future?
The mother obviously hates her father. What should she do to ease their relationship? Can the mother accept the father again?
Jiang Hao’s mind was confused, he hadn’t thought about these problems, and he didn’t know what to do.
Seeing Jiang Hao stunned, Xue Yuning hurriedly said again: “Jiang Hao, have you figured out how to use the eight billion yuan in the future? After all, this is an astronomical amount of funds. Hopefully you can do well. Use it to make a big business.”
Xue Yuning smiled and continued: “Your starting point is higher than many people, so you must be higher, but you should not have psychological pressure. Don’t worry, I will definitely stand behind you and support you!”
After speaking, Xue Yuning hugged Jiang Hao tightly.
Xue Yuning is at this moment. Still feel that all this came too suddenly, it seemed like a dream.
Own boyfriend. He suddenly became the son of Shen Haoting, the richest overseas Chinese man, and suddenly he became a rich man with tens of billions of funds.
Xue Yuning understands that when he wants to, he has more. The greater your responsibility.
This is true for Jiang Hao. His father gave him 8 billion, obviously hoping that he can make a big business.
This is Shen Haoting’s expectation of Jiang Hao, and it is also a kind of pressure invisibly. And it is huge pressure.
Some people are afraid of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and feel the pressure, let alone 8 billion funds?
Jiang Hao must be very difficult, so I must understand and support Jiang Hao more in the future.
Xue Yuning thought for a while, and suddenly asked Jiang Hao: “By the way, Jiang Hao, you are now majoring in civil engineering. I think this major. It doesn’t seem to be very helpful to your future career, or else. Would you like to change your major?”
As soon as Xue Yuning said what he said, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but stunned: “Change major?”
Jiang Hao never thought of this.
“Yes. You can learn about management or business-oriented subjects. This way. For your future career, it will definitely help a lot.” Xue Yuning explained.
Xue Yuning’s words seemed to make sense. Jiang Hao scratched his head, as if he had a little plan in his heart.
It’s just that he is now in his sophomore year, and it might be difficult to change his major.
“Well, think about it later.” Jiang Hao smiled at Xue Yuning, got up and said, “It’s late, I’ll send you back.”
Xue Yuning responded, and the two walked towards the dormitory.
Two days later, the toll gate of Chujiang City Expressway.
Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning waited here early, and kept looking at the toll gate.
Before coming here, Jiang Hao had already asked Xue Yuning, this time she had several relatives over.
In fact, Xue Yuning didn’t know exactly who came, because although she had called to inquire, she was severely scolded by the aunt on the other end of the phone.
The other party said frankly, “How many people do you care about us? Why, do you think we have too many people? Back then, you and your mother ate and drank in our house for so many years, we haven’t disliked you, have we? Looks like, when I just went to college, I felt that I was great, right? I look down on our relatives, don’t you? Do you think you will have a great future?”
Xue Yuning was a little speechless in the face of her aunt’s bombarded answers and questions. It doesn’t mean that at all.
Xue Yuning didn’t expect to see him for several years, but his aunt was still so aggressive.
Xue Yuning quickly explained: “No, no, my aunt, I didn’t mean that. I asked you how many people came, just to determine the number of people, so that I could book a hotel room. I really didn’t mean anything else…”
Who knows, at that time Before Xue Yuning finished speaking, the other party interrupted her directly and said rudely: “Come on, you don’t mean anything else, we still don’t understand you?”

Chapter: 165
“I tell you Xue Yuning, we will come this time. But with a purpose, we have already agreed with your mother, even if you agree, you must agree. If you don’t agree, you must agree. , Otherwise, don’t blame us for being polite!” Aunt Xue Yuning said on the phone.
“We still many people, I tell you. Let thousands of people, you do not want to book hotel? Then you put all the hotels are booked throughout the Chujiang it. Otherwise we are not enough to live!”
The other side entirely Being unreasonable, he was kind, but the other party completely ignored these, and instead spoke harshly to him. Xue Yuning felt very uncomfortable in his heart.
The other party hung up, and Xue Yuning fell into deep anxiety.
Of course Xue Yuning knew very well that the purpose of these relatives coming this time was for the old house of his mother’s hometown. Just now, what my aunt said was very clear. If I don’t figure it out this time. I will definitely not let it go back.
But what is to understand? Of course, this property was taken over.
These relatives are not once or twice coveting this property.
It’s just that this property was a will written in black and white by my grandfather back then, which he said was given to his mother.
And why did my grandfather leave this only property to his mother? On the one hand, I was moved by my mother’s idleness, and on the other hand, I still felt pity for my mother.
Although Xue Yuning was still young, she still clearly remembered that her grandfather was very poor back then, almost suffering from chronic illness.
And my other aunts and uncles, almost all chose to avoid them when Grandpa needed them most. What’s more, that is, my aunt and uncle were missing.
At that time, my grandfather was lying in the hospital because of a serious illness. For a full month, my uncle and aunt did not even show up, and the phone was turned off 24 hours a day.
At that time, my grandfather was anxiously waiting for the operation, but the cost was still much worse.
Xue Yuning still remembered his aunt’s house and uncle’s house at that time. He has made clear his attitude and is not ready to treat Grandpa. crucial moment. It was Xue Yuning’s mother who stood up and decided directly to sell the only small-sized house at the time to make up for grandpa’s surgery.
Xue Yuning remembered. It was bought together when the mother and father got married.
Later, his father returned to his family in silence, leaving Xue Yuning and his daughter behind. That small house became almost the only hope for the mother and daughter.
But to save grandpa. Xue Yuning’s mother still sold the house cruelly, pulling her grandfather back from the death line.
And since then, grandpa has completely recognized the true colors of his children, and it’s already clear who is really good to him.
So first, it was moved, and second, it was also to make up for the mother, before grandpa died. He has written his will, the house he owns. After his death, Xue Yuning’s mother automatically inherited it.
Although this happened. Xue Yuning’s aunts and uncles were the first to oppose it, but later because of the intervention of a lawyer. The dispute gradually subsided.
However, since then, the relationship between Xue Yuning’s mother and these relatives has become like water and fire.
Later, Xue Yuning’s mother became seriously ill, and when the mother and daughter were in poverty, her uncles and aunts appeared again.
First they pretended to borrow some money to Xue Yuning, and then used this as an excuse to ask for grandpa’s will and real estate.
Of course these people knew that Xue Yuning, mother and daughter, could not even afford the debt of tens of thousands of yuan at all, so using a house to repay the debt was their only way.
It’s just that Xue Yuning and her mother had no choice at the beginning, so they were caught by these people.
This time they came to Chujiang, these people obviously came for this purpose.
So since coming here today, Xue Yuning’s heart has been in a mess.
She was thinking about how to solve the current situation.
“What are you thinking?” Jiang Hao suddenly patted Xue Yuning on the shoulder and asked, “Yuning, why do I feel that your face is not so good?”
Xue Yuning forced a smile and shook his head again and again: “No, it’s okay…”
Jiang Hao frowned. In fact, he had already discovered something wrong.
Because when Xue Yuning mentioned that her relatives were coming to Chujiang, Jiang Hao felt that Xue Yuning was a little strange. She seemed to be in low spirits, as if she was worried about something happening.
But why, Jiang Hao also asked before, but Xue Yuning still didn’t mention a word.
Seeing that relatives were coming, Jiang Hao thought to himself, why Xue Yuning was so depressed, he would have an answer soon.
At this moment, a white Audi A4 sedan drove out of the toll booth not far away.
The car slowly drove towards Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao, and finally stopped slowly in front of them.
Immediately after the car door opened, a slender thigh stretched out first from the car.

Chapter: 166
As soon as the co-pilot door came, a woman dressed in cool summer clothes got out of the car.
The woman was in her early twenties, and she was very fashionable.
Especially the dark brown sunglasses that I wear on my head have raised the whole person’s temperament a little bit.
It’s just… it’s just that the appearance of this woman seems a little bit worse, even with such a chic outfit. But on her body, it still looks a bit nondescript.
Women are not too tall, so a pair of high-heeled shoes that are not in harmony with the body are not so comfortable to look at.
When the woman got out of the car, the eyes under the sunglasses fell on Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao. But he moved away in an instant, looked around, and didn’t rush to speak.
And at this moment. In the driving position of the Audi A4, a young man also walked down. The man was about 30 years old and looked a little sleek. A gray-brown suit made people look a lot of energy.
When the young man got out of the car, he immediately cast his gaze on Xue Yuning’s body, and even in his eyes, there was a bit of color in his eyes.
“Cousin, brother-in-law, welcome you.” Seeing that they both got off the car, they didn’t take the initiative to say hello, but turned a deaf ear, as if they were air.
The other is squinted eyes.
Xue Yuning could only speak first, with an unnatural smile on his face forcibly.
Xue Yuning finished speaking. The woman with sunglasses lowered her arrogant head and looked at Xue Yuning. After seeing her outfit, she couldn’t help but let out a sneer.
“Haha, okay, you still know me.” The woman in sunglasses sneered, “I came from a long way, are you here?” The woman in sunglasses made Xue Yuning a little unaware.
She and Jiang Hao came here, just came to pick them up, by the way, at the beginning of the way, then what are they doing if they are not standing here?
See Xue rain condensate bewildered expression, sunglasses woman suddenly put on a disgusting face, mouth muttering the phrase:. “! How old is still really do not know shit, this is also the university, there ass to use,” muttered End , The woman just opened her mouth and yelled: “Why are you stupid standing there? Go buy me some water, I want juice, pineapple, iced, I want it to be so hot, what a broken place in Chu River, it’s so hot I really want it.” Once the woman finished speaking, she didn’t forget to fan herself with her hand, although she didn’t even use her ass.
But her words came out. However, Xue Yuning was taken aback.
This is the exit of a high-speed toll station. There is no residential area for a few kilometers nearby. Where can I buy iced juice for her?
Xue Yuning couldn’t help but curled his lips in embarrassment. After looking at Jiang Hao, he said to his cousin: “Um, sister, or let’s hold on to it and drink it when we get to the city, here… there is no shop in front of the village. Where can I buy iced juice for you? Huh? ”
Don’t talk about selling drinks here, there is not even a stall selling fruits.
Jiang Hao also hurriedly spoke, helping Xue Yuning out of the siege, smiling enthusiastically: “Yeah, yeah, if you want to get into the city, you have to take a high speed around the city. There are no people at all. Let’s go to the city. I know that there is a family of fruit juices that do well, and I will take you later… ”
Jiang Hao was very enthusiastic. Of course he didn’t know the entanglement between Xue Yuning and these relatives. In Jiang Hao’s view, these are all Xue Yuning. His relatives are all his own relatives, and of course he should be more enthusiastic.
But before Jiang Hao finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by the woman in sunglasses. The other party went up and down and looked at Jiang Hao carefully. He curled his lips and asked, “Who are you? Did you let you talk? What’s wrong with me about to drink juice? You have a problem?”
Jiang Hao was a little stunned by the choking, he thought he was kind. How could this woman not only do not appreciate, but talk to herself like this?
If this were put on others, it is estimated that Jiang Hao would have been on fire.
Are you polite? What does it mean to respect people at every turn?
But this is Xue Yuning’s relative after all. Therefore, Jiang Hao was able to get by because of Xue Yuning’s face.
He smiled hard, trying to resolve the embarrassment. Said: “Are you Yu Ning’s cousin? Hello cousin, I’m Jiang Hao, Yu Ning’s boyfriend, welcome to Chu…”
This time, Jiang Hao still didn’t have time to finish, so he was caught again. The other party interrupted.
The woman in sunglasses looked at Jiang Hao’s gaze at this time, and it became light and flirtatious, even with a hint of mockery in it.
“Oh ha ha, boyfriend, ha ha Xue Yu Ning is okay, I originally thought, just in case you choose one little face, how can you hang a rich second generation or something, but you seem to disappoint me so much It’s a hillbilly…”
After speaking, the woman in sunglasses burst into laughter, she leaned forward and back to laugh, and her husband also kept laughing.
But at this moment, the back door of the Audi was suddenly pushed open, and a woman’s voice came out again.

Chapter: 167
“What are you rubbing? Really, what time is it!” A woman in the back seat of an Audi car came down in her forties. She was dressed in a blue dress with a plump body and face. It doesn’t look very friendly.
The woman finished complaining. His gaze fell on Xue Yuning’s body, as if a hundred people were unwilling, and he accused Xue Yuning and said: “Xue Yuning, what is the matter with you? We came all the way, and you treat us like that? You? What do you think?”
This woman is Xue Yuning’s aunt, named Wang Li.
Xue Yuning heard Wang Li’s accusation. I wanted to explain, and quickly said: “Aunt is not, I am actually…” It was just that Xue Yuning was interrupted again. It was her cousin, and the other person pointed to Jiang Hao with a smile on her face and said, “What are you? Mom, guess what? Xue Yuning found a boyfriend, who is still from the countryside, haha, it seems that you were still smart at the beginning. Ah, I remember we made a bet at the beginning, I think with Xue Yuning’s beautiful little fox face, you can find a young man in the city no matter what, but you said, just her, I guess it would be good not to find a country bunny. Haha, I didn’t expect that mom, you actually got it right…”
Xue Yuning’s cousin spoke very loudly. And when she was speaking, she didn’t put Xue Yuning in her eyes at all, let alone her feelings.
Xue Yuning’s face turned red when she heard her cousin’s words, she was a little uncomfortable, she gritted her teeth lightly, and wanted to stand up and explain clearly to the other party.
But in the end Xue Yuning gave up.
Whatever they want to think, just let them go. Xue Yuning thought, anyway, Jiang Hao’s identity, it would be fine for him to know it. If they really knew about Jiang Hao’s identity, he might be harassing Jiang Hao when he turned around.
Xue Yuning couldn’t help but glanced at Jiang Hao, and found that Jiang Hao’s face was also very ugly.
Of course Jiang Hao felt even more upset.
For Xue Yuning, Jiang Hao was relieved that he was afraid of breaking. He was scared in his mouth, and he couldn’t bear to say something to her. How could he tolerate others’ mocking and humiliation of Xue Yuning?
These three people are because they are Xue Yuning’s relatives, otherwise Jiang Hao would have exploded long ago regardless of the other party’s origin.
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning. He was looking at Xue Yuning’s expression. If Xue Yuning jumped out to accuse these relatives at this time, Jiang Hao might have caught fire.
But Xue Yuning finally chose to remain silent, and Jiang Hao didn’t want to say more.
However, the two did not say anything, which made Wang Li and her daughter-in-law more complacent.
Wang Li sneered after what her daughter had just said. Said: “It’s her? Haha, to be honest, there is an old saying that is three years old to see the old. When Xue Yuning was three years old, I knew how promising she would be in the future.”
Wang Li smiled contemptuously and continued. “You don’t look at what kind of virtuous father and mother she has. Her father played with her mother enough. When he saw his mother was pregnant, he quickly patted his butt and left. Haha, the most funny thing is her. Mom, she thought that she was sincere to her, so she willingly gave birth to this Xiaoyezhong, and I am expecting that one day, the surname Xue. Come back and look for their mother and daughter again?”
“But how is it possible?” “Wang Li said in a weird manner, “I heard that they are poor people, I just want to play with you on a whim, you really take it seriously…”
Wang Li’s words completely made Xue Yuning the softest point in his heart. His pride was shattered, and it was still broken.
When Wang Li finished speaking the last sentence, Xue Yuning’s tears burst out in an instant, and shouted at the other party almost hoarsely: “Enough! Don’t be too tight.”
Xue Yuning gave the king a fierce look. Li, there seems to be a thousand anger boiling in her heart.
” I am here today, and I just made it clear, if you want to spend a few more days in Chujiang. Then please, if you don’t want to stay, please come back! ”
Finished talking. Xue Yuning turned his head and walked away.
Alongside Xue Yuning was a Volkswagen sedan, which was sent by Qiao San to pick up Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning got into the car directly. Cried in the car.
It’s just that when we just met, Wang Li said so ruthlessly, Xue Yuning was really angry.
Xue Yuning still remembers clearly. In the past, when I was in my hometown, I and my mother spent every day listening to the humiliation, abuse and ridicule of these relatives.
Xue Yuning originally thought that these people would no longer dare to treat themselves like this when he was admitted to the university and had a future.
But Xue Yuning didn’t expect that in any case, he was still so humble in the eyes of these people, and he was still that little ant who could scream and humiliate at will.
Thinking of this, Xue Yuning couldn’t help clenching his fists, tears gushing out again…
Outside the car, seeing Xue Yuning crying, and hearing Wang Li’s extremely humiliating words, Jiang Hao was also a little angry.

Chapter: 168
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Li a little furiously. He didn’t understand. Those words just came out of an elder like Wang Li.
What kind of fairy relatives are these? Jiang Hao couldn’t believe it.
Jiang Hao is already a decision. To get back some justice for Xue Yuning, after all, watching his girlfriend being humiliated by others, a man would definitely not be able to stand it.
However, Jiang Hao was about to speak, but was suddenly stopped by Wang Li’s son-in-law.
Obviously Xue Yuning’s cousin had seen it too. The words of his mother-in-law just now directly stimulated Xue Yuning’s most sensitive nerve.
Such words. Even though they were in their hometown back then, they often used to ridicule Xue Yuning and her mother, but that was in the past after all, in their own territory.
But now it is Chu Jiang, and Xue Yuning’s boyfriend is also present here.
The cousin-in-law seemed to look very open at this time. He knew very well the purpose of his group’s visit. They came for the house, so naturally they shouldn’t provoke Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter until the house is in hand. of.
Otherwise, it’s really easy to get rid of the water in the bamboo basket when the time comes. Maybe the rice is gone.
The cousin’s husband hurriedly smiled at Jiang Hao and said, “Hey, brother, don’t mind. You see, your aunt was just making a joke at Yu Ning just now. Yu Ning is a young child, so he may have misunderstood it. What about you? , Don’t be angry, go and coax Yuning quickly.”
Finished talking. Table brother quickly and bumbling of Wang Li said: “curse, you are, you joke on a joke, and should have a depth Well, I say do not blame you if you just do a bit too much ah!”
Table brother spoke , While winking at Wang Li, obviously wanting to let the other party know. I was acting on the scene, I was showing it to Jiang Hao.
Besides, what is their purpose. Isn’t it for the house? Before getting the house, let alone not irritating Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter, just kneel down for them.
It’s just that Wang Li seems to be slow to understand. Hearing his cousin’s words, he gave him a harsh look.
She was about to speak, but was interrupted by cousin Xue Yuning.
“Vanden, who the hell are you talking about? My mother, dare you say it?” Cousin Xue Yuning pointed at her cousin’s husband. “What’s wrong with my mother? You are not used to it? Where the hell are you facing?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was obviously not convinced by her cousin’s remarks, and she continued.
“What? You started talking for her? You said, did you fall in love with her because this little fox has a pretty little face? You just tell me if you look at her? Don’t be pretentious here, don’t think me I don’t know what disgusting things you did with me…”
Pig teammate!
At this time, in Xue Yuning’s cousin’s heart, he only wanted to give his wife and mother-in-law such an evaluation.
Didn’t these people really come to Chujiang with their brains?
I have hinted at them so much, don’t you understand?
The cousin’s husband was a little embarrassed. Angrily stared at his cousin.
The other party still disagreed, but sneered.
“I’ll just say what’s wrong with the little fox? You can’t listen. Just don’t say it.”
Wang Li on the side was also a little disinclined, and said to her cousin: “That’s Van Den. What’s the matter with you? Turn your elbow out?”
The cousin’s husband was a bit angry and temperless, he probably could tell. Maybe Jiang Hao on the side understood what he meant, but these two stupid women didn’t even understand?
He quickly walked towards his mother-in-law, and whispered a few words in her ear.
At this moment, Wang Licai seemed to understand what her son-in-law meant, and smiled awkwardly at the other party.
“Yes, yes, right, you are right, just now my mother really owed too much consideration, thinking too little.” Wang Li said apologetically, “In this way, mom listens to you, you can do whatever you say.”
Cousin Xue Yuning just now What I said to Wang Li was just what I thought.
After broadcasting like this, Wang Li finally understood what the other party meant. Only then did she discover that she was a bit too much just now.
Wang Li obviously forgot that this is no longer her hometown, and Xue Yuning is in her sophomore year this year, not a few years ago, the little girl who didn’t dare to say anything no matter what she did.
Especially when Xue Yuning dared to yell at herself just now, which Wang Li had never imagined before.
Xue Yuning was almost the one she had seen since she was a child, and she has hardly got any good looks since she was a child.
Usually, their relatives would either yell at Xue Yuning, or ridicule and humiliate Xue Yuning.
No one has ever treated Xue Yuning and Xue Yuning’s mother as a special person.
Perhaps it was the previous attitude that has made them take it for granted, so until now, they still treat Xue Yuning with respect.
But Wang Li seemed to see it, and Xue Yuning seemed to have changed.
And for that house, his attitude towards Xue Yuning seems to have changed temporarily.

Chapter: 169
Thinking of this, Wang Li immediately changed her face, smiled at Jiang Hao, and said: “Child, just…just now it was indeed my aunt who was joking with Yu Ning, you ……You let Yu Ning not mind. That………you call Yu Ning out, I will apologize to her or something …” The attitude of the other party suddenly changed, making Jiang Hao a little caught off guard.
He was already ready to get angry, but now the attitude of the other party has suddenly eased, and Jiang Hao is a little difficult to handle.
Of course Jiang Hao was somewhat unwilling to accept the other party’s apology.
After all, those words of Wang Li just now are personally angry.
Now I don’t know why. I came here to apologize and apologize. What did you do earlier?
Jiang Hao was really a little angry.
It’s just that Jiang Hao turned around and calmed down a bit. He thought about it, after all, the other party was Xue Yuning’s relative.
Although the attitude of the other party was a bit too much, but now his attitude has finally softened. If I continue to sullen and blame the other party, this seems to have some bad effect on Xue Yuning.
In case these people go back, and for their own sake, they say bad things about Xue Yuning, saying that she has a boyfriend, and then she will float away. If she talks about her, wouldn’t Xue Yuning be pierced in the backbone.
Jiang Hao sighed when he thought of this.
If that is the case, let the video pass, and I have the right to do it for Xue Yuning, and I won’t pursue them anymore.
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Li. He shook his head helplessly, did not speak, but turned his head and got into the Volkswagen car.
At this time, Xue Yuning was still crying.
Of course she felt wronged, not just because of what Wang Li said just now.
It was also because Xue Yuning remembered that before Wang Li, and those relatives in his hometown, all kinds of unfairness and discrimination against him.
Seeing Jiang Hao getting in the car, Xue Yuning quickly wiped away tears and turned his head aside.
Jiang Hao quickly took out the tissue and handed it to Xue Yuning to wipe her tears.
“Okay, don’t cry.” Jiang Hao comforted, “I know you are wronged, but anyway. That’s also your relatives, and they came all the way, let’s… let’s bear with me.
” But they…” Xue Yuning was excited for a while and almost told the secrets. Fortunately, she kept it in time, but her face was still unwilling.
I am no longer under their roofs now, so why do I have to be scorned by these people?
Xue Yuning was very upset and uncomfortable.
She glanced at Jiang Hao, but hesitated.
Of course Xue Yuning could see that Jiang Hao was also a little uncomfortable, but he seemed to be still enduring it.
She knew that Jiang Hao endured all this. It’s all for myself.
This made Xue Yuning feel that he was more and more sorry for Jiang Hao, every time. It’s because I dragged down Jiang Hao.
Because of himself, Jiang Hao has been wronged too much. So, what reason do I have to say that I am wronged?
And Xue Yuning also knew that if he continued like this, it would have a negative impact on Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning knows Wang Li too well, if he is here. Jiang Hao made them suffer a little bit, and when they returned home, they might slander Jiang Hao.
There are some good friends in his hometown somehow, Xue Yuning didn’t want to, because of these people’s slander, Jiang Hao would have other bad reputations on his back.
Hey. forget it.
Anyway, I have suffered from these people for more than ten years in the past, and it is not bad these days.
And Xue Yuning could also foresee that in a short time, he would no longer have to care about these people.
You have to work hard, you have to get ahead, you have to be more successful than these people, then no one will dare to mock and humiliate yourself anymore.
But right now, right is for Jiang Hao, even if he bears it, he is willing.
“Okay.” Xue Yu sighed solemnly, looked at Jiang Hao affectionately, and whispered. “Sorry Jiang Hao, you worry about me again. They just said that about you. I’m really sorry…”
Hearing Xue Yuning’s words, Jiang Hao was also relieved.
In any case, as long as Xue Yuning is well. Jiang Hao had no extravagant expectations.
He hehe smiled: “Silly girl, what are you sorry to say to me? They are them, you are you. And I can also see that these people are different from you, you are very kind, they…”
Jiang Hao looked at The three people not far from the car window couldn’t help but smile: “How do they like it, let them go.” Xue Yuning nodded: “Well, let’s get out of the car, say a few more words, let’s go, my mother Just called me. She has left the hospital and is waiting for us at the hotel.”
Jiang Hao nodded: “Okay…”
Outside the car, Wang Li and his daughter and son-in-law were whispering about something together.
The cousin-in-law seemed to have shared his thoughts with cousin Xue Yuning just now.
It’s just that the other party doesn’t seem to agree, but is still stubborn.
She said: “Damn, have a better attitude with her? Is she worthy? Look at the boyfriend she found. Look at the hillbilly. Look at this car, look at the bargain. What’s your husband’s name? It seems to be… Passat?”

Chapter: 170
The cousin-in-law looked at the car Jiang Hao got in, but didn’t look at it carefully, just hehe smiled.
“Hey, a poor student, let me see where I rented the car. If he can buy a Passat in the future, it will be pretty good.” The cousin laughed disdainfully after speaking.
“And, broken car!” Cousin Xue Yuning grumbled again with disdain. She looked back at her husband’s Audi a4 when she bought it. They spent the entire amount, 380,000 yuan.
Because of this car, Wang Li also wrote about his daughter-in-law. But in front of my circle of relatives, the scenery is not good.
Although only more than 300,000 yuan, it is still a luxury car after all, and the natural scenery is unlimited when driving out.
At this time, I looked at my car and then at the car Jiang Hao drove. Cousin Xue Yuning was full of mockery and contempt for Xue Yuning.
After all, I drove a luxury car, and it was my own car.
And what Jiang Hao got was just an ordinary family car, and it was probably rented.
Who is high and who is low, this immediately sees the high and the low.
“Vanden, let me tell you, don’t let this car sway in front of us for a while, let him tell you the address, and let’s navigate.” Cousin Xue Yuning said. “I feel ashamed that this broken car is in front.” The cousin-in-law smiled and said nothing.
But at this moment, the door of the Volkswagen car was pushed open, and Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning walked out of it.
Upon seeing this, Wang Li hurried over with a hippy smile, and said pretendingly: “Oh, Yu Ning, you are too stingy to talk about your child? Just now, my aunt just made a joke with you, and you are serious. Yes, this is your fault, children’s family, so stingy…”
It was obviously her fault, but now it pushed all the sins on Xue Yuning. This person can really speak.
Before Xue Yuning could speak, the cousin’s husband also hurriedly interrupted and said: “Oh, well, mom, after all, Yu Ning is still young, so please forgive her this time.”
Then, the cousin looked at Jiang Hao and said with a hippie smile. “Brother-in-law, look…we are already here, so where are we going next?”
Jiang Hao was obviously too lazy to take care of what these people just said. He just said: “You guys are struggling. So, let’s go first. After dinner, I will take you to the hotel where you are staying. Then tomorrow I will see if you want to play or where you want to go. You tell me, I will arrange it.”
Hearing what Jiang Hao said so refreshingly, cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but leave. Pouted.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao looked like a poor student. But when I first spoke, it seemed like I was a rich second-generation, which was ridiculous.
“Hehe, don’t speak too loudly when speaking, if we want to go somewhere. If you are not that capable, or don’t have the conditions, how embarrassing will be then?” Cousin Xue Yuning said.
What she said is obviously obscure, she didn’t say it straight, you look like a poor man, where should we go?
Jiang Hao looked at each other, only smiled faintly, and said, “Where you want to go, you can say, as long as it is still on earth.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao glanced at cousin Xue Yuning contemptuously.
To be honest, Jiang Hao felt what the other party said just now. It is ridiculously ignorant.
I now have 10 billion capital, just ask where on this planet. Can’t you go by yourself?
What’s more, behind him, there is still a father with hands and eyes open to the sky.
Just these things. Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t know, Jiang Hao’s words came to her ears. It is no different from a cold joke.
Not only her, Jiang Hao’s remarks instantly made Yiran’s cousin and Wang Li laugh out loud.
The two of them really couldn’t stretch themselves, and their smiles were a little exaggerated.
The cousin’s husband patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder and said: “Young man, I call you brother-in-law, let me tell you, let’s be human, we must carry our own weight, what you just said…haha…what a laugh I’m here. Actually, in our relationship, you don’t have to say that kind of big talk. What’s the use? What is your family background, in fact, we can tell at a glance. ”
Wang Li also hurriedly heard what the cousin said. Inserted a sentence: “Yes, it is, Yu Ning’s boyfriend, it’s not your aunt who said you, we are not stupid, we can see at a glance what your situation is, you, you should learn more from your brother-in-law. , You look at them, they are six or seven years older than you, but they now have a small restaurant of their own, have you seen this car? This is Audi, and their house is enough It’s more than ninety flat, but it’s big…”
Wang Li smiled and looked at Jiang Hao, and continued: “Look at you again, how far you are from others, young people, should work harder and less playful. What’s the use of playing tricks? Who is not a fool, you will know the truth and lies.”

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