I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 181-190

Chapter: 181
Wang Li can’t wait to go in for something to eat.
After all, she wanted to come to this kind of place early in the morning, to taste this top hotel, what kind of level the chef is.
It’s just that she was about to step on her leg to walk in, but was caught by the daughter behind her.
Wang Li couldn’t help but stunned, and said a little unhappy: “What are you doing? Go in now.”
Cousin Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao and shook her head slightly. He whispered to Wang Li’s ear and said, “You know eating, haven’t you noticed that it is a bit wrong?”
Upon hearing this, Wang Li hurriedly looked around, then looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, scratching her head:” What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Oh. What are you doing, so nervous, go quickly. I’m all hungry!”
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but glanced at her mother silently, and then whispered: “You Are you stupid? You just know how to eat. Why don’t you think about it, why did Xue Yuning and this kid bring us here?”
Wang Li still had a little understanding, and asked, “Eating? What’s the matter, you can talk quickly. It’s really annoying to talk so slowly!”
Wang Li obviously couldn’t wait, but when she heard her daughter speak like that, she was a little bit guilty in her heart, thinking what happened?
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help sighing again, thinking that her mother was really brainless, and she couldn’t see such simple things.
He and she immediately said: “I said you are stupid, I really praised you, why don’t you think about it. What are the conditions for this kid? Today is the luxury car again, and I came to this Haoyue Hotel for dinner. Do you think he seems to have the same economic strength?”
Wang Li re-examined Jiang Hao when he heard the words, his eyes condensed, and then he shook his head: “No…it seems not.”
Wang Li frowned, and said with a bit of complaint: “Why don’t I know? Oh, just tell me, don’t tarnish my appetite, it’s really annoying, just tell me, what’s the matter with this kid! He! Was the money stolen or snatched?”
Cousin Xue Yuning heard this. Slightly shook his head: “Come on, I think this kid is very awkward. I don’t think he has the guts. If you want me to see, 80% of this kid is on credit. It is estimated that in the end, he will take everything accounts, they are pushed to the body, after all, people can confidently say that all this is in order to receive our ah? By the time we certainly can not say anything, and finally only eat the Yaba Kui. ”
On hearing his daughter These words. Wang Li, who was already narrow-minded, suddenly became nervous and looked at Jiang Hao with surprise. Silently stared at him for several seconds.
“My deed, I really didn’t see it. This kid looks honest and honest. Can’t you think of such a shame?” Wang Li said angrily, “His grandma’s, this man is really disgusting. Then… can you still eat those meals? Now?”
Wang Li was obviously hesitant and at a loss.
She wanted to eat this meal, but she was afraid of spending money, so after listening to her daughter’s words, she fell into an extremely tangled whirlpool.
At this time, she seemed very clueless, and had already taken the decision-making power of everything. They were all stuffed into the hands of his daughter.
Obviously, as long as her daughter opened her mouth and said that she could not eat, she could only bear to leave.
Cousin Xue Yuning thought for a while, showing a sly smile, and said to her mother: “No, why are you leaving? Let’s keep an eye on ourselves. Mom, you remember, we can eat hard for a while. At that time, let’s not say anything, if this bastard dares to let us check out. Let’s lift our legs and leave!”
Cousin Xue Yuning finished speaking and looked at Jiang Hao, the expression on her face became more sinister.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao has all the thoughts. At this moment, I have already seen through it, and for a while, no matter what Jiang Hao does, he can handle it.
Humph. Fight with me, you are still a bit tender…
Wang Li breathed a sigh of relief when she heard her daughter’s words.
She was still thinking about it. If you can’t eat it today, it would be a great loss for yourself.
But now it seems that I should not lose today.
“Right right right, so let’s do a little bastard will watch how to do!” Xipixiaolian Wang Li said, “We also want this kid to a battle of wits Nianger Liang, he does not weigh weigh their own weight!”
On At this moment, Van Den, who had already thrown the car key to the hotel parking staff, also walked over.
He saw his mother-in-law and wife muttering something, and hurriedly leaned over.
The two hurriedly shared their concerns with Van Den, and then Van Den couldn’t help but condensed, and asked, “Is this… possible?”
Obviously Van Den didn’t believe his wife’s inference.
“How can it be impossible? Look at it. If he doesn’t let us pay the bill after dinner, I’ll screw my head to you!”

Chapter: 182
Van Den frowned, but he couldn’t think of a good reason.
“Well, okay, let’s take one step at a time.” Fan Deng said, “If this kid really dares to do things for us, then don’t blame me for being polite. To be honest, I have a lot of high school and university classmates in Chujiang. At that time, as long as I say hello and clean up this kid, it’s so easy, seeing him dare not tease us!”
“Oh? Who is the cousin who is going to clean up?” The three people whispered over here. time. Jiang Hao suddenly came over and asked when he came up.
Jiang Hao had already paid attention to a few of them, starting from getting out of the car. Several people entered the door in no hurry, and began to whisper over here.
Of course Jiang Hao was also curious about what these people were thinking, but after some things before, Jiang Hao obviously no longer had a good impression of these people.
Jiang Hao just walked over here, but just when he walked up to a few people, he heard what Van Den said.
Although Jiang Hao didn’t hear exactly what Van Den said, he heard the sentence he said, what to find someone to clean up.
Seeing Jiang Hao approaching, these three people were a little flustered. After all, they were just saying bad things about others, and if they were caught, they would definitely be nervous.
“No…nothing…ahhaha…” Van Den hurriedly smiled awkwardly. “It’s okay, did you hear it wrong?”
“Yes, you must have heard it wrong!” Wang Li quickly said with a smile, “We didn’t say anything, that is, the decoration here is really beautiful.”
But Xue Yuning The cousin is not so friendly anymore. She still has a proud expression of seeing through everything, and said to Jiang Hao: “You care about what we say, what do we say? You can do it? Huh, let’s see what you ask us to eat later. , How about it, are you satisfied now?”
However, Jiang Hao was really helpless with her attitude.
In fact, Jiang Hao didn’t think much about it, and Jiang Hao didn’t think about it at all, just what Van Den said. Do you want to clean up yourself.
Besides, even if the other party says that he wants to clean up himself, is he still afraid of them?
It’s ridiculous.
And Jiang Hao even felt a little bit chill.
I kindly entertain you, if what you want is how to target me? What do you guys think? Is it possible that the brain circuits are different from normal people?
But Jiang Hao didn’t bother to think about it, and he said what these people wanted, so let them go.
Jiang Hao directly replied unceremoniously: “Excuse me, what are you talking about, I am not interested in knowing, and I don’t want to worry about it, I just came here to tell you, go upstairs, I have already notified that I am preparing.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao glanced at cousin Xue Yuning. Turned around and walked towards Xue Yuning, took Xue Yuning’s hand, and walked to the elevator.
And there are three people here. They looked at each other.
“Oh, all right, let’s go.” Van Den suddenly pushed his wife and urged, “Go up quickly. When ordering and eating, everyone will be careful. Just be careful of this kid’s behavior. ”
Wang Li saw that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning had left, and she couldn’t wait, and quickly agreed with her son-in-law: “Yes, yes, that’s right, let’s hurry up too, but don’t get there yet. This kid has already taken care of it. The dishes are all ordered, but that’s not good. It’s the first time I have come to this kind of place. Of course, I have to order something I like…”
While talking, Wang Li didn’t care about her daughter and son-in-law, and directly chased Jiang Hao.
Van Den also glanced at his wife, lowered his head in silence and left.
Only cousin Xue Yuning was left. This woman cast Jiang Hao’s eyes sharply, then cast another glance at her mother, she was a little furious.
At this moment, she was convinced by a hundred people about what she had just made, so she couldn’t help but sneered. Self-consciously muttered: “Hmph, I want to play with me, you are still a little tender…” finished. Cousin Xue Yuning also quickly followed.
The three took the elevator all the way up to the 20th floor of the hotel.
Several people got out of the elevator, and a waitress in a decent suit was facing them. Hurry up and salute respectfully: “Welcome…”
Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning nodded slightly to each other, but the three cousins ​​Fan Deng and Xue Yuning disagreed, and they didn’t even look at each other.
And Wang Li is even worse. When she saw the waiter, she immediately changed her expression and attitude.
Wang Li looked at the waitress arrogantly, and said, “Hurry up, what are you still doing? Hurry up and take us to the private room. Really, such a big hotel and the service is so bad, believe it or not. I’m complaining to you?” The waitress was blinded by the scolding, she didn’t understand why, she might suddenly be scolded.
She glanced at Jiang Hao, she naturally knew Jiang Hao, who was the person who usually nodded and bowed when her boss saw him.

Chapter: 183
The waitress certainly did not dare to neglect. Quickly lead a few people to a large private room on the side.
Soon a few people were seated, and the waitress first respectfully put the menu in front of Jiang Hao and said politely: “Sir, please order.” The waitress’s actions are understandable. After all, at this table, she only knew Jiang Hao and knew that his identity was extraordinary.
So it was natural to hand over the menu to Jiang Hao.
But this move immediately made cousin Xue Yuning, who was sitting opposite Jiang Hao, upset.
She slammed a set of delicate porcelain tableware in front of her. Very unhappy and said, “You little girl, new here? Are you sick?” The waitress looked surprised. She couldn’t figure out why she was scolded again.
Since I just greeted them entering the door, until now, there is no problem doing it. Instead, the mother and daughter sitting opposite Jiang Hao have been aggressive since they met.
They didn’t seem to be here for dinner, but rather as if they came here to fight.
Moreover, the waitress also secretly noticed that the mother and daughter had been whitening Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning since they sat down.
The waitress certainly doesn’t know the reason behind this, but she is not stupid.
On one side are Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning who treat themselves gentle and humble. On the other side are aggressive mothers and daughters who scold others at every turn. It is easy to see who is more polite and worthy of their respect.
What’s more, I was scolded twice for no reason, even if I was in the service industry, I couldn’t stand this kind of grievance.
The waitress looked a little ugly, but still had a smile on her face, and asked cousin Xue Yuning back: “Madam, may I ask. What’s wrong?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was directly bombed by this question, and pointed at the waitress and cursed: “What’s wrong with you? Are you mentally retarded? I asked you, we are all sitting here together, why are you? Give him the menu first? Who do you think of us? You are a little waiter, who do you look down on?”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s voice was loud and more powerful. Where did the waitress see such customers. After all, this is Haoyue Hotel, and the people who come here are basically celebrities. People have never been so arrogant.
The waitress was suddenly cried by cousin Xue Yuning, tears running in her eyes.
“This… this gentleman is sitting on the main seat, so I should give the menu to others, what did I do wrong?” the waitress cried extremely aggrieved. Somewhat unreasonably looked at cousin Xue Yuning, and wanted to ask the other party for an explanation.
The waitress thought to herself, it’s not fake to be a waiter, but she also has self-esteem. You speak this way, this attitude, you don’t think of yourself as an adult.
When the waitress said that Jiang Hao was sitting in the main seat, cousin Xue Yuning quickly took a look, only to find that Jiang Hao was sitting in the main seat, and even the look of the chair was a little different.
Thus. She is even more unhappy.
Why do you take the lead? Are you worthy?
Cousin Xue Yuning glared Jiang Hao angrily, and asked: “What do you mean? I ask you. Who made you sit here? Do you know what rules are?”
“Ah?” Jiang Hao obviously has some Did not understand the logic of the other party.
What’s the point of me sitting here? I am the host, I am the hostess. I’m not sitting here, could it be you?
But Jiang Hao still considered Xue Yuning’s face anyway. He didn’t use these words to frustrate the other person, but asked sternly, “Excuse me, I don’t understand the rules? Do I have a problem sitting here?”
Of course Jiang Hao has to ask to understand, he is doing things according to the rules, right? Is it possible that you guys still want to be a hostess?
“Of course there is a problem!” Cousin Xue Yuning said arrogantly, “What is your own identity, don’t you have any points in your heart? Why can you sit here, don’t make mistakes about the generation!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning hurriedly pointed to herself His mother said fiercely: “You hurry up and walk away. This is where my mother should sit. What qualifications do you have to sit? Don’t weigh how light or heavy you are!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning made a gesture , Signaled Jiang Hao to leave quickly.
Hearing this, Jiang Hao looked at Wang Li, but still didn’t mean to leave.
In Jiang Hao’s view, Wang Li is an elder, but what about she is an elder? First of all, we have to see if she looks like an elder?
Anyway, from the first meeting to now. Jiang Hao had already seen it through, Wang Li didn’t have it at all, and he didn’t deserve to be an elder.
In that case, why should I give up my seat to her?
What’s more, today I am the master, and I should sit here.
And Jiang Hao felt that even if he wasn’t sitting here today, Wang Li would not have the turn to sit here, because there was someone more suitable to sit here than Wang Li.
Jiang Hao thought of this and said, “Cousin, if you want to order, you can order anything, but I definitely won’t let this position today, but don’t worry, I won’t sit there either.”
Jiang Hao finished Then, he glanced at the phone and dialed a number.

Chapter: 184
The phone beeped a few times before the other party was connected.
“Hey, it’s Jiang Hao…” The voice on the other end of the phone was very kind.
Jiang Hao smiled and replied: “Auntie is me. Are you here? I will pick you up now.” The person on the other end of the phone is not someone else, it is Xue Yuning’s mother.
Originally, Jiang Hao wanted to take Xue Yuning’s mother over first, but the other party insisted on asking Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning to pick up Wang Li and others first, saying that they would take a taxi later.
In the end, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning couldn’t help her. I can only agree.
“I’m already in the elevator.” Xue Yuning’s mother said, “You don’t need to get down. I will be there soon.” As soon as
Xue Yuning’s mother finished speaking, the elevator door opened, and she went straight to the private room and knocked gently. Knocked on the door.
Jiang Hao hurried to open the door and greeted Xue Yuning’s mother.
Jiang Hao’s attitude towards Xue Yuning’s mother was very respectful, but he and Xue Yuning were the only ones.
Seeing Xue Yuning’s mother enter the door, cousin Xue Yuning, and Fan Den, who were sitting by the side, didn’t even get up the chair.
Cousin Xue Yuning just glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother with disdain, she didn’t know what to say. Muttered several times.
And Fan Deng just took a look, and smiled at Xue Yuning’s mother falsely.
Among the three, only Wang Li spoke, but her tone was not so friendly.
“Yeah, I’ve been in Chujiang for two years, and the shelves are still up. What’s the matter, do I have to wait for you to cook?” Wang Li stared at Xue Yuning’s mother contemptuously while snatching the menu that Jiang Hao had just thrown over. .
Xue Yuning’s mother turned red when she heard the words. Hurriedly said with a guilty expression:”
However, Wang Li ignored Xue Yuning’s mother at all, curled her lips, and bowed her head for herself. Looked at the menu.
On the contrary, the cousin Xue Yuning on the side blanked Xue Yuning’s mother as if she was unhappy. Sneered: “Oh, who knows if it’s a traffic jam or which bed just came out from…”
Cousin Xue Yuning laughed out loud after speaking.
Just what she said. Suddenly the air in the room was about to freeze.
Jiang Hao’s face turned red immediately, and he glared at cousin Xue Yuning in anger.
Xue Yuning also seemed to be intolerable, as if a volcano was about to erupt…
“What did you say? Would you dare to say it again?” Jiang Hao directly stood up, pointing at Xue Yuning’s cousin and shouted angrily. “No matter how bad Auntie is, she is your elder, right? Did you speak through your head? What do you want?”
Jiang Hao asked, his eyes fired, obviously if cousin Xue Yuning dared to say more, he would be angry.
And if Jiang Hao is really angry, no matter what relatives or relatives, he will wait for me to meet the anger!
It’s just that Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t seem to agree with her, she sneered smirkingly instead. Calmly said: “What’s wrong with me? I just said, what can you do to me? What are you? You fucking touch me and try. Do you know that my husband has classmates in Chujiang, find a minute Kill you!”
Cousin Xue Yuning confronted each other. There is no meaning to back down.
Besides, in her opinion, she treated Xue Yuning’s mother and Xue Yuning so much. There is nothing wrong with it.
Because when they were in their hometown, didn’t they treat the mother and daughter like this? What if they came to Chujiang, it was not the same waste, the same garbage.
In the eyes of cousin Xue Yuning, Xue Yuning and her mother are just two bugs, poor bugs who bully as they want.
This situation will never change no matter when or where it goes.
Of course, cousin Xue Yuning didn’t say these words, because she felt it didn’t matter if she said them.
What she didn’t know was that if she dared to say these things to Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao would be furious and would make them completely unable to leave the Haoyue Hotel today.
Because Jiang Hao had secretly vowed in his heart long ago, anyone who dared to bully Xue Yuning would not end well!
But at this moment, after Jiang Hao heard that cousin Xue Yuning said that she was looking for her husband’s classmates to kill herself, Jiang Hao didn’t feel much anger. Instead, he smiled mockingly.
Kill yourself? Haha, this is really a ridiculous joke.
Jiang Hao smiled coldly at last, raised his head and looked at cousin Xue Yuning with a little murderous intent, and said in a low voice: “Okay, then you should find it soon. You’d better find more, otherwise I’m afraid you don’t know. What is despair!”
Jiang Hao’s words immediately angered cousin Xue Yuning. She gritted her teeth and pointed at Jiang Hao and scolded: “Dog bastard, are you fucking provoking me? Okay, you fucking wait for me. Now, today I made you look good, just pretend to be forced, you just wait to be cleaned up… “While speaking, cousin Xue Yuning pushed Fan Deng and ordered: “What are you doing in a daze? Go call and give I call someone to come!”

Chapter: 185
“Can’t be shining…”
Upon hearing the words of Xue Yuning’s cousin, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly pleaded.
“This…everyone is a family, there is no need to make such an unpleasant noise, you see, we are here to eat, how nice it is for everyone to eat quietly. And this is a really luxurious hotel…”
Xue Yuning’s mother I was really afraid that the two sides would start their hands at a disagreement.
In fact, she was not worried about Jiang Hao, after all, Xue Yuning had basically told herself Jiang Hao’s identity and strength for a while.
Naturally, she knew very well that with Jiang Hao’s strength, it was easy to settle a few of them outsiders.
On the contrary, Xue Yuning’s mother is most worried about her sister-in-law, niece, and niece.
Xue Yuning’s mother is a person who values ​​kinship especially. In her view, a family is a family, no matter how the other side treats herself. The fact that they are family cannot be changed.
And if this is the case, it doesn’t matter what kind of unfairness and bullying the family has done to them.
And Xue Yuning’s mother really felt that she owed her second brother, that is, Wang Li’s husband.
Although Wang Li, Xue Yuning’s cousin and others were unfair to them in every way, their second brother cared about him a hundredfold.
It’s just that my second brother’s fate was unacceptable and died two years ago.
But Xue Yuning’s mother will never forget the kindness of her second brother to her back then.
And because of this, she always felt that she owed her family, so how the other side abused herself, or even abused Xue Yuning, in her opinion, it was obviously too trivial to compare with the kindness of her second brother to her.
But what Xue Yuning’s mother didn’t know was that it was precisely because of this that Wang Li and Xue Yuning’s cousin were two people. I take it for granted that no matter how I treat Xue Yuning and her daughter, they should be taken for granted, because they owe them to themselves, and if they owe them to themselves, they will get them back.
Hearing what Xue Yuning’s mother said, cousin Xue Yuning didn’t take it to heart at all. Instead, she yelled indifferently: “Shut up, is there a place for you to speak? I don’t know where I am? I really thought you were here After two years of Chu Jiang, it’s amazing, no one can take care of you anymore?”
Is this what a junior said to an elder?
Jiang Hao almost thought he had heard it wrong.
But obviously she didn’t hear it wrong, this is what Xue Yuning’s cousin said to her aunt.
Jiang Hao shivered, who was so angry at these words. At this moment, he also completely lost patience with the three Wang Li!
“Remember, no matter how you end up today. That is what you asked for!” Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Don’t blame me for being polite, I want to treat you as relatives, but you yourself Don’t do it, then I’m embarrassed!”
Jiang Hao finished speaking, then took out his phone.
Jiang Hao intends to call Qiao San, let him bring some people up, and give them a lesson, and finally throw them out!
“Damn, pretend!” Cousin Xue Yuning saw Jiang Hao’s actions without paying attention. He smiled indifferently, and mocked, “I’ll take a look today. What do you do to me! You come first, and when you finish the fight, I will fight again. Today I will take a look. I have been in the society for so many years and still play. But you poor dick?”
Cousin Xue Yuning finished speaking. He sat down on the chair and lit a cigarette comfortably.
Van Den on the side just smiled, and didn’t say a word.
Although he did not speak, anyone could tell. He didn’t believe Jiang Hao’s nonsense at all.
Jiang Hao decisively broadcast the number…
But at this moment, Xue Yuning’s mother violently snatched Jiang Hao’s mobile phone, and then hung up. He turned off the phone directly and put it in his jacket pocket!
Xue Yuning’s mother moved quickly, and when Jiang Hao reacted, she was dumbfounded.
“This…Auntie, what are you…what are you doing?” Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s mother in surprise.
Jiang Hao really didn’t understand. She was venting her anger because of her. Why did she steal her mobile phone in turn?
Xue Yuning was obviously also a little surprised, and eagerly pulled her own mother: “Mom, what are you doing? Jiang Hao is doing it for you? He wants to help you because he can’t keep you being bullied. If you do this, it will chill his heart! ”
If this were placed a few years ago. Xue Yuning would definitely be like his mother. When encountering this kind of thing, he would just want to calm down. But now he won’t.
Xue Yuning has completely fed up with these treatments and discriminations. Since meeting Jiang Hao, she has wanted to be an upright person.
Facing doubt. Xue Yuning’s mother was helpless, she could only look at Jiang Hao with a pleading face, and said with all her heart, “Jiang Hao. You have good intentions, auntie accepted it, but today I will be an aunt and beg you, forget about it. Everyone is a family, it can’t be like this, they will be laughed at… Besides, let’s say that we are here to eat, are we to take care of your aunt? Forget it, auntie please!”

Chapter: 186
Hearing Xue Yuning’s mother’s plea, Jiang Hao suddenly felt a little dilemma.
He was really angry and wanted to seek justice for Xue Yuning and her mother.
Jiang Hao has also endured these humiliations and ridicules in the past, so he can understand it best. When being bullied by others, it is so uncomfortable and heartbroken.
So Jiang Hao naturally didn’t want his beloved woman to bear this.
Everyone has a similar past, so Jiang Hao wants those. It only becomes the past.
But at the moment, Jiang Hao is embarrassed.
He scratched his head. He glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother, and then at the arrogant cousin Xue Yuning and Wang Li on the opposite side.
Jiang Hao hesitated for a long time, but never made up his mind.
Then Xue Yuning’s mother pleaded again: “Jiang Hao, auntie knows that you are kind, so you shouldn’t care about these things? Hey, auntie owes others for these things. They say that to me, I admit Now, Auntie just begs you, don’t be too impulsive…”
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s mother’s eyes full of hope. The heart that was originally as solid as a rock softened instantly.
He clenched his fist severely, and finally let it go.
He sighed heavily, looked at Xue Yuning’s mother, and said in a low tone: “Auntie, I know, don’t worry, I won’t do anything good.”
Jiang Hao has completely suppressed the fire pressure in his heart. .
He could naturally hear that Xue Yuning’s mother was not easy, so he decided to give the old man a face.
And Xue Yuning’s mother is in poor health. Jiang Hao was really afraid that she would be angry at the end.
Xue Yuning’s mother suddenly laughed when she heard this, and nodded again and again: “Well, Jiang Hao, thank you so much, Auntie…”
Jiang Hao also worked very hard to squeeze out a smile: “It’s okay, auntie, you… don’t be angry, you are not in good health…”
Xue Yuning’s mother nodded repeatedly after hearing this. Said: “Okay, Auntie is not angry. Thank you so much…”
Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s mother were talking here, but cousin Xue Yuning, who was waiting for Jiang Hao to call someone, stopped.
She sneered very loudly and said, “Yo-yo-yo, don’t tell me? Why didn’t you find someone? Didn’t it sound loud just now? Hehe, you can really pretend. Don’t go down the steps? Continue pretending?”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s tone was full of mockery.
She just didn’t believe that Jiang Hao could call someone. After all, if you are a poor dick, you are at most calling a few of the same poor dick. Poor students.
What big waves can these people make? Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t pay attention to those people at all.
In her opinion, her husband’s contacts in Chujiang are very extensive, and it is easy to deal with Jiang Hao.
In fact, it is not only Xue Yuning’s cousin, but even Van Den thinks so.
So since Jiang Hao started to compete with Xue Yuning’s cousin, he has been watching the excitement leisurely, and even laughed at Jiang Hao from time to time.
Look at Van Den. Everything Jiang Hao showed was nothing more than a performance. They are all pretending to be tough, trying to frighten themselves.
It’s just this little trick. Fan Deng had seen it long ago, and Jiang Hao used it again. He felt a little naive.
Playing with yourself, do you really think of yourself as a three-year-old kid?
Wang Li also gave Jiang Hao a blank look, and was extremely impatient.
She couldn’t wait to order and then eat a special meal, but suddenly a Xue Yuning mother appeared.
Originally, Wang Li didn’t have a good temper with her, and now it’s even more welcome.
The appearance of this woman is simply wasting her time and killing her patience.
Jiang Hao even pretended to be quite filial. Hearing his daughter said a few words about her, Jiang Hao was actually not happy and was about to explode.
Wang Li felt that Jiang Hao was pretending, and he could see through it at a glance.
“Hehe, why don’t you speak anymore? Talk? Call someone?” Cousin Xue Yuning saw that Jiang Hao didn’t say a word, she couldn’t help but laughed again, “Can’t you? Call someone quickly. If there is no phone, let me borrow Here you are, hurry up…”
Cousin Xue Yuning dared to be so presumptuous because she was sure that Jiang Hao had nothing to do.
But at this time Jiang Hao was really uncomfortable, and he really wanted to call Qiao San again.
But in the end, after thinking about it, he still thought it would be fine.
Still the same sentence, I wouldn’t look at what cousin Xue Yuning and Wang Li Fan Deng thought. In Jiang Hao’s view, these people are worthless.
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s mother, and immediately let go of his anger.
Indeed, what Jiang Hao was worried about was Xue Yuning’s mother.
Jiang Hao knew that Xue Yuning’s mother’s illness was a little serious, so he was afraid that if she stimulated her, her condition would become worse.
But Jiang Hao didn’t want to pass today’s things just like that.
For these people, punishment is necessary, otherwise they will never remember!
How to punish yourself is his own business, Jiang Hao will never tell Xue Yuning and her mother.

Chapter: 187
Jiang Hao looked at Cousin Xue Yuning last, almost as if the other party’s voice was blocked, and ignored it.
However, this made cousin Xue Yuning even more complacent, and even more sure that Jiang Hao was a counselor. All that just now was a bluffing game.
Then I became more disregarded of Jiang Hao.
“Okay, stop talking nonsense, get up quickly!” Cousin Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao impatiently. He urged, “Quickly give up the position. Let my mother sit over!”
Jiang Hao can give the other person to other things, but for this matter, Jiang Hao doesn’t want to retreat anyway.
Because this is a matter of principle!
Jiang Hao said, “Auntie, come and sit here!”
Jiang Hao motioned to Xue Yuning’s mother to sit down.
But this move made cousin Xue Yuning and the others even more unhappy.
The latter even got up and pointed at Xue Yuning’s mother and said, “Dare you sit down!”
Xue Yuning’s mother was about to sit down, but when she heard her cousin’s words, she hesitated again.
Finally, Xue Yuning’s mother looked at Jiang Hao and said apologetically: “Jiang Hao, or let your aunt sit here. After all, here, she is the eldest, regardless of her seniority or age…”
“Auntie, you … “Jiang Hao is really speechless. He didn’t expect that in the end Xue Yuning’s mother was still soft. Faced with the other three people, she didn’t even want to be hard-headed.
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning, obviously not wanting to agree.
“What are you doing in a daze? Your mother-in-law has spoken, and you still don’t agree? It’s your turn!” Cousin Xue Yuning scolded angrily.
Xue Yuning’s mother was trembling all over by her cousin’s rebuke, and hurriedly begged Jiang Hao:” Jiang Hao. Auntie, please, give them a seat, okay? ”
Jiang Hao sighed heavily, looked at Xue Yuning’s mother’s hope, and could only nod silently.
“Okay Auntie.” Jiang Hao moved a step away, letting go of his position, and walked to a seat on the side of the round table with a cold face and sat down.
And saw Jiang Hao go away. Xue Yuning and Xue Yuning’s mother also hurriedly followed.
Seeing this situation, Wang Li is obviously the happiest. She smiled all over her face, as if she had picked up a cheap one, and she was about to sit on the main seat.
It’s just that Wang Li didn’t wait until it seemed to touch the seat, but was caught by a hand.
Wang Li couldn’t help being taken aback. What suddenly came to mind in my mind was Jiang Hao regretting it.
What can I do?
But after seeing clearly that the person holding him was his daughter, Wang Li was relieved.
“Oh, what are you doing?” Wang Li scolded a little impatiently. Said, “Quickly get out of the way, I’ll sit over, let’s order food.”
But cousin Xue Yuning didn’t seem to want to let go. She looked at her mother indifferently, and only whispered: “Sit me aside. . ”
” ah? “Wang Li can not help but surprised a moment,” What did you say? ”
” I can tell you to sit aside. “Xue rain condensate cousin replied.
“Why? You… Didn’t you just let me sit here because you were arguing with others? Then where do you want me to sit?” Wang Li asked in surprise, “Who does I sit here? ”
Cousin Xue Yuning sneered: “Empty? Why are you empty? I’ll sit. You sit next to me!”
“Huh?” Wang Li looked at her daughter in disbelief again. She simply didn’t figure out her intentions.
But Wang Li soon reacted, and then she couldn’t help but sneer.
“Hehe. That’s the case!” Wang Li said contemptuously, “I thought. You just grabbed a seat with someone to let me sit. It seems that you are fighting for yourself? You can really do it at the critical moment. Your mother pushed it out, and now it’s profitable, and kicked your mother away again? Are you really…”
Wang Li stared at her daughter angrily, and now, she finally sees her daughter clearly. .
But before she finished speaking, her daughter interrupted her.
“You can’t get up? You still want to sit here, what do you think? Get up quickly, otherwise…” Cousin Xue Yuning threatened in a low voice, “Otherwise you don’t want to get the money!”
“You…” Wang Li looked at My own daughter gritted her teeth with hatred.
She didn’t expect that the good daughter she cultivated would eventually count on her.
Wang Li could only sigh and sat aside obediently.
And cousin Xue Yuning, at this time, was a victor, as if she had nothing to do for a while, she sat directly on the main seat!
At this moment, Jiang Hao also understood that what cousin Xue Yuning was fighting for her mother just now was clearly for herself.
Jiang Hao wanted to get up and argue with the other party, but was about to get up, but was again held back by Xue Yuning’s mother.
Jiang Hao looked helpless, and in the end, he could only sigh to himself.
When she sat where she wanted to sit proudly, cousin Xue Yuning became more proud, pointed at Jiang Hao, and said lazily, “Hey, pass me the menu!”

Chapter: 188
Jiang Hao didn’t move, and he didn’t even look at the other party.
Jiang Hao was stuck in his heart, and he was thinking about the other party, how could it be at her mercy.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s position still, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly got up and picked up the menu beside her. It was put on the turntable and passed to cousin Xue Yuning.
Cousin Xue Yuning glared at the former contemptuously, and while picking up the menu, she mumbled: “And, there are you everywhere, why are you prominent!” The words were finished. She just looked at the menu for herself.
“Tsk tusk tusk, it really is the best hotel in Chujiang, the dishes look so good!” Cousin Xue Yuning said proudly. “Husband, what do you want to eat, hurry up!”
After speaking, she leaned to Van Den’s ear and said with a low smile: “A little more expensive, let me see how this kid will end up! ”
Vanden understood what his wife meant, nodded with a suffocated smile, and looked on the menu.
“This… this looks good, and this, I want it!” After a while, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng ordered seven or eight dishes.
And when they were ordering, they also calculated in their hearts that the price of so many dishes was about 20,000 yuan.
Cousin Xue Yuning smiled meaningfully. Pushing the menu to Jiang Hao’s side, he said, “Come on, aren’t you the host? Let’s order two more dishes.”
Jiang Hao inquired about the waiter, just now they both ordered what dishes, after getting a reply, Jiang Hao nodded silently.
To be honest, the dishes ordered by cousin Fan Deng and Xue Yuning just now are not too expensive, and in terms of the dishes in Haoyue Hotel, they are considered to be middle-class.
If it were to invite the three people across to eat, Jiang Hao felt that it was enough, because he hated these three people very much.
But today, Xue Yuning’s mother is here. It is estimated that this is the first time the old man has come to eat in a place like Haoyue Hotel. Of course, he cannot be negligent.
So Jiang Hao looked at the menu until the end. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and his eyes fell on a dish named Yue Sanpin.
The waiter hurriedly explained to Jiang Hao, saying that this is the signature dish of Haoyue Hotel, how the ingredients are exquisite, and how demanding the chef is.
After hearing the explanation from the waiter, Jiang Hao decided immediately that he wanted to order this dish.
Although this dish is a bit more expensive, a full dish costs close to 20,000 yuan.
But Jiang Hao believed that Xue Yuning and her mother would like this dish as long as they like it. What if it’s more expensive.
Jiang Hao ordered a few more dishes, and finally got twelve dishes before returning the menu to the waiter.
But at this moment. Wang Li, who hadn’t said a word for a long time, suddenly spoke.
“Wait…” Wang Li flushed and said, “Um…I haven’t ordered yet? Why did you return the menu to her?”
Wang Li’s tone was obviously a little unhappy. But it’s not easy to express.
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, and pointed to cousin Xue Yuning, and said, “Just now… Didn’t you finish ordering?”
Wang Li said after hearing this: “They ordered it, I haven’t ordered it yet. The menu is for you! What’s the matter? I can’t even order a dish for a meal? That’s how you treat guests? Isn’t it, Xue Yuning.”
Xue Yuning didn’t say a word, anyway, she felt that there was enough food.
Five people eat twelve dishes. It must be incomplete, and will be wasted in the end.
But Xue Yuning really didn’t want to talk to these people, just slightly turned his head to the side.
Upon seeing this, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly said: “Second sister-in-law, look at the five of us, and ordering so many dishes, it should be enough? And I think the food here should be delicious, so…the key point There is too much, isn’t it a waste?”
Xue Yuning’s mother was naturally afraid that Jiang Hao would spend money.
She just glanced at the menu secretly, and she was frightened. It was an ordinary dish here. The price is two to three thousand.
Just now, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s cousin ordered a dozen dishes, wouldn’t it cost tens of thousands?
Xue Yuning’s mother was used to being poor, for fear of spending money. Even if she knew that Jiang Hao was rich, she still didn’t want to spend money indiscriminately.
But her words. But it was like a spark, directly igniting Wang Li’s powder keg.
Upon hearing this, Wang Li jumped up violently. Pointing to Xue Yuning’s mother, “What do you mean by the name? What’s wrong with my order of two dishes? Why is it your turn to take care of me? What is your own situation, don’t you have any points in your heart? Do you still want to take care of me? You Is it worth it?” Wang Li pointed at Xue Yuning’s mother and said she was upset because she had just been robbed of her seat by her daughter, but now Xue Yuning’s mother hit her own gun directly.
And cousin Xue Yuning, after hearing Wang Li’s words, hurriedly interrupted and said: “Hehe, it is really poor, and finally invited us to have a meal here, but the final order will not work, is it afraid for a while? Can’t afford to buy an order? Haha, it’s really funny, poor is poor…”

Chapter: 189
Jiang Hao heard the words of cousin Xue Yuning, and suddenly became a little angry.
He stretched out the hand of Raxue Yuning’s mother, smiled and said: “It’s okay, auntie, don’t worry. It won’t cost a lot of money, and I think that compared to spending a few stinky money, I care more about whether Stop someone else’s stinky mouth !” Jiang Hao finished. He threw the menu directly in front of Wang Li and said: “Order it. I ordered twelve dishes before…” Jiang Hao thought for a while and asked the waitress: “Oh, by the way, let me ask, your family Order all the best dishes. How many dishes are there?” The waitress was asked for a moment, and then hurriedly replied: “First… sir… We haven’t ordered this before.” The waitress couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, after all This is the Haoyue Hotel, which brings together the entire Chujiang, and even the top chef team in the province, so in terms of the richness of the dishes. There is simply too much to imagine.
Take the menu that Jiang Hao threw to Wang Li. This menu is very large and thick. There are only one or two hundred main dishes, and the other side dishes and side dishes are countless.
If it’s some new waiters, maybe even the dishes can’t be remembered.
Even this waitress has been here for several years. But the dream remembers a rough idea.
And Jiang Hao asked such a tricky question, it was only strange that she could answer it.
But the waitress thought for a while, and suddenly a bright light flashed in her mind, and she smiled and said: “Oh yes sir, like you just said, maybe we can’t count it for you. But our hotel once had a package before, It is composed of the best fifty-six dishes in Quanhaoyue Hotel. These fifty-six dishes are almost the top dish combination in our hotel, and if you look at Chu River, or even the whole province, it is probably not better. Yes, or you…”
The waitress asked Jiang Hao tentatively.
But before Jiang Hao could speak. Cousin Xue Yuning asked first: “How much is the package?”
The waitress said: “The full set is 1.2 million!”
Hearing this number, the people in the whole house. He took a breath without entering.
Fifty-six dishes, 1.2 million, which is too exaggerated!
You know, that is to sell all the houses, cars, and restaurants in Xue Yuning’s family. It is estimated that that much money, not to mention that a large part of them are loans.
Upon hearing this, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly pulled Jiang Hao’s clothes. He whispered: “Jiang Hao, what are you doing, don’t be impulsive, just… just our mouth, one hundred and hundreds of thousands, isn’t that a waste of nothing?”
Xue Yuning’s mother, who was used to poverty, At this moment, I was so frightened, I was afraid that Jiang Hao would grit his teeth and stamp his feet. I really ordered this set meal.
1.2 million, so much money. I guess I won’t be able to earn it in my entire life, so I consume it here. That’s a waste.
And Xue Yuning also looked at Jiang Hao eagerly, hoping to stop Jiang Hao from doing stupid things.
Xue Yuning certainly knew Jiang Hao’s strength. More than one million is simply too small for him.
But in Xue Yuning’s view, so much money is just used for food, it is simply too much loss.
What’s more, Xue Yuning was even more reluctant to order it to the three people opposite.
Of these three people, who used to treat themselves and their mothers as adults, although they are only angry now, they have to spend 1.2 million to invite them to dinner. Xue Yuning can’t figure it out even if he wants to break his head!
Not to mention Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter, even cousin Xue Yuning, Wang Li and Fan Deng didn’t believe that Jiang Hao dared to order this set meal at this time.
Not to mention whether he has that economic strength, but even if Jiang Hao has that strength, does he have the confidence to order this set meal!
This is not one hundred and two, nor one thousand and two, but 1.2 million. This is money that many people can’t make in half their lives. Does this guy want to eat a meal?
Cousin Xue Yuning sneered and said: “Hehe, what’s wrong, what are you doing in a daze? Keep going?”
Of course she was sure that Jiang Hao would not dare, so she said this sentence.
And she was convinced that Jiang Hao definitely wanted to admit counsel, and she was waiting for Jiang Hao to recognize counsel, then she would see how she humiliated him!
Acting in front of yourself, you must also know how many catties you have?
But she didn’t know that Jiang Hao’s words just now were not big words at all.
Is 1.2 million a lot for him?
Jiang Hao now holds nearly 10 billion of funds in his hand. With so much money, what he wants to eat, why not eat?
Jiang Hao looked at cousin Xue Yuning and couldn’t help but smile, and said to the waiter: “Okay, then order this set meal!”
Jiang Hao continued very confidently: “By the way, let me tell your boss, I don’t have to pay for it today. !”
After speaking, Jiang Hao sent the waitress.
But what he just said, in the eyes of cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng, is simply ridiculous.
“Haha, it’s free? How can he think of it? Does he really think of himself as a big man? Does he know the owner of this hotel?” Cousin Xue Yuning mocked.

Chapter: 190
Fan Deng grinned and said, “Hey, if someone knows you. Think about it, they can afford a meal of 1.2 million, know someone. What is the hotel boss? I see, maybe people even know Shen Haoting on the billboard outside!”
Fan Deng’s words seemed to compliment Jiang Hao. But everyone can hear that this is a malicious mockery.
Approaching Van Den, he continued: “Hehe. Who can’t brag, I will, my wife, I’m afraid you don’t know it, the moon is actually ours, I am the richest man in the world…”
Fan At the end of the conversation, Deng laughed.
Cousin Xue Yuning laughed and leaned forward and back together, she was simply too happy.
In their opinion, Jiang Hao is nothing more than how ugly people are.
It’s just that they don’t know it, in Jiang Hao’s opinion. Are they not so ugly?
Of course, Van Den was right. Jiang Hao did know Shen Haoting, and the two were still in a father-son relationship.
Perhaps for this level of relationship, these people have exhausted their lives, and they dare not imagine it.
After all, there is sometimes a big gap between people and people.
Jiang Hao ignored the other party and sat down on his own.
Jiang Hao wanted to see what the corners of these people’s mouths would be after all the dishes were served.
Jiang Hao didn’t want to care about these people, but they were too aggressive.
Jiang Hao actually couldn’t stand it anymore. Xue Yuning’s mother was such a good person, she was treated this way by these people. If she didn’t do anything, she would feel sorry to turn around.
Only Xue Yuning’s mother is still sitting on pins and needles.
She understood that Jiang Hao had prepared today’s meal because of herself and Xue Yuning.
But if Jiang Hao lost such a large sum of money because of her own relationship, then she would feel that she owed Jiang Hao to death.
She knew that her daughter owed Jiang Hao too much. If I take advantage of Jiang Hao’s advantage again, I will only become less spineless when I look back. Both of their mother and daughter will eventually be laughed at.
At this moment, the waitress walked out of the private room.
Upon seeing this, Xue Yuning’s mother hurriedly got up and followed out, then turned to Jiang Hao and said, “I…go to the bathroom…”
Jiang Hao didn’t think about it. Xue Yuning’s mother is ill and it is normal to go to the bathroom.
What Jiang Hao didn’t know was that Xue Yuning’s mother stopped the waitress as soon as she walked out of the private room.
“My boy. Wait a minute, I have something to tell you.” The waitress was taken aback, looked back at Xue Yuning’s mother, and asked, “Auntie, are you talking to me?”
Xue Yuning’s mother nodded quickly , Walked over: “That…it’s like this, what set meal Jiang Hao ordered just now, we don’t want it. You have seen it. We are just a few of us, we can’t eat that much money. In the end, it’s wasted. I guess you can see it too. The child was in anger for a while. What he said when he was angry must not be counted!” The waitress heard the words. Suddenly, she felt a little difficult to do. She grimaced, and shook her head repeatedly: “But auntie, he has finished ordering just now? And if I don’t want to order the set meal, I have to ask the gentleman’s opinion later, you Look at you…”
Obviously, the waitress dare not call the shots. After all, Jiang Hao ordered the dishes. In the end, she has to listen to Jiang Hao’s opinions.
Can’t what you say is nothing? After all, this is a big thing worth millions. If something happens when you look back, you can’t afford it.
But how could Xue Yuning’s mother ask her to ask Jiang Hao again, why she came out for it? She didn’t tell Jiang Hao the truth at all.
Xue Yuning’s mother thought for a while, and quickly grabbed the waitress who wanted to return to the private room, and solemnly said: “No, I can call the shots. I am his mother-in-law, and he will listen to my opinions. You can just do it, and if something goes wrong, I will tell him that this matter has nothing to do with you!” The waitress heard this, still with a pained expression on her face.
After all, this matter is really difficult to handle.
“But Auntie…”
“Okay, it’s nothing but you just do it, I have said everything, if something goes wrong, I will bear it, it has nothing to do with you.” Xue Yuning’s mother continued. “You can just follow the menu we ordered before!”
“No, then I have to discuss with the gentleman at least!” The waitress insisted.
But Xue Yuning’s mother was a little dissatisfied, she became serious in an instant, and said, “What’s the matter with your child? I’m his mother-in-law. Could it be that he can’t listen to me? You go quickly, if you have a while. The food is late, but I have to complain to you!” The waitress shuddered when she heard that she was going to complain.
It’s not easy to do this job by yourself. If you get a complaint again…
Thinking of this, the waitress can only sigh: “Okay, but when there is a problem, you must explain it clearly for me. !”

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