I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 19

Wang Jiani’s live broadcast platform was actually developed by a few students from Chujiang University in her junior year, but she has never had the money to promote it, so she just played with the alumni of Chujiang University.
But today is a special day. It is said that the entrepreneurial team got an investment, so in order to gather popularity, they are preparing to launch a PK activity inside Chujiang University.
The event starts at eight o’clock and lasts for an hour. If anyone can get the most gifts in this hour, whoever is today’s winning champion.
The prize money for the champion is 50,000 yuan.
The event started to push notifications among the alumni groups of Chujiang University a week ago, so starting from today’s day, many people are eager to try.
Wang Jiani naturally came for this.
Although she has a good family background, she is only in her early twenties, and it is hard to beat the temptation of the 50,000 yuan bonus.
In addition, Wang Jiani was originally very beautiful and had a good figure. She was very popular in Chujiang University on weekdays, and was the goal pursued by many rich second generations.
So she feels that as long as the event starts and she is coquettish, many people will certainly reward herself.
In this way, even if you can’t win the championship, the gift alone is enough to make a fortune, and by the way, you can boost your popularity.
And Jiang Hao naturally understood Wang Jiani’s intentions, and he also had his own ideas.
Don’t you just want to win a championship? Do you think it is possible to have me?
As soon as the live broadcast started at eight o’clock, it turned out that Wang Jiani’s live broadcast room was very lively. Only ten minutes before and after, someone had already rewarded more than two thousand yuan.
Suddenly, a barrage flashed across Wang Jiani’s live broadcast. It was sent by a young man named Chu Jiang, although it was just a casual greeting.
But immediately, the young Chu Jiang directly used three yachts.
Three thousand yuan, almost the entire live broadcast room was boiling at that moment.
“Damn, who is this? Such a local tyrant? One shot is three thousand?”
“Chu Jiang is a young man, his name is domineering, his shot is more domineering, who knows who this is?”
“Chu Jiang, a young man ? This seems to be Qiao Dong
Young Master Qiao? I rely on it, it is really the top rich second generation, and one shot is thousands of thousands of throws?” At this time, Wang Jiani was also stunned. She watched the barrage for a long time, and when she heard someone in the barrage say this Chu Jiang’s first young man, Qiao Dong, suddenly smiled.
“Chu Jiang, are you really Qiao Dongqiao?” Wang Jiani deliberately pretended to say in a charming voice, “Thank you so much.”
Wang Jiani felt happy at this time because she knew very well. If this Chujiang First Young Master is really Qiao Dong, he can really make a profit.
Because this Qiao Dong’s family is very important in the entire Chujiang River. What’s more, Qiao’s family also runs one of the largest five-star hotels in Chu River, the Haoyue Hotel.
That’s worth hundreds of millions, and my family is full of calculations, which is only ten or twenty million. If you can hook up with the second generation of the richest Qiao Dong, you will not only worry about eating and drinking in the second half of your life, but the family will also rise with your strength.
“Yes, I am Qiao Dong!” Chu Jiang Yi Shao replied lightly.
But just this sentence made the live broadcast room boiling again.
Because Qiao Dong’s family background is among the best in Chujiang, and other people are tall and handsome, when he usually appears, he is almost full of cheers when he comes to him.
“You are beautiful today!” Chu Jiang’s Young Master sent another bullet screen.
Wang Jiani pretended to be a little shy, and said, “Dong Shao, you are also very handsome. Thank you very much for your reward. May I dance for you?”
Chu Jiang Yi Shao said hello, and then swish again. After swishing three yachts, the live broadcast room suddenly boiled again.
After all, this was just a little bit of effort, and Chu Jiang’s first young man had already spent five thousand yuan, and it was true that the local tyrants were different.
Upon seeing this, Wang Jiani’s heart beat faster, she thanked him several times, and quickly praised: “Dong Shao is a man. He is hundreds of times stronger than those poor ghosts.”
Wang Jiani said naturally or Jiang Hao. Waiting for someone, she couldn’t help but shake off the words just now.
“Don’t you know, don’t you know? I went to dinner today, and I met a few poor dicks who can pretend, huh, these people just pretend, and they deliberately tease me and my girlfriends. Help, we really don’t know how to do it! Those few people belonged to Chujiang University
, and they were so embarrassed to have a relationship with us at the time. It was disgusting!” Wang Jiani smiled and continued: “Or else I say, sometimes people still have to be rich, because sometimes rich represents not only status, but also the cultivation of people. People like those are simply scumbags. How can you compare to Dong Shao?”
Wang Jiani completely reversed the matter, but there was no trace of guilt in her heart. In her opinion, those Jiang Hao were dead and had nothing to do with her.
Hearing this, Zhang Jie and Ji Xueming in Jiang Hao’s bedroom simply jumped angrily, hating a bitch and cursing a bitch.
But only Jiang Hao seemed very calm at this time. It was not that he was not angry, but Jiang Hao knew that no matter how angry he was, it was useless, because Wang Jiani could not see or listen.
If you want to give her a tooth for a tooth, you have to give her a little shock.
In the live broadcast room, after hearing Wang Jiani’s words, Chu Jiang Yishao replied: “Hehe, can you not compare me with rubbish? If you say that again, I won’t give you a reward. I wanted to help you get it. Today’s champion!” When she saw this, Wang Jiani’s face turned pale with fright: “No, no, I’m wrong, how can people compare you to rubbish? Those rubbish is simply not worth mentioning… …Hehe, I hope Dong Shao will support me more. If I win the championship, how about I invite you to dinner?”
As soon as Wang Jiani finished speaking, a striking barrage jumped out in the live broadcast room.
“Do you really want to win the championship that much? Actually, I can help you too!”
This is an unfamiliar account, named Tingfeng.
Listening to the barrage of the wind, Wang Jiani’s attention was immediately caught. Who is afraid of biting his hands with more money?
Wang Jiani hurriedly smiled greasyly and said: “Brother Tingfeng, can you really help me? That’s great, then you give me a reward?”
Tingfeng then issued two words: “Okay.” “At this moment, Wang Jiani even had some expectations, how many gifts this Tingfeng will give herself.
After all, I just said that I can help myself get the first place, and it must be a big deal.
Wang Jiani was even thinking that Tingfeng was a little jealous because Dong Shao gave too many gifts just now, and wanted to compete with each other because of herself.
But when Wang Jiani just thought of this, she suddenly saw a scarf popping up on the screen.
Just listen to the wind! A scarf is only five yuan.
Wang Jiani froze for a moment, and immediately her face became cold, and she said, “Listen to the wind, this joke isn’t too funny, is it funny to play with me?”
She was so enthusiastic, but she was wiped out by a basin of cold water and she was very angry .
“Hehe, is it too small? Let’s say that you are a poor person three times, I promise you will win today’s championship, how about it?”
Wang Jiani’s face flushed as she looked at the barrage of Tingfeng. Yelled, “Who the hell are you? Deliberately? You’re so poor, do you think the old lady is a fool? Will you be fooled like this?” Wang Jiani has a feeling of being played, she has guessed it now. This listening to the wind is deliberately teasing myself.
Her face changed drastically, and she continued to curse again: “Fool, I think you are poor, right? Huh, what are you? Dong Shao is really rich. You are so poor and rich. That’s it, get out of my live broadcast room!”
Wang Jiani scolded, then she relieved her anger, thinking: When I know who this Tingfeng is, I promise you can’t eat it, dare to tease me?
In fact, Wang Jiani had guessed that Jiang Hao did it in her mind at this time, but there was no evidence.
But at this moment, Na Tingfeng sent another barrage.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that you were a poor man!”
Immediately afterwards, another barrage came over: “You are rubbish, it is impossible for rubbish to become a champion!”
Upon seeing this, Wang Jiani was annoyed to explode . Just as she was about to scold her, the screen in front of her suddenly flashed, and a system push message that shocked the entire live broadcast room was bounced.
“Listen to the wind, give Yu Ning a rocket!”
A rocket, that’s 10,000 yuan!
But soon, the push of the system almost filled the screen.
“Listen to the wind, send Yu Ning a rocket!
Listen to the wind, send Yu Ning a rocket!
Listen to the wind, send Yu Ning a rocket!

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