I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 191-200

Chapter: 191
“Don’t worry, I will be responsible for this matter.” Xue Yuning’s mother said firmly.
Hearing what the other party said, the waitress felt more at ease, nodded silently, turned and left.
This time, Xue Yuning’s mother was relieved. Also turned and walked towards the private room.
As soon as Xue Yuning’s mother walked in, she felt that something was wrong with the anger in the private room.
Obviously, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s cousin are still in a turmoil because of their talents, and both of them are angry.
Xue Yuning’s mother wanted to relax the atmosphere, smiled, and said, “Oh, well, everything just passed. Let’s talk and talk about something happy! By the way, Ersao, don’t you know. Yu Ning has been For a while. It’s about to participate in a theatrical performance, and her show is still solo. Yu Ning has liked singing since she was a child. This is a good opportunity for her… ”
Obviously, this is for Xue Yuning’s mother. It is an out-and-out joy.
Seeing her daughter achieve something on the road she likes, she is really happy for Xue Yuning from the bottom of her heart.
But she didn’t seem to know the news, whether it was cousin Xue Yuning or Wang Li, there was no interest at all.
Cousin Xue Yuning even sneered, with a bit of disdain, and said: “And, what’s so great, isn’t it just going to sing a song? See what makes you happy. What’s the matter, singing too much. Do you really think your daughter can stand out?”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s words made Xue Yuning’s mother face embarrassed. She wanted to share the good news with each other, but in the end she didn’t realize it.
Wang Li didn’t seem to be watching this incident much, and said sarcastically:” Haha, I said at the beginning that Xue Yuning was asked to go to work after graduating from high school. It is estimated that I will work hard. Now I have been working as an official in the factory. I just want to learn singing and don’t look at what family he is. Think about beautiful things, right? I thought I could become popular in the future. Become a star? Haha, it’s really interesting…”
Wang Li is equivalent to pouring cold water on Xue Yuning and her mother’s heads.
The mother and daughter were a little uncomfortable hearing these words.
Hearing this, Jiang Hao was also a little dissatisfied, and directly replied: “Excuse me, how did you know that Yu Ning will not be able to become famous in the future? Can’t be a singer? I think that with Yu Ning’s strength and her efforts, she will definitely be in the future. Able to get ahead!”
Jiang Hao is not touting Xue Yuning, he is serious in saying this.
And Jiang Hao also believes that Xue Yuning will be able to get ahead one day.
After all, Xue Yuning’s every effort was in his eyes. And Jiang Hao knows Xue Yuning’s artistic talent.
Jiang Hao had long thought about it, if Xue Yuning was determined. If I want to achieve something in art, I will definitely do my best to help her.
However, Wang Li and others didn’t pay attention to Jiang Hao’s words at all. In their opinion, this was just one of the countless jokes Jiang Hao made today.
“If you don’t understand the shit, you just have a hard mouth!” Cousin Xue Yuning sneered. Continue, “To tell you the truth, many of my sisters are all in the arts, which one is promising in the end? It’s Xue Yuning’s patience, not me sarcasm her, she will be in the future. It’s a problem to find a job or not. And, what about Chujiang University, it’s not the end in the end!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning looked at Fan Deng and said proudly: “Which is like my husband. Although they don’t go to a prestigious university, they still do. Through my own hard work, my career has achieved small achievements!”
“Yes, yes!” Wang Li hurriedly interrupted, “Human. It is better to be pragmatic. Van Den is a particularly pragmatic person. Don’t you know, Fan Den does not matter Is it in her hometown or in Chujiang? The connections are so wide…” Before
Wang Li had finished speaking, suddenly the private room door was knocked, interrupting her narration.
“Who? Come in.” Wang Li said impatiently. “It’s really disappointing, I haven’t finished speaking yet.”
As soon as Wang Li’s voice fell, the door was pushed open. Then a young man in a dark brown suit with shiny hair came in.
The young man walked in, and first smiled politely. Then he said, ”
Everyone , welcome to the Haoyue Hotel for dinner. I am the manager of this floor. My name is Ma and Ma Weiguo.” After Ma Weiguo finished speaking, he bowed slightly, showing his politeness and humility.
In fact, it was this morning that he received Qiao San’s notice that today, on his own territory, there will be a big man who wants to entertain VIPs.
So Ma Weiguo pondered and thought, and felt that he should show his face and say hello.
After all, this was something that Qiao San personally arranged. Of course he had to pay attention to it, in case he could get acquainted with someone with big hands and eyes.
Ma Weiguo is full of expectations for this.
However, when Ma Weiguo raised his head and was about to scan the people in the private room, he suddenly heard a familiar voice and said to himself: “Weiguo? Why are you… why are you here?”

Chapter: 192
Ma Weiguo was taken aback when he heard the words, and then immediately looked in the direction of the speaker.
It was Van Den who was surprised to speak just now. He had stood up at this time, a little surprised and a little surprised.
Ma Weiguo is the same. When he saw Van Den abruptly, he thought that his eyes were dazzling, so he squinted and pushed the frame of his glasses, only to realize that he was right. The person in front of him is really Van Den.
“Vanden? Why are you here?” Ma Weiguo was also a little negligent for a while and asked directly. according to rules. Even if the visitor is his own acquaintance, Ma Weiguo must be treated according to guest etiquette.
But Van Den didn’t care. Instead, he pushed aside his chair and walked directly towards Ma Weiguo, laughing out loud.
“Oh, Wei Guo, I really didn’t expect that we met here in the end?” Van Den said with a smile, “Look at your suit, you are really energetic, it seems to be younger than when we were in school. When
Ma Weiguo heard the words, he laughed, patted Van Den’s shoulder, and said: “Where is there, you are the old fan. You are more and more mature, and you are more masculine. I remember you still pursued After passing our class flower, do you remember what people said about you? Haha, people said that you are like a child, immature, but now you are a big change…”
Ma Weiguo finished. Van Den’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed, and he hurriedly glanced at his wife out of his eyes, as if he was afraid that these words would cause him trouble.
Cousin Xue Yuning heard these words. Indeed, his face changed slightly, he looked up and down Ma Weiguo, and asked in a low voice: “Husband, who is this? You seem to be old acquaintances? You have a lot of old acquaintances!”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s words clearly had something in the words, and her heart was a little uneasy. She wanted to go back to the place where she lived in a while, so she must ask clearly. Who the hell was that original class flower!
Because of this incident, Van Den never even said it to himself!
When Fan Deng heard the words, he naturally heard the meaning of the voice-over, and quickly scratched his head and said: “Oh yes, my wife, forgot to introduce you. This is my university classmate Ma Weiguo.”
Then he borrowed money from Ma Weiguo. “Weiguo, let me introduce you. This is my wife and this is my mother-in-law.”
Ma Weiguo is a floor experience after all. Hearing the words, he quickly became enthusiastic: “Hello sister-in-law, I am Ma Weiguo, I am half a year younger than Lao Fan. Just call me a pony! Hello Auntie, I am a pony. It’s an honor to meet you, you Look at you, you are so young, I guess people will always misunderstand that you and my sister-in-law are sisters?”
Ma Weiguo is really good at talking. One sentence made Wang Li amused with a quavering smile, and she couldn’t close her mouth happily.
And cousin Xue Yuning was even more proud when she heard the other side calling herself a sister-in-law.
“Okay, hello,
Xiaoma .” Cousin Xue Yuning smiled and said, “You work here?” Ma Weiguo nodded humbly: “Yes, yes, I am the floor manager here. This floor where we eat is me The scope of jurisdiction.”
“Tsk tusk, Weiguo, you are so promising, now you have become the manager of this Haoyue Hotel, you are less than thirty years old, I think, your future must be Unlimited…” Van Den did not hesitate to say anything, and complimented Ma Weiguo.
After everyone talked and laughed for a while, Ma Weiguo realized that there were three people sitting on the other side of the dinner table.
Ma Weiguo only feels familiar with Jiang Hao. But in any case, I couldn’t remember where I saw it, so I hurriedly asked Fan Deng, “Old Fan, these are…”
Van Den looked at the three Jiang Hao. Obviously, the three of them are quite different from the three on their own no matter their clothes or temperament.
In Van Den’s view, these three people are simply three poor relatives. If it were left in his hometown, he would be a little ashamed to admit that they were relatives.
But this is eating at the table, I don’t admit it. Obviously it is not realistic either.
But Van Deng didn’t want to lose face in front of his classmates, so he said: “Oh, some relatives in my hometown, oh…how long have you been here?”
Van Deng didn’t want to introduce Jiang Hao too much. So just said one thing, and quickly changed the topic.
Naturally, Ma Weiguo could hear it, but although Van Deng did not introduce him, he became more and more curious about Jiang Hao.
It is true that Jiang Hao always comes to Haoyue Hotel. Many people in the hotel have met Jiang Hao, and many people also know that Qiao San must be respectful to Jiang Hao.
Ma Weiguo didn’t think much about it, and casually dealt with Van Den, and then said some compliments.
At exactly this time, a waiter came and called him, saying that there were table guests who wanted to see him, and Ma Weiguo hurriedly left.
However, Ma Weiguo had just left the private room before his feet, and suddenly thought of something, he couldn’t help but was startled, and then he seemed to have completely understood something, and his whole face became distorted.
He muttered to himself: “This…is…is it him?”

Chapter: 193
Ma Weiguo suddenly remembered that once before, he accidentally hit Qiao San and came upstairs with a person.
And Qiao San seemed to be very respectful to that person.
And that person is not someone else, it seems to be Jiang Hao.
Ma Weiguo went on to think of what Qiao Sante had told him before, saying that he was on his floor today. A big man will entertain the guests.
Now it’s completely on account. Obviously Jiang Hao is the big man, and Van Den and his wife and mother-in-law are probably Jiang Hao’s guests.
When Ma Weiguo thought of this, he couldn’t help being startled and a little surprised.
He murmured to himself: “This Van Den hasn’t seen him in a few years. It seems that he is really developed, and he has come close to such a big man…”
But soon Ma Weiguo discovered the problem.
Then Van Den seemed to be somewhat unfriendly to Jiang Hao just now, what is going on?
It’s just that Ma Weiguo can no longer care about that much. He didn’t want that much now. He just thought that Fan Deng had already gotten into a relationship with big figures like Jiang Hao. He was obviously different from the past, so his attitude towards Fan obviously had to be more respectful.
Van Den is a classmate of his university, maybe he will be useful to him in the future.
After all, he was mixed with Jiang Hao, and the relationship between Jiang Hao and Qiao San was so different.
Moreover, Ma Weiguo seemed to have figured out something. He suddenly felt that when Van Deng introduced Jiang Hao before, he was so vague, he probably didn’t want to expose Jiang Hao’s identity.
After all, as a subordinate, he also understands the meaning of such things.
Some big people just don’t like to reveal their true identity, maybe Jiang Hao is just such a person.
Ma Weiguo thinks. I sorted everything out by myself, a little excited and a little nervous.
He glanced at the waitress who called himself, and asked, “What are the customers doing over there? Are you in a hurry? If you are not in a hurry, please delay for a while, and I will go over later.” The waitress hasn’t waited to answer. , Ma Weiguo went on to say: “Okay, you go over.”
Then Ma Weiguo turned around and opened the door of the private room again without even looking at the waitress.
Only behind him was the waitress with a helpless and bewildered look.
On the other side, in the private room.
As soon as Ma Weiguo went out, cousin Xue Yuning pushed Fan Deng and asked: “Yeah, okay Fan Deng, let’s talk about it. Who is that class flower? Is it beautiful? Is there any contact now?”
By his wife After three consecutive questions, Van Den didn’t know how to answer. He just wiped the cold sweat on his forehead awkwardly, and kept perfunctory.
In this situation, Jiang Hao couldn’t be amused.
He thought that Van Den had some patience, but he didn’t think he was also a wife who was afraid of his wife.
It’s just that Jiang Hao’s smile was caught by Xue Yuning’s cousin.
My husband, I can laugh at whatever I want. Now that someone like Jiang Hao is laughed at, it’s strange that she is willing.
“Hey, what are you laughing at? Is it funny? What qualifications do you have to laugh?” Cousin Xue Yuning questioned Jiang Hao like a needle.
Jiang Hao didn’t care, he smiled faintly, and replied: “What’s wrong with my laugh? Did I laugh at you? My mouth is on me. I want to laugh, no one can control it!”
Jiang Hao even dared to reply. Myself, cousin Xue Yuning was furious. He immediately said angrily: “Hmph, you just have a hardened mouth, what else is there? No matter how bad our Fanden is, my classmate is also the manager here. Look at you. What do you have? I guess you, Only worth knowing about the temporary workers or the watchdog at the door!”
Jiang Hao still looked indifferent, and replied: “A person like you can only make assumptions about others from your own level. How do you know. The manager doesn’t know me, maybe the owner of the Haoyue Hotel Do you want to be respectful to me?”
“Just blow it up, I see you…”
Before cousin Xue Yuning’s words were finished, the door of the private room was knocked again, and then Ma Weiguo opened the door without waiting for a response from inside. Cautiously walked in.
“Ahaha, I really bother everyone…” Ma Weiguo looked at Jiang Hao with a smile on his face, and continued, “That…I didn’t disturb everyone, right?”
Van Deng returned after seeing his old classmates. Enthusiastically said: “No no. See what you said, hurry in.”
Ma Weiguo also found that the atmosphere in the room seemed a little different. So hurriedly said: “Since something is wrong , then I won’t go in, let me say a few words at the door.” Ma Weiguo looked at Jiang Hao. Humble he smiled and said: “Actually no matter what we would like to ask you also not seen for many years, I have prepared a table of back, do not know if you can reward a face ah.?”
Hear the other party is Vanden was a little unclear about asking himself to eat.
He didn’t understand what the other party meant. After all, it is better to say that Ma Weiguo is a good messer now. The manager of Haoyue Hotel can not help but feel more face when he talks about it, and the people who are in contact are all the big people in Chu Jiang.
What’s more, people earn a salary of at least 20,000 to 30,000 yuan for a month. Why does he remember to invite himself to eat after a period of difference between himself and others?

Chapter: 194
It’s not just Van Den, but also cousin Xue Yuning and Wang Li.
When they heard Ma Weiguo’s words, they were a little surprised.
In fact, even if Ma Weiguo didn’t say to invite Van Den to dinner, they still thought, waiting for the time to invite Ma Weiguo to have a meal these days.
After all, he is now a little manager. If you look back and work harder, it will be the hotel manager. In that way, it can be regarded as the upper-middle class in Chujiang society.
As for people like Van Den, the sooner you get to know these people, you will definitely benefit from them in the future.
But Ma Weiguo’s move. But it makes them a little rushed.
“This…Is this not so good?” Van Deng scratched his head and said with a silly smile , “I should have asked you.” Ma Weiguo glanced at Jiang Hao unnaturally. He smiled hurriedly and said: “What is okay? Don’t argue with me. I invite you to me. Don’t say I invite you to dinner. If you spend a few days in Chujiang, I will entertain you throughout. So what? Just our relationship, do you still care about this?”
Ma Weiguo finished speaking, and quickly glanced at Jiang Hao.
Obviously he said this to Jiang Hao.
Ma Weiguo felt that if he was in front of Jiang Hao, showing that he could get along with Fan Deng, it would obviously deepen Jiang Hao’s impression of him.
“Oh, Weiguo, just say this to you. Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to have this meal!” Van Den still didn’t notice the trickiness. Hastily agreed.
Van Den was still very happy. Although he didn’t know why Ma Weiguo wanted to invite himself to dinner for no reason, he still felt a strong sense of superiority because of this incident.
He comforted himself in his heart, maybe the other party was fancying some of his own characteristics, or his potential.
Even thinking of this, Van Den himself felt a little airy.
Now that this matter has been done, Ma Weiguo has a bottom in his heart.
His real purpose is nothing more than to use Van Den as a springboard to reach Jiang Hao, but Ma Weiguo knows exactly what kind of character Jiang Hao is.
He remembered that even his boss, Qiao Sanye, had to be respectful when facing Jiang Hao.
If I want to have a direct relationship with Jiang Hao in an eagerness for quick success, I would be asking myself to be boring. I guess people would not bother to take care of myself.
So this matter still needs to be discussed long-term, but Ma Weiguo is not in a hurry.
In his opinion anyway. With Van Den as a springboard, he is much better than others.
As long as he gave himself some time, he would be confident that he could walk in front of Jiang Hao one day.
If that time comes, it is estimated that his boss Qiao Sanye will also look at him with admiration.
In the past, Ma Weiguo felt that one day he would be a restaurant manager of the Haoyue Hotel.
But from this moment on, he already has a more ambitious goal. Maybe he can go in a better direction and go one step further. After all, the helping Jiang Hao is by his side.
“Okay, OK, that’s it!” Ma Weiguo smiled satisfied, and finally nodded slightly in Jiang Hao’s direction. He signaled that he was going to retreat, then turned and left…
Jiang Hao didn’t have any expressions throughout, after all, it seemed to him. Ma Weiguo is respectful and reasonable to himself, as it should be.
Because usually when Jiang Hao comes to Haoyue Hotel, as long as he knows his identity, who is not respectful to himself.
On the contrary, Ma Weiguo’s attitude was already very poor.
It’s just that Jiang Hao doesn’t care about these. Even more will not care about these.
In Jiang Hao’s eyes, Ma Weiguo is an ordinary person at best, no matter how he behaved just now, he did not even enter Jiang Hao’s sight.
Ma Weiguo is gone, but cousin Xue Yuning’s family of three has not calmed down for a long time.
“Look. Take a look!” Wang Li was overjoyed, exclaimed, “I’ll say that our family Fan Deng is promising. See, my classmate is the manager of Tangtang Haoyue Hotel, so they all invited him What a shame for eating!” “That’s, I see, that Ma Weiguo, I guess he wants to mess with you husband!” Cousin Xue Yuning said joyfully, “But if you can accept such a little brother, it would be a good thing. In case one day this guy becomes the general manager of the entire Haoyue Hotel, then our house will be infinitely beautiful! ”
It seems to be caught in some kind of fantasy, and cousin Xue Yuning is a little bit proud .
Then she turned her head and glanced at Jiang Hao. I couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Hehe, some people, they just died with a hard duck mouth. How do you see how people treat my husband?”
Jiang Hao didn’t even look up at Cousin Xue Yuning and the others, because he thought these people were a little scary.
They invite you to dinner. What happened to you?
Jiang Hao thought to himself that he just asked Qiao Sanchengtian to treat himself to a big meal at Haoyue Hotel, and he would probably be very happy too!
At this moment, the door of the private room was knocked again, and then a waitress came in, and then a few waiters carrying dishes followed.
The waitress looked at Jiang Hao and couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, then looked at Xue Yuning’s mother again, and smiled and said, “Hello, I’ll serve you…”

Chapter: 195
Wang Li was the most excited when he heard the food served.
Originally, she felt that it was a very extravagant thing that she could have an ordinary meal at Haoyue Hotel.
But when she heard that Jiang Hao wanted to order the 1.2 million package, she was almost happy!
1.2 million package. This is probably because the past emperor Lao Tzu might not be able to eat it.
And she has thought about it, and when the dishes are ready, she has to show off.
First, she will send a photo to her family group to show off. Let those relatives who look down on themselves or don’t have a good relationship with them on weekdays look at it. I am also a person who can eat this top-notch meal.
It is estimated that by then, maybe my group of relatives will be dumbfounded.
I also send it to my sisters who are at odds with each other.
Because of the death of her husband, Wang Li’s financial income is far behind her sisters.
The result is that those people usually don’t care about their feelings at all. Any expensive cosmetics, brand-name bags or expensive jewelry must be displayed in front of them.
Wang Li used to hate this kind of things so much that her teeth tickled.
But there is no alternative, after all, there is really a big gap between him and others?
But today is different. Wang Li was so happy, she took it for granted that she would definitely be able to win the game today.
And this 1.2 million package, I guess I can blow it for a lifetime.
Looking back at what my sisters dare to say, even if they carry the best bags in their hands, the best cosmetics on their faces, and the beautiful and expensive jewelry, they don’t have the face this time. what!
Wang Li became more excited as he thought about it, and even took out his mobile phone, ready to take pictures… and cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng next to Wang Li. I am also very much looking forward to the specifications of the 1.2 million package.
After all, this is equivalent to the money for a house in the center of Chujiang, if you eat a meal, it will definitely be very unusual.
Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t want that much at this time. She thought that she would eat for nothing anyway, she would let it go after a while, and pack it away if she couldn’t eat it.
Looking back, how Jiang Hao paid the bill was his business. Anyway, I will eat and drink enough for a while, and then bring enough. Just leave.
As for what Jiang Hao will end in the end, it’s up to him!
Her cousin Xue Yuning doesn’t care about life or death at all, let alone an outsider?
At this time, Jiang Hao was also a little excited.
After all, this is what he has eaten in his life. The most abundant meal, how can you not be excited.
Although 1.2 million, the price is indeed a bit expensive.
But Jiang Hao didn’t regret it, after all, this was a gift he gave Xue Yuning. As long as Xue Yuning likes it, it doesn’t matter how much he spends.
Besides, it only takes a while for the dishes to be ready. Jiang Hao wanted to see what the expressions of cousin Xue Yuning, Wang Li and others would be like!
Didn’t they keep looking down on themselves just now? Then I will let you take a good look at what it means to be rich!
Jiang Hao’s face was red, eagerly looking forward to the dishes being served… It’s just that Xue Yuning’s mother at this time had an ugly expression on her face.
Of course she is very clear. Jiang Hao just ordered the set meal for the purpose of hitting the three people across the face.
It’s just that this stupid kid doesn’t know yet. The package has been refunded by myself.
Xue Yuning’s mother sighed, she seemed to be able to foresee it. How would Jiang Hao be treated?
But in the eyes of Xue Yuning’s mother, these are understandable.
Relatives. Just say a few words, it’s better than the one and two hundred thousand people who have been in vain.
Fifty-six dishes, even if the six of them ate to death, they could not finish one tenth of it.
When the time comes, there are so many dishes, and they are all such expensive things, which are really wasted.
On the one hand, it is a pity that there are so many luxurious dishes. On the other hand, Jiang Hao’s 1.2 million yuan is also equivalent to a white flower?
Xue Yuning’s mother felt that Jiang Hao was still young and his thoughts were relatively naive. Therefore, in the face of such a serious matter, she had to help him so that Jiang Hao would regret it in the future.
If he is willing to hate, then hate himself!
Soon, a few waiters brought a variety of dishes to the table.
Wang Li is already taking pictures, counting dishes while taking pictures, and constantly posting pictures to her WeChat group.
“Haha, sisters, take a look, I’m at Haoyue Hotel now, do you know what I’m photographing? This is the most luxurious series of meals in the entire Chu River, with a total of 56 dishes and a price of 120 Ten thousand people can eat it, haha…”
Wang Li said as she counted the number of dishes on the table, she was taken aback.
She turned to look at the waitress and asked, “Hey? Why do you have twelve dishes? When will the others be served?”

Chapter: 196
In fact, cousin Xue Yuning just discovered it. Didn’t it mean that there are fifty-six dishes? But why did all the waiters withdraw after only twelve dishes were served?
At first, cousin Xue Yuning thought it might be such a luxurious package. There are rules for serving, and it is estimated to be served in batches.
It’s just that the twelve dishes have been served for a few minutes, and there is no trace of the following dishes, and her doubts have become more and more serious.
And cousin Xue Yuning seems to have discovered a problem long ago. That was the twelve ways that came up here, she felt a little familiar inexplicably…
Cousin Xue Yuning also hurriedly looked at the waiter. A little displeased, said: “Yes, I said, can you serve food faster? We spent 1.2 million on one of your meals, did you just procrastinate? What do you mean? Believe it or not, I complain to you. “The two questioned, the waitress’s face flushed suddenly, she hurriedly looked at Xue Yuning’s mother, and said with a little cringe: “No… I’m sorry, the food is ready…” The waitress said Exit, almost all of the people present were dumbfounded.
“Go… Go together?” Wang Li was the first to speak in surprise, and she was a little flustered for a long time to react. He stammered again, “Isn’t it…Isn’t it about fifty-six dishes? You, are you ignorant of me or you yourself?”
At the end, Wang Li almost jumped up.
She felt like she was being maliciously teased, and she seemed to explode.
For nothing else, she had just sent out the matter of eating 1.2 million set meal in one of her good sisters’ WeChat group.
And after a while, a huge group of people were exploded, all kinds of people who said they were envious, jealous and hateful.
There are still dozens of people in that group waiting to post pictures of the next forty dishes. As a result, now you tell me that the dishes are all finished?
You are not playing what am I?
Wang Li originally wanted to show off, but now she has become a laughing stock.
This kind of deep drop is almost driving her crazy.
I still count on it, and I am embarrassed with this meal.
But in the end, he didn’t pretend to be, but instead pretended to be himself. Finally, it was even more laughable.
At this moment, Wang Li was trembling with anger.
And cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng were also confused at this time.
Eat 1.2 million meals. It is obviously a major event in their lives.
They naturally have to show up in their circle of friends.
But now that the bulls have blown it out, there is such an embarrassing thing, and they naturally have no way to end it.
And they were all excitedly wanting to see what good things they could eat with the 1.2 million.
But the result is these things?
Especially cousin Xue Yuning. The more I look at the twelve dishes in front of me, the more I feel that some of them are familiar.
She thought about it carefully, and suddenly realized that she felt familiar with a few dishes. Isn’t it the food I ordered with my husband before?
Is it possible that the dishes that came to the front of my eyes were not a 1.2 million meal at all, but the dishes I had ordered before?
Obviously, cousin Xue Yuning was not the first to realize these problems.
It was because Jiang Hao had already discovered the problem when the dishes were on the table.
At first, he also felt that maybe the dishes he ordered overlapped with the set meal.
But when all the dishes were served, Jiang Hao realized. This is exactly what I ordered before.
Jiang Hao felt extremely embarrassed at the moment, and hurriedly looked at the waitress. Questioningly asked: “Wait a minute, did you serve the wrong dish? This seems to be the dish we ordered before? But I didn’t mean it. Change to the 1.2 million set meal? Why are you giving these dishes again? I’m here!” The waitress turned pale when she heard Jiang Hao’s questioning. She pretended to be calm, and just about to explain something, she was suddenly interrupted by a voice.
“The surname Jiang, what do you pretend to be?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was the one who yelled at Jiang Hao.
At this moment, her eyes stared at Jiang Hao like fire, and the anger that had been suppressed for a long time poured out in an instant.
“If you can’t afford it, just say that you can’t afford it. No one will laugh at you, but why are you fooling me with these things? Who are you stupid?” Cousin Xue Yuning broke out this time. , Completely disregarding his own image exploded foul language.
In her opinion, all this must have been calculated by Jiang Hao.
It is estimated that he had just talked to the waitress from the beginning, and had no plans to order a 1.2 million meal.
And he deliberately said that, just to make himself and his mother blow the cowhide to the relatives and friends around him, so that everyone can pay attention to him.
In the end, I just deal with a few dishes casually. In this way, whether it is me or my mother, instead of showing off success in the end, it has become a laughing stock in the eyes of many people!

Chapter: 197
“The surname Jiang, you are so good, cruel enough!” Cousin Xue Yuning said these words almost gritted her teeth.
But at this moment, no matter what she says. It seems that there is no way to redeem the fate of being a laughing stock.
“It’s disgusting!” Wang Li was also full of anger, and pointed at Jiang Hao. “If you are poor, say poor, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Who are you cheating!”
Wang Li immediately looked at Xue Yuning, mother and daughter, carried overwhelming hatred. Said: “I really hate your family in this life. Every time it’s because of your family that I and our family’s face are completely lost!”
At this time, Wang Li’s side. The three of them almost wanted to cry without tears, but they were miserable.
But who does this blame? Who makes you like showing off? This is the end.
It’s just that they don’t think so, and they all put the blame on Jiang Hao.
And Jiang Hao not only felt innocent at this time. Because of the words of cousin Xue Yuning and Wang Li just now, I suppressed the anger in my stomach.
Not to mention if I did it on purpose, no matter what, this meal was invited by myself. Even if I didn’t order a 1.2 million meal, it wouldn’t be so humiliating.
I kindly invited you guys to dinner, but did you invite them out?
If it wasn’t because you were Xue Yuning’s relatives, I wouldn’t bother to take care of you, let alone invite you to eat here.
If it were replaced by someone else, he would dare to speak to Jiang Hao like just now. It is estimated that Jiang Hao was already angry.
The consequences of Jiang Hao’s anger were beyond these people’s imagination.
But Jiang Hao is also wondering, what on earth is going on?
He quickly looked at the waitress and asked angrily:” You say, what is going on? Didn’t I put you on the package? Who let you serve these dishes! ”
Jiang Haosheng was afraid that the waitress would not explain honestly, and finally did not forget to add two threats.
“If you don’t explain it clearly to me today, then just go and call Qiao San for me!”
Called Qiao Sanye?
Upon hearing this, the waitress was scared and cried.
Of course she knows. If you find your own boss, what will happen in the end?
It is estimated that by then the expulsion will be the lightest punishment.
Who is San Ye Qiao? The people in this Haoyue Hotel are very clear.
“No, no…” The waitress burst into tears suddenly. Li Hua said to Jiang Hao with the rain, “It’s none of my business, this…” The waitress hurriedly cast her eyes on Xue Yuning’s mother. The waitress thought to herself that she just said that she had a problem. Why don’t you stand up now?
At this time, if she doesn’t stand up again, then she is really dead.
Can you say that a person who can order 1.2 million meals is the person who can order the current table. It’s not that she can provoke a little waiter!
The waitress was about to speak and pointed at Xue Yuning’s mother, only to find that the old man stood up by himself.
She said in a calm tone: “Jiang Hao, I just refunded the package. Don’t blame this girl, don’t embarrass her, let her go out…” When
Xue Yuning’s mother said this, several people were present. Surprised again.
“You…” Jiang Hao was a little surprised. Asked, “Why auntie? This…”
Jiang Hao grinned. In this situation, he is the most difficult to deal with. After all, if it was Xue Yuning’s mother’s idea, then today I would have to be dumb to eat coptis.
He can’t tell the old man.
Xue Yuning was also slightly surprised.
Although she didn’t quite agree that Jiang Hao would spend 1.2 million on a meal. But since Jiang Hao has decided, and this is a matter of face…
“Hey, we have only six people and fifty-six dishes. We definitely can’t eat it. What a waste.” Xue Yuning’s mother said earnestly. “What’s more, it’s 1.2 million. Young people like you don’t know that it is not easy to make money, so you are a little bit big and big, but I can’t just watch you mess around…”
Xue Yuning’s mother was a bit guilty, and finally Said to Jiang Hao: “Jiang Hao, anyway, this is the end of the matter. If you feel upset and get angry and want to sprinkle, you can sprinkle on auntie. It doesn’t matter if you say I scold me, let the girl go, really It has nothing to do with her, people are also wronged in their hearts…” After
Xue Yuning’s mother said these words, Jiang Hao was stunned for a while.
He was at a loss for a while.
Indeed, this is the end of the matter, what on earth do you do?
I must have lost face today, but I can’t really tell about Xue Yuning’s mother because of this incident.
Jiang Hao sighed, and said helplessly: “Forget it, auntie, it’s okay, I know you are also kind…”
Jiang Hao thought for a while, since it’s already like this, it’s wrong to make mistakes, anyway, even if you didn’t eat 1.2 million For the big meal, I don’t owe my cousin Xue Yuning and his family anything.
But just when Jiang Hao wanted to explain it, cousin Xue Yuning suddenly quit, pointing to Xue Yuning’s mother and said: “My pooh, what’s the last name, don’t you follow the acting, do you really treat us as fools?”

Chapter: 198
“Do you really think of us as fools? Can’t it be seen by society? Think of us as three-year-old children!” Cousin Xue Yuning shouted at Jiang Hao again.
This is not over yet. She just finished roaring, Wang Li also followed angrily and yelled: “Yes, are you human? You can do it like this for a dinner party? Why don’t you ask for it? Do you know if it is because of you. I have lost my last old face!”
Just when Wang Li had just finished speaking. Suddenly her cell phone rang again.
Wang Li looked down and saw that it was a reply from others in her sister group, and several people were still asking.
“Sister Li, why don’t you continue to post pictures? There are only twelve dishes, and we still want to see. After a while, those fifty-six dishes, what are they like…”
” Yes , Sister Li is really amazing. You have to show us today what the dishes at this table look like. In the future, we will also blow some when we go out…”
“Why is there nothing? Isn’t the internet disconnected? Yo, then. It’s a coincidence, huh, didn’t it mean that you disconnected the internet on purpose?”
“And, who knows, what kind of dish can be worth 1.2 million? I think it’s blowing, Sister Li, we don’t understand, usually People who can’t afford to spend a little more money, do you believe she can go to Haoyue Hotel and eat 1.2 million meals?”
Looking at the replies and discussions in the WeChat group on her mobile phone, Wang Li’s scalp was blown up. .
She has been completely blinded. I don’t know how I will explain it now.
And she can already foresee that her own laughingstock is set.
Wang Li was furious. She had no solution for a while, so she could only cast her anger on Jiang Hao’s side. Pointing at Jiang Hao, she shouted again.
In the end, she yelled and nearly collapsed, and now she even wanted to give Jiang Hao a cut to relieve her anger.
But Jiang Hao was also wronged. After all, this matter really has nothing to do with him. He himself just knew the whole story.
And just a few words at the other party, Jiang Hao was furious!
He glared at Wang Li and said categorically, “Thank you, please pay attention. You like to show off to others. What does it have to do with me? To be unpleasant, it’s your name. If I don’t think you are relatives of Yu Ning For the sake of this, I don’t even bother to take care of you. Still leaving you here for dinner? Hehe, you should feel honored!”
Jiang Hao immediately said: “Don’t say that I did not invite you to the 1.2 million banquet today. Today, even if I just invited you to eat noodles, I have a clear conscience, but you, please reflect on yourself, from the first meeting, how you treated us.”
Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning and Xue Yuning’s mother, he has made up his mind. , Today must be fair to these two men.
Jiang Hao finally said: “Today I also put the words here. If you want to eat, you can eat, but you don’t want to. Please leave immediately. I have given you enough face today. If you don’t want it, please don’t. Step on it. If it really provokes me, I promise you will not expect any good results. I, as a person, always say that I can do it!”
Jiang Hao’s words are already threatening, and Jiang Hao said when. Although he didn’t show much anger, the kind of deterrence that he burst out from his body simply stunned Van Deng, cousin Xue Yuning and others.
They originally thought Jiang Hao was an ordinary person, but they were surprised to find out from Jiang Hao’s just now and such a powerful speech. This seemingly weak boy, even speaking harshly, looks decent.
That kind of feeling, it was as if the aura of the three of them was completely suppressed by Jiang Hao alone.
After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he glanced at the three people across from him coldly, pointed in the direction of the door, and said coldly: “Okay, if you don’t want to eat, just please!”
Jiang Hao said this, and once again took the private room. The atmosphere inside has dropped to freezing point.
Cousin Xue Yuning, who was still mad, didn’t know what she should do next.
She originally thought. People like Jiang Hao have to be like Xue Yuning and her mother in front of her. At my mercy, I couldn’t even let out a fart in the end.
But only then did she realize it. I was purely naive before.
Jiang Hao, not only wouldn’t he let himself be arbitrarily, but he had his own ideas.
Perhaps he had tolerated himself before. Is it not cowardice at all, but ashamed to care about yourself?
Cousin Xue Yuning looked at Wang Li and then at Fan Deng.
And she also found that at this time the two of them also looked at herself at the same time, seeming to be asking herself to make a decision.
Cousin Xue Yuning hesitated for a while.
After all, Jiang Hao said that just now, if he stayed again, it would be really shameless.
But if she leaves like this, not only will she lose face, she will also be unwilling.
Although I couldn’t eat the 1.2 million meal today, the dishes on this table are also very rare. Anyway, I have never eaten such an expensive meal in my life.
And if you missed it today, maybe there will be no chance in this life.

Chapter: 199
However, if she sits down again, she will obviously lose face, and she is still a little reluctant.
Cousin Xue Yuning looked at Wang Li, and she took it for granted. In the current situation, it is most suitable for my mother to go out and deal with it.
Then she cast a look at Wang Li.
Wang Li understood, but shook her head slightly.
Of course she knew exactly what her daughter meant.
All good things are taken up by you, so turn your head and bow your head to accept this kind of thing. But let yourself come? What do you think?
Wang Li hasn’t forgotten, because of the seat. My dear girl put one on her own.
Thinking of this, Wang Li’s attitude became more determined, and she shook her head again and again.
Anyway, she wants to open it too, she must be lost today, and she can’t manage that much anymore.
It’s a big deal to stop eating, but let my precious daughter calculate and do nothing by herself.
For a time, the two were deadlocked.
Cousin Xue Yuning was not reconciled, and then looked at Van Den, her eyes full of begging.
This is a matter of face. Although Van Den always obeyed his wife, it was because he had never encountered a face problem.
But now that he is in his early life and subdues with Jiang Hao, he hasn’t been able to lift his head in front of Jiang Hao ever since.
How can this work!
Van Den turned his face aside and said nothing.
Cousin Xue Yuning was extremely embarrassed. She looked at Jiang Hao, and when she had no idea in her heart, she suddenly heard a voice coming over.
“Oh… okay, okay, everyone sit down!” It was not someone else who was speaking, it was Xue Yuning’s mother. Of course she could see that the three people on the opposite side could no longer get off the stage. So at this time, she naturally has to pass up the steps, “Second Sister-in-law, Jiang Hao just joked with you, right? It was a bit unpleasant before, let’s forget it, everyone, sit down and eat…” The last step, It was given by Xue Yuning’s mother. This really surprised the three people opposite.
After all, they never gave her a good face from the beginning, and suddenly stood up to speak for themselves. Of course they will be surprised.
After Xue Yuning’s mother finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Hao again. She knew that she must offend Jiang Hao today. After all, I was so defending my relatives, and these people just didn’t offend Jiang Hao in terms of words or attitude.
This time Jiang Hao would feel uncomfortable… but Xue Yuning’s mother couldn’t control that much.
“Jiang Hao, you were just playing around. Auntie said…that’s right.” Xue Yuning’s mother looked at Jiang Hao with a little heart.
In fact, Xue Yuning’s mother also understands that her words are simply making Jiang Hao subdued.
The three people on the opposite side have been provoking and verbalizing. Jiang Hao has always been an out-and-out victim.
Now you are asking Jiang Hao to follow suit first?
Jiang Hao looked at Xue Yuning’s mother with an unbelievable expression, he couldn’t believe it.
“Auntie, are you serious!” Jiang Hao asked coldly.
Xue Yuning’s mother turned red when she was asked, and she dared not say anything.
She could tell. Jiang Hao was really angry.
Even if you are Xue Yuning’s mother, you can rely on your identity. Time and time again, Jiang Hao has softened, but now you have made Jiang Hao subdued with others with a lowered eyebrow. Is it too much?
Xue Yuning’s mother knew very well that she was in front of Jiang Hao before. With Xue Yuning, there will be some privileges.
But I’m sorry, these privileges of her are now exhausted!
Jiang Hao knew that doing this by himself might make the other party unhappy, but he had tolerated enough.
Jiang Hao stopped looking at Xue Yuning’s mother, turned to look at the other three of them, and said indifferently: “It’s staying or eating, please give me a good word, please hurry up if you want to leave, I want to eat.”
Xue Yuning also looked at it. Jiang Hao looked at the three people opposite and said, “Yes, aunt, do you still eat?”
Xue Yuning finished speaking and glanced at his mother.
This time, she was definitely on Jiang Hao’s side.
Even Xue Yuning could tell that her mother had done too much this time.
The three people on the opposite side are your relatives, so do you have to leave Jiang Hao alone?
What’s more, how did you treat your relatives that way, how did they treat you in the end? They didn’t hit or scold you and never treated you as an adult?
On the contrary, Jiang Hao has always respected you a lot, thinking of the front in everything.
What Xue Yuning will never forget is that without Jiang Hao, her mother would not have lived today! At the beginning, I couldn’t even afford to live in a hospital. It was Jiang Hao’s appearance that allowed his mother to continue receiving treatment.
Xue Yuning really couldn’t figure out why his mother would always do such things that loved ones hurt their enemies.
Now even Xue Yuning stood up and watched her joke, and cousin Xue Yuning’s teeth were itchy in her heart.
She hated it very much, gave Xue Yuning a fierce look, and said in her heart that don’t forget how you lived like a dog when you were in front of me.
Now it’s against you if you are fighting against others!
“My husband, don’t eat…”

Chapter: 200
Cousin Xue Yuning looked extremely determined now.
She didn’t plan to eat this meal at all, and her mother and husband were no longer planning to get ahead, so naturally she couldn’t be softened to Jiang Hao.
If I really bow my head today, how can I continue to squeeze Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter in the future?
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning got up to leave.
When Wang Li and Van Den saw this, they were surprised at first. But when she saw cousin Xue Yuning’s departure, although she was a little bit reluctant, she still set off.
This action of the other party hit Jiang Hao’s arms!
Jiang Hao naturally didn’t care if the other party followed to eat this meal, he just felt that the other party was here. He just feels uncomfortable.
If they really leave now, they will feel more comfortable.
For a long time, Jiang Hao wanted to invite Xue Yuning’s mother to have a meal. Take advantage of this opportunity today.
And there is no such three people opposite, obviously better.
Jiang Hao did not respond, and Xue Yuning did not move.
She was no longer the bullying Xue Yuning in the past, she didn’t want to live like the past, and today seemed to be the moment to break with the past.
Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao with a firm gaze. Not only now, Xue Yuning has already thought about it, and he will stand by Jiang Hao’s side in the future.
At this time, only Xue Yuning’s mother, watching the other three people leave, seemed to be anxious.
She looked at Jiang Hao with eyes full of eagerness, and then at Xue Yuning, and found that neither of them paid any attention to her, and her heart became even more anxious.
She seemed to hesitate at first, but when she saw that the three people on the opposite side were about to leave the private room. She couldn’t wait any longer, pushed away the chair, and ran over.
“Second sister-in-law…you can’t go.” Xue Yuning’s mother was full of pleading gazes, and walked quickly in front of the three of them, blocking their way, “You…Oh, sit down, Jiang Hao is really I’m kidding, you go back soon, I beg you…”
Xue Yuning’s mother was full of earnest eyes, but no one took her seriously.
Wang Li glanced at her fiercely, and said coldly: “Hmph, let’s have a surname, I see, your wife is really hard on the wings now, now you dare not put us in your eyes. Hum. , Your meal is too unpalatable, we can’t afford it. We can’t leave!”
Wang Li was angry, and then threatened: “What’s the last name, let me tell you the truth, if our mothers go out today In this private room, even if our enemies are settled, I see, you don’t really want to go back to your hometown in the future, let’s wait and see! “When
I heard Wang Li’s words, Xue Yuning’s mother suddenly felt stuck. Of panic.
She is a person with extremely important family values, although she and Xue Yuning are in Chujiang now. But she was still thinking about her hometown in her heart, and she couldn’t forget her relatives and friends.
She knew that if she really offended her sister-in-law today. She might really not be able to go back to her hometown when she turned around. Even if she did, she might not know how many people would poke her back bones!
Xue Yuning’s father has been away for so many years, and she hasn’t been ridiculed by anyone. Now if it is because of this incident, she will have a bad reputation back. That is simply too much of a gain.
Xue Yuning’s mother burst into tears when she was excited, and pleaded bitterly: “Sister-in-law, I beg you, you really can’t go, they are all children. Don’t be familiar with them, okay, I’m begging you… …”
“What a shit!” Xue Yuning’s mother didn’t finish her words. She was slammed by cousin Xue Yuning abruptly, and she cursed, “What are you guys, you let us go, let us stay and stay? Who do you think you are!”
Wang Li’s mother and daughter scolded Xue Yuning’s mother and cried.
Cousin Xue Yuning seemed to be not enough, and she cursed and said: “You still want to keep us. Your daughter and son-in-law have rushed us out. We are so shy that we are still here to stay. You shameless, we have to, We are not the kind of people who don’t even have a face for a meal!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning would push Xue Yuning’s mother away.
But at this time, Xue Yuning’s mother firmly grasped the doorknob and prevented them from leaving.
She also looked at Jiang Hao. Weeping: “Jiang Hao, I beg you, just let them stay. Auntie has only a few relatives, and auntie really doesn’t want to…” After
Xue Yuning’s mother finished speaking, she looked at Wang Li, very mournful: “the sister-in-law, I know all my fault, I beg you not to take a good bad, I really beg you, I beg you to your knees, OK ……”
Yuehua Jian, Xue rain condensate Mother really knelt down to Wang Li and the others, crying even more sadly.
She continued to cry and said, “You should just give me a thin face, I beg you, if you leave today, I will go underground in the future, and I will have no face to see my second brother!”

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