I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 201-210

Chapter: 201
Xue Yuning’s mother knelt, and everyone in the room was shocked.
Jiang Hao hurriedly got up and looked over here with a look of surprise. Xue Yuning was also full of concern. After seeing her mother kneel down, tears burst out instantly and rushed directly to her mother, trying to help her.
But no matter how Xue Yuning pulled her mother, she seemed to be dead, struggling to kneel on the ground.
“Mom… if you have something, get up and say, what are you doing!” Xue Yuning said anxiously.
Xue Yuning’s mother cried and shook her head: “No, if they don’t stay today, I’ll just kneel all the time! Second sister-in-law, I’m begging you, you stay, I sincerely beg you, I was already sorry enough for me. Brother, I…I can’t…”
Before Xue Yuning’s mother had finished speaking, she continued to choke.
And seeing her mother look like this, Xue Yuning seemed to think of some past events, and also started crying.
When Jiang Hao saw this, he was a little curious about what happened to them in the past, and he felt more difficult to handle things.
And Xue Yuning’s mother mentioned the past, and Wang Li seemed to think of the past, tears in her eyes.
She turned her head slightly to the side, as if she didn’t want to be seen wiping away tears.
At this moment, Wang Li seemed to hesitate in her heart, and she didn’t even fight to go out.
Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning’s mother. The old man cried very sadly, and Jiang Hao felt uncomfortable.
He knew that if the three of Wang Li’s family really left today, Xue Yuning’s mother might really regret it for a long time.
Maybe they really have difficulties!
Jiang Hao sighed. He looked at Xue Yuning and then at Wang Li’s family of three. Although hesitated, he said, “Forget it, things are over, everyone… stay and eat!”
Jiang Hao was already a great forgiveness to the other party, and he didn’t breathe a sigh of relief.
Now I have done everything I should and can do. If the other party doesn’t appreciate it, Jiang Hao can’t do anything.
And hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Xue Yuning’s mother quickly wiped her tears and squeezed out a smile: “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, Jiang Hao said that. Don’t think too much about it. Just stay, okay?
Wang Li looked at Xue Yuning’s mother, feeling a little moved.
She immediately looked at the twelve rich dishes on the table, and it was a pity.
“Daughter, or… or let’s stay, you see your aunt said so.” Wang Li said, “You see people are kneeling down and begging you…”
Van Den also seemed to see that things had turned for the better, and he quickly persuaded him, “Yes, yeah, you see that my aunts are like this, let’s forgive them this time…”
The steps are almost that high, and cousin Xue Yuning can of course see that, expecting Jiang Hao to give herself another step, the possibility is basically zero.
But she still squeezed her attitude and turned her eyes to Xue Yuning’s mother: “And, I tell you, if it weren’t for your pleading, I would definitely leave. You guys, you will treat me well in the future. Point, otherwise I am really not used to you!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning gave Jiang Hao a fierce look, and returned to her seat angrily.
When Van Den saw this, he hurried back.
Wang Li looked at Xue Yuning’s mother awkwardly. She seemed to want to help her up, but she seemed to be afraid of something. She quickly retracted her hand and said, “That… OK, stop crying, no matter how big a person is. , Get up quickly, I’m going to starve to death, eat quickly…”
Xue Yuning’s mother heard this, she was happier than it was in the New Year, and quickly nodded her head, and got up from the ground: “Okay, I get up and I get up. Sister-in-law, sit down, let’s eat, and eat now…”
Xue Yuning’s mother was very happy to finally keep the people.
But Jiang Hao’s mood is really not very good.
This whole afternoon today, he was very unhappy since seeing these three people.
And Jiang Hao is even more irritating, why Xue Yuning’s mother is so used to these three people.
What’s wrong with your relatives? If you don’t treat me as an adult, why should I be used to you?
The moment Xue Yuning’s mother knelt down to Wang Li, Jiang Hao’s scalp exploded. He couldn’t imagine that there was such a thing.
Originally, Jiang Hao felt that he was already very weak and deceived in the past, but compared with Xue Yuning’s mother, it seemed to be a big difference.
Jiang Hao sighed, beckoned Xue Yuning to sit down, and then put a piece of meat for her.
He was already very unhappy, so naturally he could no longer treat Xue Yuning badly.
The three people on the opposite side began to eat without saying a word after they were seated.
The anger in the private room was a little weird. All six people were eating with their heads buried, and no one spoke.
Xue Yuning’s mother wanted to say something to resolve the embarrassment at the dinner, but she looked at Jiang Hao, but swallowed it back.
She knew that she was so sorry to Jiang Hao today…
But at this moment, the door of the private room was knocked again, Jiang Hao shouted to invite in, and then a familiar figure walked in…

Chapter: 202
When Jiang Hao saw the visitor, he couldn’t help but was slightly startled, because he was not someone else, but it was Qiao Dong.
Qiao Dong’s legs were not sharp yet, so he walked limping, but even so, his face was still full of smiles.
Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning both recognized Qiao Dong, but the other four people didn’t know how sacred this was. They frowned when they saw him uninvited.
“You…who are you looking for?” Cousin Xue Yuning asked.
Qiao Dong looked at Jiang Hao and smiled, and said, “Excuse me, there may be some people who don’t know me yet. Let me introduce myself, my dear Qiao Dong, the chairman of Haoyue Hotel is my dad!”
As soon as Qiao Dong said these words, the three members of Wang Li’s family suddenly took a breath!
This guy turned out to be the eldest son of Haoyue Hotel? This is too surprising.
But what made the three of them even more shocked was, why did Qiao Dong come here?
And soon, these three people noticed the exquisite wine box in Qiao Dong’s hand.
The wine box is exquisitely crafted, the wine red is slender, and it looks like it fits the next red wine.
The wine box looks simple and simple, and it looks like a treasure for many years.
When Qiao Dong reported his family, cousin Xue Yuning, Wang Li and others hurriedly stood up. If nothing had happened, the attitude immediately became respectful.
“Hello, hello!” Fan Deng quickly reached out his hand and greeted him enthusiastically, “Sir Qiao, hello, it’s a great honor to meet you!”
“You are…” Seeing Qiao Dong, cousin Xue Yuning looked a little at a loss, and stammered, “Oh, I didn’t expect it, we even had a meal and surprised you. Sit down and sit down.”
Qiao Dong glanced at Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao never said a word, of course he dared not sit down.
He also heard what his father said, saying that Jiang Hao was here today to entertain relatives, so he came to take a look and planned to send a bottle of good wine by the way.
“Uh…no, no, haha, today I heard that a few people came from far away, I’ll say hello, I hope it doesn’t bother you.” Qiao Dong smiled.
“No, no, how could you bother you here? We, that’s Sansheng’s fortune, haha…” Van Deng said flatly, and hurriedly took out his cigarette and handed it over, “Joe Shao, you hurry up Smoke a cigarette, although my cigarette…hey, don’t be surprised.”
Qiao Dong hurriedly avoided: “Where, I don’t smoke, I’m really sorry, but since you are so polite, then I’ll accept it.”
While Qiao Dong accepted the cigarette, he didn’t forget to look at Jiang Hao, as if he was afraid that Jiang Hao would disagree.
But Jiang Hao didn’t respond, which relieved Qiao Dong a lot.
He hurriedly said again: “Actually, I came here, and there is nothing serious about it. I just came to send a bottle of wine to help everyone.” Qiao Dong put the wine box on the table as he spoke.
He continued: “This red wine is the original French dry red. It was sunk in 1986. It is very precious. I also bought it from abroad with a friend. The original price is more than 180,000. , Just this bottle, don’t dislike too little…”
When I heard that the bottle of wine actually cost 180,000 yuan, the few people present, except Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, were almost stunned.
Cousin Xue Yuning even stared at the red wine.
Today she knows what the rich world is, she can’t imagine.
This special bottle of wine is worth half of your house?
Wang Li on the side was even more surprised. She originally thought that this was the case for herself today, but she didn’t expect that today she was fortunate enough to see such an expensive red wine. She was truly surprised.
At most, she has seen several hundred yuan a bottle of red wine, which is already a luxury item for her.
But the bottle of wine in front of me is worth 180,000 yuan. What kind of taste it must be!
Seeing these people so surprised, Qiao Dong couldn’t help but smile, and then quickly said: “Then…that’s it, I will put the wine here, everyone eat slowly, I still have something to do, I won’t bother Up.”
After speaking, Qiao Dong nodded slightly to Jiang Hao and walked out of the private room slowly.
“Young Master Qiao, don’t leave in a hurry, let’s sit for a while!” Van Den hurried to catch up to try to stay.
Although he didn’t know why Qiao Dong suddenly came to deliver the wine, but someone such a big person took the initiative to come and give him something, obviously this opportunity is rare in a lifetime.
Van Den’s idea, of course, is to take this opportunity to get closer to the other party, and it’s best to leave a phone call with each other. In that case, he really won’t be in vain.
But Qiao Dong seemed to be afraid of something, waved his hand and left, looking very hasty.
Obviously everyone didn’t know that the reason why Qiao Dong was so nervous was nothing more than being afraid of Jiang Hao.
He delivered the wine uninvited, and he didn’t know if Jiang Hao would be angry. If he stayed for a while, he would definitely be upset.
The last time he provoked Jiang Hao, he abandoned a leg, Qiao Dong dare not forget his memory.

Chapter: 203
Although Qiao Dong’s arrival was only a small episode, it made the anger in the private room alive again.
Especially cousin Xue Yuning, seeing Qiao Dong leave, almost jumped up without excitement.
“Husband, husband, did you see that, the eldest master of the Haoyue Hotel has personally toasted us!” Cousin Xue Yuning lifted up the wine on the table with all eyes open, and said excitedly, “180,000 bottles , It’s so extravagant!”
Wang Li who was on the side also became interested immediately, and hurriedly urged: “Yeah, yeah, your mother, I have lived for so many years, and I have never seen a bottle of 180,000 bottles of wine, Van Den, please take a look. , I want to see what the flavor of this red wine is!”
Wang Li couldn’t wait.
In her opinion, although she had not eaten the 1.2 million set meal before, this matter will definitely be laughed at.
But if you can use these 180,000 bottles of red wine to pretend to be compelling, it is estimated that you can save some face.
So Wang Li can’t wait to let Van Den open the seal for the red wine.
But her proposal was directly rejected by cousin Xue Yuning, who also sternly rolled his eyes at his mother.
“Come on, you, you don’t see anything, just take it apart quickly, is this red wine you drink casually!” Cousin Xue Yuning said, “Such expensive red wine, if you drank it here today, it is a waste. If you kindly gave you such a valuable thing, you took it apart and drank it on the spot. Do you know that this is not respecting people.
Of course, what cousin Xue Yuning said was actually an excuse.
After finally encountering such a big bargain, of course she wants to take it.
A bottle of 180,000 wine is worth half the money of my own house.
And if this wine is opened here today and everyone drank it, it would really be worthless.
Besides, there were Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter opposite, if only they could drink this wine. Cousin Xue Yuning is really unwilling to give it to the three of them.
However, her excuses are probably clear to everyone.
After she said this, even her mother Wang Li gave her a hateful look.
Wang Li knows her daughter too well, she is simply the best in insatiable greed, as long as it is cheap, she will not dare to take it.
She wouldn’t be allowed to drink this wine today. She would definitely want to stay by herself when she turned around. In that case, Wang Li would never even want to touch this bottle of wine in her life.
Regarding this kind of thing, Wang Li has learned from the past countless times and naturally understands it.
However, cousin Xue Yuning completely ignored so much, took the red wine from her mother’s hand, and carefully put it to her hand.
Finally, she looked at Van Den and chuckled in a low voice, “Haha, today we didn’t come in vain. Not only did we not spend money, but also earned 180,000 in vain… Hey? By the way, you can check it out. Is the wine real? Don’t fool us by that Qiao Dong!”
Although cousin Xue Yuning’s voice was very quiet, Jiang Hao still heard her a little bit.
Regarding this, Jiang Hao could only shook his head and smiled bitterly. People like them are really inexperienced.
The young owner of the dignified Haoyue Hotel is guilty of cheating you with a bottle of fake wine?
What’s more, what they may not know is that Qiao Dong’s wine was not for them at all, but for himself.
To be honest, these 180,000 bottles of red wine are already considered top-quality high-end goods. If it is just because a few of them are here, Qiao Dong probably wouldn’t bother to take care of it.
And the most ridiculous thing is that they are still questioning whether this wine is fake.
With this idea, it is even more ridiculous.
With himself here, Qiao Dong dare to give himself fake wine?
Jiang Hao smiled contemptuously and ignored the other party, but he noticed that Van Den actually checked it.
It’s just that after a short period of time, Fan Deng’s face suddenly changed!
“Wh…what’s the matter?” When cousin Xue Yuning saw her husband’s expression, her heart suddenly raised, “No…it’s not fake, right?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was very worried at this time. She was full of expectations just now. If this wine is found out, this red wine is fake, then for her, it is simply a sky and an underground.
However, Van Den shook his head and laughed: “Shit fake, pay attention to what you say, it’s Qiao Dongqiao, who gave you fake wine? Didn’t you wake up?”
Van Den seemed very excited, and threw the phone directly to cousin Xue Yuning, proudly saying: “Here you, see for yourself!”
Cousin Xue Yuning looked surprised and hurriedly picked up the phone and looked at it.
At this time, Van Den’s mobile phone interface was the official website of a wine company, and the picture above was the bottle of wine he had.
Cousin Xue Yuning looked at the price under the red wine, her eyes widened suddenly, and her mouth was so open that it could fit a pig’s hoof!
“Three…300,000?” Cousin Xue Yuning exclaimed, “This… doesn’t it mean that it’s only 180,000? Why is it another 300,000!”
Fan Deng smiled when he heard the words, “Stupid, people say 180,000 yuan. That was the price a few years ago. Like this kind of red wine, if you drink one less bottle, you will get more and more expensive. Of course, the price will go up. Up!”

Chapter: 204
Cousin Xue Yuning suddenly realized that she smiled and nodded and said, “Yes, that’s the truth, it’s really great…”
Cousin Xue Yuning was even happier now.
I thought that 180,000 bottles of wine would be a lot, enough for her to be happy for a long time.
Now that the price of this wine has risen to 300,000 yuan, cousin Xue Yuning’s face is almost full of smiles.
Thinking about it carefully, such a bottle of wine is now worth more than half of the house in her county seat, and cousin Xue Yuning is even more excited.
This time, she couldn’t help feeling even more proud. Looking at her mother, she continued: “You heard it, this wine is now 300,000 yuan, are you willing to drink it? One sip, that’s thousands of dollars!”
Upon hearing this, Wang Li licked her lips. Her head was like a kitten scratching her head. Although she was not reconciled, she nodded helplessly when she thought of her precious daughter’s words.
“Then… then don’t drink it…”
Cousin Xue Yuning then looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and she put away the red wine without asking each other.
“This…” Seeing this, Xue Yuning hurriedly glanced at Jiang Hao, seeming a little bit dissatisfied and unhappy.
After all, Xue Yuning knew very well that Qiao Dong’s wine was given to Jiang Hao, otherwise it would be just a few of you, who would know who you are.
Only when Xue Yuning was about to say something, he saw Jiang Hao shook his head slightly.
Xue Yuning rushed to Jiang Hao’s ears and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? Qiao Dong obviously gave it to you. You just watched them take the wine away?”
When Jiang Hao heard this, he still didn’t say a word.
Because just experienced Xue Yuning’s mother kneeling, Jiang Hao didn’t want to delve into some trivial matters.
This incident touched Jiang Hao a lot. He didn’t want to see Xue Yuning’s mother any more extraordinary actions because of his momentary strength.
Anyway, today, Jiang Hao wanted to choose to be patient.
But cousin Xue Yuning seemed to be still in the mood. She had forgotten how she had just returned to sit back. She glanced at both contemptuously, seeming to recall what he had just driven away.
“Hoho, there were some people just now. It’s really interesting. They have to drive us away. I really don’t know if they are too brainless!” Cousin Xue Yuning said, “I see it now. The young owner of the dazzling Haoyue Hotel took the initiative to give it to us. Wine, if this is to count on some people, it is estimated that this kind of thing will not happen in this life!
Cousin Xue Yuning took all the credit for Qiao Dong’s wine delivery to herself, seemingly very proud.
But it was Jiang Hao’s sneer in exchange.
“Why are you laughing? Is it that funny?” Cousin Xue Yuning glared at Jiang Hao, dissatisfied, “I think you should laugh at yourself!”
Jiang Hao shook his head, a little too lazy to explain to them in detail.
But Xue Yuning quit, she couldn’t stand Jiang Hao being treated like this.
“Do you really think that Qiao Dong’s wine is for you?” Xue Yuning said in a somewhat unconvinced tone, “Aren’t you curious, why don’t you know, Qiao Dong will bring the wine?”
Xue Yuning’s words made her cousin and cousin-in-law’s brilliant smiles instantly chill.
In fact, for a while, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng are not only happy, but also curious about this question in their hearts.
It’s just that this kind of thing, they are also afraid to go into the deep, if it is like this, they will treat it as the other party’s wine for themselves, and they will gain face and balance in their hearts.
“Huh, what do you mean? It was not given to us. Could it be that you thought it was given to you?” Cousin Xue Yuning snorted coldly, “Let me tell you, this wine must be given to us. Do you know why? Because my husband and Ma Weiguo are classmates, maybe that Qiao Dong saw this relationship and came here to deliver wine!”
Although Cousin Xue Yuning’s remarks seem to be irrational, they seem to be the only reason that can be explained without their knowledge.
They have always used this reason to convince themselves.
What if Ma Weiguo is very important in this Haoyue Hotel, what if Qiao Dong wants to cultivate some of his own team in Haoyue Hotel.
Anyway, for cousin Xue Yuning, all of this is possible.
The only thing that is most unlikely is that this wine was given to Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao.
What is your status, two poor students, why should people give you wine?
“You really know how to associate!” Xue Yuning sneered, looking at his cousin and said, “Since you are so naive, then it seems that I have to tell you the truth!”
Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao and decided not to conceal Jiang Hao’s identity.
She solemnly said: “Tell you the truth, Qiao Dong’s wine is here to be given to Jiang Hao. You must be very curious, Qiao Dong is such a magnificent gift, why should I give it to Jiang Hao? Then I will tell you one more fact that you are even more unwilling to accept, Jiang Hao, in fact, is a rich second generation, and it is the top rich second generation that you never thought of!”

Chapter: 205
As soon as Xue Yuning said this, the air in the entire private room was almost freezing.
The three of Wang Li’s family looked at Xue Yuning blankly, as if they could not believe all this.
Xue Yuning let out a long sigh of relief after saying these words.
She felt that she had finally removed the burden in her heart, and suddenly felt a lot easier.
Before, she was afraid that Wang Li’s family would know Jiang Hao’s identity and would rely on Jiang Hao and cause unnecessary trouble to Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning was originally kind, but after experiencing all these things, Xue Yuning found out that he was wrong, a big mistake.
He deliberately concealed Jiang Hao’s identity, and in exchange, it was not these people’s letting go, but their intensified humiliation.
Xue Yuning had suffered this in the past, and she naturally knew how uncomfortable the feeling of being despised and humiliated was.
Therefore, Xue Yuning didn’t want to let Jiang Hao bear it anymore, she chose to tell these people Jiang Hao’s identity thoroughly, let them know what kind of big person Jiang Hao was, and let them fear.
Xue Yuning immediately followed, and said: “Also, you should be curious. When Jiang Hao went to pick you up, the car you were in was the so-called Passat. It’s ridiculous. Have you ever known that? The car is a luxury car worth more than four million yuan. Don’t you be curious about the origin of that car? Let me tell you the truth, that car is the car of the boss of Haoyue Hotel! And…”
Xue Yuning said a lot in a single brain. She said so much because she wanted to make her heart happy, and let these people understand how ignorant they really are!
Indeed, Xue Yuning said so much, and the three members of Wang Li’s family were stunned for a while.
Immediately after the three people looked at each other, they suddenly burst out in unruly whispers in unison.
“Hahaha…the rich second generation…oh my god, it’s really hahaha…smiles to me…” Cousin Xue Yuning smiled and pointed to Jiang Hao and said, “Xue Yuning, Xue Yuning, you are really interesting. Why don’t you say that he is the richest man in the world? Hahaha, what on earth do you think, making such a big joke.”
“Hoho yes, Yu Ning, we know you don’t want us to look down on this kid, but even if you lie, you should tell a little more about it.” Van Den said with a sarcastically smile, “say he is a rich second generation. You also said that Young Master Qiao gave this wine to him? This is too ridiculous? Do you think of us as fools or blind? Just like this kid, you said he is a rich second generation. If you don’t talk about us, no one would believe it!
The ridicule of several people caught Xue Yuning somewhat by surprise.
She originally thought that as long as she said Jiang Hao’s identity, these people would treat Jiang Hao respectfully.
But she never thought that she was too naive, she said so much, people actually believed her or not.
“What are you laughing at, what I said is true!” Xue Yuning tried his best to explain, “Jiang Hao is really a rich second generation. You can’t even imagine the energy of his family…”
“Puff…hahaha…still quibbling, really…Xue Yuning, Xue Yuning, I think you are not saved, you are really not saved!” Cousin Xue Yuning smiled even more presumptuously, and her contempt for Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning. It became more and more intense, “You don’t think of us as fools, so you are obviously thinking of yourself as fools, two hundred and five, it is really interesting, what is the meaning of your life!”
When cousin Xue Yuning finished speaking, she suddenly laughed with her husband again.
“I didn’t…” Xue Yuning was so anxious to cry, “I didn’t lie, what I said is true, why don’t you believe it? If Jiang Hao is not a rich second generation, how dare he? Would you like to have dinner here? If Jiang Hao is not a rich second-generation, how could President Qiao lend him that luxury car?”
Cousin Xue Yuning just smiled indifferently when he heard the words, and then said calmly, “You can pull it down, really we are fools? He invited us to eat here, do you think we don’t know what he is thinking? Hmph, I guess, after a while, he should think about how to let us pay the bill. As for the car, it would be better to explain it. Even if what you said is true, there are hundreds of them. Ten thousand dollars, but rent a car rental company for a day or two, and you can get a few thousand dollars!”
“He went to rent a car, wasn’t it because he wanted to pretend to be in front of us?” Cousin Xue Yuning continued, “It is estimated that he has heard that your brother-in-law has done a lot in our hometown. There are so many tricks to pretend to be coercive, but Xue Yuning, you are too naive, right? My husband and I have been in society for so many years. We haven’t noticed this kind of careful thinking at a glance. Do you find it interesting?”
Xue Yuning was also speechless this time. She didn’t expect that her cousin’s brain circuit would be so strange that she could think of so many.
Xue Yuning looked at Jiang Hao helplessly, apologetic in his eyes.
She originally wanted to stand up for Jiang Hao, but she didn’t want to have a deeper misunderstanding now.

Chapter: 206
But Jiang Hao didn’t mean to blame Xue Yuning. Of course Jiang Hao could see what Xue Yuning meant.
And even if things get darker and darker now, Jiang Hao knows that this is the other party’s problem and has nothing to do with Xue Yuning’s dime.
As for Jiang Hao, he had no idea to explain to the other party.
By now, Jiang Hao had already seen clearly, the other party’s vision had been completely restricted to the small circle of their hometown, and he didn’t know what it meant by being outside the sky and there were people outside the sky.
Jiang Hao naturally didn’t need to teach them.
“Forget it, let’s eat, let’s go after dinner.” Jiang Hao patted Xue Yuning comfortingly and said.
Xue Yuning was still a little unwilling, but she had already made a mess of things by trying to explain herself before, so of course she didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.
Soon, a few people finished their meal.
During the banquet, cousin Xue Yuning, Fan Deng and others were not polite at all. They gobbled up all kinds of food, regardless of whether Jiang Hao had enough to eat.
After eating, cousin Xue Yuning wiped her mouth and struck a chop.
“Tsk tusk, although this is not a 1.2 million set meal, it’s okay, it’s not unpalatable.” Cousin Xue Yuning grinned and looked at Jiang Hao meaningfully, and said, “After the rich second generation, we eat That’s it, you go and pay the bill! Didn’t you say that you are the rich second generation, then I will give you a chance to prove it and pay the bill.”
In fact, when cousin Xue Yuning said so directly that Jiang Hao should pay the bill, she was worried in her heart. Jiang Hao finally perineated and let herself pay the bill.
Now that he said so, Jiang Hao must think of something obediently.
But after she finished speaking, Jiang Hao didn’t move her position. Instead, she ignored her words. He turned to look at Xue Yuning with a smile, and asked gently, “Is it delicious?”
Cousin Xue Yuning suddenly became a little annoyed, and said loudly, “Hey, I’m talking to you, don’t pretend to be deaf and dumb. After eating, you should pay the bill!”
This time, Jiang Hao slowly turned his head and glanced at the opponent.
“Me? Ho ho, sorry, I don’t have to pay the bill!” Jiang Hao said calmly.
“No need to pay? What do you mean!” Cousin Xue Yuning asked nervously, “You want to be shameless and don’t pay after dinner. Do you want us to pay the bill? What do you think you are!”
Jiang Hao snorted when he heard the words.
He did not expect that he said that he would not pay the bill, but the other party actually understood it that way.
Jiang Hao smiled, and replied slowly: “I said I won’t pay the bill, but I said I want you to pay the bill? Could you please listen to what I said and draw any conclusions?”
Jiang Hao continued: “To tell you the truth, the reason I said I don’t have to pay is because today’s meal is free!”
In fact, this meal is nothing but nothing but Jiang Hao’s words.
Even if Jiang Hao didn’t say anything, Qiao San didn’t dare to ask for a penny.
“Hahaha, husband, did you hear what he said?” Cousin Xue Yuning laughed again when she heard the words, and said to Fan Deng, “He said that this meal is exempt. Did he never know that he is a rich second generation? Come out of the movie?”
Van Den also shook his head slightly and smiled, “Also, it’s really funny. It’s free? I’m afraid you haven’t figured out what this place is. Forget it, this kind of person is too ridiculous. Wife, let’s ignore him! ”
After speaking, Van Den got up to leave.
But as soon as he was about to leave, he was stopped by cousin Xue Yuning.
“Why are you going, wait for a while!” Cousin Xue Yuning smiled sinisterly and said, “Didn’t he just say that his meal is free? I think we should verify it!”
Cousin Xue Yuning finished speaking, no matter how much she said, she pulled her neck and shouted, “Waiter, we have to pay!”
After calling the waiter, cousin Xue Yuning smiled at Jiang Hao triumphantly: “Hey, isn’t it free? Then I will call the waiter for you today. I think you dare to say this in front of others. The meal is free! If you dare to lie this time, or if you dare not to pay, you will blame it if someone can be merciful!”
This is sinister enough!
Fortunately, Jiang Hao’s meal was really free, but if this meal was not free, or Jiang Hao’s previous statement was false, then he must be dead today.
What kind of person is Qiao San, who dare to deceive him, how can he end well!
Soon the waitress opened the door and walked in, with a look of enthusiasm and danger.
“Hello everyone, what can I do for you?” Obviously, the waitress didn’t hear what cousin Xue Yuning said before, so she asked.
Cousin Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao and hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s nothing big, we just finished eating, you go and calculate for us, how much we ate today.”
The waitress naturally knew that all of Jiang Hao’s consumption today was free, and she even assumed that cousin Xue Yuning and others also knew it.
So she didn’t think too much, she thought she just wanted to know the amount of the meal.
The waitress made a calculation, and finally said, “How many of you spent today is 167,823.”

Chapter: 207
“Much…how much?” Cousin Xue Yuning was taken aback when she heard more than 160,000. She looked at the messy table full of surprises, “Why so many? Didn’t we just order twelve dishes?”
Cousin Xue Yuning clearly remembers that the few dishes she ordered before add up to more than 20,000, so why did she consume more than 160,000?
The waitress smiled and said politely: “Madam, you did consume so much. You know, the few dishes that this gentleman ordered later, but each dish is our top specialty dish, and the price is about 10,000 or 20,000 yuan. Yeah.”
Obviously, cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t believe it, she didn’t expect Jiang Hao to be so generous, and he would dare to order 10,000 or 20,000 per dish?
Originally, I wanted to pit Jiang Hao, so I ordered a few dishes that cost several thousand yuan.
Now she realized that Jiang Hao was ruthless than herself.
But after cousin Xue Yuning reacted, she smiled from the bottom of her heart and thought: I can really pretend to be coerced, now I see how you end up, more than 160,000, do you have that much money to pay for it?
Cousin Xue Yuning hurriedly looked at the bottle of red wine worth 300,000 yuan that she had put away, and she couldn’t help but look closer.
Anyway, she was afraid that Jiang Hao could not afford the bill, and finally took her bottle of red wine to pay off the debt.
She didn’t do it because Qiao Dong clearly gave this red wine to herself!
“So there are so many.” Cousin Xue Yuning looked at Jiang Hao with a smile, and said, “Okay, let’s pay the waiter, this one buys!”
Cousin Xue Yuning pointed to Jiang Hao with a smug smile on her face.
She wanted to see how Jiang Hao ended this time.
“Oh, well, you pay the bill, let’s go out and wait for you first!” Cousin Xue Yuning got up and started to walk outside.
In her opinion, she must get out now, otherwise Jiang Hao can’t afford the order for a while, and she will be implicated in her designation.
However, she found that Jiang Hao was still motionless at this time, and he didn’t seem to panic at all, looking at herself firmly.
“Hey, what are you doing in a daze!” Cousin Xue Yuning gave him a blank look and asked, “I want you to pay the bill!”
Jiang Hao calmed down and smiled slightly, “I said, I don’t have to pay for it!”
“Hmph, didn’t you wake up? Do you really think someone can give you a waiver?” Cousin Xue Yuning glared at Jiang Hao with an unreasonable expression, a little annoyed.
“Yes, today’s meal is indeed free!” Jiang Hao smiled, got up and packed his clothes, as if he was about to leave.
Cousin Xue Yuning was about to say something, but she heard the waitress insert a sentence from the side: “Madam, this gentleman is right. Your meal today was indeed exempted, and it was Mr. Qiao who personally explained it! ”
When the waitress said these words, she was shocked, and cousin Xue Yuning was shocked!
“What did you say?” She asked the waitress, pulling her neck, “Really free? Or did your boss personally instruct it? This…how is it possible?”
The waitress was not in a hurry, she still had a faint smile on her face, and replied: “Madam, it is indeed our President Qiao who personally explained it. He said, no matter how much you spend at this table, you will eventually get free!
The words of the waitress really made cousin Xue Yuning a little confused.
Their boss personally explained that this matter is really big.
But just as cousin Xue Yuning was stunned, Xue Yuning laughed. She looked at several people and smiled, and said, “Do you believe me now? Jiang Hao is really a rich second generation, otherwise how could this meal be exempt ? And it’s Mr. Joe who personally explained it!”
Xue Yuning felt that with the current incident, his cousin and the family would definitely believe in Jiang Hao’s identity.
What caught her off guard was that as soon as she said this, cousin Xue Yuning glanced at her coldly and sneered: “What are you talking about? Hoho, you said it was because he is a rich second-generation. Today is the dinner. Was it waived?”
“Otherwise!” Xue Yuning said stubbornly.
Cousin Xue Yuning sneered again: “Otherwise, you people, you are really willing to put gold on your face. You dare to talk nonsense about such obvious things?”
Xue Yuning suddenly looked surprised when she heard this. What did she mean by that? Is it so obvious that my cousin still deceives herself?
But obviously not. Her cousin didn’t deceive herself. She really didn’t think it was Jiang Hao’s credit at all.
“Today’s meal is exempt, it’s all because we saw Van Den’s credit. You still shamelessly said it was because of this kid? You have a pit in your head!” Cousin Xue Yuning sneered, “Whether we are delivering wine today or This exemption, isn’t it because Van Den is a classmate of Ma Weiguo?”
“Let me tell you, today you are lucky, and you met Lao Fan’s classmates with us, or I see how you clean up this mess today!”
What cousin Xue Yuning said shocked Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
What brain circuit is this? Feelings, we still borrow your light?

Chapter: 208
Jiang Hao only found Cousin Xue Yuning’s words to be extremely funny.
Fan Deng’s classmate Ma Weiguo is indeed a manager here, but you are a floor manager at best, so you have that much face?
Not to mention his position, even if you are the general manager of the entire Haoyue Hotel, you don’t necessarily have that face.
The other party is not stupid, this is a brain problem.
Jiang Hao was too lazy to talk to them, so he could only smile helplessly, and said with a sneer: “Okay, okay, just say what you like, so I don’t have time to argue with you. A boring topic.”
Jiang Hao glanced at Xue Yuning and said, “Let’s go. I will send them to the hotel first, and then the auntie to the hospital. Let’s go back to school, okay?”
Xue Yuning nodded, indicating that he had no objections, and helped his mother to walk outside.
Jiang Hao’s incompetence made cousin Xue Yuning even more proud.
“And, isn’t it the rich second generation? Didn’t you pay for your face?” Cousin Xue Yuning said contemptuously, “Why don’t you dare to argue now? Hoho, maybe I’m afraid of what kind of shit rich second generation identity will be. , Is it dismantled?”
Cousin Xue Yuning laughed a few times, looked at her mother, and said, “Okay, there is no time to take care of them, let’s go.”
Several people left the private room one after another and walked to the elevator.
Several people were about to get on the elevator when suddenly a voice came from not far away, stopping Van Den and others.
“Old Fan! Wait a minute, Old Fan!”
Everyone looked for reputation and saw Ma Weiguo rushing over.
As soon as Van Deng saw Ma Weiguo, he slapped his forehead violently, and said to cousin Xue Yuning: “Oh, look at my brain, Jia Weiguo gave us such a big face today, you said we all have to go. Now, I even forgot to say hello to others.”
“Hey, Weiguo!” Van Den hurried over and said enthusiastically, “Weiguo, thank you so much for today! Haha…”
Of course, Ma Weiguo didn’t know the true meaning of Van Den’s words, and thought he was thanking him for just showing up to say hello.
Ma Weiguo chuckled and greeted, “Hey, you are polite, what are you thanking me for? I should thank you today.”
Of course, Ma Weiguo would like to thank Van Den. After all, it was Qiao Dongtai who gave the wine today, and Qiao San ordered the exemption. These things were all directly greeted by himself.
Usually he is such a small floor manager, and it is difficult to say a few words to big people like Qiao San, but Qiao San praised himself for serving Jiang Hao’s table today!
You must know that the family of Qiao’s family is not only the business of Haoyue Hotel, but also has thousands of employees.
It is a very precious opportunity for Ma Weiguo to make Qiao San notice himself.
Therefore, in Ma Weiguo’s opinion, he has been stunned by Van Den today.
Ma Weiguo looked at Jiang Hao and others behind Fan Deng, grinned, and asked in a low voice, “Are you eating well?”
Obviously, Ma Weiguo was mainly asking Jiang Hao, other people, even his classmate, whether he could eat well or not, because he had a fart relationship with him.
Van Den patted his stomach and nodded: “Okay, very good! Don’t say, Haoyue Hotel is Haoyue Hotel, this level is really not built!”
Van Den looked behind him, deliberately pulled Ma Weiguo aside, and whispered: “Weiguo, really, it’s not a polite remark. Thank you so much today. I can’t imagine that you are here. In the Yue Hotel, you have such a big face?”
Ma Weiguo was stunned when he heard this, but he didn’t understand what Van Deng said. He scratched his head and asked, “Lao Fan, you…what do you say that I have a lot of face?
Ma Weiguo thought for a while, and smiled awkwardly: “Aren’t you deliberately taunting me? Hey, actually, our old classmates haven’t seen each other for so many years, and I’m also thinking about getting you something more affordable, but we There are regulations in this hotel, so I can’t pretend to be for personal gain, right?”
In fact, Ma Weiguo also thought that if it weren’t for the hotel regulations, he would really want to give Van Den a half a dish or a beer. After all, he had limited financial resources and could only give some of these things.
But Ma Weiguo felt that Vanden said this deliberately, which was obviously ridiculing himself, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
But Van Den didn’t have this idea. He thanked Ma Weiguo sincerely.
He patted Ma Weiguo on the shoulder again and said, “Weiguo, you see what you said, you gave us such a big face today, and I still tease you, how am I conscience?”
Van Den chuckled, and then he said: “But speaking of Weiguo, you have such a strong relationship with your boss now, can you be recommended to us in the future? If my brother develops in the future, I will definitely not forget you! ”
Ma Weiguo was stunned for a moment when he was said: “Why do I have a hard relationship with the boss? What do you mean by this, I…how can I not understand?”
Vanden smiled hippiely: “You kid, do you still pretend to me?”

Chapter: 209
“Brother, you are not kind!” Van Deng said with a little bit of displeasure on his face, “The relationship between you and your boss is so hard, what happened to recommend me to meet? Hey, don’t worry. I can’t forget you. When I look back, if I really become so prosperous, you said, brothers, why don’t you eat big meat and drink together?”
Van Den’s words completely stunned Ma Weiguo. He looked at him unclearly, very curious, and very helpless and said: “Lao Fan, you…what are you talking about? I’ll tell you, Keep your voice down. You can’t talk nonsense about this, if someone hears it, it’s too bad.”
Ma Weiguo looked around cautiously with a cautious expression.
Van Den was really upset now, and said with a cold face: “Look at you, why is this? I know it all, you still pretend to be with me?”
Van Den pointed to the private room not far away: “There is no one here. What are you afraid of? You have a good relationship with your boss. What are you doing behind your back, afraid of someone stealing you? It’s really interesting.”
Ma Weiguo smiled bitterly, and said innocently: “Old Fan, what are you trying to say? Why do you keep talking, the less I understand? Why do I have a good relationship with the boss, we Joe always know me as a shit, let me tell you To be honest, don’t talk about recommending you, I just want to see us, Joe always has a hard time, you say how you want me to recommend you!”
Ma Weiguo seemed to have no intention of telling lies, but this made Van Deng puzzled. He said nervously, “That…that’s not right, your boy and the boss have a bad relationship, so why the boss will give you face, give us this Free tables?”
Van Den pondered for a moment, and then continued: “Also, your young boss gave us a bottle of red wine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it wasn’t for your face, they would give it to us? ”
Vanden finally asked the most curious thing in his heart.
He thought to himself: If you don’t believe me, I’ll pick out the words clearly, Ma Weiguo, don’t you admit it?
However, Ma Weiguo was really stunned when he heard Van Den’s words, even his face seemed to be panicked.
The most important thing is that Van Den can see that Ma Weiguo is not acting like that.
“You…what did you say?” Ma Weiguo frowned and asked with an unbelievable expression, “You said that your private room is free because Qiao always gives me face?”
Ma Weiguo couldn’t help but smile, and continued: “You also said that Master Qiaodong gave you the bottle of French red wine, which also gave me face? Haha…”
Ma Weiguo shook his head again and again, and continued to smile bitterly: “Lao Fan, Lao Fan, you really amuse me, do you know what you are talking about? You, you, you really value me.”
When Van Deng heard Ma Weiguo’s words, there were other meanings, and he couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable premonition.
“What…what’s wrong?” Vanden stammered, “Is it… isn’t it?”
Ma Weiguo chuckled, but his face became gloomy: “It’s a shit, you take me too seriously. It doesn’t sound good to say, what am I? I’m the one under Qiao’s hand. No matter how small a wage earner is, do you know how many star-rated hotels Mr. Qiao has? Let me tell you this, just under their hands, the manager who is equal to me, there are no two hundred, there are one hundred and eighty, you Say that they are giving me face? Your brain cramps, right?”
Ma Weiguo’s words can be regarded as completely pouring a basin of cold water for Van Den.
He stared at Ma Weiguo blankly, and it took him a long time to recover.
Are all your previous thoughts wrong?
Does all this affection have anything to do with Ma Weiguo’s dime?
Feeling for so long, just made a big joke?
But what is going on with all this?
“Then why did they give us a waiver? And they gave us such an expensive bottle of red wine? What’s so special…” Vanden suddenly thought of something in his mind, he couldn’t help being surprised, “Could it be…”
Ma Weiguo sneered, “Could it be a fart? Feelings, your kid has eaten such a luxurious meal here. How did you get it? I haven’t figured it out yet?”
Fan Deng said nothing, Ma Weiguo sighed and continued helplessly: “Old Fan, I will ask you, do you know the person who eats at your table? Do you know what that person is?”
Ma Weiguo’s words made Fan Deng feel uneasy again. He looked back at the direction of the elevator. At this time, Jiang Hao and others had already taken the elevator downstairs.
“No…I don’t know, what’s his identity? Isn’t he a student?” Van Den was surprised, “That kid is my wife’s cousin’s boyfriend, why, can this kid really have something to come from?”
Ma Weiguo sneered and shook his head: “You should remove those three words that are difficult, ho ho, do you understand what I mean? Damn, what’s the matter with you? No wonder your kid has graduated for so many years. Nesting in that small county town, did you feel that your brain was kicked by a donkey?”
Before, Ma Weiguo thought that Fan Deng and Jiang Hao had an unusual relationship and that he had to please him, but Ma Weiguo felt that he was worried about it.
This guy has a hole in his head!

Chapter: 210
The more Ma Weiguo said so, the more disturbed Van Den was.
At this moment, what he remembered in his mind was nothing more than the words Xue Yuning said before.
This can’t help making Fan Deng’s heart tight: Is it possible that this kid is really a rich second generation? Could it be that the wine was really given to Jiang Hao? Is it possible that the Phaeton is really the owner’s car of the Haoyue Hotel?
Piece by piece, it seems that they are all matched at this time.
Van Den thought that he had attributed all of this to his classmate Ma Weiguo, which seemed to be somewhat unsatisfactory.
But now it would be too logical to switch to Chengdu because Jiang Hao has an unusual identity.
But thinking about this, Van Den was not happy because he had an extra rich second-generation brother-in-law, but he immediately raised his heart.
Damn, what did you just do?
And my own wife, who doesn’t know the heights of the world, used that attitude towards Jiang Hao before…
Now that I think about it, the three of them are lucky to get out of this hotel alive.
“Wei…Weiguo, I said old classmate…” Van Den wiped a cold sweat, looked at Ma Weiguo, and said, “You, are you really sure, is that kid’s identity unusual? Will it be wrong? what?”
Hearing this, Ma Weiguo smiled. Fortunately, he knew that Van Den really didn’t know the identity of Jiang Hao.
“Can this be wrong?” Ma Weiguo said with a smile, “Do you know, your cousin’s boyfriend, even if it is Qiao who meets him, he must be respectful. How many times have you come here? , How often does our Joe always follow behind like a small follower, do I dare to make a mistake about this kind of thing?”
Hearing this, Fan Deng’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom, and his face was somber that he didn’t know what to say.
Now he didn’t have a trace of doubt in his heart. It seemed that all of this was true. This Jiang Hao was really not simple. Xue Yuning didn’t talk nonsense at all at the time. On the contrary, what the girl said was true.
What’s ridiculous is that he and cousin Xue Yuning only treat those words as a joke.
“Okay…Okay, I see, thank you…” Fan Deng said bitterly, and left worriedly without saying goodbye.
Now Fan Deng is very nervous. If he didn’t know Jiang Hao’s identity, he probably wouldn’t think so much. But now that he knew Jiang Hao’s identity, he had to think about how he would survive this time.
I offended myself, even the boss of Haoyue Hotel can’t afford to offend people. What can happen to this?
“Lao Fan, are you leaving? Hey, let’s have a snack next time. At least I have to have dinner with someone, and I have to figure out their identity…”
Before Ma Weiguo finished speaking, Van Den had already gone far.
Ma Weiguo sneered, shook his head, turned and walked away, murmured, “It’s so interesting, ho ho, idiot…”
Vanden could not hear these words.
Speaking more directly, Van Den now probably can’t help but obscure all the surrounding sounds.
At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind, how would this matter end today!
He didn’t know how he went downstairs, anyway, when he went downstairs, he only heard that his wife seemed to be picking things up again.
“Furthermore, it’s really disappointing. Today, you have a treat for dinner. In the end, you borrowed our money. Even if the money for the banquet was waived, you still have to calculate with us when it comes to living?”
From afar, I heard cousin Xue Yuning standing at the gate of Haoyue Hotel, shouting loudly.
Seeing Van Den come out of the hotel, cousin Xue Yuning hurriedly greeted him with an unhappy expression, and said, “My husband, you said some people are really interesting. Let’s come to Chujiang from far away. Please let us have a meal. In the end, we asked to give us a waiver. That’s not it. Now the place to entertain us is going to be calculated!”
Cousin Xue Yuning pointed to the Haoyue Hotel behind her, and said, “Look, you see, the Haoyue Hotel is right in front of you. I told them, or stay here for one night today. After all, it is a five-star hotel. Arranging us to live here, you can also see their sincerity… Do you say that I am also thinking about them? So that they will not end up with a reputation for poor hospitality! But what about them? No, which ghost is there? The place, a better place has been arranged. Isn’t that nonsense?”
Cousin Xue Yuning looked righteous, she blanked Jiang Hao’s eyes, and continued to mumble: “Huh, it’s better to be poor. What’s so quibble? I see, maybe we are going to be dragged away. Where’s the guest house!”
Jiang Hao did not respond to all the accusations made by cousin Xue Yuning. He just glanced at the other side indifferently, as if you would never want to go.
Anyway, Jiang Hao knows very well that the Yunwushan Hotel he took them to is more luxurious than this Haoyue Hotel. I don’t know how much. If you don’t know the goods, you can’t help it.
But Van Deng came over when he heard the words, staring at his wife in disgust, and said sternly, “What did you say?”

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