I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 211-220

Chapter: 211
Seeing her husband’s anger, Xue Yuning’s cousin thought she was unhappy when she heard that Jiang Hao was going to take herself to the guest house.
She hurriedly went up to give her hypocritical comfort: “My husband, forget it, there is no need to be angry with this kind of people, who makes them poor and likes to take advantage of them! I guess I didn’t want to spend money when I came to eat, now let them succeed. Now, it’s still so boring about staying in a hotel!”
When Vanden heard his wife’s words, the whole person was a little bad.
If his wife said such things before, Vanden would definitely not say it.
After all, the other party is a poor student. If he says more or less, what can he do to himself?
But now that he knew the identity of Jiang Hao, he obviously didn’t dare, even a little afraid.
Van Den glared at his wife, and directly yelled: “What are you talking about? You close your mouth now!”
Cousin Xue Yuning was taken aback by Fan Deng, and she looked at her husband in surprise, with a bit of irritation in her eyes: “What do you mean, did you give you a face? Who do you yell at?”
She looked like she was unreasonable and unforgiving. In her opinion, her husband might be angry because of the accommodation problem, but if you are angry, go and fight Jiang Hao.
Moreover, cousin Xue Yuning was even more upset by being yelled at by her husband.
She pointed to Jiang Hao and said shamelessly: “I tell you, today’s meal is for the sake of our face, and people will waive the bill. I won’t ask you for this meal. It’s already giving you a lot of face, but you Don’t be shameless, now go in and open two rooms for me, otherwise we promise to be endless today!”
When cousin Xue Yuning finished speaking, she put her hands on her hips in a posture of a bitch about to curse the street.
Anyway, it seemed to her that she had to live in the Haoyue Hotel anyway today. After all, Jiang Hao had taken advantage of her, so she had to give some blood.
Besides, this is the Haoyue Hotel. She had dreamed in the past that she could one day live in such a five-star hotel.
In her opinion, everything here is good.
Seeing that his cousin was so unreasonable, Xue Yuning couldn’t stand it anymore, and said directly: “Please be reasonable? What do you think? I really thought that the exemption was for your husband’s classmate who was a little manager. Is it? She said she wanted to live here!”
Xue Yuning sneered: “Don’t think we are pitting you. The place to take you to accommodation is a hundred times stronger than here. You still want to live here, you know it is ridiculous?”
Cousin Xue Yuning curled her lips and smiled: “Ho ho, don’t you think I can’t see your careful thinking? It’s a hundred times stronger than here, so please leave the room over there, I will live here. Just give me the money for the house! You guys, you have long hair and short knowledge, I said, I did it for your own good, and you guys are not willing. I really want others to say that you are poorly treated. , Go back to your hometown to make everyone know?”
How brazen is this? Can you still ask for this kind of money? Xue Yuning was speechless.
However, the last words of cousin Xue Yuning’s words hit Xue Yuning’s mother’s heart.
Of course, she didn’t want to make people in her hometown feel what she was like because of misunderstanding.
“Or…or just live here.” Xue Yuning’s mother said, “After all, I go to another place, it’s a toss, don’t you think Jiang Hao?”
Jiang Hao didn’t say a word, and Xue Yuning hurriedly said, “Mom, what do you know? The room over there was set by Jiang Hao and President Qiao early in the morning. If you don’t live now, aren’t you delaying people’s business? Not to mention me. Having said that, there is much better than here, it is built according to the seven-star level!”
When Xue Yuning’s mother heard this, she lowered her head and said nothing.
Cousin Xue Yuning said, “Hoho, it’s still a seven-star hotel. You dare to say that there is no seven-star hotel in our province. Xue Yuning, you can really play it, okay, you can live with a seven-star hotel. Well, I live here today!”
Xue Yuning glanced at Jiang Hao angrily, and wanted to ask him what to do now.
Jiang Hao was tired of such indifferent disputes and shook his head helplessly: “Forget it, since he is willing to live here, then live here. I will talk about it later and open two rooms.”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, cousin Xue Yuning seemed to feel that she had won, and she did not forget to tell you: “I can tell you that you have to pay for the accommodation fee. You can’t trouble the manager Ma anymore. That’s for sale. Our face, I don’t want to use our only thin face on your head!”
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning looked at her husband triumphantly and said, “I am right, husband, yes, how are you talking with your classmate? He didn’t ask who they were? If you ask, you Don’t talk nonsense, just say it is a distant relative. If people know that we have such relatives, they will probably look down upon us too!”
Vanden was almost furious when he heard his wife ridicule so much here.
He glared his eyes and shouted angrily: “What the hell are you talking about? Hurry up and shut up you! Do you know who he is!”

Chapter: 212
There are really not many Vanden’s attitudes toward him.
But cousin Xue Yuning still didn’t realize why her husband was so angry.
Instead, she said even more displeased: “What the hell are you doing? Why are you talking to me? What’s wrong with him? What’s his identity? Van Den, you got kicked in the head by a donkey, 80% of you really believe it. After Xue Yuning’s nonsense, think this kid is the rich second generation, right?”
Van Deng glanced at Jiang Hao in embarrassment, and jerked his wife anxiously, and whispered: “What makes me believe her? You don’t know, he really has some background!”
Seeing Van Den’s serious look, cousin Xue Yuning was taken aback for a moment, and then she chuckles: “Come on, don’t you, just him? Hoho, Vanden ah Vanden, tell me the truth. Have you taken a fancy to Xue Yuning’s little fairy, so you dare to speak for them now? What do you mean!”
Cousin Xue Yuning was jealous for a moment, and when she looked at Xue Yuning, she was almost angry.
She is not as beautiful as Xue Yuning. This is a fact that she has been unwilling to accept for a long time.
Xue Yuning’s face is jealous no matter who sees it, let alone Xue Yuning’s cousin, the person who trampled Xue Yuning under her feet in the past.
So before Xue Yuning went to university and was still in her hometown, she worriedly suspected that her husband was thinking about Xue Yuning. After all, she knew very well Van Den’s virtues.
Now Van Deng suddenly spoke to Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning for no reason, and she naturally thought of this.
For a while, she was both hated and jealous of Xue Yuning, and she couldn’t wait to go up and slap her.
“Damn, little vixen, he will seduce men, now in front of me, I will seduce my husband, you want to be shameless!”
Cousin Xue Yuning completely put the responsibility on Xue Yuning’s head.
Xue Yuning was dumbfounded when such a disaster came suddenly out of thin air.
“You…what did you say? What happened to me? I…”
“What are you, vixen, don’t talk too much, I feel sick when I see you, you will stay away from me in the future!” Cousin Xue Yuning said viciously.
This operation by cousin Xue Yuning shocked everyone, even her mother was stunned.
After all, she was always there, and Xue Yuning never even said a word to Fan Deng. You backhanded that people seduce him. What is the logic? are you crazy?
Wang Li looked at her daughter in disbelief. She felt that something was wrong with this guy since he came to Chujiang. Is it true that he is crazy?
Xue Yuning’s mother was even more surprised. She always paid attention to face and hurried over and said, “Her cousin, you can’t say that. Yu Ning is still a child. You said that, didn’t you pour dirty water on her?”
“Bah!” Cousin Xue Yuning ignored her, pointing at Xue Yuning’s mother, “You two are still afraid of splashing dirty water? Who doesn’t know that when you were young, you were left behind by being played, and this wild species was left. You are not right on the upper beam and the lower beam is crooked, and you are embarrassed to quibble. You both are a virtue!
Cousin Xue Yuning spit out blood and directly scolded Xue Yuning’s mother.
The thing she didn’t want to mention the most was now like a scab that had been uncovered. How could she feel good in her heart!
Xue Yuning felt uncomfortable when she saw her mother crying bitterly. She held her mother with tears rolling in his eyes!
Van Den gritted his teeth, pushed his wife a bit, and scolded, “Okay, can you shut your mouth?”
“Huh, shut up? They can do this kind of thing, are you afraid that others will follow?” Cousin Xue Yuning said, while pointing at Xue Yuning’s mother and daughter and started spraying.
“Crying, crying, fucking knows how to cry! Our family is ashamed of you, do you know, you still have the face to cry!”
At this moment, Jiang Hao is about to explode. If he doesn’t stand up at this time, then he is still a man?
Jiang Hao didn’t talk nonsense this time, and walked directly to cousin Xue Yuning.
The latter still looked disdainful and sneered: “What can you do to me?”
Jiang Hao still didn’t say a word. Suddenly he slammed his hand round, slapped him violently, and drew towards cousin Xue Yuning.
After this slap, the few people present were shocked, all of them looked straight at Jiang Hao, and everyone’s face was full of surprise!
“You…do you dare to beat me?” Cousin Xue Yuning gritted her teeth, “How dare you beat me? I’m fighting with you!”
While talking, cousin Xue Yuning rushed towards Jiang Hao regardless.
Wherever she has been wronged, Van Den dare not touch her finger. How can she recognize her being beaten by Jiang Hao today?
However, Jiang Hao was completely angry at this time. He had repeatedly reiterated that Xue Yuning was his bottom line.
Now that the other party humiliates Xue Yuning so much, it is scraping Jiang Hao’s Ni Lin!
Jiang Hao looked at the rushing cousin Xue Yuning, his eyes condensed, and he kicked out suddenly…

Chapter: 213
Either I don’t do it, but if I choose to do it, it must be a dead hand!
This is Jiang Hao’s character. For various reasons, he tolerated his cousin Xue Yuning.
But this time, since he had already started, he would definitely not show any mercy.
Jiang Hao used a lot of effort to kick it out.
In addition, cousin Xue Yuning rushed forward regardless. When she saw the two raising her legs, she didn’t even have time to dodge.
“Boom…” Jiang Hao kicked his cousin Xue Yuning’s body firmly with his impartial kick.
The latter fell to the ground immediately, and the instant pain, like a river and a sea, almost made her unable to stand up.
“You…ah…” Cousin Xue Yuning pointed at Jiang Hao painfully, and tried to speak several times, but she didn’t say anything.
As soon as Jiang Hao’s slap passed, everyone present was already shocked.
Now that he kicked it out, it was tantamount to shocking everyone.
“You…how do you beat people!” Wang Li was the first to quit.
Although she was a little bit down on her because her daughter usually squeezed herself.
But after all, it is my own daughter. It’s okay to be bullied by her, but I can’t tolerate my daughter being bullied by others!
Wang Li hurried over to help her cousin Xue Yuning, her eyes filled with distress: “Daughter, are you okay? You see that your face has changed color, don’t scare your mother, just tell me you are okay…”
It’s okay. Even though she was lifted up, cousin Xue Yuning’s stomach was still in pain.
She pushed Wang Li away violently, and said angrily: “Get out of the way, you… Try to be kicked, you don’t think it hurts to speak!
Wang Li was shoved, and said bitterly: “I am worried about you too, are you doing anything? Or let’s go to the hospital.”
Cousin Xue Yuning cursed: “Go to the hospital, of course you have to go to the hospital, dare to move me, I will never let you end well!”
Immediately afterwards, she cast her gaze on Van Den, who was aside, and scolded: “Van Den, why are you looking at me being bullied? You fuck me, beat him, this kind of rubbish, you Isn’t tidying him the same as playing? Give me revenge and call out your classmate…”
Cousin Xue Yuning was almost insane, and she was commanding Fan Deng dancing and swearing to make Jiang Hao pay the price.
But after she shouted several times, Van Den didn’t even move.
This made cousin Xue Yuning even more uncomfortable.
She then roared again: “Vanden, are you so deaf? I asked you to beat him and avenge me. What are you doing in a daze? You feel comfortable watching your wife being bullied. ?”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s eyes were torch, she was very angry, and still a little puzzled.
Because in normal times, if he was beaten by someone, Van Den immediately jumped out to stand up for himself, but what happened today, there is no reaction at all.
But Van Den couldn’t help it. He originally wanted to clarify Jiang Hao’s identity with his wife, but who knew that this stupid woman didn’t believe her at all, and said that she had a relationship with Xue Yuning.
She even asked herself to do something with Jiang Hao, isn’t she looking for death?
In the past, Van Den didn’t know the identity of Jiang Hao. He probably rushed forward without any hesitation when he heard this.
But now he knows that in addition to being afraid of Jiang Hao, he is timid, let alone hands-on, he is a little afraid to say something harder.
Furthermore, this is the gate of Haoyue Hotel. Jiang Hao and the boss of Haoyue Hotel have an unusual relationship. If he dares to do something, it is estimated that Jiang Hao will rush out of the hotel as soon as he shouts.
By that time, I wouldn’t even know how he died.
“Okay, stop making trouble, get up quickly and follow me!” Van Deng glanced at Jiang Hao secretly, and continued, “You can be smart, and you can live wherever you live. What’s the matter!”
Van Den’s words really surprised cousin Xue Yuning.
She stared at Van Den for a second or two, and then poured out her anger on Van Den.
“Fuck you, did Vanden speak human words? I’m your wife. Why do you watch me being bullied? You don’t even give up a fart. Why do you say that when you look back? Are you a eunuch? What are you doing alive? Are you looking at me because I am old and yellow? You are looking at this little vixen. You don’t look at your own virtues. Let me tell you the truth. It is Xue Yuning who is blind again , I really look down on people like you, you just…”
The more cousin Xue Yuning scolded, the more angry she got, but before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt a black shadow flash in front of her eyes, and then a slap quickly landed on her cheek.
Suddenly, her cheeks were fierce and painful, and her whole person was stunned by the power of the slap.
What surprised her even more was that it was not someone else who slapped herself so badly, it was her husband Van Den!
Van Deng seemed to be anxious and frustrated at this time, pointing to Xue Yuning’s cousin and yelling: “I let you talk nonsense, I will kill you!”

Chapter: 214
Fan Deng stepped down and forced him to do too much harder than Jiang Hao, and with the slap just now, he didn’t mean to show mercy at all.
After all, he had already given her such a hint, and this stupid woman turned out to be shameless.
This time Van Den really couldn’t bear it. He also knew well that today his wife has offended Jiang Hao so much. It is estimated that he can only calm some of Jiang Hao’s anger by cleaning her up.
And if Jiang Hao has always hated them so much, and if they don’t keep everything, they can wear a small shoe whenever they want.
But cousin Xue Yuning didn’t know, she was dumbfounded.
This was the first time Van Deng had beaten herself. She was stunned for a while, and then she gradually remembered it when she felt a burning pain in her face.
“You…Vanden, you hit me?” Cousin Xue Yuning suddenly started crying aggrievedly, “I have suffered so much with you for so many years, but you hit me, are you worthy of me?”
To be honest, cousin Xue Yuning was also completely shocked by Van Den’s actions.
Usually Van Den is obedient to her, so she makes things difficult to bully Van Den.
Now that Van Den is really hot, she no longer dared to be tough, pretending to be a victim.
She just felt that if she pretended to be like this, Vanden probably wouldn’t be angry and would obey herself.
But she was wrong again!
Van Den didn’t mean that at all. Seeing her crying, he still looked impatient, and said, “Okay, don’t cry so much, frustrated! Get out of me quickly and never get up again. , I’m still pumping you!”
Cousin Xue Yuning had a grudge on her face. At this time, she really wanted to have a fight with Fan Deng, but the pain on her face told her that she should be honest now.
After all, Vanden slapped himself, how could he not dare to slap a second time?
Although she was very unwilling, cousin Xue Yuning got up from the ground, and the grieving Fan Deng said: “The surname is Fan, you will wait for me. Today, this slap, my mother will remember you forever!
After speaking, cousin Xue Yuning turned her head and walked aside, and began to wipe herself tears.
Seeing that her daughter was so lonely, Wang Li hurried to follow her, which was a relief, but in the end she got a swear word.
But she was helpless. She was just such a relative. What could she do? Besides, isn’t she used to her daughter’s wayward problems?
Van Deng felt a little embarrassed after cleaning up his wife. He didn’t dare to look up at Jiang Hao, but smiled awkwardly and said, “That…today, I’m really sorry, that Yu Ning and Jiang Hao, Please don’t mind, we may be a little gaffe today, I’m really sorry…”
Van Den’s attitude toward him changed drastically, which made Jiang Hao a little surprised.
But soon he remembered that before Van Den and Ma Weiguo were muttering upstairs? Maybe Ma Weiguo had already told him the whole story.
Jiang Hao smiled non-committal. Fan Deng knew if he knew, he didn’t care.
Jiang Hao ignored Van Den’s words and asked instead, “How about it, have you decided where to go? Should you go to the place you arranged before, or here? You can do whatever you want.”
Where did Van Den dare to choose randomly, thinking that it was not how Jiang Hao arranged it?
He hurriedly smiled and said, “Hey, we are so wealthy, how embarrassed to live in this kind of place, it is really expensive, you can arrange it whatever you want, we can live anywhere.”
I have treated Jiang Hao that way before. Even if people let him sleep on the street today, it would be excuseable. At this time, Fan Deng no longer asks for anything else. He thought, as long as Jiang Hao doesn’t remember his hatred today. , That is fortunate, that is the matter of burning high incense.
“No!” Just now. Cousin Xue Yuning turned her head again and interjected loudly, “I am going to live here today, I am not anywhere…”
“It’s such a nonsense, I still smoke you believe it or not!” But Cousin Xue Yuning was startled by Fan Deng raising her hand before she finished her words.
Van Den was really angry. Seeing that the situation was almost under his control, this silly lady even dared to talk nonsense. It seemed that he really had to be disciplined and disciplined in the future.
Eating a ditch and gaining a wisdom, today is that they are lucky enough to meet Jiang Hao’s good temper and are willing to take care of the overall situation.
If you encounter this kind of thing in the future, and you change to another person, it is estimated that by this time their mother who was beaten will no longer know!
Van Den stared at his wife fiercely, and when he turned his head to face Jiang Hao, he was kind of a friendly mouth, and smiled: “Don’t listen to this mad woman’s nonsense. If it is not convenient for you, we can go out to live. .”
Jiang Hao glanced at cousin Xue Yuning with a blank face: “Forget it, how can you let you go out by yourself? The hotel has been booked before. I will take you there first.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao turned around, and at this moment, Qiao San’s Phaeton car also happened to drive over.
Jiang Hao first asked Xue Yuning’s mother and Xue Yuning to sit on it before he got into the co-pilot.
Jiang Hao calmly said to the driver, “Go, go to Yunwushan Hotel!”

Chapter: 215
Fan Deng breathed a sigh of relief when he watched Jiang Hao and several people get in the car and leave.
Obviously Jiang Hao didn’t seem to intend to pursue a few of them.
Van Den glanced back at his wife, still lingering.
“What do you look at, Fan Deng, you will remember it to me, today you slap me, my mother remembers you forever!” Cousin Xue Yuning said crying.
Van Den gave her a speechless glance, took out a cigarette, and lit it tremblingly: “You are so nonsense, get out of here, do you know how big a thing you almost broke today!”
“Are you still scolding me? Tell me, is there someone outside of you? Do you really like a vixen…” After that, cousin Xue Yuning was about to cry again.
Fan Deng threw away his cigarette butt angrily, and cursed at his wife: “Shut up, you still have the face to cry? Do you know why I hit you just now? You know I was upstairs just now. Did Ma Weiguo tell me anything?”
Seeing Van Den’s serious expression, cousin Xue Yuning calmed down a bit, and seemed to realize that something was wrong.
“Wh…what’s wrong? What did he tell you?” Cousin Xue Yuning asked.
Van Deng sighed heavily, and said, “Before we all understood everything wrong, Ma Weiguo told me that this meal is free, and the bottle of red wine that Qiao Dong sent has nothing to do with him. !”
“Ah?” Cousin Xue Yuning exclaimed in surprise, “That…how is it possible? What’s the matter?”
Van Deng smiled bitterly and explained: “Ma Weiguo told me that he is a floor manager, and he is not even a fart in front of his boss. How could people think that he would give us free orders for his face? There is also the red wine that Qiao Dong gave, which is even more impossible. Who would see it for the sake of a small floor manager to give away something worth hundreds of thousands!”
Hearing this, cousin Xue Yuning suddenly panicked. She looked down at the red wine in her hand, and suddenly felt that this thing was a bit hot.
“Then…what the hell is going on? Husband, just tell me, I…what you said, my heart suddenly didn’t fall.” Cousin Xue Yuning said in a panic.
Van Den couldn’t help but sneered, only sighed: “Are you really stupid? I have said so, you still don’t understand? Do you remember what your cousin said before?”
“What are you talking about?” Cousin Xue Yuning thought about it for a while, and was shocked, “You…you said that Jiang Hao is a matter of the rich second generation?”
Suddenly she was stunned again, and it took a long time to react, and said in amazement, “Could it be that what she said is true?”
Van Deng finally breathed a sigh of relief, and said that this stupid woman finally understood.
“Hmph, now do you know why I smoked you just now?” Fan Deng said, “If I didn’t smoke you just now, Jiang Hao would kill you if he turned around! Do you know the identity of that guy? But even the boss of the Haoyue Hotel has to be polite to a three-point role. You are a flat-headed common man, and you dare to say that. What are you looking for?”
With that said, cousin Xue Yuning suddenly panicked again. The heart that was originally hanging has not been let go, but now it is even higher.
When she thought of all the things she had done to Jiang Hao before, she felt that she was too mentally disabled, no, that was simply not something a person with a long head could do.
She would never have thought that Jiang Hao turned out to be that kind of awesome figure.
Just for those behaviors that I just did, it is estimated that people can make themselves half-dead.
“Husband, I… what should I do…” Cousin Xue Yuning was so anxious that she almost cried. “I’ve heard of the methods used by these rich men to offend them. They are all to death. Yeah, husband, I don’t want to die…”
Seeing his wife crying and crying, Van Den smiled bitterly, and said sarcastically: “Now you know that you are afraid? I have thought about it a long time ago. I knew that today. Why did you bother to do so? I almost suffered a lot from you!
“Then I don’t want to, I’m thinking… I’m thinking that the kid is just like Xue Yuning, why don’t you think he is that kind of identity…” Cousin Xue Yuning was too anxious, and suddenly said, “Husband, or… …Or let’s go home and stay here, I’m afraid we will all die here!”
Wang Li on the side was also a little flustered when he heard it, and nodded, “Yeah, yeah, or let’s go quickly!”
“Hoho, let’s go? People can play you to death in Chujiang, but they can’t play you in that small county?” Fan Deng smiled bitterly.
“Then what do you say, let’s… we can’t wait to die, right?” Wang Li said.
Van Den sighed, shook his head and said, “Hmph, I’m getting angry when I look at your place. I’ve been thinking about something a long time ago. Cough cough, OK, tell you the truth, I guess people don’t plan to pursue us this time. If we are held accountable, we might have been thrown into Chu River in sacks long ago.”
Fan Deng calmly lit another cigarette, and said, “For a while, let’s go to the hotel and find a chance to apologize to others. If everyone doesn’t mention this, it will pass.”

Chapter: 216
“Really?” Cousin Xue Yuning asked still a little uneasy, “Could they take us to some hidden place this time, and then…”
At the end of her conversation, she wiped her neck with her hand on her neck.
Van Den gave her a very annoying look and muttered: “Women’s opinion, you know what a fart. Okay, you are waiting here, I will pick up the car.”
After speaking, Van Den went to the parking lot.
After a while, Van Den drove over and left the Haoyue Hotel with them.
“Hey, I’m still a bit unwilling to give up. I have eaten here, but I didn’t even stay here. It’s a shame…”
Before getting into the car, cousin Xue Yuning murmured, her expression unwilling.
Vanden disagreed, and said, “Don’t think about it. If you can live today, it will burn incense. Let me tell you, don’t talk too much. Have you heard it?”
Cousin Xue Yuning nodded hurriedly, not daring to talk nonsense.
Wang Li seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly said, “By the way, I heard Xue Yuning say before, didn’t they arrange for us to stay in a place higher than this Haoyue Hotel. So my daughter, you don’t need to worry about this. Well, maybe the place to live is much better than here.”
Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t say a word, she said she hoped…
Jiang Hao’s car in front was not driving fast, so as soon as Fan Deng’s car left the area of ​​Haoyue Hotel, he saw the Phaeton sedan.
Two cars one after the other, have been driving out of the downtown area, and gradually drove towards Yunwu Mountain by the Chu River.
This area is the development zone of Chujiang River, an important commercial area of ​​Chujiang River in the future.
And Qiao San’s Yunwu Mountain Hotel is located on the halfway of Yunwu Mountain.
It used to be off the beaten track, unless people from the city would come here on weekends.
So even if the infrastructure is being built here, it still looks a bit desolate.
But because of this, the environment here is simply not beautiful.
Yunwu Mountain is not high, the highest point is only a few hundred meters above sea level. The green hills are verdant, and under Yunwu Mountain is the winding Chu River. The scenery is simply stunning.
Jiang Hao looked at the scenery outside, and did not come close to sigh that Qiao San had vision.
An eco-hotel in this kind of place is simply perfect.
And Jiang Hao also discovered that Yunwu Mountain seems to have a huge potential for development and utilization, and maybe he can make a fuss here in the future.
As Jiang Hao was thinking about it, the car slowly stopped, and the driver politely whispered, “Shao Jiang, Yunwushan Hotel is here.”
Jiang Hao returned to his senses and looked out of the car window. He saw a group of antique buildings in the vast green mountains in front of him, like a fairyland.
This hotel all adopts the style of ancient buildings, with white walls and blue tiles, where people are in it, as if they have traveled to ancient times.
However, the buildings are scattered, not crowded, let alone sparse, it feels very comfortable anyway.
The door of the hotel is an ancient building with a touch of nobility in its elegant facilities.
Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning walked in first and coordinated things in the room.
Just then Van Den’s car followed, and several people hurriedly followed in.
“Why is this place so biased?” Cousin Xue Yuning whispered to Fan Deng’s ear, “What kind of broken place, why doesn’t it even have a tall building? What’s more luxurious than Haoyue Hotel, I Too much difference…”
Cousin Xue Yuning’s voice was very small, and she was a little disappointed from the moment she walked in.
She originally thought that Jiang Hao would take them to some higher-end hotel, such as a hundred and ten-story hotel, open a penthouse suite, stand in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the entire Chu River.
But in her opinion, the place in front of her is clearly a broken place where birds don’t shit. It’s antique, it’s just cheap and can’t afford high-end goods.
It’s like Haoyue Hotel, with a marble decoration, and the decoration here is either broken stone or rotten wood.
Cousin Xue Yuning was so disgusted that she didn’t bother to touch it.
Jiang Hao quickly threw a bunch of keys to Van Den, and said, “Here are the keys. The rooms are all booked. A staff member will take you there. Okay, let’s go first.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao turned and left.
But at this moment, Vanden suddenly stopped him.
“That… please wait a minute!”
Jiang Hao stopped and looked back, “Is there anything else? You can just say hello to the waiter, and don’t worry, I will settle the charges here.”
Van Den smiled embarrassedly: “No, no, I’m not talking about this, that… just now, I’m so embarrassed, I… my wife already knows that it’s wrong, you… your lord has a lot, just Please don’t follow us…”
Jiang Hao laughed before Van Den finished speaking. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t hold you accountable, but it’s because you are Yu Ning’s relatives. If you change someone else, it’s hard to say. ”

Chapter: 217
Hearing Jiang Hao personally said that he would not be held accountable, both Fan Deng and Xue Yuning’s cousin breathed a sigh of relief.
With Jiang Hao’s words, they were truly relieved.
Fan Deng smiled, and quickly snatched the bottle of red wine from his wife’s arms and sent it to Jiang Hao respectfully.
“You…what are you doing?” Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but startled when she saw this.
Since the bottle of red wine arrived in her hand, she has been holding it tightly in her hand, for fear of being snatched away.
After all, this is 300,000 yuan. If you go back and sell the red wine, wouldn’t you be able to buy that long-awaited low-profile BMW?
But now it was snatched by Van Den, cousin Xue Yuning was not only dumbfounded, but still dumbfounded.
Vanden squeezed his brows at her and motioned to her not to talk nonsense.
Immediately afterwards, Van Deng said to Jiang Hao: “We already know that this wine was given to you by someone else, and now it’s returned to its original owner. Haha, in fact, your cousin just didn’t have any other thoughts, just that this thing is so precious. I’m afraid you young people will be in a hurry and you will break it again.”
This excuse is really funny.
Jiang Hao smiled, and took the wine over.
Indeed, this was given to him by Qiao Dong, why should they be cheaper?
It’s just that Jiang Hao’s move to take over the red wine was a bit too casual, really scaring cousin Xue Yuning into a fright, for fear that if Jiang Hao accidentally let go, the 300,000 yuan would be broken into eight pieces.
“You…” Cousin Xue Yuning said unwillingly, “Slow down, don’t… don’t break it.”
Of course she knows that this red wine is now called the original owner, but this kind of troubles still put her under tremendous psychological pressure.
After so many years, I finally saw such a precious thing, and finally flew away again before I warmed up. If this is normal, cousin Xue Yuning would have gone crazy.
But now she is not getting better, tears in her eyes.
But Jiang Hao didn’t mean to sympathize with her. Jiang Hao knew very well that a woman like her was not worthy of sympathy.
Jiang Hao turned around and left with Xue Yuning and Xue Yuning’s mother.
“You…you will do this next time, tell me in advance!” Cousin Xue Yuning complained to Fan Deng, “Do you know, the moment you took the red wine away, I was going crazy. , Three hundred thousand red wine, you…oh, husband, do you think it is possible for us to return this red wine to him?”
Van Den frowned, and said mercilessly: “Please be sober, that was originally from others, now that they don’t hold us accountable, it’s already a blessing. Are you still so greedy? Are you afraid of death!”
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help nodding when she heard this.
She saw Jiang Hao and the others walking away, and then she remembered that she looked around, and suddenly felt lost again.
“Hey, what a shabby place? Don’t say the place is remote, but it’s low when you look at it. You said you were too. If you insisted on staying in Haoyue Hotel before, how good would it be? The hotel!”
Cousin Xue Yuning looked disappointedly at the ancient buildings in front of her. She couldn’t help shaking her head and curling her lips. “Damn, Xue Yuning can really blow up. This ruined place is even more upscale than a five-star hotel? Why didn’t I see it? Huh? who?”
Naturally, Wang Li didn’t see what’s so good about this place. She felt that it was a thousand miles worse than Haoyue Hotel, so she shook her head and sighed.
At the Haoyue Hotel just now, she wanted to say that she was staying there, but at that time she was completely frightened by Van Den’s words, and she didn’t dare to talk too much.
But seeing that this hotel is completely different from the definition of luxury in her own mind, Wang Li became more anxious.
“Daughter, don’t you think the toilets in this place are still open-air dry toilets?” Wang Li suddenly asked curiously.
At this moment, a beautiful waitress came over, and she couldn’t help it when she heard Wang Li’s words, and she chuckled.
Seeing that she was being laughed at, Wang Li also felt embarrassed, and quickly turned her head.
Cousin Xue Yuning was a little bit quit. She was uncomfortable at first. She didn’t want to live in this ghost place. Now a little waiter dares to laugh at herself. She points directly to the waiter and says, “What a laugh? What’s so ridiculous? Just your broken place, do you really think it’s so great? Humph, broken place, let me live in vain, I don’t even bother to live!”
When the waitress heard the words, she was a little embarrassed, and she apologized and said, “I’m really sorry, I… I will take you to the guest room…”
“Fuck you, don’t think that today is so easy to pass, you…”
Van Den was impatient when he saw that his wife was acting up again. He glared at her and said, “Okay, okay, shut up. Actually, I don’t like this place very much, but since they have brought us here, Then live here with peace of mind, otherwise, how about you, go out and live by yourself?”
Cousin Xue Yuning could only gritted her teeth and turned her head angrily.

Chapter: 218
Van Den glanced at the waitress and said, “Come on and take us to the guest room. I’m exhausted today.”
The waitress nodded hurriedly, and led the three of them on the way, bypassing a corridor, and crossing a small stone bridge before reaching a two-story antique building.
The waitress swiped the key card and bowed and said, “A few, here, please come in. This room is divided into two floors, with four bedrooms, enough for three people.”
As soon as you walk into the guest room, there is a unique cave inside. Although the decoration style is still archaic, there are many exquisite modern tools, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, which are hidden and designed extremely ingeniously.
However, cousin Xue Yuning was not interested in these things, she snorted and said: “Really, the ruined place is not very good. It is actually doing some useless things. It is really troublesome!”
Cousin Xue Yuning took off her coat and threw it on a small coffee table aside, ignoring that there was a delicate small disc on it.
The disc was only the size of a palm, and contained some fruits that cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t even name.
And her clothes were just covering the disk at this time.
The waitress was a little nervous and hesitant, and finally she said, “Madam…Why don’t I hang up your clothes for you, lest you accidentally scrape the fruit plate when you pick up the clothes.”
Cousin Xue Yuning glanced at her impatiently, and said dissatisfied: “What’s wrong with my clothes being there? Isn’t it just a broken plate? When it breaks, it breaks. What can be done, it’s really rare and strange!”
The waitress was blushing when she was scolded. If it weren’t for the hotel’s strict rules on them, she might have been hot by now.
I kindly remind you, alright!
The waitress frowned and reminded: “No lady, this plate is an antique, worth more than 100,000 yuan, so I am afraid of you…”
The waitress did not finish her words, but she believed that cousin Xue Yuning should already understand what she meant.
The waitress sneered at cousin Xue Yuning in her heart, saying that this woman was self-righteous, and she arrogantly told the hotel from the moment she walked in.
This hotel is not good, so you can really look for it in dialects across the country to find out which hotel is better.
Anyway, if there are too many, it is definitely the first in the province in terms of the grade of Yunwu Mountain Villa.
It may seem like this is an ordinary eco-hotel, but the bricks and tiles here, and even every decoration, are all well-known.
The waitress knows very well that all the decorations in the entire hotel, such as this kind of fruit plate, are all antiques, and the ones that are broken are one less expensive.
The other murals, and even the furniture of the room, are either made of high-grade wood, which was made by professional woodworkers.
Either it is an antique that is more than a hundred years old, so the entire hotel looks a bit old.
It’s not that the hotel is really old, but the things in it are indeed good things.
To be honest, the waitress was well-informed. The first time she saw cousin Xue Yuning, she knew that this woman had little knowledge. To put it bluntly, she just didn’t understand.
Her torn coat is hundreds of thousands at most.
And the fruit plate under her coat alone is worth more than 100,000 yuan, and the fruit plate that is placed on it seems inconspicuous, and there are some old small coffee tables, which have a bigger background.
It was mahogany furniture that was more than a hundred years old, and the market price was hundreds of thousands of yuan. Even if it was a little peeled off, it would cost a few thousand yuan to repair it.
And cousin Xue Yuning didn’t even know it, she kicked off her high heels as soon as she entered the door, “bang…bang…” and threw it on the coffee table.
With these two collisions, the waitress was shocked.
“Madam, please be careful, and this coffee table is also hundreds of thousands…”
Cousin Xue Yuning hadn’t paid much attention to what the waitress said just now.
But this time she heard it clearly.
“What? What are you talking about?” Cousin Xue Yuning was startled first, and then burst into anger, “You want to be shameless, are you a black shop? Why don’t you say that your broken stuff is made of gold? I see it. The old ones are about to fall apart, and there are still hundreds of thousands. Do you think I’m blind? A few dollars are probably not worth it!”
The waitress was completely comprehending the unreasonable strength of cousin Xue Yuning, and she took two steps back in shock.
However, cousin Xue Yuning is still reluctant and unforgiving, and continues: “You shameless place, it is really interesting, dare to say anything shameless, I tell you, give me less nonsense, and you will not see who the old lady is. I get out!”
The waitress was scolded for a moment.
Anyway, she had been in high-end hotels for so many years, and it was the first time she had seen a hostess who was as violent and inhumane as cousin Xue Yuning.
The waitress shook her head and stepped back to the door. She looked at the three people and said solemnly: “Three people, I was really sorry just now, but please forgive me. It is our accusation to inform you. What I want to tell you is that in this room Most of the ornaments are basically antiques, so please be careful when using them to avoid unpleasant things.”

Chapter: 219
“Unpleasant?” Cousin Xue Yuning said unpleasantly, “Why is it so unpleasant? What do you mean, what are you pretending to be noble with us? If so noble, we come to live with you?”
The waitress was speechless, she just kindly reminded her.
And this is also stipulated by the hotel. After all, there are too many valuables here. If every guest accidentally breaks the object, it will be inconvenient for the hotel, and the guest will also feel uncomfortable because of the claim.
So be careful, everyone pays attention to it, it will save a lot of trouble.
The waitress didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong at all.
But cousin Xue Yuning didn’t care about that much. She became angry when she listened to the waitress, as if she had been laughed at by many people, and now even a small waiter dared to mock herself.
The more she thought about it, the more angry she got, and finally pulled her clothes violently…
“Wow…” The fruit rolled to the ground.
“Pop…” The fruit plate slammed on the wooden floor and shattered.
The waitress was dumbfounded, what is this operation? Is this a real tyrant, or just want to try?
“This…Madam, you…”
“What am I!” Cousin Xue Yuning said angrily, “Look, I just smashed this broken plate, what can you do to me? It’s more than 100,000 yuan, why do you treat me as a fool? Give it to me. Get out!”
The waitress was speechless for a while, and her heart was blocked.
I didn’t make any mistakes today, why should this woman embarrass herself so much?
And I kindly reminded me that the plate is very expensive and you still dropped it. Isn’t this deliberate provocation?
“Madam, this fruit plate…”
What else does the waitress say? Van Den on the side seemed a little impatient, and urged: “It’s OK, don’t talk nonsense here, go out, I’m exhausted today, we have to rest!”
Van Den pointed to the ground, and you will clean it up in a while!
After speaking, Van Den put his arms around his wife and walked towards the second floor.
In Wai Vanden’s opinion, this plate is just an ordinary plate, worth more than one hundred thousand ass.
It is estimated that the waitress said that deliberately because they were afraid that they would accidentally damage it.
But it’s okay if it’s broken, depending on what the waitress has to say this time.
A broken hotel, if this is not allowed to touch, what will happen if you touch it.
Looking at the three people going upstairs, the waitress was so angry that she was a little uncomfortable looking at the fruit plate broken into countless pieces on the ground.
On the one hand, I felt humiliated. On the other hand, the fruit plate was indeed an antique. The manager had explained before that even if the guests accidentally broke something, their wages would be deducted.
Although it was only symbolic and did not intend to make them compensate for the loss of these objects, whoever feels uncomfortable when encountering such a thing.
The waitress gritted her teeth and said that you people, not only do you have no knowledge, but you also don’t have much brains.
Now, let’s make compensation. This plate costs more than 100,000 yuan. It’s best if you smash a few more things today…
On the other side, cousin Xue Yuning went upstairs to the bedroom and fell directly onto the soft big bed.
“Hey, don’t tell me my husband, this bed is really comfortable.” Cousin Xue Yuning was a little surprised. “How do I feel that this is more comfortable than our more than 10,000 mattresses?”
Fan Deng curled his lips when he heard the words. He took off his jacket and threw it on the side of the screen. He didn’t know that the corner of his hard jacket had already poked the thin silk screen like a cicada’s wings.
“Come on, this broken place, how do I think everything is old, look at this cabinet, the colors are all different, obviously they were not painted together…”
Van Den smiled, thinking about his own mattress, but he bought it from other places. The authentic Simmons mattress cost 15 thousand. In the end, it only cost 11 thousand for the procrastination.
With this broken mattress, can we compare with our own mattress?
At this moment, Vanden suddenly caught sight of a small piece of trademark on the corner of the mattress, which was marked with a few letters: H?stens
Van Den sneered: “What kind of broken things, I don’t know how to read this brand, maybe it’s a miscellaneous brand!”
After speaking, Van Den turned his head and looked away.
What Van Den didn’t know at all was that he was the one who was embarrassed this time.
Because it was this brand he had never heard of, but it was the top brand in the mattress industry.
H?stens is from Sweden’s top mattress brand, Rolls Royce, known as the mattress class, its mattresses are not only exquisite workmanship, but also use horsehair as the main material.
What Simmons, in front of this thing, farts are not counted.
What Van Den didn’t know was that the price of this unknown brand-name mattress alone cost more than 200,000 yuan.
And this is still the most common, H?stens’s most expensive mattress, the price even exceeded one million.
Van Den took off his clothes and wanted to take a shower, but at this moment, cousin Xue Yuning suddenly stopped him and asked seriously: “Husband, do you think that kid would lie to us? what?”

Chapter: 220
“Like us?” Van Den was a little surprised, “You…what do you mean by this, I don’t understand a bit.”
Cousin Xue Yuning sat up arrogantly and said with a nervous expression: “Oh, why are you so stupid? I mean, this kid is not a rich second generation at all. All of this, even the free meals in the restaurant. Are you lying to us?”
Fan Deng sneered, and mocked: “Is there a hole in your head? This video is so clear, why are you still entangled with this useless thing!”
Cousin Xue Yuning sighed and was a little impatient: “Oh no, I’ve been thinking about it a long time ago, all this is too abnormal, think about it, look at him, look at his temperament and appearance, like a rich second generation? It’s not like, right, it looks like a bun from the countryside. And, you think, if he is a top rich second-generation, if he has a deep friendship with the boss of Haoyue Hotel, then he should immediately arrange for us to live in Hao Happy hotel!”
Cousin Xue Yuning looked around in disgust, and continued: “Is it guilty to bring us to this place where the birds do not shit, and live in this broken place? Look at this furniture, I feel like it was bought from a shady house. Spooky!”
When Cousin Xue Yuning said this, Van Deng couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. He stopped and thought for a while. He was also a little confused: “But can you explain the things Ma Weiguo told me before? Hoho, no, Ma Weiguo. But he told me personally, that Jiang Hao is a big man, and their boss is a respectable big man!”
Cousin Xue Yuning snorted when she heard the words, “I babble, you have no brains, what do you believe in Ma Weiguo? He said that Jiang Hao is the emperor, do you believe it?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was a little bit interested, and said: “Actually, as soon as I lay down, an idea suddenly popped out in my mind, that is, is it all that Ma Weiguo said on purpose?”
Hearing this, Van Den seemed to be intrigued, and hurriedly leaned in, and asked, “Deliberately? What do you mean by this?”
Seeing that her husband seemed to be convinced by herself, Cousin Xue Yuning was even more proud.
She couldn’t help saying: “It’s very simple. Let’s make an assumption. Assuming that this Ma Weiguo is highly regarded, he knows that he is not far from developed, so seeing us poor friends is afraid of dragging his hind legs. I deliberately said that Jiang Hao is a rich second generation, everything is for his face, the purpose is to make us feel that he is just so ordinary, so as not to provoke him!”
“No…” Van Den hesitated and said, “Why don’t he just let his boss charge the fee normally?”
Van Den felt that if he couldn’t explain this, then his wife’s logic still had problems.
However, cousin Xue Yuning smiled and continued: “Oh, look at what you are like, you think, your boss wants to give you favors, can you push back? Isn’t that refuting the boss’s face? You are uncomfortable by yourself, he doesn’t want to do it?”
Upon hearing such an explanation, Van Den immediately felt that this analysis made some sense.
He pondered for a while and couldn’t help shook his head: “Damn, if that’s the case, isn’t Ma Weiguo really a thing? I treat him so enthusiastically, why would he hide his eyes with me?”
“Hoho, nowadays, how many people still have real feelings. If you can’t bring benefits to others, can they take care of you?” Cousin Xue Yuning sighed, “but I’m also guessing, just not I know if it will really be like this…”
“But…” She paused and continued, “If it’s really like I thought, Jiang Hao is too special to pretend, and it’s like that…Oh, my wine !”
Cousin Xue Yuning thought of this, and got up from the bed with a rub.
“I knew that the red wine would not be anxious and give him back. This little bastard really dares to take it…” Cousin Xue Yuning muttered worriedly, “If it was something he would take it apart and drink it, it would be really bad. Good stuff, three hundred thousand…”
As if seeing his wife’s unwillingness, Van Den hurriedly reminded her and said, “Oh, it’s alright, isn’t all this your guess? You haven’t confirmed it yet, in case someone is really rich. The second generation, if you go around and fool around, isn’t that a case of death? What’s more, if it’s true, wouldn’t it be better if we have one more relative like this? A bottle of wine is nothing, maybe everyone’s family has hundreds of millions of capital. …”
Cousin Xue Yuning seemed to be relieved a lot when she heard the words, but she still didn’t support her.
She hurriedly turned to look at Van Den and said seriously, “My husband, or else, what do you do, how about we test him?
“Temptation?” Van Den scratched his head, and finally nodded silently, “It’s a good idea, but how is it better to test?”
At this moment, Xue Yuning’s cousin suddenly had an idea, and said: “By the way, my husband, I heard that the superstar Huo Yun seems to have a concert in Chujiang recently. That’s the first-line superstar in the country, or we are like this…”

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