I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 231-340

Chapter: 231
Feng Pingping’s actions really angered Xu Qingqing. She gritted her teeth and pointed at Feng Pingping and said, “The surname is Feng, this is what you said. You can wait for me!”
Xu Qingqing was also not afraid of the sky at this time.
Of course she also knew that Feng Pingping could do everything, and it seemed that she was getting along well with a bunch of people outside the school.
This kind of person should not be provoked under normal circumstances, but Xu Qingqing’s brain is also hot at this time.
Even if you are a hedgehog, my elder mother will die with you today!
While she was talking, she turned around and was about to walk out of the dormitory, planning to find a guide.
Xu Qingqing was really going to be serious, and Feng Pingping felt a bit in her heart.
Although she seemed fearless on the surface, she was still worried in her heart that if this matter was really stabbed to the school leader, she might really be expelled.
After all, she had a lot of black cases before, and now she is like a clown walking a tightrope, except that the wire is as thin as hair. It is estimated that even if there is a feather on her body, she will fall off.
But Feng Pingping also thought about it. If she is fired, then others should not think about it. Whether it is Xu Qingqing or Xue Yuning, it is certain that neither of them will end well in the end.
After all, the reason why she dared to be so rampant in Chujiang University was because there was someone behind her. With this relationship, even if Feng Pingping provokes those famous punks in the school, no one dared to move herself.
“Damn, I let Qiang Shao kill you all when I look back!” Feng Pingping thought through gritted teeth.
But when Xu Qingqing was about to step out of the door of the dormitory, she was suddenly caught.
Xu Qingqing was taken aback, then turned to look, and was surprised to find that the person holding him was Xue Yuning.
“Yu…Yuning, why are you pulling me?” Xu Qingqing asked with a surprised look.
“Qingqing, forget it.” Xue Yuning shook his head with a bitter expression.
Xu Qingqing glanced at Feng Pingping on the upper bunk, and said with disdain, “Forget it? What’s the matter? Yu Ning, is it possible that you have forgotten how she treated you before? What’s the matter? She should be taught a lesson, otherwise everyone would be afraid of her if she thought it was true!”
Xu Qingqing obviously doesn’t believe in evil, so she wants to try it. Others don’t dare to do anything to you. Feng Pingping, I provoke me, what can you do to me.
But Xue Yuning was worried about this.
Although Xue Yuning doesn’t know what the big person behind Feng Pingping is, she knows very well that this woman is like a toad. Don’t provoke them. This kind of person will not only make people look sick, but will also get hurt if you stick to it. .
Of course Xue Yuning was worried about Xu Qingqing. She didn’t want to hurt Xu Qingqing in the end because of her own sake.
“Forget it, Qingqing, I’m all to blame for this matter, let’s… don’t pursue it, okay, I beg you.” Xue Yuning pleaded bitterly, “She’s kind of people, we better not provoke her.”
In fact, Xue Yuning wasn’t really afraid of Feng Pingping. After all, she knew very well in her heart that no matter how tough Feng Pingping’s relationship outside the school was, it was a giant tree and grass mustard compared with Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning was just afraid that she was also afraid that Xu Qingqing would provoke such a person, and she would trip you up from time to time.
Bright guns are easy to hide from hidden arrows. If you offend this kind of person, you have to be on guard at all times. Xue Yuning doesn’t want to be herself, nor does Xu Qingqing spend the next two years of college in this atmosphere.
Xue Yuning’s hand held Xu Qingqing tightly, making Xu Qingqing unable to move.
Finally, Xu Qingqing only sighed heavily and stared at Feng Pingping severely.
“Okay, Yu Ning, forget about it today!” Xu Qingqing said, “But remember, although we are girls, they are by no means scumbags. Not everyone can ride on our heads and shit, if anyone dares to touch We, even if we die, I will fight her!”
Xu Qingqing said this to Feng Pingping.
Xu Qingqing is straightforward, and she is most uncomfortable with Feng Pingping. The depressed emotions in the past have exploded to the fullest today.
Originally, her mind was hot today, and she had already planned to kill the fish, but she was finally held back by Xue Yuning.
Xu Qingqing certainly knew that Xue Yuning was doing this for her own good.
She sighed again, and said to Xue Yu Ning: “Okay, let me go, Yu Ning, I’m going out to breathe, it’s so embarrassing!”
After speaking, Xu Qingqing pulled Xue Yuning’s hand away and walked directly out of the bedroom.
Feng Pingping breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Xu Qingqing personally said she would not pursue it.
And she knows Xu Qingqing’s character very well. If she doesn’t pursue it, then basically she will definitely not complain again.
She also passed this level without risk.
After a while, Feng Pingping replied again with that arrogant expression.
She glanced at Xue Yuning condescendingly, and sneered disdainfully: “Hoho, you are smart, I tell you Xue Yuning, if she dared to go to the instructor today to sue me for the black situation, then you don’t want to get better, I If Brother Qiang knows that I was expelled from school because of your relationship, then you can wait to die!”
Feng Pingping glanced at Xue Yuning, suddenly thought of something, a sinister smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Chapter: 232
Feng Pingping thought for a while, suddenly opened her eyes and smiled, and said a little bit at Xue Yuning’s attitude: “But then again, after all, we are friends with Yuning. Actually, I don’t want to do things too extreme…”
Feng Pingping sighed pretendingly: “Hey, sometimes, I feel sorry for you. You said that the conditions in your house are not very good, and you are studying so hard. You go out to sing at night and go out to do part-time jobs on weekends. Are you tired?”
Xue Yuning was a little unclear, so she couldn’t figure out what Feng Pingping was going to do.
I was condescending to myself just now, but now it seems like nothing happened?
“You…if you have anything to say, just say it straight.” Xue Yuning asked bluntly.
Feng Pingping chuckled and said, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just think you have worked so hard. Everyone is a sister. I love you too… But Yu Ning, I have a good job here. Then you will take time out. Once or twice, you can make a net profit of several thousand a month, and you are guaranteed not to be tired. How about it, do you want to try it?”
Feng Pingping’s words immediately made Xue Yuning frown, because she didn’t quite believe Feng Pingping would have such kindness.
Usually Feng Pingping can’t wait to knock her bones and suck the marrow, she suddenly wants to introduce herself to work, there must be a problem.
“Forget it.” Xue Yuning flatly rebuffed, “I think it’s pretty good now.”
Feng Pingping felt a little displeased when she touched her nose.
Her face changed abruptly, and she pointed at Xue Yuning and yelled: “It’s really shameless to face, I think you are too hard, kindly introduce you to work, and you say that when you look back? Do you have a conscience!”
“Damn, you are worthy of being an inferior person all your life, eating bran and swallowing vegetables!” Feng Pingping finished speaking, staring at Xue Yuning fiercely, and then fell down.
In fact, she also accidentally remembered that the goal for this month set by her strong brother, she seems to have not yet completed it.
It happened that today she noticed that Xue Yuning seemed to be pretty good, and if she pushed her out, she would be very satisfied with Brother Qiang.
It’s a pity that Xue Yuning can’t do it, which makes Feng Pingping both angry and frustrated.
Xue Yuning smiled, and whispered in a low voice, “Who said eating bran and swallow vegetables is not good? As long as the money is not ignorant of conscience, I am happy!”
Xue Yuning also understood in her heart that there will be no pie in the sky. What Feng Pingping said is that as long as she goes out a few times, she can easily earn thousands of yuan a month. She can already think of what kind of work it is.
Xue Yuning only found it ridiculous. Even if she starved to death on the street, she definitely wouldn’t do that kind of thing.
This is a matter of dignity. If a person loses his dignity, how is it different from the walking dead?
Xue Yuning turned his head and went to the laundry room again, never talking to Feng Pingping again.
Feng Pingping sighed inwardly when she saw Xue Yuning gone.
But having said that, this month has passed halfway, and Liu Qiang has not completed the task assigned to her.
In fact, the backer behind Feng Pingping is Liu Qiang, the son of the Liu Group.
The two met by chance. After Liu Qiang learned that Feng Pingping was a student at Chujiang University, he moved her to find a woman for herself.
Liu Qiang stipulated that Feng Pingping should get him at least one girl every month. Whether it’s coaxing or paying for it, it must be obtained, and it must be a young girl.
And every time Feng Pingping gets one for herself, Liu Qiang will give her several thousand yuan as reward.
It is precisely because of meeting Liu Qiang that Feng Pingping’s recent life has become more nourished.
Maybe it’s dark under the lights, she really didn’t pay attention to Xue Yuning in the past.
However, this month she was a little bit memorable. She was tentatively found for a few girls and they were rejected. Some people directly reported her to the school leader.
Immediately afterwards, a few more girls who had been coaxed by Feng Pingping before also filed a complaint, and Feng Pingping’s black case was dug out.
Feng Pingping was so dumbfounded at that time, she felt that she must be dead this time.
But fortunately, Liu Qiang really moved the relationship to protect her. Coupled with Feng Pingping’s own miserable play in front of the school leaders, perhaps the school leaders were afraid of getting things out of the way, which also affected the school’s reputation.
In the end Feng Pingping made a decision: remembering the biggest punishment for being over-stayed.
Moreover, the school leaders had spoken in person. If Feng Pingping dared to make a little mistake, he would be expelled directly in order to follow suit.
On the one hand, the school’s punishment, and on the other hand, Liu Qiang’s urging, Feng Pingping felt that she was also super difficult to handle.
I thought I discovered Xue Yuning, who was so poor, and even coaxed and deceived her, no matter what she could do.
But I didn’t want to, Xue Yuning turned out to be stinky and hard, so he ignored her problem at all.
“Huh, dog stuff, shameless, then don’t blame me for being polite!” Feng Pingping said to herself.
She knew very well, if she couldn’t get a girl for Liu Qiang, how would that ugly person punish herself.

Chapter: 233
Feng Pingping seemed to be asleep when Xue Yuning returned to the bedroom after washing the clothes.
Xu Qingqing sat on the bed, as if thinking about something.
Xue Yuning put things down, sat down, and whispered, “Xiaoqing, thank you so much today, but you have to promise me not to be so reckless in the future. Pingping’s background is very complicated, so let’s not provoke her.”
Xu Qingqing pursed her lips and smiled: “It’s okay, Yu Ning, don’t worry, if she dares to trouble you again next time, I’ll give you some help. I’ve long seen her not pleasing to my eyes.”
Xue Yuning sighed inwardly, thinking that Xu Qingqing was still as stubborn as ever, and sooner or later she would suffer from this straight-forward temper.
Xue Yuning looked at Xu Qingqing, seemingly worried, and said, “Xiaoqing, if you encounter any trouble in the future, just call me. Don’t worry, I will not let others hurt you!”
Xue Yuning said these words from the bottom of his heart. She didn’t have many friends, and Xu Qingqing was one of them. She didn’t want to cause Xu Qingqing to suffer any unreasonable disaster for her own reasons.
And now that I have Jiang Hao, I can count on relying on it, and at least I can rely on this relationship to protect my good friends.
Xu Qingqing used to protect herself everywhere, this time, let herself protect her once.
Xue Yuning stretched out her hand, hugged Xu Qingqing tightly, and said earnestly, “If you have something in the future, you must tell me!”
Xu Qingqing agreed with a smile, and she even found that Xue Yuning today seemed a little abnormal.
She usually accepts it, but today she dared to resist Feng Pingping, and even said this to herself.
Although Xu Qingqing knew very well that Xue Yuning’s words were only comforting herself. After all, Xue Yuning had no money and no strength, so how could he really help her.
But even if Xue Yuning said these words, Xu Qingqing was very moved. At least Xue Yuning regarded herself as a good friend. At least, she had that intention.
“Okay, okay, I know!” Xu Qingqing smiled, patted Xue Yuning on the back, and said, “Go to sleep, won’t you go to the concert tomorrow?”
Having said that, Xu Qingqing suddenly thought of something and hurriedly reminded: “By the way, Yu Ning, where are your tickets? Don’t lose it.”
Xue Yuning pointed to a small purse on his bedside table and said with a smile: “It’s there, don’t worry, it’s okay.”
Xue Yuning curled his lips and said, “Xiaoqing, or… or I will let Jiang Hao get a ticket for you.”
Hearing this, Xu Qingqing’s heart throbbed for a while, but immediately fell cold.
She knew very well that the two of Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao could just go to compare poorer. Jiang Hao knew how much effort he had spent for these two tickets.
Even if Jiang Hao can do a good job, how embarrassed to ask for it.
This is tantamount to trouble others.
Xu Qingqing smiled: “No, no, no, you don’t need Yu Ning, I… even if I have a ticket, I won’t be able to go tomorrow. I have something urgent to deal with tomorrow.”
Xu Qingqing made up a not-so-smart excuse, and continued smilingly: “Just go, you can take more photos and show me more when that time comes.”
Xue Yuning frowned, “Okay, but Xiaoqing, if you want to go, you can really tell me that Jiang Hao can get tickets!”
Xu Qingqing smiled, and finally said, “It’s really not necessary, you see if you don’t believe me!”
Xue Yuning shook his head silently, and then was pushed out of the bed by Xu Qingqing: “It’s alright, you go back to sleep, if you don’t sleep, I’ll go to bed now. I have something to do tomorrow.”
Upon hearing this, Xue Yuning could only go back to his bed in an anguish.
Soon, Xue Yuning heard heavy breathing, apparently asleep.
At this moment, Feng Pingping, who was on the upper bunk of Xue Yuning, poked her head out of the bed slightly. She looked at Xue Yuning and then at Xu Qingqing. After confirming that both of them were indeed asleep, the corners of her mouth showed a smirk. .
Immediately afterwards, she cast her gaze on Xue Yuning’s bedside, on the purse that held the tickets.
Feng Pingping waited for a while, and when she was sure that both of them were indeed asleep, she slowly climbed out of the bed.
She came to Xue Yuning’s bedside cautiously, and crept open the purse to take out the tickets.
In the darkness, Feng Pingping smiled and thought: Hoho, let you go against me, in order to punish you for these four fucking tickets, it’s grandma now!
Feng Pingping was simply too happy, but it was not all because she stole the tickets and could punish Xue Yuning.
More importantly, now she got the tickets for Huo Yun’s concert without much effort.
And she only needs one ticket, and now she has four in her hand.
Feng Pingping naturally knows that now in the hands of the scalpers, the first row of tickets has been fetched for 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.
“I keep one for myself, and sell all the remaining three, one for 30,000 yuan, and three for a small one hundred thousand yuan, hahaha…”
Feng Pingping seemed to be thinking about what the scene would be when he got one hundred thousand yuan!

Chapter: 234
Early the next morning, Xue Yuning woke up a bit late, and when she woke up to look at the time, she realized that she was already close to the big time she had agreed with Jiang Hao.
Xue Yuning quickly got up and cleaned up.
At this moment, Xu Qingqing also woke up. Xue Yuning frowned and asked, “Xiaoqing, have you seen Pingping? Why did people disappear early in the morning?”
Xu Qingqing stretched her head and looked up to the bed, and indeed saw that Feng Pingping’s bed had no personal image, and the bed was piled on the bed like a pig’s nest as before.
“The ghost knows what she’s doing. I guess he’s going crazy with which man again, let her go!”
Xu Qingqing stretched her waist and looked at Xue Yuning: “Hey, why do you seem to be anxious?”
Xue Yuning curled her lips and said hurriedly: “Oh, I told Jiang Hao to meet at the door at half past eight. I just got up…”
Xue Yuning simply drew light makeup, changed clothes and went out: “Okay, Xiaoqing, I’m leaving now!”
Xu Qingqing gave a hum, then lay down on the bed. She glanced at Xue Yuning, who hurried out of the bedroom, and shook her head. She sighed, Jiang Hao was really good to Xue Yuning, unlike her own bullshit. My friend, I couldn’t even see a personal image for a day, and only appeared in front of me when I had no money.
“Hey…” Xu Qingqing sighed, but at this moment, Xue Yuning ran back in a hurry.
“Huh? Why are you back again?” Xu Qingqing asked in surprise.
Xue Yuning smiled, returned to her bedside, stuffed the small leather bag with the tickets into her carry-on bag, and said with a smile, “Look at my brain, the tickets almost forgot!”
Xu Qingqing was speechless for a while, and hurriedly stopped Xue Yuning, “Hey wait a minute!”
Xue Yuning was taken aback: “What’s wrong?”
Xu Qingqing chuckled, “Don’t forget to bring your brain!”
Xue Yuning snorted, “Okay, I’m leaving. Call me if something happens!”
Leaving the dormitory, Xue Yuning ran directly to the school gate.
At this time Jiang Hao was already there waiting, Xue Yuning ran all the way: “Sorry, I am a little late to get up.”
Jiang Hao smiled and said, “It’s okay. It’s noon for the concert. We have enough time, Yu Ning, have you brought the tickets?”
Xue Yuning nodded, and took out the small leather bag from her pocket: “Take it, here it is.”
“That’s good, let’s go.” After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he stopped a taxi casually.
On the way, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning chatted for a while, and then they found a place to have breakfast before they were going to Chujiang Gymnasium.
By the time the two arrived at the gym, it was already ten o’clock in the morning. After getting out of the car, Jiang Hao asked Xue Yuning to call her cousin and Fan Deng.
Xue Yuning nodded, hurriedly took out his mobile phone, ready to make a call.
But at this moment, not far behind the two, there was a sudden shout.
“Xue Yuning? Why are you here?”
When Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao heard the sound, they both looked back and saw two figures walking towards them.
And these two are not others, but cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng.
“Cousin? Why are you here too?” Xue Yuning asked in surprise.
Cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng looked at each other, and a touch of discomfort suddenly appeared on their faces.
“Ho ho, why am I here, Yu Ning, cousin, I still want to ask, why are you here?”
Cousin Xue Yuning was agitated when she saw Xue Yuning here.
Because she never thought that she would meet Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao here.
But at this time, I can only explain one thing, that is, Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao, carrying them on their backs, are going to come and watch the concert!
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but sneered. She felt that she was still a little naive.
She also discussed with Van Deng last night. When the two of them arrived at the concert this morning, they would call Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning. That way, it would be impossible for them to refuse.
But they met Xue Yuning here, which just illustrates one point. Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao had already negotiated to see the concert, and they planned to call them.
So how could she not be angry.
Xue Yuning didn’t realize these problems. She frowned and asked her cousin, “We? Let’s see the concert, cousin, it’s a coincidence, haha, originally…”
Xue Yuning originally wanted to make it clear that she just wanted to call them, but her cousin interrupted him abruptly: “Hoho, Xue Yuning, do you think you are doing this yourself? We are guests, you just So put us in the place where the birds don’t shit and ran to watch the concert by yourself?”
When Xue Yuning heard the meaning of these words, he knew that his defense must have been misunderstood.
She hurriedly explained, “No, no cousin, cousin-in-law, we have just arrived here. I have discussed with Jiang Hao, and I will call you when we get here.”
“Come on, you have improved a lot in your ability to make nonsense!” Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t listen to that at all, and said displeasedly, “Do you treat us as relatives? Just to us?”

Chapter: 235
Xue Yuning’s grievances on her face, she really didn’t lie.
She hurriedly stretched the phone to show her cousin, and explained, “If you don’t believe me, see for yourself, I just called you, but you came here before I did.”
It’s just that Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t even look at it at all, she turned her head to the side and looked unhappy.
He also muttered to himself. “It’s really interesting, you think of me as a three-year-old kid? You really thought I believed your nonsense.”
Xue Yuning was very anxious. She looked at Jiang Hao and quickly said, “What I said is true. I didn’t lie to you or believe me. Ask Jiang Hao.”
Jiang Hao quickly helped explain: “Yuning really didn’t lie to you, I can testify.”
But cousin Xue Yuning ignored Jiang Hao at all. She curled her lips and said, “Huh! You are not in the same group? How do I know that what you said is true or false? If you suffer, I will treat you as relatives. Yo, ho ho…”
The other party was really unreasonable, Jiang Hao really didn’t bother to explain it to him.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao remembered, aren’t the concert tickets in Xue Yuning’s bag? As long as the ticket is taken out, he will naturally know that he has not lied to him.
After all, when asked Ye Yunjie for tickets yesterday, Jiang Hao asked for four tickets. He and Xue Yuning were both watching the concert. They couldn’t use four tickets.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao hurriedly gave Xue Yuning a wink and said in a low voice, “Okay, don’t talk nonsense with them, just show them the tickets.”
And Jiang Hao knows more clearly. With the careful consideration of what kind of love is taken advantage of by cousin Xue Yuning, it is estimated that after seeing the tickets, he will forget everything.
Besides, what are she and Van Den doing here? Don’t you plan to go to the concert? But with their abilities, it is more difficult to get a ticket than to get to the sky.
If he gave them two tickets in vain and they were still the first-row tickets, then they might feel more fun.
Xue Yuning nodded when she heard the words, and hurriedly reached out to flip through the bag.
When Xue Yuning lowered his head without flickering, beside them, a familiar voice came again.
“Oh, what a coincidence, how can I meet you everywhere?”
As soon as these words fell, Jiang Hao and the others followed their voices and saw Wang Jiani approaching sadly.
When he met Wang Jiani again, Jiang Hao suddenly remembered what happened before at the gate of Haoyue Hotel.
Jiang Hao suddenly didn’t hit the fire, and he was angry and a little sick.
“Where are we, do I still need to report it to you?” Jiang Hao snorted coldly, and returned angrily.
Wang Jiani was very happy at first. As soon as Jiang Hao said this, her face instantly became gloomy, and she said angrily: “And, where do you want to die? What does it have to do with me.”
Wang Jiani looked at the entrance of the stadium. At this time, a lot of fans had gathered. She said proudly: “I’m actually just curious, what are you doing here? Is it possible that you still want to sneak in in troubled water? It’s ridiculous. Think about it, do you really think the security guards are all vegetarian!”
Wang Jiani continued with a smile: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, just yours. If you want to sneak in and be discovered by others, you will definitely end up miserably!”
After speaking, Wang Jiani looked at the Vandens who were poking beside Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
She was also quite curious about who these two people were and why they would follow Jiang Hao.
However, what Wang Jiani said just now was too awkward. Cousin Xue Yuning didn’t know why, let alone who Wang Jiani was. She was so abruptly accused of being so uncontrollable, and she rushed up again.
“Who are you talking about you!” Cousin Xue Yuning said tit-for-tatly, “Girls, please pay attention to what you say, it’s a bit ignorant!”
Cousin Xue Yuning glared at Wang Jiani fiercely, really furious.
She could also tell that Wang Jiani must have had a feast with Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
But it’s your business if you have holidays, it’s my shit, you mean Sang Huai will bring my old mother, that won’t work!
Van Den on the side was also a little unhappy, looked at Wang Jiani with a face, and couldn’t help but sneer.
In his opinion, the girl in front of him, that is, a student, may have a better family background, but you must know that it is definitely not a big money.
What kind of world is this, such a person dare to come out and pretend?
If it were not for the backing of a family, she would not dare to be so crazy!
When Wang Jiani heard what Xue Yuning said, she hurriedly looked at the couple and squinted her eyes, “Who are you, you, did I just name you by name? Are you sick?”
“Ho ho, are you guys with these two?”
“Put your mouth clean. Be careful. I’m not polite to you!” Fan Deng stepped forward, pointed at Wang Jiani, and warned, “We are Yu Ning’s cousin and cousin’s husband. If you don’t speak cleanly, you Think about the consequences!”
Being so frightened by Van Denn, Wang Jiani really restrained a lot.
After all, there are four people. She will come to watch the concert by herself today. If there is a conflict with them, then she will definitely suffer in the end.
But in the face of Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, she didn’t want to show her timidity. These two are the people she hates most. If they see that she is afraid, how will she bully them in the future!
After thinking for a while, Wang Jiani raised her head and said to Van Den, “What are you so fierce? I’m afraid of you if you think you are too crowded… Who do you scare you, this is a public place, what if you dare to treat me? Believe it or not, as long as I yell, you guys will all be arrested!”
To say that Wang Jiani is indeed very smart, after she finished speaking, she pointed to the patrol car on duty, showing a proud expression.
Indeed, as long as there is a dispute on their side, the patrol will definitely come to intervene. Anyway, Wang Jiani feels that she can’t suffer.
Wang Jiani’s remarks really frightened Van Den.
He thought about it, he came today to play, there is really no need to cause any unpleasant troubles.
So in the end he just sighed in his heart, and his attitude towards Wang Jiani softened a lot in an instant.
“Then…then you can’t just humiliate people! We don’t know you, so why do you say that to us!” Van Den said unwillingly.
Wang Jiani sneered, and said disdainfully: “And, can you blame me? Who made you their relatives. Puff……”
Wang Jiani seemed to have thought of something, she suddenly laughed out loud, then pointed at Jiang Hao, and ridiculed: “Haha… the surname Jiang, why are you bringing Xue Yuning’s poor relatives here today? Is it possible? Want to go in to the concert?”

Chapter: 236
Wang Jiani was full of sarcasm, and Jiang Hao knew that she was asking this, so she must have no good purpose.
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Jiang Hao asked indifferently, and said, “Please get out of the way, you are not welcome here!”
Wang Jiani smiled disdainfully when she heard the words, “I’m not welcome? Let me leave? You deserve it too? It’s so funny, stinky, who do you think you are, do you think this is your home?”
Wang Jiani immediately glanced at cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng without waiting to see, and said in the same dismissive tone: “Ho ho, it’s ridiculous, I said that Huo Yun’s concerts have reached this level now? What? Are you all right if you want to go in and see? Are you taking yourself too seriously?”
Wang Jiani’s tone was proud of her self-esteem, and she didn’t pay attention to Jiang Hao and others at all.
“What do you mean by this, it’s just a concert, what’s the matter, you have to tell who can go in, who can’t go in? Who do you look down on? Who do you think you are!”
Cousin Xue Yuning, who had long been uncomfortable with Wang Jiani, spoke again.
Although she also hates Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, at least they are now on the same front.
Besides, cousin Xue Yuning really hates the self-arrogance that Wang Jiani seeps from the bones of contempt for everyone.
Hearing the quarrel between the two men, Jiang Hao was really annoying, so he planned to take Xue Yuning and the others away.
But before he could take a step, Wang Jiani over there began to choke again.
“Ho ho, you’re right, do you really think anyone can watch this concert?” Wang Jiani sneered, “It’s not good to say that you guys, I guess you can’t even buy a ticket. Just want to go in and watch the concert. Are you afraid you haven’t woken up? A bunch of poor people, do you know how much the concert ticket is now?”
When Wang Jiani was talking, she took out a ticket from her bag and said proudly: “You see, my position is also a normal position, it is the kind of place where you can barely see the people on the stage. There are more than 8,000 tickets for this location now, you guys? Hoho, do you have that much money?”
Wang Jiani’s words really surprised Fan Deng and cousin Xue Yuning.
“W…what? The tickets for this position are more than eight thousand?” Van Den muttered in disbelief.
He originally thought that such an ordinary ticket was worth three or two thousand yuan at most, but he did not expect that the price of the ticket had already reached such an outrageous position.
Cousin Xue Yuning was also very surprised. She even grinned subconsciously, saying that this ticket is not made of gold, right? These more than eight thousand have topped the net income of my small restaurant for half a month.
Seeing the expression of the two, Wang Jiani was relieved, because she already knew that Xue Yuning’s two relatives were mostly buns, and she had little knowledge, so she was so frightened for eight thousand yuan.
“Ho ho, is this surprise like this?” Wang Jiani chuckled, “I dare you to say that I came to the concert? Come on, please go home and sleep, don’t be ashamed here Alright?”
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help gritting her teeth when she heard Wang Jiani’s words, her face was unwilling.
“You…who do you mean? You, I…we came to see the concert today!” Cousin Xue Yuning said, “It’s only 8,000 yuan, which is a fart, don’t you know, yesterday my old lady was at Haoyue Hotel. But I ate tens of thousands for a meal, you little girl, have you eaten it?”
Van Den also hurriedly said: “Yes, we think you are a little girl and don’t want to be familiar with you. Do you know who he is? Do you still dare to talk to him like this? Believe it or not, if you talk nonsense, he After a phone call, you won’t have time to cry!”
Fan Deng pointed to Jiang Hao, of course.
In fact, Van Den was also a little curious at this time. Why did Wang Jiani and Jiang Hao seem to know each other, but she didn’t pay any attention to Jiang Hao?
This is indeed the case, and Wang Jiani has never put Jiang Hao in his eyes.
When she heard Van Den’s words, she just smiled: “Who is he? Ho ho, don’t you know better than me?”
Wang Jiani looked at cousin Xue Yuning again, and continued: “I’ll talk about you first. If I don’t embarrass you a little bit today, I think you are still stubborn, right? Okay, don’t you say that you are watching Is it for the concert? That’s OK, take out the tickets now and have a look.”
Wang Jiani expected that the other party would not be able to show the tickets at all, so she said with a smile, “How about we make a bet? If you can get the tickets today, I will leave here immediately and I will give this ticket to you. You can’t pay it!”
“But if you can’t bring out the tickets, hum…” Wang Jiani said with a sneer, “Then you all kneel on the ground, and everyone learns three dog barks for me, how about it?”
Wang Jiani’s playful eyes swept across everyone.
When their eyes fell on Fan Deng and Xue Yuning’s cousin, they couldn’t help but feel a little more nervous.
After all, they don’t know whether Jiang Hao has any tickets.
If it does, that’s okay, but if there is no ticket, and I bet with others, then the face is lost to the sky.
The two of them hesitated and looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
“This… do you have any tickets?” Cousin Xue Yuning hurriedly got next to Xue Yuning and asked in the lowest voice, “If you don’t have one, or you can’t get it, then finally say it now, lest I be embarrassed for a while! ”
“Yeah, yeah, this can’t be a joke, this is a matter of face, if you insist on pretending garlic without you, then we can eat melon with you in the end!”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao smiled bitterly and looked at these nervous two people, and said, “You still don’t believe us yet? I’ll say it again. Everything that Yu Ning said just now is true. The tickets are now available. In Yu Ning’s bag.”
Jiang Hao turned his head and glanced at Wang Jiani jokingly, and couldn’t help but suddenly all his things about Wang Jiani jumped out of his mind.
This woman is too arrogant and shameless.
Jiang Hao smiled straight in his heart, saying that all of this was brought up by you Wang Jiani, so don’t blame me for being impolite!
“Okay, I’ll bet with you!” Jiang Hao smiled faintly, and said, “But I want to remind you that if you regret it now, it’s still too late! Otherwise, don’t blame me, because you asked for all this!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao always motioned to Xue Yuning with his eyes.
“And you, why, can you trust me now?” Jiang Hao sneered.

Chapter: 237
At this point, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng seem to have no other choice.
And Jiang Hao said with certainty that he had tickets, then this eight achievement is true.
After all, this is a bet with people. If Jiang Hao doesn’t have any bullshit in his hands, would he really dare to bet with others so arrogantly? Didn’t you know that you would die, but you still bumped into it?
Either fools or lunatics can do this kind of thing.
Although cousin Xue Yuning didn’t wait to see Jiang Hao, she knew that Jiang Hao hadn’t reached that level.
“Sheng, brother-in-law, my cousin will believe you once today!” Cousin Xue Yuning made up her mind and said, “This little girl really doesn’t know the heights of the sky, so you can teach her a lesson today!”
Jiang Hao smiled. Naturally, cousin Xue Yuning didn’t need to talk about this. He knew better than anyone else how to do it.
Jiang Hao hurriedly glanced at Xue Yuning, and said with a smile: “Okay, Yu Ning, take things out, don’t you like being questioned? We won’t have to be questioned anymore. From now on, we will all Be an upright person!”
Xue Yuning was a little excited by Jiang Hao’s words, nodded heavily, and hurriedly took out the small purse with the tickets from his backpack.
At this moment, Jiang Hao showed a long-lost smile.
He had long wanted to make Wang Jiani ugly, but he never had a chance. This time, he would definitely be able to…
Just when Jiang Hao thought everything would settle down soon, when Jiang Hao put his gaze on the small black leather bag that Xue Yuning took out, he was stunned.
“This… where’s the ticket?” Xue Yuning, who turned the bag, opened the small black leather bag, and the whole person was in a panic, because she was surprised to find that the bag was empty and there was nothing left.
“Yuning, this is not the time to make a joke!” Jiang Hao deliberately squeezed a smile and asked Xue Yuning.
In fact, everyone in Jiang Hao’s heart knows Xue Yuning’s character. How could Xue Yuning be joking about this kind of thing?
But what about the tickets?
At that moment, Jiang Hao’s whole person was a little bad.
And the one who panicked most at this time was actually Xue Yuning.
She was dumbfounded and blindfolded.
“No…impossible, I put it in this bag yesterday…” Xue Yuning kept talking to herself, and she kept rummaging for you with her hand in the backpack.
However, Xue Yuning also knew that the ticket could not fall into the backpack at all, and his handbag had a zipper, and the zipper was intact, so how could it fall out.
But she still turned her backpack carefully over and over again!
After searching for three times, Xue Yuning was completely desperate. She looked at Jiang Hao sadly, tears came out instantly.
“Jiang Hao, I put it here yesterday, but the zipper is fine, I don’t know why it disappeared…”
Xue Yuning felt extremely uncomfortable, because she knew that this time it was because of herself that Jiang Hao was in an extremely embarrassing situation.
“Jiang Hao…I’m sorry…” Xue Yuning apologized helplessly.
When Xue Yuning was searching for it, Jiang Hao also read it with his own eyes. Even the last time, he followed Xue Yuning to search for it, but in the end he found nothing.
Jiang Hao was dumbfounded, his heart was mixed, and he looked at Xue Yuning with complicated eyes.
If someone else caused the consequences like today, it is estimated that Jiang Hao would have exploded long ago.
But when he saw Xue Yuning’s pitiful expression, Jiang Hao was helpless.
Of course he knew that the ticket could not find this thing, and it was not what Xue Yuning wanted to see, and it had already happened. It is estimated that Xue Yuning should blame himself more than anyone else.
Jiang Hao took a deep breath. He walked to Xue Yuning’s side, gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said softly: “Okay, Yu Ning, I know you didn’t mean it, don’t worry, I will take care of the next thing. …”
After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he immediately raised his head and looked in the direction of cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng.
“This… the ticket may have been lost by Yu Ning accidentally, I’m so sorry…” Jiang Hao said slightly embarrassed.
At this moment, cousin Xue Yuning and Van Deng were stunned!
What kind of operation is this? First, you vowed to let us trust you, and also said that you have tickets for the first row of the concert.
But in the end, the final result was that the tickets could not be found. Xue Yuning cried, causing cousin Xue Yuning to be suspicious now, and some would believe Jiang Hao’s words.
After all, how could all this be so coincidental?
There are tens of thousands of tickets for the first row of the concert now on the black market. If Xue Yuning said that he lost it, did he lose it?
This credibility is too low, right?
Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but look at each other with Van Den. The two of them almost simultaneously remembered what they discussed last night.
“If Jiang Hao can get tickets for the concert, then he might really be a rich second-generation rich. But if he can’t even get two tickets, then he is a fart rich second-generation? I guess he is. con man……”
The things that were well studied yesterday are still lingering in the ears of the two.
Reminiscing about what happened just now, cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help exclaiming in her heart: Could it be that she and Fan Deng were really deceived by Jiang Hao? He is not a rich second generation at all? What a bet? In the end, Xue Yuning lost the ticket again. In fact, everything is for show!
Cousin Xue Yuning looked at Fan Deng, her brows could not help but be a little angry.
Of course Van Den had a great understanding, and now he is almost certain that Jiang Hao has been lying to himself.
But yesterday’s meal exemption and the bottle of red wine presented by Qiao Dong seemed to have nothing to do with Jiang Hao’s dime. They were all given to him!
Cousin Xue Yuning apparently also thought of the bottle of red wine in an instant. Yesterday she watched the red wine taken away by Jiang Hao, and she felt as uncomfortable as if her own meat had been cut away.
At that time, she just felt that Jiang Hao was a rich second-generation, and that the red wine was given to him by others, even if he took it away, it was justified.
But now it’s different, things don’t seem to be that simple, so cousin Xue Yuning almost immediately wanted to return her bottle of wine.
But she still didn’t dare to speak directly, and now she was not sure whether all this was the same as she had guessed.
After all, what they said was lost, but not without it. No matter how impatient you are, you have to wait until the matter is really clear.
At this moment, seeing Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning’s embarrassed Wang Jiani, she suddenly burst into an extremely presumptuous laughter. She was almost laughing crazy. While laughing, she pointed to Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning and said, “Hahaha, What a shame to be thrown home!”

Chapter: 238
“What about the tickets? Take them out? I can’t find them. This excuse is really bad enough. Do you really think that everyone is like you? You are a fool!” Wang Jiani pointed at Xue Yuning and Jiang Hao triumphantly. Began to scold.
In fact, Wang Jiani had long thought that this would be the result, and she was even more proud of her ability to be a prophet.
It’s just that she can’t figure out what Jiang Hao is doing. She knows whether he is capable of bullshit. It is estimated that he hasn’t even seen the ticket, so he dare to stand up and pretend to be forced.
Is it possible that there is a pit in his mind? Or is he simply ill and purely like being abused?
And that Xue Yuning stood there stupidly to help Jiang Hao bragging, these two people really made people speechless.
Their brains may not be normal, so they make such low-level mistakes again and again.
Wang Jiani triumphantly continued Jiang Hao and said, “Well, don’t tell me any excuses like losing the ticket, do you find it interesting? A bunch of poor people, I have already given you all the steps just now. You, like stupid dogs, don’t know life or death, and want to bet with me, how about it? Now that you lose, isn’t it particularly happy in your heart?”
Wang Jiani sneered ho ho, and continued: “Now it’s too much trouble. Didn’t it have been agreed just now? Hurry up and fulfill the promise!”
Wang Jiani folded her arms with a pretentious look.
Jiang Hao’s expression was a little ugly, how could he admit to someone like Wang Jiani.
Although Jiang Hao didn’t know why the ticket was lost inexplicably overnight, Jiang Hao was not afraid of anything.
It’s not just a few tickets. As long as you want, just give Ye Yunjie a call, not as many as you want.
Jiang Hao said immediately, “Wait, who told you that you won? It’s just a few tickets. Just wait. I’ll let someone send a few more tickets.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Ye Yunjie.
If Wang Jiani is not convinced today, Jiang Hao feels like he is sorry for himself.
I have made you ridicule and humiliate you for so long for no reason, you should return all this justice!
But before Jiang Hao dialed the number, he heard Wang Jiani sneer and said, “Hoho, blow it up, I want to see, how long can you play the show? Asking people to send you tickets, why don’t you tell me that this concert was held by you? Hahaha, it’s so funny…”
Jiang Hao looked at Wang Jiani. He was really not interested in this kind of nutritious argument, because as soon as Xue Yuning had someone send a ticket, he would naturally make Wang Jiani shut up.
Of course, there is also Xue Yuning’s cousin and his wife. Jiang Hao can see from the beginning to the end that the two of them didn’t believe in themselves at all.
At this moment, the phone dialed, and Ye Yunjie quickly connected.
Jiang Hao said, “Sister Ye, are you working?”
Ye Yunjie replied, “What, is there something Jiang Shao? Didn’t you go to the concert today? Have fun?”
Jiang Hao sighed for a long time and said, “Hey, don’t mention it, there is a bad message. We just got here today and found that the ticket was lost. How embarrassing you said this is.”
“Ah?” Ye Yunjie gave a slightly surprised cry, and then said, “Then…where are you now? Is Chujiang Stadium?”
Jiang Hao said, “Just outside the door, and… forget it, Sister Ye, do you still have tickets over there? Can you send me four more?”
“And what?” Ye Yunjie frowned slightly and said, “Don’t worry, Shao Jiang, I’ll let someone send you the ticket. Don’t worry about the ticket at all. How much do you want, how much I have here.”
Jiang Hao was a little surprised when he heard this, because it was too big, right?
After all, the tickets for this concert are limited. How could Ye Yunjie do as much as possible?
“Really?” Jiang Hao gave a wry smile, his tone a little hard to believe.
Ye Yunjie also smiled, but the laughter was indifferent. She said, “It’s very simple, because Huo Yun’s concert is sponsored by us. This is a kind of investment. We will also carry the income derived from it.”
Ye Yunjie paused, and continued: “I just forgot to tell you about this before. This is also to promote our new company.”
“So that’s it!” Jiang Hao couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard Ye Yunjie’s words.
Since this concert is hosted by my own company, I am afraid of the ticket issue.
“Well, sister Ye, I’ll just wait here. When you turn around, just give me a call.” Jiang Hao finished and ended the call.
Then Jiang Hao looked at Wang Jiani with a sure smile and said, “Okay, the tickets will be sent in a while, and then the truth will be revealed who wins and who loses.”
Jiang Hao turned his head and comforted Xue Yuning, then looked at Wang Jiani playfully, and continued: “Oh, right, you just asked me, did I hold this concert? Ho ho, sorry, so did I I just learned that this concert was indeed my one. How about it, a surprise? An accident?”
When Wang Jiani heard this, she didn’t react very much, but Xue Yuning was surprised when she heard the words.
“Jiang Hao, what you said is true? You held this concert?” Xue Yuning asked in surprise.
Jiang Hao smiled and nodded, and said, “Yes, Yu Ning, I have asked Sister Ye just now. This concert was co-hosted by her company and Huo Yun. Remember I told you that it will be established in the future. Is it a new company? This can be considered as a pre-warming up for the new company.”
Jiang Hao then patted Xue Yu Ning’s shoulder again, and continued to comfort him: “So Yu Ning, don’t worry, you have lost a few tickets. Don’t blame yourself too much. Tickets are something we have!”
Of course Xue Yuning believed in Jiang Hao 100%, especially after hearing these words, her self-blame was finally lightened.
“I see…” Xue Yuning said with a smile.
And cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng on the side, after listening to Jiang Hao’s words, couldn’t help but become suspicious again.
Because just now they have almost begun to question Jiang Hao’s identity.
But now that they heard Jiang Hao’s words, they were a little hesitant again.
“Is what this guy said is true?” Cousin Xue Yuning frowned and asked softly in her husband’s ear.

Chapter: 239
Van den frowned at this moment, his eyes confused.
However, he thought about it, and felt that when someone sent the tickets, the truth would come to light.
Vanden kept an eye on him, walked up to Jiang Hao, and asked, “Jiang Hao, how long will the tickets be delivered? You see that the time is fast, let’s not miss the concert by then!”
Van Den thought for a while, and suddenly grinned, and said, “By the way, Jiang Hao, since you said that this concert was held by you, or else, you can discuss it with the people at the entrance of their venue so that we don’t need tickets. Can you go in directly?”
Van Den looked just a little worried, but in fact his heart was full of ghosts.
He urged Jiang Hao to take them in, just to confirm whether Jiang Hao’s flower was real.
If this concert was really hosted by Jiang Hao or his subordinates who paid for it, then he would naturally be able to go unimpeded, so why bother here?
But if Jiang Hao had just lied and deceived everyone, then when he reached the gate and said he wanted to go in, he would probably be beaten to death by other security guards.
Jiang Hao glanced at Van Den and said, “I’ll be here soon, about ten minutes.”
Jiang Hao knew that Ye Yunjie’s office location was near this stadium, so if someone sent the tickets, it would be soon.
As for what Van Den said later, let him tell the staff by himself and let them in directly, Jiang Hao ignored it.
First of all, Jiang Hao didn’t know that he had participated in hosting this concert before, so the staff here probably wouldn’t know him, let alone let himself in.
Another reason is that Jiang Hao doesn’t want to break the rules because of his identity.
Maybe he used to explain his identity to the other party, and the other party was able to agree to go in, but that was not in accordance with the rules, and Jiang Hao didn’t like it.
Because he felt that if he was like this, would it really be no different from those dudes?
Jiang Hao then continued: “Well, wait, I’ve already said that this concert was hosted by my people, so you can rest assured, no matter what, you can all enter today.”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, Van Den grinned, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.
Because he felt that this matter was a bit unreliable.
After all, as Jiang Hao said, he paid for this concert, but he actually knew about it just now? How is this possible?
Another point is that when he urged Jiang Hao to go in directly, he didn’t say a word. Obviously there was a problem.
If you really paid for the hosting, what are you afraid of? It’s like renting a house by yourself, why don’t you even dare to go in?
When Van Den felt suspicious, Wang Jiani on the side suddenly spoke.
She seemed to have just realized what Jiang Hao had just said, and then smiled from ear to ear.
“Hey, hey, what did you just say? You said you held the concert?” Wang Jiani said in disbelief, “Is your brain convulsed? Or did you not take medicine today? Can you speak it out? Haha, you are not afraid of being laughed at!”
“Why don’t you say that all Chujiang is yours? What are you thinking about every day?” Wang Jiani was extremely disgusted, and said, “Why are you still poking here? Xue Yuning, you quickly take this Crazy go to the hospital and take a look!”
“Please pay attention when you speak!” Jiang Hao immediately replied, “The person who sent the tickets has already arrived. It only takes ten minutes. Then I see if you can be as happy as you are now!”
Wang Jiani didn’t care, she chuckled, “Ten minutes? Okay, I’ll give you fifteen minutes, and you can give you one day. Today, I’m going to see if you can send your tickets, people like you, I just don’t see the coffin without weeping. I see you, ten minutes later, how do you stupid close this scene!”
Jiang Hao glanced at his watch and suppressed his anger for the time being.
Jiang Hao is now on the verge of breaking out, but the reason why he hasn’t drew a mouth to Wang Jiani now.
The first is that Jiang Hao doesn’t like to work with women, especially women like Wang Jiani, who hit her will only dirty her hands.
Secondly, Jiang Hao still has an obsession in her heart. Isn’t Wang Jiani self-righteous thinking that her family is so awesome? Haven’t you been questioning my identity?
Well, I will show you today, and compare it to me, your background is a fart, and the person you have been questioning is what kind of person you don’t have the qualifications to look up to.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but glanced at his watch. Now the time has just passed ten o’clock, ten minutes later, which is ten ten.
At that time, the tickets were sent, and he wanted to see what Wang Jiani had to say.
Time passed by every minute.
For the first few minutes, Jiang Hao still looked calm and calm.
However, he still looked at the phone from time to time. Although he was not nervous, he was a bit urgent.
Sure enough, after a short while, a young man in a black suit walked over here.
Although this young man Jiang Hao didn’t know him, Jiang Hao had seen too many Ye Yunjie’s subordinates in the past, almost all of them were uniformly dressed, so he felt that it should be fine.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling excited, and quickly walked toward that person.
“Here, I see what else you can say this time.” Jiang Hao smiled at Wang Jiani faintly.
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng on the side suddenly raised their hearts, a little excited.
“Is it possible…Is it possible that what he said just now is still true?” Cousin Xue Yuning couldn’t help but said in surprise.
And Wang Jiani couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Jiang Hao’s behavior. She frowned, looking at Jiang Hao and the young man in an incredible way.
This… how is this possible?
Wang Jiani was astonished in her heart. She looked confused and confused at this moment.
Immediately afterwards, she saw Jiang Hao approaching the young man.
The youth was stopped by Jiang Hao and looked at Jiang Hao with a blank expression.
Jiang Hao smiled and asked, “Where is the ticket?”
The young man couldn’t help but stunned: “Wh… what ticket?”
Jiang Hao was also taken aback: “Tickets? Didn’t Sister Ye ask you to send the tickets?”
The young man frowned tightly and glanced at Jiang Hao with a look of disgust, and wondered: “What are you talking about? Are you sure you didn’t recognize the wrong person? What sister Ye? What gave you the ticket, the ticket was given to you. How do I get in? Who are you, are you sick?”
The young man curled his lips, pushed Jiang Hao away, and said, “Hurry up and get me aside!”

Chapter: 240
Hearing what the young man said, Jiang Hao was shocked.
“You…you are not sister Ye…”
Before Jiang Hao finished speaking, he was interrupted by the young man. The other party said impatiently, “What does Sister Yegen have to do with me? Are you sick? If you recognize the person, then you Can’t say hello? I’m really sick…”
After speaking, the young man pushed Jiang Hao away and walked to the side.
At this moment, Jiang Hao was completely confused and his face flushed.
It was too embarrassing to admit that I was wrong.
But at this moment, behind Jiang Hao, Wang Jiani’s presumptuous laughter came again.
“Hahahaha… I really didn’t come here for nothing today. I can meet any jokes. It’s so laughable…” Wang Jiani pointed at Jiang Hao and laughed, “I just did it like the truth. , I almost believed you just now, but you are too unbelievable, don’t you know how to find a trustee in advance? Or did you find a trustee and admit your mistake? Haha, do you feel funny?”
Wang Jiani glanced at Jiang Hao contemptuously, then quickly glanced at the watch on her wrist, and sneered: “Hey, it’s ten minutes now. What about the ticket you mentioned?”
Jiang Hao also hurriedly glanced at the time, his face suddenly turned red, and his heart also became irritable.
It is true that the time is almost up, but why hasn’t that person come yet?
“Uh… maybe… maybe there is a traffic jam on the road?” Jiang Hao explained embarrassingly, “You can wait two more minutes…”
At this moment, even cousin Xue Yuning and Fan Deng, who had just hesitated, began to question Jiang Hao.
Xin said, what is your situation? Didn’t I just vowed that ten minutes is enough? But now not only the person who gave the ticket has not come, but you have just made such a big ugly, you even admitted the wrong person.
“Damn… that’s enough, he’s not too shameful, I feel a little bit too shameless now!” Cousin Xue Yuning said angrily in Van Den’s ear. “Husband, isn’t this guy really guessed by us, right?”
Van Den let out a sigh and shook his head slightly: “This…I don’t know, let’s take a look again and see what he will do next. Hey, I feel very embarrassed…”
“That’s right, he’s ashamed. Now we have lost all our faces and pissed me off. If you let me know that he is really lying to us, let me fix him!”
Van Den also gritted his teeth and continued to whisper in his wife’s ear: “It’s okay, wait a while, if you don’t come for a while, I will ask him to go to the door to prove his identity. I don’t need you to do anything, I will clean him up!”
After speaking, the two nodded each other, seeming to have made up their minds.
And Jiang Hao, who was on the side, was so anxious at this time, he couldn’t do it.
He quickly took out his cell phone and called Ye Yunjie again.
After the call was connected, Jiang Hao had no good attitude, and said, “Sister Ye, what’s the situation? Why haven’t the people you sent here yet?”
Ye Yunjie was also a little surprised when she heard the words, and then said, “Well, well, I know Shao Jiang, don’t worry, I will ask what is going on right away.”
After speaking, Ye Yunjie was silent for a while, and then there was a voice of Ye Yunjie talking, and she severely scolded the other party.
After a while, Ye Yunjie picked up the phone again and said, “Sorry, Shao Jiang, I just called and asked. The ticket delivery person is now stuck in the road…Because I have to go to the stadium to watch the concert, so now There is a serious traffic jam near the stadium, I have already called to inform, and the tickets will be sent soon. I’m really sorry…”
Hearing Ye Yunjie’s words, Jiang Hao had no choice but to sigh.
After all, it was not delivered because of the traffic jam, and it was not Ye Yunjie who deliberately dismantled herself.
What’s more, I was already troublesome enough for Ye Yunjie, and she was also conscientious in doing things.
Jiang Hao shook his head: “Hey, well, sister Ye, just…I had a bad attitude just now, I’m sorry.”
“No, no, it’s all our work mistakes, Jiang Shao, why do you apologize, don’t worry, I will urge you again, it will definitely arrive soon.”
Jiang Hao said, “I know Sister Ye…”
After finishing the phone call, Jiang Hao’s original heavy heart was slightly relieved.
He looked back at Wang Jiani, and said, “I’m in a traffic jam now. I have to wait a while.”
Wang Jiani didn’t listen to Jiang Hao at all. She had never believed Jiang Hao from the beginning to the end. Now she still said to wait a while, how could she believe it.
“Don’t be so nonsense with me, do you think that everyone is like you, an idiot and mentally retarded? Why should I wait for you!” Wang Jiani looked at Jiang Hao contemptuously, then looked at cousin Xue Yuning and his wife. Said, “Tell you the truth, just your rubbish, even if you really kneel to me, I will only feel sick, hum, I just played with your rubbish, but I didn’t expect your group The people at the bottom are really unwilling to live up to it. It’s fine to come out and pretend to be a lie, and they accidentally meet me!
Wang Jiani sneered and looked at Xue Yuning’s cousin, Fan Den, and continued: “I see, 80% of you are all the same!”
After speaking, Wang Jiani turned around and was about to leave.
“Hey, stop for me! Who are you scolding!” Cousin Xue Yuning stopped doing it immediately, and she went forward to ask Wang Jiani to reason, “You scold me again!”
Wang Jiani didn’t put the other person in the eyes at all, she sneered, and continued: “Why, did I say something wrong? You people are a bunch of rubbish, and you are so clanging that you like to come out and pretend to be coercive. You are his relatives. I think you are all the same, right?”
Wang Jiani’s words stung cousin Xue Yuning’s self-esteem again, and she couldn’t wait to rush to slap her.
“You are so poor, you are rubbish!” Cousin Xue Yuning pointed at Wang Jiani and cursed.
Van Denn was not to be outdone, and walked directly to the other person and scolded: “You speak carefully, I tell you, people don’t want to be familiar with you, you are really self-righteous! Do you know who we are?”
Fan Deng glanced at Jiang Hao. Although Jiang Hao’s identity is still in doubt, he is also a top rich second-generation.
He didn’t believe it, could it be that Jiang Hao, such a top rich second-generation, is not as good as a stinky girl who speaks nothing!
But to Van Den’s surprise, Wang Jiani was ridiculed when she heard the words. She pointed at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and said, “Identity? Hoho, what status? You are his relatives. I think you should know better than me. Much? This rubbish is at Chujiang University, but it’s famously poor! What status do you think he is?”

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