I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 3

Several people stopped and looked at Jiang Hao one after another. The waitress sneered and said, “Why, do you want to pay her?” The waitress looked up and down Jiang Hao, thinking that if he is so shabby, if he can pay. It’s strange to get money, I guess it’s just to delay time.
“I…I don’t have money.” Jiang Hao glanced at Zhang Jie again, “Why don’t you check WeChat, who can borrow some more?” After
Jiang Hao finished speaking, the waitress stared at him fiercely. .
Zhou Yuanyuan looked at Jiang Hao’s eyes more and more contemptuously, and said angrily: “Jiang Hao, did you fucking deliberately? I thought you had money to pay for me, but if you didn’t have money, what the hell would you say? Do you want to play me?”
Zhou Yuanyuan poured almost all the anger on Jiang Hao, but Jiang Hao didn’t even look at her, just motioned to Zhang Jie to look at the phone.
Zhang Jie was a little curious, took a look at the phone, and was shocked.
I don’t know when, Jiang Hao actually transferred 10,000 yuan to himself from WeChat.
“You…” Zhang Jie was surprised to ask where the money came from.
Jiang Hao shook his head and motioned him not to speak.
Jiang Hao didn’t take the money directly, just because he didn’t want to have anything to do with Zhou Yuanyuan anymore. This was the first time he helped Zhou Yuanyuan, and it was the last time.
And it all depends on Zhang Jie’s face.
“Have you ever finished?” The waitress snorted coldly, “Wasting time!” After that, the strong man wanted to take Zhou Yuanyuan away again.
“Wait, wait a minute, my classmate transferred the money to me, I will pay it!” Zhang Jie hurriedly said.
Zhang Jie hurried to transfer the money. After confirming that the account was received, the waitress looked at the crowd contemptuously before turning and leaving.
Everyone was relieved.
“Brother Jie, thanks to you today!” Ji Xueming patted Zhang Jie on the shoulder and said.
“Yes, Zhang Jie, you are really good, you have to come forward at the critical moment!” Yao Lili, who hadn’t said a word for a long time, said, “Unlike some people, I can’t help at critical moments.”
Yao Lili’s words clearly blamed. Jiang Hao.
Zhou Yuanyuan, who was slowing down, rushed over at this time, raising her hand to slap Jiang Hao.
“Hey, what are you doing!” Zhang Jie was getting angry, and roared at Zhou Yuanyuan. If there were no other people just now, you still don’t know what will happen!
Others were surprised when they saw this!
“What am I doing? Zhang Jie, let me tell you that in the future, if this kind of waste is brought out by the dam, it will be ashamed. I almost killed it at the critical moment. I don’t know!”
Zhou Yuanyuan stared at Jiang Hao more and more contemptuously, and continued: “Huh, I just saw that I was going to be taken away. He was so good that he didn’t even let go of the fart. Fortunately, he just ate the meal I invited, so he quickly vomited it out! Poor, I’m all light Yes!”
Zhang Jie was about to explode when he heard Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, and said in his heart that you are still not a human being?
Jiang Hao can pay out 10,000 yuan, it is estimated that his wealth and life, people have saved you with their lives, in the end you just give back to them?
“Are you fucking talking human?” Zhang Jie roared, and continued to say something, but was suddenly held by Jiang Hao.
“Zhang Jie don’t say it.” Jiang Hao shook his head. He didn’t want too many people to know his secrets. Today’s situation is just a bit special.
Zhang Jie looked at Jiang Hao unconvinced. He seemed to understand that Jiang Hao did this to prevent others from knowing that he paid for it.
After struggling for a long time, Zhang Jie suppressed his anger, gave Zhou Yuanyuan a fierce look, pulled Jiang Hao and turned his head out of Jiulong Lane.
“Damn, what are you doing with this kind of dog? Let him die!” Zhou Yuanyuan was still irritated, “Hehe, isn’t your father Shen Haoting? You fucking dare to say…” she went outside. , Zhang Jie angrily kicked over the trash can by the roadside.
“Lao Jiang, why didn’t you let me say it just now?” Zhang Jie roared, “She is also my sister. Putting it on someone else, I fucked her to death!” Jiang Hao patted Zhang Jie on the shoulder and said that it was okay. .
He knew what kind of person Zhou Yuanyuan was, so stay away from now on.
“But…” Zhang Jie suddenly wondered, “Lao Jiang, where did you get so much money? That’s 10,000 yuan.”
Jiang Hao was asked for a moment before he just wanted to get out of the siege, but forgot. I wondered how to explain the origin of this money.
Zhang Jie would definitely not believe it if he said to save.
That means picking it up?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao was about to speak when the phone rang suddenly, and it was another unfamiliar number.
Isn’t it his father again?
“Hello young master, Mr. Shen asked me to give you something. If it is convenient for you, I will send it to you?” There is a woman on the other side of the phone, her voice is full of magnetism, very soft and elegant, and she probably sounds like her. .
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and said: “Forget it, tell me where are you, I’ll go find you…” The other party hesitated for a moment: “Or I’ll be waiting for you at the Kaihuang Bar near the University City, you think you can Is it?”
Jiang Hao nodded and hung up the phone, turned to look at Zhang Jie, and patted his shoulder: “Hey, forget it, this matter is over, I have something to do, I will go back later.”
Zhang Jie was full of doubts and could only do a little bit. Head: “The money is waiting for me to collect it, and I will pay you back soon.”
“Hey, let’s talk about it, I’ll go first!” He stopped a car on the side of the road, and Jiang Hao went straight away. As for the money He didn’t want it at all.
Ten minutes later, the taxi stopped at the door of Kaihuang Bar.
Kaihuang Bar is the largest bar near the university town and the highest level of consumption.
Jiang Hao used to listen to the rich second-generation students in the class coming here to have fun, but he never came.
In Chujiang University, or even in the entire university town, being able to come to such a place once to have fun is something that can be boasted for a long time.
Jiang Hao was about to enter the door when he suddenly heard someone calling himself behind him.
“Jiang Hao? Why are you here?” It was a female voice. When Jiang Hao turned around, he saw six or seven men and women standing behind him.
The headed girl has blonde hair, a light blue Zara denim suit, and a pair of black short leather shoes from Louis Vuitton on her feet. The whole person is very beautiful and fashionable.
But just looking at Jiang Hao’s eyes, it was a little fluttering.
“Squad leader, you guys come to play too.” Jiang Hao smiled slightly, “I’m here to make an appointment.”
The girl’s name is Liu Siya, Jiang Hao’s squad leader, and a few of the people behind are all Jiang. Hao’s classmate.
“What?” Liu Siya covered her mouth and smiled, “You? Ask someone to meet here? Are you kidding me, please look up and see where this is, Kaihuang Bar, here is a casual consumption, which is more than half a year’s living expenses. Much…”
“Oh, right, you won’t be doing a part-time job here, right?” Liu Siya looked even more contemptuous and said, “Yes, on your condition, it is indeed the life of serving tea and wine. Go ahead, the provincial girlfriend was pried away again!” As soon as Liu Siya finished speaking, the people behind her covered their mouths and laughed, talking in low voices, and pointing at Jiang Hao. Pointing.
“Haha, I don’t know if he knew it, Fang Xiao and Liu Yan both went to open the house with a high profile!”
“Why didn’t you know? Didn’t you see Liu Yan’s circle of friends said that he didn’t have enough, he still let Jiang Hao I ran errands to buy them, Liu Yan really hurt haha…”
“Then what can be done, who can make him poor, get dumped and work out of his mind, is it not poor or something?”
Jiang Hao’s face turned reddishly and he felt a little uncomfortable as he listened to several people’s discussions. He disdains to explain to these people.
Because the explanation is futile, and the tone is wasted. It is better to wait for the day when the father admits his identity in public. At that time, these people dare to laugh at themselves so presumptuously?
“I’m going in first.” Jiang Hao ignored those people and walked directly into the bar.
“Fuck, I’m so desperate, I’m afraid we’ll break it down in a while!” Behind Liu Siya, a boy wearing ear studs saw Jiang Hao entering the door and sipped, “This kind of person deserves to be green, a poor one.”
“Heh, I still don’t want to admit it. Just like him, it’s a great honor to be here. I’ll let him serve you after a while.” Liu Siya smirked, “I think he will still be there. What to say.”
At this time, many customers have already arrived in the bar, most of them are nearby students, a little noisy.
Jiang Hao was about to take out his mobile phone to call the woman, when suddenly a voice came from behind him.
“Jiang Shao, hello.”
Jiang Hao turned his head, his eyes condensed suddenly, because behind him stood a woman with the best looks.
The woman’s facial features are extremely delicate, and her brown curly hair adds a bit of enchantment.
“Hello.” It was the first time Jiang Hao had close contact with such a beautiful woman, somewhat cautious, “Excuse me, you just called me, right?” The woman nodded and stretched out her right hand: “My name is Ye Yunjie. Mr. Shen asked me to find you. If you have any questions in Chujiang in the future, just find me.”
Ye Yunjie asked Jiang Hao to sit down. The waiter first served two glasses of white water, and then she ordered two more glasses of red wine.
There was always a smile on the woman’s face. She took out a watch: “Jiang Shao, this watch is a custom-made watch with a family crest on it. In the future, when you enter and exit any Shen family industry, you can enjoy the best treatment by showing the watch. ”
Jiang Hao glanced, and there was a golden dragon-shaped badge on the dial.
Jiang Hao discovered that Ye Yunjie was also wearing a watch, but the dragon-shaped badge was much smaller and still iron-brown.
Ye Yunjie smiled: “Shao Jiang, the golden badge watch you wear represents the highest gold grade in Shen’s house, followed by silver, bronze and limonite. To outsiders like me, you can have this kind of watch in Shen’s house. Level is already a great honor.”
Ye Yunjie smiled meaningfully and continued: “Jiang Shao, perhaps in your opinion, the wealthy people on the Forbes rankings in this world are already amazing, but What you don’t know is that in front of the Shen family, they don’t even count as a fart. The power of the Shen family is an existence that subverts your imagination.”
“Let’s tell you so, in this world, as long as you are still alive, I’m dealing with the Shen family!” Ye Yunjie smiled, “For example, even this small Kaihuang bar, isn’t there a shadow of the Shen family behind it?”

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