I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 30

Qiao Dong was beaten with a dazed face, and even more anger was backlogged. Although he did not dare to fight back, he still hugged his head and yelled at Qiao San: “I didn’t beat the crippled idiot again this time. What am I doing?”
Qiao Dong still felt wronged in his heart, his face was unconvinced.
But the more he said, Qiao San became more fierce.
“Beast, you shut up, do you know who the hell are you talking to? You kneel down for me!” After
Qiao San finished speaking, he hurriedly pointed his finger at the position in front of Jiang Hao.
This really made Qiao Dong look wrong, some dumb words: “Dad…Dad, what did you say? Let me kneel? Give it to him?”
Qiao San’s words directly lost his mind.
In fact, between the lines of Qiao San’s words just now, he also heard some meaning, this Jiang Hao or Ye Yunjie’s identity is unusual.
But he was still unwilling to accept this fact in his heart.
Isn’t Jiang Hao just a poor dick? Had it not been for Ye Yunjie’s sudden appearance, she would have beaten him to death.
But when Qiao Dong thought this way, the scene in front of him directly shocked him.
He only saw his father, Qiao Sanye, who was considered the number one man in Chu Jiang, plopped and knelt before Jiang Hao.
“This…” Qiao Dongmeng was speechless, his mind was blank for a moment.
“Shao Jiang…I, my godson has nothing to do, I apologize…”
Qiao San finished speaking and knocked directly on the ground without daring to lift his head.
At this time Qiao San was already desperate, and he couldn’t imagine what Qiao Dong did.
This person is an important figure in the Shen family. It’s not an exaggeration to say that even if it’s just an ordinary junior of the Shen family here, his Qiao San will be servile, and Jiang Hao is Shen Haoting’s son.
And Qiao Dong? What did he just do? Qiao Dong’s trouble this time is really too great.
At this time, Jiang Hao finally breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Qiao San and Qiao Dong with a bewildered look over there.
“Qiao San, this is really your good son!” Ye Yunjie didn’t wait for Jiang Hao to speak, she took the lead, pointed the finger at Qiao Dong, and said in a stern tone, “You are glad that Jiang Shao has nothing to do today. Even if you die a hundred times, it’s hard to understand the hate in my heart!”
Qiao San knelt on the ground, his voice choked, and said: “Yes, yes, Miss Ye, today’s things are all my problems, I
I’m willing to accept any punishment, just please…” Although Qiao hadn’t finished his three words, Ye Yunjie already knew what he was going to say, and immediately interrupted him: “Qiao San, I think you don’t know good or bad, your son provokes him today. After such a big disaster, do you still want to protect him? Can you protect it?”
Ye Yunjie was determined to fix this Qiao Dong today, and frost was about to condense on her handsome face.
Joe heard three direct crying out loud, he shoved Joe looked up and glanced east, big shouted: “?? You were evil creature, but also his mother standing in front of what Both of these, you also stand with” this Shi Qiaodong finally came to his senses, and when he thought of the mysterious VIP that his father had said before, he completely understood.
It turns out that this VIP is Jiang Hao!
No wonder at the beginning at the door, this guy said that he didn’t need invitations at all to come in. He laughed at others at the time. Now it seems that the real ridiculous thing is that he guessed right!
The person in front of him looked like a poor dick, but his true identity was the existence that his father wanted to look up to.
But how can such a person exist like that? This is really not in line with Qiao Dong’s concept.
Just let him kneel down like this, he still hesitated and refused.
Seeing Qiao Dong’s delay to kneel down, Qiao San suddenly became angry and got up angrily, grabbed the baseball bat in Qiao Dong’s hand with one hand, and directly hit Hancheng on his calf.
Qiao Dong was in pain and fell to his knees with a puff.
When Qiao San saw this, he looked at Jiang Hao again, his eyes full of begging: “Jiang Shao, I know that no matter what I say today is of no use, but I Qiao San has been with Lord Shen for many years, and I have been there during the period. Hard work, I hope you can look at this face, it can be seen that my old
Qiao is only a single seedling, and I will kill him, I…” Qiao San trembling hands, said with difficulty: “I will destroy this beast today. His legs prevent him from going out and doing evil in the future…”
Qiao San’s words surprised Jiang Hao a little, so should he break his legs?
The real father wants to break his son’s legs by himself?
Before Jiang Hao agreed to come over, he saw that the baseball bat in Qiao San’s hand had fallen, Qiao Dong’s eyes were full of fear, and then he let out a scream.
Jiang Hao could clearly see that Qiao Dong’s knee was completely broken, and that leg was suddenly distorted.
And Qiao San didn’t hesitate, raising the stick again, aiming at Qiao Dong’s other leg…
Suddenly, Jiang Hao suddenly called out, and his whole body trembled involuntarily.
Qiao San suddenly stopped his hand movements and looked at Jiang Hao with surprise and expectation.
“Jiang… Jiang Shao, you…” Qiao San murmured.
Jiang Hao sighed: “Forget it, abolish one of his legs and give him a lesson. Let him leave a leg.”
Qiao San heard the words, tears fell to the ground and threw it away. He took the stick, fell to his knees and knocked his head like garlic.
“Xie Jiang Shao…Thank Jiang Shao…Your great kindness, Qiao San has never been unforgettable in my life, thank you, thank you…”
Jiang Hao sighed. After all, it was his father. He seemed to be able to feel the reluctance and helplessness that Qiao San had just started.
If it was only for Qiao Dong’s face, Jiang Hao wouldn’t care about it even if he really abolished his legs.
But Qiao San is his father after all, and the reason why he wants to abolish his son’s legs is nothing more than his father’s relationship.
None of this has much to do with himself, and Jiang Hao knows very well that if Qiao San really abolished Qiao Dong’s legs today, he would never be as loyal to Jiang Hao and even his father in the future. It will even bury hatred deep in my heart.
The hatred in the heart will only gradually accumulate over time.
This is not good for anyone, and if Qiao Dong is left with a leg today, Qiao San will only be grateful to himself and his father in the future.
In fact, Jiang Hao seemed to understand these things. He just remembered that his mother had said to himself in the past: Staying in the line of life, and seeing each other in the future.

Young Master Jiang, you can’t just leave it like that!” Suddenly, Ye Yunjie interjected coldly, and continued sternly, “This kind of person is guilty of death. Let him die is the smallest punishment, Qiao San, Mr. Shen I think you should be very clear about the rules you have set.”
Qiao San’s face was pale when he heard the words, and he looked anxiously at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao sighed again: “I said forget it, did you hear it? Send him to the hospital. This time it’s just a warning to him. If there is a next time, how to deal with it, I hope you don’t ask me.”
After Jiang Hao finished speaking, he walked out.
Ye Yunjie seemed to have something to say, but in the end she could only give up, and followed helplessly.
Qiao San breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ordered someone to deal with Qiao Dong, and he ran to Jiang Hao again.
“Young Master Jiang, the banquet upstairs is ready, or else you…”
“Forget it.” Jiang Hao was in a bad mood, shook his head, “You can eat, I’ll go back first.”
Qiao San even said, and he was stopped by Ye Yunjie.
“Let him go back, forget it today.”
Qiao San nodded when he heard this . He wanted to send Jiang Hao back to school, but was rejected again.
Jiang Hao had no intention of attending any cocktail parties anymore.
When he came, he was indeed full of expectations. After all, he hadn’t even touched the door of such occasions in the past. After finally having the opportunity, he was naturally very excited as a guest.
But in the end, I came here by myself and it was full of unsatisfactory things.
Jiang Hao left the hotel, declined Ye Yunjie’s request to drive herself, and prepared to walk around casually.
The evening breeze was a bit cool, and Jiang Hao walked along the road towards the school alone.
I don’t know how long I have been away, and I’m almost at school.
Jiang Hao suddenly heard a melodious guitar sound not far away.
Accompanied by the sound of the guitar is a girl’s voice like a natural sound.
Jiang Hao stopped to look, and immediately saw a portable table lamp on the side of the road not far away. On the side of the lamp was a music stand that was too old to lose its paint.
A slightly petite figure is sitting there at this time, finger plucking the strings, singing ecstatically.
“Yuning?” Jiang Hao was stunned. Isn’t this the female anchor whom he had rewarded before?

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