I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 311-320

Chapter: 311
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head, and said, “Don’t worry, he dare not do anything to me.”
Of course Jiang Hao thought so, because if he was beaten in this Haoyuan Building, he would wait for the entire Liu family to bury him.
It’s just that the security guard didn’t know this. Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, he thought he was talking big, he couldn’t help sighing, and exhorted: “Young man, don’t say that. I advise you to run, you say so. It’s because you don’t know what kind of people they are. This Liu Qiang is very dark. If you offend him, there will be no good fruit.”
The security guard was naturally kind, but he didn’t know what Jiang Hao’s hole cards were.
If Jiang Hao has no strength, how can he dare to provoke Liu Qiang?
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head, repeatedly saying that it was all right.
On the contrary, Liu Qiang on the side was a little proud of what the security guard said, and said, “Damn, I heard it, this old thing is still smart, knowing that I’m great, you are a dog, you are almost dead, don’t know. is not it?”
Seeing that these security guards could not count on them, Liu Qiang quickly took out his mobile phone and called out.
He said a lot, and urged the other party to come over quickly.
Liu Qiang’s call was not someone else, but a group of his dad Liu Guohao’s men. These people had started with Liu Guohao in the first place, specializing in ugly activities.
And Liu Qiang couldn’t mobilize these people at all, because they only obey Liu Guohao.
But Liu Qiang just said that if someone is making trouble in the company building, these people will definitely come over.
Liu Qiang finished the phone call, couldn’t help but sneered, and said to Jiang Hao: “Boy, you can wait for me, I promise you will die in 15 minutes, it will be ugly!”
Liu Qiang made a vow to make Jiang Hao dead and then hurry. He was really arrogant.
It’s just that Jiang Hao didn’t take it seriously, and shook his head lightly, “Oh okay, then I’ll see if I will be okay after all.”
Hearing that Liu Qiang had called for someone, Jiang Hao still looked indifferent, and the security guard on the ground was desperate.
He hurriedly got up from the ground and said to Jiang Hao anxiously, “Oh, you boy, haven’t you heard? He has already started calling people. If you don’t leave now, it will be too late. Wait until those Once someone comes to the company, you can’t leave if you want to, and it’s too late to regret it.”
Jiang Hao smiled, looked at the head of the security guard, patted him on the shoulder again, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay. If you are afraid of an accident, you should go first. Don’t have any psychological burden. If you don’t want to Let’s go, let’s witness it together. For a while, who will die more miserable for me and him!”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s words, the old security guard looked helpless. He patted his thigh again, his expression ugly.
Of course he wants to leave. After all, he knows that he will not leave here. After a while, Liu Guohao’s subordinates will come over. It is estimated that he will deal with him and Jiang Hao together.
After all, he has parents at the top and wives and children at the bottom. His hometown is still in the country, and he has a son who is about to get married.
If something happened to me here, it was not my wife, children, and children who suffered later?
It’s just that the security guard thought about it, but still didn’t move a step.
Because he felt that if he left like this today, he would indeed survive, but he would be upset and even regret it for the rest of his life.
They rescued themselves, but in the end they ran away, watching them being dealt with by Liu Qiang. Is this still a human thing?
Although he knew what would happen if he did not leave, he chose to stay.
As for what Jiang Hao said, we will see who he and Liu Qiang have the last laugh. He just listened to it as a joke, because he knows the strength of the Liu family and has seen their fierceness.
Who has offended them?
What’s more, in his opinion, Jiang Hao was completely young and energetic, and he didn’t want to leave because of face.
The security guard looked at Jiang Hao and couldn’t stop sighing. He felt that he was over today.
Seeing that the old security guard hadn’t left, the other security guards were also anxious, and whispered to him from the side, asking him to leave as soon as possible.
Several people even started talking in a low voice.
“Isn’t Lao Song stupid? This kid is stupid. He can’t be buried with him. If he doesn’t run at this time, he can’t be beaten to death after he turns around?”
“That’s right, he doesn’t know what the means of those people who come in a while, what are they mingling with this pissed boy? This boy also does not look where it is. This is the Haoyuan Building. , Can there be his good fruits to eat?”
“Hey, young man, you want to save face, I see today’s lesson, I guess he will regret it for a lifetime, but I guess he will definitely be restrained in the future, and I dare not pretend to be so forceful!”
“Ho ho, the ghost knows if he can continue to pretend to be forced…”
Several security guards were talking noisily, Jiang Hao didn’t hear what they were talking about, but he didn’t even think about it.
Jiang Hao looked down at the time, he had been here for five minutes, should Ye Yunjie come down too?

Chapter: 312
“Dead duck has a hard mouth!” Liu Qiang looked at Jiang Hao contemptuously, and said, “Asshole, I’ll see if you can still have such a hard mouth for a while! Don’t ask me to beg grandma for mercy, it’s no use, you Do you think I will let you go!”
Jiang Hao didn’t say a word.
He really doesn’t want to fight with such people anymore, because it has no practical effect at all. It’s better to see everyone in a while, who can have the last laugh.
Just when Liu Qiang finished speaking, a group of people suddenly poured in from the gate of Haoyuan Building.
These people dressed in various styles, each carrying a guy in their hands, looking fierce and evil.
A group of people headed by a tall and fat bald man walked around as soon as he entered the door, scaring the company employees to evade.
When Liu Qiang saw these people, he immediately smiled and waved his hand: “Brother Leopard, here it is!”
Seeing this, the tall and fat bald head hurriedly led someone to Liu Qiang’s side.
“Little Qiangzi, what’s the matter? Where’s the troublemaker?” The headed Leopard asked in a rough voice.
When Liu Qiang saw this leopard brother, he immediately smiled, even a little flattering.
He couldn’t help it. These people were old people who had been with his father for many years. Although they worked for their family, they were not his elders in terms of seniority.
Besides, today I still count on them to help me deal with Jiang Hao.
Liu Qiang pointed to Jiang Hao and quickly said, “Brother Leopard, this kid is making trouble in our company!”
Brother Leopard glanced sideways at Jiang Hao, only to look up and down roughly, then he sneered.
“What the hell? Little Qiangzi, are you okay? Then I and my brothers are making fun? This kid is making trouble? What are these security guards doing? I think he has a small body, it is special Can you fix it yourself?”
It is true that Liu Qiang is already more than affluent in dealing with Jiang Hao.
But the reason why he called these people was just to pretend to be coercive, to make a face to scare Jiang Hao.
But who knew that Brother Leopard was here, and he didn’t cooperate with him at all. He should just come up and do it.
“This…I asked you to come, isn’t it for you?” Liu Qiang thought for a while, and hurriedly pulled Brother Leopard aside, and said, “Brother Leopard, you also know that my dad has been washing himself out recently, you said He whitewashed himself, what is the use of you from now on? So, you should consider it for yourself. Now if you can prove that you are still useful in front of my dad, then my dad will naturally continue to use it later. You and everyone, but if you are useless, what will my dad keep you for? Instead of giving someone a handle?”
Liu Qiang felt that his excuse made sense, and he was very proud of it.
Because he knew what he said, he must have hit the pain of Brother Leopard.
Brother Leopard looked at Liu Qiang, couldn’t help patting him on the shoulder, said nothing, just nodded.
Brother Leopard has been with Liu Guohao for so many years, even if he has never eaten pork, he has always seen pigs run.
It’s okay for Liu Qiang to fool others carefully, but to fool him, he can tell at a glance.
In order to prove his importance, this kid just wanted to use his own hands to clean up Jiang Hao.
However, Brother Leopard also had to admit that although Liu Qiang’s remarks were sloppy, they still made sense.
Liu Guohao wanted to wash himself off, he knew this better than anyone else.
But you have whitewashed yourself. What should we do for you who do the dark things for you?
So of course Leopard was the first to take the lead against Liu Guohao’s move.
And he wanted to prove that, in fact, these people are still useful, but for so long, Liu Guohao has been neglecting them, and will not give them a chance at all.
And today seems to be an opportunity. Although Jiang Hao is not a big problem at all, it is enough.
Settling Jiang Hao by yourself is equivalent to sending a signal to Liu Guohao, you can’t miss us, or who will do the tricky work for you?
And there is actually a warning to Liu Guohao.
You want to unload the mill and kill the donkey, but the donkey is not so weak to be deceived. Since the donkey can pull the mill for you, but if you want, you can kick the millstone!
Brother Leopard smiled, froze for a moment, and looked at Liu Qiang. He suddenly smiled: “Hoho, you kid, Shao Teh joked with me. For today’s affairs, Leopard will help you settle the matter. Turn around and remember to read me. A favor, take time to invite me to drink!”
Liu Qiang smiled when he heard that, no matter what, as long as Brother Leopard agrees to help him clean up Jiang Hao, then he will be satisfied. As for how to clean up, it’s your business right away.
Liu Qiang couldn’t help turning his head, smiling sinisterly at Jiang Hao: “Ho ho, boy, I see if you can continue to be stiff this time, so if I don’t let you kneel in front of me, I will call Grandpa, I’m all in vain.”
Jiang Hao smiled noncommitantly, “Oh yeah? Then I seem to be congratulating you, you really lived in vain!”

Chapter: 313
“What are you…” Liu Qiang’s face turned green, and he didn’t understand, he saw that death was approaching, why Jiang Hao still looks like a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water.
“Brother Leopard!” Liu Qiang glanced at Brother Leopard and said, “Then I don’t have to worry about it? I believe you can handle it, right? And I can still speak for you in front of my dad when I look back sentence……”
Brother Leopard grinned. Of course he knew that Liu Guohao was a son like Liu Qiang. If this kid is willing to say a few words to himself, then it will be very useful.
“Little Qiangzi, don’t worry!” Leopard brother said with a smile, “Leopard brother must help you settle this matter today!”
After speaking, Brother Leopard turned his head and looked at his subordinates, and said, “What are you still doing in a daze? Give me a hand and dare to make trouble in our Haoyuan Building. You must teach him a lesson that he will never forget!”
The few men behind Brother Leopard heard the words and responded in unison. Then they choked and slammed the guy in their hands on the marble floor. The sound was deafening and magnificent.
Then a group of people rushed towards Jiang Hao aggressively.
Upon seeing this, Liu Qiang finally showed a smile on his face. He firmly believed that Jiang Hao must be dead this time.
But today he settled Jiang Hao, and when he turned back, he would find someone to investigate Ye Yunjie and Xue Yuning.
Ye Yunjie will also find a way to get it done, and he has never tried Ye Yunjie’s mature and charming woman, just taking this opportunity…
As for Xue Yuning, that woman should have become her own plaything, and she had beaten herself a bottle of wine last time. Sooner or later, this account must be clear.
At this moment, the elevator door not far away also opened.
Liu Guohao smiled and said with a pleased expression: “Miss Ye, please first.”
Ye Yunjie didn’t say a word or was polite, and walked out of the elevator directly.
Just stepping out of the elevator, Ye Yunjie looked up and saw a group of people not far away, who was about to wave his hand.
“This is…” Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly became gloomy.
Of course Ye Yunjie knew what this meant at a glance, and obviously she was extremely disgusted with this kind of thing.
When Liu Guohao heard the words, he quickly raised his head and looked over, suddenly sweating down.
Because he saw Brother Leopard at first sight, his heart was tight, and his heart said why he came.
Liu Guohao was in a panic, because he didn’t know what would happen after Ye Yunjie saw this scene.
Because at the first contact, Ye Yunjie and Liu Guohao discussed the first condition for cooperation. No matter what Liu Guohao did in the past, as long as you want to cooperate with the Shen family, you must abandon your own improper methods and have subordinates. , Either sever or deal with it on their own, otherwise cooperation will not be discussed.
It is precisely because of this that Liu Guohao simply wanted to clean himself up directly, and was gradually neglected by Brother Leopard and his group, and wanted to find a chance to deal with it.
Liu Guohao originally thought that all of this was within his own plan and control, and everything was a matter of course.
But now seeing the people of Brother Leopard, Liu Guohao said in his throat.
His face was extremely ugly, he hurriedly stepped forward and shouted at the crowd: “What do you do? Stop it!”
Liu Guohao’s voice was loud and loud and echoed in the empty hall for a while.
As soon as they were about to rush to Jiang Hao, the people who heard the sound stopped their movements in an instant.
Brother Leopard and the others turned their heads and saw that the person was Liu Guohao. First, they were astonished. Then Brother Leopard laughed out loud and quickly walked to Liu Guohao’s.
“Brother Hao, this little bastard wants to make trouble in our company. It’s not a strong man who called me and asked me to come over. We are planning to deal with it. Wait a while and I will do it!”
When Liu Guohao heard the words, he glanced at Ye Yunjie’s face nervously, and said in a low voice: “Oh, if that’s the case, then rush out. Why are you making a group of people making noise? Well… you go back first, I didn’t say no. Tell you not to come over?”
After speaking, Liu Guohao turned his head and smiled at Ye Yunjie with a lowered eyebrow: “Miss Ye, you see, this is a misunderstanding. Someone came to my company to make trouble. I asked them to drive people out. It’s okay… It’s okay hehe…”
Liu Guohao wiped the sweat from his forehead, thinking that if he said that, Ye Yunjie probably wouldn’t say anything. After all, someone came to make trouble in your own company, and deal with it. There should be no problem, right?
Thinking of this, Liu Guohao hurriedly waved his hand and motioned to Brother Leopard: “Okay, hurry up and drive people out. I will meet an important guest in a moment. If you dare to do something good, I…”
When Leopard heard the words, he nodded quickly: “Okay, don’t worry, Brother Hao, let’s go now, don’t worry…”
After speaking, Brother Leopard turned to leave.
But the moment he turned around, a slap suddenly greeted Brother Leopard’s face.
Leopard’s face was sore from being hit, as if he had been scalded by a soldering iron.
He was about to get angry at once, turned his head and looked around, and saw Ye Yunjie looking at him coldly.

Chapter: 314
“You…who are you special? You are looking for death!” Brother Leopard was furious and didn’t even think about Ye Yunjie’s identity.
He didn’t know Ye Yunjie. He saw that she had come down with Liu Guohao, and she looked pretty, so he took it for granted that she was Liu Guohao’s new secretary.
For Liu Guohao, changing the secretary is simply commonplace. It was like this in the past, and Leopard has long been surprised.
But you are a little secretary, dare to slap yourself, are you enough?
Although Brother Leopard is Liu Guohao’s subordinate, he is definitely not someone who can bully him.
But Brother Leopard felt a little surprised that Ye Yunjie slapped herself just now, because that slap hurts too much.
Leopard has been in the arena for many years, and he has eaten countless slaps, from the woman who sleeps by Beibei, to the big role that he can’t afford to offend, or any powerful person.
But like Ye Yunjie, she looked weak, but with such a huge shot force, it was indeed the first time he saw him.
Without boasting, Ye Yunjie’s slap was just the case. If Brother Leopard is not allowed to see Ye Yunjie, he almost thinks that the other party is a strong man of more than two hundred catties and two meters high.
Brother Leopard himself is tall, but Ye Yunjie’s slap almost slapped herself. You can imagine how powerful it is.
Moreover, there was a huge crowd here, and he was slapped, and Brother Leopard couldn’t help but face.
But Ye Yunjie still didn’t change her face, raised her head and looked at her contemptuously, and said in a low tone, “Do you want to die?”
Leopard was taken aback when he heard the words, and immediately became even more angry.
He raised his hand to hit Ye Yunjie, and he cursed loudly, “I think you want to die!”
But before Leopard’s slap fell, Liu Guohao grabbed him, and the latter kicked it out, directly hitting Leopard’s abdomen.
“What do you want to do? You want to die, presumptuous!” Liu Guohao roared at Brother Leopard.
Brother Leopard was kicked so aggrieved, he immediately questioned: “Brother Hao, what are you doing? This little girl beat me first, what’s the matter, you forget the old when you have a new one? Isn’t this little girl? Isn’t the bed really awesome?”
Just at the words of Brother Leopard, Liu Guohao got his mind full.
What is the newcomer and forget the old? What is particularly good on the bed? Ye Yunjie heard this, what would she think? What are you? He himself knew very well that relying on him, if it were not for the small advantage in Chujiang’s real estate industry, he wouldn’t even be able to shine Ye Yunjie’s shoes, let alone delusional thinking about other things.
“If you talk nonsense again, I’ll kill you!” Liu Guohao shouted with eyes full of fire, “Why do you shut up your mouth, do you know who this is? You just want to be so presumptuous!”
Brother Leopard is not stupid. Hearing Liu Guohao say this, he suddenly wakes up.
Damn, is it possible that you are thinking wrong? This woman is not Hao’s new secretary at all?
Brother Leopard thought so, his expression gradually changed, and he couldn’t help but become a little worried.
Seeing that Brother Leopard was a little honest, Liu Guohao dared to look at Ye Yunjie, but after seeing the cold expression on Ye Yunjie’s face, he knew that he probably committed another crime.
An angry Liu Guohao quickly walked up to Brother Leopard, slapped him out, and shouted, “You are such a bastard, do you know who this is? Give it to me quickly…”
Before Liu Guohao finished speaking, he was interrupted by a voice on the side.
“I know who she is!”
Hearing this voice, Liu Guohao couldn’t help being stunned, and then he saw Liu Qiang walking quickly.
Liu Qiang didn’t expect that he not only met Jiang Hao here, but also saw Ye Yunjie.
Does Yuanjia’s narrow road mean that?
Ye Yunjie saw Liu Qiang approaching, her face remained unchanged, she glanced at Liu Qiang indifferently, and said coldly, “You just came here.”
When Liu Guohao heard Ye Yunjie’s tone, his heart suddenly became embarrassed, knowing that something was going to happen.
He was about to make Liu Qiang shut up and asked him to apologize to Ye Yunjie.
But he was forcibly interrupted by his son before he spoke.
Liu Qiang snorted coldly and looked at Ye Yunjie with contempt.
“What a coincidence, I was curious just now, how could that bastard show up in our company, and your feelings are there too!” Liu Qiang said, “Hmph, that’s just right, what happened that day, I’m so special I haven’t forgotten, I still want to get revenge on you bastards. I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to deliver it today!
Hearing that his son dared to say this to Ye Yunjie, Liu Guohao’s heart almost jumped out.
He hurriedly winked at Liu Qiang, and said loudly, “Smelly boy, what are you talking about, shut up, do you know this is…”
But Liu Guohao’s words were interrupted by Liu Qiang again.
The latter pointed to Ye Yunjie and said arrogantly, “Dad, don’t need to say, I know who they are. Do you remember the last time I told you that I was bullied? I’ll tell you today, it’s this woman, There is a good thing the bastard has done over there!”

Chapter: 315
Liu Qiang pointed to Jiang Hao, who was surrounded by a group of people not far away, and the hatred on his face was beyond words.
He immediately said to Liu Guohao: “Dad, tell me, how do you deal with these two people today? I was bullied by them that day. It happened to be here today, and both of them are still there. What are you doing? Give me this bad breath!”
Liu Qiang is quite proud, because he thinks this is his own company, and his father usually dotes on himself.
Now if he heard that he was being bullied, he might decide how to deal with Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao.
Liu Qiang smiled at Ye Yunjie with an arrogant expression.
Xin said: stinky lady, are you crazy with me this time? I think you still dare to jump, this is my site!
Liu Qiang even felt that the fate of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie was almost predictable. In any case, the two men will not end well today.
But what surprised Liu Qiang was that after he said so many things, Ye Yunjie still showed such a calm and calm expression, showing a faint smile.
Ye Yunjie sneered, shook her head helplessly, and said to Liu Qiang: “Oh? Really, then I want to see, can your dad give you this bad breath today!”
Hearing this, Liu Qiang hurriedly looked at his Laozi and said with an angry face: “Dad, did you hear what this stinky lady said? She dare not put you in her eyes, so what are you doing in a daze? Clean them up?”
Seeing that his father was too late to do anything, Liu Qiang hurriedly urged: “Oh, I know you don’t want to be familiar with this kind of small character. Then I let Brother Leopard do it myself, and when I look back, I said it was me. !”
Liu Qiang glanced impatiently, Leopard Brother, pointed at Ye Yunjie and said, “Brother Leopard, what are you doing in a daze? Quickly put this stinky woman away for me, and the bastard over there!”
Brother Leopard had already noticed that Ye Yunjie is not a person waiting to be idle. From Liu Guohao’s attitude towards her all the time, or Ye Yunjie’s own calm calmness, can prove that they didn’t put you Liu Qiang in their eyes at all.
Leopard looked at Liu Qiang and couldn’t help but shook his head slightly.
Liu Qiang was even more angry. He really couldn’t figure out why no one listened to him today? What the hell is going on here?
“Brother Leopard, what do you mean? You…you won’t listen to me? Go up quickly and clean up these two for me…”
This time, Liu Qiang didn’t finish what he said, and then he heard a sharp sound coming out of thin air.
Then Liu Qiang felt hot on his face, and in the end he was overturned by that force and rolled on the ground twice.
“You little bastard, why don’t you want to live you?”
Liu Guohao finally couldn’t bear it.
Usually he really dotes on his only son, it is better. If Liu Qiang is bullied, Liu Guohao will naturally take action to teach him, so as to vent his son.
But today, Liu Guohao discovered that it seemed that because of this, he had already spoiled this beast, and obviously he had already reached the point of madness.
Liu Guohao was very angry and desperate. The anger is that my son may be ruining his good deeds today.
And despair, because he didn’t know what Ye Yunjie would do with herself later.
Today, Ye Yunjie is furious. What Liu Guohao can do is to try to keep her son and Liu’s family.
Thinking of this, Liu Guohao immediately punched and kicked Liu Qiang, who had fallen to the ground, without any mercy.
Liu Qiang screamed when he was beaten on the ground, rolling back and forth begging for mercy: “Dad…Don’t…don’t beat me, you’re going to beat me to death, please don’t beat me, oh…ah…it hurts dad… …”
It hurt Liu Guohao’s heart when he hit Liu Qiang, but he couldn’t help it. If he didn’t punish Liu Qiang well today, if he fell into Ye Yunjie’s hands, he would only end up miserably a hundred times a thousand times.
That kind of result was something Liu Guohao could not imagine.
And the most terrible thing was that in the end, no matter how Ye Yunjie dealt with Liu Qiang, Liu Guohao could only endure it. If he dared to resist a little bit, the Liu family would suffer together in the end.
Liu Guohao secretly glanced at Ye Yunjie from the corner of his eyes.
He found that Ye Yunjie still had that cold expression, as if she didn’t care about everything in front of her and Liu Qiang’s life and death.
And Ye Yunjie’s attitude made Liu Guohao a little desperate, because as long as Ye Yunjie didn’t call to stop, Liu Guohao wouldn’t dare to stop easily.
But if he continues to fight like this, Liu Guohao is really worried that his son will die in his hands.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie looked not far away, her eyes changed a little, and she hurriedly walked over.
Upon seeing this, Liu Guohao hurriedly slowed down the speed and strength of his fists and kicks, giving Liu Qiang some breathing time.
Liu Guohao also followed Ye Yunjie with curious eyes, and then saw Ye Yunjie walk to the side of a boy not far away with a look of concern.
“Young Master Jiang, are you okay?” Ye Yunjie asked, “Did he do anything about you?”

Chapter: 316
Although Ye Yunjie’s voice was not loud, it was enough for a few people present to hear it.
But when Ye Yunjie called Jiang Haokou Jiang Shao, the hearts of the few people present were very cold.
“Jiang…Jiang Shao?” Liu Guohao was obviously taken aback, and all his punches were missed, and he almost fell.
Liu Guohao was completely dumbfounded, because he remembered that his son just pointed at Jiang Hao and scolded the bastard, and he wanted Brother Leopard to clean up the house…
Thinking of this, Liu Guohao’s mind couldn’t help being blank, and he was even more desperate.
He knew very well that if his son only provoke Ye Yunjie, he would teach him a lesson, and then apologize to Ye Yunjie. This matter will be dealt with.
But this unsatisfactory son actually provoke Jiang Hao to the head? Also threatened to teach others?
This is simply a lack of heart, that is, seeing the mines, and stepping up happily!
And Liu Guohao knows more clearly that this time things will definitely not be so simple.
The offending person was Shao Jiang, a member of the Shen family. Even Ye Yunjie had to call his master respectfully. She was not even a dog in front of others, but now her son almost cleaned them up… …
Thinking about this, Liu Guohao felt his brain hurt like he was about to explode.
He couldn’t help stopping. He hugged his head in his hands, looking in pain.
But at this moment, Brother Leopard on the side was also dumbfounded.
He had just realized that Ye Yunjie would not be a waiting person, after all, in order to quell her anger, Liu Guohao actually had such a cruel hand on her son, which was almost absent in the past.
But he never thought that this Jiang Hao was actually a character that was at least one level higher than Ye Yunjie, and Ye Yunjie would respectfully shout Jiang Shao to others…
It seems that my brows have touched big today!
Brother Leopard has been with Liu Guohao for so many years, even if he doesn’t know the identity of Jiang Hao, he can see that this Jiang Shao’s identity is probably already terrifyingly strong.
In the face of such a role, I almost cleaned up others just now, and insulted them in a rude manner. With this account, the ghost knows how others will liquidate themselves later?
I am a man who works for others, but I can’t imagine that one day, I will really commit this kind of thunderous fury!
Brother Leopard was so flustered, he didn’t know what to do.
On the other side, Jiang Hao glanced at Ye Yunjie, his nervousness finally relaxed a lot.
Just now, when he helped bring a group of people to get up to face him, Jiang Hao was also extremely frightened, thinking that if Ye Yunjie didn’t show up in time, he might really be over.
But fortunately, Ye Yunjie appeared in time, and Liu Qiang seemed to be taught a lesson.
“I’m fine.” Jiang Hao said flatly, and said to Ye Yunjie, “I really didn’t expect that this Liu Qiang turned out to be the son of the boss of this company.”
Jiang Hao smiled bitterly, sighing that good fortune made others, it would be a coincidence to write.
Ye Yunjie asked seriously after hearing the words, “Then Shao Jiang, do we want to work with another company?”
When Ye Yunjie spoke, she didn’t mean to evade at all, and her voice was like normal chat.
But these words of her passed into Liu Guohao’s ears, and it became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.
Liu Guohao puffed and fell to the ground, looking at Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao in despair.
He knew very well that if the cooperation with Jiang Hao were blown this time, he would not be able to get along in Chujiang.
In order to get a relationship with the Shen family overseas, Liu Guohao exhausted almost every means. Among them, the pits that the guilty person dug by feeding others are countless.
And Liu Guohao was a big bet at the beginning. After all, if he could only catch the Shen family’s ride this time, then even if they wanted to retaliate against themselves, those people would have to weigh their weight in front of the Shen family.
But if the cooperation with the Shen family fails, Liu Guohao can think of his own fate.
Those eager enemies, those who have been cheated by themselves, and those who were already jealous of their ability to catch the Shenjia Express, will definitely come to the door as soon as they learn the news.
At that time, Liu Guohao didn’t even know how he died.
Liu Guohao wants to survive. In any case, even if the company is gone and his son is disabled, life is the most important thing!
The crowd was wide and the eyes were in full view. Liu Guohao knelt on the ground with a thud, ignoring that he was surrounded by his employees and his face accumulated over the past 20 years.
Immediately afterwards, Liu Guohao suddenly knocked to the ground…
With a “boom,” the power was extremely powerful and the voice was extremely loud.
Liu Guohao raised his head, and then climbed two steps forward, then slammed down again.
With another “boom”, Liu Guohao’s forehead was blue, but he didn’t care at all. He took another two steps forward, and then kowtows again…
Repeatedly, Liu Guohao was under the gaze of at least a few dozen pairs of eyes, and knocked down to the feet of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie.

Chapter: 317
“Young Master Jiang, Miss Ye, I was wrong…”
When Liu Guohao raised his head again, his entire forehead was bloody, and his eyes were even more teary. No one could believe that this man turned out to be Chu Jianghao, who was once a master in Chujiang.
“Both… I blame my wicked son, don’t worry, I will definitely teach him a good lesson when I look back, and promise that he will never be disrespectful to you again.” Liu Guohao pleaded to Jiang Hao, “But please give us father and son another chance. Yes, you must not cancel the cooperation. If you cancel the cooperation, our Haoyuan Group will undoubtedly die. I… our family will also be ruined, just as you do well, pity us…”
Liu Guohao looked extremely pitiful and helpless. Jiang Hao couldn’t help but glance at Ye Yunjie when he heard the words, to see what she meant.
Ye Yunjie still looked cold, and said indifferently: “Pity you? Liu Guohao, do you know how big a mistake your son made? Do you know that your man was almost in your company just now, did you do something to Jiang Shao? What a sin, who do you want to forgive you!”
Ye Yunjie’s voice was loud and not angry, and she continued, “Today Jiang Shao didn’t have any accidents. If there is any accident today, it would not be a pity for you and me to die. Even now, you still want to protect your son? ”
Hearing Ye Yunjie’s words, Liu Guohao’s heart sank and he was desperate.
Because Ye Yunjie’s meaning has been told to you, for Liu Qiang, this time it is absolutely impossible to tolerate it.
Liu Guohao whimpered with tears and looked up at Ye Yunjie, begging: “Miss Ye, is there really no room for further discussion?”
Ye Yunjie snorted coldly, “Mr. Liu, whether to cooperate or not, I think we should wait for you to handle today’s affairs before making a decision!”
Ye Yunjie kicked the ball to Liu Guohao in one sentence. How to do this is up to him.
But Liu Guohao also knew what he could do? Ye Yunjie’s meaning was very clear. This time Liu Qiang provoke Jiang Hao, even if he didn’t take a small life, he would definitely be alive.
However, you still need to do all this by yourself…
At this moment, Ye Yunjie glanced at Brother Leopard and the group of Leopard brothers around Jiang Hao, and said coldly, “Mr. Liu, I remember I told you that if you want to cooperate with me, you don’t want to Raising these people again, but it seems that you are taking my words as deaf ears, and the most annoying thing is that these people just wanted to do something against Jiang Shao. What should you do?”
Ye Yunjie asked sternly, and as soon as she uttered her words, no matter Brother Leopard and his subordinates, they felt an unprecedented sense of pressure on their heads.
Brother Leopard knew that this was going to settle the accounts by himself, but he was helpless. For Ye Yunjie, even if they wanted to kill him, he didn’t even have the strength to fight back.
“Puff…” Brother Leopard didn’t say anything, he knelt on the spot, bowed his knees, bald, and said loudly: “Lin Leopard is sinful, please punish Miss Ye. Lin Leopard is willing to bear all the punishment, without complaint… …”
When Brother Leopard knelt, the dozen or so brothers under him did not even hesitate. The movements were neat and uniform, and his voice was loud and he knelt down.
Then a dozen people said in unison: “Miss Ye, please punish!”
In an instant, apart from the Haoyuan Group employees who were hiding in the corners around the hall watching the excitement, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie stood in the middle of the hall.
And beside these two, there were all burly men kneeling on the ground.
This is surrender. Although Jiang Hao feels a little uncomfortable, he is still a little bit excited about this feeling.
Maybe that’s what those people want for their lives. That’s how it feels.
A group of people who seem to be incomparably stronger than you, surrendered to your feet.
“This…” Jiang Hao glanced at Ye Yunjie. He had never experienced this kind of scene, and obviously he didn’t even know how to do it.
When Ye Yunjie saw such a scene, although Gu Jing had no waves on her face, she felt a little proud in her heart.
In fact, she could have dragged Jiang Hao away directly, and let Liu Guohao decide on her own.
But in that way, such a great opportunity is simply wasted.
That’s why Ye Yunjie said those words and set the atmosphere up to this point.
Her purpose is only one, and that is to give Jiang Hao a chance to judge today’s matter.
Jiang Hao was indecisive, and Ye Yunjie had already seen this.
So she deliberately exercised Jiang Hao in her heart, and developed in a decisive and resolute direction.
This must be done so that Jiang Hao may be able to take charge of this huge industry in the future.
Secondly, this is also for Jiang Hao’s consideration. He is not deeply involved in the world, he is innocent and even full of goodwill when he is in trouble. He does not know that in this world, only people who are tough enough and decisive enough can survive.
Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao and asked in a low voice: “Jiang Shao, what do you think is going to be done with this matter today?”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao frowned slightly: “I…”
“What do you want?” Ye Yunjie said again, “Don’t worry, even if you let them all die today, it’s a trivial matter!”

Chapter: 318
Jiang Hao was taken aback when he heard the words, he couldn’t help but hesitate.
Although these people almost hurt himself, Jiang Hao never thought of what he would do to these people. After all, now that they already know their identity, it is better to let them go and let them be grateful to themselves.
In this way, he wouldn’t make enemies because of this. Second, Jiang Hao would not be upset.
If Jiang Hao knew that a person was disabled or died because of himself, Jiang Hao’s character would probably remain in his heart for the rest of his life. This incident would have become a shadow and linger.
Since it is a way to deal with it, I can live it in my heart and make others appreciate myself. The other way is to bear the shadow of a lifetime, so why don’t you choose the one that makes you relaxed?
Jiang Hao looked at Ye Yunjie and said, “Forget it, Sister Ye, I guess they don’t know who I am, and I haven’t received any harm, so let them go. Look…”
Ye Yunjie sighed heavily when she heard Jiang Hao’s words, and she was extremely disappointed with Jiang Hao.
“Young Master Jiang, you can’t always be like this? After so many experiences, I hope you will not be naive. This is a world where you die or I live. If you let others go today, they may not let you go tomorrow. Yes, do you know what I mean?”
Jiang Hao also looked at Ye Yunjie’s eyes, his gaze changed from being soft just now to firm.
Jiang Hao said, “Sister Ye, maybe what you said is right, but I still want to do things my way. Since according to what you said, the world is already so bloody and cruel, why don’t we choose to make it for it? A little change?”
Jiang Hao’s words left Ye Yunjie speechless and even a little angry.
In her opinion, Jiang Hao is simply hopeless. His character and rhetoric will suffer a big loss sooner or later, but he is still complacent and feels that what he is saying is like a famous saying.
As everyone knows, these words of Jiang Hao are tantamount to a joke to Ye Yunjie, a complete joke.
But Ye Yunjie didn’t dare to go against Jiang Hao’s wishes. Regarding Jiang Hao’s words, she could only sigh silently in her heart, and replied with a reply: “Since Jiang Shao, you have made a decision, then I will listen to you.”
It wasn’t until Ye Yunjie said these words that everyone present was totally relieved.
Liu Guohao’s nervousness just eased suddenly, and the whole person sat on the ground as if relieved, with big beads of sweat on his head, rolling down his cheeks like splashing water.
He looked at Jiang Hao, his eyes filled with gratitude, he quickly got up again, knelt down and kowtow again and again.
“Thank you Shao Jiang, Shao Jiang…”
The Leopard brothers on the other side, as if they were amnesty, wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads, and they were as excited as they were reborn.
He took the lead, and his brothers hurriedly kowtow to Jiang Hao without saying a word.
On the other side, Liu Qiang was even more excited. He sat softly on the ground with a complicated expression. Whether he was laughing or crying, there was a layer of frost on the corners of his eyes.
After the catastrophe, this time I really was the aftermath. Liu Qiang was so happy in his heart.
And he seemed to have discovered that, in this world, only the harder the wrist, the more reasonable the speech.
He even felt a little ecstatic in his heart, saying that Jiang Hao was indeed a bit idiot, and that he had offended him so much before, so he could let him go. This is purely two hundred and five.
At this moment, Liu Guohao hurriedly yelled to Liu Qiang, and yelled: “Little bastard, you just came to thank Shao Jiang, what are you doing over there? Jiang Hao doesn’t care about your faults. What a kindness is this? ?”
Liu Guohao wanted to kick his unsuspecting son in the past. Is he stupid or blind?
Jiang Hao said that he would let them go. He didn’t take the initiative to come over to thank you. Instead, he still had a hippie smile. Is it true that he is not afraid of death?
Hearing his father’s screams, Liu Qiang just came back to his senses and nodded quickly.
But just as Liu Qiang was about to get up from the ground, he suddenly heard Jiang Hao say: “He doesn’t need it!”
When everyone heard the words, they were taken aback again, and the scene became silent again.
Liu Guohao was a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “How can it be done? Jiang Shao, you don’t care about him. Of course, he has to kowtow to you to thank you, and why is he still stunned? Come here…”
After speaking, Liu Guohao quickly urged Liu Qiang to come.
Liu Guohao felt that the sentence Jiang Hao just said was unnecessary. It seemed to indicate that something bad would happen, so he thought about it, and quickly asked Liu Qiang to come over and apologize. Even if Jiang Hao still wanted to make a fuss, it was not good. Spoke up.
But at this moment, Jiang Hao shouted again loudly: “I said no need!”
Liu Guohao was startled, and Liu Qiang frowned, as if he didn’t understand Jiang Hao’s meaning.
“This… Jiang Shao, he made such a big mistake, and you plan to let him go. How can he not thank you?” Liu Guohao said embarrassingly.
Jiang Hao glanced at Liu Guohao, then sneered, “Who said I would let him go?”

Chapter: 319
That’s it!
Hearing what Jiang Hao said, Liu Guohao’s heart suddenly rose with despair.
He originally thought that Jiang Hao would let his son go, and this incident would also pass.
But it never occurred to him that Jiang Hao had left behind.
Liu Guohao glanced at his son with complicated eyes. He was thinking, how did this little bastard offend Jiang Hao, so that people plan to ignore what happened today, but they want to pursue him?
But after all, it was his own son, his only bloodline, how could Liu Guohao die.
He hurriedly went down on his knees again, crying and begging: “Jiang Shao, Jiang Shao beg for your life, Liu Qiang is a dog who doesn’t understand any shit, you shouldn’t care about him…”
Jiang Hao didn’t go to see Liu Guohao, only a sneer smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He seemed to be talking to himself, and he seemed to say to Liu Guohao: “Don’t care about it? Why don’t you care about it? Do you know what he did?”
At this time, Jiang Hao’s expression seemed to be different from the previous one.
Before Jiang Hao had a kind face, as if he was magnanimous.
Only now, Jiang Hao looked at Liu Qiang’s expression, not to mention that he was quick to kill him, but it was also extremely harsh.
Seeing that it was useless to play sloppy eyes, Liu Guohao had to play a bitter card, hoping that Jiang Hao could give himself a little more.
“Young Master Jiang, I’m such a wicked man. I beg you to lift up your hands and let him go. As long as you are willing to let him go, I, Liu Guohao, will serve you as a cow and a horse in this life. I only ask you to be his way of life. …”
Liu Guohao could be regarded as a big owl of Chu Jiang anyhow, he couldn’t help crying unexpectedly, his whole person desperately like a child.
But Jiang Hao ignored him with a cold expression on his face. He looked at Liu Qiang and said calmly, “I let him go? Did he want to let Yu Ning go?”
Jiang Hao paused and continued: “Liu Qiang, today you provoke me, I can let you go for the time being, but what you did to Yu Ning before, I will definitely not let you go, but you You should also be thankful that you didn’t do anything to Yu Ning at the beginning. If something happened to Yu Ning, then it is estimated that when I enter the Haoyuan Group today, it will be the day when your Liu family is destroyed!”
Jiang Hao’s remarks were loud and icy.
After these words, the entire lobby on the first floor of Haoyuan Building seemed to freeze.
With dozens of pairs of eyes, either from a corner or kneeling on the ground, he humbled his head and stared at Jiang Hao.
This little boy who doesn’t look amazing, even looks a little bit dirty, seems to have become extremely aura at this moment, so that even the great Chujiang owl like Liu Guohao for many years can feel invisible and feel There is a huge sense of oppression!
Especially Jiang Hao’s last sentence, “The day you came to the door, is when your Liu family was destroyed!” It was so scared that Liu Guohao’s legs were weak, and the whole person felt that the surrounding temperature had dropped a lot, and it was chilling.
It seems that Liu Qiang is indeed doomed today. Liu Guohao’s heart is almost broken when he thinks of this.
What should I do if I write that my only son has three longs and two shorts?
Isn’t it just for Liu Qiang to accumulate hundreds of millions of family businesses?
For a time, Liu Guohao was desperate again.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao, her brows frowned slightly.
At this moment, she seemed to feel that Jiang Hao’s figure and even the temperament exuding from him were so familiar.
Jiang Hao’s appearance at this time is almost like Shen Haoting ten years ago.
Ten years ago, Ye Yunjie was just a teenager.
She was adopted by Shen Haoting since she was a few years old, and she has been with Shen Haoting. Ye Yunjie treats her father like a daughter.
And it was during the years when she was with Shen Haoting that Ye Yunjie gradually realized how powerful this man was, how ambitious and persistent.
For one purpose, he can endure for twenty years, and for one purpose, he can bear the spit and humiliation of everyone.
It was from that moment that Ye Yunjie began to feel that she should help him create her ultimate goal.
And at this time, Jiang Hao, that kind of temperament that exudes from the inside out, and the aura that deterred everyone, isn’t that the same as Shen Haoting back then?
At this moment, Ye Yunjie couldn’t help being a little surprised, but she was a little excited in her heart.
Sure enough, he is Shen Haoting’s son, and he won’t be much worse after all.
Originally, Ye Yunjie thought that Jiang Hao was just a weak and useless bastard, but now she realized that Jiang Hao was not weak, it was just that others had not touched his bottom line.
Today, Ye Yunjie finally understands what Jiang Hao’s bottom line is, that is Xue Yuning!
Ye Yunjie’s mouth couldn’t help showing a smile, thinking that this stinky kid really had a real affection for that girl!
But also good! Ye Yunjie smiled slightly and thought: Isn’t this just enough for her to use it?
“Jiang Hao, do you know how much I want you to grow up quickly?” Ye Yunjie muttered in her heart, “Because the time left for you, your father and me, is really running out!”

Chapter: 320
At this time, Liu Qiang was almost dead.
After such a short time, he almost endured waves of ups and downs.
First, he asked Jiang Hao to settle the accounts, but he was almost cleaned up by others.
Then when he was desperate, I heard Jiang Hao say that he didn’t care about himself.
At that moment, Liu Qiang felt that he was reborn again, and he was very excited, but he heard Jiang Hao say that among the people he forgives, there is no himself…
Liu Qiang was a little desperate. He had just been looking at his father, hoping that he could succeed in pleading for himself.
But until his father’s head was about to smash on the ground, Jiang Hao was not at all moved.
It seems that this guy really intends to put himself to death!
At this time, Liu Qiang’s mentality has gone from despair at the beginning, to hopefulness, and then to even more despair.
By now, Liu Qiang, who had felt that he was completely hopeless, looked at Jiang Hao, already full of hatred.
That kind of overwhelming hatred almost made him explode. At this moment, he even wanted to rush to Jiang Hao and tore him alive, before he could relieve his hatred.
“Damn, what’s so great about you? You only rely on your own ability to dominate here!” Liu Qiang looked at Jiang Hao, muttering to himself with aversion in his heart, “But you are the best today Kill Lao Tzu, or you will wait for me. One day, I will repay you ten times a hundred times the things I have today. You can wait for me!”
After speaking, Liu Qiang gritted his teeth, suddenly struggled to get up, and knelt down, then pretended to be extremely pitiful, and said to Jiang Hao: “Jiang… Forgive me, Jiang Shao, please forgive me. Ah, I am a dog and look down upon people. I am a dead dog. Why should you bother with a dog like me?”
Liu Qiang looked like he was begging for mercy, as if he had completely obeyed Jiang Hao.
But Jiang Hao looked at him, but there was no change at all.
Even Jiang Hao laughed and asked jokingly: “A dog? Ho Ho, sorry, I don’t need it! And I said, if you offend me, I can let you go, but as long as you dare to treat Yu Ning For what I do, I must repay it twice!”
Jiang Hao suddenly looked at Brother Leopard and said in a low voice, “I’ll leave this person to you to deal with. It’s best if you can give me a satisfactory answer!”
Then Jiang Hao glanced at Liu Guohao again, and said lightly: “However, I want to give President Liu a face today, so I don’t want his life, I only want you to teach him a lesson that can be remembered for a lifetime!”
Leopard brother heard the words, and the cold sweat suddenly shed.
He couldn’t help but look at Liu Guohao who was aside nervously. He said that this was so special that he was the boss who had been with him for many years, and now he let himself deal with the boss’s son…
Although Brother Leopard knew that since Jiang Hao had said this, he could not go against his will in any way, but he was still a little bit guilty in his heart.
If he didn’t deal with Liu Qiang well, Jiang Hao would definitely be unhappy, but if he was too ruthless at the time, Liu Guohao couldn’t take his own skin after looking for opportunities?
Brother Leopard wiped his cold sweat, nodded silently, not daring to speak.
Jiang Hao glanced at Liu Guohao and said in a low voice, “Mr. Liu, can we continue to discuss business now?”
Jiang Hao finally said solemnly: “Your son, I believe you have heard what I said just now. I have already let him go. If you are still not satisfied, then I can only say sorry. Because it was him, he provoked my bottom line first!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao stood there waiting for Liu Guohao’s response.
At this time, Liu Guohao had mixed feelings in his heart.
He doesn’t know what to say, although he also understands that Jiang Hao has given him face, after all, he has just said that Liu Qiang is going to live a dog.
But if you listen to this sentence the other way around, isn’t it just that as long as you don’t kill it, just deal with it casually?
If in the end Liu Qiang was paralyzed all over, or he was beaten stupid, then what use was it for himself to be such a waste?
Jiang Hao is counting on a fool to inherit the family business?
Liu Guohao wanted to intercede with Jiang Hao again, but after he raised his head and saw Jiang Hao’s firm look, he knew that there must be no discussion about this matter.
However, at this time Liu Qiang was also watching this side, his eyes full of expectation.
Of course he hoped that his father would plead with himself again. After all, he was able to survive now, and he might be able to avoid the suffering of flesh and skin with a little hard work.
But the final result was counterproductive.
Liu Qiang saw Liu Guohao gritted his teeth, looked back at himself, couldn’t help sighing, shook his head repeatedly, and said to Jiang Hao, “Okay, then…thank you Jiang for missing…”
“Dad, you…” Liu Qiang was dumbfounded when he heard Liu Guohao’s words.
Is this something his father said? Is he special? Is he his father? Do you just watch yourself be killed?
At this time, Liu Guohao also turned his head and looked at Liu Qiang, with a very complicated expression and said, “Son, you can do it yourself. You have all of this today. No wonder others…”

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