I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 331-340

Chapter: 331
“I have said so, don’t you believe it?” Feng Pingping said.
This can be regarded as Feng Pingping’s guarantee to everyone, so it seems that this matter is inseparable.
The security guards were so excited that they were about to jump up. This is like a pie in the sky.
Just thinking about Xu Qingqing’s exquisite appearance and hot body makes people fascinated.
At this time, Xu Qingqing felt that he had been sucked into another black hole from one black hole, and the whole person was going crazy.
She stared at Feng Pingping fiercely and cursed fiercely: “Feng Pingping, are you still a human? I curse you not to die, I will not let you go as a ghost, do you think you will have a good end… ”
Xu Qingqing’s body was tightly controlled, and only this mouth could fight back.
Feng Pingping’s face sank when she heard the words, and she walked over and slapped Xu Qingqing with her head and face.
“Fuck your mother, don’t you like to scold? Then be scolded. I think you can make your mouth easier now. In a moment, I promise you that you will die than life!”
Feng Pingping approached Xu Qingqing and sneered: “I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve seen you not pleasing to your eyes a long time ago, and that Xue Yuning, you are all special, so I will let you guys today. Play with you to death, look back and find a chance to play with Xue Yuning, how dare you offend me, I just want you to die!”
Feng Pingping did not give Xu Qingqing a chance to refute herself. After speaking, she waved her hand: “Okay, take it away!”
Upon hearing this, several security guards would once again drive Xu Qingqing into the elevator.
Xu Qingqing seemed to be the last struggle when he was dying, and the resistance became stronger and desperate.
She knew that as long as she walked into this elevator today, her life would be over. She might die in the end, she would definitely die…
At this time, Xu Qingqing had nothing but despair. She really hoped that someone would jump out and save herself at this time, but she knew that this was no longer possible…
Xu Qingqing suddenly grabbed the edge of the elevator door with one hand, clinging tightly, crying hard, it was still useless…
In the end, her hands were broken apart by a security guard.
At that moment, Xu Qingqing felt that she was really late, as if she had fallen into the darkness of a thousand years, a little bit of light would no longer appear…
The elevator door slowly closed, Xu Qingqing seemed to have given up the useless resistance, and the whole person didn’t have the slightest strength to speak except for whispering.
Only 30 centimeters left in the elevator door…20 centimeters…ten centimeters…
But just when the elevator door was about to close, and there was only less than five centimeters left in the gap, a hand suddenly appeared, and the elevator door was firmly gripped.
With a “ding”, the elevator door was slowly opened again.
“Wait for me!” A voice came from outside the elevator.
“Who are you, this elevator is full, take the elevator over there!” The security guard looked impatiently at a man and a woman outside the elevator, and said, “Let go!”
He thought that these two people were 80% of hotel guests, and he didn’t take them seriously.
But Feng Pingping, who was also in the elevator, was a little dumbfounded when she saw the two people outside the elevator: “You…you, why are you here?”
Feng Pingping never expected that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning would find this place, and they would come here at such a critical moment.
And Xu Qingqing, who was already in desperation, was struggling to look up outside the elevator. The first thing she saw was Jiang Hao standing in front.
At this moment, Jiang Hao’s thin body and not so handsome face looked as tall as a giant in Xu Qingqing’s eyes.
The moment Xu Qingqing saw Jiang Hao, tears rolled down like a flood that broke a bank.
At this moment, she seemed to see the opportunity to escape from birth again, and she seemed to see the only bright light shining on her body in the eternal night.
If it weren’t for her body to be constrained by others, Xu Qingqing would now be the first to plunge into Jiang Hao’s arms…
Jiang Hao took a step closer, and he lay across the elevator door, looking at the people in the elevator coldly, and said coldly, “Why, do you feel surprised to see me?”
Xue Yuning also took a step forward, looking at Xu Qingqing with concern, tears couldn’t stop streaming down: “How are you? Are you okay, Xiao Qing…”
Xu Qingqing is her best friend. Seeing the other person in such a situation at this time, Xue Yuning felt that her heart was about to break.
“Let go of her, let her go…” Xue Yuning rushed up so hard, and began to push up several security guards holding Xu Qingqing.
But she is a weak woman, even if she has exhausted all her strength, she is not an opponent at all.
A security guard was a little annoyed by the push, and with a fierce force, he directly pushed Xue Yuning to Jiang Hao’s side.
“What are you doing? Crazy woman!” the security guard shouted angrily.
The head of the security guard also recalled at this moment, thinking that the two people who suddenly appeared would know Xu Qingqing and Feng Pingping at first sight.
“Who are they?”

Chapter: 332
Xu Qingqing cried even more miserably when she heard the other party’s words, but at this time she already knew that even if she said anything else, it would not help.
These people are obviously with that Liu Qiang, how can they let them go? I don’t need to be naive anymore.
And Xu Qingqing also saw that the expressions of these security guards seemed to be a little wrong when looking at him, and the squinting eyes made her feel more flustered. .
At this time, in Xu Qingqing’s eyes, this hotel was nothing short of a wolf’s den. She now regretted that she had agreed to Feng Pingping’s proposal for tens of thousands of dollars.
Several security guards looked at Xu Qingqing, and there was another messy whisper, as if they were still discussing something in a low voice.
After all, people like Xu Qingqing who used Liu Qiang to get them have seen too many of them, and even after a few of them were “spoofed” by Liu Qiang, they just got in touch with them in minutes.
It’s just that the beauty of those women, compared to Xu Qingqing, is simply a sky and an underground.
For the first time to come into contact with a beauty like Xu Qingqing so close, all of them were extremely excited and whimsical.
The heads of several people even pointed towards, if one day, they could have any wonderful memories of a woman like Xu Qingqing, it would be a beautiful thing…
Just when this group of people wanted to get into trouble, the elevator door opened, but before a few people waited to get in, they saw Feng Pingping panic running out of it.
The two waves happened to collide together, and Feng Pingping yelled “Ouch” in pain.
“You are so blind…” Feng Pingping didn’t see the incoming person clearly, and she opened her mouth to curse, but before she finished speaking, she saw the head of the security guard who was headed by the other side, and she swallowed the words that came to her lips. go back.
“Oh, it’s Brother Eye, you…” Feng Pingping glanced behind Big Eye and saw Xu Qingqing walking away with two security guards.
Feng Pingping immediately became angry, walked directly over, and slapped Xu Qingqing twice: “Damn, bitch, you are quite capable. You want to run when you step away? Do you know that? You know, you almost killed me?”
Feng Pingping was really angry this time, and seeing Xu Qingqing being caught, her hanging heart was also let go.
Just now Feng Pingping was still thinking that if Xu Qingqing ran away, he would be dead.
Because of this kind of thing, Liu Qiang’s personality would never let him go.
I spent more than 100,000 yuan inside and outside the house, but before I touched my hand, I ran away. Not to mention Liu Qiang, but herself, she probably got angry.
Xu Qingqing almost stabbed the hornet’s nest, and also hurt herself. It’s strange that Feng Pingping can let her go.
If it wasn’t for fear that Xu Qingqing would be beaten too badly, it would affect Liu Qiang’s experience. Given Feng Pingping’s temper at this time, Xu Qingqing had to be beaten to death.
Feng Pingping hated it from her heart, and suddenly smiled treacherously, and said to the security guards who had been staring at Xu Qingqing, “What about the brothers, is it interesting to her?”
This is the girl Liu Qiang ordered. Although these security guards were hungry and thirsty for Xu Qingqing, how dare to talk nonsense.
Several people shook their heads repeatedly: “No, no, how dare you, then how dare…”
“Pingping, you can really be kidding, how dare we think, this is a strong young woman…”
“Oh, you can’t tell me. Pingping is joking with us. If it’s OK, don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and send people to the strong and young. The strong and young will be anxious for a while…”
After all, the security guard let his subordinates hurry into the elevator with Xu Qingqing.
But as soon as a few people left, they were stopped by Feng Pingping.
Feng Pingping smiled and said to the security guard: “Brother Yan, what are you afraid of? I’m telling you the truth? How about, do you have any thoughts about this little girl?”
Big-eyed boy didn’t know what Feng Pingping meant, so he scratched his head and didn’t know how to answer.
Feng Pingping saw the irritated expressions of several people, and she couldn’t help but laughed out loud: “Shi…Look at you, do you still look like a man? This is a virtue. Let me tell you the truth, if you want to play with her It’s also okay. After the strong and young have enjoyed enough, I’ll call you back, you guys just do whatever you want, and I won’t take your money if you send me kindness, how about?”
Several security guards were dumbfounded when they heard this, and could not believe that there are such good things in this world.
“Really…really? Pingping?” A security guard swallowed and said, “You… don’t play with us?”
The other security guards also looked excited when they heard the words, looking at Feng Pingping and Xu Qingqing full of desire.
“Yes, this can’t be a lie, we…”
“If it were true, it would be great…”
Several security guards almost saw the spring, all hungry and thirsty, and they wished to eat Xu Qingqing now.
Feng Pingping pursed her lips and smiled: “Of course it’s true. I can do it when I say it. Today she will play it for you, as long as you don’t play it, do whatever you want!”

Chapter: 333
Feng Pingping glared at the two of them angeredly, and said coldly, “Who else can spoil the good deeds, Brother Eye, let your people drive them out quickly, they will feel disgusting!”
Feng Pingping pointed to Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and continued: “I really didn’t expect that you came very fast, but don’t you think that your appearance is particularly superfluous? What can you do when you come? What can be changed? Or feel like yourself Can you take Xu Qingqing away? Don’t be dreaming, you guys are a shit…”
Feng Pingping was triumphant and didn’t pay attention to Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning at all. In his opinion, even now they two suddenly appeared. Even a fart can’t even play a role, at most, it is here to deliver food.
Are the security guards at Liu Qiang’s hotel really vegetarian? Today, as long as the two of them dare to rob, then neither of them will want to get out of this hotel.
Moreover, Feng Pingping had long looked down upon Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and she hadn’t forgotten what happened at the concert before. At this moment, when she thought of those things, she could hardly hate these two people.
“Hmph, it just happened, let’s calculate the old and new accounts together today!” Feng Pingping thought to herself.
“Huh, it’s not a big deal, you’ll know if you can get people out in a while.” Jiang Hao sneered, and then said, “I advise you to let them go now, otherwise I promise you to eat them. Can’t walk around.”
Jiang Hao looked at the security guards and threatened: “Is your hotel a black shop? You still dare to detain guests privately. I guess there are even more extreme things? Are you not afraid of being called to your door?”
To be honest, Jiang Hao also felt a little surprised that the other party would dare to push people like this in broad daylight. After all, he was too clueless.
However, after Jiang Hao’s words were finished, the head of the security guard chuckled.
He didn’t care about Jiang Hao threatening at all, and said with a grin: “What a joke, afraid? Don’t you even ask who our boss is? Who are we doing things for today? I guess if you know, I guess I don’t dare to talk nonsense here, I’ve caught my tail and escaped far!”
Hearing the words, Jiang Hao smiled, he really wanted to know which boss behind them dared to act so recklessly.
“Oh? Then you can talk about it and see if I will run away with my tail clipped!” Jiang Hao smiled and said, “I can put my words here today. I will take this person away today. Who dares? Stop me, you can try!”
Hearing Jiang Hao’s tone, I was a little unhappy, and even more disdainful, and said to Jiang Hao: “Hoho, okay, then I’ll tell you all right, the owner of our hotel is Chu Jianghao Brother Liu Guohao!”
When talking about Liu Guohao’s name, the security guard’s tone increased several times, and he was still proud after speaking. Then he continued: “And I will tell you the truth. The person who wants this girl today is not someone else. Our only son, Liu Qiang, Liu Dashao!”
The head of the security guard and several of his men looked at each other, smiled at each other triumphantly, and continued to ask, “How is it, are you scared? Now you know what you want to be bad, and whose good is it? Hoh. Hey, do you dare to stop? You have so many heads, you can stop it and try!”
After speaking, the security guard greeted several subordinates and pushed Jiang Hao out of the elevator, preparing to go upstairs.
This time he felt that Jiang Hao wouldn’t dare to do anything, no matter how daring and fat he was.
After all, Brother Chu Jianghao, this name is simply overwhelming. If anyone listens to the name of Brother Chu Jianghao and dares to do bad things, it is estimated that either he has the confidence to provoke Liu Guohao, or he does not know the depth.
However, the passer-by who didn’t know the depth had long been repaired by Liu Guohao and had nowhere to go.
If Jiang Hao dared to do it again today, he would definitely do it!
However, this security guard also firmly believes that Jiang Hao’s small body is probably stupid, otherwise how can he do it?
But when a security guard was about to push Jiang Hao, that person was retreated by Jiang Hao.
Then I heard Jiang Hao say loudly: “Liu Guohao? He is a fart. If he is here, please call him down. I will ask him in person today, whether he is being detained or released!”
Jiang Hao pushed the security guard aside, still holding on to the elevator door, in an unrelenting posture.
Originally, Jiang Hao was still thinking that if it was someone else, he might really use the relationship, but in any case, he must take Xu Qingqing away today.
But when he heard the other party saying that this was Liu Guohao’s site, and it was not someone else who was detaining him, it was Liu Qiang, and Jiang Hao felt like a smile.
However, he was still a little unhappy, because Jiang Hao understood it, and the lesson he taught Liu Qiang yesterday seemed to be insufficient. After less than a day’s work, he actually came out again to do evil?
And it was still Xue Yuning’s best sister.
It seems that I still have to take advantage of this incident to give this Liu Qiang a good hit!
Jiang Hao then said: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, call me Liu Qiang!”

Chapter: 334
Jiang Hao’s tone was so arrogant that it made the security guards who were present were taken aback.
Several people looked at each other one after another, but in the end everyone couldn’t help but laugh out.
A security guard seemed to have heard something particularly funny, and said to Jiang Hao: “Are you crazy? Do you know what you are talking about? Are you special or don’t know, we Who are Mr. Liu and Young Master Qiang? Otherwise, how dare you say such things? What are you doing?”
The other security guards sneered, and then sneered.
“This kid is okay. I have been in Chujiang for so long, and I have never seen such a cute bragging. Haha, it’s really good. I even dared to yell, let us come down and let Mr. Liu and the strong young man come down. What? Let them sell you face? What are you?”
“Hey? What are you talking about? He might be a big man. When I saw him, he came out from a particularly famous poor ravine. It’s soiled, maybe there are still a few acres of land in the house. It must be much better than our manager Liu…”
“Hahahaha…Don’t blow it for him, this idiot probably believes your words for a while, and he really thinks he is a big man! I wonder if he deliberately wanted to make us a joke. Is it really smart enough to save people? Anyway, I can’t think of such a clever way…”
The security guards burst into laughter and didn’t pay attention to Jiang Hao at all. As for the words Jiang Hao said, in their eyes, they became a complete joke, a big joke.
So much so that the unrestrained laughter of these people drove Feng Pingping on the side.
She covered her mouth and looked at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning contemptuously, and couldn’t help adding, “Ho ho, what is this, and this makes you laugh like this? Let me tell you something more interesting, you know, before Has this idiot ever said anything big?”
When several security guards heard this, they shook their heads, and asked hurriedly, “What the hell? Tell me…”
Feng Pingping sneered and said: “This fool used to be in the public, and he said with certainty that he is a rich second-generation, or a top rich second-generation. The big star Huo Yun held a concert in our Chujiang two days ago. Do you know? People said that the concert was invested by others, ho ho, what did you just say to you? What they said is really awesome!”
Hearing Feng Pingping’s words, these security guards were stunned!
Several people didn’t laugh directly, first hesitated for a few seconds, and finally their eyes fell on Jiang Hao. Soon, several people burst into laughter at the same time.
“Haha, the top rich second generation… Whoa fucks, it’s him? He doesn’t take a piss to take pictures of himself, so why dare to say anything? Are you shameless?”
“Do you want an ass face? Do you think his virtue is like a face? Come here and dare to say a lot of people, I think he is really in the drama, really think of himself as the top rich second generation? ”
“Damn, feelings are a liar, what can I really do! But do you look down on us too much? Really treat us as fools? No one can see your lies, is it true? interesting……”
The security guards laughed for a long time, then suddenly they went upstairs in such anxiousness, just wanting to humiliate Jiang Hao for a while.
But at this time, hearing these people humiliate him so much, Jiang Hao felt a little uncomfortable.
But at this time he was already much more mature than before.
If he encountered this kind of humiliation in the past, Jiang Hao would definitely go back without hesitation, and he must let the other person see clearly that he was lying. They still look down on others.
But now Jiang Hao is a little relieved, it’s not that others point to his head and scold him that he won’t be angry, but Jiang Hao has understood a truth, that is, he doesn’t need to care about such a small role at all.
To put it ugly, this kind of person, with his current identity, is already enough to backhand to death, they are like ants, if they don’t want to see, they don’t even have a chance to see themselves.
If you care too much about these people, you will not only lose your value, but will still give these people a face.
So in the face of these accusations, Jiang Hao wanted to kill these people in his heart, but on the surface, he still looked calm and calm.
He even smiled faintly, watching a group of idiots looking at these people, and said: “Do you know? Your ignorance sometimes really kills you! You can not believe it, but it won’t take long. There is no chance to believe me!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao actually let go of his grasping the elevator door, looking at the elevator door that was gradually closing, a touch of indifference gradually appeared on his face.
Jiang Hao actually let go, which really surprised all the people present.
Especially Xu Qingqing, when she saw this scene, she suddenly seemed to lose her center of gravity, and she seemed to have fallen into a bottomless abyss…

Chapter: 335
Xu Qingqing looked at Jiang Hao, she seemed to have a lot to say in her eyes, but when she was about to say it, the elevator doors had only been closed.
“Jiang Hao, you…what are you doing? Don’t you want to save Xiaoqing?” Xue Yuning asked eagerly.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but smile, and said calmly, “Why don’t you save it? And I have to see today, what can these people do to Xu Qingqing!”
Jiang Hao suddenly thought of something, and suddenly said to Xue Yu Ning: “Yuning, do you know who is going to deal with Xiaoqing today?”
Xue Yuning frowned and shook her head slightly: “How would I know, what, do you know each other?”
Xue Yuning looked frowning, and obviously she didn’t understand. Jiang Hao asked her own purpose. Could it be that she knew each other too?
Xue Yuning hurriedly recalled the other party of the security guards. After a while, his eyes went wide, and he called out a name in astonishment: “Liu…Liu Qiang? Could it be the last time…”
As soon as he thought of the last event, Xue Yuning’s heart suddenly became suspended. After all, the impact of the last event on her was too great. Xue Yuning had grown up so big and had never experienced such a situation.
Xue Yuning looked surprised at what Jiang Hao wanted in his heart, but it was a negative answer.
After all, if it wasn’t for Ye Yunjie’s presence last time, she and Jiang Hao wouldn’t have known what happened, let alone stand here.
But Ye Yunjie quickly felt cold, because she saw that after she had asked that sentence, Jiang Hao actually nodded faintly and said, “You’re right, it’s him!”
Hearing this, Xue Yuning couldn’t help but trembled. The whole person seemed to be taken aback, and he hurriedly caught Jiang Hao.
“Really…really Jiang Hao? Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence? Last time…”
Xue Yuning couldn’t believe it. The last time Liu Qiang was about to attack himself, this time he even aimed at his good sister.
Although Xue Yuning knew that with Jiang Hao’s ability, he would not be afraid of Liu Qiang, but today is different. Today, he and Jiang Hao are the only two who came here. This is almost equivalent to rushing into a tiger’s den alone.
If that Liu Qiang knew that he and Jiang Hao came to rescue Xu Qingqing, then don’t look back on whether Xu Qingqing can be rescued, maybe she and Jiang Hao will be here too.
Jiang Hao seemed to see Xue Yuning’s worry, took her hand and smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen today.”
Although Xue Yuning believed that Jiang Hao would not lie to herself, there were only two of them, she and Jiang Hao. In case something really happened, it would be too late to regret it.
“Then…what shall we do? Do you want to inform Sister Ye?” Xue Yuning asked.
Jiang Hao smiled and shook his head, glanced at the floor where Feng Pingping and a few security guards had just reached the elevator stop, and said, “No, just follow me!”
After speaking, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning got on another elevator and directly pressed the floor where Liu Qiang was.
Feng Pingping was still laughing when he got out of the elevator upstairs. She was laughing at Jiang Hao’s behavior just now, which was really ridiculous.
“What a fool!” Feng Pingping said to Xu Qingqing, “Xu Qingqing, you see, this is your good sister and your good sister’s husband. After knowing that they can’t offend strong brothers, they are not obedient. Let go? If you can’t do it, you can’t do it, and you pretend to be forced to wait and see. What do you really think of yourself?”
The security guard also mocked for a while: “Ho ho, I thought this kid would have any ability before, but this was persuaded? Sure enough, there is no ability.”
The security guard turned his head and looked at Xu Qingqing again, and sneered: “Little girl, no one will come to rescue you now. Humming to death, in fact, there is nothing wrong with being strong with us. Rich, powerful, and powerful, if our young masters really fall in love with you, that’s the blessing of eight lifetime cultivation, isn’t it?”
As the security guard said, he looked at Xu Qingqing greedily, and then quickly walked to the door of Liu Qiang’s room and knocked gently on the door.
From the beginning to the end, Xu Qingqing had a desperate expression on her face. At this time, she had no tears anymore, and her whole expression was extremely dull.
Perhaps in her heart, as the security chief said, she was completely disappointed with Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning.
Perhaps in Xu Qingqing’s view, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning really heard that the other party was Liu Guohao and Liu Qiang, and they were totally persuaded.
But she didn’t hate Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning for this. After all, one of them is her own good sister, and the other is the person who just gave her hope.
After all, Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning are already interesting enough to step forward at such a moment and come here to save themselves.
What else can I ask for? How can I let the other party get into trouble because of me?
The last tear dripped from the corners of Xu Qingqing’s eyes, and she thought to herself: Well, since he deserves to be fate, since he can’t escape this disaster, then let’s admit it!
Thinking of this, Xu Qingqing closed her eyes tightly, as if waiting for fate to judge her.

Chapter: 336
“Boom boom boom…” The security guard knocked on the door softly, with a flattering smile on his face.
After a while, he heard footsteps coming from the room, then the door was opened, and Liu Qiang walked out with a gloomy expression.
Liu Qiang’s upper body was naked, and the blue dragon tattoos on his body looked a bit hideous and terrifying under the not so bright light.
“Hey, strong young man, I brought you the man.” The security guard pointed back and continued, “Do you still use us to handle it for you?”
Liu Qiang did not say a word, looked at Xu Qingqing indifferently, and walked towards her.
Liu Qiang squeezed Xu Qingqing’s delicate chin with his hand and broke it abruptly to an angle corresponding to his height.
“Bah…” Liu Qiang even sipped directly at Xu Qingqing’s exquisite face, then slapped it involuntarily.
The power of Liu Qiang’s slap was not small. Not only did Xu Qingqing tremble all over his body, even the two security guards holding Xu Qingqing almost lost their feet.
“Can’t you run? Run? Run again!” Liu Qiang suddenly roared, his eyes seemed to be three thousand anger.
He was really annoyed. He spent so much money back and forth. He thought that today must be a process of enjoyment, but he didn’t want to. It didn’t count as Xu Qingqing wanted to escape, but he pushed it to himself.
For Liu Qiang, this kind of thing is simply a shame. If this kind of thing spreads out, then he will be a complete laughing stock in Chujiang, in the circle of his second-generation rich friends.
This is simply unacceptable for Liu Qiang, who cherishes his reputation as if he cherishes his feathers.
What’s more, Xu Qingqing belongs to him, and he has turned his back on him, and Liu Qiang hates this kind of person most!
Liu Qiang grabbed Xu Qingqing’s long black hair, pulled it hard, and lifted her up.
“You really annoyed me today, and I will definitely let you know today, what price will you pay if you annoy me!”
Liu Qiang’s tugging made Xu Qingqing feel the burning pain in her brain, and she screamed in pain.
But seeing this situation, Liu Qiang didn’t have pity for Xiangxiyu. Instead, he smiled grimly, and his strength increased by a few percent.
Then Liu Qiang waved and slapped a few more times, as if he had just vented his anger a little bit.
“Brother Qiang, this woman is too special, you can’t let her go so easily!” Feng Pingping said with jealousy aside.
If Feng Pingping didn’t say this sentence, Liu Qiang would have forgotten her existence.
As soon as Feng Pingping’s voice fell, Liu Qiang stopped his hands, turned his head, and looked at Feng Pingping with a murderous expression.
“Hmph, today is your luck. If she ran away today, I will let you bury her with you!” Liu Qiang said coldly, “But you are right, I will definitely not let her go easily, and you !”
Liu Qiang looked at Feng Pingping’s body, and suddenly showed a greedy grin.
In fact, Feng Pingping is not bad in appearance, but she can’t compare with such beauties as Xue Yuning and Xu Qingqing.
And Feng Pingping’s figure is one of the best, and she is a bit enchanting in her sexy.
Liu Qiang felt a little upset today, so of course he had to change the law to make himself feel better.
As soon as Feng Pingping saw Liu Qiang showing that face to herself, she immediately understood what the other party meant.
Feng Pingping didn’t care about this kind of request, and naturally would not object to it.
She hurriedly smiled charmingly, pretending to be shy and enchanting: “Oh, okay, today, Brother Qiang, you can do whatever you want, oh, let’s not grind, hurry in…”
But before Feng Pingping finished speaking, she suddenly heard a voice behind her.
The voice was loud and loud, and Feng Pingping felt very familiar.
“I see who would dare to bring her in today!”
As soon as this sound came, everyone hurriedly turned their heads and looked over and saw Jiang Hao holding Xue Yuning’s hand, standing at the corner of the corridor not far away.
The appearance of Jiang Hao really surprised everyone present. The crowd stared at Jiang Hao as if they had seen a monster.
“He… why did he come up?” Feng Pingping looked at Jiang Hao in shock, with a look of disbelief.
Feng Pingping originally thought that Jiang Hao had just released the elevator door and he would leave the hotel soon. After all, the security chief had just told him that this hotel was opened by Liu Guohao, and today Xu Qingqing was asked by Liu Qiang.
Even if Jiang Hao is ignorant and ignorant, he would probably know who Chu Jiang is the father and son, and he definitely wouldn’t dare to offend Liu Qiang and Liu Guohao because of Xu Qingqing!
But Jiang Hao came up anyway, Feng Pingping suddenly felt that her head was short-circuited, and she really couldn’t figure out what Jiang Hao thought.
Is it true that you are not afraid of death? But even if you are not afraid of death, there is no need to bring your girlfriend Xue Yuning up to die, right?
Why is Xu Qingqing here, don’t you Jiang Hao know? If you just pull your girlfriend up, are you really afraid that she won’t have trouble?
In Feng Pingping’s eyes, Jiang Hao was extremely mentally retarded, he was a complete stupid pig!

Chapter: 337
But Feng Pingping doesn’t care about those things. She is about to hate Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, so now these two people have been sent to the door. It just so happens that Liu Qiang is also here, so she can add more oil and vinegar, and let Liu Qiang take care of them together. It’s alright.
Feng Pingping was about to speak to Liu Qiang, but was directly interrupted by the security chief.
The latter saw Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning appear, and his surprise was no less than Feng Pingping.
He yelled at Jiang Hao at that time: “Damn, you really are not afraid of death, you really dare to follow along!”
The security captain really couldn’t understand Jiang Hao. The guy who just bought the downstairs had already chosen to admit it, but what did he come up to do?
Want to prove that you are a hero? Or is it simply to die?
Regardless of the situation, Jiang Hao’s behavior is not worthy of praise at all. On the contrary, the security guard still despise Jiang Hao in his heart.
This person is simply no brain, but anyone with a slightly normal brain will definitely not come up to die.
Moreover, the appearance of Jiang Hao is bound to make Liu Qiang angry at him. After all, anyone can come up, and everyone wants to take care of his business. This is already regarded as the negligence of his next security chief.
If I didn’t do anything today, I guess Liu Qiang would not agree.
The security guard turned his head and glanced at Liu Qiang, and hurriedly said, “Young Master Qiang, don’t worry, I will let this kid blow him out!”
After the security guard finished speaking, he waited to see Liu Qiang’s reaction.
But after he finished speaking, Liu Qiang still didn’t react, his eyes stared at Jiang Hao in a little surprise, and he didn’t recover for a long time.
After all, Liu Qiang was surprised to see Jiang Hao here.
where is this place? This is my own hotel industry, why is Jiang Hao here? Are you tracking yourself?
When Liu Qiang thought of this, his whole body trembled involuntarily, because it would be terrible.
After all, just yesterday, I even provoke Jiang Hao, and finally was beaten severely by Brother Leopard. Now my injuries are not healed, how could Liu Qiang forget these.
And he couldn’t help thinking, could it be that Jiang Hao felt that he didn’t deal with him enough yesterday, so he followed him and came to this hotel for the purpose of finding an opportunity to punish him more severely?
It seems that this can explain why Jiang Hao appeared in his heart.
Liu Qiang was in a state of confusion at this time. Although his hatred for Jiang Hao was overwhelming, he didn’t accept Jiang Hao at all, and even wanted to one day return all the humiliation he had suffered.
But that is something in the future. Right now, I am not Jiang Hao’s opponent at all. If I want to head-on with Jiang Hao, it is purely seeking death.
Even if Liu Qiang wanted revenge, he had to have his life to revenge. Now if he annoys Jiang Hao again, then there is really no chance.
Liu Qiang beat the drums in his heart and panicked. He didn’t know what Jiang Hao would do to him next.
But he knows very well that what he should do next is that no matter what happens today, he must pretend to be counseled and let Jiang Hao deal with it, and everything is for himself to survive.
Liu Qiang had already figured it out thoroughly, don’t say apologize to Jiang Hao for a while, even if he was told to kneel down to Jiang Hao again, he would not hesitate.
He wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and hurriedly wanted to speak to Jiang Hao.
But as soon as the words came to the lips, they were interrupted by Feng Pingping, who was a little bit.
“Young Master Jiang, since they are here, then I will simply tell you that these two people are here to spoil the situation today!” Feng Pingping pointed at Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning with a sinister smile, and continued, ” You don’t know, just downstairs, these two people appeared, and they wanted to snatch Xu Qingqing from my brother and me, but fortunately, this is our place and didn’t let this bastard succeed. !”
Feng Pingping said with a smug look on her face. From her point of view, as long as Liu Qiang reluctantly said a few words about Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning this time, she would definitely be angry with Liu Qiang’s temper.
The consequence of Liu Qiang’s anger was that Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning suffered!
These two idiots didn’t know if they came up to death, how could they not be fulfilled?
Feng Pingping paused, and then began to say: “And Brother Qiang, do you know what this bastard said about you? We stopped him from taking Xu Qingqing away, and said it was Xu Qingqing you wanted, but this bastard But you said that Brother Qiang is a shit, you are not as good as a dog in front of him, and that Brother Qiang, your father, President Liu, is a pig, and your family is in his eyes, not bullshit, he let Brother Qiang you Let go, if you don’t let go, he will kill you…”
Liu Qiang’s face turned green when he heard Feng Pingping’s words.
Of course he also knew that Feng Pingping’s words were exaggerated, but he was even more aware that what Feng Pingping said just now was not wrong at all.

Chapter: 338
In Jiang Hao’s eyes, his net worth is indeed not even a fart.
Don’t talk about yourself, even if it is his father Liu Guohao, in Jiang Hao’s eyes, it is just a dispensable thing.
Jiang Hao said one word, and he and his father Liu Guohao, who would dare not say a word? Unless they don’t want to live anymore, everyone in the Liu family is not hungry and wants to go to the toilet.
And Feng Pingping was right. If Jiang Hao opened his mouth to ask Xu Qingqing, would he dare not to give it? If you don’t give it, Jiang Hao might really kill himself, and in the end there is nothing to do.
It was not that Liu Qiang had forgotten what happened yesterday. When Jiang Hao said that he was going to deal with him, his stupid father didn’t ask for plea, and in the end he didn’t even let go.
Now if I annoy Jiang Hao again, I guess the result will be the same as yesterday, and my stupid father, Liu Guohao, will definitely give up himself completely.
Liu Qiang knew very well that he was the only one who could save himself now.
He was now so scared that he was shaking involuntarily, his face was blue, and he didn’t know what the end would be waiting for him next.
At this moment, Feng Pingping actually spoke again.
She looked at Liu Qiang’s expression and the slight tremor of her body, and she couldn’t help feeling a little happy, because in her opinion, Liu Qiang’s performance seemed to be precisely because of her own words that worked, and Liu Qiang was so angry.
Then why don’t you add more fuel and jealousy to make Liu Qiang angry again, and then angry with Jiang Hao and Xue Yuning, and finally Liu Qiang can’t take their two lives?
“Brother Qiang, how damn you say this kind of person is. I told him just now when I was downstairs. He said that you were looking for death. Originally, I planned to go back and clean them up, but I I thought they ran away, but I didn’t expect them to run up!”
Feng Pingping put on an angry expression and said, “Brother Qiang, since they are looking for death by themselves, dare to say that you and Mr. Liu, you must not let them go. You should teach them a lesson!”
Hearing Feng Pingping’s words, the security guards on the side also reacted quickly and hurriedly followed.
“That’s right, young master, this kid is provoking you, we can’t stand it anymore, we should punish him!”
“Don’t worry, this matter is on our heads. It will definitely make him remember. Next time I see you, you will be respectful!”
“Yeah, this bastard is too rebellious. I think the leg will be broken for him, and the teeth will be pulled out one by one. If you save him, he will talk nonsense! Dare to scold him as a dog, look at me I won’t kill you…”
These security guards are just flattering, and of course Liu Qiang knows it very well.
But you guys are good at flattering at the very least. You can figure out the situation before you shoot. You didn’t do a good job of flattering, and it’s easy to beat Lao Tzu to death!
Liu Qiang was trembling with anger by these people’s words, and his heart was even more frightened, for fear that Jiang Hao would record all their faults on his own head, then he was really wronged.
Liu Qiang glared fiercely at the security guards, and Feng Pingping on the side, almost killing them all.
At this moment, Jiang Hao, who was not far away, smiled, and he smiled calmly. He then said to the security guards and Feng Pingping, “Why, am I wrong? Liu Qiang, even if it is Liu Guohao, in me I didn’t even count as a fart in my eyes, but now I dare to say that in front of him. What can he do to me?”
Jiang Hao’s words made the security guards breathe in air-conditioning, and all of them looked incredible.
Feng Pingping on the side was even more frightened, and she couldn’t believe that this was what Jiang Hao said.
But soon she was relieved, and even a little excited about it, because she knew that Jiang Hao would dare to say such things and wait to be cleaned up to death!
Stupid pig, you can’t blame others if you want to die by yourself!
The security guards came back to their senses and became even more fierce. They stared at Jiang Hao angrily, and yelled, “Boy, shut up your mouth. I don’t want to tear your dog mouth today. You have a hard mouth now, I will see you still have a hard mouth after a while!”
“Yeah, don’t worry, strong young man, don’t be angry, this little bastard, we will tidy up for you soon, I will see him kneeling in front of you in a moment, dare to say such a thing !”
After speaking, the security guards rushed to Jiang Hao to start angrily.
Seeing this situation, Xue Yuning couldn’t help squeezing a sweat in his palms, and the whole person was extremely nervous.
The moment he saw Liu Qiang, Xue Yuning was already nervous, not to mention the fact that the other party had already started.
“Jiang Hao…what to do…” Xue Yuning raised her head nervously and looked at Jiang Hao, but was stunned to find that Jiang Hao’s face was still calm and calm. It felt like all this. It’s all under his control.
Jiang Hao lowered his head and smiled slightly at Xue Yuning, and said, “It’s okay, don’t worry!”
As soon as Jiang Hao finished speaking, everyone heard Liu Qiang speak.

Chapter: 339
“Stop for me, what are you doing!” Liu Qiang yelled at several security guards.
Several security guards heard the words with a dumbfounded expression, but they stopped very obediently and looked at each other one after another, a little at a loss.
“Strong… Strong young man, we are planning to clean him up? What’s wrong?”
“Yeah, strong young man, this little bastard said that of you, of course we have to clean him up, otherwise it won’t work if we let him go?”
Hearing this, Liu Qiang walked to the security guards with anger on his face, and slapped the two in front of him casually.
“Go away with me!” Liu Qiang roared.
The two security guards were beaten for a moment, completely at a loss.
Even if it was the head of the security guard, he looked dazed at this time.
He hurriedly stepped up and said, “Young Master Qiang, I didn’t really mean anything else. We are all kind. We want to help you settle this kid. He humiliated you so much, I can’t listen!”
As soon as the security guard finished speaking, he suddenly felt a little bit cold all over his body, and then he saw Liu Qiang looking at him coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.
“Help me? Are you so kind? I’m so kind of you!”
After speaking, Liu Qiang suddenly raised his hand, and hit the security guard with a violent blow to the head. His fist fell like rain, and the head of the security guard begged for mercy.
“Don’t be strong…Don’t fight, I’m wrong, I’m wrong…” The security guard begged for mercy, “I really know that I was wrong, I shouldn’t take your credit, you can handle it yourself, we… We promise not to interfere…”
Obviously, the head of the security guard hadn’t been able to recall the incident until now. He thought that Liu Qiang had beaten himself because he was afraid that he would take the credit for him. He thought that he just wanted to clean up Jiang Hao by himself.
Liu Qiang, who just heard what he said, couldn’t laugh or cry. Even if I died today, I didn’t know how to die. What kind of power do you grab!
“It’s so nonsense, believe it or not, I will kill you!” Liu Qiang kicked out abruptly, and kicked the security guard a long way.
This scene not only stunned everyone present, but also made everyone afraid to act rashly.
Especially Feng Pingping, even if her mind has increased a hundred times the speed at this time, she still can’t figure out what is going on.
Could it be that Liu Qiang suddenly went crazy? Feng Pingping comforted herself so deeply.
But at this moment, she suddenly felt that a figure appeared in front of her. She raised her head suddenly and saw Liu Qiang looking at herself with an angry face.
“Strong…Brother Qiang…” Feng Pingping was so scared that she was trembling all over the battle, she said incoherently, but she forgot what she said in the last episode.
“What did you just say?” Liu Qiang snorted coldly and asked Feng Pingping, “Say it again!”
“I… I didn’t say anything?” Feng Pingping said palely, “I really didn’t say anything…”
Feng Pingping’s mind was blank, but she felt one thing deeply that she might be planted here today.
Liu Qiang Yuguang glanced at Jiang Hao, who was always standing by without saying a word, and continued to say to Feng Pingping: “What did you say about him just now?”
Liu Qiang’s tone was cold, and Feng Pingping was frightened at a loss. Upon hearing this, she hurriedly said subconsciously: “Yes…I mean he just scolded you downstairs and your father, Mr. Liu…he …”
Feng Pingping swallowed her saliva and continued: “He scolded you and your father, but he was just a dog, and said that you are not even a fart…”
Before Feng Pingping finished her words, she suddenly felt her hair caught by Liu Qiang.
Liu Qiang grabbed Feng Pingping’s hair hard and slammed it against the wall of the corridor.
Feng Pingping felt that the back of her head was numb, and then she fell heavily on the wall.
Feng Pingping’s pain couldn’t get worse, and she felt like she fell apart.
And this scene shocked the security guards present, and all of them were frightened, as if it was their turn next.
Liu Qiang spitted fiercely and pointed at these people and cursed: “You dogs see low-level things. Today this is just the beginning. You will wait for me to see how I can fix you later!”
Liu Qiang suddenly looked at Jiang Hao, and unexpectedly squeezed out a smile, but that smile was humble, smiling cautiously, and fearful.
But as soon as he turned his head, facing the security guards and Feng Pingping, Liu Qiang had another ferocious expression.
Liu Qiang pointed at the people present, scolded, and finally turned his eyes on Feng Pingping, sneered, and pointed at her, “Didn’t you just say that I have my dad in front of her, is it a dog? Didn’t you say that we don’t even count as a fart…”
Before Liu Qiang had finished speaking, Feng Pingping was so scared that her entire face was distorted, pale as a piece of paper.
She cried and shook her head again and again, “No…I didn’t… it was all he said by himself. This is not the strong brother I said, I really didn’t say…”
Feng Pingping tried to explain the matter clearly, but only saw Liu Qiang smile contemptuously, and said, “Yes, you are not wrong!”

Chapter: 340
Liu Qiang sneered and continued: “What you said is right, not only me, but also my dad. In front of him, Shao Jiang, he was not even a dog!”
As soon as Liu Qiang said these words, the air in the entire corridor seemed to freeze. The security guards looked at Liu Qiang with weird eyes, as if they had misheard them. Ten thousand people could not believe those words just now. It came from Liu Qiang’s mouth.
Is it possible that Liu Qiang is really crazy? Otherwise, with his personality, how could he say such a thing.
On weekdays, Liu Qiang is extremely competitive and eager to win, and sometimes even for a little vanity, he will get into a group with other rich and young people.
But what’s going on today, it’s even a slander to say this to an ordinary gangster?
Everyone present was speculating wildly in their hearts, but there was no answer, and they were even more confused.
But soon, these people will find that what Liu Qiang said just now is nothing at all, because her next move almost shocked everyone’s jaw.
Liu Qiang turned his head and cursed those people: “Do you guys know what you did? What else did you say? How dare you talk to Shao Jiang like that? I think you are just living enough!”
After speaking, Liu Qiang hurried over to Jiang Hao, with a complicated expression on his face.
When Xue Yuning saw this, he was a little nervous, and couldn’t help hiding behind Jiang Hao.
She still vividly remembered the previous events.
But what surprised Xue Yuning was that just when he was more than one meter away from Jiang Hao, Liu Qiang stopped suddenly, and the subsequent movements shocked Xue Yuning even more.
Because he knelt down!
Just like this, Liu Qiang knelt down in front of Jiang Hao under the full view of everyone, and showed the appearance of complete submission.
Liu Qiang buried his head deeply, and then knocked on the ground. He respectfully said to Jiang Hao: “Jiang, I’m so sorry, please calm down!”
Liu Qiang’s actions and words uttered like a bolt from the blue sky, directly blasting into the hearts of everyone present.
If these people were just surprised by Liu Qiang’s weird and unexplainable behavior, almost all of them are dumbfounded now.
Everyone stared at the scene in front of them dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe their eyes or ears. Feng Pingping even squeezed herself severely to see if she was in a nightmare.
My leg hurts, what I see is true, what I hear is also true, obviously not a nightmare!
But Feng Pingping was unwilling to accept everything in front of her.
what is happening? How could Liu Qiang kneel to Jiang Hao? And kowtow to apologize? This is so magical.
Who is Liu Qiang? Chu Jianghao brother Liu Guohao’s son always walks sideways in Chujiang.
And what about Jiang Hao? That’s the poor and famous cockroach of Chujiang University.
The identities of the two are altogether different. If people like Jiang Hao dared to offend Liu Qiang as much as they did today, they might be repaired to death by Liu Qiang!
But today, Liu Qiang knelt down for him, even as if a wolf cub had met a wolf king, and clipped his tail to please him?
What the hell is going on! Feng Pingping had a splitting headache.
The security guards on the other side were also stunned at this time, stupidly poking them in place, watching Liu Qiang’s kneeling back, and everyone seemed to be petrified.
what on earth is it?
Is it possible that this kid is really a big man?
This is Liu Qiang, one of the most arrogant people in the ancestors of Chu Jiang II, now he is kneeling humblely in front of him?
The security guard’s brow furrowed at this moment, and he felt deeply that today’s affairs seem to be really big.
The first thing he recovered from was hurriedly whispering to himself and letting go of Xu Qingqing…
And Xu Qingqing, who was suddenly let go, fell to the ground directly after her whole body became soft.
Seeing this, Xue Yuning rushed over and held the opponent.
Up to this moment, Xu Qingqing was still dumb. She took a long time before raising her head to look around. When she saw Xue Yuning’s delicate face, she couldn’t help it anymore, “Wow”. Cried out.
“Okay, okay, Xiaoqing, it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t worry, I’ll be there…” Xue Yuning tightly hugged Xu Qingqing in his arms and looked at Jiang Hao. At this moment, Xue Yuning seemed to understand. It turned out that all of this was under Jiang Hao’s control.
She may not know exactly when it was, but this incredible Liu Qiang might have been docile by the two.
In this way, there is no need to be afraid, and Xu Qingqing is also completely rescued.
Xu Qingqing cried for a long time before she seemed to slow down, as if she suddenly felt angry when she was cold.
Immediately after, she raised her head and looked at Jiang Hao, unexpectedly an indescribable sentiment came into her eyes.

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