I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 441-450

Chapter: 441
“I can’t give it back to him, so what else does he want?” Liu Qiang was a little disdainful. He felt that no one in Chujiang dared to do anything to his dad, except Jiang Hao.
Liu Guohao sighed, and he was a little frustrated: “You bastard, you’re damaging me all day long, you…you don’t know who owns the pendant, right?”
Liu Qiang frowned upon hearing this. Scratching his head and scratching his head: “I…I don’t know, what’s the matter? Isn’t it… Could it be that you can’t settle this matter?” “I can settle your mother!” Liu Guohao exclaimed without a word. “The pendant was given by Shao Jiang to his girlfriend. What is the matter with you? You haven’t figured out whose pendant is. Why would you dare to sell it? You have eaten a bear heart and leopard guts. Right?”
When he heard his father’s words, Liu Qiang was so scared that his entire face was pale.
“Wh…what?” Liu Qiang was dumbfounded, his mind was completely blank, “How could it be his?”
After a long while, when Liu Qiang recollected it, he felt that his entire brain seemed to be covered. It’s about to burst!
Is this pendant Jiang Hao’s? He gave it to Xue Yuning?
“Hold the groove!” Liu Qiang yelled angrily. At this moment, he wanted to tear Feng Pingping alive!
This silly woman, who is not good to steal? She dared to steal Jiang Hao’s things?
“Damn, I miscalculated…” Liu Qiang put down the phone and began to mutter nonstop.
He regretted it a bit. If he had heard Feng Pingping say who owns this pendant before, it is estimated that it would not be as embarrassing and troublesome as it is today.
Liu Qiang still remembers what happened in his company last time. Jiang Hao seemed to have really murdered himself last time, and if it weren’t for the sudden desire to open it later, it is estimated that he would be about to burn his head.
Now his own person stole the pendant that Jiang Hao gave to Xue Yuning…
It is estimated that this time, I am in a disaster no matter what!
“Dad…Save me, you have to save me Dad…” Liu Qiang suddenly cried out and said in despair, “Dad, I know it’s wrong, this time your way to save me, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t even know that it was Jiang Hao’s stuff. I blamed that person… Yes, I blamed her. I sold the things she stole to me. I was greedy for money for a while, I didn’t mean to want it. It’s right against Jiang Shaozuo, Dad…”
Liu Qiang was desperate, especially when he heard his father say that he had already come to him.
Obviously, this is Jiang Hao who came to the door. It is estimated that this time, he will not let go of himself again, right?
“Dad, what should I do? Or… Or should I run? If I stay in Chujiang again, I will definitely die Dad once. I… I don’t want to die, Dad…”
Liu Guohao heard that his son was suffering The sound of begging for mercy is also helpless.
Of course he knew that if Jiang Hao knew about this matter, he wouldn’t have a good end whether Liu Qiang stole it or not.
To know what happened last time, Liu Qiang still had a black account with Jiang Hao.
This is how to do!
Liu Guohao was upset and yelled at the phone: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense, you come over first, let’s find a way together!”
“In the past?” Liu Qiang seemed to have heard it wrong, a little desperate. Said, “Dad, didn’t you just say that Shao Jiang has found you? If I go over, isn’t that a sheep’s mouth?”
“You fart, it was not him who found me, it was your buyer! You came to me immediately , He shouldn’t know about this now, don’t talk nonsense, get out of here now!” Liu Guohao scolded.
“Not him? The buyer?” Liu Qiang heard the words with a dazed expression.
But listening to what his father said, it seems that Jiang Hao doesn’t know about this matter?
Hearing this news, Liu Qiangxuan’s big rock in his heart could not help falling to the ground with a thud.
For him, this is simply great news.
“It’s fine if you don’t know, it’s fine if you don’t know, Dad, don’t worry, I’ll go over…” Liu Qiang smiled, hung up the phone quickly, grabbed the clothes from the sofa, and ran out from the bar.
“Liu Shao, how did you leave? Didn’t you say that you were inviting you today?” Suddenly someone shouted.
Liu Qiang ran out without turning his head, and said loudly as he ran, “Please, my father, I will not take care of my life…” On the other side, Haoyuan Group, Liu Guohao’s office.
Since hanging up the phone, Liu Guohao’s head began to move rapidly.
He was thinking of a way, thinking of a way to survive the immediate crisis.
But just as he was thinking about it, Xu Tianlin’s laughter came out of his ears: “Mr. Liu, what’s the matter, I didn’t lie just now?”
Liu Guohao retracted his thoughts, raised his head, and saw Xu Tianlin looking with a smile on his face. Yourself.
He almost hates this Xu Tianlin now. This guy seems to be young, but he makes such an old fried dough stick that has been in the world for many years embarrassing. He is really a ruthless character.
Liu Guohao pretended to be calm, put away his anger, looked at Xu Tianlin coldly, and said, “What you said… is indeed correct, but I have asked my son. He said that the pendant was not stolen by him, but by someone else. I bought it for him, he was a hand-down at best!”
Liu Guohao continued: “In this case, I don’t seem to have anything to worry about. After all, the pendant was not stolen by my son. In the end, even if it was Jiang Shao who became angry, I can at best return the money to Jiang Shao!”
Liu Guohao clearly understood that we were also victims of this incident. I guess as long as we finally talk to Jiang Hao clearly. He wouldn’t be like himself, and his unsuspecting son.
It’s just that he himself knows that his rhetoric is at best self-comforting.
Because if I were Jiang Hao, I heard that the things I gave to my wife had been stolen, and it ended up on someone who had molested his wife before and was upset for him, then I probably wouldn’t care about it. You stole it.
The pendant is sold from your hands, even if it is not stolen by you, it cannot be separated from you.
The final result is almost predictable.
It’s just that Liu Guohao said this, nothing more than to say to Xu Tianlin. He thought that Xu Tianlin would listen to his own words and think that his so-called trump card would not work for him at all, so he went right away!
As for whether he should betray Jiang Hao, this matter is really too relevant, and it may take his own life, but he doesn’t want to decide now.
To put it bluntly, Liu Guohao still wants to wait and see, to see who, in the end, Jiang Hao and Xu Tianlin, the two tigers, can have the upper hand, and finally he will put the treasure on whom, and in the end, he can even increase his wealth and become both sides. The sweet pastry in the eyes…
But the thoughts are just thoughts after all.
Since Xu Tianlin is here today, he is rushing to get Liu Guohao completely.
Hearing what Liu Guohao said, he suddenly laughed presumptuously, and sarcastically said: “Liu Guohao, Liu Guohao, are you really that stupid? Or did you tell me on purpose? I guess, what you said just now , You don’t believe it yourself? Hehe…”
Suddenly, Xu Tianlin’s face changed suddenly, and he stared at Liu Guohao murderously, and he scolded: “The surname Liu, you don’t give me sloppy eyes, I tell you, I am today Come, I’ll give you two paths, either cooperate with me, let’s drink spicy food, or you will become my enemy, and finally become the stepping stone to my success with the poor boy named Jiang! Don’t think I don’t know. What are you thinking about, I won’t give you that chance!”
“I warn you at last, either you agree to cooperate with me, or I will immediately find someone to tell the pendant surnamed Jiang that your son stole the pendant, and you are calculating for him. Look at how he will fix you in the end! ”

Chapter: 442
“You have no choice!” Xu Tianlin finally poked Liu Guohao’s chest with his fingers, sneered, and sat back on the sofa just now.
And Liu Guohao was completely desperate at this time. It seems that he really has no choice this time?
Xu Tianlin lit a cigarette again, swallowing the clouds , and continuing to ask: “Mr. Liu, how are you, can you think about it?” Liu Guohao hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath, his eyes suddenly became firmer. He opened his mouth and said: “Well, I can promise you, but…but I have to know, I promise to cooperate with you, what is the advantage of me?”
Xu Tianlin heard that Liu Guohao finally let go, and he couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief.
He smiled slightly, thought for a while, stretched out a finger, and said: “After everything is done, in the Chengnan project, I will share 10% of your profits, how about?”
10% of the profits? That is at least several hundred million.
It seems that it is worth it to take such a big risk. At least one’s net worth can be doubled.
Liu Guohao immediately asked: “Then… I want to know, how confident are you that you will eat the Chengnan Project?”
Liu Guohao asked this, he grinned and asked, “Mr. Liu, what do you think Just what I just showed you, how sure is it worth?”
Liu Guohao thought for a while. Indeed, what Xu Tianlin just showed him is definitely not to be underestimated for the lethality of this Chengnan project.
But he didn’t dare to underestimate Jiang Hao’s strength, so after thinking about it, Liu Guohao said, “Sixty percent!”
Xu Tianlin smiled and said, “Mr. Liu, you are so unconfident. In your eyes, such a devastating thing is worth 60%? Haha, let me tell you the truth. If you take it out, the poor boy will be dumbfounded immediately, so I think it is worth 80% of the assurance at least, and now I have more Mr. Liu, your joining, it is just like a tiger. To be conservative, let’s be conservative.
I’m sure, but 90% already has it, so next, let’s wait for a good show.” Xu Tianlin meditated for a while, smiled and said: “I see, we have to choose a good day…”
Xu Tianlin said, It seemed to be talking to Liu Guohao, but it seemed to be talking to himself.
He was still a little stunned for a while. After a while, he returned to his senses before he continued: “Then Mr. Liu, I wish us a happy cooperation in advance?”
Now that the matter is over, Liu Guohao of course let go. Now, he squeezed out a smile, nodded slightly, and said, “Happy cooperation, happy cooperation…”
“But…” Liu Guohao hurriedly asked again, “Xu Dashao, can you tell me your plan again? Some? At the very least, I should know what I should do next?”
Xu Tianlin smiled, and said that the old thing is really a ghost. I told you all the plan. If you change it later, I will look for it. Who is going?
Xu Tianlin got up, glanced at Liu Guohao, and said lightly: “Mr. Liu, you don’t have to worry about it. What you should do and what you do, I will inform you later, so you can wait for the news with peace of mind.
” Hehe, at such a young age, isn’t An Anxin making money right? You have to participate too much, aren’t you tired?”
After speaking, Xu Tianlin turned and walked out of Liu Guohao’s office, leaving Liu Guohao with a stunned look behind him. .
Liu Guohao sighed and shook his head again and again.
In fact, he just wanted to follow Xu Tianlin’s words.
For such a dangerous thing, naturally the more information one has, the more a guarantee.
Lest you use it as a gun for others.
For so many years, Liu Guohao still feels like a mirror in his heart.
It’s just that Xu Tianlin is obviously not a good kind, and he guessed his mind all at once.
Liu Guohao was helpless and sighed. He thought to himself that now that he should be prepared to consider what he would do next.
It seems that it is impossible for me to stand in the middle and ride the wall. I can only stand on Xu Tianlin’s side now.
What he has to consider is how to maximize his own interests and how to ensure the success of this plan.
But not long after Liu Guohao thought about this, the door of his office was pushed open again, and then Liu Qiang rushed in anxiously.
“Dad, what’s wrong? What happened?” Liu Qiang asked anxiously.
Seeing Liu Qiang, Liu Guohao was so angry that he wanted to raise his hand to hit this unsatisfactory thing, but after thinking about it, let’s forget it. Now that’s the end, what will happen to him even if he is disabled?
“Hey…” Liu Guohao sighed heavily and sighed, “You, you, you really hurt your dad!”
Liu Qiang didn’t know, so he hurriedly asked, “Dad, what’s the matter? Really? Didn’t that Jiang Hao discover this?”
Liu Guohao sighed again, and said all the things just now, and finally said: “Son, now we father and son are on the thief ship, we don’t have to run away. !”
Hearing Liu Guohao finished speaking, Liu Qiang looked stunned, and he was taken aback for a while.
He asked in amazement: “Dad…this, is this really fake? The Xu family is going to engage the kid surnamed Jiang?”
“Can this be fake? It’s true!”
Hearing this, Liu Qiang suddenly presumptuous With a big laugh, he slapped Liu Guohao’s desk fiercely, and said loudly: “Damn, it’s great!”
“Ah?” Liu Guohao was stunned when he heard this. “What did you say?”
“Haha, I said it was great, Dad!” Liu Qiang said very excitedly, “Dad, do you know what, because of last time I had already thought in my heart that one day I could slam the kid surnamed Jiang under my feet. I thought that there would be no chance in my life, but I didn’t expect it. It’s so fast, hehe, the Xu family is going to deal with this little bastard. It’s a god help me!” Hearing this, for Liu Qiang, it is tantamount to great news.
And he heard that Xu Tianlin was already 90% sure about this matter, and he was even more excited.
“Dad, go ahead, let’s follow Xu Tianlin, and when we look back, our father and son will not only no longer have to accept that little bastard, but also make a fortune. Isn’t this a thing that kills two birds with one stone?” Liu Guohao saw I can’t help but feel a little sorrowful at the crazy look of my precious son.
It seems that this kid is still too tender, and things are so simple.
“Hmph, do you think things are as simple as you think?” Liu Guohao sighed, “Remember, no matter when it comes, we must guarantee our own interests, just like you are stunned. I just wanted to retaliate against others.
Looking back, I don’t know how to die. I was treated as a backstop, and I’m still happy!” After finishing the interview with Liu Qiang, Liu Guohao couldn’t help shook his head again, walked to the window, and looked into the distance. , The expression on his face became more and more solemn… After a few days passed, Jiang Hao had hardly been at school these days.
Since the Chu family, the largest engineering equipment company in Chujiang, was kicked out of the Chengnan project before, Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie have been looking for suitable replacements.
They almost searched for several small and medium-sized companies in Chujiang, but it was nothing more than the lack of qualifications of the other party, and they did not meet their standards.
And soon, they set their sights on an engineering equipment company in a provincial capital.
This company is well-known in the province. The most important thing is that the company is large enough to support the project.
So soon, Ye Yunjie sent out an invitation to the other party, and this day was the day when the two parties met to discuss cooperation.
But no one thought that whether it was for Jiang Hao or Ye Yunjie, this day would almost be the beginning of a nightmare.

Chapter: 443
The place of negotiation was finally far away at Haoyue Hotel. After all, this is one of the most luxurious hotels in Chujiang, and it has hosted many large conferences.
Commercial negotiations of this scale are nothing to Haoyue Hotel.
The negotiation went smoothly at the beginning, and in order to show importance, the vice president of the company was directly sent to discuss cooperation business.
However, the main content of the negotiation was all done by Ye Yunjie. Jiang Hao knew some of the key or professional things, so he could only ask Ye Yunjie in a low voice to figure it out.
It seems that everything is going well, so that soon the two parties are ready to sign the contract.
As long as the contract is signed, this cooperation is equivalent to finalizing a boulder in the hearts of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, and it seems to have fallen.
But just when the terms of the contract were printed out and handed over to the negotiator of the other party, the other party’s cell phone suddenly rang.
“Uh… I’m sorry, it’s our boss’s call. I… I’ll answer the call first.” The other party said apologetically.
Just answer a phone call, nothing wrong.
Both Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie didn’t care at all.
“Please.” Ye Yunjie smiled and motioned, “It’s okay.” The other party smiled and nodded, and quickly got up and walked aside to answer the phone.
But soon, a look of surprise appeared on the face of the negotiator: “What? Mr. Zhu, what do you mean? It’s already reached this point, you…”
Then, the other party seemed to be heard on the phone. The roaring sound.
The vice president who came from the negotiation had no choice but to sigh, hung up the phone with a frustrated expression, and returned to his seat.
But instead of sitting down, he simply sorted out his own things, and even the golden pen he had just put out and was going to be used to sign the contract was actually stuffed into his pocket.
This action really made Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie a little confused.
What is this for?
“Mr. Chen, what are you…” Ye Yunjie hurriedly got up and asked, and she was already frowning at this time, and an ominous premonition seemed to slowly envelope her.
The other party glanced at Ye Yunjie, her face looked extremely depressed.
He sighed and said: “Miss Ye, I’m really sorry, I…I may not be able to sign this contract today!” The other party’s words were shocking, and Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie both opened their mouths in shock.
“Not signed? Why?” Ye Yunjie asked in surprise, “Didn’t we just negotiated all the terms? And at your request, we also made a lot of concessions, and now you say no to sign. ”
Ye Yunjie is almost furious, what she hates most is the people who turn back.
Jiang Hao also looked astonished. After all, the two sides had just negotiated, and it seemed that there was not much ups and downs in the process. How could they suddenly say no to sign?
“Is there any problem? If so, you can bring it up with me. You can sit down and study it carefully!” Jiang Hao said earnestly, “Just not sign it, so… it doesn’t seem like Okay?”
Jiang Hao’s words were to warn the other party not to be too ruthless in doing things. After all, they were amiable one second before, but the effort of answering the phone was turned upside down. You seem to be doing things too badly. It’s authentic.
But Jiang Hao didn’t dare to say too badly. After all, for now, the only engineering equipment company in the whole province that can undertake the Xiachengnan project, except for the Ye family, is the only one he talked about.
If there is any accident in this company, it will be a huge loss for the Chengnan project.
After all, without some advanced engineering equipment, many projects cannot be carried out, and in the end, the delay is the construction period.
And a one-day delay in the construction period means that he will spend his money in vain.
The only one who bears the loss is yourself.
And Jiang Hao seemed to think that the other party was deliberately calculating himself.
After all, I talked very well before, and suddenly I said that I would not sign. How does it look like the other party wants to deliberately pinch himself, so as to raise his fortune, and search for more suspicion from him.
But now that’s the matter, instead of shutting down the project and suffering millions of losses every day, it is better to give the other party a little bit of sweetness, so that he can work for himself with peace of mind.
It’s just Jiang Hao’s guess, which seems inaccurate.
Because after he said this, the other party’s negotiator just shook his head helplessly: “Young Master Jiang, no… it’s not a problem. I don’t know what to say. I just received a call from our boss. He said, we can’t sign this contract with you. As for the specific reason…hey, I don’t know anymore.”
This general manager looked sad. After all, in his opinion, this is a big cake in front of him. Ten billion or even tens of billions of accounts. This loss is immeasurable.
The other party sighed heavily and apologized to Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie: “In fact, I don’t understand why this is.”
Jiang Hao was a little confused when the other party said that.
He is a negotiator, the vice president of the company, doesn’t he even know why the negotiation was terminated? This is really unreasonable.
Ye Yunjie even smiled without writing, as if she had seen through the other party’s tricks, she sneered: “Come on, don’t think I don’t know what medicine you sell in the gourd, but I can be very clear and understand. I’m telling you that if you unilaterally want to use this to blackmail us and want to maliciously raise the price, I’m sorry, we won’t agree!”
In Ye Yunjie’s view, it seems that the facts are already clear, and there will be no second This is possible.
To be honest, this kind of situation, when it used to be by Shen Haoting’s side, encountered more.
But as soon as she said this, the other party’s negotiator looked innocent and quickly said: “Miss Ye, listen to me. It’s really not like this. Don’t worry. I’ll go back and ask our boss, what’s wrong. , I will give you an answer as soon as possible, but I’m sure that this is not what you think Miss Ye is…” The other party seems to be very innocent, after all, the call from my boss was too sudden. Don’t mention Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao, even he was caught off guard, even at a loss.
But Ye Yunjie didn’t believe the other party’s intentions at all, she just said indifferently: “Okay, you can give me a reasonable explanation now. The talk is good, why didn’t you sign it? I seriously doubt your company’s reputation. I’ll check it out later. If it’s what I said, I’m sorry, I’ll use all the relationships I can to block your company. I, Ye Yunjie, do what I say!”
After speaking, Ye Yunjie also Without giving the other party a chance to explain, he said to Jiang Hao: “Shao Jiang, let’s go.”
Because Ye Yunjie knows very well that if she continues to stay here, there will be little effect, and it will only make the other party feel more and more that she can’t live without it. His company, on the contrary, contributes to its arrogance.
As the vice president said, he doesn’t know anything, it’s almost impossible.
He is the vice president of the company. If he is not present in the company’s major decisions, then this decision is illegal in some respects.
Ye Yunjie has been with Shen Haoting for so many years, she still knows the truth about this.
However, as soon as Ye Yunjie said this, the other party’s vice president of negotiation immediately became nervous, and quickly stepped forward to comfort him, saying: “Miss Ye, Shao Jiang, don’t get angry, you two, don’t worry, I’ll give us Mr. Zhu again. Call and ask!”

Chapter: 444
While talking, the vice president quickly took out his mobile phone and prepared to make a call.
But almost at the same time, the door of this room was suddenly pushed open, and then a voice came in.
“No need to call!”
Immediately afterwards, everyone in the room cast their gazes over.
When he saw the person coming, the vice president couldn’t help but stunned a bit, because he didn’t know him, but he felt familiar.
But Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie were both astonished at this time, because it was not someone else who entered the door, but it was Chu Zhengting and Chu Yuan.
“Why are you here? Who let you in! Get out!” Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly became gloomy, and she snapped.
However, the Chu family and his son didn’t take it seriously. Instead, they smiled, skipped Ye Yunjie, walked to the negotiator, smiled and patted each other’s shoulders, and said, “Don’t rush away, sit down. .”
After speaking, the Chu family and his son did not wait for others to react, but sat on the chairs in front of them for themselves.
The sudden appearance of these two people really surprised Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie.
Especially Jiang Hao, he remembers that the Chu family was kicked out of the Chengnan project by himself before, and the Chu family’s company also encountered huge difficulties, and it was almost certain that it was bankrupt.
But what is going on here? After a few days of not seeing each other, the two fathers and sons of the Chu family not only didn’t look very good, but they were a little bit proud in their eyes.
“Sister Ye, ask Qiao San to hand in the security guards and blast them out for me!” Jiang Hao said coldly.
Ye Yunjie gave a hum, and then she took out her mobile phone to make a call.
But at this moment, Chu Yuan waved his hand at Jiang Hao, and said with a smile: “Don’t say goodbye, why are you so anxious? I know you don’t want to see us father and son, but even if you want to drive us away, Wait until we finish talking? Otherwise, don’t you want to talk about cooperation?”
Talk about cooperation? What can I talk to you?
Jiang Hao sneered, and flatly refused: “Your Chu family is now blacklisted by the Chengnan Project. What cooperation can I discuss with you? You are not welcome here, go quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”
Jiang Hao unceremoniously gave the order to dismiss the guest. Looking back at the Chu family father and son, they still sat on the chair calmly.
“Haha, don’t be so irritable, I have already said, I am here to talk to you about cooperation today!” Chu Yuan smiled.
“Cooperation? Haha, do you think you deserve it? I already have a cooperative company here, so please don’t be ashamed here!” Ye Yunjie said categorically, “When your Chu family was kicked out of the Chengnan project, it was doomed to you. You have never had a chance with the Chengnan Project in your life. Did you come here to fight for it, or take your own humiliation?” “Taking your own humiliation?” Chu Zhengting, who was always smiling and silent, finally spoke, but his tone was lacking. With a trace of disdain, “Do you have a cooperative company? Hehe, as far as I know, it seems that your cooperation is not smooth, right?”
Obviously, the appearance of the Chu family and his son must have some purpose. The appearance of the two of them also made Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie feel a little uneasy.
What Jiang Hao was curious about was how did they know that the negotiation was not going well? Is it possible…
“What the hell do you mean? What is the purpose of your coming here?” Ye Yunjie suddenly asked coldly, “I don’t like roundabouts, just say it if you have anything!”
Chu Zhengting smiled and clapped his hands. There is no such pitiful energy before kneeling before Jiang Hao begging.
He said: “Happily, I like the happy ones. Well, I’ll just say it straight. We are here today and we are indeed here to discuss cooperation. Our condition is that in the future, after the Chengnan project is completed, our Chu family will occupy Fifty percent!”
“And…” Before Chu Zhengting finished speaking, Ye Yunjie sneered disdainfully. Obviously, she was amused and disgusted by what Chu Zhengting said.
Indeed, after the Chengnan project is completed, Jiang Hao will set up a real estate company to take care of the Chengnan project. By then, this company will become the largest company in Chujiang by virtue of the Chengnan project, with a market value of over 100 Billion.
And according to Chu Zhengting’s words, before he said what he could do, he just came up and wanted to divide half of his 10 billion assets? Is this person crazy, or did he go out without taking medicine?
“Take a look at the hospital if you are sick. Don’t talk crazy here!” Ye Yunjie sneered and said, “Are you really not afraid of others laughing big teeth? Give you half of the shares? Why? Did you kneel before Jiang Shao and beg for mercy?”
This is the sad thing in Chu Zhengting’s eyes. He even thought that no one would mention it in his lifetime.
But Ye Yunjie got up and kicked it out again, which is really disgusting!
Originally, Chu Zhengting was still smiling, but instead he became gloomy.
He snorted coldly : ” Huh , why? Without my Chu family, your Chengnan project simply can’t go on!” Chu Zhengting slapped the table fiercely, seeming to vent all his anger and dissatisfaction before. .
But even if he said, his words are still crazy talk and dream talk in the hearts of Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao.
“Forget it, Sister Ye, there is no need to continue wasting words with this kind of person!” Jiang Hao got up, prepared to leave, and finally said to the vice president who had negotiated, “Chen, there may be some problems between us. Communicate well, I see you go back and communicate well, let’s go first, and we’ll talk another day!”
The vice president of negotiating responded, nodding apologetically, and was about to say goodbye to Jiang Hao, but listened. Chu Zhengting came to the side and said, “Negotiating? Haha, I don’t think there is any need to talk about it. Didn’t I tell you just now, the contract for this Chengnan project has not been signed, and the cooperation has ended!”
Chu Zhengting interrupted. , Really made the vice president a little unhappy.
After all, this represents an important negotiation between the two big companies. It is already quite rude for the two of you Chu family to walk in with a swagger.
You are still saying this now, are you sick?
Originally, because of his boss’s phone call, this easy-to-reach big project was flew, and the vice president of negotiations had already made a grievance. Now suddenly there is another Chu Zhengting. Of course he will not be polite.
You dare not say anything to Jiang Hao and your boss, is it possible that you still dare not speak?
This negotiation vice president Chu Zhengting fierce glare of the eye, severe snapped: “??! Please shut up, which in turn is related to you is what you hum, a group of crazy, lawless”
This vice president In his words, he did not leave any affection for Chu Zhengting, and he shot Chu Zhengting with a knife in his words!
This made Chu Zhengting full of dissatisfaction. He glared at the other person, and said angrily: “What am I? Humph, I will soon let you know what I am, what, thing!” The last sentence, Chu Zhengting said every word, gritted his teeth.
And at this moment, Chu Yuan on the side was also full of displeased: “Dad, what are you going to do with this kind of person? Just fire him directly, shit, do you really think of yourself as someone? We speak in this tone! ”
The words of Chu Yuan couldn’t help making the few people present slightly stunned.
In the end, it was the deputy general who looked at Chu Yuan with a sneer, and said with contempt: “Expell me? Ha ha, are you serious? Excuse me, what are you?”
In the eyes of the other party, Chu Yuan’s words are purely crazy. , These two fathers and sons are basically two crazy men, who do they think of themselves?
But Chu Yuan gave a dark smile, and while taking out something from his arms, he said: “I will let you know soon, who I am!”

Chapter: 445
Soon, Chu Yuan from her and pulled out what looked like a file, and shoved it down on a table, proud of that negotiation vice president said: “I declare that from now on, you’re fired! ‘ ‘
And , Who do you think you are? Is our company’s boss? Really ridiculous!” I thought Chu Yuan was still talking crazy this time, the vice president of negotiating sneered first, and then looked at Chu Yuan curiously. The file on the desk suddenly stiffened his entire face.
“This… how is this possible?” The vice president of negotiating looked at the document on the table with a look of horror, and suddenly became extremely nervous, and quickly grabbed the document and read it again.
Just this look, the shocked expression on his face not only didn’t weaken by half, but his complexion became more and more blue, his expression seemed to see something terrifying, and endless fear permeated from his pupils.
At this moment, Chu Yuan couldn’t help but smile, and said triumphantly to the vice president: “Well, now do you know who I am? Hmph, I am your father, and you can’t afford it!”
said After speaking, Chu Yuan snatched the document back from the other party’s hands, and put it on the conference table in front of him respectfully, and then sneered at Jiang Hao and said, “Come on, let’s continue the negotiation. Now this negotiation has nothing to do with this person!”
Chu Yuan’s words really made Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie stunned, and the two looked at each other, showing sceptical expressions.
What’s the matter? what happened? What is the thing the vice president just saw? Why did his whole face change after he looked at that thing?
“President Chen? What’s the matter? What happened?” Ye Yunjie suddenly whispered to the vice president of negotiations, with a look of curiosity.
The Vice President of Negotiations looked disappointed, he couldn’t help sighing heavily, glanced at Ye Yunjie, and sighed: “Miss Ye, I’m sorry, I…I’ve already fired it. I may really not be able to negotiate with you anymore. There is nothing I can do, hey…”
After speaking, the president shook his head, turned and walked out of the room.
It was just his words that made Ye Yunjie, who was puzzled, feel at a loss.
Why did Chu Yuan really expel this person with just one sentence?
This person is the vice president of the company. At the very least, the group boss or the chairman of the board must expel him to be effective, right?
What did Chu Yuan say…
Suddenly, Ye Yunjie seemed to have thought of something, she turned her head abruptly, and looked at the document on the conference table, suddenly surprised.
“Could it be…” Ye Yunjie stopped talking, she couldn’t help gritting her teeth, wondering if this was really the case, right?
“No, their Chu family is already in debt, how could it…” Ye Yunjie muttered quietly from the side, her expression on her face seemed a little nervous.
But Jiang Hao on the side still felt that in the clouds, he seemed to understand.
“Sister Ye, what’s going on? Do you know something?” Jiang Hao asked curiously.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but shook her head and sighed: “Young Master Jiang, things seem to be getting tricky. I suspect that this Chu family has acquired that engineering equipment company!”
“What?” Jiang Hao was also shocked and shocked when he heard this. “How is this possible? Haven’t you used the relationship before and put the Chu family on the verge of bankruptcy? Their capital chain has been broken, and banks and creditors have come to the door. How could they buy that company again? ……”
Jiang Hao frowned immediately, as if he really couldn’t think of where the problem was.
Jiang Hao then asked: “And whether it’s valuation or company size, isn’t that one-third larger than the Chu family’s company? The Chu family wants to swallow such a company, at least. Several hundred million in cash are needed to pay, but…no, it’s impossible…”
Ye Yunjie squinted her eyes and looked at Chu Yuan and Chu Zhengting deeply. Of course she knew that all this was impossible, but could there be a second more reasonable explanation?
“You bought them, didn’t you?” Suddenly, Ye Yunjie asked this directly, and without the slightest hesitation, it seemed that the matter had been determined.
And Jiang Hao hurriedly looked at Chu Yuan and Chu Zhengting, his expressions were extremely serious.
Chu Zhengting and Chu Yuan smiled at each other, suddenly clapped their hands, and said with a smile: “Sure enough, Miss Ye is really smart. I guessed what was going on right away, haha…”
Chu Zhengting admitted directly. This incident, but Ye Yunjie was not happy at all in her heart.
This is nothing short of a nightmare!
Ye Yunjie heard the words and looked at Jiang Hao, only to find that Jiang Hao was also looking at her.
In fact, both of them knew very well in their hearts that it was time for them to laugh.
Because in the province, in addition to the Chu companies, there is only one engineering equipment company that can be used for the Chengnan project. Other companies either have insufficient qualifications or are too small to undertake many projects.
Originally, whether it was Jiang Hao or Ye Yunjie, they felt that the company itself was already on top of each other.
But they didn’t want to, this change came so suddenly, and the severity of the matter was far more terrifying than they thought.
Obviously, after the Chu family acquired this company, the Chengnan Project could no longer find a suitable engineering equipment company to choose from in the entire huge area.
And if you go from other places farther away, the cost will increase a lot, and large-scale engineering equipment, whether transported or dispatched, will take too much time.
And even if the company can be negotiated from other provinces, the time for negotiating and wrangling, plus the time for the equipment to be delivered, may be a few months away.
For this kind of project, the various expenses per day may be calculated in millions.
Just delaying these months, the various expenses alone may already be a large number.
Obviously, the Chu family had acquired this company, and this move was so subtle that it strangled Jiang Hao’s throat in one step and made him unable to move.
No wonder the father and son seemed triumphant as soon as they entered the door. It turned out that all of this was planned by them.
At this moment, Chu Yuan spoke again, the expression on his face became more exaggerated and even put his feet directly on the conference table.
“How about it, have you considered it clearly now? Can we continue the negotiation?”
Ye Yunjie glanced at Jiang Hao, frowning.
At this time, she could only let Jiang Hao make up her mind, because the situation was already obvious. Either talk to the Chu family for cooperation or reject the other party.
When talking with the Chu family, almost without even thinking about Jiang Hao’s words and actions before humiliating the Chu Jiang people, the Chu family father and son will return it to him without hesitation, and it is bound to return several times dozens of times.
But if you don’t talk about it, the consequences are obvious, that is, the project is temporarily stranded, and they will look like a needle in a haystack, looking for a qualified engineering equipment company from the nearby area.
But if it is easy to find, it is two different things whether it can be deemed as a cooperative intention immediately.
If you find the other party, the other party will definitely investigate yourself, and if you let the other party know your current dilemma, you hardly need to think about it. The other party will use this as a bargaining chip, deliberately raise the price, and bargain at the negotiation table.
And if there is no choice at that time, then you can only accept your fate.
Anyway, at this moment, Ye Yunjie seems to have seen the gloomy and bumpy prospects of this Chengnan project.
She looked at Jiang Hao with a solemn expression, and asked in a low voice, “Young Master Jiang, what do you think?”

Chapter: 446
Of course Jiang Hao also understood that even if Ye Yunjie didn’t tell her about the pros and cons of this kind of thing, he knew that he was inseparable.
Strike a snake and hit a seven-inch, the other party has come over with his own seven-inch!
Jiang Hao lowered his head and pondered for a moment, then looked up at Ye Yunjie, then at Chu Yuan, before he said: “Talk…how do you plan to talk?”
Jiang Hao knows that this kind of people has the initiative. On the occasion, with Chu Yuan’s character, he would not let go of himself.
But Jiang Hao understood that he had no choice.
Up to now, it is the choice to be humiliated and deliberately to increase the price, and bite the bullet to choose the Chu family.
He still chose to reject the Chu family categorically, let himself retain a sense of self-esteem, and then went to find the next engineering equipment company like a needle in a haystack, and also had to suffer uncertain factors…
Between the two, Jiang Hao seemed to have no choice. , He can only bite the bullet and choose the Chu family.
Even if the other party will humiliate them a hundred times more than you, and return to yourself the humiliation you gave them before, there is no way.
After all, as long as the Chu Family can be dealt with with difficulty, the Chengnan Project can continue construction. There is no need to risk a lot of uncertainty and look for another company.
Jiang Hao glanced at Ye Yunjie. The latter sighed silently. It was obvious that she also understood Jiang Hao’s difficulties, but she was also helpless.
This is fate. Sadly, one’s own destiny is now in the hands of others.
When Chu Yuan heard Jiang Hao’s words, he smiled and replied: “I just said, you gave me half of the shares in the Chengnan project, even if we have completed the transaction, now our family is the largest in the province and even the entire region. If you promise me, then I promise you will do this Chengnan project well!”
Shameless! Jiang Hao was a little angry, and he directly replied coldly: “You are dreaming, so be sober, I am serious about business!”
The trace of hostility that Jiang Hao burst out suddenly really surprised Chu Yuan.
He didn’t expect that when he had reached this point, Jiang Hao even dared to treat himself with this attitude, without any hint of subduing.
The dead duck has a hard mouth, still not convinced, is it? Then I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry, just wait and see.
Chu Yuan smiled suddenly, glanced at his father, and sneered: “Haha, of course it was a joke just now. I know that you can’t agree to that kind of condition. Okay, let’s talk about the conditions.”
Chu Yuan looked a lot more serious, and said: “Actually, I also know that when doing business, I pay attention to harmony and make money. I actually don’t want to make your relationship too rigid. After all, you are making money, and I am also making money. Only when the big guys put all their strengths together can they cooperate and win together, right?”
Chu Yuan said very well, but immediately after his talk changed, his words suddenly changed.
“Hehe, but you also know that because of your decision before, we Chu Jiang almost stepped into the abyss of immortality. At that time, my dad knelt down for you and begged for mercy!” Chu Yuan’s eyes flashed as he spoke. hatred, he looked Jiang Hao, continued. “that was the dignity ah, as a man, what is more important than the dignity of it? money is important, but the dignity and compared worthless!”
“words After so much, just say it. What do you want?” Jiang Hao said calmly.
But at this moment, how can Jiang Hao be calm? In his heart, the waves were already raging.
This is equivalent to being put together by the Chu family’s father and son, and being able to talk to the other party calmly here is already forcing himself to suppress his anger.
He knew more clearly, Chu Yuan said so much, but the most important thing is that it hasn’t started yet.
Chu Yuan sneered when he heard the words: “Happily, it’s so happy, that’s okay, I’ll just say it right, now you have no choice, you can only discuss cooperation with our Chu family, and don’t worry, I am a person. I won’t take advantage of the fire. The cooperative plan and the contract terms are still in accordance with the previously negotiated. I will not change the payment, nor will I ask you for a penny more!”
“Oh, would you be so kind? “Jiang Hao sneered, with a hundred nonsense that didn’t believe Chu Yuan in his heart.
Chu Yuan cast a blank look at Jiang Hao, and said, “Believe it or not, anyway, I am here. Of course, I am not unconditional.”
“I knew it was like this.” Jiang Hao said calmly, “I I’ve been waiting for a long time, let’s talk about your conditions!”
Chu Yuan nodded, lit a cigarette on his own, got up from the chair, and looked at Jiang Hao: “I just said, you let us The Chu family lost all their dignity, so what I want is very simple, that is, you give me back the dignity! As for how…”
Chu Yuan smiled evilly, a sly flash flashed from the corner of his eyes, and pointed to his feet. “My father kneeled for you before and begged you. Now, I want you to kneel down for me and beg me!”
Chu Yuan said the last sentence sonorously and full of anger.
When Jiang Hao drove their Chu family out of the Chengnan project and made the Chu family on the verge of bankruptcy, he swore that one day, he would let Jiang Hao return what he had lost with his own profit.
Let Jiang Hao kneel at his feet and beg for mercy!
At that time, Chu Yuan still felt that his ideal seemed too far away.
Because at that time, the Chu family was about to collapse, and Jiang Hao was just in the sky.
But what he didn’t expect was that the world was really so wonderful sometimes. He decided what he seemed to be unable to do in his entire life. Today, just now, he is almost doing it, and he is infinitely close to himself. Goals and ideals!
And Chu Yuan knew very well that Jiang Hao had no choice at all now.
“You are presumptuous!”
Before Jiang Hao could speak, Ye Yunjie suddenly broke out and yelled at Chu Yuan.
Ye Yunjie clenched her fists, as if she was on the verge of anger.
“Let the little river give you kneel down? You’re living impatient, right?” Ye Yunjie then angrily said, “What you count? If you dare to court death, then I can think about whether or not to give you your heart!”
Yuehua Jian , Ye Yunjie took a fierce step forward, she was ready to go, she seemed ready to go forward and end her opponent at any time.
Let Jiang Hao kneel? For Ye Yunjie, this was more unacceptable than letting herself kneel.
Jiang Hao is the son of Shen Haoting, and the blood of the Shen family is flowing in his veins. How noble, can it be tainted by ants like you?
And now, the road seems to have been blocked by the other party, and they are still aggressive, Ye Yunjie really has a murderous intent in her heart.
And in her capacity, even if the Chu family father and son ended up here, they would be able to settle the matter back.
But just when Ye Yunjie was already thinking about how to start, Jiang Hao suddenly spoke.
“Sister Ye.” Jiang Hao waved his hand, motioning Ye Yunjie to step back.
“Young Master Jiang, these two people need a lesson. I think you still…”
“No, sister Ye, we are in business, not to fight fiercely. You should withdraw first. I have two words to say ”
Ye Yunjie was a little unwilling, but she still retreated behind Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao still didn’t have much expression on his face. He just looked at Chu Yuan indifferently, hesitated for a moment, and finally asked: “You are serious? I will kneel down and apologize to you. Can your Chu family resume work?”
Hearing this, Chu Yuan was simply overjoyed, because Jiang Hao had said such things. Obviously, he was ready to bend to himself!
“Of course, I did what I said!” Chu Yuan pouted.

Chapter: 447
After Chu Yuan had finished speaking, the whole person seemed a little impatient.
He looked at Jiang Hao with a triumphant smile. Seeing that Jiang Hao didn’t respond, he urged: “Hurry up? Kneel down to admit your mistakes? Just like when my dad kneeled for you, he begged like a pug. Me!”
Chu Yuan said, laughing presumptuously, as if he had won at this moment, as if Jiang Hao had already kneeled for him.
Although Chu Zhengting on the side hadn’t said much, it was undeniable that he was almost excited.
After all, what a relief it was. At first, I knelt before Jiang Hao like a dog, begging for mercy, and let him give the Chu family a way to survive.
Now Jiang Hao himself has encountered a huge problem, and now it is his turn to pray that he will let him go.
Feng Shui turns around, this world is really interesting.
It is undeniable that at this time the Chu family father and son were simply excited.
But compared to their excitement and even excitement, Jiang Hao on the side seemed to have a much more indifferent attitude.
He was expressionless from start to finish, even a little too lazy to look at the appearance of the Chu family father and son.
But perhaps only Jiang Hao knew how much pressure he was under at this moment.
On the one hand, it is one’s own dignity, while going to the success or failure of the Chengnan project.
Although Jiang Hao used to be poor, he could not be poor anymore, but what his mother taught him from an early age was that people must have spine and dignity and a bottom line no matter what.
Jiang Hao will remember this point almost all his life.
On the other side, it is the success or failure of the Chengnan Project.
This was a huge project that his father had invested several billions in, and it was the first project handed over to him. Of course Jiang Hao wanted to do his best to complete it.
As a result, Jiang Hao really didn’t want to live up to his father’s expectations of him.
Secondly, Jiang Hao also wanted to prove to himself that he was okay.
Jiang Hao knows very well that so many people around him are looking at him. It can be said that the Chengnan Project is also related to his dignity, so Jiang Hao wants to maintain the Chengnan Project as he does.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao left.
He pushed away the chair in front of him, thinking of Chu Yuan and walked over.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s behavior, Ye Yunjie was dumbfounded.
“Young Master Jiang, what are you going to do?” Ye Yunjie wanted to reach out to hold Jiang Hao, and shouted, “Don’t do stupid things. It’s a mere billions. It’s a big deal. We don’t want it, but you don’t even want your own dignity.
Already ?” But Ye Yunjie’s hand was suddenly pushed away by Jiang Hao.
He looked at Ye Yunjie, slightly shook his head: “Ye sister, Do not worry, I know the answer.”
There are several? You have to kneel down for others, is this a good idea?
Your dad has a net worth of hundreds of billions, a mere tens of billions. If you throw it away, you will throw it away. Why do you want to kneel down and beg for others?
Ye Yunjie was going crazy. She gritted her teeth and tried to pull Jiang Hao, but she was pushed away again by the other party.
Finally, with an expression of hating iron and steel, she took out her mobile phone angrily, and said: “Victory or defeat is a matter of military affairs , do you admit it? I will call your dad!” Jiang Hao ignored Ye Yunjie. , But went straight to Chu Yuan’s front.
Chu Yuan was half a head taller than Jiang Hao, so Jiang Hao had to lift his head slightly to look at him, his face expressionless.
But at this time Chu Yuan seemed to be about to laugh out of it, and said with great pride: “Haha, have you ever thought that you will have today? I know, now in your own heart, you must be particularly uncomfortable, right? Haha, you finally know what it’s like, right?”
Chu Yuan laughed, with a finger on the ground, and smiled triumphantly: “Hurry up, kneel down to me, as long as you kneel down and say you are wrong, beg me to forgive you, and I will forgive you!”
Suddenly, Jiang A smile appeared on Hao’s face.
But this smile was full of ridicule and contempt. Then, Jiang Hao faintly spit out a few words: “Let me kneel for you? Haha, you are dreaming!”
Suddenly, Jiang Hao raised his hand and slapped him . On Chu Yuan’s face, his expression became stern, and he said, “Let me kneel for you? What do you think? Is it just because you got stuck in the throat of a Chengnan project? Ha ha, then let me tell you Well, a mere billion-dollar Chengnan project is just a fart in my eyes. You let me kneel to you because of it? Are you crazy?”
Jiang Hao turned and walked back to Ye Yunjie’s side. .
And Jiang Hao’s behavior just made Chu Yuan dumbfounded.
“You… are you so special…” Chu Yuan’s face was still full of smug smiles a second ago, and his anger was blue and purple almost instantly, “Do you dare to play me?”
Chu Yuan was mad. At first, he thought he was already winning, Jiang Hao would definitely kneel down and apologize to himself.
But I did not expect that in the end, not only did my goal fail to be achieved, but I was slapped again!
What a shame!
“You don’t want to live you?” Chu Zhengting on the side also jumped up from his chair and barked at Jiang Hao, “Huh, don’t you kneel and apologize for us, you just wait for your shit Chengnan project to die.
Take it!” Chu Zhengting originally thought that this time he would definitely be able to hold Jiang Hao like a soft persimmon, but in the end he didn’t expect it to end in his heart.
The anger in his heart is not necessarily less than that of Chu Yuan. After all, he lost his dignity and knelt in front of Jiang Hao, begging to let him go.
“Damn, go to death… let them go to death!” Chu Zhengting roared loudly, “I’m going to die, and dare to be so presumptuous. Just wait to die with your Chengnan project!”
Jiang Hao’s behavior really surprised the Chu family and his son, even Ye Yunjie was stunned at this time.
She thought Jiang Hao was going to kowtow to others in the past, but she didn’t want to, she still underestimated Jiang Hao too much.
He is more spineless and more atmospheric than he thought.
Especially Jiang Hao’s sentence, “The mere billion-
dollar Chengnan project is just a shit in my eyes!” When Jiang Hao said this, Ye Yunjie seemed to see the shadow of Shen Haoting at that moment.
That kind of disdain, that kind of bohemianness, this is what a man should have.
Indeed, in Shen Haoting’s eyes, billions of dollars are not even a fart. Maybe any of his listed companies already has so much money in a single day of stock market fluctuations, so why bother about it? ?
At this moment, Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. She looked at Jiang Hao and suddenly realized that although she had been in direct contact with Jiang Hao for a short period of time, Jiang Hao’s growth was almost visible to the naked eye during this time. of.
He went from a poor boy with no opinion to a domineering president who can now deal with matters decisively.
He went from a weak and deceptive child to a dignified man who would rather not bend.
It is true that this kind of transformation in Jiang Hao’s body is too fast, and it is too amazing.
Ye Yunjie felt happy from the bottom of her heart to witness Jiang Hao’s transformation.
And she also felt more and more that this poor boy who had been bullied in the past seemed to be more and more like his father who killed him.
Perhaps there is still a tens of thousands of miles between the two, but it seems that one day, Jiang Hao will reach the height of his father.
At this moment, Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao with relief in her eyes.
She faintly said: “You are doing the right thing, you don’t need to be soft, and you still have to admit your mistakes with this kind of rubbish, because you have nothing wrong with it!”
Jiang Hao also smiled at Ye Yunjie slightly, he still seemed to have a face Calm, but no one knew how much pressure Jiang Hao was under.
Hundreds of billions, maybe because of such a decision I made today, I was in vain.
But the matter is now, Jiang Hao has learned not to regret his decision.

Chapter: 448
Jiang Hao’s expression suddenly became cold, and he looked at the Chu family and his son who were thunderous on the opposite side, and smiled faintly: “Are you very angry? Hehe, you feel that you have a chance to win. I will definitely kneel down for you, right? Is it so naive?”
Jiang Hao sneered, and continued: “What do you think you are? You are just a group of flies and mice in my eyes. I will kneel down and apologize to you? Do you think you are worthy?”
Suddenly Jiang Hao slapped the table fiercely and said loudly: “I will tell you today, and the people behind you, don’t want to dig out the cake on the Chengnan Project. I promise, I will make the Chengnan Project a pile of wasteland. , I won’t let a stone fall into your pockets!”
In fact, when Jiang Hao saw the Chu family standing in front of him again, he already felt that something was wrong.
Then the Chu family and his sons stated that they had actually acquired a company larger than their Chu Group. When they arrived here, Jiang Hao understood.
This matter is definitely not that simple. Maybe there are only Chu family father and son on the stage of this matter, but behind these two people, there are probably others standing.
That person is like manipulating a puppet, keeping the father and son of the Chu family firmly in his palms.
If this were not the case, it would be impossible to explain why the Chu family’s company turned from the danger of bankruptcy to safety, and then swallowed a company larger than itself.
Of course the most important thing is that as soon as the father and son entered the door, they showed their salivation for the Chengnan project, that is, they were combining all this information together, and Jiang Hao concluded that there must be something behind the Chu family’s father and son. other people.
It may be a behemoth, an enemy not to be underestimated.
Jiang Hao understood that his real test seemed to have just begun!
However, what Jiang Hao said just now completely broke the Chu family and his son.
This ending is not at all the same as what I thought!
Chu Yuan is going crazy!
He roared and snarled at Jiang Hao: “Crazy man, you’re a fucking lunatic, you wait, you wait, I will make your mouth hard, one day you have to kneel down and beg me!”
Chu Yuan With a hideous face, he continued: “Hmph, tell you the truth, do you think I really came to negotiate with you today? Shit, let me tell you the truth, even if you just kneel down for me, am I special? I will never let you go, I want you to die, how could I still cooperate with you?”
“Humph, I want to see, what else would you do without my Chu family!” In the meantime, Chu Yuan slapped the table fiercely, and said angrily, “Dad, let’s go, I want to see, how long will he be stubborn, shit, don’t care about billions, who do you think you are? Huh? I’ll see if you really don’t care then!” While talking, the Chu family father and son got up and walked out in a desperate manner.
The expressions of these two people are hard to see the extreme.
Their goal was not achieved, but Jiang Hao was slapped in the face. How could they swallow this kind of shame.
Walking in the corridor outside, Chu Yuan was still roaring angrily: “Damn, just wait and see, wait and see!!” As soon as the Chu family and his son left the room, Jiang Hao let out a sigh of relief. Slumped in a chair.
“Young Master Jiang, what’s the matter with you?” Ye Yunjie walked over and asked hurriedly.
Jiang Hao shook his head slightly, his mind was noisy. He raised his head and said to Ye Yunjie: “Sister Ye, look for the whole country, and be sure to find me a company that can cooperate with us!”
Jiang Hao gritted his teeth and said, “They Don’t you think that you have a chance to win and want to lie on me to eat meat and drink blood? Then I just won’t let you succeed!”
Ye Yunjie nodded and said: “It seems that this is the only way to go, but…but we must have a loss. First, find a partner company and send a letter to negotiate. This will take time, and finally the engineering equipment will be transported. It will take some time. During this period, we may lose money…maybe more than we thought.”
Jiang Hao couldn’t help shook his head and sighed, “Do we have a second way?”
Yes. There is indeed no other way. The current situation is like this. All they can do is to overcome the difficulties as much as possible and try to continue the Chengnan project.
As long as the project is completed, all the things they put in at this time will be worth it.
Ye Yunjie nodded, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Should I tell Mr. Shen about the matter here? Let him find a solution? Mr. Shen has many friends in China. I believe this problem should be solved easily.”
Originally, Ye Yunjie didn’t intend to say this to Jiang Hao.
In fact, when the Chu family and his son stated that they had acquired the engineering equipment company, Ye Yunjie had already understood that with their current capabilities, it seemed that it would be difficult to solve the immediate problem.
So at this time, she can only choose to inform Shen Haoting of the matter here.
After all, things that seemed extremely difficult to them were actually just a trivial problem in Shen Haoting’s eyes.
Perhaps their current dilemma, Shen Haoting only needs a phone call to solve.
And if it is normal, Ye Yunjie would not even think about going to discuss with Jiang Hao, she would have made her own decision long ago and directly called Shen Haoting.
But since what happened just now, after Ye Yunjie saw Jiang Hao’s performance just now, she gave up the idea of ​​directly informing Shen Haoting, and felt that she should still discuss countermeasures with Jiang Hao.
Perhaps this is Ye Yunjie’s affirmation of Jiang Hao deep in her heart.
After Ye Yunjie’s words were finished, Jiang Hao seemed to be a little tempted by this proposal for a moment.
But immediately he shook his head and directly denied Ye Yunjie’s proposal.
“No, there is no need to tell my dad about this matter, let’s take care of it ourselves.” Jiang Hao said in a low tone, “If we have to find my dad for anything, what else do we need to do? If we count on my dad for everything , Maybe I won’t grow up in my whole life, what do you think, sister Ye!”
Jiang Hao’s words made Ye Yunjie startled.
She might not have expected that Jiang Hao would say this to herself one day.
But Ye Yunjie was not angry, not blaming, but full of excitement.
Based on Jiang Hao’s words, it seems that he has grown up, and he is a man who desires to be alone.
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but smiled slightly, and nodded: “Okay, then I won’t notify Mr. Shen, let’s find a way.”
Just as the two were talking, Ye Yunjie’s mobile phone suddenly rang.
Ye Yunjie answered the phone, and then heard an urgent voice on the other end of the phone: “Sister Ye, you should go back to the company soon, it’s not good, something happened!” The caller was a subordinate of Ye Yunjie’s company. .
Usually, this person is mature and stable, and he is a mature character. Today, he seems so nervous. Of course, Ye Yunjie understands that it seems that something really happened!
“What’s the matter?” Ye Yunjie asked nervously, “What’s the matter?”
The person hurriedly said, ” Sister Ye, it is the Chengnan project that has a problem. Now the quality inspection department is here, saying that there is a problem with the quality of our project. They are now going to temporarily suspend our project and cooperate with the investigation!”
“What?” Ye Yunjie was stunned, and some couldn’t believe her subordinates’ words, “We have special personnel to check the quality of the project. How could there be problems? ”

Chapter: 449
“I don’t know. Now we are communicating with others, but the other party seems to be very resolute. We must stop all of our projects. I asked them to give a deadline for work stoppage. They said they were not sure. What can we do? Okay?”
“Not sure?” Ye Yunjie suddenly understood the big deal after hearing these words.
If the other party can give himself a clear time-out period, then this kind of shutdown is also understandable.
After all, the other party suspected that there was a problem with the quality of the project. As long as there is no problem in the inspection, the project can be restarted.
And now that the other party is uncertain, it is equivalent to a stroke of eight hundred feet away.
One day of work stoppage is also uncertain, and one year is also uncertain. There is too much water in it.
And what makes Ye Yunjie feel most strange is that the other party found herself at this time and said that there was a problem with the quality of your project. Obviously, there was not only a tricky thing, but also a lot of tricky.
After all, the front foot Chu family father and son just came to the door, and they disgusted themselves a lot. When they turned around, someone came here to temporarily suspend work on their project.
If there is no connection, Ye Yunjie would not believe it.
After all, she is still wondering why the Chu family, which had been able to determine the deadliest at the beginning, is now alive again, and has acquired an engineering equipment company that is larger than its company.
There must be some mysterious person behind this, and this mysterious person is probably directly related to the temporary suspension of the project by the quality inspection department this time.
Ye Yunjie pondered a little, and replied: “You hold them first, I’ll go back soon.”
After speaking, Ye Yunjie hung up the phone.
“What’s wrong with Sister Ye?” Jiang Hao asked hurriedly.
As soon as Ye Yunjie answered the phone, Jiang Hao had already noticed something was wrong.
“Something went wrong over the Chengnan Project!” Ye Yunjie hurriedly said the contents of the previous phone call to Jiang Hao.
Then she told Jiang Hao about her thoughts again.
“Shao Jiang, behind this incident, I think there must be someone else who is doing the trick!”
Jiang Hao nodded, “You and I thought about going together, I also think that someone must be planning a very It’s a big game, I want to eat all of us in one bite.”
Jiang Hao sighed and continued: “Let’s go Sister Ye, let’s go and see, what kind of jackal, tiger and leopard the other party is, you will know when you see it.”
After speaking, Jiang Hao stepped outside and followed him, Ye Yunjie and the others hurriedly followed out.
Half an hour later, Ye Yunjie was in a conference room of the company.
At this time, the conference room was divided into two groups. One group was Ye Yunjie’s subordinates, all of them looked solemnly. From time to time, someone looked at the time and whispered to ask why Ye Yunjie hadn’t come back.
Sitting on the other side of these people is a group of people from the quality inspection department.
These people kept their faces straight, without any expression at all.
These people were all dressed in taupe suits, but the one sitting among the crowd, wearing a blue suit, looked particularly eye-catching.
“When will your manager come back?” Suddenly, the man in the blue suit asked, and gently pushed a folder in front of him to the other side of the negotiating table with a solemn expression, “If she doesn’t Come back, then please accept this notice for the temporary suspension of construction!”
As soon as this person said this, the group of Ye Yunjie’s subordinates suddenly became ants on the hot pot, scratching their heads and cheeks. At a loss.
One person hurriedly got up, watching the time, and said: “Wait a minute, I think it should be soon, Mr. Ye just went to talk about cooperation, the distance is relatively long, and it is estimated that he will be back soon.”
The man in the blue suit couldn’t help but smiled, shook his head and asked, “Isn’t this an excuse for you to delay time? You just said you will wait for a while, but it’s already half an hour, and our time is very precious, so This temporary suspension notice is yours first. As for when you can resume work, wait for the notice.” The other party spoke very neatly without any muddle.
After speaking, he got up from his chair and prepared to leave, and the few people beside him hurriedly got up at the same time, ready to leave.
This made Ye Yunjie’s men anxious.
After all, they were just a group of subordinates, and couldn’t be the master for Ye Yunjie at all.
This is a temporary suspension notice. If they accept it, it is equivalent to agreeing to the other party’s temporary suspension instruction. Even if Ye Yunjie uses the relationship to resume work, it will cause a lot of trouble.
And if they can’t resume work, then they’ll be even more guilty when they turn back. Almost all the gangsters are to be held on their heads. Who made you receive this notice in the first place?
Therefore, even though they were also splinted on both sides, they had no choice but to go to the right and left, and to delay Ye Yunjie as much time as possible, so that Ye Yunjie could handle the matter by herself when she came back.
But right now, they seemed to be unable to wait for Ye Yunjie to come back, because they had already taken steps to leave.
The man in the blue suit headed by that had left his seat and was about to walk outside the meeting room.
And almost at this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly opened.
Then a voice came over coldly and arrogantly: “Let me wait a minute!” It was Ye Yunjie who was speaking. She hurriedly pushed in from the meeting room, and Jiang Hao followed her.
As soon as she saw Ye Yunjie coming back, all of her subordinates seemed to have seen the backbone, and they were all excited.
“Sister Ye, you finally came back.” A young man let out a long sigh of relief, motioned Ye Yunjie to look at the people on the opposite side, and said, “If you don’t come back, we really can’t hold it back.”
This person While talking, he quickly gave up his seat: “Sister Ye, sit down.”
At this time, the other people sitting in the chair, after seeing the young man’s movements, also got up and walked behind.
After all, behind Ye Yunjie is Jiang Hao. Of course, they know their identities. With Jiang Hao sitting, where are they qualified to sit by the side?
Ye Yunjie also hurriedly signaled Jiang Hao to sit down, and then hurriedly looked at the people on the opposite side who were about to leave, and said: “Sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road just now, and I was late. May I ask what went wrong? Why do you want to leave? Let our project stop?”
Ye Yunjie didn’t mean to ask, she seemed to be questioning.
After all, Ye Yunjie knew very well that the identities of these people were probably clerks, and it was not his turn to be respectful to them.
These people seemed to be a little upset when they saw this, so they didn’t even sit back to their positions.
The man in the blue suit headed directly and said: “Heh, what’s the problem, don’t you know it in your heart?”
“Nonsense, if I know, I need to ask you?” Ye Yunjie’s tone was cold. He went back and said, “I hope that the explanation you gave me today is reasonable. At least I can’t find a thorn. Otherwise, don’t want to give up on this matter today!”
Hearing Ye Yunjie’s attitude so tough, those few people I couldn’t help but sum up in a low voice, and then they sat back in their seats.
The last one who spoke was the man in the blue suit. He looked at Ye Yunjie with an indifferent expression and said, “Well, since you said that, then I will convince you!” As he spoke
, the man carried the folder from him. He took out a paper document and pushed it directly to Ye Yunjie, who was across from the negotiating table.
“Let’s see for yourself!”

Chapter: 450
Ye Yunjie took the file and took a look, she frowned, then her face was slightly ups and downs, and finally handed the file to Jiang Hao.
“Impossible, this is fake!” Ye Yunjie said decisively, “All of our engineering materials are selected with the highest level, and this kind of problem will never happen!”
Ye Yunjie frowned, and the other party handed her the one. The file, she flatly didn’t believe it.
What the other party handed over was a project quality appraisal certificate.
Most of the above data shows that they are qualified, but according to normal, the options on this table should all be qualified. What makes Ye Yunjie surprised is that there is actually an item on it, and the evaluation result is no. qualified!
And that project represents concrete, the top priority of the project.
Normally, the concrete strength grade is divided into 14 grades: C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C45, C50, C55, C60, C65, C70, C75 and C80.
C20 is used for floors, C25 is used for multi-layer reinforced concrete structures, C30-C35 are mostly used for small high-rise reinforced concrete structures; C40 and above are mostly used for high-rise reinforced concrete structures. Pipe pile concrete is generally above C60.
Normally, most of the Chengnan Project’s concrete grade is C50, but at the beginning of the Chengnan Project, in order to achieve the highest level of project quality, Ye Yunjie had notified Liu Guohao to upgrade the engineering concrete grade to C75. .
Ye Yunjie did this for fear that there would be problems with the quality of the project.
But after all, she did not expect what she was afraid of in the end. In the end, in the quality appraisal, the grade of this concrete was not even C40.
That’s why Ye Yunjie insisted that this appraisal was fake.
At this time, Jiang Hao had also read the appraisal book. Although he could not understand this kind of professional appraisal book at all, he could still understand it even if he looked at the situation before him. What was wrong with it.
He hurriedly asked Ye Yunjie in a low voice: “Sister Ye, is the problem big?”
Ye Yunjie nodded slightly, and briefly said the problem to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao also changed when he heard it, and he was slightly thoughtful, and said, “It seems that this is another combination boxing?”
“Yes, and I still want to kill us all at once!” Ye Yunjie glanced and sat across from him. The man in the blue suit said indifferently, “But he too underestimated me!” After speaking, Ye Yunjie raised her head and looked at the man across from him arrogantly and said: “Don’t think I don’t know the tricky inside. We don’t recognize the appraisal certificate you gave. We will find a professional third-party organization to conduct the test. If there is a problem, we will deal with it ourselves. Now you can go!”
Facing the other party, Ye Yunjie was not at all convinced. Meaning, the attitude is too tough.
Hearing this, the other party frowned, and said in surprise: “What did you say? Don’t recognize our appraisal? Let’s go?” The other party couldn’t help but smile, suddenly slapped the table, got up and shouted, “You I’m afraid you don’t know who you are, right? Do you know who you are talking to?”
The blue suit was so manly violent that he was obviously irritated by Ye Yunjie’s words.
My own work is in charge of the Chengnan project. If you have quality problems, I naturally have the right to give you a certificate of approval to stop work.
But Ye Yunjie didn’t seem to care about herself at all, and she regarded herself as a cloud of air, which really made the blue suit man a little uncomfortable!
You know, wherever I went in the past, the other party was respectful and respectful of myself, and I just wished I would treat myself as an ancestor.
But like Ye Yunjie, it was the first time he saw him.
The attitude is not too stinky and hard, and I haven’t considered myself the same.
He was a little angry, and finally said loudly: “Hmph, I think the temporary suspension notice for you is too much to let you off, so you should stop working completely, and let you despise things take a good look at you. I dare not dare to be so arrogant again in the future!”
As soon as the man in the blue suit said this, suddenly a murderous intent sprang up from all sides of the conference room.
I saw several strong young men in suits who had been standing behind Ye Yunjie, almost all of them took a step forward in an instant, and a strong suffocation appeared on their faces.
One of them even stretched out his hand and pointed at the man in the blue suit, and said coldly: “What did you say? You try it again!”
Almost all of these people have been with Ye Yunjie for many years.
Although they are not as powerful and elite as those in the Lei group, they are also extraordinary in strength.
In particular, almost everyone of them was obedient to Ye Yunjie, and now someone dared to say this to Ye Yunjie. They could hold back that they hadn’t acted in the first place, it was already extremely restrained.
And obviously, the actions of these people suddenly made the people sitting opposite the negotiating table converge a little, and even a touch of fear appeared on the faces of two people.
The man in the blue suit had something to continue to say, but he was immediately overwhelmed by the momentum of these people, and he could only swallow the more ugly words that he was about to say.
Ye Yunjie see each other then a hesitant embarrassed look, can not help but contempt smile, she lifted her back raised his hand and whispered: “! Step down”
a few people still face a hint of resigned , The headed young man even more stubbornly said: “Sister Ye, they…” Ye Yunjie turned her head and glanced at the man, the man immediately reduced her expression, bowed back and took a step back, no longer daring to say more.
Ye Yunjie turned to look at the man in the blue suit who was sitting across from him, and said, “If you are smart, please leave quickly, so as not to suffer yourself. As for this appraisal, there is any shit stop notice, I advise You’d better take it back by yourself. Don’t think of me as a three-year-old kid. It’s true or false. It’s still a real problem for me to be calculated. I know better than you. Believe it or not, I just need a phone call to fix you?”
Ye Yunjie snorted at last, still having no intention of putting the other person in her eyes.
And she didn’t mean to exaggerate what she said at all. With her personal connections, or any suspension notice, she could ask the other party to withdraw this thing with just one phone call.
Ye Yunjie smiled disdainfully, and continued: “There are still you guys, it’s best not to dance here anymore. What benefits have others given you, and you are embarrassed here? Very interesting, isn’t it? Believe it or not, I only have one. Call, your boss will have to sell me a lot of face, and look back on you guys. It is estimated that the hats of your so-called engineering appraisal engineers will be gone, and your boss will kick you out. ”
Ye Yunjie actually doesn’t want to do things so absolute, after all, she will have to deal with these people in the future, let them learn more, don’t be too pretentious in the future, and she doesn’t bother to use the relationship because of a few of them.
It’s not worth it after all.
Moreover, Ye Yunjie felt that she had already said these things. If the other party was smart enough, she would probably converge and get out of it.
But the attitude of the other party surprised her a little.
The other party just smiled faintly, and scorned Ye Yunjie’s warning just now.
He raised his head and looked at Ye Yunjie, and smiled: “Hehe, listen, listen, she regards herself as a society? Okay, since you are so good, then you can call and ask. Can this temporary suspension notice be withdrawn? You can ask again, if he dare to fire me!”
The other party was completely provoking herself, Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly changed, she looked at her indifferently, and directly slapped her phone on the table.
“Okay, let’s just wait and see!” After speaking, Ye Yunjie directly searched for a circle of numbers in her phone and dialed directly.
But what is surprising is that the phone from Ye Yunjie rang for a long time, but no one answered.
As a result, Ye Yunjie’s face couldn’t help showing a slight ups and downs. She glanced at the man in the blue suit opposite herself, and decisively dialed the number again.
Seeing this situation, the man in the blue suit sitting opposite Ye Yunjie was smirking. He looked at the excitement and smiled sarcastically: “Don’t stop, play a few more times!”
Just said the other party. When it was over, Ye Yunjie had finished the second call, but in the end no one answered.
This time, Ye Yunjie did feel something was wrong.
Because every time I call this person, the other party will either be connected immediately or after a while.
Even if the other party is in a meeting, he will tell himself directly, and then he will call him back.
But it was the first time that I played twice in a row but didn’t answer.
“Could it be true that what’s wrong?” Ye Yunjie frowned slightly. She raised her eyebrows and glanced at the man in the blue suit opposite her. At this time, the expression on the other’s face became more brilliant, and she seemed to be confident about everything.
Ye Yunjie hesitated for a moment, and couldn’t help calling the number again.
One, two, three…The phone rang several times, and finally Ye Yunjie seemed to be a little disappointed and was about to hang up.
But at this moment, the other end of the phone was suddenly connected!

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