I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 49

Following the reputation, Dr. Liang saw a sexy tall beauty who was walking quickly into the hospital, with sharp eyes staring at her.
“Who are you?” Doctor Liang was a little bit disdainful. After all, she saw a lot of rich people, not to mention that she had been a doctor for so many years, and she was also considered a small person.
Although the woman in front of me must seem to have some strength, I am not afraid of her.
Ye Yunjie walked up to Doctor Liang, not only indifferently passed over her, but finally fell on Jiang Hao.
To Dr. Liang’s surprise, Ye Yunjie actually bowed slightly to Jiang Hao.
“Sorry, I’m late!”
Ye Yunjie’s words really surprised Doctor Liang.
After all, Ye Yunjie is a custom-made high-end brand, and her temperament seems to be a unique figure.
But how could she bow and salute to Jiang Hao, such an ordinary person in ragged clothes?
And Jiang Hao didn’t seem to take this seriously.
Ye Yunjie turned her head to look at Dr. Liang, and asked, “What did you say? Dare to say it again?”
Hearing this threatening question, Dr. Liang was not willing to show weakness, and replied, “Just let me talk. What, what, why do you still want to do it? Don’t look at what place it is?”
Dr. Liang is naturally full of confidence. After all, this is the No. 1 Hospital of Chujiang City, and his connections here can almost be said to have been To the point where the hands and eyes reach the sky.
Is it possible that I will be frightened by an outsider?
But Ye Yunjie just smiled indifferently, gazing lightly across the hospital lobby, and said contemptuously: “Haha, do you? Do you think you are qualified?” After hearing this, Dr. Liang suddenly looked gloomy and pointed to Ye Yunjie: “Hey, you What nonsense is this person talking about? I am not qualified for anything? What do you mean?”
Ye Yunjie just lightly raised her head and looked at Doctor Liang, and asked softly: “I asked you, what did you say to him just now ?” “Oh, nothing, just this kid said that I should apologize to him, I said he was too I’m naive, and don’t look at what I am!” Doctor Liang glanced at Jiang Hao, disdainfully said, “Hehe, why, want to stand up for him? Who do you think you are?”
Doctor Liang looked at Jiang Hao, again Looking at Ye Yunjie, she smiled in her heart.
What kind of things are you saying to your heart, do you really think you are too much?
You know, Dr. Liang dared to be so defiant, and he also had his own capital.
She has been a doctor for many years, and many of the patients are people who have a reputation in Chujiang.
If Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie dare to treat themselves, they can make them regret their decision by just making a phone call.
But she was still too naive.
Ye Yunjie didn’t say anything, just silently glanced at Doctor Liang’s badge, her eyes flashed with contempt, and she muttered: “It’s really unexpected that a little doctor now dares to be so arrogant? Why does he want you to apologize?”
Anyway, there is no fear, and listening to the other party’s intention to threaten him a little, Dr. Liang’s heart is also very angry, and he thinks: I will see what you can do to me. In this case, it is to see whose The relationship is getting harder!
She smiled and said: “Then it’s okay to tell you. I made a bet with this kid before. Who knows where he got the fake receipts and said that he won. It’s ridiculous. You think I’ll just Give up and apologize to him? Don’t look at your own virtues…”
Ye Yunjie looked at Jiang Hao when he heard this, and then said to Doctor Liang indifferently, “So, you still chose not to apologize in the end?”
“Nonsense , Of course not, why should I apologize to him? Do you think I am afraid of you if you are too crowded?”
Doctor Liang said without concession.
Ye Yunjie nodded silently, then took out her mobile phone, said something briefly, and finally said: “She’s Liang Shiyu, a doctor at the First Hospital of Chujiang City!” After
Ye Yunjie finished speaking, she hung up the phone and stopped. Looking at Liang Shiyu, he turned his head and said respectfully to Jiang Hao: “Jiang Shao, Meng Jiu is outside. He is here to apologize to you. Would you like to see me?”
Jiang Hao nodded, finally glanced at Liang Shiyu, and walked directly out of the hospital lobby.
Ye Yunjie also hurriedly followed, as if she was afraid that the young master might have something wrong again.
But as soon as the two of them went out, Liang Shiyu laughed, how presumptuously smiling, looking at the backs of Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie, she sneered disdainfully.
“Haha, it’s really interesting. I thought you guys have the patience and left after calling? It’s naive and ridiculous. I really thought I would be scared?”
Liang Shiyu glanced at the back of the two of them, and was about to leave, still talking He kept muttering: “A group of crazy, pretending to be so shabby, even if it is to give yourself face, you can leave before leaving?” As soon as Liang Shiyu’s voice fell, the phone rang suddenly.
She didn’t take it seriously at all, but when she fixed her eyes, she was shocked. It turned out to be the dean.
“He… Dean He, how did you call me…”
Before Liang Shiyu finished speaking, he heard a roar from the other end of the phone: “Liang Shiyu, where are you now? No matter where you are, appear in front of me immediately! Do you know what good things you have done?”
Liang Shiyu couldn’t help being taken aback when she heard the words. After thinking about it, she felt that she hadn’t done anything? Why did he get angry with the dean?
Moreover, Dean He has the kindness of knowing and meeting himself, and his existence at the First Hospital of Chujiang City is inseparable from Dean He’s promotion.
Moreover, Dean He is always very kind, what’s wrong with your girl?
“He… Dean He, what happened?” Liang Shiyu asked tentatively, full of anxiety.
She just finished asking, when she heard Dean He on the other end of the phone, she seemed to be even more angry, and cursed: “You are ashamed to ask me? What have you done yourself? The leader of the Municipal Health Bureau pointed to my nose just now. He scolded me. The person who named me told me to expel you, and the 30 million grant we originally applied for was completely wiped out because of you…”
The scolding from the leaders of the Education Bureau? Order to fire yourself? The 30 million appropriation was so ruined?
Listening to all these things, Liang Shiyu’s mind seemed a little overwhelming.
Even she felt that this was Dean He was joking with herself.
She was about to speak, but suddenly heard Dean He’s sigh from the other end of the phone: “Hey, forget it, you don’t use it anymore. You can pack your things and go through the resignation procedures. I hope From now on, you can do it for yourself…”
After speaking, Dean He hung up, and Liang Shiyu still looked confused.
But when she was completely reminiscent, she couldn’t help but burst into cold sweat.
What is going on here? Why was he expelled in a daze?
Could it come true because of that Jiang Hao? And Ye Yunjie?
Liang Shiyu couldn’t help feeling afraid for a while, and then hurriedly dialed Dean He’s phone.
“Do you have anything else?”
“Dean He, what you just said…hehe, you were joking with me, right? I usually win a lot of honors for you and the courtyard, why are you like this? Just fire me…”
Liang Shiyu was so hopeful at this time, Dean He suddenly smiled and said that he was joking with her just now.
But obviously not, Dean He snorted and yelled: “Just kidding? Do you know what kind of existence you have provoked? Let me tell you the truth. It’s not just you, but me who have been warned. I was warned at the same time, so hurry up. If you talk nonsense, my position as Dean probably wo n’t be kept.” After speaking, Dean He hung up the phone again, this time it even turned it off directly, no matter what Liang Shiyu did. I called and stopped answering.
At this moment, Liang Shiyu completely felt panic, even despair!
She couldn’t help but glanced at the door with horror, and couldn’t help thinking, is it possible that the two people just now were so fierce?
Just a random phone call forced the courtyard to dismiss himself abruptly?
Liang Shiyu was indignant, and stared fiercely in the direction where Jiang Hao left, and said angrily: “Oh, yes, I didn’t expect to really look down on you guys, okay, let’s try and see, who can laugh? Finally!”

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