I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 521-530

Chapter: 521
What exactly is going on?
Xu Xiao couldn’t help but panicked, and kept looking in the direction of the corner of the stairs. He really wanted to see that at this time dozens of strong young men rushed up.
But at this moment, he couldn’t even hear the sound of footsteps.
He couldn’t help looking at Shen Haoting in doubt. At this time, it seemed that his mind had calmed down a lot. Only then did he want to understand why Shen Haoting remained calm and calm for so long. He knew he had hundreds of people downstairs. People, why are you not nervous at all?
And he also discovered that, normally speaking, if Shen Haoting knew that there were hundreds of subordinates downstairs who might rush to kill him at any time, what Shen Haoting should do at this time is to let Ye Yunjie hold him, and then he and Jiang Hao Ye Yunjie and the three of them used themselves as hostages to get out safely.
Moreover, judging from the skill of Ye Yunjie just now, seven or eight strong men can’t help her. Wanting to control herself is not an easy thing for her?
It’s just that from beginning to end, Shen Haoting didn’t do this, let alone instruct Ye Yunjie to do so.
Ye Yunjie didn’t seem to have thought about it at all.
All this seems too abnormal, what are they thinking?
Are they really not afraid of death? Or are they just prepared?
Xu Xiao couldn’t figure it out, but the more he couldn’t figure it out, the more he felt a little cold behind him!
Could it be, are they really prepared? Xu Xiao thought to himself.
But soon, he denied his idea, this one is somewhat impossible.
Xu Xiao is a local snake in Chujiang, and of course he is very clear about the composition of Chujiang’s little power.
Looking at Chu Jiang, who else could gather this mighty team of five hundred people like himself.
Even if it was once Liu Guohao and now Qiao San, although they are all so-called local heroes in Chujiang, the number of people that can be mobilized is dozens or even more than a hundred at best.
Moreover, their level of subordinates is not worth mentioning in comparison with their own subordinates.
And even if they get everyone here, they might not be able to stop the mighty five hundred people of their own?
So where does Shen Haoting’s courage come from?
“Don’t talk nonsense!” Xu Xiao suddenly swears, “I think you are proud now, you will be able to become proud in a while, they… they may have encountered some small problems, but they will come up soon, I See what else do you have to say for a while!”
Xu Xiao’s words once again caused Shen Haoting to laugh unscrupulously: “Hahahaha…you have to dream about it, I said, if your people can’t make it, there will be no one coming up. .Hmph, you haven’t noticed yet, since I, Shen Haoting, dare to sit here as steady as Mount Tai, don’t I have any preparations? You can go downstairs now and see if there are still one of your five hundred men at this time. I said standing up!” After
Shen Haoting finished speaking, Xu Xiao wiped the cold sweat on his forehead nervously.
Even now, he still didn’t believe Shen Haoting’s words, because Xu Xiao didn’t believe in Shen Haoting’s power, he could kill all five hundred people of him!
But just as Xu Xiao was contemplating, he heard a rush of footsteps not far away. Not long after, he saw Feng Ze rushing over there, his expression flustered, as if he saw a ghost. general.
“It’s over… it’s over, Mr. Xu, it’s all over…” Feng Ze was so frightened that he was so flustered, he fell in one step, and finally almost climbed to Xu Xiao’s front and said desperately, “Xu Anyway, you… your people, in the lobby on the first floor, are all killed, wounded, handicapped, handicapped, and no one is full…”
“What?” Hearing Feng Ze’s words, Xu Xiao seemed to be hit by a thunderbolt, his eyes rounded, and he stretched out his hand to pull Feng Ze up from the ground, and said loudly, “You say it again? You? Are you kidding me? That’s five hundred people!”
Feng Ze trembled with fright. It seemed that the scene just now had a huge blow to him. He trembled: “Really, it is true. If you don’t believe me, go and see it by yourself. It’s all turned upside down. It’s all lying on the ground wailing. It’s horrible!”
Xu Xiao was taken aback when he heard this, and Feng Ze fell heavily on the ground as soon as he let go The body was in pain from falling, and he screamed with a grin.
But Xu Xiao couldn’t manage that much, and pointed at Feng Ze and continued to ask: “Is…who did it, have you seen it clearly?”
Feng Ze looked at Shen Haoting with amazement, and said nervously. Speechless.
But at this moment, Xu Xiao also realized that the answer is no longer important, because at this moment, the last hole card he could rely on has completely disappeared.
Xu Xiao didn’t even know what he should do for a while, he was in a dilemma now, and he didn’t know how he should face the next situation.
And at this moment, Shen Haoting got up from the chair, smiled faintly, and walked towards him: “Mr. Xu, where is your person? Ha ha, don’t you have five hundred people? You don’t want me to have a better life. Die?”
At this time, Shen Haoting had already walked up to Xu Xiao, looking at Xu Xiao as if looking at a pitiful and ridiculous bug.
Xu Xiao was full of grief and indignation, but he knew that he had no other choice.
Originally, he wanted to avenge his son, but in the end, he turned out to have nothing.
He actually gave a wry smile, looked up at Shen Haoting, and said lightly: “You have won, Shen Haoting!”
Shen Haoting did not say a word, and even his eyes on Xu Xiao did not change. He just looked at him contemptuously, and then turned around. Too over, ready to leave.
It is true that for opponents like Xu Xiao, Shen Haoting has no intention of even winning him.
But at the moment when Shen Haoting just turned around, Xu Xiao’s eyes suddenly became ugly, and then he stretched his hand to his waist, and almost instantly took out a bright dagger.
“You won! But I don’t have anything else!” Xu Xiao suddenly shouted out loud, and then suddenly waved his dagger and rushed towards Shen Haoting.
Xu Xiao knew very well that this was his only chance.
Now that his son is gone, his career is gone, and the five hundred people under him have been completely killed.
The only thing he can rely on now is himself, and the dagger he has been hiding in his body.
Originally, Shen Haoting prepared this dagger in order to torture Jiang Hao, but it seems that it won’t be used this time.
Just use it on Shen Haoting!

Chapter: 522
At such a close distance, and Ye Yunjie and Jiang Hao were still a few meters away from Shen Haoting, even if they saw themselves stab Shen Haoting with a knife, they probably didn’t even have time to react.
What’s more, Xu Xiao was also the great Chujiang owl who had relied on his own strength after all. Although he hadn’t personally played for so many years, he had never fallen behind in physical training.
So in his opinion, with his current physical fitness, at such a close distance, even if Shen Haoting had great abilities and a godlike reaction ability, he definitely couldn’t dodge his own fatal blow.
Now that I have reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted, it is enough for myself to be able to pull on Shen Haoting as a back.
Thinking of this, Xu Xiao couldn’t help but feel proud and fierce in his eyes.
And his sudden movement really frightened Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie on the side.
Both of them were stunned, Jiang Hao’s eyes widened, and he watched the sharp dagger pierce his father with cold and cold light.
But he couldn’t do anything, and even at that moment, he didn’t even have enough time to shout the word “Caution”.
Jiang Hao was impatient…
and Ye Yunjie on the side was also caught off guard by Xu Xiao’s actions. Her reaction was swift. The moment she saw Xu Xiao pulling out the dagger, her whole body was actually unconscious. Rushed over.
It’s just that Xu Xiao was too close to Shen Haoting. The two were less than 30 centimeters away, and he was five meters away from the two.
Even if Ye Yunjie’s speed is agile, even if she has received strict training since she was a child, even if she can move as soon as Xu Xiao pulls out the dagger… But when the flashing cold dagger is infinitely close to Shen Haoting, Ye Yunjie still The distance between the two is more than two meters.
She could only watch as the dagger pierced Shen Haoting’s black coat…
That’s it! Ye Yunjie’s heart couldn’t help sinking. Although she knew Shen Haoting’s strength, but at such a close distance, she knew very well that Shen Haoting had no time to react at all, and there was not enough time to even turn around…
It seemed that everything was a foregone conclusion!
But at this moment, a scene that made everyone stunned appeared.
I saw Shen Haoting suddenly let out a violent shout, and then his whole figure trembled, almost instantly, a naked eye burst out of Shen Haoting’s body.
The air wave seemed to be engulfing a huge force, and it produced a huge impact within a radius of two meters centered on Shen Haoting’s body.
I saw that Xu Xiao’s dagger stabbing at Shen Haoting was pushed away by the air wave before it even touched his body, and Xu Xiao didn’t have time to react at all, and the whole person was also pushed out by the air wave. Meters away.
It was as if a small explosion had occurred, which instantly knocked out people and objects within two meters of Shen Haoting’s body, so that Ye Yunjie, who was two meters away, was also affected, and the whole person was also affected. I shook my whole body… After the air wave cleared, everyone on the scene was shocked.
Because within two meters of Shen Haoting, whether it is the mural on the wall, the wallpaper, or even the dining car parked on the wall, it almost seems to have been torn apart by some terrible force, either completely unrecognizable or completely destroyed.
Xu Xiao and Feng Ze were only the closest to Shen Haoting. At this time, they were both pushed far away by the air wave. The two of them slammed heavily on the wall not far away, and they grinned.
It’s just that compared to the physical pain, what surprised the two of them was the “ability” that Shen Haoting had just exploded.
Indeed, they couldn’t find a more precise word to describe the energy just now.
superpower? Indeed, what Shen Haoting just broke out was indeed more akin to superpowers.
That is an extremely terrifying power, a power that these ordinary people have never seen in their entire life.
Xu Xiao was stunned. He stared at Shen Haoting dumbfounded, and muttered: “Who are you…what are you?”
In Xu Xiao’s eyes, Shen Haoting at this time is not the same type of person at all. Up.
Shen Haoting smiled faintly, his eyes still full of disdain: “Am I? I am someone you can’t afford, ha ha, you are worthy to attack me too? Don’t you think you are too naive?”
Indeed, if Shen Haoting said before She was naive, Xu Xiao still felt that it was Shen Haoting’s exaggeration. It seems that from beginning to end, she really hasn’t put herself in the eyes.
In the eyes of others, he may be just an ant. The two are not of the same order of magnitude. Shen Haoting was very clear from the beginning, but he is still in the dark, innocent like a three-year-old. Like a child, he feels that he can easily end the opponent with a dagger.
Shen Haoting did not focus too much on Xu Xiao, but instead looked at Jiang Hao and Ye Yunjie.
At this time, Ye Yunjie was okay. She had always known that Shen Haoting was not an ordinary person, but she did not expect that she had not been with Shen Haoting for so long, and his ability had improved so fast, even to the point of exaggeration.
“This…Is this really angry?” Ye Yunjie murmured.
Shen Haoting just smiled at her slightly, and did not answer, but the smile was full of confidence. Obviously, Shen Haoting had acquiesced to Ye Yunjie’s question.
As a result, Ye Yunjie was even more surprised, even so excited that she didn’t know what to say.
Ye Yunjie still clearly remembers that once before, Shen Haoting told herself that she was a martial arts wizard, and it might not be long before her strength would be higher than that of Shen Haoting.
At that time, Ye Yunjie was innocent like a child, thinking that it was so, so she began to exercise and temper herself more desperately, hoping that the day Shen Haoting said would come sooner.
Ye Yunjie had a dream since she was a child. One day, she could truly become Shen Haoting’s arm and protect him, instead of letting him protect herself… It was just the scene that seemed to completely awaken Ye Yunjie from the fantasy.
It’s ridiculous, I thought that in three or two years, I could really surpass Shen Haotingke.
But now it seems that all this is just a distant dream, too far.
Shen Haoting was already strong enough to release his true energy, but he was still a thousand miles away from this step.
How not she was shocked, how not upset, how not she sighed.

Chapter: 523
And the one who was most surprised at this time was Jiang Hao.
Because in his common sense, it was impossible for this kind of thing to happen, and he didn’t even understand what his father had just used.
It was as if something completely unfamiliar to him was in front of him. Apart from surprise and curiosity, Jiang Hao had no other thoughts at all.
Jiang Hao suddenly discovered that he didn’t seem to know enough about his father, so much so that he was so tough. He didn’t even know what kind of power he was.
Jiang Hao stared at everything in front of him blankly, completely dumbfounded.
It took a long time before he came back to his senses.
When Jiang Hao came back to his senses, he was shocked to find that Shen Haoting had walked up to him at some point, looking at him with a warm smile on his face.
“Dad…this… what was that just now…”
Jiang Hao was a little incoherent, and Shen Haoting didn’t answer him either. He just smiled faintly, patted Jiang Hao’s shoulder with one hand, and said lightly: “Let’s go, go back. I’ll explain it to you myself.”
Jiang Hao nodded dumbly, then followed Shen Haoting to the outside without realizing it.
But when Shen Haoting had just left the house, Ye Yunjie stopped him.
“Mr. Shen, don’t these people get rid of it?” Ye Yunjie asked Xu Xiao, Feng Ze and others on the ground.
In Ye Yunjie’s opinion, just now Xu Xiao dared to attack Shen Haoting with black hands. This charge was enough to make him die on his own hands ten times.
And while talking, Ye Yunjie had already taken out the delicate butterfly knife and walked towards Xu Xiao and the others.
Ye Yunjie’s move really scared Xu Xiao, Feng Ze and the others. Xu Xiao was more or less a person who had seen the world. Although he was panicked in his heart, his face still pretended to be calm and calm.
As for Feng Ze and Secretary Luo, they were so frightened that they were stunned.
Just now Ye Yunjie managed to deal with those seven or eight brawny men. Compared with them, they are not even a fart. Isn’t it easier for people to deal with themselves than to kill a chicken?
The two of them trembled all over, and flinched towards the corner behind them, looking at Ye Yunjie as if they saw the god of death.
Only at this moment, Shen Haoting suddenly spoke.
“Forget it.” Shen Haoting whispered, “There is no need to deal with them personally. Sooner or later, these people will have someone to deal with them, and they won’t have a good end!”
Shen Haoting’s words made Ye Yunjie stunned, but Immediately he put away the butterfly knife, looked at Xu Xiao, Feng Ze and others in disgust, and turned to follow in the footsteps of Shen Haoting and Jiang Hao.
In fact, Ye Yunjie still wanted to solve these people personally, after all, they were really hateful.
But since Shen Haoting had already said that, he wouldn’t be able to violate Shen Haoting’s meaning anymore.
Moreover, since Shen Haoting has said that these people will not have a good end, they are destined to have no good results. After all, Shen Haoting is not a good man and a bodhisattva.
No one who has offended Shen Haoting has had a good end.
Even if you don’t deal with them yourself, someone will come to clean them up sooner or later.
The three of them kept walking downstairs.
When he arrived at the lobby on the first floor, Jiang Hao was taken aback, because he was a little frightened by the battle in front of him.
I saw that in the lobby on the first floor of this restaurant at this time, hundreds of people all fell to the ground in random directions, almost all of them groaning in pain.
Obviously, each of these people suffered serious injuries, ranging from the skin to the flesh, the hands and feet being interrupted, and some of them kept squirting blood from their mouths. It was obvious that the internal organs were injured.
There was wailing in the whole hall, so that all the dining guests in the restaurant were scared away by 80 to 90% at this time, and the rest was nothing but scared stupid and did not dare to move.
At this time, on both sides of the hotel’s gate, two rows stood impressively, with no fewer than a hundred people, all dressed in uniform black suits.
These people are male and female, with their heads high and chest up, and they are in two neat lines.
At the moment when Shen Haoting appeared, only a loud voice broke out from the two teams in unison.
“Hello, Mr. Shen!”
The voice was deafening, as if Hong Zhong resounded in people’s ears.
Jiang Hao couldn’t help but startled slightly, stopped to look at those people, and then at his father.
Shen Haoting looked at Jiang Hao’s appearance and smiled lightly, and explained: “Haha, don’t be nervous, these are my people, and they settled the things just below.”
Shen Haoting finished speaking and looked at those People, nodded with satisfaction, smiled and said: “Yes, it seems that this year, you have been handed over to Xiaoye, and you have grown again!”
These people are the Lei group, whom Shen Haoting adopted and cultivated since childhood. They.
When Shen Haoting looked at these people, he couldn’t help being a little moved. Although there were more than a hundred of these people, he could call out everyone’s name until everyone’s past and life experience.
In the past ten years, although these people are Shen Haoting’s men who are going to work for him one day, they have been in love for a long time. At this moment, Shen Haoting all regard them as his sons and daughters.
For the loss of each of them, Shen Haoting would be heartbroken, and it is precisely because of his sincere treatment that these people would willingly work for Shen Haoting.
Shen Haoting briefly told Jiang Hao about Lei Group, and Jiang Hao realized that everyone here is the same as himself, and even has a more tragic and miserable life experience than himself.
“Let’s go!” Shen Haoting waved his hand, the more than one hundred people immediately heard the sound and left the restaurant one after another.
In the next two days, the entire Chujiang River seemed to have blown a vast and boundless hurricane.
The Xu family, who once entrenched in Chu River like a giant dragon, was completely uprooted by Shen Haoting in just two days.
However, Shen Haoting didn’t kill Xu Xiao, but let him live in despair, letting him watch, step by step, disintegrating all his family business.
And that Chu family also completely collapsed in this storm.
Once they got the financial support from Xu Tianlin to get through the difficulties. The Chu family and his sons also felt that this time they could watch Jiang Hao finish playing and watch the Chengnan project fall.
But as a result, Shen Haoting moved his fingers, and the Chu family was destroyed.
The Chu family was over, and Chu Yuan’s parents died in depression, and only one Chu Yuan remained alive like a dog in the family.
For this kind of person, Shen Haoting didn’t even have the thought to deal with him.
As for the old Zheng from the upper level of the Chu River, he was backed by the barriers of Xu Xiao and others, who had expected him to take over the top spot soon, but he was not spared in this storm.
The turmoil lasted for half a month, and after half a month, Chu Jiang seemed to change the sky!

Chapter: 524
Chu River Jinghu.
Jinghu Lake is not the largest lake in the Chu River, nor is it the most famous.
However, it is far away from the downtown area and the environment is beautiful and peaceful, making it an ideal place for many anglers.
The water of Jinghu Lake is crystal clear, calm, not a vast lake, like a mirror falling from the sky, shining on the earth, the water and the sky are the same color, and the beauty is so beautiful.
Today’s Jinghu Lake seems a bit abnormal, because many enthusiasts who came to fish were expelled before they could step into the Jinghu Lake.
Some people even tried to argue with the brawny men in black suits who expelled themselves, but in the end they saw the other party withdraw the knife.
In the wilderness, no one wants to cause trouble. Even if some people are not reconciled, they still leave in an embarrassing manner.
And just at this moment, in a pavilion by the Jinghu Lake, a middle-aged man in his forties, who looks much younger than his real age, is holding a bamboo and wooden suspender, quietly. Of fishing.
He locked his gaze on the calm lake, as if he hadn’t noticed everything around him at all, and concentrated all his energy on the bait immersed in the water.
Suddenly, the man smiled and sighed: “Heh, this fish is too smart, just don’t bite!”
After speaking, his face seemed to be a little unhappy, and he slammed the bamboo in his hand. The wooden boom was pulled up from the water, and the fishing rod, which would have only splashed a small string of water, was astonishingly blowing up a small wave of more than ten meters in the water.
With a bang, the entire Jinghu Lake, like a bright mirror, seemed to be shaken slightly by the sudden power.
After a loud noise like a bomb blast, the water splash fell into the water again, causing waves of waves.
And under the waves, I saw that the water surface was above the top, and dozens of dying fish that were bombed were floating.
The middle-aged man threw the fishing rod in the water and said faintly: “Huh, since you don’t want to bite the hook, then I will let you out of the water by another method.”
After speaking, the middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly condensed, thinking Not far behind him, he said in a low voice : “Come out, sneaky.” As soon as his voice fell, behind a waist-thin willow tree behind him, a figure suddenly appeared.
The man was still green with a gloomy face, walked to the side of the middle-aged man, first bowed heavily, and then knelt down.
“Mr. Shen, I’m sorry, I failed…” The speaker was not someone else, it was Zhang Xiangyu.
At this time, he no longer had the arrogance of the past, facing the middle-aged man in front of him, he was completely obedient.
The middle-aged man didn’t look at him, just looked at the lake that hadn’t calmed down, and snorted coldly: “You’re a trash. I have given you so much manpower and financial resources and resources, and given you half a year’s time, you actually You can’t even find the shadow of “Shang Dian”. Not only that, but you also let me put in more than a billion yuan in the water. What use is your life?” The middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly became sharp and fierce. When he got up, Zhang Xiangyu was so scared that Zhang Xiangyu didn’t even dare to gasp.
He hurriedly said: “Mr. Shen, I knew it was wrong. It was because I was too careless before. I didn’t expect that Shen Haoting would commit suicide and return to Chujiang. Originally, I thought our victory was determined. I was going to pass the Xu family. I bought this Chengnan project and looked for it in a three-foot digging site, but… But this Shen Haoting is too cunning, I… I failed, I will let you down Mr. Shen.” The middle-aged man was cold. He snorted and continued: “I originally wanted your dog’s life, but after thinking about it, after all, you have been with me for 20 years. There is no credit and hard work, so I will give you another chance, yourself Give yourself a punishment!” After that, the middle-aged man threw a small knife out, and the tip of the knife went straight into the wooden floor in front of Zhang Xiangyu.
Zhang Xiangyu trembled all over, but still gritted his teeth and grabbed the dagger.
He looked at his right hand and hesitated, but he was still heartbroken and went straight down with a stab, and it ended up with his little finger.
“Hiss…” Zhang Xiangyu resisted the pain, raised his head and looked at the middle-aged man, and said, “Mr. Shen, please rest assured, I will put this finger here. You will give me another week if I can’t find it. After the whereabouts of Shangdian, then I will be on the edge of this Jinghu Lake and apologize!”
The middle-aged man slowly turned his head and glanced at Zhang Xiangyu. He nodded slightly, and said with some sigh: “Little Qi, It’s not that I’m unreasonable, but it’s the rules. I don’t want you to be like this, but I can’t help it. I hope you can understand me!”
Zhang Xiangyu knelt and got close to the middle-aged man, bowing his head, “Mr. Shen, I You all understand that you adopted us at the beginning and hope that we can use it for you one day. I understand that if we can’t create value, what is the use of living?” The middle-aged man reached out and stroked Zhang Xiangyu’s head, nodded faintly, and smiled. “It’s fine if you know it, so I won’t say much. Since you have already booked a ticket with me, I will see your performance for the following.” Zhang Xiangyu heard the words and slammed his head. On the ground, he solemnly said: “Mr. Shen, please rest assured, I will definitely not let down your expectations!”
When Zhang Xiangyu said this, he saw that the middle-aged man had already stepped out of the pavilion.
But I don’t know when, the man took out a square towel, elegantly wiped the hand that had just touched Zhang Xiangyu, and then threw it away like garbage.
Originally, he still had a look of pitiful Zhang Xiangyu on his face a moment ago, but the moment he turned his head, his eyes became cold and arrogant again, and he even had a kind of contempt for Zhang Xiangyu from the heart.
After a while, the middle-aged man got in a commercial vehicle parked on the side of the road. A young man hurriedly asked: “Mr. Shen, do you still trust this Xiaoqi? Do you want to deal with it directly? He let you be in the family Here, it has become an out-and-out laughingstock!”
The middle-aged man sighed faintly, and said helplessly: “I can’t help being laughed at, but I spent so much money to train such a dog. I can’t just use it once, right? Since he still has utility, then Let him continue. When he is useless, Shen Haoting will take care of her without me!”
After speaking, the middle-aged man motioned to close the door, and the commercial vehicle drove away.
At this time, by the Jinghu Lake, Zhang Xiangyu looked at his severed finger, gritted his teeth with anger in his heart, really a little unwilling.
He looked fiercely at the lake not far away, and whispered in a gloomy voice: “Shen Haoting, let’s have fun now, I don’t believe it, you don’t hand it over!”

Chapter: 525
On the other side, in the hotel where Shen Haoting stayed.
During this period of time, Jiang Hao has almost lived with Shen Haoting.
And since the last time he saw Shen Haoting’s skill in exuding his true spirit in the restaurant, Jiang Hao has been shocked.
He always wanted to ask his father, what is it?
Was it his unique supernatural ability, or did he practice some techniques, or did he use modern high-tech equipment?
In short, Jiang Hao is simply too curious about this incomprehensible phenomenon.
It’s just that he couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to ask his father.
And Jiang Hao seems to have discovered that his father seems to be deliberately avoiding answering these questions.
Finally, Jiang Hao really couldn’t help it, and then knocked on the door of Shen Haoting’s suite.
As soon as Shen Haoting opened the door, he was still very excited to see Jiang Hao who came.
The father and son exchanged greetings for a while before Jiang Hao hesitated to get to the topic.
“Dad…” Jiang Hao scratched the back of his hand and asked hesitantly, “You…who are you?”
Shen Haoting was asked, “Well? I’m your father? Who else can I be?”
Jiang Hao knew that he hadn’t made it clear, so he quickly explained: “No, I mean, that…that ability that you used that day, what is that? Can you tell me, except for my father, except for the richest overseas Chinese. Is there another identity for him? It’s about that ability!”
Shen Haoting was obviously a little surprised, Jiang Hao would ask this question.
But he was relieved in an instant, because he seemed to have thought about it a long time ago, Jiang Hao would ask about this someday.
Indeed, the things I used that day were too abnormal and too subverting people’s common sense.
Shen Haoting groaned for a moment, then let out a heavy sigh, and then slowly said: “Son, it seems…it seems that there are some things that should be told to you. Actually, I didn’t want you to know this. I just wanted to Let you be an ordinary person. Don’t participate in these things, but now, it seems that those are just my ideals.”
Shen Haoting sighed and continued: “Are you curious? Dad used it that day. What? Just like this!” While talking
, Shen Haoting pointed to a glass ashtray on the side of the coffee table, and then suddenly a visible wave of air burst from his fingertips. The wave of air was impartial and hit. On the ashtray, the ashtray was instantly smashed into pieces.
This scene really shocked Jiang Hao again. He rubbed his eyes, obviously still a little disbelief in what just happened before him.
“This… how is this possible? Dad, you…” Jiang Hao didn’t know what language he could use to describe his excitement and shock at this moment.
How can one break the object into a pair of pieces without touching it?
In the physics class of junior high school, the teacher had never taught Jiang Hao.
Those magazines and periodicals read in high school and university are not even in textbooks.
This is totally unexplainable, but it just happened before my eyes!
Jiang Hao was blinded, completely blinded.
He looked at his father with complicated eyes. He felt a little unbelievable, but also a little unreal.
All in all, he really can’t accept that all this is true. If it is true, how did he do it?
Seeing Jiang Hao’s shocked expression, Shen Haoting suddenly smiled and shook his head: “Is it surprised? It’s amazing?”
Jiang Hao nodded dumbly. What else can he say at this moment?
On the contrary, Shen Haoting smiled again, walked to Jiang Hao, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Son, in fact, there is another world besides the world you live in, and that world is treacherous. The world is full of opportunities and risks, and the world is very passionate and dark. Originally, my father thought you would never touch that world for the rest of your life, but now I feel that I am a little naive.”
Shen Haoting sighed, “Since you are from the Shen family. , How can you not come into contact with that world? It’s impossible.”
Jiang Hao looked up at his anxious father and asked: “Dad, what kind of world is what you said? Why, besides this world, there are other worlds? What do you mean by that?”
Shen Haoting looked at Jiang Hao and nodded, but: “Yes, under this seemingly ordinary world, in fact, There is also a world of warriors, that world is full of bloody violence, full of desires and traps!”
Jiang Hao felt more and more outrageous as he listened, scratching his head and asking: “Dad, you… the world you are talking about Where are you?”
Shen Haoting grinned: “Just beside you and me, I, Xiaoye, and many people in Lei Group are actually martial artists, but there is a big gap between us in strength. ”
Shen Haoting got up, seeming to be thinking about how to explain clearly to Jiang Hao.
After a while, he said again: “In fact, the inheritance of martial artists has been around for thousands of years. Whether it is the Feng Shui technique you have heard of or the rumored Taoist cultivation method, to put it bluntly, people treat martial artists. The world is rumored and rumored, and even the romance. In fact, the real world of warriors is a closed world, even unwilling to be disturbed by others. And in this world, there are many aristocratic families that have been passed down for thousands of years, our Shen clan, actually Above is one of these many warrior families!”
Shen Haoting continued to explain: “In fact, martial artists in the true sense need blood inheritance. I don’t know the specific reasons. But what is certain is that in this world, only a small number of people can become martial artists, and they will Those who have the blood of the warrior clan, as for those in the Lei group, their physical fitness is actually much better than that of ordinary people, but to be precise, they can’t be regarded as real warriors, because they may not be able to reach for their entire lives. The threshold of Transformation Realm.”
“Transformation Realm?” Jiang Hao was a little confused about this term. “What does that mean?”
Shen Haoting nodded, and then explained: “The world of warriors is actually divided into three realms, the most basic The entry, a higher level of transformation, and the general existence of the peak of the gods, and each great realm is divided into four stages: the initial stage, the middle stage, the later stage, and the peak. Every time a stage is reached, the physical fitness of a person will be Earthshaking changes have taken place.”
“Ordinary people, if you want to become a martial artist, in fact, the highest can only reach the late stage of entry, and even the peak period is not enough to reach the threshold. This is like a chasm. It is you no matter how hard you work. A barrier that is insurmountable, and those who have the blood of the martial artist, as long as they have the talent, they can practice all the way up!

Chapter: 526
“Dad, then…what realm are you in? Divine realm?” Jiang Hao asked with excitement, pointing to the smashed ashtray on the table.
Hearing this, Shen Haoting just shook his head and smiled: “Why is the God Realm so easily touched? How many people are there in the world, who can jump into the God Realm?”
Shen Haoting sighed, rather helpless. Said: “Dad and your grandpa started practicing at the age of three, and have never been willing to slack off at all, but even so, they only reached the mid-level of transformation. I once imagined that one day, if I could reach the peak of the level of transformation. During the period, if I had the honor to take a look at the Divine Realm, then I would be content!”
“Ah?” Jiang Hao couldn’t help being a little disappointed when he heard this. Could it be that his father’s strength has reached such a level, but he is only the strength of the mid-transition stage? What would it be like in the late stage of transformation, and even the peak stage?
Jiang Hao couldn’t help thinking in his heart again, what kind of existence would the so-called divine realm in his father’s mouth exist?
Regarding these, Jiang Hao didn’t have the slightest concept in his mind. He even felt that everything his father said was too far away from him.
Shen Haoting looked at Jiang Hao, and seemed to feel that what he had just said was too great for Jiang Hao. Finally, he smiled and continued: “Well, these things are still too far away for you, since you are Shen Descendants of the family, you can’t take care of yourself alone. I’ll tell you all about it in the future, and I’ll let Xiaoye teach you something a little bit.”
Chief Shen Hao sighed, “You are the only one in my Shen family. Heir, there are still many things that you need to face…”
Later, when his father said, Jiang Hao seemed to understand and didn’t listen carefully. At this moment, what he was thinking in his heart was his father just now. I said something about the warrior.
Jiang Hao suddenly discovered that things that existed only in the movies he had watched in the past seemed to be gradually becoming reality.
Jiang Hao didn’t know how long he had stayed in his father’s room, and after finally leaving, he walked back and forth in the hotel aimlessly.
By coincidence, Jiang Hao met Ye Yunjie, who seemed to have swept away the previous decadence, and at this time he was radiant again, returning to the appearance of Ye Yunjie that Jiang Hao had known in the past.
Ye Yunjie said hello to Jiang Hao and left, but Jiang Hao stopped her.
“Sister Ye, wait a minute…” Jiang Hao said, “Can I ask you something?”
Ye Yunjie couldn’t help but stunned, and hurriedly said: “You can ask, know everything !”
“Can you tell me, Martial Artist What’s wrong?” Jiang Hao asked.
Ye Yunjie was taken aback for a second, and immediately after thinking about it, she knew that Shen Haoting must have told Jiang Hao, but it seemed that Jiang Hao still had doubts in her heart, so she came to ask herself.
Ye Yunjie thought for a while, nodded, and then took Jiang Hao to a nearby cafe. The two chatted for a full afternoon. Ye Yunjie told Jiang almost everything she knew about the world of warriors. Ho.
As Shen Haoting said, the world of warriors has existed since ancient times.
The martial artist is divided into three realms, and only after breaking through the later stage of entry can you be called a real martial artist. The sign indicates that you can perceive the existence of Zhenqi.
And being able to use true energy is a sign of true warrior.
Ye Yunjie explained: “Those people in the Thunder group, at best, their physical fitness has reached the limit of human beings, but they can only reach this point. But people with the blood of a martial artist can use true energy. Through the operation of True Qi, I break through the limits of the human body.”
Ye Yunjie pointed to herself: ” Just like me, in fact, I also have the blood of a martial artist, and I am at the peak of entry, and I have been able to skillfully use True Qi. , So my speed and strength can break through the limit that my body can reach, do you understand?”
Jiang Hao nodded, and Ye Yunjie immediately said: “And like the way your father used to release the true energy, it is already a symbol of the martial artist. I have been in the past, and I can catch up with your father in a short time, but now It seems that I think too much, haha…”
Ye Yunjie then briefly talked about some secrets about the martial artist.
All in all, in the world of warriors, level determines strength. Perhaps there is only a very weak level difference between two people, but in terms of strength, there is a world of difference.
It is absolutely impossible for a warrior who enters the middle stage to win the later stage warrior, because between them, the difference in strength is almost doubled.
And the few masters in the late entry period may not necessarily be the opponents of the peak entry period masters. That is because, at the peak entry period, they have already entered the ranks of real warriors. Once they can use true energy, they can break through the limits of the human body. , So even if the opponent is a top expert, as long as he is an ordinary person, even if he has reached the limit of physique, he is not an opponent at all.
“And once a warrior enters the transformation realm, ordinary people have no chance to win. As for the god realm, to be honest, it is only a realm that only a few heroic heroes can watch.” Ye Yunjie sighed, “According to Mr. Shen, your grandfather seemed to be already. Breaking through the divine realm, that is the only warrior in my life who knows to break through the divine realm, and when I enter the divine realm , people will have all kinds of Taoist magic powers…” It seems that after the divine realm, Ye Yunjie also knows very little, no matter how much. Some things, she just said something from hearsay.
But what Ye Yunjie said, Jiang Hao seemed to have a better understanding of this world of warriors.
Immediately, Jiang Hao asked again: “Sister Ye, are the things inherited by my father’s Shen family also related to this martial arts world?”
Ye Yunjie nodded: “Indeed, and I also heard Mr. Shen talk about it. As long as they can get the help of that thing, perhaps mortals can also watch the divine realm. It can be seen that that thing is indeed very powerful. This is the reason why so many people are racking their brains to get it.”
Jiang Hao nodded, thinking about continuing to ask some other things, but his cell phone rang, and the call came from Qiao San.
It turned out that the second stage of the decoration of Haisheng Yipin Villa was almost completed. Qiao San was going to ask Jiang Hao to check and accept it.
Jiang Hao glanced at the time, and agreed without thinking too much.
Ye Yunjie prepared a car for Jiang Hao and directly sent Jiang Hao to Haisheng Yipin.
When Jiang Hao arrived there, Qiao Dong had been waiting there for a long time.
As soon as he saw Jiang Hao, Qiao Dong limped over and said with a smile on his face: “Young Master Jiang, you are here. My father is temporarily in a hurry to leave, so I will come first and turn back to him. When you are done, you will come right away.”

Chapter: 527
Jiang Hao nodded: “It doesn’t matter, Qiao always gets busy first when he has something to do. Let’s go and see first.”
Qiao Dong replied, and the two of them walked into the villa.
At this time, not far from Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, a figure slowly moved out of the obstacle on the side. His eyes were so cold as to look at Jiang Hao and Qiao Dong who had just entered the villa, with the corners of his mouth sticking out. A sinister smile.
This person stretched out his left hand and looked at his little finger that had been cut off in half, his eyes full of resentment.
“Shen Haoting, let’s take a look!” Zhang Xiangyu murmured coldly, and slowly took out a remote control-like thing from his pocket.
He smiled again and said to himself: “I thought this thing was not needed anymore, but it seems that I still have to use it to end it all.” Not long ago, Zhang Xiangyu used Wang Jiani in this Haisheng Yipinyi There was something buried under the courtyard.
Originally, Zhang Xiangyu was only thinking that if the plan went wrong, he would use this thing just in case.
He even felt that he might never need this thing anymore, so let him bury one underneath.
But what he didn’t expect was that his sophisticated plan would become so fragile under Shen Haoting’s hands, and his fingers would disrupt all his plans.
In desperation, Zhang Xiangyu could only enable this thing again.
At the beginning, Wang Jiani was curious to ask Zhang Xiangyu whether this thing was a bomb. Zhang Xiangyu just slopped and passed by casually.
But how Wang Jiani could think about it, she said casually, and she guessed it right.
What she personally buried under the living room on the first floor of Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard is not only a bomb, but also a special high-explosive product. Although there is only a small tuft, its power is definitely no less than a whole. Pack of black powder.
Perhaps this huge Haisheng No.1 Courtyard was destroyed by the bomb in an instant.
At this time, Zhang Xiangyu was holding the bomb’s remote control device. As long as he gently pressed the button on it later, maybe Jiang Hao would be completely dead.
“Shen Haoting, I really want to see what your expression will be when that happens!” Zhang Xiangyu sneered, “Aren’t you the only son? Then I will let you cut off your children and grandchildren !” Zhang Xiangyu was already relieved as he spoke. Slowly moved his thumb over the button…
On the other side, Jiang Hao and Qiao Dong had already circled the villa.
At this time, most of the decoration work of the villa is almost in progress, only some details are not perfect.
But even so, the overall appearance of this villa can already be presented.
Jiang Hao is very satisfied. The result of this decoration is exactly as he expected.
Jiang Hao was a little excited, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and took a video of Xue Yuning and sent it over.
Then he and Qiao Dong went to the second floor of the villa again, and took a brief look at the bedroom inside…
And just now, not far away, Zhang Xiangyu’s finger pressed on the detonation button violently pressed down.
Almost at the same time, the small package buried under the floor of the villa suddenly flickered with a pale green light. The light was so weak that it might not be easily noticed even if it was not buried underneath.
Then the device connected to the bomb made a series of beeps, and in an instant, a huge energy burst from the small box.
Then a string of firelight also splashed out.
“Boom…” With a sound, the floor on the first floor of the villa was suddenly propped up by a huge force, and then the nearby floor was instantly hit by the vast force into countless fragments, splashing out in all directions. .
At this time, there were still a few renovating workers on the first floor. This sudden change gave these people no time to react, and countless wounds were interspersed by the floor fragments.
However, these people did not even have time to yell, and a huge shock wave from below the floor followed, directly blasting them out.
Several of them smashed heavily on the concrete wall, and several others, together with the toughened glass shattered by the impact, flew directly out of the villa.
However, this is just the beginning. Wherever the vast and unrivaled shock wave went, all the objects were destroyed into fragments and splashed out with the shock wave.
Not all the walls of the entire first floor are supported by concrete, and there are weaknesses in them. At that moment, they were directly blown out of a hole.
Then the shock wave reached the floor with a muffled sound. Before the people upstairs could react, the heavy floor was instantly broken by the shock wave.
In an instant, the second floor lost its support and collapsed.
At this time, Jiang Hao and Qiao Dong, who were on the second floor, had just heard a loud bang from downstairs at the very beginning. Before they could react, the floor slab collapsed in an instant…

Chapter: 528
Jiang Hao only felt that his feet were empty, and the whole person subconsciously began to scratch around randomly.
But at this moment, everything beside him was falling at extreme speed. Even if Jiang Hao caught something, he couldn’t provide support at all.
At that moment, a sense of doubled fear enveloped Jiang Hao’s heart. At that moment, he seemed to truly feel the approach of death.
At that moment, it seemed that the time and space around him had slowed down. Jiang Hao watched everything around him fall down…
scaffolding, unopened furniture, decoration tools, broken buildings, and body Qiao Dong was also full of desperate eyes.
At that moment, the two looked at each other, as if there was no time to think, their eyes were full of fear.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao felt as if a black shadow fell quickly on top of his head. He struggled to look up, and saw a huge fragment of the building flying down thinking about his head.
Jiang Hao wanted to dodge, but it seemed impossible.
Because at this time he felt that his body had fallen heavily on something, and there was a sharp pain in his back. Something must have scratched the wound.
But at this time Jiang Hao had no time to think about those, because what was imminent was the building that was falling rapidly above his head.
The ruin is a meter in size and weighs hundreds of catties. If it hits himself, he will be dead for the time being.
Jiang Hao’s eyes were full of panic. The first time he was infinitely close to the threat of death, he was at a loss and blank, just watching the ruined building fly towards him in panic.
Dead, really dead…
Jiang Hao seems to have no hope for himself anymore.
However, just as the huge ruin was about to fall on Jiang Hao, suddenly, a figure suddenly came out from the side and rushed straight towards Jiang Hao.
Before Jiang Hao had time to react, his body was suddenly pushed back heavily by the figure.
Then there was a shout from Jiang Hao’s ear: “Jiang Shao be careful…”
Jiang Hao then reacted. It was Qiao Dong who pushed him away.
He hurriedly looked at Qiao Dong, only to see him push himself away, and the huge ruin was hitting Qiao Dong impartially!
At that moment, Jiang Haomeng was gone, and he never expected that Qiao Dong would suddenly push himself away when life and death were at stake, and he would bear all that he should have to bear.
Jiang Hao almost watched Qiao Dong’s body being pressed by the huge ruin. The moment he pressed him, Qiao Dong’s face suddenly became pale, and a mouthful of scarlet blood spouted from his mouth.
Qiao Dong’s expression was extremely painful, his eyes staring at Jiang Hao, seeing Jiang Hao being pushed away by himself, Qiao Dong’s eyes seemed to be relieved.
“Qiao Dong…” Jiang Hao collapsed, and tears came out of his eyes subconsciously. He didn’t understand why Qiao Dong had to save himself. You know, because of himself, he was once broken by Qiao San. Could it be that he Don’t hate yourself?
Perhaps Jiang Hao would never know in his life, at the moment when the embarrassment came, Qiao Dong pushed himself away.
But what he was very clear was that Qiao Dong used his own life to change his life.
What is the reward for changing your life?
The force Qiao Dong had just pushed away Jiang Hao was very great. Jiang Hao felt weightlessness in his body again, and then his body flew to the back very quickly… At that moment, Jiang Hao wanted to reach out and grab a handful of Qiao Dong, but He found that it was impossible, and what he saw last was the moment when Qiao Dong slowly closed his eyes… At that moment, Jiang Hao seemed to feel that time and space were frozen again, and his body that had been omitted from behind became It was so slow that he could even see clearly, the dust falling from Qiao Dong’s eyelashes and the tears slightly overflowing from the corners of his eyes.
Qiao Dong is dead.
When Jiang Hao realized this, he seemed to feel that his heart was severely pinched, which almost broke his heart.
At almost the same time, he seemed to feel that the environment around him had resumed its usual speed. Numerous ruined walls, as well as all kinds of debris and dust, fell like a gust of rain.
Hit the ground, hit Jiang Hao, on top of his head, hit Qiao Dong’s warm body.
Turning around, Jiang Hao felt a pain in his back again, and his body slammed into the uncollapsed wall behind him.
At that moment, he seemed to feel like his whole body was about to fall apart, his head was a little dizzy from the violent impact just now, and the scenery in front of him became blurred…
Jiang Hao seemed to feel that his consciousness was half-dream and half-awake, that feeling was very strange. , As if he knew everything around him, but he couldn’t control his body.
And when the sound of the ruined wall fell off the ears, it seemed that everything had settled.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao suddenly heard the sound of slow and powerful footsteps in his ears. Those feet squashed on the debris, which was unusually harsh and clear.
The voice moved from far to near, and finally stopped beside him.
Then Jiang Hao chaotically heard the footsteps, the owner said: “Haha, it’s pretty fateful, this didn’t kill you!”
Jiang Hao couldn’t move, let alone speak. , It’s just that the subconscious mind can understand what the other party means.
Then he felt that one of his feet was being lifted, and then his whole body was dragged out of this fragmented wall.
Soon, Jiang Hao passed by Qiao Dong’s corpse. At this time, Qiao Dong had no breath, his eyes were slightly closed, and the corners of his mouth were blood stains that had not yet dried up.
The top of his head was covered with dust, and his old suit was scratched.
At that moment, Jiang Hao suddenly felt a little worried and angry, but he couldn’t do anything except these feelings.
Just like this, he was dragged away. When he passed Qiao Dong’s body, his head hit a huge concrete fragment on the side again. Jiang Hao felt his head dizzy again, and then his whole body remained. That trace of consciousness was completely lost.
Jiang Hao felt as if he had had a long dream, a long nightmare, in the dreamland, there were countless ghosts and neighing around him.
He felt his body fluctuating hot and cold, and his limbs were cut off suddenly, and he suffered countless tortures.
Suddenly, Jiang Hao felt a sudden darkness in front of him, and then a dull sound of closing the trunk completely made him lose his perception of everything outside!
“Dear viewers, we are now inserting the latest news from this station. It is located in the top villa area in our city, Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard. An outbreak suddenly occurred twenty minutes ago. The specific cause is unknown, and the casualties are temporarily unclear. Our reporter is on his way to Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, and will broadcast live for you later!”

Chapter: 529
Chujiang, Shen Haoting stayed at the hotel.
The distance here is not too far from Haisheng First Grade, and the loud noise just before caught the attention of Shen Haoting.
At the moment of the explosion, Shen Haoting also somehow, suddenly his heart jerked, and then quickly got up, a little restlessly looking toward the direction of the explosion, looking nervously.
Not long after, I saw the direction of Haisheng Yipin, and suddenly the flames burst into the sky, and smoke rose up.
Shen Haoting frowned, and hurriedly shouted: “Come here!”
Soon, a member of Lei Group hurried in from outside: “Mr. Shen, what’s your order?”
Shen Haoting pointed to the rising star not far away. Yanchen asked: “What’s wrong over there?”
Then, Shen Haoting pondered for a moment, and continued to ask: “By the way, where is Young Master now?”
The Lei group member looked at the direction and immediately said, “I’ll go now. Check what’s wrong, Jiang Shao…I just saw him answer the phone, so I hurried out. Specifically, I will ask Miss Xia Ye later that Jiang Shao left her room.”
” Leave ?” Shen Haoting’s brow furrowed deeper when he heard the words, and the anxiety in his heart suddenly aggravated.
It stands to reason that this explosion won’t hit Jiang Hao’s poles, but Shen Haoting didn’t know what happened. He suddenly felt panicked, as if something was going to happen.
He turned his head and said loudly: “I will find him now, and I will also find out what happened to the explosion over there.”
The Lei group member immediately turned and left after hearing the words.
And Shen Haoting’s eyes fell on the direction of the explosion again.
Obviously, he had some doubts about the explosion not far away. After all, at this time period, there was a sudden explosion on the 6th, even if it had nothing to do with his plan, Shen Haoting felt that he had no bottom.
After he waited anxiously for ten minutes, suddenly the door of his suite was pushed open from the outside.
But this time it was Ye Yunjie who came in.
Ye Yunjie looked a little hurried, looking at Shen Haoting, a little nervous.
“What’s the matter?” Shen Haoting saw Ye Yunjie’s appearance, and hurriedly asked, “Is…what’s going on over there? Where is Jiang Hao?”
“There is an accident, Mr. Shen!” Ye Yunjie said directly. These words.
Hearing this, Shen Haoting immediately trembled subconsciously, staring at Ye Yunjie with deep eyes: “What do you…what do you mean? I ask you Jiang Hao.”
Ye Yunjie said with a serious expression and said quickly: “I just got it. The news, it was Haisheng No.1 that just exploded, and it was the Haisheng No.1 Courtyard that Jiang Shao bought before, and…”
Ye Yunjie hesitated a little, and said, “And Jiang Shao was in there at the time…”
Shen Haoting heard This news, I felt like a thunderous rumbling sound in my mind, shaking his whole body for a while, one hand firmly grasped the aluminum alloy window frame before he could barely stand firm.
Upon seeing this, Ye Yunjie hurriedly stepped forward to help, but was stopped by Shen Haoting’s wave.
“Prepare the car, let’s go now!” Shen Haoting was completely confused, and after speaking, he rushed outside.
Ye Yunjie hurriedly followed, and said: “Mr. Shen, the car is already downstairs!”
When they got downstairs, the two of them got into the business car that Ye Yunjie had prepared in advance, and then swiftly moved directly in the direction of Haisheng Yipin. Drive away.
At this time, the radio in the commercial vehicle also happened to broadcast news about the explosion.
“Listen friends, now we are inserting the latest news from our station. It is located in the top villa area in our city, Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard. An outbreak suddenly occurred 20 minutes ago. The specific cause is unknown, and the casualties are temporarily unclear. Our reporter is on the way to Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, and will do a live broadcast for you later!”
Hearing this news, Shen Haoting’s expression became more serious, and Ye Yunjie hurriedly told the driver to turn off the broadcast.
“What the hell is going on?” Shen Haoting ignored those and asked Ye Yunjie what happened.
Ye Yunjie hurriedly told Shen Haoting the whole story, and finally said: “According to the information I have, at that time, Jiang Shao and Qiao San’s son Qiao Dong had just entered the villa and there was an explosion. The whereabouts are still unclear, and Qiao San is also on the way to there.”
Shen Haoting responded, and the whole person fell into contemplation.
However, although the hotel he was staying in was not far from Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard in a straight line, the traffic became more and more congested as he approached the villa area.
Many private cars also heard the explosion and wanted to rush over to see what happened. After all, this is the most luxurious villa area in Chujiang. It is rumored that the explosion is still the most expensive villa worth 70 million. Everyone wants to see it. What happened.
And more and more vehicles from various media outlets also rushed in the same direction like a tide.
Soon, Shen Haoting’s commercial vehicle was blocked in the middle of the road. No matter how the driver honked the horn, it was of no avail. There were even a lot of private car drivers in front, chatting and laughing with each other.
Someone saw the commercial car that had been honking the horn at the back, and immediately showed a slight expression of disdain. One person even walked slowly towards the commercial car, knocked on the driver’s window, and sneered in disdain.
At this time, Shen Haoting was already anxious, but at this time, there were people who provoke him, which made him want to explode.
He suddenly screamed at the driver: “Come over!”
The driver was also a member of the Lei team. He was obedient to Shen Haoting. After receiving the order, his eyes were coldly passed from the cursing young man’s face outside the window, and then he slammed on the accelerator. The commercial vehicle instantly rushed like an arrow from the string Got out.
With a sound of “Bang Dang”, the commercial vehicle directly knocked the young man into flight, and the vehicle in front of him was instantly squashed. Shen Haoting’s driver then kicked the accelerator, and then the commercial vehicle was like a wild horse, ramming into the front unscrupulously. The vehicle hit a bloody road straight from the congested lane.
This scene scared everyone present.
But before everyone recovered from their consternation, they saw the business car whose front face had been hit beyond recognition, rushing in the direction of Haisheng Yipin regardless.
A few minutes later, the car finally stopped outside the gate of Haisheng No.1 Product. Shen Haoting didn’t have time to think about it. After getting out of the car, he hurriedly rushed towards the ruined courtyard No.1.
But when Shen Haoting approached the ruins of No.1 Courtyard, a heart-piercing cry suddenly came out of his ear…

Chapter: 530
The former Haisheng No. 1 Courtyard, one of the top luxury villas in the Chu River, was now in ruins.
Several places are still burning at this time, and two fire trucks are trying to put out the fire.
The staff in several villa districts are working non-stop to rescue the wounded from the rubble.
Among the ruins, a middle-aged man was crying bitterly on his back.
He held the corpse of Qiao Dong, who had been crushed by the ruins, with his hands tightly, his eyes were helpless and hopeless.
This person was Qiao San. When the explosion occurred, he had already solved his work and hurried to the villa area.
But at this moment, a loud noise followed by a string of firelight completely frightened him.
After Qiao San saw that the explosion was Haisheng Yipin No.1 Yard, he rushed to this place frantically, and then saw the scene in front of him.
Qiao Dong hadn’t breathed anymore, his whole body was purple-brown, and the temperature of the body gradually faded.
Qiao San collapsed. He couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, and sat on the ground with a puff of despair, still despair in his eyes.
My only son, is that all gone? Qiao San could not accept this fact anyway.
When Shen Haoting and Ye Yunjie arrived, they saw Qiao San wailing in pain while holding his son.
Shen Haoting couldn’t help being touched, but immediately his eyes searched among the ruined walls.
He was looking for Jiang Hao, but even though he looked around and around, he still couldn’t see his son.
Shen Haoting pointed to the pile of broken floor slabs, and said to Ye Yunjie in despair: “Quickly, find someone to clear this place, quickly…”
Shen Haoting knew very well that if Jiang Hao really was in that pile of floor slabs weighing several tons. Below the debris, there is definitely no chance of survival.
But until now, he can only continue to ignite one hope after another in his heart, hoping that there is a one in ten thousand possibility that his son is still alive…
Ye Yunjie’s heart is also full of grief and anger, one is the son of his subordinates, and the other It was the son of his boss, Ye Yunjie was also extremely uncomfortable looking at the two men desperate to live.
And just when Ye Yunjie wanted to find someone to pick up the pile of floor fragments, one of his men suddenly walked up to her and whispered in her ear.
After hearing the other party’s words, Ye Yunjie’s expression suddenly changed, but immediately a huge boulder in her heart also fell heavily on the ground.
She hurriedly walked to Shen Haoting and whispered: “Mr. Shen doesn’t need to remove these, because Shao Jiang is not here at all!”
Hearing this, Shen Haoting’s eyes suddenly burst into light, and she looked at Ye Yunjie with hope and asked. “What…what do you mean? Jiang Hao wasn’t here at the time?”
Ye Yunjie shook her head: “No, you should come with me. The surveillance over there happened to film what happened here at that time. ”
Shen Haoting heard that, the hope that had been ignited was almost blown out again.
But since Ye Yunjie said that Jiang Hao is not here, it is most likely that he is still alive!
Soon, a young man in Lei’s group in his twenties ran over quickly, with a laptop in his hand, and then played a video for Shen Haoting.
The video has been processed, the resolution has been improved a lot and the speed has also been reduced a lot.
Only then was Shen Haoting able to see everything about the release at that time.
In the video, although only a short part of the front can be seen, Qiao Dong’s movement of pushing Jiang Hao away can be seen clearly.
Immediately afterwards, a figure appeared, dragged Jiang Hao away from the ruins, stuffed him into a car on the roadside, and immediately the man got in the car and drove away.
And seeing the person who dragged Jiang Hao away, Shen Haoting couldn’t help but stunned: “Why is it him?”
“Mr. Shen, do you know him?” Ye Yunjie asked.
Shen Haoting nodded: “He is from the Shen family overseas. I once met him at the annual meeting of the Shen family overseas. When did he come to Chujiang?”
“It’s been about half a year, and as far as I know, before the south of the city He has always been behind the scenes of the project. His name is Zhang Xiangyu, and he is also a warrior. He killed several people in the Lei group before. I have been tracking his whereabouts, but I can’t find a trace…” Ye Yunjie sucked backwards. With a sigh of relief, he seemed to think of something, and said hurriedly, “Is it because he did this explosion?” After seeing the video, Shen Haoting’s tense nerves finally got a little relaxed. After all, he can be sure that his son is still alive. , Even though he had just left the wolf den and entered the tiger den, he was still alive after all, this was better than anything else.
Shen Haoting sighed: “Don’t think about it, he must have done it. Now he will find out his whereabouts for me immediately. Even if I dig three feet in the ground, I will find him!”
Shen Haoting glared, obviously moved in anger, fiercely. One of his fists hit a wall on the side, and instantly smashed the concrete wall through a hole.
Shen Haoting turned to look at Qiao San again, sighed, and continued: “His name is Qiao Dong. Find me the best cemetery in Chujiang. Let him bury him well. Jiang should have died at that time. Hao, he desperately pushed away Jiang Hao and gave my son the chance to give birth…”
Shen Haoting walked to Qiao San, patted him on the shoulder again, and comforted: “Old Qiao, sorry. !”

Jiang Hao didn’t know how long it took, and he felt pain from all over his body, as if he was about to fall apart.
Gradually, his consciousness gradually became clear, and his eyes gradually brightened.
He opened his eyelids in a daze, and looked around, only to find that this was an abandoned construction site.
Jiang Hao wanted to stretch out his hand, only to realize that at this moment, his entire body was hung up, his hands were tied up to death, because of the weight of his body, he felt that his wrist was almost broken.
Jiang Hao let out a sob, only to realize that his voice was hoarse.
Suddenly, a stream of liquid slammed on his face, Jiang Hao subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but failed to do so, his entire face and chest were splashed all over.
“Hiss…” Jiang Hao took a painful breath, because he discovered that the red wine that was spilled on his body turned out to be red wine, and the alcohol stimulated his wounds that were still bleeding, making him a little bit painful. No more.
At this time, Jiang Hao discovered that his upper body’s clothes had already been torn into countless fragments by the impact of the explosion, and his body was covered with dense wounds of various sizes.
At this moment, a finger-thick steel bar was inserted in one of his calves, and the steel bar directly penetrated his calf. The moment he saw this scene, the overwhelming pain came.

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