I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 65

“Could it be that you won a big prize in the silly life?” Fang Xiao muttered and looked at Liu Yan.
Liu Yan naturally couldn’t figure out what was going on, and he was full of dissatisfaction.
But what if you are not convinced, now Jiang Hao is indeed sitting there, what can you do?
“Fuck it!” Liu Yan sighed, and took Fang Xiao to say, “There is this stupid here, I can’t eat it. Let’s go, let’s go to another place.”
Fang Xiao heard this, a hundred reluctance in his heart.
If Liu Yan didn’t come before, it would be fine if Liu Yan said no to eat. Now that he has been here, and it has been so long, it is estimated that someone will soon finish eating and leave.
Will there be free tables by then? Then can they go in?
Fang Xiao looked at Jiang Hao again. At this time, Jiang Hao had already served food, and a waiter brought an exquisite dinner plate, and was putting a piece of fresh beef in front of Jiang Hao.
As for Jiang Hao, he looked at her again. There was another smile that was not so friendly.
Jiang Hao was just laughing at himself, Fang Xiao seemed to explode at this moment.
She shook Liu Yan’s arm abruptly, and said with a flushing face: “No, I will eat here today, did you see it? That idiot was showing off to me just now, what is he? What a damn! No, I’m not going to eat anywhere today, I’m going to eat here today!”
Fang Xiao was so angry, his jealousy was about to burst, he glanced at Liu Yan, and continued: “Not only do I want to eat here, but I must This idiot eats better, so I don’t want to be compared by this idiot! Husband…”
While talking, Fang Xiao looked at Liu Yan pitifully, but his eyes were full of anger.
Liu Yan frowned upon hearing this.
It doesn’t matter if you eat here, but what did Fang Xiao say to compare Jiang Hao?
This is really just a joke. People paid 100,000 yuan just for the deposit. When I came to travel this time, I originally brought one hundred thousand dollars, but even the consumption, the most important thing was to lose the bottle of perfume, which was already spent.
How could he be better than Jiang Hao?
Liu Yan looked at Fang Xiao who had been dazzled by anger. He couldn’t help sighing, and said slightly sulking: “Oh, what to eat, let’s go!”
Liu Yan knew very well that he chose to eat here at night, and Fang Xiao would definitely want to go back. Going to compete with Jiang Hao, but in the end, it is definitely himself who is ashamed.
He hurried to take Fang Xiao away, but Fang Xiao seemed to be mad at this time, and pushed him away again, saying loudly: “Can you fucking eat here? I tell you, anyway. I’m going to eat here today, you are willing to go, you are good to go!”
Liu Yan couldn’t help but become angry when he heard the words. He was unceremoniously disgusted and raised his hand and slapped it.
“Fuck you, are you fucking crazy, aren’t you?” Liu Yan pointed at Fang Xiao and cursed. “You fucking want to eat you, I’m gone! No one is ashamed to accompany you here!”
After speaking, Liu Yan left in a huff.
Fang Xiao stomped straight, pointing at Liu Yan’s back and shouting for him to come back, but the other party didn’t look back.
Fang Xiao became even more angry. She looked around. At this time, there were dozens of eyes in the hotel looking at her side, and everyone seemed to be laughing at herself, and some were still whispering about something.
Indeed, they were mocking Jiang Hao with such a big fanfare just now, saying that they were poor.
But now? Jiang Hao was sitting in the VIP table, but Liu Yan ran away when he wanted to go in for dinner.
This face is simply ashamed!
And all this is because of Jiang Hao!
At this moment, Fang Xiao had all the thoughts of killing Jiang Hao!
She stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, her eyes almost bursting into flames.
But Jiang Hao didn’t seem to agree. Still looking at me plainly, and eating two bites in his mouth from time to time!
Fang Xiao was so angry that he ignored Jiang Hao’s direction. The ghost walked over.
“Are you fucking laughing at me?” Fang Xiao walked up to Jiang Hao, pointed at Jiang Hao, and questioned, “Do you feel that I am being laughed at by so many people, and your heart is particularly refreshing?”
Indeed, looking at Fang Xiao also has today, and Jiang Hao finally has a lot of balance in his heart.
After all, at the beginning, Fang Xiao was impartial and put a green hat on his head. She hadn’t thought about how she felt now.
Jiang Hao smiled slightly and said, “How can you laugh at you? Which eye did you see? Oh, right, didn’t you come to eat too? Why did Liu Yan leave? Why didn’t you eat?”
Jiang Hao was asking knowingly, deliberately embarrassing himself!
Fang Xiao was furious and stared at Jiang Hao fiercely, pushing down a steak in front of Jiang Hao along with the two plates.
It crackled, and the thing broke to the ground.
For a time. The whole hotel is quiet!
“Eat your mother!” Fang Xiao gave Jiang Hao viciously, his heart seemed to be more balanced, he gave a cold snort, turned his head and left!
If you can’t eat it by yourself, don’t even think about it, Jiang Hao!
Fang Xiao felt much better at this time. The moment the dinner plate fell to pieces, her mood seemed to be much better.
It’s just that Fang Xiao’s satisfaction didn’t last long. She just turned around and took two steps, but was suddenly stopped.
The one who stopped her was a handsome young man in his twenties.
The other party, dressed in a decent black suit, looked at Fang Xiao with a serious face, and said, “Please wait a minute!”
Fang Xiao frowned and snorted coldly: “What’s the matter, I’m not eating with you. Isn’t it okay?” The young man is the foreman on the first floor of the hotel. Hearing Fang Xiao’s words, he just sneered: “Of course not, you You can go. But please pay for the two dinner plates that you just smashed!”
Fang Xiao was startled when he heard the words, and said angrily: “Should I pay? Why? That stupid ate, it was not me who was eating. Why? I pay? You want him to go!” The male foreman smiled and shook his head helplessly, and continued: “Please don’t be unreasonable? It was indeed the gentleman who was eating, but you broke the plate. Yes. So, please leave after paying the compensation, otherwise we will call the police!”
Fang Xiao was furious as soon as he heard the call. He pointed at the male foreman and shouted angrily: “I’m pooh, what a horrible place you are. People, how do you know to call the police?
Call the police for everything. Do you think that the police station is run by your family? Do you think I am afraid of you?” But even though he said that, Fang Xiao was still too guilty.
If Liu Yan were here, she would dare to make a few more attempts, but now that Liu Yan ran away, she wouldn’t be able to make things too much.
If you really get caught up, you will lose your lord.
And Fang Xiao has a natural sense of fear for the police station.
She took a heavy breath, glanced at the male foreman, and said with disdain: “What else is the best restaurant in Haidu? Seeing that you can’t afford to live, the two dishes are also specially required to be compensated. I wish you to close the door soon. Good luck!”
Fang Xiao took out a piece of one hundred yuan from his bag, and threw it on the male foreman’s face, cursing: “I’ll give you a hard time, no need to find it! Huh…”
After speaking, Fang Xiao’s proud Liu Yan left.
She thought to herself, this restaurant was really drunk, and she would have to pay if she broke a plate. Such a broken place, she would never come again.
It’s just that Fang Xiao was about to move his legs, but was stopped by the male foreman.
Even though the opponent is very professional ethics, but after all, it is the age of Fang Gang, and he is really a bit angry about Fang Xiao’s behavior just now.
He sneered, picked up the one hundred yuan from the ground, gently sandwiched two fingers and handed it to Fang Xiao, smiling contemptuously.
“Hehe, are you kidding me? You want to go now? Do you think you are going out?”
Fang Xiao was startled again, curled his lips, dissatisfied: “Then what are you thinking about? Just yours. Broken dish, three to five yuan each in the market, I will give you one hundred yuan, can wholesale a whole box, you still quit? What do you want?” The male foreman sneered, and his hands were loose. , With a sigh of relief, the hundred-yuan bill lightly hit Fang Xiao’s face.
The male foreman said: “For three or five yuan, you can buy one for me? That is the Jingdezhen blue and white of the Republic of China!”

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