I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 69

Zhao Jiuyuan would be stupid after hearing this!
Ye Yunjie, the “running dog” of the Shen family, has to be treated with care, so how come a son of the Shen family has appeared again?
Zhao Jiuyuan is now preparing to catch up on the line of the Shen family, and naturally he also knows the strength of the Shen family.
Even if it is only the forces that are currently known to the Shen family, although they are only the tip of the iceberg, they are enough to shock their little shrimps.
And his son provokes the Shen family? Isn’t this looking for death?
Zhao Jiuyuan is very clear if this matter is not handled properly. Don’t say whether you can successfully catch up with the Shen family, I guess I will be played to death by then.
“Well, don’t worry, I will deal with this matter. I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer to Miss Ye today!” After speaking, Zhao Jiuyuan hung up the phone in a hurry.
Where does he want to go to the meeting next? He ran back to the office and dialed his son’s phone.
Early the next morning, Jiang Hao was sent to the plane early.
In less than an hour, he had already arrived at Chujiang. Then Ye Yunjie sent a car directly to the hospital.
At this time, Zhang Jie had already been waiting for Jiang Hao at the hospital door.
When the two met and were about to walk into the hospital, Zhang Jie suddenly heard someone behind him yell to him: “Zhang Jie?”
Zhang Jie and Jiang Hao looked back together when they heard the words. I saw Zhou Yuanyuan, who was holding a boy’s arm and walking over here quickly.
“Why are you here?” Zhang Jie asked casually.
Zhou Yuanyuan gave him a white look, then looked at Jiang Hao again, and said angrily: “Nonsense, Jun Ting is my good sister, she is sick, I naturally want to see her!”
When Zhou Yuanyuan saw this, she couldn’t help but smile: “Zhang Jie, this is my new boyfriend, call my cousin husband!” “Li Sen, this is my cousin, you have to take care of him from now on!” Zhou Yuanyuan acted like a baby He looked at the tall boy and said with a smile.
Boy smiled proudly, ambiguous tone, said: “It is natural, this is your cousin, is my cousin, then I certainly have to take care of, ah, have the opportunity to go back, go out with his cousin play it!”
Lee As soon as Sen met, she said so simply and generously, Zhou Yuanyuan was quite complacent in her heart, she glanced at Jiang Hao subconsciously, and sneered: “What is he doing here?”
Li Sen also noticed. Jiang Hao. I even noticed Zhou Yuanyuan’s attitude towards Jiang Hao, and she couldn’t help asking: “Yuanyuan, who is this?”
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled, her tone of arrogance, and said: “He…hehe, he’s just a dramatist, husband No matter if you don’t know this kind of person, hehe, I am in a good mood today, I don’t want to pay attention to him, let’s go, let’s go in.”
After speaking, Zhou Yuanyuan took Li Sen’s arm and walked in.
Zhang Jie stared at Zhou Yuanyuan a little uncomfortably, and patted Jiang Hao on the shoulder: “Forget it, you know who she is, don’t talk to her, let’s go in too.”
Jiang Hao is indeed not interested in talking to Zhou Yuanyuan, and nodded. Just followed in.
In the ward, in addition to Su Junting, there were several Su Junting’s family and friends who were chatting around the bed.
It seemed to comfort Su Junting.
Su Junting also whirled with tears and nodded repeatedly.
But at this moment. She suddenly heard a voice from the door: “Jun Ting, I am coming!”
As soon as Zhou Yuanyuan entered the door and saw Su Junting’s haggard appearance, tears would burst out immediately, and she ran over with her arms open.
Seeing Zhou Yuanyuan, Su Junting was startled for a moment, and then when she saw Zhou Yuanyuan crying, she also started crying.
The two cried for a long time before being comforted by an aunt of Su Junting.
“It’s all my fault, Jun Ting, I don’t know that something like this happened in your family. If you know this, I shouldn’t have…”
Zhou Yuanyuan said sadly.
But before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Su Junting: “It’s okay, you don’t have to blame Yuanyuan. In fact, I have something wrong, but I am really happy to see me today.”
The two of you come and go, and Su Junting’s relatives nodded with satisfaction, and some even praised Zhou Yuanyuan.
“Hey, this is really a good boy. At the critical moment, you still have to look at their good sisters…”
“Yuanyuan is a good boy. I have been with Junting for several years. I know this boy can’t be wrong…”
Listen to the praise on the side. Zhou Yuanyuan felt a little airy in her heart. She hurriedly pulled her boyfriend to the side and smiled and said: “Jun Ting, let me introduce you, Li Sen, my boyfriend, I have a trading company at home, hehe!”
Li Sen was tall and handsome. At this time, after Zhou Yuanyuan said so, Su Junting’s relatives on the side. Suddenly there was an exclamation.
Li Sen also smiled, and quickly handed over the fruit basket prepared in advance: “Hello Junting, I have been listening to Yuanyuan talking about you. I finally met today. I am very happy to meet you. This is a bit of fruit, no respect. !”
Su Junting hurriedly smiled, and hurriedly motioned to the relatives on the side to help pick up the fruit.
However, the relative who picked up the fruit suddenly said curiously: “Oh? What kind of fruit tooth is this? It looks strange, but it tastes very fragrant!”
Zhou Yuanyuan heard this. Could not help but feel excited. Hurriedly said: “Auntie, don’t you know, this is a kind of fruit produced in South America, it is very rare and delicious. It contains a lot of nutrients, which is a great supplement for patients like Junting!”
Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuanyuan smiled at each other with Li Sen, and both seemed a little proud.
Li Sen said with a proud look: “Hey, okay, it’s not too expensive. This fruit is only more than 400 kilograms. I only asked for four or five kilograms. It was bought by foreign friends. It is very fresh. Yes!”
Li Sen’s remark seemed simple, but in fact he praised himself highly.
More than 400 pounds of fruit is not expensive? This is completely pretending!
But Zhou Yuanyuan had already said before that she started a company at home, so she heard this in the ears of Su Junting’s relatives. It was so surprised.
They had seen this posture before, and when they looked at Li Sen at this time, they felt that this guy was so awesome, and they all praised him.
“Oh, look at Yuanyuan’s boyfriend. It’s amazing, young, and so generous in his shots. Look, more than 400 pounds of fruit. I don’t know what it tastes like!”
“Hey ! Hey, young and promising, this young man is promising, and Yuanyuan also has vision!”
“Hey, let’s come to Junting. If you can find a young man like Yuanyuan’s boyfriend, I think it’s fine. He is the rich second On behalf of her, she is also polite. The key is that she is still handsome. It’s perfect!”
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help feeling a little airy after listening to the compliments from Su Junting’s relatives. She turned to look at the direction of the ward. Jiang Hao and Zhang Jie Was coming in from outside.
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help but laughed at her, and said in a weird manner: “Haha, it depends on Junting. I hope that all uncles and aunts can help Junting to advise him, but don’t let Junting take a fancy to it. When the time comes, Suffering and suffering, but a lifetime thing!”
Zhou Yuanyuan’s words, those elders who couldn’t help but were taken aback, and then they saw Jiang Hao come in. Some people couldn’t help but understand something, and they turned their eyes on Jiang Hao. Some people even whispered.
” Yeah, won’t you? Listening to Yuanyuan’s tone, is it possible that Junting and this kid are talking about friends? ”
“Tsk tusk tusk, it’s no good, look at this boy, he is well dressed, but you look at it, you look like a country boy, it’s rustic!”
“Hey, look, look at the patient, come in empty-handed , This kind of boy, really…no, looking back, I made Lao Su and Jun Ting have a good talk! ”
Because it was Zhang Jie who sent Su Junting to the hospital yesterday, so these people basically knew Zhang Jie, so they just glanced at him. You know that Zhou Yuanyuan is talking about Jiang Hao.
But compared to Li Sen, they felt that Jiang Hao was a thousand miles away!

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