I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 712

And Lin Dong, who had just arrived at the hospital, waited for almost half an hour before finally waiting for Jiang Hao, who had just finished seeing all the outpatient appointments for today.
Since he became popular, many people would rather spend a high outpatient fee and have to let Jiang Hao do a physical examination for them.
Often Jiang Hao only needs to put his hand on the patient’s wrist, and then use internal force to penetrate into the patient’s body.
You only need to see what is wrong with the patient to know what is wrong with the other person’s body, so Jiang Hao sees the doctor very quickly and accurately.
This also further promoted his name as a genius doctor.
Before returning to the office, Jiang Hao was stopped by Xiaoli at the front desk, saying that someone had been waiting for him.
After hearing this, Jiang Hao was slightly confused, but he still walked to the reception room, wanting to see who made Xiaoli have to trouble him.
You must know that he has to take a break after seeing those scheduled outpatient clinics. After all, the consumption of internal energy is not a joke.
After entering the reception room, Jiang Hao frowned slightly as he watched the person who came to look for him. He didn’t have much contact with Lin Dong.
When Lin Dong saw Jiang Hao, his eyes were pleasantly surprised and he stepped forward and said: “Dr. Shen, you are finally here!”
Seeing Lin Dong’s expression so excited, Jiang Hao gave a chill and said, “No, you Young Master Lin. Just call me Shen Yan. I can’t afford your honorific name.”
After saying this, Jiang Hao sat down and poured himself a cup of tea, then looked at Lin Dong and said: “Lin What’s the matter when the youngest came over this time? Could it be that something happened to your old man?”
Lin Dong flashed an embarrassed expression on his face after hearing this. Some wanted to get angry and thought about Lin Yan.
He had to suppress it, and then bitterly said: “No, our family Yan’er was tied up!”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao almost didn’t spray a sip of tea: “What? You say it again, I just seemed to Didn’t catch it!”
“You heard that right, Yan’er was tied up when she came back today. This matter has not spread yet. I am worried that the impact will be too great!”
Jiang Hao carefully looked at Lin Dong’s face and saw that he did not look like him. It was a lie. After hesitating in my heart, I found that the other party didn’t need to lie to lie to myself.
So he looked down and looked at Lin Dong and asked, “What’s the matter?”
“Someone tied Yan’er, and then called us to ask for shares in the Xichunju project, and my dad asked me to come and find you.”
After hearing this, Jiang Hao’s eyes flashed: “You should go to the police when something like this happens, why are you calling me?”
Lin Dong looked at Jiang Hao, with some anxiety and some anger in his eyes!
“I don’t know why I came here to find you. In short, my dad asked me to come and find you.” After hesitating for a while, Jiang Hao said: “Forget it, you leave, I’m just a doctor, yes. I can’t help with things about this .” After saying this, Jiang Hao got up and hurriedly left the reception room, then returned to the office and sat down and hesitated for a while.
But Lin Dong couldn’t help but feel a little anxious looking at Jiang Hao’s back. Seeing Jiang Hao seemed indifferent to this matter.
He couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded. Didn’t it mean that Lin Yan was in love with him? How could a person who looks very decent have such a virtue!
After a distressed sigh, Lin Dong called his father about the incident.
After Lin Nan learned of Jiang Hao’s reaction, despite some doubts in his heart, he nodded and told Lin Dong to go home as soon as possible.
He believed that Jiang Hao would never sit back and watch. The reason for showing a helpless look was probably just for them.
In fact, Lin Nan really guessed this time, Lin Dong just left.
Jiang Hao changed his clothes, then called Dean Jiao directly to ask for leave, and hurriedly left.
Then he changed a mobile phone card, and then took out the phone and called Mr. Lin.
Mr. Lin looked at the phone with some surprise, and when he was connected, he heard a strange man speak: “Hello, Mr. Lin, I am a friend of Shen Yan. I am very good at some things. Do you need me now?”
Lin The old man hesitated when he heard this. After a while of silence, he said: “You wait a moment, I will contact you later.”
After saying this, he hung up the phone, and then called for a moment of contemplation. Lin Nan asked, “Who told Shen Yan about Yan’er ?” Lin Nan stood below respectfully, and then said with some doubts: “I don’t know, why, what happened?”
Lin The old man nodded slightly and then took out his mobile phone and said: “Just now someone called me and said that it was Shen Yan’s friend and could help us.”
Lin Nan was overjoyed, and then glanced at the above. After the phone call, I secretly wrote down and said: “Don’t worry, I will go down and check it carefully.” The old man nodded slightly and agreed to the matter, and then asked: “Have our people been scattered? ?”
Lin Nan nodded and gave a brief explanation, then slowly retreated.
As soon as he walked out of the room, he took out his mobile phone and made a call to the phone he had just seen. Jiang Hao responded quickly, and the phone was connected as soon as it rang.
“It’s Dr. Shen’s friend, right? I’m Lin Nan .” Jiang Hao squeezed his throat and said solemnly, “Hello, Second Master Lin, Shen Yan told me that something happened to your Lin family, so let me contact you. ”
After hearing this, Lin Nan was amused. After all, he knew that Jiang Hao had never been in contact with anyone since he came to Beifu, and where did his friends come from.
But now that Jiang Hao was willing to make a move, he pretended not to know, and said: “That’s it, our family Yan’er was tied up.”
“When did it happen, where did the other party fight? Call me?”
Lin Nan gave a brief explanation after hearing this, and then told Jiang Hao the expensive phone number and immediately said: “We only have these at present.”
Jiang Hao said slightly after hearing this . He nodded and said solemnly: “In this case, I will hang up first, and I will contact you when I have news.”
Jiang Hao then hung up and looked at the phone number on the note for a while and thought.
He hesitated taking out his cell phone, but he still pressed a phone number.
The bell just rang, and Sally’s voice rang on the other end of the phone and said, “Hey, Shen Yan, why did you think of looking for me today?”
Jiang Hao smiled helplessly: “Sally, there is something to want. Please help, okay?”
Sally was dealing with some things at this time, but after hearing Jiang Hao’s words, she agreed without saying anything: “You say, as long as I can help.”

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