I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 717

Jiang Hao glanced at Chen Minggang curiously, then ate his food and said, “It’s okay, I’m here today on behalf of Mr. Lin, and you show me the same.”
Chen Minggang glanced at Jiang Hao disdainfully and said: “What are you, I showed you, what do you think you can do?”
After saying this, Chen Minggang was about to get up and leave. Jiang Hao waved his sword and made a knife mark on the box door.
With such a simple hand, Chen Minggang hurriedly backed away half a step, then looked at Jiang Hao who was sitting on the chair suspiciously, not sure what the hand was just now!
Jiang Hao wiped the corners of his mouth and looked at the table a little distressedly: “As expected, Master Chen, so many delicious foods, tsk, wasted.”
After saying this, he turned around and looked at the table. Chen Minggang continued: “I said, I’m here today on behalf of Mr. Lin, and you show me the same.”
Chen Minggang, who stared at Jiang Hao for a moment, took a deep breath and said in surprise, “What are you? Who!”
People have a patience for everything. Once the bottom line of patience is passed, people will become very irritable. Jiang Hao is like this at this time.
It has been almost three days since Lin Yan was tied up. If he can’t find it out again, he doesn’t know what he will become.
Listening to Chen Minggang’s words, Jiang Hao pulled out a sullen smile and said, “I said, show me things, you self-respecting trash!”
Hearing this, the furious Chen Minggang reached out and picked up the table. Throwing his bottle at Jiang Hao!
Jiang Hao stretched out his hand to hold the wine bottle that flew towards him, and then directly crushed it, allowing the glass ball to pierce into his palm.
“Are you going to challenge my patience? Congratulations. Lao Tzu’s patience is almost exhausted by your trash.” As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Hao came to Chen Minggang’s body like a ghost, and then used blood. His right hand and left hand pushed him down on the table.
He picked up a bottle at random with his right hand and smashed it towards his head: “I smash it once when I ask, understand?”
Chen Minggang couldn’t help but exclaimed in shock and anger after receiving a bottle on his head. Yan, you don’t want to die? You dare to treat me like this?”
“What if I treat you like this! I can’t understand you for a long time!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao picked up another bottle of wine and bit off the stopper. Hou Jiang Hao drank the wine in one breath.
Then he lifted it up and said in a deep voice : “Where are the things, show me!” Chen Minggang hesitated, thinking that it would be too embarrassing if he just handed it over.
After Jiang Hao hesitated for a while, he smashed the bottle in his hand, and Chen Minggang directly felt the warm liquid flowing out of his head.
“I said! I said! In my mobile phone, there is a video of Lin Dong and Shen Qingshu meeting and eating!” Hearing this, Jiang Hao loosened Chen Minggang, then took out his mobile phone and opened it: “Password.”
“7754, Just open it and you’ll know.”
Jiang Hao turned on the phone and turned up a video. It was indeed a video of Shen Qingshu having dinner with Lin Dong, and there was sound.
Hearing that Shen Qingshu said to Lin Dong in the video, “Don’t worry, I will support your superiors.” At this, Jiang Hao’s eyes flashed with gloom.
Then he took out his cell phone and called Old Man Lin and said, “Mr. Lin, I have some trouble here, I will show you a video later.”
Old Man Lin gave a low voice on the phone and then hung up. On the phone, Jiang Hao wiped the blood from his hands, and then sent the video to Mr. Lin.
Then he turned his head and glanced at Chen Minggang, who was sitting in a chair with a napkin covering his wound, and smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, most of your head is my blood.”
Chen Minggang looked at Jiang Hao in fright and said, ” I.” Swear, you will pay for this matter, and you will definitely pay for this matter!”
After saying this, Chen Minggang seized the door and fled, not even daring to look back at Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao sneered at Chen Minggang’s runaway figure, then shook the blood from his hand, and then saw the call from Old Man Lin.
Then he opened the mouth and said: “What do you think of this matter?”
Old man Lin said with a trembling tone: “I will handle it by myself, if there is any need, I will contact you again.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao nodded. He nodded and returned to the hospital, and then asked the nurse Xiaoli to help herself deal with the wound on her hand.
Although he can heal faster with infuriating energy, it is best not to expose this matter lightly.
On the other hand, after the old man Lin Jialin watched the dialogue between Lin Dong and Shen Qingshu in the video, he looked furious and found Lin Dong and his son.
The old grandmother who heard the news in the backyard also hurried over, only to see Lin Dong and his son kneeling on the ground with their heads down, while Old Man Lin looked at the two with a gloomy expression!
The old grandmother looked at both sides and couldn’t help but anxiously said: “Old man, what are you doing, why did you make Dong’er kneel on the ground again?”
“Ask yourself what he did! Okay, dare to unite outsiders to harm We are our own family, right?” When Lin Dong and his son heard this, their faces paled , Lin Dong looked up to the old man and said : “No, I don’t have one, I don’t have one!” After saying this, he turned his head and looked at him. The old grandmother said in a crying voice: “Old grandmother, you believe me, I did not harm our own family!” Old man Lin patted the table, then threw the phone in front of Lin Dong and said angrily: “Look for yourself! I didn’t think about it. I understand, why is Yan’er sorry for you!”
Looking at the video on the phone, Lin Dong looked pale and looked up at Old Man Lin: “Listen to me, things are not what you think!”
Lin Yan last time I have already broken the heart of the old man Lin. Had it not been for the face of the old grandmother, Lin Dong and his son would have been driven out of the Lin family long ago!
But I didn’t expect that not long after this incident, Lin Dong actually did such a thing!
Thinking of this, the eyes of Old Man Lin looking at him were both disappointed and angry, while the old grandmother standing by the side was furious and said, “What the hell is going on!” For a while everyone was silent, or Lin Nan sighed deeply and then said: “Enough, enough, this matter is Dong’er’s fault, I admit it.”
After saying this, he said what Lin Dong said to himself. Hearing these words, Mr. Lin looked at Lin Dong with complicated eyes.
And the old grandmother stood by and looked at Lin Dongdao with a complicated expression after listening to it: “Do you think we are partial to Yaner?”
Seeing that everything had been said, Lin Dong suddenly cried after being silent for a while: “I admit, I do things, and I find people!”
“Then you let Yan’er go to me, she is your relative!”

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