I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 724

Jiang Hao regretted it as soon as he said it. If that was the case, he shouldn’t have said it.
If it weren’t for this, wouldn’t it be too shameful to say that?
But what Jiang Hao didn’t expect was that a blush appeared on Sally’s face when she looked at her, and then she whispered: “That’s not it!”
Looking at the blush on Sally’s face, Jiang Hao suddenly turned into a blush. Speechless, he quickly turned his head and looked down at the ground.
Seeing Jiang Hao looking like an ostrich, Sally did not know where the courage came from and continued to speak: “No matter what you think, anyway, you are going to give me a new prescription.”
Jiang Hao hesitated, who was about to refute. Suddenly, when I was watching Shangdian that day, there was really a prescription in it.
It’s just that I thought it was useless at the time, so I left it alone. Now that I think of it, it might be useful.
So after pondering for a while, Jiang Hao looked at Sally and said: “If this is the case, then the deal, give me pen and paper, and I will write it to you now.” The reason why Sally said this was only to embarrass Jiang Hao. He knew he was a little unhappy, but he didn’t expect Jiang Hao to actually give one out.
Seeing Jiang Hao as if he was going to be true, Sally said quickly: “Say it first, you can’t just write to me!”
Jiang Hao nodded impatiently and urged Sally to find a pen and paper, and waited for it. After writing paper and pen, Jiang Hao picked up the pen and wrote down according to the prescription in Shangdian.
“This is a prescription for Baihua Yulu Pills. No one knows it anyway. It’s better for you.”
Taking the prescription in Jiang Hao’s hand, Sally looked at the prescription in silence for a while and said in surprise: “This, is this prescription true?”
Jiang Hao stretched out, enjoying the warm sun in the morning, and said, “What good is it for me to give you a fake? Come on, then I’ll leave it to you!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao got up and returned to the villa. Last night, he was a bit too tired. He wanted to continue to sleep again.
Looking at Jiang Hao’s back, Sally couldn’t help feeling a little confused for a while.
After giving the prescription to the people next to her, Sally lowered her head and thought for a while, then returned to the office and started following her plan.
First, the perjury that the mouse was a person from Shen Qingshu was forged, and then the thing was handed over to Lao Hei, and he quickly distributed it to all kinds of people on the street.
The mouse was just a street gangster before, so it is undoubtedly the best to spread such news on the street.
After Sally had just finished this step, news of Chen Minggang’s death in Xincheng Group’s unfinished building soon spread, but it was only spread among the upper circles.
No one even dared to see the news about this matter, and even people in the upper circles could only whisper.
And Shen Qingshu, who was sitting in his office dealing with some daily affairs, felt a bit of a bad feeling in his heart after hearing the news.
Two days ago, someone said that Lin Yan was tied up because of his own work. Now, immediately after that, Chen Minggang, who had eaten with him, died.
And just when he felt bad, he soon heard a subordinate who had a nickname called Mouse on the street.
Shen Qingshu also carefully weighed these news.
Lin Yan was tied up because of her own work, this news is simply nonsense.
As for Chen Minggang’s death, since this news can be spread in the upper circles, it seems to be true. Qiankun listened to the news from the street on the book . After he closed his eyes and thought about it, he has so many people, and the ghost knows who is nicknamed the mouse.
After confirming that he had nothing to do with these things, Shen Qingshu settled down and continued to do his own things.
But he didn’t expect that the fire would soon burn him.
At this moment, the management of Xincheng Group is panicking, and all kinds of rumors outside have made them a little frightened.
Many people even began to hesitate whether to continue working, because maybe someone would be unlucky this time.
Just as they thought of this, the Xincheng Group suddenly ushered in an unexpected guest, Chen Jingdao.
He is Chen Minggang’s father. He had already withdrawn from the circle of Beifu and went overseas, but after hearing the news of his son’s death, he flew back to Beifu overnight.
The news of Chen Jingdao’s return soon spread. He immediately convened an internal meeting of the Xincheng Group to appease the hearts of the people.
Then he took Chen Minggang’s body back calmly, and even refused outsiders’ investigation, bluntly saying that this matter does not require anyone to intervene.
Chen Jingdao was only in his late fifties, and he had Chen Minggang.
And he didn’t leave him a grandson or descendant, one can imagine how angry Chen Jingdao was this time.
In the office of Xincheng Group, 72-year-old Chen Jingdao stood with a cane in his hand and looked at Beifu in front of the French windows.
“Who killed Ming Gang, this matter must be found out for me, how did the other party treat Ming Gang, I will return it ten times.”
Although his tone was plain, there was a trace of unquestionable determination inside.
Behind Chen Jingdao, an elegant man in a suit and leather shoes nodded and said solemnly: “Uncle Jing, don’t worry, I will take care of this matter.” After the two men were silent for a while, Chen Jingdao turned around. Turning to look at the elegant man, his eyes were cold and said: “Ning Kun, if you manage this matter well, this Xincheng will be yours in the future.”
Hearing this, the man’s eyes flashed a scorching heat, he had never Covered up his ambition.
And the old man Chen Jingdao had cared about his ambition before, worried that if he gave him too much, the other party would ask for more in the future.
But now, he has nothing, so he doesn’t mind directly giving the biggest and most precious thing to the other party.
As long as Ning Kun can handle this matter well, let alone Xincheng, he will not hesitate to kill him!
After receiving the promise of Mr. Chen, Ning Kun immediately began to collect all the news and things about Chen Minggang, and even found a friend who had followed Chen Minggang before.
And the fact that Chen Minggang has friendship with the mouse is itself Chen Minggang’s private matter, and not many people know it.
So after inquiring carefully, Ning Kun did not find out the relationship between Mouse and Chen Minggang, but instead got Shen Qingshu into the matter.
It was because I heard some unnamed puns say that a person named Mouse under Shen Qingshu’s men seemed to have tied up Miss Lin’s family, and Shen Qingshu had some conflicts with the Lin family before.
Upon hearing this, Ning Kun secretly wrote it down.
After further investigation, Ning Kun discovered that Chen Minggang liked Lin Yan very much, and even publicly stated that he would marry Miss Lin’s wife.

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