I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 734

The next day, the entire upper level of Beifu was shocked by a news!
The death of Chen Minggang, the heir of the Xincheng Group, was caused by the Shen family, and Lin Yan was also kidnapped by the Shen family!
From the surprise at the beginning to the later thinking about it, everyone can’t help but take it for granted.
After all, the Shen family and the Lin family were unhappy because of the engagement, and later it was because of the Xichunju project that caused the two sides to have a bad relationship.
And Chen Minggang has shown love to Lin Yan from the beginning. If he found out that Shen Qingshu sent someone to kidnap Lin Yan, it would be a strange thing not to save it, right?
After thinking about this problem, everyone at this time couldn’t help but plan to see how the Shen family would end this time. After all, Chen Jingdao was not a good person to deal with.
Chen Jingdao didn’t disappoint everyone either. He first unilaterally announced the cessation of all transactions related to the Shen family, and then brought Ning Kun directly to the door.
At this time, Shen Qingshu, who had just woke up, didn’t know what had happened, so he dressed up and went to work at the company.
As a result, as soon as I joined the company, I found that everyone looked at him strangely, not at all different from the past.
After hesitating for a while, Shen Qingshu shook his head, and went to work as normal as if he hadn’t seen anything.
As a result, as soon as I walked to the office, I found that my father’s person was standing at the door, and then let myself go home directly, saying that there were guests waiting at home.
After being silent for a while, Shen Qingshu returned home in confusion, pushed open the door directly and walked in loudly, “What happened, I was in the previous work…” At this point, he suddenly realized that there was a lot more at home. People, and they are all partners who are closer to their own family.
Among them were Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun. The two of them sat on the chairs and looked at them, not knowing what they were thinking.
And Shen Wennian was sitting on the main seat, looking at himself with a gloomy expression, and said angrily: “Nizi, don’t knock at the door, what kind of decent panic is like, what do I teach you on weekdays?”
As soon as Shen Qingshu lowered his head and didn’t speak yet, Chen Jingdao sat aside and said with a gloomy expression: “Perhaps our group of old things is nothing in his eyes?”
Although Ning Kun did not speak, he did not speak. Eyes stared at Shen Qingshu closely like eagles.
Shen Wen in an apologetic look to Chen Jing Road shook his head:. “Chen brother, you say it has gone too far, Green Book is young, but will not go do Jiminggoudao things, you have to believe me,”
Chen Jing Road watched Shen Wen in point Nodded, looked at Shen Qingshu with a cold expression on his face and smiled: “I believe in you, but it would be difficult to make me believe in your son, right?”
Shen Qingshu stood in the lobby, feeling everyone around watching with a scrutiny look. By yourself.
He wanted to get angry, but after hesitating for a while, he took a deep breath and said, “What’s wrong, can anyone tell me what happened?”
Shen Wennian’s brows relaxed slightly after hearing this. One point, then he said: “Brother Chen, look, my son doesn’t even know what happened, how could he be a murderer!” After hearing this, Shen Qingshu quickly looked at Chen Jingdao and said in surprise: “What murderer! No, I am Why don’t I understand what you are saying, what happened?”
After a while of silence, Chen Jingdao shook his head and signaled Ning Kun to come out.
Ning Kun nodded and walked to the front of Shen Qing’s writing, and then said in a deep voice, “Did you have a relationship with the Lin family?” This was the first time Shen Qingshu was questioned and took a deep breath.
Shen Qingshu looked at Ning Kun fiercely and said: “Yes! I have an affair with the Lin family, have you offended you?”
Ning Kun shook his head and circled Shen Qingshu, while speaking, “No, no, this didn’t offend us, but also One question is, have you ever contacted Lin Dong privately?”
Shen Qingshu was startled when he heard this, but looking at his father’s eyes, Shen Qingshu hesitated for a while and nodded without speaking.
Upon seeing this, Ning Kun hurriedly continued to ask: “Did you tell Lin Dong that you will spare no effort to support him in the upper ranks?”
Shen Qingshu’s face gradually became gloomy, looking at the excited expression on Ning Kun’s face.
He gritted his teeth and said angrily: “How do you know! Are you secretly investigating me?!”
Seeing his angry expression, Ning Kun directly roared: “I fucking ask you if it is or not!”
“Asshole! Me !” Want to kill you! What are you worthy of questioning me like this?!”
Shen Wennian rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and slapped the table and shouted: “Enough! Qingshu, just say yes or no!”
Shen Qingshu read While his father opened his mouth and was speechless, after a while of silence, he nodded and gritted his teeth and said: “Yes!”
Chen Jingdao looked at Shen Qingshu, and after seeing him confessed a little bit, his face became darker and darker, and his eyes also changed. It becomes more and more gloomy.
Ning Kun narrowed his eyes at this time, and then looked at Shen Qing Shuyin with a smile and asked, “So, is there a mouse under your hand?”
Shen Qingshu, who was really intolerable, said angrily at this time: “Yes! !! there you go nuts, ”
Chen Jing Road, this time directly to pound the table stood up, quivering, pointing Shen Qing book angrily:” I just children have what you want done to you that such a murderous “!!
Shen Qing book Turning his head, he yelled at Chen Jingdao: “You an old thing gives you a face, isn’t it? Having a son is like a waste, he needs me to do it?!”
Ning Kun raised his eyebrows and wandered freely after hearing this. The interface said: “Of course you don’t need to do it. Didn’t your mouse have done him? I was right, Shen! Big! Little!”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu realized what had happened. His face suddenly turned pale.
He looked up at his father, Shen Wennian, and saw a look of disappointment in his eyes, with a hint of surprise.
I looked at the people around me again, and saw that there was a trace of terror and disgust in their eyes looking at him.
At this time, Shen Qingshu came back to his senses and realized how stupid he had done and said stupid things!
“No, it’s not like that! I don’t have it, this matter has nothing to do with me!”
After saying this, Shen Qingshu grabbed Ning Kun with a frightened expression: “No, I didn’t do this thing. I don’t know any mice. , I don’t have such a person!”
Ning Kun looked at Shen Qingshu in disgust, then stretched out his hand and gently brushed away his hand: “Really, you can explain to Mr. Chen.”
Shen Qingshu turned his head to look at the words. Xiang Chen Jingdao was shocked by the look in his eyes!
If the expression in his eyes can cause death, then maybe he has become a pile of meat now.
Chen Jingdao looked at Shen Qingshu, his eyes could make people feel very clearly, he wanted to chew Shen Qingshu and eat it one bite at a time!

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