I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 737

The Shen family’s turmoil caused the entire Beifu people to look sideways at them, and many people had to reconsider cooperation with the Shen family because of this incident.
At the same time, Lin Yan was prosperous in front of the people in Beifu because of this incident.
And Jiang Hao succeeded in extracting himself from this incident with the help of Sally, but what he didn’t expect was that some caring people already knew that he was behind this incident.
Although Jiang Hao didn’t want to hide, it’s not necessarily a good thing to be targeted by these people.
Time slowly passed, and when it was almost the end of the year, Lin Yan also adjusted a little better.
Afterwards, the Lin family specially held a cocktail party to celebrate Lin Yan. The most surprising thing was that the young lady from Tianzhu Villa also accepted the invitation.
Sally has been in Beifu for nearly three or four years, and they have not been involved in everything in the Beifu during this time.
When dealing with the Shen family this time, Sally stood up a little unexpectedly, which made a group of people from the upper class in the Beifu had to reexamine Sally.
If she is sure to intervene in these things in Beifu, then many people will have to reconsider their positions.
When the Lin family was in trouble, they didn’t fall into the trap. At this moment, if Sally publicly announced the position of the Lin family.
Then their status is a bit precarious, maybe the Lin family, who is supported by Sally, will eventually drive them down, and then support Sally’s person to the top.
That’s how the deal was reached, anyway they put themselves in the position of the Lin family, if Sally wanted to do it.
They definitely don’t mind making such a deal, and Sally is very strong.
After hearing the news, Shen Wennian, who was sitting firmly in the first house in Beifu, felt a little relaxed on his face.
If Sally really intends to intervene in these things in the North House, he can still feel a little more relaxed, because then someone will definitely want to play some balancing methods.
In order to avoid such a situation, Sally will definitely lose part of her strength.
But since she agreed with such a high profile, it proved that she would not make a choice casually, which made Shen Wennian feel a little disappointed in Sally.
After learning about the news that the Shen family had invited its boss, Lao Hei led people to check all the areas about three kilometers in the Lin family two days in advance.
After all, the Shen family has deep roots in the Beifu, and what they did this time undoubtedly caused a heavy blow to the Shen family.
If Shen Jiagou hurriedly jumped the wall, then the old black would be to blame!
As time slowly passed, the time for the Lin Family Cocktail Party was getting closer.
During this period, Lin Yan was nominally recuperating, but in fact, she was using her time to gradually get the company back on track.
The mistakes Lin Dong committed this time were too great, and the old grandmother couldn’t help Lin Dong again for a while.
Therefore, he had to resign the position helplessly, and by the way, Lin Nan also simply handed over the affairs of his subordinates to Lin Yan’s hands.
On the one hand, because he had seen it through, he was indeed not as good as Lin Yan in handling these matters.
On the other hand, she also came to understand that Lin Dong has always failed to succeed, and if he continues to let Lin Dong go on like this.
Maybe the Lin family will be defeated by him, and after this incident, no matter how reluctant he is, this position must be relinquished.
Just as the Lin family was making all-out changes, the Shen family in Beifu also suffered a power reshuffle.
This reshuffle directly led to a decline in their prestige in Beifu, and many people also realized that the Shen family in Beifu was not as strong as they thought.
Time slowly passed, and at the beginning of the banquet, many wealthy children and Sally and others rushed to the Lin family.
The old man of the Lin family sat on the lobby, looking like a kind-looking old Maitreya.
Lin Yan, who hurried to the stage, stood in the lobby with a glass of wine, and socialized with people from time to time.
Sally is undoubtedly the most eye-catching person in the audience. Many people have been speculating in their hearts as to what this woman has to do with the Lin family.
Ning Kun, who took over the Xincheng Group, is also a dark horse. There are not many people who can be recognized by Chen Jingdao in Beifu.
Jiang Hao rushed over, and then at the door, he handed in his invitation and took the seat, staring at it as if he was a starving ghost reborn.
Many people couldn’t help but show contempt in their eyes when they looked at Jiang Hao, but they didn’t look down upon thinking that the other person was the number one genius doctor in the North Mansion.
Sally was socializing among the crowd, and most people were concerned about whether she would intervene in some things in Beifu in the future.
Regarding this point, Sally emphasized her position once again, as long as she does not involve her, she will not act at will.
But when those people observed the expressions of Sally and Lin Yan, they couldn’t help feeling a little bit of envy and hatred towards the Lin Family.
After all, it is not easy to find a backstage comparable to the Shen family in Beifu.
Although the Shen family didn’t come this time, they still sent someone to send gifts, maintained a relationship with each other and left.
Lin Yan looked at the gift from the Shen family with a trace of disgust in her eyebrows.
Although the Shen family was a scapegoat this time, Lin Yan did not dispel his resentment towards Shen Qingshu.
After rejecting some people’s invitations, Lin Yan took Sally to the corner and sat down, and then sighed with a sigh of relief: “Suddenly contacting these people is really tired.”
Sally seemed to be used to such a scene, she smiled and shook her head after hearing Lin Yan’s words.
Holding a red wine glass in his hand, shook it gently and said: “You will get used to it slowly in the future. After all, now you have officially taken over the Lin Group. It will be inevitable to deal with them in the future.”
After saying this, Sally took this opportunity to look at Lin Yan carefully, smiled and shook her head, and then said: “You are really getting more and more beautiful. No wonder Chen Minggang is so crazy for you.”
Lin Yan quickly reached out and covered her. Li’s mouth, then quickly looked around and was surprised: “You are crazy! What if someone else hears it!”
Sally looked at Lin Yan with innocent eyes, and then stretched out her hand and laughed: “Don’t worry. Well, this matter has been handled very well, no one will know the truth.” At this point, the two looked at each other and laughed.
If it weren’t for Sally, the Lin family might be dragged to death by crazy Chen Jingdao this time.
Thinking of this, a trace of guilt flashed in Lin Yan’s heart and asked: “How is old Mr. Chen Jingdao now?”

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