I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 74

Zhou Yuanyuan screamed, her whole body was knocked down, and the handbag in her hand was directly knocked out.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, are you okay?”
It was a young woman who looked twenty-five or sixteen years old, with a plump body and a nice face, a face with heavy makeup and bright lips, a tight shirt on the upper body, overalls on the lower body, and a pair White-collar dressing.
“You’re fucking blind, are you?” Zhou Yuanyuan immediately became angry. Pointing at the woman, she shouted angrily, “Why didn’t you hit me to death?”
She was unhappy at first, but now Zhou Yuanyuan certainly wants to take the opportunity to vent her.
However, the other party originally wanted to apologize to Zhou Yuanyuan for her kind words, but when she heard her cursing, the woman’s face instantly became gloomy.
“Hmph, what’s the matter with you little girl? I accidentally bumped you, and I told you I’m sorry. Why do you curse with your mouth open? Are you polite? Anyway, I am better than you. ”
The woman turned her head a little unhappy, turned around and was about to leave, still cursing.
“Don’t go…you stop for me!” Zhou Yuanyuan hurriedly looked at Li Sen who was aside, a little annoyed, “Hey, didn’t you hear her talking to me like this? Why don’t you slap her?” Zhou Yuanyuan Finished. Looking at Li Sen was taken aback, because Li Sen was staring at something in a trance.
Zhou Yuanyuan was speechless for a while, and a little angrily wanted to find the woman in person to reason, but when she looked up, she found that the other party had already gotten into the elevator!
“Oh, what are you looking at?” Zhou Yuanyuan hurried to pick up the things she dropped. And she said that Li Sen looked at it, but was stunned to find that the thing Li Sen was staring at this time was the watch!
That is the watch that Jiang Hao pressed against Su Junting but was stolen by Zhou Yuanyuan!
Seeing this, Zhou Yuanyuan quickly grabbed her watch with a vigilant expression.
“Oh, what are you looking at? It’s just a broken watch!” Zhou Yuanyuan said unnaturally.
She naturally didn’t want to show this watch casually, even Li Sen didn’t want to.
After all, it was stolen by myself. In case of a loss of words, Su Junting and Jiang Hao knew about this incident. Looking back, I guess I really lost Su Junting’s friend.
At this moment, Li Sen also recovered, with a bit of excitement on his face, and looked at Zhou Yuanyuan and said: “Yuanyuan, where did you get this watch?”
Zhou Yuanyuan’s face flushed suddenly , and she asked: “You…what are you asking about this?”
Li Sen chuckled and said just asking casually, and then he said again: “Can you lend me a look?”
Li Sen stretched out his hand directly while talking Before Zhou Yuanyuan could react, she was snatched by Li Sen, who was quick-eyed and handy.
“This…Fuck…” Li Sen muttered to himself while looking at his watch, seemingly surprised.
When Zhou Yuanyuan saw this, she couldn’t help but frowned and asked: “Husband, what’s wrong with the watch?”
Li Sen smiled: “It’s okay, nothing, oh, by the way, where did you get this watch? ”
Li Sen did not directly ask Zhou Yuanyuan if she bought it. Because he knew in his heart that with Zhou Yuanyuan’s wealth, he couldn’t afford this watch at all.
In fact, at the first sight of the watch, Li Sen has already determined that this watch is not simple, it is a customized product of a top Swiss watch company.
And the most important thing is that Li Sen seems to have remembered where he had seen this watch. Although I forgot the details, Li Sen knew very well that this watch must be worn by a top-notch man. of.
Li Sen tried to recall the memory again, but still didn’t think of it, but he became more curious and liked the watch!
” Where did you come from? “Li Sen asked again.
Listening to the tone, Zhou Yuanyuan knew what Li Sen seemed to know. After thinking about it, she hesitated and said, “I…I picked it up? What’s the matter?”
Li Sen was surprised again, and smiled in her heart. He could tell that Zhou Yuanyuan didn’t even know the value of this watch!
This silly girl didn’t even know when she picked up the treasure, she was the kind of person with big breasts and no brains.
And that being the case, Li Sen had more thoughts!
In fact, he and Zhou Yuanyuan were actually meant by both parents, and he didn’t have any particular interest in Zhou Yuanyuan.
Li Sen even wondered, as long as Zhou Yuanyuan sleeps smoothly. When the time comes, she kicked her away.
After all, although Zhou Yuanyuan is still pretty, she is still far from her highest standard.
But if I could get this watch in my hand before kicking Zhou Yuanyuan away, I would have turned it around.
Li Sen usually likes famous watches, and now he wears Rolex water ghosts on his wrists, so the moment he saw this watch, he knew that this watch would cost at least 500,000 or even millions. , And even millions of levels!
If Meng gets this watch in her hands, it is estimated that even if she can spend vigorously, she will be cool enough for a while!
Li Sen thought of this and couldn’t help but smile, and said, “No, it’s nothing. I just look at this watch and I like it a little.”
Li Sen also made a special expression of love and touched the watch affectionately.
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help being stunned when she saw this. She curled her lips and asked, “You…really like it?” Li Sen pursed her lips and nodded: “Although this watch is not a valuable item at first glance, it looks good, you Don’t you know. My favorite is to collect watches!”
Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help but hesitate when she heard this.
In fact, she didn’t feel so distressed about the watch. Hearing Li Sen’s words, she couldn’t help thinking of giving the watch to Li Sen directly.
But what she is worried about is in case this watch is seen by others. Wouldn’t the matter of stealing the watch be exposed at that time?
Zhou Yuanyuan was hesitating, Li Sen smiled suddenly, and said: “Yuanyuan, give me this watch, will I buy you another watch at that time?”
Zhou Yuanyuan was a little moved after hearing this. But I promised my sister Zhou Xiaoya to buy her a watch, but now I am worried about not having enough money.
If Li Sen can really help himself this time, it is not impossible to give this broken watch to Li Sen.
Zhou Yuanyuan thought for a while, and suddenly pretended to be pitiful again, and continued: “Oh my husband. You can also give it to you, but can you help me with a small favor?”
Zhou Yuanyuan kept her mind and heart. Wasn’t Li Sen hesitating to help himself rescue Su Junting’s father? Just make a deal. Although she doesn’t know the value of the watch, she can tell that Li Sen really likes this watch.
“You said.” Li Sen said.
Zhou Yuanyuan chuckled and said, “Then you will go to the police station with me in a moment to see if you can get Jun Ting’s father out through your family relationship? Oh, please…”
Li Sen had a headache after hearing this. , He knows naturally. In this matter, I can’t really exert any strength at all. Facing Jiuxing Group, it is estimated that even my dad can’t exert strength.
But now, Li Sen watched his watch, healed with a sigh, and said, “Well, I’ll accompany you for a while. As for the success or failure, it depends on luck!”
Hearing this, Zhou Yuanyuan jumped happily. She thought to her heart that although she was just getting along with Li Sen, she couldn’t help Li Sen brag in front of her all day long, how strong her relationship and connections are.
Zhou Yuanyuan really believed it, and even felt that as long as Li Sen took action this time, Zhou Yuanyuan’s father would definitely be able to save it.
Zhou Yuanyuan hurriedly put the watch on Li Sen’s wrist with a look of excitement, and kissed Li Sen, and said intimately: “Thank you so much, husband…” The matter was over, Li Sen had to sigh. He hugged Zhou Yuanyuan and left the hospital.
The two left the hospital. He drove directly to the police station. Along the way, Li Sen was still thinking about what he would do.
Soon, the car stopped in front of the police station, and the two got off. She was about to walk into the police station building, but Zhou Yuanyuan was stunned.
Li Sen looked at her, then talked about Zhou Yuanyuan’s gaze, and looked not far away, and saw two middle-aged men. At this time, he was walking out of the police station.
And Zhou Yuanyuan couldn’t help muttering to herself: “Then…Isn’t this
Junting’s father?” “Oh, Dr. Su, I’m really sorry about this matter. Look, it’s all our stinky kid doing it. Don’t worry, I will take care of him when I go back!” At the door of the police station, Zhao Jiuyuan was cautious and smiling while helping Su Junting’s father Su Zhenye down the steps, deciding whether he was wrong.
Since he received a call from Ye Yunjie, Zhao Jiuyuan hastily started to clear up the relationship without stopping.
Not only was Su’s clinic safe and sound at this time, Zhao Jiuyuan had come to pick Su Zhenye in person again.
He is afraid that what he has done is improper, so as to leave a mouthful for others.
Although the person in front of him is unremarkable, why is his daughter a friend of the son of the Shen family?
Although it doesn’t necessarily matter how close, but if he angers the Shen family because of this, he will definitely not end well.
In fact, Su Zhenye at this time was full of doubts in his heart.
Seeing the chairman of Dangdang Jiuxing Group personally come to pick him up, and still behave like this, he was panicked.
He didn’t even know what happened.
“Oh, Mr. Zhao, Mr. Zhao, please don’t say that. This is breaking me.” Su Zhenye said in a panic, “Actually, it is all my fault. I really know it is wrong now. Don’t go to your heart, I’ll try my best to cure your noble son’s illness…”
At this moment, the two were chatting, and suddenly they saw two people approaching each other, a man and a woman, it was Zhou Yuanyuan and Li. Sen.
Zhou Yuanyuan exclaimed from a distance: “Uncle Su! Are you… okay?”
Su Zhenye couldn’t help but was taken aback when seeing Zhou Yuanyuan. He couldn’t help but wonder why Zhou Yuanyuan appeared here with a young man standing beside him. people.
“I’m fine, you see, this is not Mr. Zhao from Jiuxing Group who came to pick me up personally. How could it be so bad. By the way, Yuanyuan, why are you here?” Su Zhenye smiled, and finally asked a little curiously. Tao.

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