I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 763

Xue Jia.
Shen Qingshu came, and Xue Chongli’s face was slightly ugly when he saw Shen Qingshu.
This Shen Qingshu has never been a good person. They all know this! But who knows the purpose of Shen Qingshu’s coming here today?
For some reason, Xue Chongli felt a sense of anxiety.
“Uncle Xue, I’m here to give you someone.”
What Xue Chongli was thinking in his heart, needless to say, Shen Qingshu was very clear in his heart. But even so. He didn’t care much. He just looked at Xue Chongli and spoke slowly. When he said this, a faint smile appeared on his face.
It’s just that smile, no matter how you look at it, it makes people feel uncomfortable.
Hearing this, Xue Chongli was taken aback.
“Give it away?”
frowned slightly. Then he spoke with some doubts. Who is it for?
“Who, don’t you know when Uncle Xue sees it.”
Shen Qingshu said, he clapped his hands and then two people walked in directly from outside. And those two people each carried a sack.
Came in front of Xue Chongli. Without hesitation, the two people threw the sacks on the ground.
Opening the sack, Xue Chongli immediately stood up excitedly when he saw the people inside.
These two people are Xue Yuning and the girl who has been taking care of Xue Yuning.
At this time, both of them have passed out in a coma. Looking at the embarrassed appearance, it is not difficult to see what they have experienced before.
“Hurry up and send the lady back to the room, please doctor!”
After a long silence, Xue Chongli finally spoke. It wasn’t until this time that the Xue family’s employees also reacted.
Without saying much, everyone took Xue Yuning out of the sacks and immediately sent them upstairs.
“Shen Qingshu, what do you mean?”
When he turned his gaze on Shen Qingshu again, Xue Chongli’s expression was completely gloomy. Seeing his eyes red, he looked very excited.
“Means nothing, just wanted to please Xueshu Shu figure out, although no wedding. But Xue rain condensate is already fiancee me Shen Qing book, North House Shen future mistress! Not what people can see!”
Originally Shen Qing book face With a smile on her face, when she said this, the smile on her face disappeared.
Seeing that, it only makes people feel a very vicious feeling.
“Shen Qingshu, you are deceiving too much!” “Uncle Xue should hurry up and see Yu Ning, after all, she has always been in poor health. What if there are any shortcomings?”
Xue Chongli’s words just fell off, and Shen Qingshu followed closely. Then he said. Having said this, he even raised his hand and patted Xue Chongli on the shoulder, then turned and left the Xue family.
“Master, that Shen Qingshu is really deceiving people too much!” The housekeeper came to Xue Chongli only after seeing the man gone, and said with an angry face.
Originally Xue Chongli’s expression was already very difficult to read, when he heard the housekeeper’s words. He even clenched his fists.
It’s just…
“Go see how Yu Ning is.” After a long silence, Xue Chongli finally swallowed the matter alive.
The Xue family now is simply not enough to fight Shen Qingshu. No matter how arrogant Shen Qingshu is now, even if Yu Ning has moved, he is the third uncle, but he has no way at all.
This kind of thing can only be swallowed if the tooth is knocked out.
But he believes that this Shen Qingshu will not jump for a few days! Thinking of this, Xue Chongli couldn’t help but think of Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao, just look at Jiang Hao!
“Doctor, how is Yu Ning?”
Standing in Xue Yuning’s room, Xue Chongli looked at the doctor who had just checked Xue Yuning’s body. Asked carefully.
“Ms. Yu Ning’s injuries are just some skin injuries, and it doesn’t matter. It’s just that she is sick, I’m afraid I will get a little tighter.”
Hearing his words. The doctor straightened up and spoke slowly. Having said this, he couldn’t help but shook his head somewhat helplessly.
The injury is only a minor injury, the most important thing is this disease, it is really difficult!
Upon hearing this, Xue Chongli’s expression was froze. He just looked at the doctor like this, for a moment he couldn’t even remember what he should say.
“Isn’t that. Can it be controlled?” After a long pause, Xue Chongli finally recovered his own voice.
He clearly remembered that the doctor said before that although Yu Ning’s disease was dangerous, it was still within the scope of control. Why are you hurrying now?
“Miss Yu Ning is that this disease has been deteriorating, and now has been such a stimulus. No longer be able to rely on drugs to control the .I can do now. Can only be delayed.”
His words , Xue Chongli’s eyes were red.
Because of the excitement of this incident, it really was because of that Shen Qingshu!
“Thank you doctor, I will hurry!”
Taking a deep breath, Xue Chongli suppressed the impulse in his heart, and then slowly spoke.
“This is the medicine prescribed for Ms. Yu Ning, and it is the same. Mr. Xue, I will leave first!”
“Butler, go to the doctor!”
After everyone left, there were only two people in the room, Xue Chongli who was still in a coma, Xue Yuning.
Seeing Xue Yuning like this, Xue Chongli only felt distressed.
“Sorry Yu Ning, it’s useless uncle, even you can’t protect me!”
Xue Chongli sat aside. He just looked at Xue Yuning and spoke very reproachfully. It’s all on him, if it wasn’t for him to be too useless. How could Shen Qingshu be arrogant like this?
Even their Xue family’s young lady can kidnap grandiosely, even telling them so blatantly!
After all. It’s because Shen Qingshu is very clear that he has nothing to do with these things.
“But Yu Ning, you can rest assured, Uncle will definitely find a way. I avenged this revenge for you!”
Slowly speaking, Xue Chongli’s expression suddenly became firmer as he said this.
Jiang Hao looked for a lot of solutions, and he finally found a cure that is likely to be effective for Xue Yuning’s disease.
But whether this method can be used, he still needs to check for Xue Yuning to be sure.
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao hesitated a little. He didn’t know whether Xue Yuning was still willing to see herself this time, and even cooperated with him in the examination.
He just looked at the various books in front of him, took a deep breath and finally stood up.
First he slapped himself fiercely, and then his expression didn’t hesitate anymore.
This was what he had promised Xue Chongli before, no matter what aspect he was speaking of, he could not violate his promise!
I just went to see Yu Ning, and now that she doesn’t remember or even recognize herself, what else is there to worry about?
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao took a deep breath and turned and left his home.

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