I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 766

After saying this, Sally continued with a little disdain: “It may be because of the Lin family. They thought I was about to jump out, so they wanted to draw me to their camp first.”
Jiang Hao sneered after hearing this . , The reason why the Shen family and the Xue family have done this is not to unite with Sally, and then continue to suppress some small households in Beifu.
If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t waste time inviting an existence like Sally.
After being silent for a while, Jiang Hao said: “What do you call and tell me about this kind of thing.”
“Because I plan to take you there. After all, my identity is really not convenient to attend such a scene. You are there. Then everything becomes logical.”
Sally had said to many people before that she would not get involved in the affairs of these families in Beifu, if she rushed to participate in such an occasion.
The consequences will not be too simple, it is likely to become a thorn in the eyes of those families. When the Shen family and Xue family do nothing, she will have to move closer to them.
This is not a question of actual strength, but a question of interpersonal communication. Sally couldn’t help sighing when thinking of this.
If it hadn’t been for Jiang Hao’s relationship, she had helped the Lin family, she would never have been involved in such a thing.
Thinking of this, Sally spoke with a bit of resentment: “After all, the reason why the situation is now like this is because of you.”
Jiang Hao suddenly realized that as long as it is a woman close to her, it seems that everything has been affected. Count it on yourself.
After shook his head slightly, Jiang Hao suddenly thought of something. Isn’t he looking for an opportunity to teach Shen Qingshu a lesson?
After pondering for a moment, Jiang Hao said softly: “Well, I’ll take care of this. You can help me see how long there is. I may need to prepare.”
Sally didn’t expect Jiang Hao to agree to be so happy this time. According to her understanding of Jiang Hao, he usually hides as far as he can hide in such occasions.
But Jiang Hao promised so happy that Sally didn’t know what to say for a while.
After being silent for a while, Jiang Hao saw that Sally hadn’t spoken to answer, so he couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong, give me the time address, I have to be prepared.”
Sally who recovered, coughed lightly, and then Looking at the time address on the invitation, he said: “The time is three days from now, and the address is Banbi Villa.”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but fall into the memory. Isn’t this place the same villa where Dean Jiao took him to? .
Thinking of this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help but chuckled and said: “You rich people really know how to enjoy, but you need to go to a villa to book a place for a light meal.” Because of what happened to Xue Yuning, Jiang Hao spoke to Shen Qingshu and others. Can’t help but bring a trace of contempt and anger, and naturally a little anger in the words.
Sally fell silent after hearing Jiang Hao’s words, and then sighed: “I don’t know what happened to you, so let’s wait for a while to meet.”
Jiang Hao nodded and was about to hang up. I moved in my heart and said: “Wait, are you going to eat this time or something?”
“The theme is a charity auction, but in fact it is just the performance of the Xue family and the Shen family, and in a more sense it is for the Beifu family Declare their alliance.”
Jiang Hao smiled coldly, then looked at the scenery outside the car window and said coldly: “In this case, I will give them an unforgettable party.”
After saying this, he couldn’t help laughing. She hung up the phone, but Sally on the other end of the phone was shocked. She was about to say something but found that Jiang Hao had hung up the phone. 101 Chinese net after a long silence, Sally heart always felt a little uneasy, then called into the old black Chen Sheng said:. “You go look into the past two days around Jiang Hao is not what happened.”
Old Hei touched his head a bit, and frowned.
He found that since Jiang Hao appeared, his boss seemed to have paid too much attention to him, and he didn’t even care about the company’s affairs.
Thinking of this, Lao He hesitated and said: “Boss, I think you are like Dr. Shen right now, a little…” At this point, Lao Hei’s tone lowered unconsciously.
Although Sally is very young, the methods of handling things are more mature than many people feel a little scary.
Sally took a look at Lao Hei when she heard the words, but after a moment of doubt, she understood what Lao He was thinking.
Then she blushed and she was a little embarrassed, but the expression on her face still remained unchanged and said: “You don’t have to worry about this, I know how to grasp the scale.”
After saying this, Sally waved her hand and let the old man Hei retired. After all, as a superior, it would not be great if he was pointed out by his subordinates.
Looking at the files on the desk, Sally was silent for a long time before shook her head, and began to fall into work again.
At present, the situation in Beifu has undergone great changes due to the changes in the Lin family, and the Shen family in Beifu has suffered the most.
Sally will take advantage of this time to carefully investigate the news of the Shen family in Beifu. If she does not expect it, the Shen family in Beifu will most likely ask for help from Shen Tianyang, the head of the Shen family overseas.
The competition for power has never disappeared anywhere, it will only get more intense.
If Shen Tianyang from the overseas Shen family sees this place, the pressure she will face will increase exponentially.
What’s more, she now knows Jiang Hao’s identity. If Shen Tianyang from the Shen family overseas sends someone over, in case Jiang Hao’s existence is detected.
Then, things will become very complicated.
What happened in Chujiang is likely to be repeated in Beifu. She doesn’t want to see Chujiang happening in Beifu.
And since Shen Tianyang got back from intervening, he has done a lot of things a little too much, which undoubtedly attracted the attention of some people.
Let Shen Tianyang continue to be so unscrupulous, then the faces of these people will almost be trampled underfoot.
Thinking of this, a glimmer of cold flashed in Sally’s eyes. If it hadn’t been for the changes that happened in the Shen family years ago, things would not have become what they are now.
On the other side, Jiang Hao, who had returned to the hospital, simply handled the matter and hid in the room.
Then I turned on the computer and searched out the available information on Shen Jiaming of Beifu and took a brief look. Someone even mentioned the charity auction dinner three days later.
After pondering for a moment, an idea soon formed in Jiang Hao’s mind.
He decided that he could no longer be so low-key, perhaps, it was time for him to stand up!

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