I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 775

Jiang Hao frowned slightly as he watched Hu Lao Er’s departure. If it was placed on Chu Jiang, he would have to pay the price!
Sally looked at Jiang Hao’s expression with interest, smiled slightly, and then said: “It seems that people are not very interested in you.”
Jiang Hao rolled his eyes and lifted the wine glass on the table. Drink it all!
“It doesn’t matter, I believe he will come back to find me. At the moment, the Shen family can’t give him anything. Shen Qingshu just hopes that he can support the scene.”
Sally leaned on the sofa, shaking her wine glass gently.
She opened her mouth and said, “This is not necessarily true. If the Shen family and the Xue family are married, the Xue family’s business route will be equivalent to that of the Shen family.” When she said this, Sally fell silent, and she didn’t say anything else. Jiang Hao also understands that everyone is not a fool.
When the time comes, the contacts of the Shen family are matched with the business routes of the Xue family, and they will have the strength to support each other’s growth in any small business, not to mention people like the Hu family who have a little foundation in themselves.
As if it was said that night, although this charity auction party was an auction in name, it was actually an opportunity for some people to socialize.
The Shen family hopes to take this opportunity to find some people who can support the stage, and then form an alliance with them.
Everyone knew what the Shen family was thinking in private, and Chen Jingdao and others who had or turned against the Shen family were also secretly looking at the people who could win over.
Although the two sides get along very happily on the bright side, only they know what they think in their hearts.
Jiang Hao sighed a little helplessly, watching the auction held as usual on the stage, and the hook-up among some people off the stage.
Jiang Hao suddenly felt a little tired at this moment. He didn’t know why he kept going like this.
Thinking of Xue Yuning’s injuries, Jiang Hao silently poured a glass of wine, then suddenly turned his head and smiled at Sally: “I want to make trouble, what should I do?”
At this moment, Sally was taken aback, looking at the specious smile on Jiang Hao’s face, she was a little unable to judge whether Jiang Hao’s words were true or false.
“Are you sure, today’s occasion is no better than some small scenes, if you make a little noise, I am afraid that tomorrow there will be no place for you in Beifu.”
Jiang Hao watched Shen Qingshu sitting in the audience, crowded around him Some flattering people felt a little unhappy in his heart.
“I’m sure, anyway, I was also trying to trouble Shen Qingshu today. It’s a big deal to offend some people.”
Seeing Jiang Hao’s serious look, Sally suddenly felt a trace of sorrow and grief in her heart. Not up to Xue Yuning’s position in Jiang Hao’s heart.
After taking a deep breath, Sally also looked away from this kind of thing, anyway, as long as she didn’t stand with Shen Qingshu today.
This will not affect her previous promises, nor will it give the upper reaches of Beifu the illusion that she has already reached a cooperation with the Shen family.
Thinking of this, Sally nodded slightly and then picked up the auction brochure and smiled: “Since you want to make trouble, then make trouble, I know you want trouble with the Shen family, and the next collection will be.”
Jiang Hao accepted After Sally lost the booklet, the last collection is the double dragon jade pendant that the Shen family deliberately showed off. The starting price is 5 million!
Looking at the jade pendant on the booklet, Jiang Haoyin smiled sadly. He must make Shen Qingshu bleeding out this time!
Jiang Hao had never thought of actually buying this jade pendant. All he wanted was to take this opportunity to brush up on his presence in the upper part of Beifu, and then formally stand up.
As long as he stands up, many people who have enemies with the Shen family will find themselves in private next.
Regardless of whether he wants to be guns for them, or something else, Jiang Hao believes that they will come with the conditions.
When the time comes, I will sort these people up a bit, and they will become my first force against the Shen family in Beifu.
Just as Jiang Hao was thinking about these things, on the stage under the box, the host opened his mouth with excitement: “Next is our finale! Double dragon jade pendant!”
At the same time, two 80 points The beautiful girl came up with a slightly larger box.
Many people on the court knew that this collection was nothing but a show off by the Shen family, so it didn’t mean much to photograph it.
But Chen Jingdao didn’t think so. The reason why he came today was to meet the appointment, but because he had the same idea as Jiang Hao, and deliberately came over to disgust Shen Qingshu!
After the host briefly explained the value of the double dragon jade pendant, Chen Jingdao was the first to raise his hand and cried out: “Ten million!”
Shen Qingshu followed the voice and looked over, his face suddenly looked ugly!
He really didn’t know about Chen Mingang’s death, but Chen Jingdao, an old mad dog, didn’t care about it!
The investigation results Ning Kun gave him were the hands of the Shen family, and some of the evidence also pointed to the Shen family under Sally’s deliberate guidance. Shen Qing’s written statement to Chen Jingdao can be regarded as indefensible!
Jiang Hao sat in the box and looked at Chen Jingdao’s box and laughed. He didn’t expect that before he could make a move, Chen Jingdao took the lead.
So a little gloating smiled: “It looks like we played too hard last time.
Old man Chen still hates the Shen family now.” Sally looked at Jiang Hao’s happy face and laughed unconsciously. “Don’t even think about it. Old Mr. Chen Jingdao is always good, just such a lone seedling. If he doesn’t hate the Shen family, it would be a strange thing.” With this, Sally took a sip of red wine and squinted her eyes slightly. To the box of Chen Jingdao.
Through the one-way glass, she could not see the situation in Chen Jingdao’s box, but Sally knew that if Chen Jingdao was given a chance to kill the Shen family, he would definitely not hesitate to take action.
Thinking of this, Sally glanced at Jiang Hao absently, and the man in front of her could definitely think of everything she could think of.
Sally suddenly found that she couldn’t see Jiang Hao clearly. The previous things were calculated step by step, and it seemed that they were all under the control of the man before her.
No matter how the situation develops, it seems that this man is always the one who gets the benefits.
Jiang Hao looked back at Sally, but saw that her eyes were a little strange, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”
Sally was pulled back to reality by Jiang Hao, she suddenly smiled and shook her head when she looked at his face. Said: “It’s okay, I just suddenly felt that you were a little scary.”
Hearing Sally’s sigh, Jiang Hao, who was about to answer, heard the voice of Shen Qingshu downstairs.
“Twenty million, Mr. Chen, I respect you.” As soon as the voice fell, Chen Jingdao spoke disdainfully: “Thirty million, you don’t need to respect me, I don’t have that great skill!”

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