I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 780

If you don’t talk about some things, everyone can get along well, but once you talk about it, you will never have the chance to meet again in the future.
Chen Jingdao didn’t know if he could see Ning Kun again, so he had this question about him.
Perhaps out of a good yearning in his heart, he refused to answer, but remained silent until Ning Kun walked out of the office.
Ran Sheng stood outside the office door watching Ning Kun walk out, and after looking up and down Ning Kun slightly, a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.
“Actually I know you are stronger than me. This time the trouble is so troublesome, I really can’t handle it by myself. If it wasn’t for my uncle’s insistence, I really hope you can stay.”
Ran Sheng said There is no pride in being a superior person, there is only one word between the lines, that is sincerity.
Ning Kun looked at Ran Sheng and smiled. The young man in front of him who gave him a sense of threat was definitely not that simple.
Coupled with the other’s humble attitude, I’m afraid there are more things hidden in his hands, maybe just like myself, who has no secrets.
Thinking of this, Ning Kun stretched out his hand and patted the rising shoulder and smiled: “It doesn’t matter, I believe you can do well, maybe we will meet again in another way in the future.”
After saying this, Ning Kun smiled After leaving, his character has been completed, and this is no longer where he needs to stay.
After walking out of the door of Xincheng Company, Ning Kun took out his mobile phone and called Sally.
Sally, who was sitting in the office as usual, answered the call, while looking at the computer while wearing headphones and whispered, “Hey, what’s the matter.”
“I was fired from the Xincheng Group, and the Shen family declared war on the Xincheng Group. Now, the person who takes over my position is Sheng Sheng. You should know this person.”
Sally nodded slightly, then looked at the computer and said solemnly: “Well, the son left by Master Chen Jingdao back then should be a good one. Young man, I have a copy of his information here.”
Ning Kun shrugged, then got into a taxi and smiled: “But he didn’t wait for nothing. When he left, Mr. Chen gave me 80 million, which is a little compensation for me.”
80 million no It’s a small amount. For a person like Ning Kun who is in his twenties and close to his thirties, the money is enough for him to be smart for several years.
Sally couldn’t help but feel a little shocked when she heard this number. You must know that Xincheng Group is doing everything possible to save money and is preparing to fight a capital war with the Shen family.
“It seems that Mr. Chen has already seen you through, has your identity been exposed.”
Ning Kun fell into a brief silence when he heard Sally’s words, and then smiled bitterly and said: “No accident The words should be exposed, but he doesn’t seem to know where I am from.” While saying this, Ning Kun felt a trace of fortune in his heart, because if he revealed his identity before the task was completed.
After returning home, he will face many punishments, but now that the task has been completed, the identity has become irrelevant.
Sally also felt lucky for Ning Kun at this time. After chuckling twice, she said: “If this is the case, you don’t want to go back to the headquarters. Come to me, I have a task for you. “After the two chatted briefly, Sally hung up the phone and fell into deep thought looking at the computer.
In just one morning, the shares of Shen Group and Xincheng Group have changed several times. This situation is like a miracle., because these two companies are big stakes in Beifu, if they want to make such a big change, the amount of funds flowing in a short time is simply an astronomical figure.
Looking at these data, Sally gave a wry smile and calculated in her heart.
I’m afraid that since the Shen family announced their war with Chen Jingdao last night, they had already begun to encircle Xincheng Group in the stock market.
After shook her head slightly, Sally closed the computer and closed her eyes and started thinking. If she took advantage of this time to disperse the funds in her hand and try to buy the shares of the two companies, she might be able to make a profit.
It’s just that if the money is earned, I am afraid that both Chen Jingdao and Shen Wennian will hate himself.
Just as Sally was lost in thought, Jiang Hao walked over slowly, still holding two cups of coffee in her hand.
Seeing Sally’s frowning face, he couldn’t help but smile slightly: “What’s wrong, what’s going on, it seems that you look a little uncomfortable.”
Sally smiled bitterly when he took the coffee from Jiang Hao . Two times he opened his mouth and said, “What do you mean, it’s too torturous to look at the feeling of having money but not making money.”
Jiang Hao almost squirted out a sip of coffee when he heard this, looking at Sally, he wanted to laugh again. The appearance of not daring to laugh is like a comedy.
“You just said that you can’t make money. Why am I a little bit confused ?” Sally curled her lips when she looked at Jiang Hao in surprise, then pointed to her mobile phone and said, “You can search the Shen Group on your mobile phone. Let’s follow the changes of Xincheng Group’s stocks from yesterday to today.”
Jiang Hao walked to the sofa and took off the charging mobile phone and took a look. In just about 20 hours, the two parties have gone through three rounds of ups and downs. This situation is simply It is a miracle!
“No way, it seems that the Shen family’s move is quite ruthless this time. Shen Qingshu is okay .” Sally shrugged and got up and walked out of the desk, then walked out of the office and stood on the balcony with her back facing Jiang Hao to enjoy the warm sun.
They came back late last night, and the cold wind blew for a while.
In addition, the warm sun in winter always makes people feel comfortable, perhaps because of Jiang Hao, now Sally is not sitting in front of her desk every day.
Seeing that Sally did not answer, Jiang Hao got up and walked to the balcony to look at Sally and said, “What’s the situation?”
Sally chuckled and said, “What else is the situation? The two families are now pinching up. We just sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. This scene has nothing to do with us.”
Jiang Hao shrugged slightly. Seeing Sally look indifferent, she couldn’t help complaining: “I was the one who should have pinched the Shen family the most. Why did she suddenly become the old man of Chen Jingdao.”
Sally glanced at Jiang Hao. Seeing that he seemed a little dissatisfied, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.
“The specific news will soon be sent. Ning Kun has been fired by Chen Jingdao, and now Xincheng Group is back in Chen Jingdao’s hands.” When she said this, Sally couldn’t help but feel a little confused. Why did Chen Jingdao meet? At this time, Ning Kun will be driven away.
At this time, didn’t he happen to need talents like Ning Kun the most? With him, many things would become easier.

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