I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 788

Seeing Xiaoli’s gossip, Jiang Hao shook his head somewhat dubiously.
He just walked closer to Lin Yan, how could it be said that he was in love with Miss Lin’s family.
After shook his head slightly, Jiang Hao said, “You are also a big man, how come you are like a kid, you believe what others say?” As soon as the voice fell, Doctor Ren suddenly knocked on the door of Jiang Hao’s office. , And then stood at the door and looked at Jiang Hao with a smile: “Dr. Shen, Miss Lin is here to look for you, ask me to call you.”
Xiaoli looked at Jiang Hao and snorted, “Some people vowed, but the result is Does this hurt you?”
Jiang Hao opened his eyes and looked at Doctor Ren with a smirk, then looked at Xiaoli, rolled his eyes and walked out dejectedly.
When Jiang Hao walked to the entrance of the hospital, he found that Lin Yan was leaning on the body and wearing a white dress playing with her mobile phone.
Walking slowly in front of her, Jiang Hao looked up and down Lin Yan and said helplessly: “Don’t you look at what season it is. Isn’t it cold in skirts?”
Lin Yan was suddenly scared by Jiang Hao. After a jump, the phone almost fell to the ground.
Seeing Jiang Hao’s helpless look, she chuckled twice and asked: “What’s wrong, I’m looking for you, are you still not happy?”
Jiang Hao might be very happy if I come here another time, but now Jiang Hao couldn’t be happy when he came over.
After a light sigh, he looked at Lin Yan and said, “Let’s talk, is there something wrong with me when I came here?”
Lin Yan shrugged and opened the car door and sat in, then looked at Jiang Hao and said: “Get in the car, it’s not that I want to see you today, it’s my grandfather who wants to see you. It seems that something is going to be told to you. It’s a silly talk.” Jiang Hao frowned. It would be nice to say if Lin Yan asked for himself, but If Elder Lin finds himself, I am afraid that something is really going on.
So he opened the car door and sat in the car and said, “Why does old man Lin suddenly think of looking for me, do you know what to do?”
Lin Yan shook her head slightly, and said while driving the car: “I don’t know, this morning Grandpa suddenly asked me to come to you, saying that there is something important to talk to you, and then let me pick you up.”
Jiang Hao was silent for a while and nodded, “Well, anyway, I’m finished today. Just go to your house and stop by, hahaha.”
Although he smiled very relaxedly on his face, Jiang Hao didn’t relax at all.
There are basically no secrets between him and Old Man Lin, and there is only one thing, and that is about Chen Mingang.
At the moment, the old man Lin suddenly hurried to find himself, and Jiang Hao couldn’t tolerate it.
The conversation between the two men to the home after Lin Yan, Jiang Hao Lin Yan watched laughed off opening:. “My task is completed, the company has a lot of things waiting for me, you go in on their own”
to the Lin family After the number of times increased, Jiang Hao became familiar, and he would never run into the two incompetent things of the Lin family.
Since Chen Minggang’s incident last time, the old grandmother has rushed the two incompetent things to the subsidiary, and even if they send them some pocket money every month, she never intends to let them come back.
At the moment, Lin Yan is taking care of the Lin Group very well, and after Chen Minggang’s affairs, the old grandmother can be regarded as looking away from Lin Yan.
Walking into the inner house, before Jiang Hao had time to call someone, he saw Old Man Lin walking over in a white robe.
“Little Shen is here, come, come, come and sit, it’s not the first time you have come anyway, why are you so cautious.” While saying this, Old Man Lin opened the door to invite Jiang Hao to walk in. Then he closed the door.
As a result, as soon as the door was closed, Old Man Lin looked at Jiang Hao with a serious face and said, “Did you get followed by someone when you came today?”
Jiang Hao, IE and IE shook their heads, some of them couldn’t figure out what Old Man Lin was doing.
So he said tentatively: “What’s wrong, is something wrong?”
Old man Lin shook his head, walked to the table and sat down and poured two cups of tea, frowned and said, “Sit down and talk. Trouble.”
Seeing that Mr. Lin was so cautious, Jiang Hao stepped forward to sit down and took a sip from his teacup, and then said: “What the hell is going on, Mr. Lin, please don’t hang me.”
“This matter There was some trouble. Shen Qingshu continued to investigate Chen Minggang’s death in private. Moreover, when I came in, I learned about one thing through some friends. Suddenly, the Shen family had a lot of foreign funds.”
Jiang Hao closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, and suddenly it sounded that Xue Chongli followed that day. What I said before.
So he looked at Old Man Lin and said solemnly: “I heard people say that the Shen family in Beifu seems to have something to do with the Shen family overseas. I don’t know if it is true?”
Hearing the words that Jiang Hao suddenly said, Old Man Lin was Shocked, he couldn’t help but coughed twice and said: “You, cough cough, where did you hear this news?”
Jiang Hao did not answer, but looked at Old Man Lin firmly.
Through his reaction, Jiang Hao had already determined the truth of this matter in his heart at this time.
Old Man Lin nodded slightly and wiped the corners of his mouth, then put the quilt on the table.
“It’s something to say it is not considered secret, North House with overseas Shen Shen still seem to hear the same root, though did not see how they walk, but out of something like this should help.”
Having this After speaking, Mr. Lin fell silent and continued: “Now it seems that the extra funds that the Shen family suddenly released are likely to be given to them by the overseas Shen family, otherwise there is no reason to explain this matter.”
Jiang Hao sneered in his heart . After two sounds, he had already ran to Beifu, but he didn’t expect to meet his enemies.
The same ancestry has deepened Jiang Hao’s thoughts about the Shen family in Beifu, and the Shen family in Beifu is also connected with Shen Tianyang.
At this time, Jiang Hao could basically conclude that the Shen family in Beifu was also his enemy.
“If this is the case, will Mr. Chen Jingdao not be able to survive?” Mr.
Lin gently shook his head: “You still have the heart to care about Chen Jingdao? Or should you weigh yourself first, if Shen Qingshu finds out What the hell, it’s not their Shen family that is unlucky.”
After talking about this, Old Man Lin looked at Jiang Hao and sighed deeply.
Speaking of which, if it wasn’t for Jiang Hao to rescue Lin Yan, he wouldn’t be in the muddy water!
But Jiang Hao didn’t take this matter to heart. He smiled and said, “It’s okay, I believe someone will handle it with Shen Qingshu.”

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