I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 789

The reason Jiang Hao would say so naturally has his reason, because Sally will never sit back and watch.
In fact, this is true for Sally too. When Shen Qingshu just started investigating, she had already created many problems for Shen Qingshu.
Among them, Ning Kun was asked to respond to Shen Qingshu’s investigation and tried to intercept him back.
At this time in Xincheng Group, Chen Jingdao was sitting quietly in the president’s office drinking tea, while Ran Sheng looked at the computer with a pair of flat glasses, and said something from time to time.
“The Shen family invested more than 200 million yuan in the stock market at once. It seems that they have already invited foreign aid. What should I do?”
Ran Sheng frowned as he looked at the big data on the computer. At this time, Xincheng Group’s internal funds Although there is still a large part, if it turns into a protracted battle, it will give the Shen family a chance to breathe.
The consequence is that the respite-stricken Shen family will use their huge flow of funds, and then destroy the Xincheng Group in one go. This is a game of money.
Chen Jingdao paused slightly when he picked up the teacup, and then solemnly said, “Don’t worry about those for now, and continue to follow the original rhythm.” After hearing this, Ran Sheng nodded slightly and picked up the office. The landline on the table called someone, then gave a brief order, took off his glasses and rubbed them tiredly.
“Uncle Chen, if we continue like this, I am afraid we will soon be defeated. Someone just said that the Shen family in Beifu has asked for help from the Shen family overseas.”
Chen Jingdao nodded and laughed: “I know. In a while, if I expect it to be good, someone will come forward soon.” The reason why no one dared to resist some things that the Shen family had done before was because there was no one to lead.
Chen Jingdao is confident that he can be a leader, as long as he can continue, then the rest of the people will certainly follow, he only needs to hold on for a while.
Ran Sheng looked at his uncle who brought him up and was taken aback. At this time, Chen Jingdao looked like an old man sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.
No one knows why Chen Jingdao is so confident, thinking that as long as he keeps on going, someone will help.
But things turned so fast. Just when Ran Sheng was worried about funds, suddenly an unexpected guest broke the deadlock.
The landline on the desk rang, and after Ran Sheng answered, the phone came from the front desk downstairs.
There was only one sentence.
“A person who claims to be the old black wants to talk to the president’s office, is it convenient for you to ask the manager now?”
Chen Jingdao seemed to have expected everything, turned his head to look at Ran Sheng and smiled: “Look, isn’t someone coming here?”
When Lao Hei walked into the office, Ran Sheng was sitting calmly at the desk, while Chen Jingdao was sitting quietly on the sofa drinking tea.
Lao Hei first looked at Ran Sheng carefully and said, “Well, I haven’t paid much attention to it before, but now it seems that I am a little clumsy. I didn’t expect Mr.
Ran to be so talented.” Ran Sheng smiled lightly at Lao Hei. Nodded and laughed: “No, no, you’re a little polite.”
Chen Jingdao looked at the old black standing at the door and smiled: “If you have anything, just come in and talk about it. Don’t make people think that I am neglecting the guests.”
After saying this, Chen Jingdao poured a cup of tea for Lao Hei, and then stretched out his hand to signal Lao Hei to sit down.
After Lao Hei took his seat, he said softly: “What are you doing today?”
“I have received some news from the overseas Shen family that they have assisted the Shen family in Beifu with more than 2 billion funds for temporary emergency use. So I think you may need some help here.”
Upon hearing this, Chen Jingdao and Ran Sheng couldn’t help but jump in their hearts, especially with Ran Sheng, a hanging rock in their hearts finally fell.
And Chen Jingdao calmly looked at Lao Hei with a smile: “Really, how are you going to help me? I’m afraid I’m more familiar with the overseas Shen family than you.”
He said this mainly because he was before. After handing over the Xincheng Group to his son, in order to lay a solid foundation for Chen Minggang, he went directly to the Shen family overseas.
Lao Hei obviously knew this, so he smiled slightly and said: “Of course I have a way to help, just to see if Mr. Chen will mind it.” A cold light flashed in Chen Jingdao’s eyes and looked at Lao. The black face said with an unhappy or sad expression: “Tell me, maybe I will accept your opinion.”
“Our boss will fund you to assist you, and we will cooperate with you to continue to block the capital flow of the Shen family.”
“What is the price? I don’t believe your bosses will stand up and help for no reason.”
Chen Jingdao has always followed the principle that there is no free lunch in the world, especially when you face the apparent generosity of another businessman as a businessman. At times, be more careful.
Because there is only one reason for the other party to be generous, and that is that he wants far more than you think.
After Sure enough, the old black hear the words of Chen Jing Road just chuckle a cry will open: “! The price is very simple, whether this thing to fail, we have fifty-one percent of the shares in the new Prudential”
Ran liter hear He slapped his hand directly on the table, and looked at the old gangster in shock: “Impossible, isn’t this just surrendering the company to you?”
Faced with the frightened expression of rising , the old gangster didn’t turn back , but Continue to look at Chen Jingdao with a thoughtful look.
“Mr. Chen may wish to think about it. As long as you agree to this condition, we don’t even need you to sign any contract, just verbally agree, we will shoot!”
Chen Jingdao took a deep breath and smiled at Lao Hei Laughing: “So I underestimated that girl, 51% of the shares, isn’t this just for the decision-making power of our company.”
After two wry smiles, Chen Jingdao shook his head and lit a cigarette for himself.
Take a deep sip, his eyes blurred look to some old gangster: “I began to thrive Chen Jing Road, twenty-eight, forty-five setting a new honesty, so many years did not experience anything?”
The old black looked, The smog-shrouded old black smiled and said, “If this is the case, please tell Mr. Chen what the matter should be.”
“I agree to this condition, but there is one thing. As long as I live in this world one day, Xin Cheng is my Chen Jingdao.”
He paused when he said this. Then he smiled bitterly: “You see my bad old man can’t live long, I think you don’t mind this condition?”
Old Hei smiled bitterly and shook his head: “You are planning to empty the glove white wolf rhythm, so It will be difficult for me to go back.”
Although Lao Hei said so, his heart is already happy. They only need to take advantage of Chen Jingdao’s identity to make a move, not really want Xincheng.

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