I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 790

Even though I said that, the money was actually invested, even if Sally was the person in charge of the North House!
Lao Hei carefully communicated with Chen Jingdao based on the next cooperation matters, then got up and planned to leave.
Before leaving, Chen Jingdao looked deeply at Lao Hei and asked him a creepy question.
“Regarding the death of my son, I don’t know if your boss has any different news. If so, please let me know directly, okay?”
If it weren’t for years of reading experience, I’m afraid the old man is here. When he asked this sentence, the movement of his eyes was directly exposed.
After taking a few deep breaths, the old black stabilized his mind and looked at Chen Jingdao with a smile and said, “If I can, I will definitely ask the person above, and then I will give you a message.”
Chen Jingdao smiled and nodded. , And then watched Lao Hei leave.
Just when Lao Hei walked out of the office, Ran Sheng said anxiously: “Uncle Chen, why do you agree to that fat man’s terms? This matter is not as simple as it seems.”
Chen Jingdao sat back on the sofa and then Picking up a cup of tea and taking a sip, he replied: “There are some things you have to see in private. Now you can’t see through it, just because you don’t have that position.”
Faced with this sentence, Ran Ran Sheng looked confused, indicating that he didn’t understand much.
And Chen Jingdao quickly pointed to the desktop and laughed: “The Shen family in Beifu is of the same origin as the Shen family overseas. I think you should know this news?”
“Well, I know, this news is basically Beifu. There is a tacit secret on the upper level, but what does it have to do with the Tianzhu Villa.”
Chen Jingdao smiled faintly after hearing this: “This relationship is big. The reason why the Tianzhu Villa is so uncomfortable. The main reason is that they are not businessmen themselves.”
If Chen Jingdao said outside that Sally was not a businessman, he would surely reap a lot of saliva.
Since Sally came to Beifu, although she has not intervened in the affairs of the upper class in Beifu, her ability to make money has to be admired.
The tactics on the market are also very vicious. At first, some people tried to knock some blood from the newcomer Sally, but the result was a bit horrible.
Ran Sheng looked at Uncle Chen, who raised him since he was a child, and his eyes couldn’t help but be a little confused. Is this really the person who has been teaching him?
“Don’t be joking. The man in Tianzhu Villa is not a businessman. Such a joke is not something that should be said now.” Chen Jingdao also knew that if he said things out, many people would feel disdainful.
So after a light sigh, he smiled and said: “They are actually an organized person. Of course, you don’t need to know this, let time slowly pass by.”
Hearing this, Ran Sheng looked slightly stunned. , Suddenly remembered something.
He had heard the news many years ago. In the beginning, no matter it was in Beifu or somewhere, there was an unaffected existence in many people’s heads, that was the Shen family.
This can be seen from the branch of the Shen clan left over now, they are all leaders among the people!
And the Shen family standing on the heads of these leaders is even more powerful than ever.
Although what his uncle said at this time didn’t seem to have any connection, but Ran Sheng didn’t know why he thought of something about the Shen family.
“Uncle Chen, do you mean that the person in Tianzhu Villa is hostile to the overseas Shen family?”
Chen Jingdao smiled and looked at the floating tea in the cup and said, “I just wanted to understand this matter. , But we have to wait for the details, they are just a leader.”
Just as Chen Jingdao was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Lao Hei respectfully stood in front of Sally and bowed his head after returning to the Tianzhu Villa.
“I have already spoken to Mr. Chen Jingdao according to your instructions, and the funds are almost ready now.”
Sally nodded slightly, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window looking at the scenery outside and said solemnly: “Ning Kun there. What kind of state is he now? He will need to play soon. I don’t want him to play under pressure.”
Old Hei hesitated a bit when he heard this, and then continued to speak: “He is in a somewhat bad state, but It shouldn’t affect things. After all, there are fifty people from the beast camp.”
Sally looked a little tired after hearing this. Maybe she didn’t understand Ning Kun, so she thought the other party wanted to climb up. Is wrong.
Later, after Sally thought about Ning Kun’s history, she actually understood in her heart why he wanted to climb up.
Think of this Lisha Li sigh a sigh open road; “? Perhaps we gave him too much pressure, he would so be it, old black, you think I’m doing is right or wrong with it,”
the old black this is After being silent for a while, he did not speak, after all, Sally was sitting right or wrong, and he had no right to judge.
After taking a deep breath, Sally looked at the gloomy sky outside and whispered: “Help me make an appointment with Jiang Hao. I’m going to have a showdown with him. I’m afraid Jiang Hao’s help is needed for this matter.”
Old Hei was silent. He nodded and exited the office, and then made a call to Jiang Hao who was in the Lin’s house, who was having a close conversation with Old Man Lin.
Looking at the phone number in his hand, Jiang Hao chuckled lightly and nodded to Old Man Lin, then he connected and said: “Hey, Lao Hei, what’s the matter?”
“The boss wants to see you, don’t say anything. I didn’t tell you in advance, she is in a bad mood now.”
Jiang Hao nodded slightly and replied: “I see. Give me half an hour. I’ll be here soon.”
After saying this, Jiang Hao hung up the phone, then looked at Old Man Lin and said: “Look, there are some things that do not require me to be responsible. In fact, someone is already starting to stop Shen Qingshu .” Looking at the confident expression on Jiang Hao’s face , Old Man Lin smiled and nodded and then put down the big rock in his heart.
“This is the best. If this is the case, I can safely hand over the money to you here.”
“Money? What kind of money?”
Jiang Hao was slightly startled when he heard this. Why did Mr. Lin want to give it? How about your own money?
As soon as this thought emerged, Old Man Lin smiled heartily: “Of course I helped you with that old man Chen Jingdao, hahaha.” At this point, the smile on Old Man Lin’s face gradually stopped and then lightened. He sighed and said, “That old man is a good person, but his son is a bit too ineffective. I think this little thing is my heart.”

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