I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 795

After saying this, Shen Qingshu looked at Chen Jingdao’s eyes with helplessness.
If he really wanted to kill Chen Minggang, why would he leave so much evidence against himself? This is totally unreasonable.
At first, he didn’t think about explaining to Chen Jingdao, because he didn’t bother to explain at all, and the pride in his heart didn’t allow him to lower his head.
But what I never expected was that things would turn out to be like this, so that my father had to ask for help from the Shen family overseas to get through.
Chen Jingdao looked at Shen Qingshu and sneered, and then whispered: “Why didn’t you take these things out at the beginning, and don’t you think it’s a bit late now?”
Ran Sheng walked over and stood there at no time. Behind Chen Jingdao, a pair of flat eyes looked at Shen Qingshu with a hint of chill.
“If you are here to reason with us today, I don’t think there is any need to talk about it anymore. When did your Shen family talk about reason again?”
Faced with such ridicule, Shen Qingshu’s forehead was violent and looked towards Ran Sheng. An anger surged in his eyes!
“I came here today to prevent you from being used by others. It wasn’t me that the Shen family was afraid of you Xincheng. There really is no one in Beifu that can scare our Shen family!”
Chen Jingdao was planning to drink tea after hearing this Stopped, and then looked at Shen Qingshu with a smile and said, “What did you just say, is there anyone in Beifu that can scare you Shen family?”
After saying this, he put the cup down, and then smiled at Shen Qingshu. “In this case, why are you here with me? Wouldn’t it be better to let us fight you to death?”
Chen Jingdao did not put Shen Qingshu in his eyes. He is almost 80 years old, and there are many things at his age. Already seen through.
Had it not been for Chen Minggang to lay a solid foundation, so that he would be able to find both sides in the future, he would not run outside.
As a result, after working hard for so long, the news was that Chen Minggang was dead, and that his son’s only bloodline died.
This made Chen Jingdao’s heart as if he had been torn a big hole, and instantly became a little empty.
Seeing Shen Qingshu sitting in front of him with a look of anger, Chen Jingdao took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: “Young man, if I were you, I wouldn’t say the same thing, because you do everything except irritate me more. Didn’t do it.”
Ran Sheng nodded slightly, then sat down beside Chen Jingdao, took a sip from his teacup.
Looking at Shen Qingshu with gloomy eyes: “You better go back. You started this war first. Now you come and tell me the truce, don’t you feel a bit ironic.” The disdainful eyes made Shen Qingshu feel like he was being victimized. Stripped off his clothes, and put them in a general shame!
“You will regret today’s choice, for sure! You will definitely regret it!”
After saying this, Shen Qingshu stood up, pointed at Chen Jingdao and said in a deep voice, “Old dog Chen! I respect you as a senior, but don’t think that You can secure the winning ticket by yourself!” Chen Jingdao sneered and nodded: “Don’t worry, I am ready to take out all my things and play with you to the end. Don’t you understand the situation like this now?”
Shen Qingshu turned around and planned to leave. There was nothing to ease the matter. In this case, he had to accept Shen Tianyang’s help.
Looking at Shen Qingshu’s back, Ran Sheng thought of a rumor about the Shen family, so he said with some sarcasm: “The overseas Shen family probably extended a helping hand to you, right?” After hearing this, Shen Qingshu’s footsteps paused. , Turned his head and glanced at Ran Sheng coldly, but left without answering.
After he left, Chen Jingdao spoke in a daze: “Did the overseas Shen family still intervene in this matter after all?”
Chen Jingdao had some friendship with Shen Tianyang before, so he knew how powerful Shen Tianyang really was.
Ran Sheng looked at Chen Jingdao and nodded lightly, then said: “The news that I just received, the overseas Shen family has sent someone over, I am afraid that they will set up a subsidiary company, and then use that company to continue to use the funds. Transfer it to the Shen family.” After the matter had developed to this point, Chen Jingdao sighed deeply and stood up straight with the help of rising.
Then he waved his hand and said, “Be busy first. I’ll do something. You don’t need to call me for dinner at night. Let me be alone.”
Ran Sheng nodded respectfully to Chen Jingdao, and stood there. The office watched him leave, because he knew that Chen Jingdao would start to use some relationships next time.
Sure enough, after leaving the office, Chen Jingdao took out his mobile phone and called Shen Tianyang first.
After receiving the call from Chen Jingdao, Shen Tianyang first made a haha ​​to push the matter over, but after learning about Chen Jingdao’s determination, he had no choice but to stand on the side of the Shen family in the North House.
Shen Tianyang wanted to integrate all the branches of the Shen clan together, and then he was re-establishing a Shen clan sect!
For this goal, what can a mere Chen Jingdao count.
After receiving Shen Tianyang’s answer, Chen Jingdao’s expression gradually calmed down.
Then he called another person, a person that Jiang Hao and Sally had never expected, and that was Qian Lao!
Originally Qian Lao was already in a semi-retired state, but for some reason he stood up again, although he is currently living in seclusion in Sanlipu.
But many people are still begging him to do things, and the most important thing is that Chen Jingdao had a relationship with Qian Lao a long time ago.
After receiving Chen Jingdao’s call, Qian Lao pondered for a while, if he hadn’t heard Shen Tianyang’s name, he hadn’t planned to act.
But now that he knew that Shen Tianyang was intervening in this matter, Qian Lao looked at the crazy old man in his home, and a trace of anger flashed in his heart.
So he said in a deep voice: “You go to a person named Shen Yan, I think he will have a way, there is only so much I can help you.”
After saying this, Mr. Qian hung up the phone. And Chen Jingdao looked at the phone in his hand in a daze.
The name Shen Yan may be the one he has heard the most since he returned to Beifu. As a doctor, he is very close to the Lin family and Sally, and there are rumors that it has a certain relationship with the Xue family.
Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao was silent for a long time and his eyes became firm.
As long as he can bring down the Shen family, let alone ask him to find Shen Yan, he will have no complaint even if he is asked to find a beggar!

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