I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 799

After Sanniang was gone, Shen Qingshu walked into the study and saw that his father was sitting in a chair drinking tea with some boredom.
Shen Qingshu was silent for a while, he naturally knew why his father was worried.
Shen Wennian, who noticed his son’s return, raised his head and looked out the door, and saw Shen Qingshu standing in a daze at the door, so he nodded and said solemnly, “Come in, how are things going?”
Shen Qingshu walked into his uncle respectfully. Then he stood in front of Shen Wennian and said helplessly: “Chen Jingdao’s old dog is crazy, no matter what I say, he won’t listen.”
Shen Wennian had already expected such an answer, but Chen Jingdao could be a little more rational. , The person who went to talk to him would not be Shen Qingshu, but himself!
Thinking of this, Shen Wennian was rather helpless, and he didn’t know why. He had been hit so many times in a short period of time, but he couldn’t find a way to fight back!
“What is the attitude of the Xue family now, do they mean to stand up and help?” In any case, the Xue family and the Shen family are now married. If the Xue family does not come forward, it will hurt Shen Wennian a little. .
However, the answer is disappointing. In fact, the Xue family is now full of contradictions.
The previous marriage between the Xue family and the Shen family caused a conflict within the Xue family. Now if you want the Xue family to stand up and help them, it is simply a dream!
Shen Qingshu looked at his father’s face a little embarrassed, and then simply bowed his head without speaking.
When Shen Wennian saw this, he was a little surprised and asked: “What do you mean?! Don’t the Xue family stand up and help me?” After taking a deep breath, Shen Qingshu said embarrassedly: “Father, the internal conflicts in the Xue family are inherent Many, the marriage with them was a bit over the line last time, and it is reasonable for them not to stand up this time!”
“If they don’t stand up, then what is the use of our marriage with the Xue family? What will others think of the relationship between our Shen family and the Xue family?”
After saying this, Shen Wennian said angrily by slapped the table: “It’s just a deception. Too much, I want to see what the old and immortal Xue family wants to do!” While talking, Shen Wennian was even more furious, and he was a little bit aggrieved at first, but now he screamed with anger!
Shen Qingshu looked at his father like this, so he lightly sighed and got up to pour a cup of tea for Shen Wennian.
Then he said: “Didn’t we have anticipated these things before? In comparison, are the people from Shen Tianyang here today?”
Not to mention this matter, Shen Wennian’s heart is even more angry. Soaring!
A dog in the Shentianyang district dared to look down on him. If Shen Tianyang came in person in the future, would he still have to bring tea to the other party?
When Shen Wennian thought of this, he began to speak a little upset: “People just came here, and the money has been transferred to the company’s account. You should have met those people when you just came back.”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu frowned and thought about just now. The Sanniang who had passed him by, said: “Is the other party a woman, with a delicate appearance, about twenty-five and sixteen?”
Shen Wennian nodded, and then said solemnly: “That woman A little arrogant, you’d better avoid contact with each other to avoid any accidents.” As soon as the voice fell, he handed the folder Sanniang gave him to his son, and then continued: “Shen Tianyang explained that they came to Beifu To do something, I want to find someone. This is the information of that person. Look at it.”
Shen Qingshu opened the folder and looked at it for a while and then nodded: “No problem, I’ll go down and ask someone to inquire later.
” Don’t act rashly after you hear about this person. First tell me, let me go to the other party before deciding whether to tell that Sanniang.”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu looked at his father with some doubts, as if he didn’t understand his actions.
Shen Wennian didn’t have anything to hide about this, but he didn’t know how to tell his son for a while.
After being silent for a long time, he organized a little bit of speech and said: “Do you know the Shen family before?”
Shen Qingshu nodded: “The Shen family is the 36 family of the Shen family, including the Shen family of our Beifu. It was also separated from the clan. What’s the matter?”
Shen Wennian nodded and said, “Do you remember the later case of the Shen family’s annihilation?” Shen Qingshu pondered for a moment, then looked at his father and said, “I know. I know, but what does it have to do with the person I’m looking for?” “If I’m not mistaken, this person is likely to be the blood of the Shen family!”
After saying this, Shen Wennian felt a burst in his heart. Shocking!
If this person is really the last blood of the Shen family, then he might have a treasure, Shangdian!
Thinking of how the Shen family’s clan relied on Shangdian back then, Shen Wennian’s heart was hot!
It’s no wonder that Shen Tianyang is unwilling to tell him the truth. It seems that if it weren’t because of the influence of his Shen family in the Beifu, I am afraid that the other party would not even disclose the news!
Shen Wennian sneered twice and then said: “If this person is really from the blood of the Shen family back then, then he must have a treasure in his body, that is Shangdian.” This is the first time Shen Qingshu has heard of Shangdian. Somewhat suspiciously, he looked at his father.
“What is Shangdian?” After asking this sentence, Shen Qingshu also pondered to himself, it sounded like a book.
“Shangdian is a book that records many things. It was the root of the rise of the Shen family back then! If we get it, then we will be the next Shen family!”
Hearing this, Shen Qingshu’s eyes were hot, and he quickly looked at the information in his hand!
Then he nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I will let the people below take care of this matter soon. At this time, I will also check the truth about Chen Minggang, and will handle this matter together. ”
Shen Wennian glanced at his son with some suspicion: “Isn’t the old dog Chen Jingdao not listening to what you said, why is it necessary to continue the investigation?”
Shen Qingshu sneered twice before repliing: “Although he doesn’t listen. What we said, but it does not mean that no one in this Beifu will listen!”
Then he continued to speak: “If we don’t find out this matter, even if we win the old dog of Chen Jingdao, many families in Beifu treat us. It’s also dissatisfied.”
“The upper one is attacking the heart, the middle one is fighting, and the second is moving troops. It seems that you have grown up.”
Listening to his son’s words, Shen Wennian felt relieved in his heart.
In any case, his son is always the first person in the North House, and he has never let himself down!

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