I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 800

At this time, Sanniang was sitting in the room looking at the map of Beifu, and there were some key information.
Although I came to Beifu this time to help the Shen family in Beifu, in fact the most important thing was always looking for Jiang Hao, including the more than one hundred people she brought with him.
Since Jiang Hao’s departure in Shanshilipu, Shen Tianyang has realized one thing, Shang Dian has probably merged with Jiang Hao.
The consequence of this is that Jiang Hao’s strength is definitely different from before, but Shen Tianyang did not expect that Jiang Hao has reached the fourth level.
The people he sent were not enough for Jiang Hao to fight his teeth.
If it weren’t for worrying that Shen Tianyang would be unfavorable to his friends, maybe Jiang Hao would even want to try to sneak into Shen Tianyang’s side, and then wait for the opportunity to do some small tricks.
At this time, Sanniang did not expect Jiang Hao’s strength to change drastically, just like Shen Tianyang. The news she got was that Jiang Hao’s strength was around level 3.
This made Sanniang, who was carrying dozens of second-level personnel, not very concerned, she still understood the truth about quantitative changes causing qualitative changes.
The most important thing now is how to find Jiang Hao in a place as big as Beifu, not to mention that the old Qian at 30 miles is likely to help him.
If it weren’t for that old man, Jiang Hao would have been captured by Shen Tianyang.
Thinking of this, Sanniang couldn’t help but feel a little angry. A bunch of trash was scared by a bad old man. She was going to be replaced, even if it was robbed, they would be taken back!
Just as she was looking at the things on the table in thought, there was a knock on the door outside the door, and Sanniang said without lifting her head: “Come in.” The door was opened and the person who came in was following her. A subordinate, the man saluted Sanniang and said: “Someone came to meet up outside, and he said he has news we want.” After hearing this, Sanniang was taken aback . He didn’t have much time when he first came to Beifu. How do you know what you want?
Although she had never thought of hiding her whereabouts all the way, it was not so easy to know where she was staying so quickly.
Thinking of this, Sanniang muttered for a moment and then said: “Where is that person, take me to meet.”
“The man is sitting outside, and it seems that he doesn’t seem to worry about us doing it.”
Sanniang chuckled lightly . Then he said, “I can’t help but he doesn’t worry anymore. I’m different from the trash in my house. Let’s go.”
After saying this, Sanniang got up and walked to the lobby, and then saw a young man standing. Admire the surrounding layout in the lobby.
Sanniang looked at the other party with a chuckle and stepped forward and said, “I don’t know what to call this person, what’s the matter with me?” The young man turned and looked at Sanniang. If Jiang Hao was here, he would definitely point to it. He yelled Ning Kun, why are you here!
But the people here don’t know anything about Ning Kun or Ning Kun, so he started to play by himself.
“My name is Ning Kun. I don’t know what you call it. Is that the person in charge here?” After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Sanniang with a smile. Although he asked so, look at the reactions of people around you. She looks like the principal here.
Niang nodded his head, pointing to a chair after opening: “? Yes, we sit down and speak, you listen to me men hand there is news we want to know, I do not know what you said about what the message is”
finished With this, Sanniang picked up the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea, then hesitated and poured another cup for Ning Kun.
Seeing such an action, Ning Kun hurriedly raised the teacup respectfully, then took a sip and put it down: “The news in my hand is about the Xue family and the Shen family. Although they clearly said it was a marriage, But in fact it didn’t.”
Upon hearing this, Sanniang’s eyes flashed disappointment. She thought the person in front of her knew the news about Jiang Hao.
However, seeing that the other party can inquire about the Shen family, it seems that he has some own strength under his hand, and he holds the principle of not letting go.
Sanniang chuckled twice and then said: “Oh? Really, this is the first time I heard about this news, but how do you know that I need to know this news?”
Ning Kun looked at Sanniang calmly. She looked surprised and said, “Didn’t you come to help the Shen family? In this case, I think you need to understand the real situation of the Shen family.”
Sanniang shook her head somewhat disappointed and planned to get up and leave. The person in front of her seemed to be just a hawker selling news. She really didn’t want to waste time with the other party.
Ning Kun saw that Sanniang was about to leave, so he hurriedly said: “Don’t go, don’t go. If this news doesn’t interest you, why don’t you say one?” After hearing this, Sanniang He paused for a while, then turned his head and looked at Ning Kun with a cold look: “The news I want to know is that you can’t get it yet. Leave here, while I am in a good mood now.”
Ning Kun stared blankly. Xiang Sanniang, a trace of fear flashed in her eyes pretending to be a guilty conscience, but soon a trace of greed appeared.
“It’s okay, as long as you are willing to say what you want to know, I can take care of it for you. If you are lucky enough to be found out by me, how about we talk again?”
Sanniang looked at Ning Kun and thought He just felt dumbfounded for a while.
She hadn’t seen her being greedy for money, but it was a wonderful thing to be greedy for the virtue of the person in front of her.
But people who are greedy for money are generally quite capable, so she looked at Ning Kun after a moment of indifference and said: “You are telling the truth?” Ning Kun immediately replied with confidence on his face: “I may be elsewhere. No, but as long as I want to know about Beifu, there is nothing I can’t find!”
After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Sanniang greedily and smiled: “If you don’t believe me, you can look at yourself. I got news as soon as you entered Beifu, and I can even come to the door. Is this not enough to prove me? Is his strength?” After watching Ning Kun’s silence for a while, Sanniang nodded gently, and then glanced at the people around him.
People immediately retreated with interest, but Ning Kun was not surprised at these things, still watching Sanniang chuckle.
“The news I want to know is a bit troublesome. You are not afraid that if you know too much, you will die soon?”
Ning Kun laughed loudly when he heard Sanniang’s words!
“Perhaps this is the case, but if I don’t know enough, I will die more miserably, what do you think?”
“I’m a smart person, OK, then I’ll talk to you. I want to find someone in Beifu.”
Ning Kun nodded after hearing this, and then looked at Sanniang’s gesture of comparing money.
Sanniang saw that Ning Kun was so greedy for money, she was slightly dissatisfied, but still wrote a check and handed it to Ning Kun with a smile: “How about it, can we talk now?”

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