I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 81

Chujiang, Medical Equipment Wholesale City.
Fang Xiao dragged a suitcase, and it took a lot of effort to find a store specializing in hearing equipment.
The owner of the shop is a middle-aged man with a bald head and looks like a profiteer.
As soon as he saw Fang Xiao coming in, he hurriedly greeted him: “Oh, girl, what is in this box?”
Fang Xiao looked around and pulled the shop owner aside. He quietly took out a hearing aid from the suitcase, and smiled and asked, “Boss, how much do you sell for this thing?”
The boss frowned, looked at Xiao’s suitcase, and smiled: “This thing is not expensive, only three to five hundred!”
Fang Xiao couldn’t help but curled his lips when she heard this. In fact, she had checked it herself before she came. The market price of this hearing aid that Jiang Hao bought was more than two thousand.
Fang Xiao was still wondering before, because she knew that An Ning just wanted Jiang Hao to buy 30 for her, and the prices were around 1,000 yuan.
But Jiang Hao bought this one. Almost the best hearing aids that can be bought in the country, the single price is more than two thousand, and Jiang Hao bought a hundred!
In other words, the price of this box of walking aids is at least more than 200,000 yuan. Is it possible that Jiang Hao paid for the rest of the money?
But now Fang Xiao didn’t think so much.
Now she heard the owner of the shop said that this item was worth several hundred, and she almost wanted to scold the other person, turning her head and leaving.
Upon seeing this, the shop owner hurriedly stopped Fang Xiao, and said with a smile on his face: “What’s the matter, little girl? Don’t go, what do you want to ask?”
Fang Xiao is also welcome, holding the hearing aid directly and facing the bald head. The boss said: “You say it again, how much is this thing sold here?”
The shop owner scratched his head awkwardly and said, “Uh…little girl, tell you the truth, this hearing aid is currently the best one in China. Don’t even mention my shop, you can’t buy it in Chujiang. , I just don’t know if you want to buy? Or do you want to sell?”
Fang Xiao looked around and whispered: “Buy, you make a price. If the price is right, I have a batch!” The shop owner looked at Fang Xiao With the sneaky look, he couldn’t help frowning, and said that there must be something wrong with it.
It’s just that he just smiled and said: “Hey, it’s true that the official price of this new product is two thousand one, but I guess… you don’t come from the right way, right? Hey, let’s do it, you have How much? I’ll pay 800, how about it?”
“Just 800?” Fang Xiao looked reluctant, but she could also tell that the owner of this shop probably also found out that she was abnormal, so she kept the price down. low.
But she changed her mind again, eight hundred one. If all one hundred are sold, it will be eighty thousand? For Fang Xiao, this is a huge sum of money!
But she still sighed and said, “One thousand two! I don’t agree to change one!” The shop owner scratched her head: “One thousand, how about it?”
“Deal, give me money!”
Fang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, and directly pushed the suitcase to the boss’s…
Half an hour later, Fang Xiao counted the 100,000 yuan in cash given by several shop owners and left the shop happily.
And the bald boss was not happy at this time.
To know. This thing can be sold for more than two thousand when you turn your head. Why not do it?
While smiling, he hurriedly posted a dozen posts on the Internet in a row, and wanted to quickly get rid of these things!
About half an hour later, a customer walked into the medical equipment store again.
She looked around and finally set her eyes on the bald boss who was playing with the phone.
Ye Yunjie took out her mobile phone, found the post made by the bald boss, and bowed her mobile phone to him.
“You sent it? Did you sell it?” The bald boss looked up and couldn’t help feeling ecstatic. Xin said that the efficiency of writing posts was really high. Not long after they were posted, buyers had already come to the door.
“Yes, hey, you are fast enough? How much do you want?” The bald boss asked with a smile, “I am a genuine product. Except for the capital and Haidu, the only thing that can be sold in this store is mine. Two thousand and two!”
Ye Yunjie smiled. Looking at the squinting bald boss, he said categorically: “How much do you have, how much I want!” When the bald boss heard this, he looked at Ye Yunjie’s body again, and couldn’t help feeling a little excited. But she pretended to be arrogant and said, ”
Miss Sister, I have three hundred sets. Are you sure you want them?” Ye Yunjie raised her head and chuckled, looking at the bald boss and said: “Don’t talk to me, you only have One hundred sets, take them out for me now, and tell me how it got to you!”
Ye Yunjie’s face suddenly turned cold, and she continued: “If you say well, maybe I will let you go. If you dare to play with me…” As soon as Ye Yunjie said this, two sturdy young men in black suits walked in at the door of the shop, and one of them closed the door of the shop directly.
And the other person pulled out a pistol directly from his arms!
Where did the bald boss see this kind of formation, he was panicked, but his face pretended to be calm.
“Haha, who are you scaring? I tell you, I have been around here for more than ten years with my three bald heads. The big people I know are all people who have a face and a face in Chujiang. If you dare to touch my finger, believe If you don’t believe me, you can’t leave this medical equipment wholesale city?”
It’s just his arrogance, but only a contemptuous smile from Ye Yunjie, she just faintly spit out two words: “Oh? Really.”
Five minutes later…
“Now do you think we can still get out of this wholesale market? City?” Ye Yunjie stood in front of the head of the bald boss and sneered, and the bald boss, at this time, was being stepped on the ground by a strong young man, the whole person was wrapped tightly by tape and moved. No.
At this time, the gun in the hands of the strong young man was on his forehead.
“No, no… Don’t dare, grandma, you’re forgiving, I said, I’ll say it all… You’ll take everything away in a while…”
The bald boss is completely subdued at this moment. . I didn’t dare to talk nonsense, and hurriedly told Ye Yunjie the whole thing.
Now, the bald boss didn’t forget to take Ye Yunjie to watch the surveillance video of the shop.
Ye Yunjie asked someone to copy the video, and then recorded a statement from the shop owner. Then let him go.
Ye Yunjie didn’t embarrass him. She didn’t even bother to take care of this kind of garbage.
Ye Yunjie left the medical equipment wholesale city and hurried to Chujiang University with a full one hundred hearing aids.
At Chujiang University, Fang Xiao just arrived at the school gate with one hundred thousand yuan. I heard someone preaching that for a while, the ceremony of donating hearing aids to the school for the deaf by the love club of Chujiang University is about to begin. If you like to see, hurry up and see… this kind of thing. It is generally difficult to attract those students. This event is either a cutscene, and unlike other activities, there is at least some song and dance, so even if someone shouts for a long time, there are still only a handful of people who respond.
However, Fang Xiao couldn’t help being taken aback after hearing the news.
She was a little curious, because she naturally knew that the hearing aids bought by Jiang Hao from the Love Society had been replaced by one hundred thousand dollars in cash in her arms.
It stands to reason that this donation event should be cancelled? And it is estimated that at this time, the school has long been talking about the loss of the hearing aid.
How can the event still be held as usual, and everyone is like okay?
Fang Xiao frowned and scratched his head, and hurriedly walked towards the auditorium where the event was held.
When Fang Xiao arrived at the auditorium, he found that many people had already arrived.
There were about one or two hundred people at the scene, all whispering and discussing something.
And soon it was one o’clock, and the rostrum in front of the auditorium was full of school leaders and representatives of the deaf-mute school.
A young girl stepped onto the stage, first signaled to be quiet, and then handed the microphone to a school leader.

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