I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 838

For the time being, don’t do anything with him. The most important thing right now is the Shen family. If the day does not end at the Shen family, we have to be brave for a day. ”
After saying this, Lao Hei lit a cigarette for himself, then stood on the balcony and looked outside and said: “How is your plan going? When are you planning to start the net closing operation?” ”
I would rather see the old black-kun will not discuss things about paying fat, heart relieved, looked dull opening:” I am here now fortunately, has now captured more than twenty people, and now the number is still rising among. ”
Have you caught the leader? I heard that he is a woman with Level 3 strength. I am worried that your subordinates or you may be unable to control it. Do you need my help?” ”
Ning Kun shook his head and smiled after hearing this: “No, the level 3 strength is very good, but it has not been dealt with. We have our own method, so don’t worry. ”
Lao Hei silently nodded his head and smiled melancholy: “This is a good thing, I’m afraid Shen Tianyang might retaliate against us again after this incident. ”
That’s why you chose Fu Fatty as the victim of this incident?” ”
Lao Hei turned his head and glanced at Ning Kun with a smile: “Yes, first of all, his status is high enough. Although he is not very good, as long as he has the status of the committee, he will no longer be a problem. ”
Ning Kun nodded slightly. After all, Shen Tianyang, as the most powerful faction in the Shen family branch, should be very clear about the weight of the committee. It is a group that he can’t afford to offend now.
If the identity of Fatty Fu is told to Shen Tianyang, If he gave it to Shen Tianyang, I’m afraid that everything will be covered up by this incident.
Thinking of this, Ning Kun nodded with satisfaction and smiled: “No wonder you will target Fu Fatty and must let him die. The reason is actually here. what. ”
Lao Hei said with a light smile: “Of course, if it weren’t for his identity, maybe we would still have some trouble, but now that we have found out his identity, we have to play more slowly.”
Speaking of this, Sally just walked into the office, smiling at the back of Lao Hei and Ning Kun with a glass in her hand.
Then came the opening: “how, how the two of you talk?”
“Well mister, before things have finished, rather kun here no opinion, all in accordance with our previously-determined implementation of the plan is.”
Listen At Sally’s voice, Old Hei quickly turned around and looked at Sally nervously.
Although he had been with Sally for a long time, for some reason, in front of Sally, Old Hei always felt a little nervous.
Ning Kun blinked his small eyes and looked at Sally and nodded and said, “No, no, yes, we have already said it before, and I will try my best to handle this matter!”
Sally was satisfied. Seeing Ning nodded and said, “I’m glad to hear your answer like this. I hope we can stand here and drink or drink tea together again in the future.”
After saying this, Sally clasped her chest with one hand and gently Take a sip of the red wine in the glass.
Anhou looked at Ning Kun and smiled: “By the way, you have to investigate the person named Sanniang. If necessary, you can use Jiang Hao as bait to catch them again.”
Ning Kun put away the smile on his face, his expression Sally looked at Sally, nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I have prepared a lot of people here! As long as they dare to show up, I will let them go without return!”
Lao Hei stood by and looked at Ning Kun. She frowned, “I think it’s better to let Jiang Hao’s identity out now. Anyway, after this incident is over, we will go to Hedong, where Shen Tianyang’s staff can’t get in, so what are you worried about.”
Sally glanced horizontally . Hei, then said in a bad tone: “Did you forget what I told you before? There are some things you can intervene, but there are some things you can’t!”
After saying this, Sally looked at Ning Kun and continued: “Come on , You continue to say, let me see if there are any supplements.”
Ning Kun watched Sally remained silent for a long time before shook his head and said: “The plan is now at this level and it is already very good. If the progress is accelerated, I am afraid it will be counterproductive.”
Hearing this answer, Sally nodded. Nodding and taking Lao Hei and Ning Kun into the office to sit down.
“In this case, Ning Kun, you should continue to work on your affairs. Lao Hei has shown Jiang Hao to me during this time. I am worried that he may go out to cause some trouble.”
After saying this, Sally felt a little bit Rubbing his eyebrows with a headache.
“The kid will either not go out, or it will be difficult to come back once he goes out. There is nothing to remind you of, alas, it’s really embarrassing.”
Lao Hei and Ning Kun looked at each other, and then they heard from each other. There was a smile in his eyes.
In the end, Old Hei said: “Ahem, in short, the vice president shouldn’t need us to come forward, right? Let’s continue to stare at each other, can’t we?”
Sally waved to Ning Kun and Lao. He left, and then sat alone in the office drinking alone.
At this time, Jiang Hao on the other side was standing in the living room somewhat confused, looking at Ning Kun a little strangely.
Ever since Ning Kun came out of Sally’s office, the expression on his face has been a bit wrong.
But thinking about what he was busy recently, Jiang Hao watched Ning Kun leave after being silent for a while, and didn’t say much.
Ning Kun also didn’t even look at Jiang Hao. After all, it was the most important thing to seize Shen Tianyang’s subordinates, and the rest could be temporarily released.
But when Lao Hei came out, Jiang Hao felt a little more disturbed when he saw the smile on his face.
So he hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Old Hei, what did you guys talk about just now? Why do I feel that something is not right.”
Lao Hei glanced at Jiang Hao, and finally couldn’t help laughing when he saw the puzzled expression on his face.
“Just watch it quietly, and soon you will understand what we are laughing at right now.”
After saying the catch, Lao Hei walked out the door, although Ning Kun said he didn’t need his help. , But he had to help him in the matter of catching Sanniang.
Otherwise, even though Ning Kun said there was nothing wrong with it, at least it would cause a serious injury. Level 3 is not that easy to deal with!
Just as Jiang Hao watched them leaving with some doubts, suddenly the butler walked out and spoke softly beside Jiang Hao: “Mr. Shen, the boss is waiting for you in the office. I have something to talk to you.”
Jiang Hao Hearing this, he nodded, then got up and walked into Sally’s office with a box in her hand.

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