I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 842

As early as when he started targeting Sanniang, Ning Kun had already analyzed in detail how many choices they had and what they would do.
When the situation is urgent, they will focus on where and how to break through his encirclement, etc. Ning Kun has done detailed research.
Sanniang splits the remaining manpower into two groups, which is exactly what Ning Kun would like to see most, because it proves that the other party still regards finding someone as his first priority!
This also happened to give Ning Kun a chance to win the pursuit, and even Sally didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.
On the first day, more than 20 people under Sanniang were captured. Although the results of the next two days were a little less, it did not affect the overall situation.
At this time, Ning Kun changed into slightly worn-out clothes and lived in an ordinary residential area.
In the beginning, Ning Kun thought that there is only such a place, no one will care about your identity, and no one will pay attention to some insignificant people. It happens to be their ideal hiding place!
Since the plan started, he stayed here almost all the time except when Sally needed to meet him occasionally, he would leave here.
According to the news from the people on the street, Sanniang’s men seemed to start to divide their forces!
After learning the news, Ning Kun took out the city map of Beifu for the first time, then looked at it in detail for a while and arranged for his men to start the raid from the east of the city.
According to the characteristics of the people they caught before, all Sanniang’s men will have a very special small tattoo on the neck, which is a sign of them.
The people who came out of the beast camp would not have too many ideas, they would only do things according to orders, and would not ask why.
Hearing Ning Kun’s request, the head of the beast camp nodded and left the room, and then conveyed his news to the team below as soon as possible.
Lao Hei would come here occasionally during this time because he needed to report Ning Kun’s affairs to Sally in detail.
Today, when Lao Hei came over, seeing Ning Kun looking excitedly at the map, he stepped forward and said with some doubts: “What’s wrong with you, it feels like you are very excited.”
Ning Kun looked up at the person standing in front of him. Lao Hei immediately chuckled and said: “Can I not be excited, these people will soon know what terror is!”
After saying this, Ning Kun pointed to the map of Beifu and said: I put a team of ten people in the direction, and there is one left under my hand to pick up the people!”
Old Hei looked at the place where Ning Kun pointed, and said in a deep voice, “It means no matter where they come from. place to start, you will be a little bit squeezed into the city center, right “?
Ning Kun grinning nodded:” Yes they think they still have time to find a joke Jiang Hao, who they think they are “!?!
say After finishing this, Ning Kun got up and walked into his room, then took out a notebook and handed it to Lao Hei.
“This is a confession from someone I caught from behind. The main purpose of their visit to Beifu this time is to find Jiang Hao and then catch him to Chujiang!”
Old Hei took the notebook in Ning Kun’s hand and read it. I just opened a page and found that there were still dots of blood on it.
Lao Hei looked at the blood on the notebook and glanced at Ning Kun helplessly: “You are a little gentler when you do things. Don’t get them everywhere. It is troublesome to clean up.”
Don’t look at Ning Kun ‘s gentleness. Apparently, there was actually a more important reason why Ning Kun didn’t go to the animal camp.
Everyone who enters the animal camp must first go for a psychological report check. The person who checked Ning Kun said a word.
“This kid’s psychology has been so abnormal, and then send him to the beast camp, I am worried that after he comes out, I will not be able to help but destroy other people’s way!”
Because of this sentence, Ning Kun is actively giving up the situation of entering the beast camp. I was also deprived of the qualification to enter the beast camp!
When Lao Hei knew about this, he had been thinking about what was wrong with Ning Kun, so that he could let the knowledgeable old man say such a sentence.
Later, by chance, he learned from the people who had worked with Ning Kun that Ning Kun would be particularly excited during interrogation, which made them feel a little scared.
Looking at the notebook now, Lao Hei couldn’t help but feel a little worried.
“Do you remember why you couldn’t enter the beast camp at the time?”
Ning Kun looked slightly suffocated, and then quickly reacted, with a sunny smile on his face: “Remember, don’t worry, I will be measured myself. ”
Looking at the smile on Ning Kun’s face, Lao Hei slightly shook his head and murmured: “Hope.” He sat down and poured himself a cup of tea, then pointed to the map and said curiously. “What does the place with the red cross on it mean?”
Ning Kun casually glanced at it and replied: “This is where we arrested people at the beginning. The red cross represents their meeting point nearby. It means that we have now destroyed seven gathering spots.”
Hearing this, Old Hei glanced in surprise.
“Seven?! How long has your plan started, and why will you have such a big gain in a short time?”
Looking at the surprised expression of Lao Hei, Ning Kun smiled very modestly: “First, we are this. Master of the North House!”
After saying this, he paused for a while, then sat down and pointed at the map and said: “Secondly, the unknown is the most terrifying. To them, we are the unknown!”
Voice Gang After falling, there was a knock on the door.
Ning Kun frowned and seemed to dislike being interrupted when speaking, but still shouted in a deep voice: “Please come in.”
A man from the animal camp opened the door and walked in and saluted Ning Kun and Lao Hei. Said: “A member of Chengdong Second Team was arrested. It should have been captured by the target’s men.”
Ning Kun furiously said after hearing this: “What! One of the people from the second team in the east of the city was taken away?”
Lao Hei’s face suddenly turned dark. Everyone from the beast camp is precious, and not everyone can survive. Got such brutal training!
If they lose manpower because of this plan, not only them, but even Sally may be punished!
At this time, on the other side, Sanniang, who had just caught someone, fell into silence in a warehouse looking at the stone-like guy in the room.
The arrest operation was not very smooth, they paid four first-class warriors to be able to catch this guy.
And the first time he was caught was not resisting, but trying to bite his collar. Fortunately, this was discovered by the quick-eyed Sanniang and this prevented the opponent.
It is an ancient method to hide some small things on the collar. Anyone who engages in some dangerous occupations will infect their collars in highly poisonous.
Then when they were caught, they would bite the collar tightly to avoid being unable to withstand the torture until they died of poison!

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