I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 846

Seeing Jiang Hao walking step by step, Sanniang’s heart also lifted up. She knew that such a feeling would only be felt when facing a high-ranking warrior!
“Your Excellency, I don’t know how you know these things, but is there any misunderstanding between us?”
Jiang Hao stopped when he heard these words, and then looked at Sanniang quietly.
Then he stretched out his hand and slowly took off his helmet, then looked at Sanniang and the others and said, “Misunderstanding? You said, there may be a misunderstanding between us?”
Looking at the stranger’s face, Sanniang secretly gestured to himself. His subordinates are looking for opportunities to attack each other.
Jiang Hao open side facing laughed: “Yes ah, there must be some misunderstanding between us, you see, you are not thirteen families of people, I do not know you, why you are thirteen families succeed it?”
Said When Sanniang was silent for a moment, she suddenly took out a bank card in her hand and looked at Jiang Hao, “This card contains a little of my savings. How about seniors, if you just stop and let us go?”
Jiang Hao looked at Sanniang, for a moment he wanted to laugh!
Thinking of his face still wearing a mask until now, Jiang Hao took a deep breath and put his hands on his face, then rubbed his hands to restore his original appearance.
Only then did she put her hands down and looked at Sanniang with a faint smile, and said, “Do you still think there might be some misunderstanding between us?” After a while of silence, Sanniang looked at Jiang Hao in horror and was stunned for a while!
But she quickly recovered. When she stepped back for the first time, she yelled: “Do it!”
More than 30 martial artists around immediately flashed and rushed towards Jiang Hao, and Jiang Hao just smiled evilly when he saw it. , He hasn’t received any interest from Shen Tianyang for a long time!
These people in front of me are just the interest paid by Shen Tianyang!
Looking at the people rushing towards him, Jiang Hao lowered his body slightly, and for an instant the movements of everyone around him seemed to be in slow motion.
All kinds of weapons, hidden weapons, and movements in their hands were all seen by Jiang Hao!
It is also this time that Jiang Hao understands that he has truly stepped into the realm of a fourth-level martial artist, rather than being as ignorant as before!
A flashing Jiang Hao rushed into the crowd, with a long knife in his hand like a blooming flower!
The dim light shining in the crowd reflected a somewhat blurred light on the knife, with red blood drops floating in the air.
Jiang Hao at this time looked like a murderer!
Sanniang took out her phone when she stepped back. She knew that she might not be able to pass this level, so she wanted to let Shen Tianyang know that Jiang Hao had done something for Shisanke!
Just as Shen Tianyang just got on the phone, he was a little impatient and was about to speak, the first scream finally rang out in the warehouse!
A sorrowful scream reached Sanniang, and she tremblingly said: “Target, the target is now a fourth-level martial artist! Boss! Save me! Save me!”
Sanniang just said. Here, immediately after the phone, there was a sound of a knife cutting into the flesh.
Shen Tianyang’s expression became extremely ugly when he heard the call on his hand, and Jiang Hao cleaned up the last trash after knocking Sanniang out.
He looked at the phone that fell on the ground and smiled slightly, and reached out his hand to wipe the red face on his face.
Jiang Hao slowly walked forward and picked up the phone, then put it in his ear and whispered: “Hello?”
Shen Tianyang heard Jiang Hao’s voice and his whole body was struck by lightning, and suddenly he laughed: “Hello, you are fine. , Really good!”
There is one thing that Shen Tianyang’s subordinates are basically aware of. Although Sanniang is a bit unbearable by nature, not many people really dare to do something with her.
The reason is only one point, because Sanniang is one of Shen Tianyang’s women, because of this, people in Shen Tianyang will sell Sanniang a bit of face.
Perhaps it was an illusion. Jiang Hao even felt a little nostalgic after hearing Shen Tianyang’s voice for a long time, or it was because of his fear of Shen Tianyang.
Jiang Hao laughed slowly, gradually turning into a loud laugh, and then a wild laugh!
After smiling, Jiang Hao’s face was covered with tears.
He spoke to the phone with a hoarse voice: “Shen Tianyang, I will come to you, these people will be counted as interest first, wait for me, I will come soon, hahahaha!” The voice just fell, Jiang Hao will The phone was thrown into the air, and then split in half.
After doing this, he lay on the ground and gasped.
He hasn’t done this for a long time since he left Sanlipu, and today is the first time he has really done it since he came to Beifu!
Smelling the faint smell of blood in the air, Jiang Hao felt alive for the first time, and this feeling was extremely real!
The living people can’t breathe, the living people don’t move, the living people feel pain in their bodies and they can scream.
He is alive, and those people are dead.
Of course, this does not include Sanniang, the little boss.
At this time, Lao Hei, who was quietly looking at the battle recorder outside, and Ning Kun looked at each other, and couldn’t help lighting himself a cigarette for a while.
Although Ning Kun was arranged to be a deep-sea fish after coming out of school, it was not that he had never seen some tragic pictures.
And although Lao Hei has become the shadow of Sally from the beginning, he has not done some things.
But these two men couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable when facing Jiang Hao’s actions.
Sally looked at the screen on the computer with a pale face, and it took a while before she squirmed her lips, then leaned over and vomited!
At this time, Jiang Hao was lying in a pile of fragmented limbs, the red blood stained him as if he had crawled out of hell.
The strong smell of blood kept stimulating his nerves, and despite the desire to vomit, Jiang Hao only felt pleasure in his heart!
After a long time, he sat up from the ground, then took off the armor on his body and said solemnly to the headset: “It’s solved, you come in to finish, I’m a little tired, send me back.” The voice just fell Jiang Hao. He passed out in a coma and didn’t even hear Ning Kun’s answer.
Outside, the old black smiled a little bitterly at the scene, then glanced at Ning Kun and then at Sally.
“I’ll go in and clean up. You wait for me outside, and I’ll be out soon.”
Ning Kun smoked a cigarette, bowed his head and nodded, and then said in a deep voice: “Remember to clean up a little bit. Call the cleaners if it doesn’t work. People come here, they know how to do it.”
Old Hei nodded and walked into the warehouse with more than a dozen people from the beast camp. He felt sticky under his feet as soon as he entered.

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