I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 865

Ning Kun glanced at Lao Hei faintly, and said with a light smile: “Of course, there are also issues of character and strength. It’s as if your strength is not as good as the one in front of you, so you can’t do the same thing as the one in front of you. “The originally heavy atmosphere became a little relaxed under the joking between the two people, and Jiang Hao’s heart also relaxed a little.
But thinking that Lin Yan was also there at this time, he couldn’t help but start talking nervously: “Can you hurry up, I’m worried that Lin Yan will be hurt by then.”
Old Hei put on his armor, and then took out two more from behind. The piece was thrown to Ning Kun and Jiang Hao and said, “Don’t worry, since the other party’s goal is the boss, then it shouldn’t be extravagant.”
Will things really look like what Old Hei thought? Obviously not. On the road, Sally’s motorcade had already been forced to stop, and more than a dozen beast guards put down the ashes in their hands.
One after another joined the ranks of protecting Sally, more than twenty people guarded Sally’s vehicle, and no one was allowed to approach.
Although Sally is safe in the car, she can see her subordinates are dying one by one outside!
Shen Wennian, Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong rushed in fiercely, opening the gap by the way so that the people they were leading also rushed in.
It only disrupted the lineup to protect Sally in an instant. Only a few beast guards could still stand beside the car, but they were quickly resolved by Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong.
Standing in the distance, Shen Wennian glanced at this side for a while, and a look of envy appeared in his eyes.
If his subordinates could have such subordinates, how could he be afraid of Sally.
Thinking that he was just a dog under the sun of Shen Tian, ​​Shen Wennian felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.
Seeing Chen Shilong and Zhao Tianzhong slowly solve the last two beast guards, Shen Wennian walked up slowly wearing a black windbreaker.
Then stood in front of Sally’s car and looked at Sally who was sitting inside with a smile: “Miss, are you still coming out? You are not shivering in hiding, right?”
Zhao Tianzhong and Chen Shilong followed after hearing this haha They laughed, and then they looked at each other and stepped forward, abruptly opening the car door.
Seeing Sally sitting in the car with her chest and legs folded, she looked at them with some disdain.
“If you can feel a little bit more, maybe I will take the initiative to get off the car. Being as rude as you, it’s really hard to make me think of you.”
The moment Zhao Tianzhong saw Sally, a flash of anger appeared in his eyes. “Quickly tell, what happened to my brother by you, where is he!”
Although Chen Shilong appeared to be more reserved, the expression in his eyes was no better than Zhao Tianzhong.
Shen Wennian walked over in his spare time, then got into the car and looked at Sally and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, we have a lot of time to talk slowly, especially for a beauty like you. We have many ways to talk to You communicate.” When Sally heard this, there was a flash of anger in her eyes, and she turned her head to look at Shen Wennian: “If you can behave a little bit less like a bereaved dog, it would be fine for me to follow you, but now you It seems to be really unappetizing!”
At this time, Shen Wennian can indeed be called a bereaved dog. The Shen family in Beifu has already been defeated, and his son doesn’t know where he went.
At the beginning, Shen Wennian kept his son from entering the martial arts circle because he didn’t want him to have anything to do with the events of the year.
But he didn’t expect that because of this, Shen Wennian’s life and death were unknown, even if he knew a little bit, Shen Wennian wouldn’t be as worried as he is now.
Hearing what Sally said, the furious Shen Wennian stretched out his hand and grabbed Sally’s hair, and shouted, “You stinky woman, can you tell me!” As soon as the voice fell, a female voice suddenly came from a distance: “You give me stop!”
Lin Yan was holding the wrench found in the trunk of the car, and then watching Shen Wennian and his party slowly rush up, it seemed that he wanted to knock down one of them with a wrench.
Chen Shilong glanced at Sally with some confusion, and then looked at Lin Yan, who was blushing and panting, wondering; “Why, this is your friend?”
Sally watched Lin Yan appear here, a look of surprise flashed in her eyes. But she quickly reacted.
With a flat expression, he said, “If you do this, people with a little bit of conscience will stand up and stop you.”
But at the same time that Sally said this, Shen Wennian raised his head and looked at Lin Yan, who was slowly rushing over. For a moment, then burst into laughter.
“Oh, isn’t this my undocumented daughter-in-law? How come I met here, hahaha, what a coincidence!”
After saying this, a trace of hatred flashed in Shen Wennian’s eyes, if it weren’t for Lin Yan. How could their Shen family suffer a series of blows that caused him to become what he is now!
He hadn’t felt it before, but now he discovered that everything is because of this woman!
So Shen Wennian looked at Lin Yan and said to Zhao Tianzhong: “Catch that woman over and let’s go. We can’t stay here forever. Someone will come over soon after such a big event!”
Zhao Tianzhong turned his head and glanced at Lin. Yan, then nodded and planned to rush over. Fortunately, Sally hurriedly called out: “If you dare to catch her, I won’t reveal anything you want to know even if I die!”
Hearing this, Zhao Tianzhong looked at Sha Li Yu said with a smile: “If you don’t say anything, believe it or not, I will chew her a bit of bone and swallow it?”
Chen Shilong frowned at Zhao Tianzhong when he heard this, as if he had done such a thing before. He said: “Don’t talk about your old problems, treat women, ask a gentleman, at least use a knife and fork.”
Hearing this, Shen Wennian and Zhao Tianzhong laughed arrogantly, and then Zhao Tianzhong grabbed Lin. Yan walked in front of Sally.
“Miss Sally, do you come down by yourself, or let us take you down and make a choice. I don’t have many opportunities like this when I am in a good mood!”
Sally snorted and walked out of the car, and then stood On the road, I looked at my subordinates and the blood stains on the road.
“Believe me, you will regret doing this, and you will definitely pay the price for it.”
Shen Wennian slapped Sally viciously: “The price? I have already paid the price, don’t you know the best!”
After saying this, he grabbed Sally’s hair and asked her to look closely at the dead people on the ground.
“You take a good look, take a good look, these are the people who died because of you, and they died for you!”

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