I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 874

Time slowly passed, and after watching Feng Tianci’s silence for a long time, Shen Tianyang couldn’t bear such a solemn atmosphere.
Then he said: “What do you want to do when you come here today? Is it just to sit with me like this and waste time?”
Although Beifu’s affairs are from his hands, many things are not exposed, then Feng Tianci Naturally, there was no reason to target him at will. Shen Tianyang knew this very well.
After all, everyone is not a small person, every word they say will directly affect the life and death of countless people, so when weighing some things, both sides will be more cautious.
After Feng Tianci stared at Shen Tianyang and sneered twice, he suddenly took out several medals from his arms and threw them in front of him.
“You should be very clear about what I mean by coming to you today. There are just a few pieces here, but there are exactly thirty of these exactly the same things in my office.”
After saying this, Feng Tianci’s eyes were extremely sharp. Aggressively looked at Shen Tianyang and said in a deep voice, “What do you mean, do you want me to tell you clearly?”
Feng Tianci’s eyes at this time seemed to be an angry and hungry wild wolf. Look Xiang Shen Tianyang seemed to be looking at his prey.
This kind of look is precisely the look that Shen Tianyang hates most, because he always thinks that only he can be worthy of the predator, and he is the king at the top of the biological chain!
After pondering for a moment, Shen Tianyang leaned on the chair comfortably, looking at him with some contempt in his eyes, and said: “Sorry, I don’t know what you are talking to me. As for the garbage you brought, are they valuable? ”
When it came to this, Shen Tianyang gave a gloomy sneer, and looked closely at Feng Tianci and said softly: “Otherwise, why are you holding this pile of tatters to show off to me?”
Feng Tianci He was an unruly person. After hearing this, he immediately pulled out a dagger from his waist and inserted it in front of Shen Tianyang.
“Perhaps you think they are a bunch of tatters, but I tell you, every medal here represents one of my children. Now that they are dead, I want to find someone to avenge them.”
Feng Tianci’s words are incompatible. Suspiciously resolute, even reaching the point of decisiveness, his eyes turned a little crazy when he looked at Shen Tianyang!
Shen Tianyang has seen this kind of look in many desperate people, but what makes him feel speechless is that Feng Tianci is not that kind of person!
He is in a high position in the thirteen subjects, and there are many strong men under his team. Why would he confront himself with his sword because of the lives and deaths of thirty people? This is what makes Shen Tianyang most puzzled!
The two sides once again after a long silence, Shen Tian Yang raised his hands to curl one’s lip and said:. “Well, put away your eyes, you have no need to do so right, you’re killing me know what kind of consequences”
finished With this, Shen Tianyang got up and poured himself a cup of coffee, then quietly looked at Feng Tianci and continued: “The point is, you still can’t kill me, so my personal advice is to put away your things and get out now. My office.”
Seeing Shen Tianyang’s movements, Feng Tianci took a deep breath and sneered to his feet. He randomly pulled out the dagger inserted on the table and put it back on himself.
When he walked to the door, he turned his head and looked at Shen Tianyang as if remembering something: “I didn’t come here today to play a mad dog game with you, but to tell you that after Sally’s child comes, we will meet There is no room for declaring war!”
Seeing Feng Tianci leaving his office, Shen Tianyang wanted to say that there was no fear in his heart. It was false. At this time, most of the power in his hand was left overseas, and he was not an opponent of the 13th division.
More importantly, since I sent letters asking for help to the remaining 34 companies, no more than three people have replied to the letter. Among them, the Shen family in Hedong simply refused to help.
This made Shen Tianyang suddenly feel a little uneasy in his heart, regretting why he didn’t send any more people, so he simply wiped Sally in the North House!
Shen Tianyang knew that Sally’s coming to Chujiang could only be regarded as a fuse between the two parties. What really made him feel jealous was that Jiang Hao still had such a trump card in the other’s hand.
There are indeed very few people who know about Shen’s sect, and even among the 36 branches, only those who know are involved.
But once the thirteen subjects pulled Jiang Hao out, then declared his identity, and then used Shangdian as evidence!
Everything is over, this is what makes Shen Tianyang the most jealous!
Looking at the gloomy and dim sky outside the window, as in his own heart, Shen Tianyang felt the threat from the weak for the first time at this time!
After quietly contemplating for a while, he took out his mobile phone and began to use his overseas power, trying to accumulate strength for himself as much as possible while the thirteen subjects had not yet begun to be blocked.
While he was sitting on these things, Sally, who had just arrived in Chu Jiang, was looking at Feng Tianci standing in front of her with a smile on her face.
“Uncle, it’s been a long time. You still have a temperament that is thousands of miles away, making me unable to get close to you.”
Feng Tianci looked at Sally with a cold face and nodded, then turned and opened the car door to sit in.
After Sally got in the car, she said in a deep voice, “Isn’t the old black kid coming back with you this time?”
Sally shook her head slightly. Although it was not far from Beifu to Chujiang, she was asleep on the plane. Some are not very comfortable.
“The situation in Beifu is relatively stable now, so I leave the overall situation in the hands of Lao Hei, and there is a man named Ning Kun under the third uncle. I have also requisitioned him. He won’t have any opinions?”
Feng Tianci heard After these words, I even shook his head and said, “It’s okay, you can use it. Do you still need to write a report for the 13th subject Xiaopai?” After taking a deep breath, Feng Tianci remembered going there today. Seeing what happened to Shen Tianyang, Shen Sheng continued: “I have already told Shen Tianyang. When you come back, I will announce war with him. Are you ready?”
Judging from the current strength of the 13th branch, they could indeed have the upper hand at this time, pressing Shen Tianyang tightly.
However, once the time is prolonged, the consequences will be difficult to predict, especially when Sally was on the way back, she had already learned something from Sanke.
“Forget it, wait for this matter for now. Shen Tianyang has used Shen Wennian’s death and the Shen family’s affairs in Beifu to ask for help from other families. We must wait for a while to see their attitude.”
Sally, Sally moved slightly. He licked his neck and looked at Feng Tianci with a smile: “So, before that, let’s clean up some internal choppy. To be honest, I really disgust those who are struggling to get outside!”

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