I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 881

In fact, Ning Kun knew what the other party wanted, but judging from the identity that Lao Mao had fabricated for him, if he didn’t ask for advice, he would cause the other party’s suspicion!
That’s why he asked this deliberately, so as to cause the other party to be unhappy, but he wouldn’t turn his face with them.
Sure enough, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth when Zhou Ye heard what Ning Kun said, and then he said: “What advice do I have, don’t you know? Don’t come to this set with me. You have a story in your heart, no need Let me tell you more!”
Jiang Hao brushed up from the car after hearing this, but he deliberately put on a look of just waking up on his face, looked at Ning Kun and Zhou again with a dazed expression The queen said: “What’s the matter, why don’t you leave?”
Ning Kun stretched out his hand helplessly and patted Jiang Hao’s head, then pointed at Zhou Ye and said: ” Why are you walking? You didn’t see anyone else. Master Zhou is working harder than us, you are embarrassed to sleep!”
Jiang Hao deliberately glanced at Master Zhou in a little horror after hearing this, and then quickly said: “Good Master Zhou, Good Master Zhou, I am sorry, I am on my way. I was tired and fell asleep.” After seeing that they were indeed two people, the expression on Master Zhou’s face eased a little, and then he stretched out his hand and said coldly, “Where is the certificate in your hand, let me see it.”
Ning Kun After listening, he quickly took out his own and Jiang Hao’s certificate, and then handed it to Master Zhou.
After taking a look at his ID, he couldn’t help laughing.
“You two cripples can also deceive millions. That’s not bad. It’s a bit skillful. The thing I hate the most is a liar if I am not enough!”
After saying this, he threw the two documents to Ning Kun. , And then said in a deep voice: “Take a little bit of meaning, and I will run your mouth for Master Zhou. You can go in, otherwise you should go back!”
Ning Kun glanced at Master Zhou with a bit of embarrassment, and then at the old man. After the cap, he finally took out a gold coin from his arms and handed it tremblingly to the Zhou master.
Then he said with a rather unwilling expression: “Master Zhou, the two of us are also working for others. We really only have this on hand. You have to leave a way for our two brothers to survive!”
Old Mao Seeing that Ning Kun had already taken out what should be taken out, he walked up slowly, then looked at Master Zhou and said, “It’s almost done. We can’t do some things too much, right?”
said After this, he took advantage of Zhou Ye’s anger, and hurriedly lit a cigarette to the other party and smiled: “Besides, after entering Hedong, isn’t it his own brother? No need, right?”
Zhou Ye heard this. Lengheng a cry, and some even looked rather disgusted with the cold channel after Kun Jiang Hao: “! who would do with them two brothers, liar never pay attention to loyalty, get out of here”
old hat to hear quickly surprise “Okay, okay, let’s get out of here, let’s get out of here!”
After saying this, Zhou Ye took someone back to his post, and he didn’t even bother to look at Lao Mao and others. Instead, he kept playing with the gold coin Ning Kun gave him just now.
One such gold coin in Hedong represents one hundred thousand yuan, which is why the Lord Zhou stopped paying attention to Lao Mao and others after receiving this gold coin.
Just like what the old hat said, as long as you enter this Hedong, it means that you are not a clean person, and maybe you will be your own brother in the future, so he doesn’t want to do everything right, so that everyone is not good. .
If it weren’t for this, he would bite a piece of their flesh this time, letting them know that Hedong is not a good place!
After seeing that the other party was satisfied, Lao Mao said hello to Master Zhou with a smile, and then hurriedly got into the car and took Jiang Hao and Ning Kun on.
This is just one of their stations. There are several more in front. It is precisely because of this that when they set off, Lao Hei will give Jiang Hao so many gold coins.
At this time, Jiang Hao glanced at Ning Kun somewhat, and said, “The people here are really too dark. They just have to pass the road and charge us so much money!”
Ning Kun listened. He sneered and said, “What do you think, this is still good, at least the other party took the money and took care of the matter. If you change it to the previous one, whether you can get the money or not, don’t think about it today. Walk down this road!”
Old Mao seemed to feel deeply moved by Ning Kun’s words, and while driving the car, he said: “So at least there are rules here, otherwise we will all be unlucky.” He shook his head slightly . , As everyone walked forward, Jiang Hao counted the gold coins in his envelope.
Seeing that there are more than ten left, he said helplessly: “I don’t know how long the money can be used in Hedong. If we use the money at our current speed, it is estimated that it will be used up in a few strokes!” To this point, Ning Kun couldn’t do anything about it, but fortunately, as long as he went to the hinterland of Hedong, he wouldn’t be in the same situation as before.
Old hat apparently feel a bit funny action against Jiang Hao, then spoke and said: “Do not worry lad, so I send you really reach the destination after, just as long as you do not offend people, would not be a problem.”
Just As they drove the car all the way, suddenly another woman stood in the middle of the road, with a gun in her hand pointing at them!
“Get off all of me! Hear you! Get off all of me!” The woman was dressed in dirty clothes. Although she had a gun in her hand, she looked dilapidated and made people wonder if it could be used. Gotta go!
Jiang Hao couldn’t help feeling amused looking at the nervous expression on the other’s face.
However, looking back at Old Hat, there is no extra expression on his face, and the accelerator under his feet has not been released. It seems that he wants to run over directly!
It was Ning Kun hurriedly yelled, and Lao Mao stopped the car.
Immediately after he didn’t take anything, he got out of the car empty-handed and walked towards the woman, seeing her messy hair covering most of her face.
So indifferently asked, “Who are you, do you know where this place is?” The woman said nervously after hearing this: “Who cares about me! Come on! Give me all your money! Otherwise! I blow your heads!”
Jiang Hao smiled and looked at the woman and said to Ning Kun: “I always thought that such scenes would only be found in movie theaters. I didn’t expect to see them here too!”
Ning Kun glanced at Jiang. Empress Hao said helplessly: “This is just a drop in the bucket. If you continue to move forward, you will see more unexpected things.”
After saying this, he shouted at the old hat. : “Old hat, just leave her aside, we are still in a hurry!”

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