I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 884

Jiang Hao has always heard about Yu Shaobai on the road, and this is the first time he has seen a real person.
Unlike what he imagined, Yu Shaobai did not seem to be a somewhat gloomy man. On the contrary, although she was a little far away, she looked a little refined.
If it weren’t for the things Ning Kun told him, maybe Jiang Hao would think that the other party was just a somewhat elegant ordinary person.
The Second Railway was obviously somewhat satisfied with Jiang Hao and others’ reactions, especially when seeing the surprised look on Jiang Hao’s face, a trace of pride appeared on his face.
“Yes, that is our main Yu little less white, how, it looks good, I told you, it is estimated Lie flag people who did not think this would hit our little master!”
After saying these words , iron smoked cigarette in hand, to see which fighting is almost over, so the cigarette butts dropped severely looked old hat and said: “! you stay here and not run, I go to the”
word a say After that, the Second Railway suddenly stood up, and rushed over with the forty people, and the Lieqi people in the field were all in a mess when they saw it!
The old hat looked at Ertie quite disdainfully and said: “I thought this guy was still a man, but I didn’t expect that he would only do some sneaky things.”
Ning Kun gave a bit helpless smile and then said: “This is also Don’t blame him. Looking at the scar on his face, it was supposed to be a human figure before, but it became like this after seeing a few more things.” After saying this, the expression on Ning Kun’s face became a little serious. When he got up, he didn’t expect that he would come across Yu Shaobai again this time.
And looking at the current situation, it is not that simple for them to get away.
The old hat obviously thought of this too. Seeing that Ning Kun’s face was a little dignified, he smiled and said, “It’s okay. Since I took this job, I will definitely send you safely. The big deal is losing an eyeball.”
Jiang Hao was a bit uncomfortable with this shameless old hat all the way, but it was only at this moment that he understood why the old Hei would arrange for such a person to send them to Hedong.
After a moment of silence, Jiang Hao put down the things in his hands, and then moved his muscles and bones slightly.
Ning Kun looked at Jiang Hao with some confusion and couldn’t help but ask: “What do you want to do?”
Jiang Hao moved a little, then pointed to the battle group that had gradually ended in front and said: “While it’s not over yet, I Go in for some prestige, so maybe you can keep the eyeball of the old hat!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao, who was like a cheetah, rushed up, and rushed to the battle group in an instant!
The Second Railway, who was sitting with them smoking a cigarette just now, obviously noticed Jiang Hao. Seeing that the other party dared to rush to help, he was surprised and threw a long knife to him and shouted, “Brother, yes !” Ca n’t tell who is it. Good guys are bad guys, but if you want to see the other person’s appearance, it is estimated that it is a virtue to be with Qinghe, so Jiang Hao has no mercy.
After three hits, five divided by two, four or five were cleaned up, and then slowly moved towards the center of the opponent!
Soon, the people from Qinghe Club discovered that there was a master of unknown origin in their lineup. Although they could not figure out the other side’s mind, they should be here to help them depending on the situation!
So everyone couldn’t help but their morale boosted, and the people who tightly held Jiang Hao Xiang Lie’s flag were killed!
After a few breaths, a small team led by Jiang Hao smashed the Lieqi lineup, and then rushed in separately!
Yu sitting on a small white hills sipping tea and watching the field are scrambling to rush the opening of Jiang Hao could not help but laugh: “Interestingly, this guy is what people refer to the mountain, you know?”
A tall some After hearing what Yu Shaobai said, the fat man spoke respectfully: “Shanzhi doesn’t know, I don’t have such a powerful character.”
After a moment of silence, Yu Shaobai’s interest in Jiang Hao’s eyes gradually became a bit rich.
“You don’t have a person like this, so why should the other party come to help us?”
After saying this, he waved his hand a little tiredly and said: “Call Lieqi, let them not from now on Try to do something useless again, or I’ll visit him in person next time.”
After saying this, Yu Shaobai stretched out a little tiredly, and then got up and planned to leave.
Shanzhi nodded quickly when he heard what he said, and at the same time asked: “Then, what should I do with the person who came to help us there?”
After a slight pause in Yu Shaobai’s figure, he said in a deep voice: “It’s over. In the future, you invite him to see me, and I believe he will come.”
There are not many people who can make Yu Shaobai say please. If an unknown person in front of you can actually make Yu Shaobai say please, it must be that the other party has hidden strength.
Thinking of this, Shanzhi nodded slightly and then said : “Here!” Then he turned to look at the battle formation and shouted: “People of the Lieqi, your boss has already run away! Now I tell you, don’t try to do anything again. Things to use!”
Just when Shanzhi started to clean up the mess, Lao Mao and Ning Kun lay on the top of the mountain and looked at Jiang Hao with a little bit of laughter or cry.
“I thought this kid was a capable person, but I didn’t expect that he was courageous. A melee of one or two hundred people was just right, hey!”
The expression on Lao Mao’s face was a little complicated, because he remembered that Jiang Hao said just now. Then I think of the look in Jiang Hao’s eyes when he met that woman along the way.
With a light sigh and roar, the old hat took out the gold coin Jiang Hao handed him at the beginning and placed it in his palm.
“You said, can one of my eyeballs be worth 100,000 yuan?”
Ning Kun glanced at the old hat a little strangely: “What you said is not nonsense. There is already one missing. Don’t say 100,000 yuan for this one. , I think it’s worth a million!”
After hearing Ning Kun’s words, the old hat seemed to have made up his mind, and then put the gold coin back in his pocket and said, “Let’s go, it looks like it’s over. I’m afraid I will go to see Yu Shaobai next.”
After saying this, Lao Mao took a deep breath and got up from the ground, then walked back to the car and carried Ning Kun slowly along the road.
Sure enough, not long after I walked, I ran into two people standing in the middle of the road waiting quietly. Seeing them coming, they walked straight forward and said: “Old hat? Our young master invites you to go there, and you are in the car. People.” The old hat nodded, his face filled with smiles and said: “Okay, elder brothers, come up, let’s go together.” The two nodded slightly after listening, and then sat on the old man. Cap of the car.
After cleaning up the mess, Shanzhi stared at Jiang Hao who had already taken off his shirt and was gasping in silence.

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