I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 892

After seeing this scene, Jiang Hao cautiously said: “Mr. Chu He Chu, is there any way I can talk about it?”
Chu He looked at Li Miao, and then at the indifferent Liu Zuhou. Then he cautiously said: “Perhaps there is something we have forgotten. Didn’t there be a young master in the Shen family studying at your Chengnan school? Or, let’s start from this aspect?”
Hearing this, Ning Kun was silent for a moment and fell into contemplation. .
To be honest, he didn’t want to involve these things on the child, but considering the importance of the matter, Ning Kun said after a moment of silence: “Who owns the child and how old is it? Do you have any information in your hand?”
Chu He asked slightly. A smile appeared on his face after he nodded his head: “The Shen family doesn’t know if it’s a big heart, or doesn’t worry about being targeted at all. They don’t hide the information of their children.”
When he said this, he Take out a file from the desktop, then open it and upload it to the projector.
Looking at the boy in the photo with a cold look in his eyes, but handsome, about fifteen or six years old.
Chu He slowly said, “This child is called Shen Qingzhi. He is sixteen years old. He is the son of the eldest son of the Shen family. His mother is Zhen Suqin. He is the daughter of the leader of a small gang in Hedong.”
Ning Kun was silent after hearing this. For a moment, he turned his head and looked at Jiang Hao in a low voice: “Now you have two paths, one is to follow Yu Shaobai, and then find a chance to contact Shen’s family.”
Jiang Hao glanced at Ning Kun with helplessness. Shen said: “Then what is the second way?” A mysterious smile appeared on Ning Kun’s face, and then pointed to the cold-looking boy on the projection screen and said: “The second way is for you to give this bear child. Be a teacher, and then find a chance to contact the Shen family, choose one of the two, what do you think?”
Jiang Hao could not help but yelled in surprise when he heard this: “What?! Let me be a teacher for this bear kid Are you sure you are joking?!”
Li Miao and Chu He laughed loudly when they heard this. Even Liu Zu, who was used to his indifferent expression, twitched his mouth, which was a laugh!
Li Miao sat aside, smiled and looked at Jiang Hao, and then said, “I think this can be done. It happened that a physical education teacher from your Chengnan school accidentally encountered a gunfight and died on the way home. I just need a good teacher.”
Liu Zu raised his glasses and looked at Jiang Hao and said, “I think it’s also good. This method can be said to be the best way to reduce unnecessary actions.”
Chu He After having laughed twice, he smiled at Jiang Hao and winked his eyes: “Young man, don’t say I didn’t give you a hand, the students in that school are all the children of the big brothers in the east, take care of them. One or two, you can go sideways!”
Jiang Hao looked at them and shook his head with grief and indignation, “No! I refuse! Don’t even think about this kind of thing. I would rather follow Yu Shaobai than go. Facing a group of bear kids!”
After saying this, Jiang Hao couldn’t help lowering his tone, and then continued to speak: “Especially this group of bear kids also have a great father in Hedong, maybe I have Who might have offended him!”
Ning Kun coughed lightly to suppress the smile on his face, then lightly coughed and looked at Jiang Hao, who was a little worried on his face.
“First of all, you have to know that this method is considered the best, otherwise if you rush to Shen’s house, the consequence may be to be thrown out. This is still good.”
Li Miao laughed and looked at Jiang Hao. He also comforted softly: “In fact, there was nothing bad in the past, the physical education teacher is just, and you don’t need to do anything. Maybe you don’t even have class, and they won’t bear you.”
Jiang Hao looked at it. After Li Miao looked at Ning Kun again, he took a deep breath and said solemnly, “How much is the salary? Let’s say this first!”
Ning Kun quickly raised his head and looked at the ceiling, resolutely not saying a word, as if something. I haven’t heard the same!
Li Miao looked at Jiang Hao after a moment, as if he didn’t quite understand what he meant by salary.
After Jiang Hao sneer or two rather inviting you gon neck snappily, he said: “! Do not think I do not know, if I do well in school, you can also have a future in the east a bit Thin”
With that Later, he looked at Ning Kun as if he did not admit it, and continued to laugh: “To be honest, I can’t face a bunch of bear kids for nothing!”
Ning Kun mumbled when he saw that he couldn’t hide. Ma complained: “Obviously you need to contact that bear boy yourself, why don’t you care about me asking for a salary? This isn’t something for me.” “You give it or not!”
“Okay, I will give it. Well, they are all billionaires, you still care about a salary of 10,000 yuan a month, petty fellow!”
Seeing Ning Kun promised to pay him, Jiang Hao loosened his neck and moved his bones. Later, he said with disdain: “No matter how small a mosquito is, it’s meat. You don’t come with me.”
Li Miao and others looked at the way Jiang Hao and Ning Kun are getting along. They fell silent for a while, and waited for a while. It was a sound of laughter.
Ning Kun glanced at the crowd with a slight flush of redness, and then said: “Okay, don’t laugh!”
Li Miao looked at Ning Kun and nodded , then laughed and said : “Okay, no Smiled, when do you think you will start letting him go to school?”
Ning Kun gave Jiang Hao a bit of gritted teeth and then said in a deep voice: “Better now! The sooner the better! Let the school bear children torture him to death!”
Liu Zu shook his head helplessly. He seemed to think that Ning Kun was a little unreliable, so he simply greeted him and hung up the video call.
After seeing that Ning Kun was disconnected, Chu He followed and said: “Well, since you said that, the rest of the matter has nothing to do with me. The information from my side will be sent to you later.”
Ning Kun nodded and watched Chu He also withdrew from the video conference. Then he looked at Li Miao and smiled, “Look at how long it will take for this matter to be implemented.” After Li Miao glanced at his watch. I estimated in my mind: “We have arranged a few people in the intelligence team at your Chengnan school. If it needs to be implemented as soon as possible, it should be fine tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.” Jiang Hao and Ning Kun looked at each other, and Ning Kun quickly said. “Well, well, it’s best to arrange for him to go for an interview tomorrow, and then help him with the entry formalities as quickly as possible!”
Li Miao glanced at Jiang Hao amusedly and nodded : “Okay, I will do this now. Do it. Next time, if you have any instructions, just contact me on the phone.”

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