I've Got a Super Rich Dad

Chapter: 921

At this moment, to Yin Jiu Claw, who had already touched the threshold of the fourth-level martial artist, Hui’s existence already seemed so irrelevant.
The opponent is just the second-level peak less than the third-level, even if you use some means to forcibly increase your cultivation base to the third-level martial artist, it is not as good as yourself who has touched the fourth-level martial artist at this moment.
Thinking of this, Yin Jiuzhao, who had never shown mercy to the enemy, looked at the gray kneeling in front of him, but felt a trace of pity.
“If you can practice well, you may be able to reach my level in the future, but if you want to continue fighting with me, then this will be your end point!”
On such a night, the whole Hedong was in a crazy moment. , The birth of a fourth-level warrior and the life and death of a puppet determine the future destiny of Qinghehui.
Hui gritted his teeth and stared at the man in front of him tightly. If he can’t take him back to life, then the best result is that he will die in his hands.
In this way, the guy who was regarded by the other side as a bad old man could use this as an excuse to show all the forces in Hedong an attitude that was already distinct from his own son.
Thinking of this, Hui Qing coughed out a mouthful of blood and smiled dismal: “Maybe you can’t be left by me today, but I can’t go back.” As soon as the voice fell, he held the dagger in his hand and turned towards Yin again. Nine claws rushed up, and the swing of this sword was completely in the attitude of whether he or she, me or me!
But looking at Yin Jiu Claw who rushed towards him and swung the knife, the expression on his face was sad and unhappy.
In that instant, he suddenly knocked Hui fainted, and hit the back of his neck with a hand knife, causing him to fall to the ground without knowing his life or death.
Looking at the man at his feet, Yin Jiuzhao shook his head helplessly and sighed: “Sure enough, it is a tool that has been trained. I won’t even think about my future. If you put it this way, it’s a cannon fodder.”
After saying this, Yin Jiuzhao stepped forward and hugged Hui, then turned and walked into Yu Shaobai’s home weakly with the scars on his body.
Just opened the door but found that Yu Shaobai, who was supposed to be admiring his work on the roof, was sitting on the sofa in the lobby, quietly watching him open the door.
Between the four eyes facing each other, the two eyes changed as if they were acting in a play.
After the two were silent for a while, Yin Jiuzhao looked at the gray he was holding in an awkward manner, and then looked at Yu Shaobai and said, “Well, can I put him down?”
Yu Shaobai had countless dreams. If it was Yin Jiuzhao who opened this door this time, what would he say and what expression would he look like.
Dudu never thought that the other party would bring the person who killed him back without saying it, and asked with embarrassment whether he could put him down.
Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai chuckled slightly and then said: “Of course, this is your trophy. I don’t think it has anything to do with me.”
Yin Jiuzhao was a little tired after hearing this . Ash dropped on the sofa, then picked up the cup on the tabletop and took two sips of water.
The fighting time between the two may not even be ten minutes, but no one knows how many lives and deaths they have experienced in that short period of time.
Just one step out of the house, Yin Jiuzhao was almost wiped his throat with a dagger.
At this moment, he suddenly relaxed, Yin Jiuzhao gasped for two times and then collapsed on the sofa and said: “Young Master, have you been sitting here waiting for me?”
While staring at the unconscious Hui, Yu, Shaobai put on a string of Buddhist beads while playing with him.
After hearing what Yin Jiuzhao said, he shrugged and said, “Of course, after all, you are one of my generals. After having been with me for so long, even if I can’t help, at least I should know what my subordinates are. Life and death?”
When he said this, although there was no expression on Yu Shaobai’s face, at the moment when Yin Jiuzhao just opened the door, the joy that flashed in his eyes did not deceive anyone.
Yin could not resist opening after nine after claws lying on the couch and smiled when he heard rolled over, looked at the ornate ceiling lengleleng Shinto: “I just might have touched the threshold of four of the Warrior.”
Yu Shaobai knew from a very young age that the man who had been with him all the time was probably a third-level warrior.
It wasn’t until he reached the third-level martial artist under the instruction of the opponent that he suddenly discovered that although the opponent was a third-level martial artist, it was very likely that he was already approaching the fourth level!
This discovery only lasted a short time before being overthrown by him, because he discovered that Yin Jiuzhao’s body had slowly begun to descend, gradually resembling an old man.
But today, he discovered that it turned out that it was the consequence that Yin Jiuzhao could do. The other party used this method to hide all his potential, and then broke out to hit the level at the right time!
Seeing that Yin Jiuzhao is now getting what he deserves, Yu Shaobai chuckled twice and started to face Yin Jiuzhao from the back of the teacup: “Congratulations, I will have another backing in the future.”
Looking at Yu Shao Baijing looked at his teacup, Yin Jiuzhao couldn’t help feeling a little helpless after he laughed twice.
“What about this kid, you are now my young master no matter what, so naturally my spoils should be handled by you, how do you plan to use him?”
Yu Shaobai took a sip of tea and looked unconscious. Hui’s Hui shook his head: “I don’t know. This guy seems to be someone sent by my bad old man. It should have taken a lot of effort to train him.”
Hearing this, Yin Jiuzhao sat up. He smiled and said, “Of course, if I didn’t expect it, the cost of training him is probably more than it would be spent on me.”
Yu looked at a little less white ash after smiled:. “If so, it may not be casually dispose of it, it took him to do some real practical things children, now we just compare the lack of people,”
saying to the Here, the two men looked at each other and both understood what was in each other’s mind.
So Yin Jiuzhao groaned for a moment and said, “I will arrange for someone to send some gifts to the master now. After all, I can’t take other people’s things for nothing. It seems that this gift can’t be too light.”
Yu Shaobai nodded, his face was true. The matter said in a deep voice: “Don’t forget, there is also the matter of your promotion to the fourth level. I think you have to thank the bad old man in my family, or you will be a white-eyed wolf.”
Hearing this, Yin Jiuzhao I couldn’t help laughing, but it was different from the laughter that appeared half an hour ago. At this time, his laughter was full of pride and pride, and there was a hint of incredible!
The return gift arranged by Yin Jiuzhao was indeed heavy, and it was so heavy that Yu Qinghe couldn’t help but turn over his table!
Looking at the thank-you letter in his hand, and some messy and worthless gadgets, Yu Qinghe made an angry noise in the office!
The ashes that I have cultivated so hard have been caught by others, and the black has not been erased yet!
Forget it, not only that, but he even touched the threshold of the fourth-level martial artist, and it seems that the opponent will soon be promoted to the fourth-level martial artist!
He has never been under the rank of a fourth-level martial artist, and he has his own son! And I cultivated it myself!
This makes Yu Qinghe’s heart not only uncomfortable, but also jealous of his son. Yes, he is very jealous of his son at this moment!
Fourth-level warrior, that is a fourth-level warrior!
What does the four-level martial artist represent, the pillar of one party’s power, the peak combat power in the world!
Frequently, flying sand and stone, infuriating infuriating energy is even comparable to swords, and their bodies will become stronger and tougher, and time will seem extra tolerant to them!
As long as there is one such character, Qinghe Club will be able to have a century of glory, and there is no need to worry about success or failure!
Right now, Yu Qinghe looked at the thank you letter torn to pieces by himself, calmed down a little after his anger, and then began to ponder how Yin Jiuzhao would affect this matter.
He fought with the Shen family in Hedong for nearly 30 years, and everything that should be clear is clear, and both sides know exactly what power they should have.
As far as he knew, even the Shen family in Hedong did not have a fourth-level martial artist, unless it was the old immortal of the Shen family who had been promoted unknowingly these years.
Otherwise, Yin Jiuzhao is Hedong’s top combat power at this moment, not one of them!
With him, no matter how many people come from the Shen family, they can only go home!
If it were changed to the current situation, then this time my son started the event, maybe it could really shake the influence of the Shen family in Hedong!
Unconsciously thinking of this place, Yu Qinghe suddenly felt a little regret for the choice he had made, so he quickly picked up the phone and called his son.
At the moment, sitting on the sofa quietly watching the report passed by, Yu Shaobai was smoking a cigarette while chatting with Yin Jiuzhao.
Suddenly when he heard the phone rang, he picked up the phone and looked at it and couldn’t help but laughed: “Look, that bad old man in my house called, guess what he is going to say to me?”
Yin Jiuzhao shrugged. He got up from the sofa, then moved his body to lift the still unconscious Hui and said: “No matter what, I will go to eat something first, let me talk about something when I come back.”
Yu Shaobai said I am also very happy to be able to have a fourth-level martial artist under him. He smiled and nodded when he looked at the other person at the moment: “Okay, you go and rest for a while. I will talk to the old man and see what he wants to say to me.”
As soon as the voice fell, Yu Shaobai didn’t even look at the disappearing Yin Jiuzhao. After answering the phone, he smiled and said, “Hey, father, what’s the matter?” After Yu Qinghe heard his son’s voice, he was silent. After a while, he adjusted his mood and said: “Well, there is something to tell you.”
After saying this, Yu Qinghe adjusted his state, and then said in a deep voice: “Can you pay back the ash? Give it to me, he is very important to me.”
Upon hearing this, Yu Shaobai was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn’t help laughing.
I’ve only seen him eat meat before Yu Shaobai, when did I ever see him spit out the meat that was in his mouth?
Thought of this, he sneered slightly roar opening: “?. Gray may my heart a little hard right hands, and now he has life and death is unknown yet, or I see if I can cure him talk about it.”
With that after a small white Yu smiled continue opening: “of course, after cure him I probably still have to take a lot to thank him, to keep him here with me live for some time, it is estimated temporarily come back.”
Although long their own Guessed the answer, but after hearing what his son said, Yu Qinghe couldn’t help feeling a little anger.
Two then took a deep breath and shook his head open: “? Well, this thing no matter the time being, since you are such a lack of people, then, should I support you a little hand here.”
Upon hearing this, I had some Yu Shaobai, who was embarrassed by the lack of manpower, chuckled twice, but relaxed.
“No, I think this is good now. You see, even if it is short of manpower, don’t I still make things go very smoothly now?”
After saying this, he looked at the screen displayed on the computer and suddenly wrinkled He frowned and said: “Although there are still a little mouse, I will soon be able to crush them down.” After taking two deep breaths, Yu Qinghe couldn’t help feeling a little funny at this moment. When did he become People who are rushing to give benefits to others?
Even if this person is his own son, does it seem a bit too awkward for him to do this?
But then I thought that Yin Jiuzhao was already close to level 4, so he meditated for a while and said: “Don’t be brave with me. If I was right, the Shen family should have brought someone in?”
Listen At this point, Yu Shaobai frowned, his own bad old man said really good, and the Shen Family Sanjie had already rushed over with someone quickly.
At present, there are three whole echelons that he sees. They are in the shape of a character. It seems that they want to intercept his subordinates into three stages, and then strangle them one by one.
Thinking of the consequences of continuing like this, Yu Shaobai meditated for a moment and then said: “Okay, since you want to give me manpower, then tell me how much you can give me.”
“Twenty thousand people, I don’t want to give you all of them. I will give you my full support for the next thing, and I will give you whatever you want!”
It seems that some people can’t believe his father’s words, and Yu Shaobai can’t help but say, “What did you just say, I It’s not very clear, can you say it again?”
There was a chuckle on the phone, and then Yu Qinghe said in a deep voice: “I said, I will give you my full support next, don’t worry about manpower, I will Directly support your 20,000 people!”
Perhaps it was because of the stimulation of his own son. Since he can spare everything to contend with the Shen family, what can he not bear for the person he regards as a bad old man.
If he really fails, even if he is 20,000 people holding his hands, he will probably not last a few years in Hedong.
That being the case, it is better to let go and take a chance to stay in history!
Yu Qinghe’s rushing support is especially important for Yu Shaobai, who seems a little hard to get underneath at this moment!
Suddenly he couldn’t help but remember the time when he was in desperate need of help but no one helped him.
At that time, his father, Yu Qinghe, stood beside him and said to him that it was to educate him that only himself can be trusted in this world.
If you can’t do it well by yourself, someone will step on yourself later, and then another person will do it.
If anyone can succeed, in this Hedong, who is the real strong, no one will care what means he used to succeed, and no one will ask him how dark history he has.
A place like Hedong is a dirty place, and no one is much better than anyone, and only the Shen family here will look a little clean.
To the first people in Hedong, their appearance may seem like an angel representing justice and peace.
But as time got longer, the Shen family also understood the rules of the game here, and everything gradually changed a bit.
They suddenly discovered that the Shen family who had originally hoped to change Hedong suddenly seemed to have changed, and then they fell silent and did not move.
Allowing Yu Qinghe to divide the entire Hedong into two, which made the people from the north of the city have to plunge into the embrace of Qinghehui.
No one cares about how dark a successful person is. Yu Qinghe knows this very well, so he taught this to his son and performed it in front of him with a vivid lesson.
The first cleansing was for Yu Qinghe to clear the eyeliners that the major forces had placed in the north of the city, and the second was a warning to those forces.
After Qinghehui was handed over to his son, gradually, Yu Shaobai seemed to start to like this approach.
But until now, Yu Qinghe hadn’t thought that his son would use such a method to threaten the Shen family to fight him to death!
Not only Yu Qinghe didn’t expect it, but all the major forces in Hedong didn’t expect things to turn into this!
As time passed slowly, the 20,000 people whom Yu Qinghe had been holding tightly in his hands were urgently transferred to his son when it was just the next day, and then they were thrown into the great purge.
Immediately afterwards were all kinds of equipment and weapons, which were moved by Yu Qinghe from his warehouse and directly supported to his son.
For the first time, the father and son reached a tacit understanding on the same thing, which made many people in Hedong silent about it.
The old man of the Shen family is already old and can no longer direct these things, and the new generation of Shen Feng may not have experienced the initial chaos of Hedong.
So when dealing with things, I still seemed a little softhearted, which made many people a little optimistic about Qinghe Club.
At this moment, many people in the east of the city also threw an olive branch to Qinghehui, hoping to get ahead in front of others.
Eggs will not be put in the same basket. Even a person with a little brain understands the truth, and the Shen family will naturally be no exception.
But watching these people who call them brothers in front of them on weekdays turn their heads and call them brothers to enemies who are still fighting against them, this kind of change is not something ordinary people can afford.
In the smoke, Shen Feng, who hadn’t slept all night, looked at the map on the desktop. The corners of his mouth were cracked because of the long roar, and bloodstains were emerging from the wound.
He looked at the map and meditated for a while and suddenly shouted: “Zhiqiu, come here for a moment, now!”
Shen Zhiqiu , who was sitting on a motorcycle and sleepy, rushed over after hearing these words. At that time, Shen Zhiqiu had no idea how many fierce battles he had experienced.
It was because this time, he suddenly understood that perhaps his elder brother and his second brother were not as relaxed as they usually saw.
As long as something happens in Chengdong, their Shen family will act as a fire-fighting team and support it everywhere.
But after all this is done, maybe you won’t get any reward.
This made Shen Zhiqiu even more resentful of the Shen family who brought them to Hedong, and the only bloodline of the legendary Shen family!
Panic ran in front of his big brother, Shen Zhiqiu voice hoarse opening: “how, brother?”
“Zhiqiu, now only you men of manpower is no task, you help brother a favor, take your hands manpower Retreat back, and then bring more reinforcements to the eldest brother.”
After saying this, Shen Feng looked at the map and smiled bitterly: “I made a mistake before. It was a big mistake. I didn’t expect that from Yu Qinghe. I’m afraid that the dead ghost will give Yu Shaobai his last strength. “When Shen Feng, who looked at the map and smiled bitterly, said this, his eyes suddenly felt moist for some reason.
Because of such a mistake, more than two hundred people disappeared in the north of the city, and they couldn’t even find their brother’s body!
Shen Zhiqiu looked at his elder brother’s uncomfortable look, and gritted his teeth, his eyes were red and said: “No! I can’t go, if I leave, how long can you hold on with your hands!”
He was caught by Shen Feng as soon as he was finished. A slap on his face, it seemed that he couldn’t believe it, Shen Zhiqiu looked at his elder brother in a daze, and never recovered.
“I’ll let you go, let you find reinforcements, are you deaf! Do you know how dangerous this is?!”
Shen Feng, who was pointing at the map, said without knowing when blood and tears flowed from his eyes: “A total of nearly four. Thousands of people start street fighting in this northern part of the city. Every step you take is a test of life and death. You told me you want to stay here?”
Shen Zhiqiu lowered his head and looked at the ground, wisps of red with dirty sewage flow. Off the soles of his shoes.
“Maybe I was wrong, but I know that if I leave, you will definitely not be able to cope with the changes.”
Slowly raising his head, Shen Zhiqiu looked at Shen Fengshen who was holding his collar and crying bitterly. Said: “Let me stay and face with you, so we might still have a chance!”
No one thought that this time the matter would be so serious, all the forces in the east of the city are still waiting and watching.
Shen Feng, who had only come in to save people, never expected that he would be caught in this quagmire!
Looking at the firm look Zhiqiu face Shen, Shen Feng, a little slow breath after shaking his head and said: “You do not understand the current situation, then we are likely to face not one-sided attack.”
Finish Then, he took Shen Zhiqiu to the table and said: “Look at the map, next we will most likely face a flanking attack!”
The situation facing Shen Feng at this moment is the same as that faced by Yu Shaobai before. The situation is almost the same, they are all the same problem, that is manpower!
Although the overall quality of the manpower they brought is much stronger than those of Yu Shaobai’s subordinates, in an environment like Chengbei, street fighting is undoubtedly the cruelest!
Few people like street fighting, because here, the step you take is likely to be a choice between life and death.
Every action you do may determine the reason why your team can survive, which makes your hands seem especially important!
The manpower that Shen Feng brought this time was actually not much, most of them were handed over to Shen Sihai, and let him be responsible for intercepting those who might come to support Yu Shaobai.
And more importantly, if they can’t withdraw from the north of the city in a short time, then what will happen next can be expected, all of them will be trapped and die in this ghost place!
Looking at the map in his hand, when Shen Feng slowly said these words, Shen Zhiqiu’s eyes were plain.
He has had enough of these things. If it weren’t for his family, maybe he would definitely choose to rush to Yu Shaobai’s mansion at this moment.
But considering the various things behind, Shen Zhiqiu took two deep breaths and calmed down and looked at his elder brother.
“If, I mean, if I can mobilize some people you need in a short time, do we have a chance of winning this time?”
Shen Feng looked at his younger brother with some relief after hearing this, the youngest After experiencing this trial of blood and fire, the younger brother seems to have indeed become a little more mature and stable.
There is no longer the original immature look on his face, and the look in his eyes has become a little deeper, and all the unruly things that used to be gone.
Looking at Shen Zhiqiu like this, Shen Feng smiled and answered the question that was not asked: “I’m very pleased that you have finally grown up now. Let’s leave with someone. The family still needs you, don’t let the old man look lonely.”
Shen Zhiqiu heard this. After speaking, I don’t know why, there always seems to be something about to fall out in my eyes.
After taking a deep breath, he suppressed this feeling, then calmly looked at Shen Feng and said: “Big brother, I’m not kidding, if I can mobilize the manpower you need in a short time, do we have a chance of winning!”
“Manpower? How much can you mobilize? Do you know that the entire Hedong is now isolated by Yu Shaobai using the Qinghehui’s manpower?”
After saying this, Shen Feng couldn’t help laughing twice. He didn’t think about it from outside. Mobilize some people you need.
But thinking that there are still 20,000 people in the Qinghe Club blockade on the border, Shen Feng felt headaches. It is completely impossible to get past them.
But if you don’t get past them, when the people they have mobilized arrive, the dust may have settled here, and the only thing they can do when they come here is to collect the bodies for themselves.
Thinking of this, Shen Feng couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. After so much effort, it became a failure because of lack of manpower.
If I fail this time, I am afraid all the efforts will be wasted!
More importantly, the reputation of the Shen family in Hedong will collapse with this incident.
Thinking of this, a trace of desolation rose in Shen Feng’s heart. He never thought that one day he would encounter such a thing!
Just when he seemed helpless, several gunshots suddenly sounded in the distance, and then a group of heavily armed teams appeared on the street not far away, and they happened to meet Jiang Hao and others!
Jiang Hao looked at the group of people who couldn’t be far away, carefully glanced at it, and shouted: “Hey! Who are you from in front of you!”
Shen Zhiqiu was in a bad mood because of his eldest brother. See Jiang Hao unexpectedly asked so directly, so he unceremoniously opened his mouth and roared loudly: “Hedong Shen’s family!” I thought that he called out, and the other party might leave, but he didn’t expect Jiang Hao and Ning Kun to look at each other. Instead, they rushed up in surprise!
Many people thought that the opponent was going to attack them, and quickly moved into the defensive position, waiting for Jiang Hao more than a dozen people!
Although Jiang Hao has only a dozen people, these people in the Shen family can perceive a strong force from them.
After Ning Kun sensitively noticed the other party’s attitude, he hurriedly stopped, and then looked at Shen Feng and others not far away and shouted: “We are the ones who came to stop the Qinghe Meeting. Can you let us come?”
Hearing this, Shen Zhiqiu and Shen Feng glanced at each other. Originally, they were still worrying about the manpower problem, but I didn’t expect someone to take the initiative to send it to the door!
Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t give me away! Thinking of this, Shen Zhiqiu hurriedly looked at Ning Kun with a smile of joy and said, “That’s it, you guys, come here quickly!”
Hearing this, Jiang Hao and Ning Kun looked at each other and nodded. , And then ran towards Shen Feng and others.
As soon as they met, Jiang Hao stepped forward and took the initiative to hold Shen Feng’s hand and said: “Hello, the name of the Shen family in the east of the river has been cherished for a long time. I saw it today and it really deserves its reputation!”
Shen Feng coughed a little embarrassingly, although the words were That said, but at this time, there was blood and gunpowder all over his face, where’s the temperament.
After a wry smile, he looked at Jiang Hao, wondering why the person in front of him gave him a familiar feeling.
So he smiled and said: “All right, I don’t know who you are?”
After saying this, Shen Feng looked up and down the people behind Ning Kun with some confusion.
The Shen family still knows who is basically in Hedong. When did Hedong have such an elite team, he didn’t know at all?
Ning Jiang Hao-kun told after as the one, smiled and stepped forward to hand and said:. “Hello, I was thirteen department official in Hedong division, rather you call me Kun enough”
to hear the other party is People with 13 subjects, this also explains why there is such an elite team hiding under his nose.
When Shen Zhiqiu stood by and heard the Thirteen Sections, his eyes suddenly lit up, and then looked at Ning Kun hurriedly, “How many of your people are in Hedong, can you all come over?”
Look at this Shen Zhiqiu’s Apparently, after hearing the meaning in his words, Ning Kun spoke in a bit embarrassed manner: “If there are manpower, the action team will only have about a hundred people. There is still a stronghold in the north of the city, but it was destroyed when we arrived. ”
Where are the people in the stronghold, have you found it?”
Jiang Hao turned his head a little embarrassed and glanced at Shen Zhiqiu when he heard this, shook his head and said, “Life and death are unknown. We are also looking for it.”

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